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What's that? It's dharma Shao Ze Feng's art of body refining Heavenly Demon Body Burial's Heavenly Demon Body Seems to be stronger than Shao Ze Feng's Now It is already the age of young people Let's not delve into the secrets of the children.

Now the battle is becoming clearer If we learn that Xiaochun is okay again Even break through the late stage of foundation building will definitely morale will increase greatly the momentum will be as strong as ever The elixir given by my father and Elder Ironwood really works wonders The next step is to hit the foundation building completion Then the Golden Elixir.

I heard that if you can golden elixir At least five hundred years of life can be increased Five hundred years Brother Xiaochun, you are out of the gate Night Burial You just said what five hundred years Everyone is here ah How come again ah.

Jun Wan this look of murderous aura can not hide Must have just been a bloody storm again It is better not to provoke We can only use that trick Long time no see Brother Xiaochun What happened to you? Probably overexertion Leave me alone.

Just rest and you'll be fine The Not that Leave me alone? How can I get well faster without drinking medicine? Xiaochun brother don't be afraid I will prepare you to understand the bitter candy Little sister Actually I.

Childish Candy Which is not as sweet as sister To talk about taking care of people Sister More experienced Night burial brother open your mouth Sister feed you.

Brother Xiaochun You just broke the realm of formation is really big Reminds me again of your old powerful look You've been away from the clan for so long Don't forget We are the ones May Ma This fork is what's going on ah.

Even if the food supplement It doesn't take that much, right? Then I'll try this first Brother Xiaochun Lingxi clan's hometown dish Don't you want to try it first? This way It's all your favorite dishes from the past It's so hot.

Eat some cold dishes to relieve the heat I Night burial Cold food is not good for the stomach and intestines if you eat too much The delicacies of my blood stream clan Not only nourishes the body It is also very beneficial to cultivation Eat mine first Night Burial.

Eat this side first Eat mine first I'll eat them all I'll eat them all Eat this side Xiaochun brother Eat my side first Eat my side So it was a dream.

This place should not stay long Night Burial You're awake Brother Xiaochun Where are you going? I brought some food from the Blood Creek clan to tonic your body This is also worthy of your attention Our Hou family.

Made some of the special dishes of the Lingxi clan All are Xiaochun brother you like yo This day can not live Night burial what happened to you Little pure brother Are you okay little pure brother I just want to be alone Why is it so hard It's all your fault.

Night burial is recovering from a serious illness Why do so many dishes Auntie Song Don't spit on people Xiaochun brother just don't want to see you burial Xiaochun Greetings to the two old ancestors How are your injuries?.

Xiaochun's injury is no longer serious Early to change into battle clothes I just want to go to the front line immediately Waiting for you to heal It's not too late to go again Compared to the righteousness of the clan This small injury is nothing The important thing is My injury is worth it.

My injury It was to guard the clan Battlefield swords have no eyes Life and death are unpredictable You are not afraid I am a member of the clan I know that the battlefield is dangerous And how can I watch my fellow clan members kill each other But stay in the tender land.

Brother Xiaochun These two are not going to follow, right? Two old ancestors No need to advise again I have made up my mind Hm So be it Tomorrow I will open the transmission for you Why wait for tomorrow.

I'll leave now to go For my two clans Little Pure Went in the wrong direction seniors Can we discuss something? I am no longer useful to you now Is it possible to Let me go.

Release you The battlefield is dangerous I do not seek to build a career like my predecessors I just want to be an ordinary person I beg the seniors for the sake of my loyalty to follow Please let me go just Does this container work? It works.

Could this be the former specifically for me Originally intended for you to use later when running errands Just died recently How can there be a Danxi practitioner in the Xuanxi Sect? Seniors Thank you for your many years of companionship I hope you can live freely in the future Thanks for the great kindness of the seniors.

What about women? Sister be careful Brother No What is the situation Forest Tomb This cultivation level Golden Dan Cultivator So what if you have the best poisonous power.

Do you really think you can change the fate of Danxi's demise? Elder Sister You traitor Traitor I was originally a disciple of the Thousand Faces of the Xuanxi Sect There is no such thing as a traitor Even the Danxi Sect has been infiltrated This pair of master and disciple is really a mold of the lack of virtue Xuanxi Clan.

You've got it all figured out But the Spirit and Blood Clan broke 16 gates in a row Half of the territory was lost The mouth is not blocked Jokes The so-called two unions The reason is just a small child As long as that Bai Xiaochun is dead With their years of accumulated grudges.

Splitting up in an instant Such a fragile alliance So what if we let them run wild for a while Still want to kill you since grandpa The enemy of the enemy is a friend Big Sister A good bird chooses a good tree You have to think about it Even if I die in battle, Chen Manyao.

I will not be with you Is that so? you don't know what you're doing Ambush blindfolded Should have gotten rid of it There are so many of them That's all I can do for you You are.

No need to say thank you Let's say goodbye Be safe Why are you still following me? You really think you can get away with this? Since Xiao Xiao pure You're mistaken, right? Don't pretend Now within the four clans.

Who doesn't know your name and face It's really no trouble at all Kill you Our unification is half successful We are ordered by the Ironwood Ancestor Protect the young master Two Golden Dan Young Ancestor One Step Ahead Almost died here.

The old ancestor is still good to me Planning and arranging for me Chen Manyao, the great disciple of Danxi Sect Meet Young Ancestor Lingxi Blood Stream Blood Lord You just followed me Just for this moment I led my team to break through the siege Deep into Xuanxi.

Because the clan has reached the point of survival Pleading with the two clans Save Danxi from danger Such a great matter It's not up to me But you are since the little pure Please Help me to introduce the old ancestor Come with me.

Uncle White to save the Spiritual Stream Sect Several times he sacrificed his life for righteousness Night Blood Master Is the Blood Ancestor's handpicked blood demon heir Uncle White and we love each other more than gold He is the spiritual leader of our Spiritual Stream disciples The Night Blood Master is connected to us by blood Is the source of power for our Blood Stream cultivators He is our quasi-hereditary sequence.

Lingxi Young Ancestor He is our Middle Peak Blood Son Blood Stream Blood Master Lingxi Young Ancestor Childish Lingxi Shaozu Lingxi Shaozu Lingxi Shaozu Lingxi Shaozu.

So welcome me Go do what you have to do It's ours It's all family Why fight over it? We will always be with you Night Burying Blood Lord This has lost its wisdom Bai Xiaochun listen to the order.

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