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Cloudy Sky You're awake! My King The army is assembled At the king's command East wind, south wind, west wind, north wind You each lead a team and follow me to the front to kill Red Center, you lead a flanking group to attack Red Center, take orders Destroy the village of Lok Ha.

Kill Kill Kill Battle Preparation Yes For Lokha Village Players have not even left the newbie village before they encountered the monster siege NPC guards a knife a Who dares to attack the city.

Must be the official Sword Dance set plot Give players to do immersion See, I told you. What What? What? What the hell? kill cloudy sky I searched all over the newbie village.

Why still can't find you Have you already gone out? The monster has already attacked the city Everyone go help! Everyone, do your best to output Don't give them a chance to get close This boss's hate mechanism is too strange, right? Totally not according to the rules Everyone together.

Set fire to share the equipment Accept the trial by fire Everyone do not panic Knight shield defense Mage stuns with shock arrows Collected fire output Yes We've broken the defense, everyone continue This is crazy!.

What the The sleeping blaze genie ah Wake up! A shower of meteoric fire BOSS berserk put forbidden spell Everyone quickly retreat Run, run, run! Go in and slaughter the village Today I will consume you to death.

Xiaodie I can't hold on to my blue Breakdown What How can Why can't I see anything? My King The four captains of the East, South, North and West To seize the last resurrection point has been.

What Everyone hold on to If the resurrection crystal is destroyed we are really screwed It's okay. This resurrection point of the energy barrier they can not enter We also killed two of their elite monsters They can't do anything rash now So, what's that? The energy shield is fine.

Output Keep up! BOSS is running out of blood, the last wave Let's go! red in just want to share my king's worries red in only want to share my king's worries no regrets despite death be buried with me forbidden spell meteor fire rain.

Forbidden Spell Oh my god, another forbidden spell! Resurrection crystal cut down We're really screwed Eliminate Zhu It's bad Back to the defense crystal Everyone, get back to the defense crystals! Yun Tian may not be in the game yet.

How can this place be destroyed by you Look quickly is the first mage please snow Looks like there is help How's it going? Body Buster So strong Dragon Breath Technique.

What Die cloudy sky Qingxue The knot End it Why Why did you push me away Why Me My name.

Why Why did you push me away Why Me My name Cloudy Sky He is Cloudy Sky What did I really do Me Am I dead? The Game Game of death?.

Cloudy sky cloudy sky cloudy sky My name is Yuntian She Who is she Who is the one who woke me up This time the autumn frost tomb forest Shura King attacked the newbie village The incident of destroying the resurrection point.

Caused damage to a large number of players This Shura King is me Who is Yun Tian Who is Yun Tian Can't remember Let's look at the next message Sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry.

I'm very sorry We neglected to keep an eye on him I didn't expect him to wake up so soon Yun Tian woke up is also a good thing Next we just need to find him We will definitely find him soon I seem to have forgotten the way back I'm so hungry! double.

I found a secret in sword dance A secret that will keep us together forever She and I are very close What's the secret again fightAfter watching for so long do you want to apply for a job Do you know me? I saw you holding our studio's job ad Thought you were applying for a job.

Job ad Recruitment The studio is looking for a “Sword Dance” professional player Require 12 hours a day online food and lodging mage archer and other output occupation Treatment is negotiable Contact Hey Hey In the end do you want to apply for the job ah Six studio recruitmentAlthough the salary is not high, but the package of food and housing Although the salary is not high, but the food and accommodation included The studio food and accommodation included.

Food is included Wind and rain is the name of our studio It means good harvest, good year, good luck, right? Auspicious and lucky See you also have sword dance equipment sorryshould know the game ⑤Create an account quickly sorryI am a swordsman Bo is a priest.

You need to pick a strong output We can quickly brush monsters and money Good food Ate so many bowls of my noodles You have to be more serious to me Oh, don't be so mean Oh, don't be so aggressive.

This is how she is like Got it. Let's get to work. This is it, right? Burst into “Sword Dance” yet? This is Character creation lobby Why can't I create an account? I still have to make money playing gold.

You've come to the once-vacant God of War Go Go take the road you should take Go go go go the way you should go Uhhhh Shura Swordsman Could it be related to the previous Shura King Could it be related to the previous Shura King Selected hidden profession Have chosen the hidden profession.

Character image has been loaded Congratulations on becoming a Shura Swordsman You will become a member of the Darkness Serve the Castle of Darkness Please enter your ID oo9 I forgot who I am The past has turned into a bubble Like ants desperately struggling to survive I'll call it forgetting the dust.

Congratulations to the player for creating success Congratulations to the player who created successfully Dirty little stinker You've finally awakened Go train! Become a powerful Shura swordsman! Another boring newbie tutorial Hurry up and finish to go and Xiao Die Xiao Bo rendezvous You idiots.

Even such a trial is difficult to pass? By the way, am I the only player? No. The person who cuts the stake is eligible for this book ghost fire sword method The blood of this trial stake will be restored significantly in every second And there is no way that my ability value can reach one hit decapitation Without skill boosts The final task of this newbie tutorial is simply an impossible task.

But And somehow there is a familiar feeling that I can succeed Obviously I can't remember anything But The familiar swing of a sword Familiar hitting weaknesses It's as if This game was made for me That kid is so strong.

Young man thousand well done The Ghost Fire Sword Technique belongs to you Finally a skill qualification Ghost Fire Sword Technique SThere are skills is really different ah Newbie tutorials give so much experience ghost fire sword method SThere are skills is really different ah Newbie tutorials give so much experience.

Warriors I get the message Damn elves attacked our position Come with me, everyone, and take them out! Kill them! Kill them! How did it go straight to war? How am I supposed to get out of here? This task reward is so high ah Filthy Shura today is the day of your death.

Interesting Elf Princess Diana are here Catch her and end the battle Feel the magic power of death! You bunch of ants! Evil spirits, you will pay the price. Holy Spirit Beheading I can't believe it's a dual cultivation of magic and martial arts Damn elves I will make you pay!.

Sacrifice Damn dark weakening magic Weakening Magic Here's your chance Let's go brothers! Elves are nerfed Quick, protect the princess! Ghost Fire Sword Technique Ghost Fire Sword Technique.

Sword Light Burst It's hard to make money I also wonder how the new little brother is progressing ghost fire sword method Ordinary Shura actually has a master hidden in it But your level is too low Not yet my opponent.

Kill Even though weakened by dark magic status I am no match But she's already surrounded Can't run away Let's go brothers! Elves are weakened Even if I was nerfed.

It's not something you filthy Shura can overcome Ghost Fire Sword Technique Hmph, looking for death! Do you really think we have no one at the Dark Castle? Brothers Enjoy the meal of blood and flesh Kill! The time has come to taste the blood of the elven beauty.

Princess, run! Go! I will come back to avenge your deaths Although it is a bit unbearable But after all, it is a mission Sorry about that. The experience is frighteningly high Gold market rewards are also too much to be reasonable New task Diana bondingoooooc.

Just captured the princess Now have to gain her trust again What kind of brain circuit is this to write a copy Fail and the elf princess will die Catching the elf princess has your share of credit It's all because of Canine's good leadership Follow me back to the city I will give you a satisfactory reward I will give you a satisfactory reward.

Dirty Shura Kill me I can't bear to kill you I will ask the Elf King for a large batch of blood spirit stones By then you can go home However Until then Let my brothers enjoy it first My Lord.

A message from the Lord Governor There is an enemy situation ahead A human army arrived south of the city It seems to be coming for us Damned humanoids How dare you offend the Dark Castle? I'll be damned! The little ones South of town gathering.

Turn this human race into a beautiful meal It's you What do you want a thousand You crazy woman I just don't want to see you humiliated so I let you go You won't be able to leave when the governor and his men return Who are you.

My name is Forgotten Dust You crazy woman I just don't want to see you humiliated so I let you go You won't be able to get away when the governor and his men return Who are you? My name is Forgotten Dust Thanks Thanks I remember you.

Long term mission? Gotta figure out a way to do it Aigoo Boy, what's going on? Why did the Elf Princess run away? My Lord The elf princess suddenly broke free from the ropes.

I tried my best to stop it but I was still injured Fortunately, adults came quickly For the sake of the mission It's all about the mission You are loyal and brave I'll send you to the ghostly realm of the underworld to polish the test Pass the test and I will allow you to become a Shura warrior general This beech can also be fooled YVVVShuraase brain is really empty.

Said it was a test It is better to say that I personally exclusive practice map ah strange Not only is experience rising I can even draw soul power Is it a problem with the hidden profession?NVV So strong! After painting this picture I should be able to go out and rendezvous with Xiao Die her door.

The army of the Dark Castle has been moving a lot lately It must be for the human race The lord of the city recruits adventurers to join the legion The top 100 battle merit rankers will receive 20 gold coins Adventurers Do your best for the Empire! We sign up Bo, come on in. Twenty gold coins ah.

We have our rent for this month Also may not be able to get ah Forget the dust would like to add you as a friend forget the dust Are you new here? New here When can you come to the rendezvous ah We have a large bounty mission here.

You should also come to participate Little Boss I was just about to tell you I'm painting the map I won't be able to meet up with you for a while Is painting the map important or making money important VCome to me quickly No way! This is a one-time map.

The last monster Level Data are raised very Feel the body coordination has also improved Let me smash you into a meat pie I'm sure there's a BOSS Let's test the results with you Speed and strength are very strong Can't fight hard Speed.

Jamming I've gotten stronger Also got better looking You are now a war general Now lead the army to go with me Going on another expedition The people and adventurers of Lingfeng City are assembling They must be coming for us We have to destroy them.

The day of meeting with the boss tsetse is far away Open the shield formation and tear them apart After becoming salty Shura swordsman has been involved in NPC battles And it's not even a mission Not even a little reward What kind of monster is this? How is it so strong? Run! Can't stop it! What a bunch of losers!.

Brothers, go up! This is a hard battle Win the money to get equipment can not be returned Warlord forget the dust Take your men and destroy them Yes, sir. Ghost Fire Sword Technique Damn, what kind of monster is this? It's so athletic!.

The old man is defeated Their main general is dead Everyone follow me and storm the shield formation Give me a break! Go in! Shura: Surrounding is strong Forgotten Dust Warrior Leave this to me, you guys go find someone else. I understand.

These two girls will be enjoyed by adults Eh… ahem. Idiot, why don't you run away? Want to be slaughtered by Shura? Aren't you Shura? I am Yun Tian Now is not the time to explain Later we will meet in the woodland to the north You you you.

You're new here You are actually Shura harm See you later Shura are fighting for their lives It's not appropriate for me to pick up equipment But it's a waste to refresh for nothing Much, much more Put it away put it away This kid not only fights bravely.

This boy is not only brave in battle He is also a thrifty family man He's a talent This is a veritable war money ah Than the mission does not know how high to go Damn The new guy is actually Shura How can we still act together in the future How to play money and equipment.

But now also can not change occupation ah Later one three five he reported to me Two, four, six by your supervision Just keep an eye on him to make money playing gold stop It's me, Yun Tian Do you have to explain to us I'll give you the stuff first.

Get rich Get rich You just said explain what nothing nothing From now on you can do whatever you want Don't worry about us at all Shura swordsman belongs to the dark camp Can't go to Spirit Wind City for now Can't join you in the mission It's okay, it's okay.

From now on, you go to get something We'll go sell at a booth Let's go to the stall to sell Shura swordsmen belong to the dark side Can't go to Spirit Wind City for now Can't join you in the mission It's okay, it's okay. From now on, you go to get something We'll go sell at a booth.

Europium dragon The good times are finally here Let's go for hotpot in the evening A bit extravagant, right? [Inside the pot Wait until I sell this equipment Say good fondue it Direct consumption downgrade to spicy hotpot is too much, right? rent do not have to pay ah water and electricity do not have to buy ah.

Xiao Bo do not buy clothes? Do you want to watch her walk around naked ahem I don't mind Why is it about me? cloudy sky ah You are now the studio's cash cow If you want to see it I can help you create opportunities ah.

Ahem Forget it melon wimp have the heart of a thief but not the guts In front of my face to say these words of tigers and wolves okay say Just sell the equipment when The guy called wind god wing Seems to recognize the equipment he exploded.

It can't be such a coincidence Do you think he will find us in trouble ah Dare to block my fortune Even if he is the president of the people in the jungle also cut the same Don't worry, I'm here Thinking of something You've really lost your memory completely All right, we've eaten, we've gone shopping.

Go home Go online and play money Eat a meal of kung fu plot is so fast development? How righteous and elves fight Little guy do not be nervous These damn elves How dare they take advantage of our attack on Spirit Wind City to sneak in This time, we'll make sure they don't come back!.

Brothers The time has come to be loyal to the Castle of Darkness The Castle of Darkness lives on! The Castle of Darkness Forever Quest Tips Battle of the Dark Castle This description There is a problem.

It's as if the dark castle will become history Talking as if Fortress of Darkness will be history Fire Phoenix Cavalry Tear down those dirty Shura Wipe out the dark castle Yes Charge! Punch it! So strong.

What to do with the cavalry Longshot Shura Swordsman Shura Array Ghost General Forgotten Dust Intercepting the Elven Cavalry Disrupting an attacking formation Die Ghost Fire Chop.

Shoot the horse before you shoot the man Yes, sir. I never thought this little guy would be so good at dealing with elven cavalry Must block Behind us is the Dark Castle It's our home They will not be allowed to step through Remember me? You dirty Shura.

You filthy Shura Little one This kind of life and death moment you still care about me The adults value splash so much How can I be unjust? The task has not been prompted Shura governor can not just end up like this Back to defense back to defense Retreat to the city to defend.

Damn elves I can't believe they prepared an elf cannon No hints on the rest of the mission yet Is it true that the Dark Castle will be destroyed Giant cannon blast Destroy the Castle of Darkness There is actually a formation See how many shells you can take The power of death.

Will make you regret coming here Will make you regret coming here Shura Chariot, charge me! Not good These ghost chariots have dark magic. The little \Xiu Luo dares to make trouble Starfall Mr. Ethel You are finally here!.

What? Holy Magician The gates of the city are broken Charge forget the dust Don't forget your identity as Shura Revenge for the Dark Castle Actually I am You are what you are.

An unyielding Shura i The Battle of the Dark Castle Completion Rewards Relationship with Shura plus 50 Castle of Darkness Forever Governor's entry Take him down Void War God.

Go the way you should go Die die die you all must die This is the power of the ancient runes Who is this young man? He is actually carrying the ancient bloodline Teacher Don't hurt him He has been mind controlled by the bloodline power Cannot be autonomous Everyone scatter.

No one can dominate me Keep on ? No. of detection Report abnormal reactions immediately Hey is this Qingxue's mom? Please come over. We have new news from Yuntian. Keep up with? No. of detection Report any abnormal reactions immediately Hey is this Qingxue's mom? Please come over. We have new news from Yuntian.

Yun Tian, where the hell are you? Did you find Yuntian? System detects Yuntian 0007 The game serial number generated strong fluctuations So, is that not This means that Yun Tian is online somewhere Got into the game Qingxue This means Yun Tian is fine.

Maybe it's just temporary memory loss Yuntian was the seventh guy in the region during the internal test He will definitely come to prominence soon Where is this Who are you? Who are you Why are you here Die Die Die〉You all must die Die die die you all have to die.

This is the power of the ancient runes Stand back, all of you! Teacher Don't hurt him He saved me before Eternal thunderstorm ah Annihilate everything in front of you No one can dominate me Awaken to the Holy Light Baptism Mr. Ethel, is he okay?.

This should be the first time he has awakened the power of this mysterious bloodline He will wake up after resting for a while That's good The Castle of Darkness has been sacked Consolidate the team Return to Elven Valley Yes, Your Highness. Where is this I'm still in the game.

Guest Master You're awake! Who are you? 0 0 0My name is Tsing Yi 0 0 0It is the maid of His Highness the Princess You just called me Guest of Honor Her Highness has made you a guest of honor You are an honored guest of the Elven Valley.

Please come with me His Highness is waiting for you This father lord is a bit violent Kind of righteousness ah We elves are a sacred race of ancient heritage We elves are a sacred race of ancient heritage How can we ask Shura to be the guest secretary? Elder don't be nervous He is a good.

And a lifesaver for me So it's Her Highness's saviour Then Although he saved the princess But elves and Shura have always been at odds Princess, please think twice! Princess, please think twice! Please think twice, Princess Just because he is Shura.

With his help We can definitely defeat Shura once and for all Your Highness, this is too much of a nonsense How can Shura help the elves? It is indeed too much nonsense Forget the dust, you wake up No need to quarrel with you all.

I didn't expect The princess will make me a guest secretary If it is difficult for you all I'd better leave It's a good thing you know what you're doing That's enough Father has said.

I am the master of Elven Valley 0My decision cannot be questioned by you My decision is not for you to question All of you Since the princess has made her decision We should abide by it The Grand Elder is right But.

Shura must not serve as a guest of the elves So I came up with a solution So I thought of a way Your Highness might as well let him enter the Moonlight Sacred Pool Believe in the power of light in the pool will definitely be able to purify his death breath Thank you Grand Elder I actually forgot about the power of the Moonlight Sacred Pool Inside the Moonlight Sacred Pond.

Contains centuries of moonlight power It can definitely purify the evil energy in your body I don't have to stay in Elven Valley If it would cause trouble You saved my life once I won't let you back into the world of evil again B.

I was originally a Shura swordsman ah Diana – bonding completed Scary RewardOOOOO Gain the complete trust of the Elven PrincessOOOOO0 00Ooooot Spit Reward Moonlight Sacred Pool The reward of the mission actually fell here This pool of water Seems to be very important to me Then thank you, Your Highness.

How dare you destroy the Castle of Darkness Damned elves! I'll make you pay in blood! O mighty beings from the earth Wake up! Obey my call Bone Eater The soul that sleeps in the depths of the earth Obeying the Dispensation.

Go Pixie Hollow in the southeast canyon Bring back Diana's head hit the trigram Shou Chen π Li moss green mushroom send [ human-like presentedSo soon there is a dark gold level monster The main meng Chen Guan Kyun Guqing mushroom Fenpa class although WuThe first gold reward for all the Biao Biao clip poem bone spider back withThe “I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get a good deal on this. The first time I saw you, I was a little bit of a jerk.Will the cloudy sky appear with The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.The actual “I'm not going to be able to get a lot more than that. forget the dust how are you doing.

I'm fine Don't worry about me. die You all have to die Whatever is in my body You will never control me The mysterious bloodline inside him.

Is rejecting the power of the Moonlight Sacred Pool But I do think that It's not like the Moonlight Sacred Pool is purifying him but rather What is it but himself In absorbing and fusing the power of the Moonlight Sacred Pool.

How is this possible? I would think It's not like the Moonlight Sacred Pool is purifying him but rather What is it but himself In absorbing and fusing the power of the Moonlight Sacred Pool How is this possible? In any case.

I will never admit defeat But the experience of this game It's also too realistic It hurts! What's going on here? So strong Quah'lake bloodThe data did not go up very Yuans that is this But what do these additions mean Feel completely beyond the level of ordinary playersOOOOOC oooOO.

Did it work? Success Who he is today is already a strong person with dual attributes A dual-attribute powerhouse Only appeared in the legends of the ancient times None of them are capable of shaking heaven and earth They have one characteristic.

Is that they grow extremely fast Today Now in my Elven Valley Please Princess Be sure to keep him Forget the dust is my friend Our camp Right between the Land of the Dead and the Valley of the Elves.

As long as we stay here We can intercept the Dark Gold level Bone Eaters If we are lucky enough Maybe the first dark gold weapon will be ours This is our luck It's also our chance.

Take the first kill of the dark gold level BOSS Take the opportunity to get bigger and stronger Create another glory Make it big and strong again Too Too powerful, right? Pool water I can't believe you sucked the pool water dry.

You, you, you You pay How much money do you have to pay? The Moonlight Sacred Pool is the source of power for the Elven Valley You asked me how much gold Everyone Forget the dust is now the guest of Elf Valley.

He has become powerful It's a good thing for our Elven Valley If anything happens to the elves He will not stand by and do nothing The Valley of the Elves has been very kind to me I will definitely not stand by and do nothing.

For the sake of Her Royal Highness Forget it this time cloudy sky Where are you.

Don't ever go to Blade Ridge or Elven Valley There is a monster called the Bone Eater Appeared in Blade Ridge killed many players It is said that the Bone Eater went to the Elven Valley You don't want to run into it.

The Bone Eater is coming to Faerie Glen Yeah.OOOOOOO0 OOOOO That's why it's important to avoid eh Come to Elf ValleyOOOOO You are in Elf Valleyoooor hahaha forgetting the dust.

What's wrong with you? I just got a message Bone Eater slaughtered many adventurers in Blade Ridge Heading to Elven Valley.

What Bone Eater The Bone Eater is an extremely sinister deadly creature It has not appeared for hundreds of years How could thousand go enemy attack not good.

Archers 1/\ 1\Didn't they just attack Blade Ridge? How come we're in Elven Valley so soon? \\How to return so quickly to the valley of the elves 1/\Are there two Bone Eaters? No matter how many there are.

Those who step into the Elven Valley die Your Majesty's little heart It has actually been able to summon a blood shield Unbeatable Elven Valley must not be buried so easily.

Close Guard Bloodthirsty Ground Thorn This is an adult Bone Eater Teacher Ethel Bastard Feel the power of the star fall Spirit Shield.

Ethel Examiner With me You will not be allowed to touch her Traitor Do you remember the Dark Castle? Remember the dead Shura Governor? The Dude Dogs were good to me I will definitely return the Shura clan when I have the chance.

But Wood is now Both so then let's die Although it has become stronger But from the boss There is still a lot of gap.

Bone Eater is too powerful Everyone strikes together We must kill the Bone Eater! No! Bone Eater's blood shield defense is too high There is no way to break it A bunch of mole crickets What can you do to me? They can't.

But I can Eyes Aim for his eyes That's where he's most vulnerable Go to hell. How did this happen Go to repentance before God Ah the nasty power of light Die!.

forgetting the dust Don't worry, Your Highness I am fine Be careful, Your Highness. Just now you watched over me Now it's my turn to guard you Strange Why are all NPCs so nice to me.

False alarm Are you a hungry ghost reincarnated? This income from the studio You've eaten it all up You didn't call me quit the game to eat 4.

That is Bo see you sleep in the game Worried about your body It's obvious that you asked me to prepare so much food So full! Did you run into the Bone Eater in Elven Valley.

Is it really strong? Very strong If the average player encounters may be instantly killed So powerful You said ordinary players will be killed instantly.

Then you I took out the bone eater You don't have to pay taxes for bragging Well well well I killed with the elf NPC Really was a thousand off.

Really really Exploded what It was the elf princess who finished the last hit to kill I did not explode any equipment ah cloudy sky You're a loser Go to hell! Die! As a professional gold-digger.

You can't grab a last hit? pain I wonder what kind of equipment will be exploded from the bone devouring delicacies Is it worth anything? You send me a message that Blade Ridge has Bone Eater at the same time Elven Valley was attacked by bone eaters So there should be another Bone Eater.

There is one more Get on the line! Take out the Bone Eater feed Bone Eater is really strong Don't mess around! Lol what a hothead These people are too late to run before they get a second.

Is the Bone Eater really that strong? I wonder if Yun Tian has been here The first mage Qingxue You are Invisible with the wind Star Source Guild Vice Master I came to see what happened at Blade Ridge What's the result?.

Some witnesses say After the Bone Eater slaughtered a group of rookies from the Vulcan went towards the south The target should not be here South The bodies of these people haven't disappeared yet The bodies of these people have not disappeared They are recently dead.

Bone Eater should still be here This should be the second Bone Eater Watch out! Chisel strike Frost Dragon Rampage I can't believe it's a hidden skill like Frost Dragon Teng I really can't carry it head-on!.

Spiritual Art Impact It's not good, it's going to go berserk Back up! It's immune to control skills after it goes berserk Is this still the same Bone Eater? The screenshot of the Wu Shen Guild is bigger than this one This should be the later juvenile We from the Star Source guild will be here soon We'll be here soon from the Star Source Guild.

The alliance master personally brought people The master himself brought people It can definitely be killed Brothers Kill the Bone Eater! You're here! I almost got killed by a bone eater Thanks to the help of clear snow beauty.

The original is the top three in the national service Qingxue beauty Seeing each other is fate Why not join us Let's raid this Bone Eater together! Outfit Your priority Player clear snow Join the squadoooo(.

Brothers Lingfeng City's number one mage Qingxue has joined us Everyone together a thousand off the Bone Eater Qingxue I cover Let's hit it hard together Skyfire Chop That's a lot of damage. Boss watch out! Invisible in all directions.

Absorb diffusion attack? Clear Snow on ah Good strong damage Is this still a mage? So strong Gravitational trap What a strong spell Must pull Qing Xue to Star Source Guild.

I also want to prove the strength of the guild Success Yes! Great! We've killed a Dark Gold level boss! Long live the alliance owner, long live the beautiful Qingxue Qingxue If I'm right You should also be a beta player, right? No wonder you have so many hidden skills.

It's still a big advantage for insider players This is the legendary Spirit Eater flower I've seen it in the monster encyclopedia A true dark gold level boss How there are still monsters ah Vile humans You think you are working with the elves Destroy the Dark Castle You think you can win?.

You were wrong. The soul of the dark castle lives on Now Feel the endless chase of the devouring flower Qingxue be careful! Four Directions Invisible The attack will actually turn around Warriors Blade Ridge has fallen.

The power of the Spirit-Eating Flower is too strong Everyone retreat for now Go to the cold wind post for refuge Guarded by the army of Lingfeng City Everyone retreat! Or we'll all be wiped out! We have received the Breaker News of Karen's arrival Coldwind Heights is the frontline fortress.

If it is lost Spirit Wind City will be next For the sake of the home behind us We have to be here Battle with the evil spirits Yes, my lord. Lord Hank Karen the Destroyer With an evil spirit-eating flower.

Defeating the Adventurers Is flying close to the Cold Wind Gang It's finally coming Shields on the wall Crossbow and Stone Cannon Aiming at the outer perimeter Archers all ready For Spirit Wind City For the Homeland.

For the City of Spirit and Wind For the Homeland Close the city gates Fire the guns cloudy sky If one day I am no longer me Will you still like me?.

Then who would you be I don't know You will still be you And I And I will always be me.

This cold wind post can not stop ah The cold wind post is high above The ground is a huge rock that the devouring flowers can't penetrate The city also has a large number of NPCs guarding the garrison Should be fine Crossbow and stone cannon Fire Stone Thrower Oil barrel launch.

Archer Rocket Launch Firing Luckily, luckily Cold wind post NPC guard J reserve force is very strong Finally, it is safe Hank.

My old friend You think you can stop me with these little tricks? Karen You've done so much killing It's time to pay back Payback I'm just afraid you don't have the skills Let this seat repay Do you think that this seat.

Only the Bone Eater Spirit devouring flower these means? Come on Let you try something more powerful Wake up! Crush everything with your power Skeleton Skeleton Dragon Kellen You actually went to the dragon realm and resurrected a demon dragon.

Damn it! Aren't you afraid of completely offending the Dragon Kingdom? Do you think I still care? Let's go Skeleton Dragon Stomp the Cold Wind Gang Crossbow and stone cannon attack together Make sure to intercept it Bastard.

Sanctuary Cross Chop Holy Shield of Light This The Skeleton Demon Dragon is too powerful Even the NPC guards can't stop Brothers We can't retreat.

If the cold wind post is gone Then in the future in this area We will no longer have the main city BUFF The guild will also lose levels We all attack together with NPCs Take down the skeleton dragon Kill the skeleton dragon Charge Kill the Skeleton Dragon.

A bunch of mole crickets Spirit-Eating Flower Launching an attack Combine with Skeleton Dragon Kill them all in one go! Invisible in all directions At this rate We'll all be wiped out Trying to beat them.

First we have to defeat the skeleton dragon Gain the air control Only then can we have hope What to do When I changed jobs before Learned a small forbidden spell But It costs a lot to release.

What costs My StarSource guild is out Drain life force Also known as Level to drop This Sword Dance has a strict leveling system Each level up takes a lot of effort This is too costly.

Qingxue and we don't know each other Totally can open blink to escape Starfire alliance owner You pull the hatred of the skeleton dragon Draw it down Leave it to me Skyfire Chop Four Directions without Color Sleeping Frost Elf.

Wake up from the darkness Heed my call Heed My Call Cut down everything Ice Spell Sword Rain This is Qing Xue's forbidden spell So strong.

Great brothers The magic dragon has been bloodied Charge up Do it Please note You are already in a seriously injured state All attributes reduced by 90%OoOOOC OOOO Positive Lasting one hour Oops.

Qing Xue is seriously injured Let's keep charging We must hold the cold wind post Must not let the sacrifice of snow clearing go to waste Kill Kill Clear Snow I starburst and the entire Star Source Guild.

All owe you one A mere adventurer You think Defeat the Skeleton Dragon You think you can defeat this seat? Childish adventurer See it! What is the real power Ghost Fire.

This flame And other flames in the game seems to be different So uncomfortable feeling This feeling is like The weakness of a high fever that doesn't go away The ghostly fire of this seat Refined from Purgatory Burning Not your flesh.

But your souls Have fun! Fucking monsters. I can't believe they have such skills Brothers No way to continue the attack We defeated Brothers.

Adventurers can retreat We as the Imperial Army entered We should fight to the death and not retreat Surviving with Cold Wind Gang Survival together Surviving with Coldwind Heights Fight to the death and never retreat Surviving with the Cold Wind Gang.

Fight to the death Spirit-Eating Flower Enjoy this beautiful meal The souls and flesh and blood of these human mole crickets All belong to you now It's all over The Cold Wind Gang is now over Inexplicable anger.

Like you've hurt someone important to me Who is it? Who is it? So it's you Damn betrayer I will make you suffer eternal torment OYour opponent is me Elf Heavy Artilleryl.

Give me this evil flower Blast it into powder Skeleton Demon Dragon I have worked hard to bring you back from Purgatory Do you want to die so easily? Stand up for me! Qi and blood increase the river 50% Not good.

Skeleton Demon Dragon's blood instantly recovered by half What we just tried to do were all in vain Now what? hold on for dear life Qingxue is now in a seriously injured state To go We must also take her with us to go out alive Stop the shelling.

The Spirit Eating Flower has been badly damaged The elders The rest is in your hands Your Highness Damn it! Skeleton Dragon Put these disgusting elves Kill them all! The elders.

Meet the battle The Source of the Magic Sea Come on With you old fogeys You also want to fight against me You don't know your own strength Then let you try my highness I've just practiced the best move Flashing light.

Stupid Elf Elves among the Elves can understand the rules of space Very few people cultivate into flash kill I never thought that only one genius would emerge in a few hundred years But he is a fool Bastard His Highness is just not familiar with it yet Otherwise Magic Dragon is your fate.

Now You don't stand a chance anymore Elf Flash Kill It consumes your own energy Now You can't use it anymore, right? Die, stupid girl. Suck it, stupid girl! Afraid of you?.

Take a kick from me Elf J Oh no. The Elven Princess doesn't look like a match for the Breaker either Once she loses the battle We'll have to face the super boss again Young girl.

You are strong But your strength From the moonlight It will only get less and less And the power I have The spirits of grievance from the depths of the earth A constant source of What will you fight me with?.

Let me send you on your way Do you think our Elven Valley This is the only strength? What I'll take care of the rest. Go away! Damn betrayer Who is this again? So strong.

Too bad it's too far away to see But how to feel he is not NPC ah Really fake Can players be that strong? He Who is he? Why does it feel So familiar yet strange Since you are the heir of the Shura tribe.

Why do you want to help the Elves? The elves destroyed our dark castle They are the sworn enemies of the Shura If you still consider yourself a member of the Shura tribe WuThen don't stand in my way I have never forgotten my Xiu Luo identity But the Elves Have saved my life I can't watch them die in front of me.

With this kind of combat power And yet they are willing to become the lapdogs of the elves Today I will get rid of you Traitor You will die with the elves Is that all you can do? It is worthy of being a legendary boss A single energy cannot defeat him.

We can only try new skills How is it possible I can't believe it's the nasty light power You actually Mastered two originally conflicting powers You lost Attributes of Light Restrained you to death You think.

With that little light energy you can beat me Today I will show you What is the fire of hell What is the fire of hell Sacrifice Endless Ghost Fire No This will not last long.

It will force me to sacrifice my life span You should be proud now forgetting the dust That ghost fire It was summoned by Karen's sacrifice of her life span You go there But it's dangerous What is it exactly Why is it inside me.

Get me out of here! How is it possible How is it possible How could you possibly be It's over forgetting the dust Ten Sword Chop Impossible It can't be you.

Dual Attribute Power It doesn't seem to be easy Now I can explain to the small boss Forgotten Dust Ten Sword Chop When did you learn this move? Actually It was when I saw His Highness fighting I stole a few moves A little bit of fusion.

The original is learning from Princess Ben You have an eye It's okay Karen is dead Time for us to go back to Pixie Hollow I've worked so hard to cultivate for so long To understand the trick.

Forget the dust actually read once and will fly It seems I have to work harder Looks like I'll have to work harder Is it going to be him? That simple but effective swordplay It's him /It must be him.

Cloudy sky cloudy sky Qingxue Are you okay? No, I'm not. Qingxue You practice alone so too hard Now I officially send you an invitation Join the Star Source Guild.

I If you are willing to We will treat each other with sincerity If not We won't force ourselves I'm not on a regular schedule I may not be able to attend events sometimes So you said yes Brothers.

Qingxue has joined our guild Great! Join us now! If cloudy sky has become so strong I also want to keep up with him Harvesting 346 gold coins this month 346 gold coins this month.

Rent due this month Utilities will run out And daily expenses for three people Just about even Expenses for three people And one more.

Is it time to eat? Eat, eat, eat Just know how to eat Just played a leg brace.

Leg guards are not worth anything Dark gold level Cloud Boss Cloud Boss What would you like to eat These are the double-headed snow vajra Thirty-two level gold rank monsters.

Butterfly small butterfly Can we beat it? I see these monsters They're all red.

It doesn't matter I'll do the T Bo is in charge of milk cloudy sky You wait for the opportunity to attack When my blood level is less than half, you take the top Then you watch out! Then you guys be careful.

Because Do you see a dangerous level of red? I see a harmless level of gray oh hello hello hello Don't yeon joke Your rank is one level lower than mine How can it be gray.

You're not color blind, are you? Just let me go first Hey! Don't really go looking for death ah This this this How could this happen? Vajra Handguard.

Level 28 gold weapon Little Butterfly You can just about use What King Kong It's not worth it cloudy sky Why are you suddenly so good? The advantage of hiding your profession, right?.

Plus I've been doing a bunch of tasks lately Learned some high level skills Matching stance and skills on The damage will come up.

It's the stance When you just killed the monster This group of Snow Vajra didn't even touch you What exactly is the body technique It is not much ah It is just a folding line walking position.

It's very simple Don't you know how? So it is a folding line walk ah You'll be great It looks like the ultimate martial art.

I don't even need therapy I don't even have to treat You have to teach Xiaodie Every time my blue is milked dry Finally can only run away Are you disliking me? I don't know why I feel.

I feel as if I have played sword dance before Go to the game There is a very familiar feeling Could it be that you Used to be an inside player '.

I have no memory of- Inside test players are the invitation codes sent directly from the eternal century Ordinary players simply can't access Yun Tian Er how about the equipment The damage is so high.

Should be very luxurious, right? Equipment.

I've got some gear in my bag that you can use You put it on first | Clearspring Wrist Brace Misty Leggings Warrior Armor Bull Horn Ring I feel like I'm getting stronger again Let's go.

Take me and Bo to upgrade Today we will rush to level 30 Leave it to me Looks like The mysterious expert who exploded the alliance's equipment is this person Miss Qingxue The minister is waiting for you on the 30th floor.

You're finally here V/It's been too long since I've seen you Still as violent as ever P What am I doing here?.

What I asked you to do Done Sword Dance is using the most advanced Lord God AI system Sword Dance uses the first burst of the Lord God AI system The entire game is controlled by the main god We programmers can not control the background Want to know the location of the cloud sky You computer genius.

You can only do it yourself Permissions have all been opened It's up to you genius to perform Since there is no way to access the database in the normal way Then we have to break it by force Challenge Charge Fold line walk Divine Healing.

Why Boar Area There will be so many magic wolves ah There will be so many magic wolves ah Okay Let the stalking brothers stop pulling magic wolves Get ready to go down and save them Make a good relationship Through them.

Get in touch with the mystery master Divine Healing Little Heart Protect the two ladies Kill all the demon wolves Yes People in the jungle of the wind god wing.

How did they get here Let's go help too As a player I can't believe I just came to the newbie village for the first time Where is this You are originally one of my Shura Why did you betray Even kill Karen.

Have you forgotten who you are You know who I am Who I am I never thought you'd end up like this So it is Wait in peace for death to come Wait in peace for death to come.

Hello Answer me Who the hell am I? Why don't you tell me what's going on? I can't move my body Network latency is stuck.

Dropped connection what the hell Why can't I move? Hey! What's going on?O c I'm fighting a boss. c cloudy sky Did you have a problem there? I can't move.

The whole server is having problems How is this possible c What did you do? I just tried to hack into the database But it triggered the firewall I guess the whole server is down now Black Hacked into the database.

You are also too good After the development of the Lord God system We secretly called the world's top ten hacking masters to test Even the first layer of firewall did not enter But you paralyzed it Minister.

The sword dance system is out of order I got it Just send a maintenance notice for the drop It seems to be automatically updating and upgrading How is this possible? Sword dance forums are exploding We're not the only ones who dropped the line.

The entire server is down What the official website says The latest official explanation Says The game is being updated Just in time for the sword dance update Ascending Arts.

While I have time Go find out information about yourself Do you remember where you came from? I don't remember much I know, I know. I know, I know. Probably know.

This seems to be the noodle shop when we first met I remember At that time, you came from the left lane, Yuntian With the state you ate several bowls of noodles in a row at that time With your state at that time even ate several bowls of noodles Should not have eaten for a long time So do not have the strength to walk too far.

Let's walk along this road And there we are Castle Peak Hospital This is a fancy private hospital Traumatized in the brain An authority on brain neurology Plus the other day There was indeed a car accident in that neighborhood.

So go here to find out who you are Jesus. When did you get so badass, “Bo”? I've always been great! qingshan hospital cloudy sky sjheart.

Yuntian are you okay? No Yes Something comes to mind My mind does recall Castle Peak Hospital and the car accident But can't think of much.

It's okay. It's okay. Let's go look for it. I'm sure we'll find it. hello We are looking for information on a patient Patient information is confidential Who are you? Patient's family? I would like to check my admission information.

Name Documents Name is Yuntian But I've lost my memory No ID Sorry If you don't have papers I am not authorized to inquire.

What about trying to search for names I do have memory loss I have no right to inquire Please help! I'm sorry No ID I am not authorized to inquire.

Maybe a search for the name will have his ID information ah sorry What an attitude And senior private hospital admission Ugh! Okay, don't get mad. She's doing her job too Yuntian, are you okay?.

I am fine Sword dance update should be almost done Let's go back Gold upgrade hey Where is this.

Why are you here again? System Wizard You know me You don't know me Still no memory? Have I lost my memory before too? Have I lost my memory before? Have you seen the old me? Have you seen the old me?.

Have you forgotten that once as NPC data The constant death thing? I remember The past is past It is now that we can move into the future Being a Family of Darkness But receives the power of light Since you have chosen your own path One must have the courage to face.

Go for it The Brave Man of Light and Darkness The Who You know my past What the hell does that mean? Why are you saying this to me No need to follow my lead You have your own path You have your own path.

I won't let you go until I make it clear The unknown world has an unknown destiny That's your destiny Go on The world has the answers you need Is this world a world of games? Inside the world of games Got the answer I'm looking for? Can you damn well stop following.

is it a dream? 5 seconds to enter the game 4 seconds 2 seconds 1 sec The following is a list of the many ways in which we can help youThe following is a list of the most important information about the companyThe following is a list of the followingBack to Goodwill Allies of the ElvesOOOOOOU Ooooooooo.

Guardian of the Moonlightoooooooooooooooooo Walking in the world on behalf of the Moon God The saints who drive away evil with the moonlight Weeping and weepingI will deal with youTo make it possible for you to do soTo drive away evil by the moon CharacteristicPropertiesback out of the kitchen the number of the propertyI am a member of the I.C.E.S.The name of the companyBack to the good offices CounselingThe two descriptions of the gaps of the two completed sacred mealsObituaries The first one is the first one that has been used for the first time.I am a member of the Board of Directors of the University of California.It's a good ideaObituary I'm not sure what you're talking about.The ghosts of the people of the world are the ones who are in charge of the worldback to the world.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it.I'm not sure if I'm a good person. De-risking IFortunately Throw away the risk of firecan Style|Dangerous FireNone of the skills have changed much the style of dangerous fire spring There is an extra spirit What is this hitmanBack0 hit datedEach piece has.

DateC test System update announcementOOOC OC OOOC Strange The system changes like this Isn't it true that players are born with higher or lower attributes COOO cloudoo000oe pOOOC.

forget the dustDOOG Come to the resurrection pointqooooc OOOO0 Something is waiting for youOOOO You guys are dead We ran into a mutant demon wolf as soon as we came online We were accidentally spiked This is the resurrection point of the newbie village ah.

As a player I can't believe I haven't been here forgetting the dust here What's the matter with calling me here? We have joined the People in the Lake guild Forgotten Dust You can join us Why did you suddenly join the guild.

Will not conflict with the studio? You can rest assured Our guild has no mandatory requirements So Do you want to join us with Xiaodie cut hard O Confirm Back- Mouth Confirmation Back-Sorry V AvailableOI appreciate your kindnessO.

But I do not have the idea of joining the club for the time being You Since forgetting the dust is not willing President of Wind God Wing Don't force him I was rude It's okay. You can be friends without joining a guild.

Maybe you'll consider it afterwards Hmmm In the newbie village north found the magic wolf BOSS tsunami moon Call all online members immediately This BOSS We must take it down!.

This is the first BOSS after the system upgrade Maybe there is something good You guys go together Check it out. Bo Why did you just stop me?.

Nothing I just feel a little strange President We planned the magic wolf attack on Xiaodie Originally in order to pull this forgetful dust into the club Since he does not know what is wrong How about ([ V)L Clean up the scene immediately.

(0 VL Get non-guild players to leave 0 V)L ([0 VL Disobeying [0 V [0 V0 V]L direct thousand off by virtue of what You guys are too bossy Why? Yes.

Let's fight with them What's up? What are you doing? We are all here to fight the boss This is not good, right? Xiaobo ah You have a good heart I know But you can't be soft-hearted at a time like this.

When we fight BOSS These players will definitely mess up WAll guild players gather Knight with shield in front Swordsman attacking on the left Shooter and mage Back row output.

Priest pay attention to pulling healing Give me the punch Charge! Kill! Walt Xiaodie vjheart ah How does this magic wolf seem to have wisdom.

Surprisingly, he charged the swordsman first Swordsmen pull back Knights charge up with me Charge! Charge Provoke vanish.

Everyone, go! Active Attack Don't just stand there Throw healing post extra support Group healing spells Divine Armor More fuel for everyone.

The first BOSS is our people in the rivers and lakes After the system upgrade The wisdom of wild monsters There is a significant increase in If this is true Then this magic wolf BOSS may not be so simple What's going on? These giant wolves do much more damage than usual I can't stop it!.

Xiao Die Xiao Xin Xin provocation BOSS is immune to skills Can't pull the hatred anymore Mage Cover me with the strongest attack 9But But the Swordsmen are still around.

Didn't you hear what I said? Covering attack Attack To complete the kill Use the swordsmen team as an outcast How can this be Forgetting the Dust Crosscut.

Forgetting the Dust Cross Chop How is it possible Not only did he kill the demon wolf Even our attack was blocked That's terrible! The equipment exploded from the tsunami moon It looks like a dark gold level bracelet.

This should be the highest level of equipment bursting out now than the national service first Qingxue's gold weapon is even more powerful Can't pick up Unable to pick up Could it be What dark gold equipment.

Stop them Stop! Go further Don't blame us for not being polite What do you mean? I'm just protecting the interests of the guild Little Butterfly.

You don't have to do more than that When you just ordered the sacrifice of the swordsmen team How come you didn't say protect the guild's interests How can you fight a BOSS without dying? Even if you drop a level After the guild team to help up is up You.

Different paths don't work together We quit the guild Since you have defected from the guild Then I will not be polite The sword in the hand of the forgotten dust It is not ordinary goods, right?.

Wind God Wings I've never seen someone so brazen as you forget the dust Let you add the guild you actually refused You don't even want to give your face Now You leave the weapon behind What happened today.

Let it go If you don't give face Oh If I don't give you face What can you do? Kill every time you see me I will make you never leave the newbie village Kill every time I see you What a great figure of gas.

Stop! At first I thought Since you are a friend of Xiaodie So no matter what you say or do I will put up with you Let you go I let you stand still Didn't you hear me?.

But I didn't expect I take a step back and you take a step forward It's just a piece of dark gold equipment I don't care about it yet You really think you guys are in the jungle Can you do whatever you want?.

Kill him Split Chop How is this possible Magic can't even target him Full force attack Don't stop Holy Coffin ally are you okay?.

Yuntian is so powerful You explain to me clearly Explain what? Explain what your skill is all about The skill is self-created It seems to be a hidden rule of the system.

You should be able to do the same Create your own skills We can also.

For a better tomorrow Take us to create your own skills How about it? How's that? How's it going? Take me to create my own skills The Art of Spoiling the Boss's Wife Wind God Field.

Tear It Up Giant Ape Handguard Dark Gold Swordsman Equipment Here you go. This is dark gold equipment.

I don't use it. Then I'll be polite That's right Qing Xue Any clues on the person you're looking for? No As a friend.

I have a word of warning for you If That friend of yours is really that good And has memory loss again Then you must find him as soon as possible 000What do you mean? Sword Dance the game There are about 400 million players worldwide.

The ratio of men to women is also very balanced If that friend of yours is really that good I am worried that Shut up. All hands on deck. Now to Baku Forest. All of you try to level up to 30 Get out of the newbie village again.

Big Sister Forgive me! so tired We're all going to die of exhaustion Still need to upgrade! How about.

Let's forget it No I must create my own moves That's weird. Obviously it's a game.

Why do I feel tired Do you also have this feeling What about this How did the spirit become three.

The spirit used to be zero OMine have all become two Mine is ten Could it be that the self-created tricks are related to this spirit It is possible And.

This spirit attribute may be related to the proficiency tasks are related My first self-created skill It was after the mission was completed that I realized So let's continue to brush Ah! No ah.

What's going on Killed a hundred wilderness lions The spirit went from three to four But Killed almost a thousand heads again How the spirit is still four Is there a lack of opportunity ah.

Are you okay? Me No, I'm not. Moved Comprehending Skills Maiden's Heart Help the target to take eighty percent of the damage.

Reduces damage by 80 percent Duration: 10 seconds Maiden Heart I How not comfortable? Teenage heart, my ass! cloudy sky I'll kill you.

Calm down calm down Little Butterfly You calm down )I'm your savior! Hey! These little monsters I will not strike Take care of it yourselves By the way.

What's going on? Suddenly I feel so angry Scared to death If You dare to like someone else I I will not let you go Forbidden Spell Doomsday Havoc.

Cloudy Sky Wherever you are I will find you The first player of Sword Dance World Already reached level 30OOOOOC OOoOOOO The system will soon open large tasks Song of Light and DarknessOOO.

cloudy sky See the system prompt? I see it Words This is your home The door is broken but your own.

Don't worry about the details The Song of Light and Darkness It's the first big mission in the world of Sword Dance Forum information shows Free to choose a camp The ultimate goal is Completely destroy the other side After completing the mission.

The winning side can get a lot of equipment Gold reward There is also a chance Get a hidden profession So say choose the light or dark camp Kill all the opponent by a thousand And you win Feels like a dark castle.

Same as the follow up to the elf mission I also haven't visited either side for a long time I wonder how it's going now 0 0 0Do you guys choose light or darkness ah- Of course I choose the darkness The Eternal Darkness How cool is that? Nonsense.

I a priest profession Must choose light Hidden QuestOOC Confrontation and Mediation You who have both light and darknesspooo OOOOC Need to find a way to coexist Conditions for success 0 Failure conditions.

Accept Successful mission will be rewarded with equipment, treasures, and gold Refuse and lose the hidden profession of Shura Swordsman Lose the shelter of moonlight Lose the Holy Body of Light and Darkness Isn't this forcing people to accept And why is my mission different from others ah The Unknown World With an unknown destiny.

With an unknown destiny That's your destiny Could it be the same as that night's dream What does it have to do with How could this be? Qingxue Are you sure you choose the light camp? Sure.

Cloudy sky cloudy sky I told you to shout the name of the game in the game Sorry I forgot again cloud cough cough.

What camp did you pick Me Confidential I don't care about you.

Bo and I chose the dark side Don't let me meet you on the battlefield lol It doesn't matter if you're a swordsman But Bo Not a priest? Is it appropriate to choose the dark side.

This you will understand under Shura Shikiji How cool! How bonny ah What's so cool about it? Where is the bone Where's the bone.

Savor the taste to know Ming Forget it Wavelets Let's go cloudy sky.

Is it really you? forget the dust I thought I would never see you again How could it be? I came to see you when I could I'm here to see you when I can eight After you left, the Shura army has grown again.

They summoned a new generation of Shura Jade They attacked our elven castle. An attack on our elven castle The new Shura King I heard that This generation of Shura King is the deputy of the previous generation.

Deputy Why don't I know I have a second-in-command Your Highness Direction of the Dark Forest Discovery of the Shura Clan's movements Immediately blow the elven horn Summon all the elite ho race war earth.

Calling all elven warriors Recruiting adventurers Just get rid of enough Shura You can use the points to exchange for equipment and props in the Elven Forest You can use the points to exchange for equipment and props in the forest of elves Is this a mission announcement? Missiono0ooooOoo0OO Elf Princess's commission.

Kill all players and monsters of Shura campOOOOO Points can be earnedOoooOO0 cooooooC Accumulated points Can be exchanged for a large amount of equipment in the Elven Forest Props Fruits cloudy sky Where are you What camp are you in anyway?.

My side of the Shura mission is openDOOOOO I saw the system prompt You guys have a good mission Little heart don't get killed.

I'm going to get in trouble with the genieoOc forget the dust Why don't you say something? Why don't you say anything? Princess.

You stay in the castle. Be very careful I'm going out to see Who the hell is this Shura King? You also take care I don't want to lose you again I don't want to lose you anymore.

This Shura King Who in the end could it be? Brothers The last wave This flaming giant is our world's best Wealthy Who is it Come to grab the equipment? Xiu Xiu Luo King.

Good good strong I ask you Do you know where a woman named Qing Xue is I… I don't know Do you know Qingxue?.

You You are talking about that The number one female mage in the national service? Do you know where she is? I only know that she is the captain of the raiding group of the Star Source Guild Where exactly is she? I I don't know Xiu, Lord Shura You Why are you looking for the mage named Qingxue.

I can Why look for her Because She hurt the most important person to me She had to die Yun Tian We got the messagepOOO( OOoOC The Shura King has appeared in the Dark Forest.

The Shura King has appeared in the Dark Forest00OOC Tian Xia Wu Shuang GuildOOOOOc By her… destroyedO0OOO Destroyed by ten of her Good I got it Someone Club president We're really going to kill that elf princess.

It's not just the elf princess If there is a chance We even kill the Shura King together This is the first large copy of Sword Dance I'm sure it'll be good. the road to the enemy What happened last time.

Collect some more interest today What people Who is this I can't believe a slash The knight player gave a second.

No more nonsense Give it to me Kill him! Alliance Master He's always in the crowd Our mages and shooters No way to lock him down Never mind the dumbasses. Direct magic coverage attack.

But Give me a hit Yes The stars are falling Done? allies Have you heard? The president of the people in the jungle.

Wind God Wing was intercepted and killed by a man in black Heard That's awesome One man fucked a guild The news spread so fast? The chaser of light and darkness ah Can you help me?.

Mission My granddaughter Captured by the giant ape in the north forest Can you help me get her back? Mission: The Grand Sage's Captured GranddaughterDooooo c5OOO Mission DescriptionOOC Help the old man find his granddaughter who was captured by a giant apeDOOOOO 0oooO0 Old man with the power of curseOOC.

Unable to use magic Positive Can only turn to adventurersOOOOO Quest reward unknownpoooO OoOOOO Dooooocoooooooooo No clue about the location of the Shura King It's not too late to do this task first Success conditionsOOOOo Failure conditionsOOOO.

Grandmother Do you have the exact coordinates of your granddaughter? She's in the north woods. Coordinates 234 146 Location I'm on my way to bring her back.

Doesn't look too far away One little monster is level 40 How many levels does that giant ape boss have to be? Is a small monster that strong? I'm not going to play with you Chopping Moon This is a good self-invented trick Good for dealing with high defense monsters.

Just consume some dogs This is the goal of the mission What a strong sense of oppression You killed it. It attacked me first. If it hadn't attacked you Would you have done it to kill it?.

How Can't say anything? You otherworldly folk Always slaughtering us so freely Never need any reason or excuse I'll go.

NPCs actually prioritize the moral high ground The name of the otherworldly folk Do not know also think that crossed You always think you are the embodiment of justice Always think we are evil beings So slaughter my people.

No need for any psychological burden May I ask a question? Go ahead. I'll grant your last wish Your copywriting was written by which murderer Should be hammered I don't understand what you mean.

But your last words I have received it That was fast Bifurcation ah Forgotten Dust Ten Sword Chop Fist of the Supreme No thought The chaser of light and darkness Your power is full of light attributes.

Why do you do the captivity of children Captivity Hm You otherworldly folk Always like to put a mask of justice on yourselves And then go and do evil things This one doesn't look like a villain Forget the dust ten Damn.

Just killed the giant ape too much consumption You are very good But you're not my opponent yet Is it? The Fist of the Supreme Flying Cloud Chop Who are you This BOSS It's mine.

What This beauty I was here before you You were here before me But I saved you Good riddance! Don't get in my way of doing my job What is this demonic wind blowing a so arrogant flower This monster is your home.

What did you say? I said you are very good ah Why don't you think You're the one who's interrupting my work How about we fight first Whoever wins this BOSS will go to the winning party Heh It is said that good men do not fight with women.

But today I want to fight with you, a manly woman You called me a manwhore Real men can do it, don't beep you you you go to hell You otherworlders You are so arrogant and arrogant Today I will let you feel the taste of despair.

You shut up! Let's finish him first The man-child has the last word ice pick tenAwesome Awesome manly woman What do you want? Hmph So fast.

Manly woman Don't be dumb fire escape man-child This guy is really good How about we team up and take care of him first And then call out the man-woman I will destroy you first.

I know, I know I'll attack close to you Your long-range magic support Forgotten Dust Ten Sword Slash Frost Sluggishness bad Chopped Moon This nasty guy.

It's pretty awesome I lost Kill or be killed Do what you want But don't expect me to give them up Looks like we'll have to take him out The mission character will only appear Stop it!.

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