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hello and welcome back to your channel Anime thrones im sorry for .. im so sorry ;3 Today I brought you the best upcoming anime this year let's Go real sub: Subscribe to the channel or I will kill you ..jk <3 My Home Hero is a Japanese crime drama about Takeshi.. T..Take..shi Takeshi..takes.. Takeshi Hijikata Takeshi HijiGa Takeshi Hijikata a man in his forties trying to maintain his family and their daily lives after discovering that his 17-year-old daughter suffers from school violence and is being bullied by her classmates After Takeshi decides to defend his daughter at any cost He gets involved in criminal acts and becomes a part of the organized crime world. The story of the anime is growing very interesting After Takeshi finds himself caught up in a war between rival gangs He tries to protect his family from harm The anime is suspense and excitement It presents issues such as school violence and organized crime remarkably It also includes some impressive and surprising scenes that linger in the mind An old legend says that anyone has not sub in the channel yet They will be eaten by a scary monster (btw its a real sub no cap) Anime based on the manga series of the same name. It begins with a historical confrontation between a legendary hero and the god of death in the final moments of the decisive confrontation between them The God of Death uses his final move, which is the magic of rebirth A boy wakes up named Bulka Bulka…Shino..ya..ma..Bulka This series is characterized by its mysterious and exciting story and surprising events that occur in each episode The anime also contains many exciting battles and dramatic scenes Why haven't you subscribed to the channel yet? ._. Skip and loafer Iwakura Mitsumi, the top student who dreams of escaping her small town and getting to a prestigious university in Tokyo, where endless opportunities await and new challenges add excitement to her life Constantly preoccupied with achieving her dream she stumbles upon unexpected surprises and challenges but quickly finds a new friend Shima Sousuke. Handsome classmate who carries warmth and peace of mind while she is characterized by excitement and extreme enthusiasm Can Iwakura, a naive country girl, fulfill her dream in Tokyo with Sosuke by her side? The anime is distinguished by its attractive drawing and bright colors in addition to the unique and funny characters that give the anime a fun and entertaining atmosphere Skip and Loafer is expected to be suitable for family viewing and for fans of comedy anime. ._. If you hit the like button…. it will turn blue Dr. Stone s3 a High school student Taiju awakens after 3,700 years since everyone in the world was turned to stone Taiju discovers that his old world has turned into a different one and decides to rebuild civilization with his friend S…enku Senku uses his vast scientific knowledge to rebuild civilization and advance technology The anime include the adventures and difficulties they face in this new world and how they find scientific solutions to overcome them The anime is also distinguished by its beautiful drawing and pleasant music. The first season of “Dr. Stone” was released in 2019 and the second season was released in2021 The date of the third season of the Dr. Stone anime has been confirmed, which will be on.. April 6, 2023 hit the subscribe button….. Hurry up uzumaki There is still no exact information about what will happen in the anime But the story of the manga on which this anime is based can be summed up in.. A small and quiet village called Korozu. Which is exposed to many terrifying things due to a strange and mysterious phenomenon It begins to appear gradually and it is represented by the formation of twisted and wrapped ropes on all things and people in the village and these ropes look like wild and terrifying plants or like severed heads hanging in the air The story follows a young woman named Kiri, and her classmate, Shuichi as they try to understand this phenomenon and find out why it occurs and meet many strange and terrifying characters on their way. As terrifying events unfold and things get worse Kiri and Shuichi must face their fears and try to survive It is expected that the manga events will be depicted in a distinctive and terrifying drawing style and many exciting and frightening scenes can be expected in this anime. If you do not subscribe to the channel, I will send you denji this is denji 🙂 The anime is based on the manga of the same name by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The anime follows the story of a boy named Denji Kojima who lives a miserable life as a demons hunter in Tokyo He unites with the demon called “Pound” who inhabits his body and gives him tremendous strength and helps him fight demons. After being betrayed and killed by the Yakuza gang he is brought back to life under the name of the chainsaw Man a person with a body made of chainsaws and chains and his main goal becomes revenge on those who betrayed and killed him. The anime explores different worlds, including the realms of demons and spirits. And includes a lot of bloody, violent, and poignant scenes The anime is distinguished by its distinctive drawing and it includes manyExciting and exciting moments. i hope that you already pressed the like button one punch man season 3 The new season continues the adventures of Saitama a superhero with the ability to defeat any enemy with a single hit. The third season of the anime witnesses more intense and enthusiastic battles between Saitama and his enemies and new characters and other supernatural abilities are presented in the world in which Saitama lives Also, the third season continues to maintain the flavor of humor and sarcasm that characterizes anime, which makes it fun and entertaining Mashle: Magic and Muscles The story of the anime revolves around a boy named “Mashel” who lives in the Wizarding World. But he is not a Wizard and does not have the ability to use magic in any way However, he possesses tremendous strength in his muscles and uses this strength to face the odds and protect his friends When the students of the top-ranked magic school are invited to the entrance exam Mashel is forced to join the school and confront the talented students of magic with his powerful skills and hilarious personality The anime is characterized by comedy, action and fantasy and it is expected that it will gain great popularity among viewers( cap?) Make sure that you turned on the notification bell after subscribing to the channel. You don't want to become like them ..right? im jk I love :3 <3333 An anime based on a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yuji Kaku It revolves around the story of a young soldier named Jabama = Gabimaru who undergoes a unique experience and ends up on an unknown island a place that is a haven for the most dangerous criminals and death row convicts This island is home to a deadly combat competition called "Survival of the Fittest". In which participants must fight to stay alive and win prizes that lead them to salvation The anime is characterized by violence, action, suspense, and mystery and contains many interesting characters that evolution as the story progresses The anime also has beautiful drawing and accurate details that highlight the mysterious and dark world in which the characters live real sub : the only thing matter in this world real sub : that you subscribe to my channel Who among us does not know what the attack on the titans is. This final season includes many crucial events that will greatly affect the end of the story including a very difficult battle between the human army and titans and revealing many secrets surrounding the story and its characters Episode 29 premiered on March 4th We are now waiting for the final episode of the anime Exclusive news ._. : and all sources say that this episode will be removed in this year 2023 And here the video ends If you liked the vid, do not forget to give me a like and a sub ._. Because this encourages me to upload more of this content :3 and.. cya <3 bye ._.

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