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Some movies just can't be compared or rated. Grave of the Fireflies is one such anime movie. After watching this movie released in 1988, there wo n't be a single person who doesn't have an opinion on this movie. The story of Jeevan bhar mein aapko mind mein r shakti hai and meri maine to yeh is the world's most emotional movie which made me cry too that's why watch full video without any disturbance I promise you won't waste your time watching this movie In the beginning we see a railway station in Japan, where we see a boy who is in very poor condition and it is clear from seeing him that he has been spending the last days of his life . All the passengers were walking there but these people are so busy working like the machines of the city that they don't even have time to see any person dying and this is the daily.

Picture of the city we are very busy with ourselves as soon as Day sets and night sets in. The station cleaners come to the boy. When Kurmi was checking the boy's cleaning , then he found a box of three in the girl's, because the box of three was not of any less, so Safai Komio threw it in the adjacent garden, then he opened the lid of the box of the team. Gone and many fireflies came out of it and the very next moment there is light all around and from that light comes out a girl with angel's feet whose name was Sukh, we see that the boy has died by now. Her body was lying far away, she was relieved from the little girl, she was about to run to the boy, that one hand left her shoulder, when she turned back, it was her brother's hand,.

Whose name was right. The boy who had died there at the station was none other than Sko's brother Sata and it was the spirit of those two siblings. The incident happened many years ago. It was the time of the Second World War when America attacked Japan, common people were running here and there to find a place to hide to save their lives, at that time, the devils buried the essential things in their house by digging the ground inside. So that after the end of the war, those people can use those things again. His mother had left for the shelter and finished her work and got Chuka from her younger sister to sit on her back before she died.

. But they started doing air raids, there is sound of gunfire all around, little girl Chuka did not understand what this war is, she hugs her brother very tightly to stay alive and helps her a lot. Bhagat came out of the house to save his younger sister, but at that time he could hear loud cries of people and loud sounds of gunfire. What should they do then they find a safe place on the side of the road, both dared and tired brothers and sisters heave a sigh of relief and then it starts raining from the sky, due to which today the extinguished caste is reunited with its younger sister. He starts running towards the shelter . After a long walk, both of them finally reach the shelter. A person from the crowd tells them that I was looking for you. Your mother.

Is badly injured due to the fall of the bomb. You go quickly. Meet your mother I am taking care of your younger sister Chuka Hearing this Bhagat rushes inside the shelter to see his mother An army officer inside the shelter gives Aidan a ring to identify his mother because till then His mother was burnt to death Mother who was alive some time ago He could not even talk to his mother in the last time Seeing his mother's weight body He did not understand himself What should he do He quietly comes out from someone He does not say anything because when he comes out and sees the face of his younger sister, his tears also dry up because this little girl has no one left in this world except her, perhaps her mother's ring which was the last sign of her mother . He gives pulses in the bag of his younger sister, but the girl repeatedly tells her brother that she has to go to her mother, but the little girl had no idea that her mother is now.

She has left this world leaving her and will never come back again. Souta started giving small assurance to his sister that mother is still a little worried . Thi Chachu used to live in her mother's womb for 24 hours till yesterday and today she has not even seen her mother with so much fear that's why the child starts running for her mother, again to silence her sister, she uses different methods. Tries asks her to play the game then we see that the next day Satta's mother is cremated along with the rest of the killed people then a man in the train asks for help in his younger sister's elder then Said I sent my sister to a relative's house and now I am also going there. He reaches his relative's house . Khol and came inside the house when her younger sister came running from far away.

Calling mother mother because she thought that her mother was back but in reality it was her brother and when she came to her mother with the help of aunt When she asks in the elder, he also tells his aunt that my mother is still insured, she will come back after getting well, then when it was night, he brought her the wooden box inside, in fact, she got the last few chocolates in the wooden box. She had kept the baby for her younger sister. Next morning Shweta comes to her house which is now almost waterlogged . Aunt was very happy because at that time the cost of her food was more than 600000 but her aunt came to know that her mother has died, then at night Sita goes out with her younger sister and both of them with Jugnu. Rakhi gives chocolate to her little sister in her time, as soon as she eats chocolate,.

Her happiness knows no bounds. I felt happy to see the little girl's happiness even in the midst of so much trouble . Slowly both the orphan children were becoming a burden for their aunt, their aunt asks them if I came to know my father, then the devil tells them that I have written many letters to my father, but till date I have not received any reply. Aunty says Shait, take your younger sister to the shelter and stay there. Hearing this, Shait tells his aunt that Aunty sex does not like living in the shelter at all. Started and reduced their food too but both the poor orphan children are so bad burt now despite mother and less food they are staying because only both of them understood very well how harsh this world is for those who do not have a mother. Then one day Sahayata's aunt.

Came to her to take her mother's old clothes because she wanted to sell them to buy rice, although Sita wanted to give her mother's old clothes to her aunt. She goes to her mother but Sekyu is not at all ready to give her mother's last scented clothes to her aunt . The little girl's efforts were no less and her auntie sold the clothes to buy some rice but that rice was not enough for those orphan children, most of the rice was eaten by the aunty herself and gave some rice to those two children when the devil When she asked her aunt for some more rice for her younger sister, her aunt started calling her very good and said with help, why don't you go to your other relative's house, you yourself are so big, why don't you go out and reduce the story Both the poor children were the last children of their mother,.

They were also given clothes and they did not even get proper food, so Shweta along with her younger sister goes to a nearby bank, in this bank her mother had deposited ₹ 7000 for her. And these 7000 rupees were too much for him at that time, both of them went to the bank to take money, with which money they go to a shop and buy a stoop from there, along with that they buy some other things from the market for the house. Then after coming back to their home, both the brothers and sisters cook food for themselves and after eating food for both the children, the stomach is filled properly, but even after seeing all this, their aunt's eyes do not get peace, there is bread for their mother at night. His aunt has come and says that you band your sister's cry or throw her out of the house who feels very sorry and goes out of the house with her younger sister, she hugs her sister and keeps quiet Tries to do so then sirens start playing there i.e. Americans start attacking them again.

Sita starts running again with her younger sister to save her life. Both siblings run away till very scared and They go silent under a bridge, looking at the place, Sauta tells his younger sister Shatru that why don't we both brothers and sisters make this our home, then you too will not have to listen to her aunt's words, after that both brothers and sisters From the debris, they start collecting their essential things like wood, straw and other necessary things and they take their heads from their aunt's house and bring them under the bridge, they also buy some vegetables from the market to eat and leave it deserted. Under the bridge, two children without a mother make a peaceful home. After a long day of beating life, both brothers and sisters make vegetable khichdi for themselves in the afternoon, and after having a hearty meal, both brothers and sisters sleep peacefully, then at night when it gets dark. So Sco is very afraid of the dark, so Shweta goes out and.

Brings a lot of fireflies from there. When he wakes up the next morning, he sees that Seku is not there, so he quickly wakes up and goes out and sees Sko, who is there digging a grave and burying the germs killed last night in it. She sees her brother and tells him that brother, our mother is also being taken to a similar grave, isn't it ? And he starts running bitterly in front of his younger sister because his dear little sister came to know that their mother is no more in this world. So I will take my mother's news, we will build a house next to mother's grave and.

Will remain there forever. The days passed, the money they had saved was also exhausted, now both the siblings had nothing to eat, the child had no clothes to wear, both the siblings went to a nearby farmer to ask for help. They used to go so far that they wanted to buy society for food, but no one helped them in front of them, then suddenly the Americans attacked again. Seeing this, both the brothers and sisters fell silent in the tomato field. They take it and later take some tomatoes to eat, then they come back to their small house, where we see that the baby has developed many diseases in Sekshuko's waist by living in dirty environment and drinking dirty water . Many dens ho gaye tha sir me ho gaya tha and because of drinking dirty water he was freed.

He goes out at night to steal a song in the field for his sister. She was walking badly, she falls down while stealing a song. The owner of the farm, without thinking twice, starts beating Sita badly. Sahta repeatedly apologizes to the owner of the farm, but his apology does n't stop him. He brings Shait to their house under the bridge and starts having sex in front of his younger sister. Seeta- poor man kneels down in front of the man and apologizes saying please don't kill me again. i did this for my little sister my little sister is very sick and she is very hungry i did this to give her some food i will never do this again but even after hearing all this it didn't matter to the cruel man and He hands over Shweta to the police. The policeman is a good person and he lets her go after seeing the circumstances of the help.

. When Sita comes back to life after being dropped from the police station, he sees that her younger sister has followed her for a long distance. Shaitan saw the face of his insurance sister and started running, lifted the shaitan on his shoulders and returned to his small house, after this we see that whenever the sirens were sounded, the American air raids took place in the G area. It used to be that the people of the area used to take him out of their homes and go to the shelter in silence. Taking advantage of this time, Sauta started risking his life and started going to everyone's house and bringing some food and clothes from there so that he could give his younger sister some food for both of them. A few days passed like this, but gradually he started getting more and more insurance, so perhaps he takes him to the city hospital to see a doctor. Seeing the pitiable condition of Setuko, the doctor tells his brother that your sister The condition is very bad u are also suffering from severe malnutrition again there is diarrhea then help.

Says to doctor that doctor please prescribe some medicine for my sister but doctor says that there is no cure for this disease only nutritious food Shait gets very upset after hearing that a child can kill your sister and he tells the doctor to tell me from where I can get positive bhajans for my sister. Sata comes out of the hospital taking her younger sister in God Both brother and sister are walking on the road when they see some broken ice from a snow bill lying on the side of the road . You just tell me I will bring food for you Sir says to Seth in a very weak voice brother let me eat some noodles and an ice cream too Seth hugs his little sister tightly and says sister I am everything for you Long you are fine Jo again leaves his sister in their small house under the bridge and.

Again goes to the shore because he still had 3000 rupees left in the bank the phone comes with the money but in the meantime hearing the news Their father was a Navy officer in this war and he comes to know that all the people in the Navy ship have died. Souta runs out of the bank after hearing the news that Japan lost to America. comes and runs after seeing his father's picture but then he cries and goes back to his home . That he is passing through the last distance of his sister's life. He cut a piece of devilish watermelon and fed it to his beloved sister. Her younger sister said in a very low voice brother, watermelon is very sweet, thank you very much and this was the last thing to Sita. Still didn't understand this and he goes out and starts cooking favorite food of his choice rice gets cooked.

But his little sister never wakes him up to eat the rice when Sahayata realizes this she spends whole night in her bed The younger sister's sister is relieved and looks at the innocent face of her younger sister, she is relieved, then the next day in the morning, Sata buys some household boxes from the farmer of the village to perform the last rites of her younger sister. In front of the eyes only the memories of happiness from her younger sister were roaming around. Sometimes Sekyu is swinging on the swing and sometimes she is trying to wear Si's dress. She keeps the house clean and tidy to little Chuchu She had the power to sew like her mother, she is not in this world today and now she will never have any brother. Puts it in the box and also puts some favorite toys of his younger sister in this box and for the second time he saw the face of his dear sister.

Whom he will never see again. Today he puts it in the box and the poor little girl leaves this cruel world and goes away forever, then he fills his sister's bones in three boxes and goes away from there forever and then goes ahead to help We saw what happened in the beginning of the film and this is where the film ends and I can't do anything more in this film and if you like this type of film explain video then subscribe to our channel do and stay connected with us

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