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This day waited for three years leaving so soon The second brother is almost ready Thanks to the care of the Great Elder these years This favor, this love, Xiao Yan will never forget you're welcome little guy Be careful on this trip I will send someone to take care of your Xiao Clan.

Everyone Three years of friendship Xiao Yan will never forget If you need help in the future As long as I, Xiao Yan, are still alive Just come to Jia Ma Empire to find me what you said It's very similar to the tone of the guys in the Black Corner Region. Xiao Yan Wait for me and Hu Jia to break through to King of Fighting.

I will go to the Jia Ma Empire to help you By the time we are not drunk Xiao Yan be careful out there Come on, cousin Xiao Yan You are the best Wait until I settle the matter of the Jia Ma Empire send someone to inform you.

Um can we go take care everyone leave it alone today big old Can Xiao Yan succeed this time? hard to say After all, Yunlanzong is one of the most powerful forces in the southwest of Douqi Continent meaning.

Xiao Yan's background still too thin but I still believe in Xiao Yan He is a man who can perform miracles Uncle Xiao always believed in You will be the most promising member of the Xiao family Now I believe too.

Of two chiefs The Xiao Clan has gathered plus our three brothers There are eight fighters The rest are basically the top fighters of Dou Ling Tianyin sect Rakshasa Gate And why haven't the Wild Lions arrived yet?.

Yo Brother Xiao is really impatient. Could it be Are you in a hurry to see me? Isn't this here? Brother Xiao is really capable only – month so many strong men were summoned so many strong men were summoned.

With my third brother's status as a sixth-grade pharmacist It is not difficult to recruit some strong correct Where is Master Xiao? haven't you come yet? Master Xiao is the right master how could he be late Sorry for the long wait Xiao Yan preparing to return to the Jia Ma Empire.

Entrust the Xiao Clan to Hu Jia, Wu Hao and others After Lin Xiuya and Liu Qing, who came to challenge together, were defeated by Xiao Yan within a thousand moves, Decided to follow him and return to the Jia Ma Empire Xiao Yan's adventurous fusion of three different fires will finally achieve a small success This also gave him more confidence in defeating Yunshan Xiaoyanzi You finally came you should know them all Also accompany us back to the Jia Ma Empire.

That's great thank you The three can come as promised Thank you very much Xiao Yan But it's dangerous When fighting with Yun Zongxiao Also please three go all out Master Xiao, please rest assured We are in the same boat now.

I will never do the stupid thing of sinking a ship together So much the better After the event is completed, several rewards Xiao Yan will definitely offer it all Then thank Clan Master Xiao first. board the ship departure To Jiama Empire Jia Ma Empire Hong Lanzong.

I am Xiao Yan came back rhyme still angry about being a teacher teacher Why do you have time to come to this forbidden hall today? rhyme When will your temper change? for a xiao family.

Did you forget what I cultivated for you? The teacher cultivated for many years Yun Yun naturally keeps in mind But a small Xiao family why should you treat them This is the relationship between Thoroughly and Xiao Yan. Immortal He's just a junior with some talent How can I be afraid of Yunshan.

Besides, this kid hasn't heard from him for three years. I'm afraid he died somewhere I thought you had forgotten him Ready to let you regain the suzerain position It seems you still can't forget him That Xiao's I will never let go I got the message a long time ago The remnants of the Xiao family are under the protection of the Mittel family.

This time I want them to be completely wiped out in the Jia Ma Empire teacher You want to touch the Mittel family You are not afraid of causing dissatisfaction with other forces Let Yun Lanzong become the target of public criticism? snort Just a bunch of clowns how dare you.

It's fine if they dare to act rashly I happen to have a big cleaning teacher you are obsessed The Misty Cloud Sect will be destroyed by you sooner or later presumptuous How dare you talk to me like that now The Misty Cloud Sect will not be destroyed in my hands on the contrary.

I'll take it to a height no suzerain has ever reached besides you better forget about that kid even if he is still alive between you absolutely impossible Ya Fei What made you call us all in such a hurry i just received the information.

The Misty Cloud Sect has seen frequent changes recently It seems that we have discovered that our Mittel family is sheltering the Shaw family members do they want to lay hands on us Their movements are extremely secretive If I hadn't planted eyeliner in the Misty Cloud Sect do not notice at all currently only can say very likely The Misty Cloud Sect is the strongest force in the Jia Ma Empire.

Plus there are Yunshan Really do something to the Mittel family Really do something to the Mittel family If other forces choose to be wise and protect themselves Mittel I'm afraid I have to deal with it alone no matter what The whole family must fully strengthen vigilance get ready.

Good I'll arrange it later And you Xiao family members Go out as little as possible from today Go out as little as possible from today in case something unexpected happens Feel sorry We dragged the Michel family into the water We dragged the Mittel family into the water.

Just take it as the old man's big gamble Mr. Hai always bet that my third brother will be able to come back And successfully defeated Misty Cloud Sect? I believe in the day when Hai Laoli wins shouldn't be too far brat I believe too I believe too you will be strong.

Return to Gamma second brother where are you Just arrived in a small country called Wanyan another month or so You should be able to reach the Jia Ma Empire. This road didn't disturb the forces along the way, did it? we are in a hurry no trouble.

Why so quiet What about Ziyan? that girl bored on board Pulling Cailin and flying forward No guy making noise Instead I feel unaccustomed It's strange That woman Cailin is fierce.

Good for Zi Yan During this time, the two often hang out together Feeling good Their bodies are monsters Maybe it's because of sympathy And Ziyan's out-of-character It happens to complement Cailin elder sister I found out.

The owner of this treasure cave Or the overlord of one power? The strength reaches the level of Douzong but a greedy guy My biggest hobby is to plunder and search for rare medicinal materials He is afraid that others will take his idea of ​​these stolen goods Just hide them in this barren mountain thought no one would find out Unexpectedly, I smelled it from afar.

As long as I get the medicine inside You can ask Xiao Yan to make more pills for me However, the sixth-order Warcraft guarding the gate a bit tricky It is not difficult to solve the sixth-order monster But too much movement will cause unnecessary trouble That kid is going to talk again Sister Cailin I am powerful.

It's a way But that's quite a beast Do you know how hey-hey I have fought against monsters of this level before. It's not all beards and tails yet good then be careful tabby cat.

Come and play kid what do you want hit you find death The big cat is so fierce space barrier Too bad it's not strong enough kid.

Run away pretty fast big stupid cat You thought you were the only one with wings brat See if I don't tear you apart see big cat brat How dare you play me.

Kid Now I see you can't escape with wings the damn flame sister help Dou Zong strong You and I are monsters i don't hurt you wise words Get lost.

Ziyan here you take elder sister succeeded medicines are in it That is Master's baby It turns out that I fell for your plan to divert the tiger away from the mountain it's over.

The master will definitely not spare me big cat hello wow improper Why do you want to be a watchdog for someone? Wouldn't it be nice to be free like us? you think i don't want But that bastard suzerain put this seal on me asked me to guard the cave for him what can I do.

Dead anyway I have to take the credit give me back the things this this It feels so good to be free Master Dou Zong Thank you still playing?.

Do not fight That bastard suzerain's stuff was stolen deserved to be taken by you I don't have to sacrifice my life for him anymore become free Are you not hurt? If only I could be as powerful as Sister Cailin you have unlimited potential just trapped in this humanoid body.

I can't use my strength people are fine Wait for Xiao Yan to refine the Transformation Pill for me I can restore my body I am used to taking the medicine made by Xiao Yan This fruit is really bad what the guy promised who knows when it will be delivered Why doesn't my sister trust Xiao Yan?.

I think he is very nice elder sister let's go Finally returned safely where did you two go Very strong smell of medicinal materials Your nose is smarter than a monster you keep all these In addition to refining medicine for sister Cailin.

Others, make more pills for me can't swallow it all This is Jade Dragon Saliva Extreme cold Ganoderma lucidum where did you get it Of course it's from a sect's treasure cave. treasure cave You took her to steal medicine do you know.

This may cause us unnecessary trouble If there is a problem, I will solve it myself I don't want to wait until the time to refine the Resurrection Pill You said that the medicinal materials have not been found yet Xiao Yan, don't worry Sister Cailin always remembers that you said not to cause trouble so be restrained Didn't make a big fuss I'm not for him.

You don't have my permission from now on not allowed to leave elder sister elder sister Do not be angry let's speed up In order to avenge Yun Lanzong Xiao Yan led a group of strong men On the way back to the Jia Ma Empire.

And within the Yunlan Sect Yun Yun, who was under house arrest, tried to persuade Yunshan to let go of the Mittel and Xiao families But how could the long-planned Yun pay attention to it? After two months of ups and downs Xiao Yan finally arrived at Ghost Pass, the border town of the Jia Ma Empire Gama Empire I am Xiao Yan came back Reached.

Very good I can finally disembark everyone speed up Xiaoyanzi flew for two months I'm so excited to see you for the first time Back then, I was hunted down by the Misty Cloud Sect escaped from here.

I don't know the current Jia Ma Empire How many people remember me Town ghost pass one farewell three years Although the city has not changed but personnel It must be all gone doesn't feel right There is fighting spirit in the city kill him.

Get out of here Monley How dare you rebel The matter spread to the imperial capital Your whole family's heads will fall to the ground stop scaring me with this I dare to do it Naturally, someone supports I advise you to obediently hand over your military power.

Otherwise, the City Lord's Mansion today will be your burial place With you, the pinnacle of fighting spirit, you are really want to kill me too Don't be so arrogant just breaking through to the Douwang rank Elder Yunfan This person asks you to do it cloud sail Elder of Yunlan Sect.

Timber and Iron Commander Your Mu family is also one of the three major families in the empire. If you take refuge in my Yunlan sect If you take refuge in my Yunlan sect Guaranteed that you will flourish in the future otherwise Today is the day of your death Yun Lanzong treason Shame on you.

I am the general of the empire lowered you Don't say outsiders I despise myself Food for the country should be loyal to the country Even if you die here today We can't let the Misty Cloud Sect easily take away the Ghost Town Since you are obsessed.

The old man will fulfill your foolish loyalty three years away I didn't expect the Yunlan sect to be so arrogant This ambition is not small In the Gama Empire Who else dares to scold Yun Lanzong like that? Dou Wang Dou Huang and Dou Zong Such a terrifying lineup what is the origin of these people.

I don't know who is coming The old man, Yunfan, the elder of the Yunlan sect My Zongzong was born in Yunshan I don't know if you have heard cloud mountain more than heard I know him very well Why is this kid so familiar? and that person.

You You are Xiao Yan you are still alive Xiao Yan he is not dead The old thief in Yunshan is not dead of course i want to live Xiao Yan Brother Mu Tie don't need to be nervous.

The grace of releasing life back then always remember at least two years five years I, Xiao Yan, will come back Timber and Iron Commander this love in the future I will return it to the Mu family.

Xiao Yan you really came back Disciples of Yunlan Sect listen to orders Sovereign has order see xiao yan shoot to kill yes So many peak fighting spirits And the superpowers behind him who didn't make a move.

This guy In just three years, there is such a powerful force What's this asshole How dare you mobilize the army without authorization for today's business I'm well prepared kid Don't even think about leaving today.

Follow me Elder Yunfan, rest assured today today They can't make waves what happened This kid has other helpers Come back and settle accounts with Yunlanzong Why don't you bring more manpower?.

Xiaoyanzi It's all done outside Elder Yunfan us what should we do Monley i hold them you go back to the imperial capital Tell suzerain the news of Xiao Yan's return.

What Take your life It turned out that I wanted to escape don't let that bastard get away let me do it terrible speed I want to run at this speed Three Star Fighting King if you escape.

How else can I settle my grievances with Yunshan? Xiao Yan if you dare to kill me Suzerain Yunshan will never forgive you Yunlanzong destroyed my Xiao family These haters I'll pay you back double Yunshan old thief sooner or later it will be his turn.

Do not fight I surrender I surrender forgive me forgive me forgive me forgive me Brother Ben Thanks for the day.

Brother Xiao Yan, you are welcome Thank you for your help today Otherwise, the Misty Cloud Sect's conspiracy will really succeed. unexpected The Misty Cloud Sect actually wanted to get involved in the military affairs of the empire It seems that I haven't returned for three years The Jia Ma Empire has changed a lot Brother Mutie, can you tell me about the current domestic situation? drink tea first.

I can't finish talking about these things for a while In the past few years, the empire has been made into a mess by the Yunlan sect The matter had to start about half a year after Brother Xiao Yan left. At that time, Yunlanzong suddenly changed its previous style Start recruiting disciplesN0 He also secretly dispatched his disciples to key towns all over the country. Although the royal family and the three major families knew that this move contained evil intentions But afraid of Yunshan's strength no one dares to say anything.

This made Yun Lanzong even more arrogant It's actually a plot to exterminate your Xiao family Is there any news from Yunfan? report back to suzerain no news yet presumably waiting But a ghost town so procrastinating send him a letter immediately.

Must be taken within five days yes Wait for other important towns to be taken We will be able to completely control the Jia Ma Empire By the time The southwestern region of the Douqi Continent There is no force that can compete with us How did anyone prepare for that? report back to suzerain.

Manpower is ready manpower is ready Just wait for the order of the suzerain directly into the imperial capital Uproot the Namitel family But Hai Bo Dong is the strongest of the Dou Huang I'm afraid it's because of those people alone I have my own arrangements You guys go gather your manpower now.

This time I want the Mittel family to be completely removed from the empire. yes correct Brother Wood and Iron How tall is the Mittel family now? Speaking of the Miter family Since Tengshan gave up the position of Patriarch to Yafei, just over two years.

Let the Mittel family leap to the top of the three major families so capable Really the leader of the imperial capital Do not let the eyebrows unexpected Sister Yafei has become the head of Mittel Xiao Yan will return to the Jia Ma Empire in the future This love will be repaid a hundredfold Miss Yafei.

Leave Brother Wood and Iron I heard people from the Yunlan Sect call Yunshan the suzerain Isn't the suzerain Yun Yun? Sect Master Yunyun not long after Brother Xiao Yan left He was removed from the position of suzerain third brother fine It's just that I didn't expect such a thing to happen inside the Yunlan Sect.

The Misty Cloud Sect will become what it is today It's all caused by Yunshan It can be said Yunshan has become the biggest threat to the empire Listen to the elders of the clan Sooner or later, he will attack the three major families It's very likely that the Mittel family will be attacked first. Why actually.

Hai Bodong and the Mittel family helped the Xiao Yan brothers and the Xiao family escape from being hunted down by the Misty Cloud Sect It's an open secret in the imperial capital To go to the mountain's small belly chicken intestines If you want to do it, you must attack the Mittel family. so We need to get back to the imperial capital as soon as possible. Brother Wood and Iron thank you for telling me so much If something happens in the future.

Just look for Xiao Yan brother Take care when you go to the imperial capital Take care of yourself it seems The imperial capital is about to change quick hurry up keep up.

Yes hurry up leaving soon yes yes yes hurry up teacher are you really going your own way.

Xiao Yan don't come back Under the leadership of Yunshan Yunlanzong finally showed its bloodthirsty fangs Make no secret of its desire to annex the Jia Ma Empire In order to demonstrate the unparalleled status of the Yunlan sect Yunshan sent disciples Brutally slaughtered the army representing the royal family stationed at the foot of Yunlan Mountain then.

Yunshan even used the Mittel family to take in the Xiao family as an excuse Attack the auction house of the Mittel family This It is only the first step in Yunshan's annexation of the entire Jia Ma Empire how are they doing The secret technique of the Soul Palace allowed the strength of the two fighting emperors to be improved again cloud mountain This time, you must never let anyone in the Xiao family go. Yundu, Yuncha, thank you suzerain for cultivating.

You two leave now Hurry up and clear the Miter family. remember We must search out the remnants of the Xiao family If there are forces who don't have eyes and dare to intervene then except Sovereign hope this time don't let me down again.

Your soul palace What exactly are we looking for from the Xiao family? things you shouldn't ask better not to ask Knowing it won't do you any good don't want to go shoot arrows put kill them.

Help If it wasn't for helping the Xiao family How could the Misty Cloud Sect attack our Mittel family? Offended Yun Lanzong that's what happened two elders what time is it Is it useful to say this? step back.

Step back stop charging Ebi Mittel's Misfortune Because of my Xiao family You hand over me and half of the Xiao family The Misty Cloud Sect will definitely stop here As long as we can leave some blood for our Xiao family enough.

Young but absolutely sensible The Xiao family has this talent worry about prosperity only Pity Misty Cloud Sect made a move on us Is it just for the Xiao family? I have contacted the Royal Nalan Family and the Mu Family before but they.

Rest assured fight this old life The old man will keep you safe Ebi You are still waiting for my third brother to come back me to that kid Have confidence what's up Miter family.

Hand over the remnants of the Xiao family otherwise time of genocide just today two emperors Tengshan Ya Fei You bring someone to stop the others them.

Leave it to me Ya Fei You take Xiao Ding to guard the inner courtyard If this place is captured You are the Xiao family's last line of defense yes Yunlanzong fight with you Haibo East.

Don't hold back on your own Still trying to turn the tide acquaintance point Hand over the remnants of the Xiao family snort Yundu Yuncha unexpectedly also advanced to the Douhuang rank but Their breath is not steady.

Could it be that Yunshan used some secret method? Haibo East Will you make friends today? What Yunshan has done these years Lost the face of the past lords of the Yunlan Sect To bring the Mittel family to its knees Yun Shan is not worthy The disciples of Yunlan Sect listen to the order Bloodbath of the Mittel family.

Superior superior superior put me on Tengshan your opponent is us Yunfu Yunxu I didn't expect even you to come The suzerain's patience with your Mittel family has reached its limit.

Feel sorry we can only do as we are told good Even if my Mittel family is doomed today I also want to hurt your Yunlanzong Haibo East Suzerain Yunshan has given us the grace of rebuilding He wants to eradicate the Mittel family then you must die.

Why talk nonsense with the dying superior pole of wind Kill Wanhua ice mirror great grandfather Are we really not going to make a move? Oh Yaoye You also know the current strength of Yunlanzong.

If you offend that guy Yunshan but grandpa The ambition of the Misty Cloud Sect will never stop at the Mittel family we don't do it now Sit back and watch the Mittel family be cleared in the future I'm afraid the royal family will too Yunshan is Douzong Lets see.

Father no more shots have to wait well I hope that Yunlanzong can see it for Yanran's sake in the future Let go of my Nalan family patriarch There are less than a hundred broken air arrows It's almost impossible to keep here.

Use them all I didn't expect the people from Yunlanzong to come so fast The Xiao family has not had time to transfer I am the last line of defense of the Xiao family want to hurt my people unless step over my dead body Xuanbing Longxiang go.

Unexpectedly, Yun Cha and Yun Du He is already strong enough to fight against Hai Lao without defeat Tengshan Surrender I miss knowing each other for many years We will ask the suzerain to spare your life Although the Mittel family loves money But never a person who is greedy for life and afraid of death even if you die.

Pull on you two backs too Stubborn Then don't blame us for not being friendly Great Elder us to lose Elder Yuncha Elder Yundu we are here to help you.

Haibo East You are dead What Haibodong is going to lose friend careful You dare to meddle in matters of the Yunlan Sect find death run away.

Who are you please also name three years no see Unexpectedly, the thing that Yunlanzong is best at Still bullying the few with the more this friend Don't think the four of us can't do anything to you you can do whatever you want In this Jia Ma Empire.

No one dares to challenge my Yunlan sect Hide your head and show your tail It's not the work of an expert three years Yunlanzong Xiao Family Xiao Yan back to collect debt Xiao Yan You are really rushing to die.

Unsharp Unzen Mountain how can i die so easily snort arrogant boy to deal with you Why do you need Zongzhu to do it? We've been wary of some blind guy getting in the way Xiao Yan Be careful.

What That is Yuncha and Yundu, two fighting emperors Leading the disciples of the Yunlan Sect into the Mittel family Force them to hand over the remnants of the Xiao family Under the leadership of Hai Bodong, the relentless Miter fighters resist to the death Although Hai Bodong is strong, he still can't block the joint attack of the two fighting emperors At a critical moment, a mysterious flame man rescues Hai Bodong.

When the flames die down Everyone was shocked to find that it was the first time in three years. Xiao Yan reappeared in the Jia Ma Empire I didn't expect him to actually come back. The ambition of the Misty Cloud Sect may not be so easy to realize demon night after today It will be a matter of time before the Jia Ma Empire and the Misty Cloud Sect fight against each other Get in touch with Xiao Yan more, so he must have a good impression of my royal family.

Grandpa, I suggest that the army be mobilized immediately to help the Mittel family. Even though it's too late to act now, it's not a timely gift But it's always more sincere than an afterthought Um so many fighting kings Xiao Yan these are your people Um I'm just repaying someone in the same way.

Two Fighting Emperors, Seven Fighting Kings very good I didn't expect to come back Yunlanzong offered such a big gift Then I accept it without hesitation. What do you want to do no one left yes yes.

Xiao Yan wanna swallow us down I'm afraid to kill you Disciples of Yunlan Sect listen to orders Fight to the death even if you fight to the last man I also want to consume the Mittel family into waste. yes yes kill.

Kill your opponent is me Second brother come with me go patriarch Miss Yafei three years no see more and more beautiful Are you willing to come back? You have worked hard for the Xiao family these three years.

Correct where is your brother bro your legs good boy it's back brother is fine It's just that the legs are poisoned and paralyzed. Hands and brains are fine but you boy.

How could he be promoted to Fighting King in just two years? This is of course the third brother's credit Otherwise, with my talent at most, it’s just fighting spirits big brother these years sorry for you it's not just me Why haven't you been in the past three years? father is right.

You are the glory of the Xiao family and father big brother From now on, our Xiao family no more humiliation Miss Yafei tell your people to back off leave it to me here quick withdrawal Raiders of the Miter Family.

Retreat quickly go This guy is no longer the soft-hearted boy he was back then It's a good thing for him run away i don't want to die The Yunlan Sect disregarded the law and gathered crowds to commit crimes in the imperial capital take it all away I don't know whether to call you Mr. Yan Xiao or Mr. Xiao Yan.

Princess Yaoye is here Ma'am, I'm sorry I wanted to come here as soon as possible, but it took some time to mobilize the troops. Mr. Xiao Yan I represent great-grandpa Feel sorry There is no time to reminisce with Princess Yaoye Big Brother, Sister Yafei I'll go and have a look first.

Ebi Let's get rid of them together Um Haibodong If you dare to kill our suzerain, you will kill the Mittel family. Yunlanzong this breath How can it be Suzerain.

The soul cards of Yun Fu and the seven elders suddenly all burst I'm afraid it's more ominous The two Dou Emperors, Yun Du and Yun Sha, also fell How can it be Those are two fighters There are nine fighting kings Which other force in this empire has the ability to eat them It can't be the Mittel family yes.

Could it be that the three major families and the royal family joined forces? It's the Xiao family's lifeless guy who's back. How could Xiao Yan be him? How dare he return to the Jia Ma Empire? isn't he dead isn't he dead even if alive It is also impossible to kill Elder Yun and the others. Judging from the Yin breath before.

He at least has the Douhuang rank Back then, Benzong underestimated him too much let him escape This time it must be killed order to go down From now on Yunlanshan enters the highest security any trespasser kills yes cloud mountain ah cloud mountain.

I reminded you before That kid Xiao Yan is doing well in the Heijiao area This time the Yunlan Sect is in quite a lot of trouble. It's easy for me to kill him wait till i catch him I'll let him try to feel that life is worse than death I don't care about the grievances between you and him This kid came back just in time Lest we have to look for him in the Black Point area.

But I heard that Xiao Yan has the soul body of Yao Chen, the Venerable Medicine Master, in his body. By the time Leave the drug dust to me to deal with You just need to catch Xiao Yan rest assured I will destroy Xiao Yan's grudge I'll leave it to you best not to underestimate the enemy.

Otherwise, I'm afraid the end will be extremely miserable. it's over never mind we won It's Xiao Yan the miter family won Ebi these three years thanks a lot.

How did you become a mother-in-law after being away for three years? Back then, the boy promised you the old reward, Fuling Zidan It restores you to peak strength please forgive me This elixir has been in arrears for three years I have been waiting for this day for three years Thank you kid for remembering Except Yun Cha and Yun Du who were killed this time I am afraid that there are at least three Douhuangs in the Yunlan Sect.

Probe There are other mysterious forces in the Misty Cloud Sect Perhaps this is the reason why they are so strong Soul Palace besides The most troublesome thing is Yunshan With us fighting emperors alone I am afraid The Emperor Dou alone really cannot overthrow the Misty Cloud Sect.

There doesn't seem to be any herbs here. Queen Medusa No more stealing other people's medicinal materials otherwise send you back immediately this You fought fiercely just now I took Ziyan around stumbled across something nice sorry Ebi.

The two of them turned their minds on the Mittel family. fine since like Then give it to Queen Medusa kid kid You have the Medusa card That cloud mountain is nothing to fear This great god is too difficult to move.

Don't put too much hope in her Yunshan, I will take action to deal with it as for her look at her mood Since we have to deal with Yunlanzong In the past few days, we will try our best to communicate with the Nalan family and the Wei family. And get in touch with the Alchemist Guild and the royal family Invite them to join forces whenever possible After all, Fa Majia Xingtian's strength is not bad.

A few of us teamed up to deal with Yunshan The success rate is still higher than yours third brother Hai Lao's suggestion is good Want to eliminate Yunlanzong Your manpower alone is not enough It is more appropriate to join forces Xiao Yan The grievances between you and Yunlanzong.

How to end Immortal I want the Misty Cloud Sect to disappear completely in the Jia Ma Empire Xiao Dan who is making a strong comeback Disciples of the Misty Cloud Sect who used thunder to frighten the intruders Even the Dou Huang of the Misty Cloud Sect fell into Xiao Yan's hands After completely resolving the Mittel family crisis Xiao Yan met the only remaining members of the Xiao family I vowed to let the Yunlan sect pay back the blood debt.

The enmity between Xiao Yan and Yunlanzong Only by completely eradicating the Yunlan sect can it be resolved Several major forces in the imperial capital have already contacted The Alchemists Guild has always been neutral Let's discuss it with them there. In just one day, Elder Hai made proper arrangements for the important matters discussed. Thanks for your hard work these are nothing But to clear the Yunlan sect, one person must be eliminated.

Danwang Furukawa Danwang Furukawa Sixth Grade Alchemist Sixth Grade Alchemist If he wants to help the Misty Cloud Sect I'm afraid he can recruit more than five people just from the top ten powerhouses of the empire. inform as soon as possible yes Hailao Xiaoyan.

It seems you guys are ready what's wrong Just thought of three years ago I, Xiao Yan, don't know how to repay my favor Back then you and Hailao risked their lives to save each other This love will be repaid a hundred times Miss Yafei Anything you ask as long as I can do it Even if you want to be queen.

I will also help My sister is not interested in the queen but this meeting All the great powers of the empire will be present you have to be careful Xiao Yan Xiao Yan Who is this a friend.

You can call her Cailin So you are Miss Cailin Really beautiful No wonder he was by Xiao Yan's brother's side Miss Yafei, why is it a little strange today? down to business What are you talking about here? I Ya Fei.

The family-owned auction house will reopen today You need to keep an eye on this matter brat Don't be complacent about this negotiation. One helper counts as one Now you don't just have the fate of the Xiao family hanging on you do not forget You still owe your sister a promise you go ahead.

As soon as I have news about the Yunlan Sect will notify you immediately Thank you, Miss Yafei let's go let's go Alchemists Guild Alchemists Guild go yourself Why is this woman so vicious today?.

Didn't you agree to go to the Alchemist Guild? women like to be jealous let's go to meet old acquaintances Um you go to the guild hall first I'm going to prepare something Um boss.

Wrap it all up for me okay cheaper I'm a regular customer no no no Now the capital is in such a mess This good thing is only mine Wubai gold coins like to buy or not butcher.

Who will buy at this price You don't buy some people buy a cloud sect Even the neutral alchemist guild is not peaceful You are the elder of the guild You probably don't know as much as a junior like me. The junior has already ordered this Ice Fire Snake Scale Fruit with the shopkeeper Why do you need to lower your status and step in Snow charm.

The buying and selling in this trading area is based on the principle that the highest price wins regardless of priority. I offer fifty thousand gold coins unless you bid more otherwise it's mine It is the honor of the shop that you two can take a fancy to this ice fire snake scale fruit But don't let this hurt your peace. who is this girl How dare you compete with the elders of the Alchemists Guild? yes.

This Elder Fu Yan is a fifth-rank pharmacist Five thousand gold coins is not small money I paid 10,000 gold coins to buy this ice fire snake scale fruit You are not being How are you, Master Frank? old teacher he is very good why are you back get out of here Yun Lan Zong also.

Fine Where did the nouveau riche come from? I want to spend a lot of money, Bo beauty laughs Don't waste this medicine Since it is the highest price I'll give you a hundred thousand gold coins this Here is who is your teacher.

Why are you so rude Unexpectedly, the elders of the alchemist guild now not only bullying still rely on the old to sell the old snort sharp-tongued kid Today I will teach you instead of your teacher What is respect for teachers? The dignified Elder Fu attacked a junior regardless of his status.

This Elder Fu is not only a fifth-grade pharmacist He is even more powerful this young man It's him darn thing my teacher You are not qualified to teach for him President Fa Ma Have you seen enough drama?.

Never show up again I'm afraid the guild will lose a fifth-grade pharmacist today little brother xiao yan haven't seen you for a long time Unexpectedly, just three years The name Xiao Yan is so resounding No wonder the teacher said that his future achievements must be extraordinary do not worry Today's matter will be properly handled by the old man.

People are here Everyone is waiting for you in the lobby let's go then I still have to leave say hello to master frank for me Um everyone It's okay if we don't see each other for three years little brother xiao yan.

Little brother xiao yan I didn't expect to have such strength after not seeing you for three years I'm really amazed It really surprised the old man Old style still Brother Xiao Yan, please take your seat how does this guy practice The strength has improved so quickly today please tell me.

Everyone knows what I did Then I won't be around the corner Yunlanzong destroys my Xiao family Binai's blood feud must be avenged I, Xiao Yan, and Yun Lanzong are naturally in an endless situation But it's not my family's job to deal with the Misty Cloud Sect Today's co-callers are here I just want to join hands with everyone Eliminate the cancerous empire of Yunlanzong.

The Misty Cloud Sect is indeed very strong now But this doesn't seem to have much of a direct conflict with us When I came back, I passed through Zhengui Pass Coincidentally, I ran into the elder of the Yunlan Sect who wanted to seize the position of leader if he succeeds I am afraid that these imperial troops will fall under the command of Yunlanzong How can it be The current commander of Ghost Gate is named Mu Tie I'm afraid there will be news after a couple of years.

With the ambition and power of Yunlanzong Since he has shot against the royal family everyone Can you still be on your own? So asking everyone to come is just to add fire to you The current state of the empire does not allow for any neutrality Since I want to fight to the death with Misty Cloud Sect then nothing will go wrong before the decisive battle.

Everyone has to give Xiao Yan a position The Mittel family will stand by Xiao Yan's side Because the old man knows that he will not end well if he joins the Misty Cloud Sect After all, the current cloud Mr. Xiao Yan I don't know what your odds are for this fight 50-50 Although you brought a lot of fighters this time But the strength of Yunlanzong is far more than that.

Don't talk about Douhuang strong That Yunshan alone is not easy to deal with Dou Huang strong I naturally have Of course there are strong fighters Dou Zong Ah Doojong Dou Zong teacher.

How did you come out If you hadn't divorced Anyway, sooner or later it will be known Besides Medusa, Xiao Yan actually has Teacher Dou Zong Fortunately, we are on Xiao Yan's side You are that little pharmacist back then, right? i remember you haven't seen for many years You have some skills.

You are the old gentleman When I was traveling in mainland China, I met him by chance Seeing that he has some talent, I excitedly dialed it. Fa Ma swore to never forget the kindness of Mr. Where did this old man come from? alright Let's get down to business I won't bother But what my disciple said is true.

Before the decisive battle of life and death, you should think about your position. Everyone can think about it Mr. is kind to me Since little friend Xiao Yan is Mr.'s disciple The Alchemist Guild will do its best to help the little friend face Yun Lanhao My Mu family is also willing to help Mr. Xiao Yan Since Mr. Xiao Yan's strength is comparable to that of the Misty Cloud Sect, I'm afraid that after the Misty Cloud Sect is eliminated, you'll be another tiger.

If so Then my royal virginity never changes Even if I become a tiger in the future I, Xiao Yan, also dare to promise to the royal family as long as you don't mind I will never do such a thing as Yunlanzong to seize the power of the country I will never do such a thing as Yunlanzong to seize the power of the country Yao Ye Princess you also need to understand.

If i don't From a few months to a year The royal family will be completely destroyed by the hands of Yunlanzong so Don't think that Xiao Yan is begging for your cooperation young night There is still something wrong with doing things I hope Mr. Xiao Yan is not to blame Since everyone agrees, my royal family cannot be excluded.

I will definitely do my best to destroy the Yunlan Sect I will definitely do my best to destroy the Yunlan Sect The Nalan family naturally advances and retreats with you It's the information from Ya Fei What did you say What did you say intelligence said Yunshan is going to hold a wedding ceremony for Furukawa and Yunyun at Yunlanzong since here.

Then show up why be sneaky I didn't expect that although your vindictiveness was sealed by Yunshan Sensitive is still so sensitive I thought you were a gentleman I didn't expect you to do something that took advantage of others. I don't This is Yunshan's sitting intention just i can't say no.

Don't you understand me I only see you as a friend because of Xiao Yan don't talk nonsense cloud rhyme I'm not a fool Yunshan already told me You and him actually had signs when we were in the Tagore Desert it's just that i didn't expect.

I didn't expect that I would lose to a kid you don't care about my reason I just have one question Are you refusing to reject the teacher's proposal? i deserve you And you and Xiao Yan impossible I don't care about you I said.

Things i don't want Even a teacher can't make me bow my head If you really want to stick to it You'll end up with a dead body My ancient river is dignified alchemy king I only like you And that Xiao Yan is a brat What is it about him that you care about so much? Xiao Yan has already returned to Jia Ma Empire.

Xiao Yan has already returned to Jia Ma Empire don't be happy Xiao Yan's attempt to deal with the Misty Cloud Sect is undoubtedly a mantis' arm. After the wedding, I will ask Yunshan to release the seal in your body then take you away when is the wedding when is the wedding after two whites That being the case.

Two days later it will be time for the decisive battle with Hui Lanzong So fast Everyone should be very clear about Furukawa's prestige in the empire If he really joins the camp of Misty Cloud Sect Then this battle will be extremely troublesome yes If it is delayed until after the wedding I'm afraid there will be many strong people who hear the news and rush to join the Misty Cloud Sect In two days, the royal family will definitely help you fight hard.

Already made a big deal Then please get ready Then please prepare for these two days Xiao Yan took his leave first I haven't seen you for two days i thought you were gone I won't leave until I get the Resurrection Pill do you still want to kill me shouldn't i kill you.

That thing As soon as the agreed time comes, I will refine the Resurrection Pill for you It's up to you whether you eat or not after eating The soul of the swallowing python will never affect me again I will kill you without hesitation is that true? You can't kill me because of the soul of the swallowing python I don't believe in the majestic Queen Medusa.

Will be affected by the soul of the little swallowing python to such an extent Xiao Yan Do you still think that the king has other feelings for you? dare not I don't have any chance of winning this decisive battle. If you are not careful, you may die in Yunshan's hands. By the time You may be free without the Resurrection Pill If you really died at the hands of Yunshan.

I will thank him Life and death, success or failure depends on fate

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