БОЕВОЙ КОНТИНЕНТ – Продлён! Официально увеличили количество Серий до 258.

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This is great news – the Soul Land has been extended. We can watch this cool anime a little longer. Of course, this is not 300 episodes, as many would like, including me, but it is also significant. So, the makers have officially revised the number of episodes as a matter of urgency, adding 8 episodes, previously there were 250 episodes, now 258 are planned, but the film has been postponed again. On the main animation page of Battle Continent, the episode count changed from 250 episodes to 258 episodes. This is very interesting, but on the other hand, many fans will say “Thank you” because the anime will not end so quickly. Based on the past number of episodes , only 5 episodes remained until the end of the anime. But now there are 13 of them, which means it's still 3 months before the end.

What this is connected with has not been officially explained. But most likely this happened due to the reduction in the time of the series. The running time was cut several times from 15 minutes to 10, but the plot itself and the events have not gone away, they need to be shown, so additional episodes are needed. To return to normal and accommodate the remaining plot, these additional episodes are exactly what is needed. The full-length animated film will most likely begin with Tang San meeting Qian Renxue in the Great Starry Forest. But before that, you need to defeat the Dark God Tiger, fight the Emperor of the Man-Faced Spiders and kill 3 Ant Brothers. In fact, all these 13 episodes, Tang San will receive new rings, as many as 5 pieces, and by the time he meets Qian Renxue, he will have 8 rings on the Clear Sky Hammer.

There is also one more reason. Adding original stories that are not in the original source. For example, during the Battle of Jialing Pass, many new plots were created that weren't in the original, making this chapter long and awkward. The Battle of Jialing Pass could have been told in 10 episodes, but the animation studio gave it nearly 20 episodes. Yes, the original plan was 250 episodes! But along the way, the plot was a little dragged out and therefore difficult to finish on time. Another reason is to smoothly transition to the Battle Continent movie at the end of the series. We have already talked about this news more than once in the video. The makers will release a theatrical version of the film that picks up where the anime left off.

This film is also reportedly officially using Unreal Engine 5 technology. According to the theatrical version of the film, the duration must not be less than 90 minutes, usually up to 120 minutes, and the budget is much higher than in anime. By the way, because of this, the film will be postponed. The series has been renewed and he can't come out until the anime ends. Although it may be the opposite, the film is delayed, so the creators have reduced the number of episodes and increased their number in order to drag out a little time. With the anime Star Eater, from the same studio, too, not everything is going smoothly. The episodes were cut from 15 minutes to 10. But with episode 74, the running time will be restored to normal. Will the normal time of the Battle Continent episodes return before the finale? Most likely not,.

Until the very end of the series there will be less than 20 minutes, otherwise the creators would have made an appropriate announcement. How did many fans perceive such changes? On the one hand, the fact that the number of episodes was increased is good news, but many wrote that it would still be much better if they returned the usual timing of 20 minutes. Short episodes are not that fun to watch. Battle Continent has been broadcast for over 5 years. It is the most popular anime in China. The number of broadcasts of the Battle Continent animation has already exceeded 30 billion. This is a phenomenal success. Let's hope that the creators will also not let us down with the upcoming animated films. Recently, the animation studio Martial Continent released an interesting crossover by.

Connecting characters from all of their anime. It was probably done in honor of the year of the rabbit, Xiao Wu has the spirit of the rabbit. Here we see Tang San with Xiao Wu, as well as Luo Feng and Babata from Star Eater. There are characters from Wu Geng and also from the anime Legend of the Exorcism. Among the new products is the Phantom Blade, this studio will soon release an anime based on the coolest comic book Phantom Blade. In general, the video is very interesting. You can watch it in its entirety on my second channel at the link in the description. Thank you very much for watching. Write in the comments if you are glad that the Battle Continent has been extended. Subscribe to the channel and bye bye.

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