⚔️萧炎离开时,云芝就死了 这个身份只因他存在|斗破苍穹Battle By draw of the Heavens【MULTI SUB】|Donghua China Anima

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Legend has it that in the depths of the Warcraft Mountains There is a treasure that can increase combat power in a short time how many practitioners risk your life deep into the mountains but never return Take your own life But people are still so attached to it Amethyst.

Wow come out teacher I can't take it anymore You are really endless It seems that if I don't show some real skills, I can't do it. careful come out come out you old man You put me in such a dangerous place.

How can you take medicine with peace of mind? uh heh heh heh Xiao Yan Alchemy you can't fall Inside Warcraft Mountains Abundant medicinal materials lest I have to make pills for you every time answer my question.

Anything here can slap me are you kidding me Those monsters out there aren't challenging enough It's good for you if we run a little deeper Just like this third-tier rock ape with earth attributes teacher how long are we going to stay here how Scared.

Don't you even dare to fight a fighter? Then use your flame points to devour the wave ruler use it All right teacher i was wrong Last time I just wanted to try the power of the earth-level fighting skills snort The thing you used is also called an earth-level fighting skill don't be ashamed.

Cough cough I fought with you today I go actually long face ah ah ah teacher.

Help me so turbulent Um Good “chest” surging momentum Tier 6 Warcraft Amethyst Winged Lion King Who even came up with the idea of ​​it Tier 6 Warcraft That's a powerhouse at the level of a human fighting emperor. how.

Feel very shocked my old fights It's just playing house hehe I have already said that the fighting spirit continent is very big And there are not many people who are stronger than Dou Huang When you step into that level in the future, you will naturally find out this world is wonderful Although I am shocked by the power and influence caused by their battles.

But I'm not too ambitious road Always walk on your own human woman Why do you want to disturb my king's rest? I have no malice today I just want to borrow the Lion King's amethyst Amethyst.

It takes twenty years for me, the Amethyst Winged Lion King, to shed a small piece from my body Is it what you said you wanted? I can trade you what you need exchange OK It just so happens that the king is in the stage of transformation recently As long as you can get me a transformation pill i will give you amethyst how.

Is this the legendary Amethyst Winged Lion King? At this level of monsters Already enlightened And wisdom is not lower than humans just had this opportunity Let you see the battle between the real strong compared to your things I'm more interested in you Could it be.

Brat what do you think The Amethyst Winged Lion King cannibalize high-level humans so that he can quickly upgrade his level Of course that guy can't just let this woman go back so easily I know you are also a strong fighter but really want to fight Whether you can walk out of this monster mountain alive is still a question This doesn't need the Lion King to worry too much. What a terrifying formation.

Just the aftermath of their fight I'm afraid he can easily destroy a fighter or even a big fighter teacher Can I refine that purple flame into tinder? yo heh you really dare to think teacher you have to protect me how come out.

This kind of flame is born in the body of the monster Can't compare to Alien Fire And even harder to tame oh alas Warcraft that are qualified to live inside the mountains Basically, they are above the third level and have begun to develop wisdom The low-level ones will very consciously shrink to the outermost edge of the battle circle with their tails between their legs Those three are fifth-order ferocious beasts comparable to human fighting kings.

They are very clear who chooses to help It is an insult to the dignity of the king in the eastern part of the Warcraft Mountains Just east of Warcraft Mountains This terrifying lineup can almost easily destroy an army wind push human woman you wear out what little patience i have As long as the lion king can exchange the purple spirit stone with me.

I will never bother you in the future I will never bother you in the future it's coming for real It turned out to be sealing that woman It's going to be a big loss Amethyst Seal Death of the Wind search for me.

I must find that human woman uh teacher ah too exciting That woman's last move was too strong If it wasn't for the Amethyst Winged Lion King hiding in time I'm afraid even its head will be pierced hehe Lion Lord Except Amethyst.

Its other thing is even rarer what is Whenever the lion king produces small beasts There is a very small chance that a treasure will be produced Associated amethyst source let's try our luck See if you can find this thing words that saved her I'm afraid I will mess with the monsters here.

But if you don't save I am afraid teacher teacher good luck oh ah you wake up I just want to help you heal.

No offence uh oh oh Of course you just fell into a coma I just want to give you the medicine myself But now that you're awake then do it yourself hey-hey Huh I've seen how tyrannical this woman is.

She suddenly went crazy Randomly slap me to death that should not die unjustly damn guy I got hit by its sealing technique Hello Why don't you give me medicine I come help you.

But say it beforehand Afterwards, you'd better not do anything idiotic for me to goug out your eyes and lose your life after looking at your body I'm not that pedantic As long as you can control your hands and mouth Very strong inner armor If it weren't for this protection I am afraid that the attack of the Amethyst Winged Lion King can tear her upper body apart cough that.

Scars on the underside of the inner armor want to stop bleeding it seems untie it in trouble oh watch your hands and eyes I want clean the wound.

Um to beat i will try to be as light as possible alright The wound is healed The rest of the internal injuries are left to you. Thank you Haven't found it yet? before dawn.

No more news of the human woman this is your fault Such a good advanced medicine How could you let her run away so easily? Hahahahaha having that woman around is always a problem are you going to stay like this so what she looks like this.

I think you'd better give her to her while she's weak. hey hey hey In this way, one more personal bodyguard of the Douhuang powerhouse will be added. In the future you will be in Jia Ma Empire can also walk sideways old crooked After she recovers I'm the first to kill are you better.

After two days of recuperation Trauma is nothing serious But the sealing technique on the body But it will take at least several days to unravel Hide here for a while they should not find this you are so brave fighter's strength Dare to break into the Warcraft Mountains.

There's no way was hunted in correct what's your name Versicolor versicolor My name is Xiao Yan sinister world don't reveal your identity.

Medicine rock kindness Come eat it After you unseal I also plan to find the Amethyst Winged Lion King i need to get amethyst Is it worth taking such a big risk? Just to increase combat effectiveness in a short period of time.

That's why so many people want to find it But I have more important uses I am not far from its strength It's just that I didn't expect it to master the sealing technique fight next time My Death of the Wind may not necessarily lose to it That move is really strong fine I can help you.

Why friends friend Um how was it discovered Every day I sprinkle the powder on my body to cover up the smell It is impossible for monsters to track here don't tell me you went out today.

I Did you go out to take a shower today? you stay here don't move I'm going out to lure that monster away your strength let me go stay here for me You will only attract more monsters if you go out we all have to die here.

Young age He's so merciless when he's fierce Since I love to be brave so much then you go on your own In the past few days when Yunzhi cracked the seal Thanks to Xiao Yan's careful care The relationship between the two people has gradually become familiar. And maybe it's because of the seal During the conversation between Yunzhi and Xiao Yan.

The nobility that has been in a high position for a long time is gradually fading. But Yushou Yunzhi's negligence Xiao Yan's whereabouts were exposed fire palm medicine rock Are you OK big sister please don't go out Come back to the World of Warcraft, I will really.

Gotta hang up cough cough cough You deliberately choked me to death, didn't you? all right no big deal Fortunately, only two low-level monsters came If the third order I'm afraid I really won't be able to come back Feel sorry.

I didn't expect these things to happen. Forget it, it's my fault that I didn't tell you clearly beforehand. now you are patient Let me take care of you this time you can grill fish No one has ever eaten my grilled fish How dare you look down on me, little guy The seasoning seems to be this is this the fish you grilled.

This is my first time cooking food Even if it doesn't taste good, you have to finish it ah Otherwise, wait until I recover Ma'am, I'm a patient You still poison me like this I am invulnerable to all poisons that medicine rock.

Do you feel weird show me what you just spilled on here What's wrong There's something wrong with this seasoning well I shouldn't have picked it up back then What on earth is this? this I accidentally made it.

Aphrodisiac aphrodisiac Do not learn well at a young age I don't know what your unscrupulous teacher is teaching you hehehehe damn old thing i can't stay here i have to go out feed outside Ma'am, calm down.

Some monsters are also interested in human women such as the ape My first kiss is gone medicine rock you How dare you do that to me after i recover must kill you if i lost my virginity.

Must kill you first then commit suicide Teacher, don't pretend to be dead How to undo the potency of this shit hey-hey This is a great opportunity This woman probably has a very high status in the Jia Ma Empire if you stop playing.

Yunzhi is not the kind of woman who will go with anyone who wants her body well Put your fighting spirit in the palm of your hand Then massage the acupoints on her lower abdomen and thighs for her Offended generation Versicolor versicolor Let's pretend that what happened today didn't happen. Otherwise, it won't do you any good to spread the word. well.

Chunmeng has no trace Ha ha ha ha Your seal has not been released human woman You can make me easy to find today you will have no escape That depends on whether you have the ability The lad has a good sense of direction. Taking advantage of the Amethyst Winged Lion King to chase Yunzhi.

Let's go to its cave to steal the accompanying purple gold source Master's great wish fulfilled but to be honest what do you really want Did you steal the Purple Spirit Crystal to give that girl a boost? If I'm not mistaken, haven't you already collapsed? I don't understand I really don't understand you young people. That move is really strong.

Fine I can help you Why friends That's Amethyst Is this the associated amethyst source? Back then I broke into the caves of the eight Amethyst Winged Lion Kings can not find did not expect.

You actually found this thing The energy contained in this associated amethyst source is extremely impressive Tier 4 beasts devour it You can directly advance to a fifth-order monster so good hey-hey This little beast is only Tier 3 And the amethyst must be inside Purple smoke fruit.

Hey boy He actually knew that fire-attribute monsters like this thing you want to poison The immunity of the Amethyst Wing Lion King is very good With your poison can poison it who said it was poison Here's a strong laxative I've made No matter how strong its immunity is hehehehe.

Wow Wow how to take this away indeed by brute force can't open this thing want to open it hey-hey Amethyst.

Quickly Gather with Jade Bottles This is Amethyst Source This is Amethyst Source can't eat like this your body can't handle this waste is shameful i forgot to tell you Little Amethyst Winged Lion King was born at the same time as the companion Amethyst Yuan.

So it can sense all the conditions of Amethyst Source Yo, this trick again teacher don't make trouble That is the top level monster in Tier 3 I don't want to be abused what's the matter with this speed Could it be the amethyst source that I licked into my belly just now? Just a few licks Is it necessary to release so much energy?.

Beast Yunzhi needs Purple Spirit Crystal very much now I don't have time to hang around with you That's it for me today buried here human woman your opponent is me in your current state Distraction is not an option.

Distraction is not an option Ah Yunzhi now you are patient Let me take care of you this time you can grill fish This is my first time cooking food Even if it doesn't taste good, you have to finish it flame points have they gone.

He even left this close-fitting thing behind She still went back to be her respected fighting emperor Thank you Maybe the friend you mentioned in your reply Not the same as in this world So many years of celibacy Unexpectedly, it will be a new year See you later brat.

Teacher I found out I got two levels up It seems to be a nine-star pig now kid That woman kissed you on the head when she left real lied to you I believe Old and unprincipled.

Xiao Yan who entered the depths of the Warcraft Mountains Practice hard And the appearance of Yunzhi Let Xiao Yan feel a little wave in his heart how many days The relationship between the two is deepening day by day Facing the Lion King Xiao Yan stood up for Yunzhi try my best.

Injured coma comfortable Um This is where purple fire my body sea ​​heart armor it's still warm Versicolor versicolor.

Versicolor versicolor Versicolor versicolor have they gone She actually left this close-fitting thing behind She still went back to be her respected fighting emperor miss that woman Do you want to help you find it for the teacher? OK hello you bastard.

He is a majestic fighting emperor Could it be that if you look for her, she will appear leave you this baby already think highly of you This is Yunzhi's personal life-saving soft armor kid You thought that girl gave you a soft armor You haven't discovered a bigger gift yet, have you? I know.

There is another fighting skill bigger than this try your luck how come how come How did it become nine stars? How about it I said this gift is bigger teacher.

Stop playing tricks tell me Is it Yunzhi? Very dangerous last night I thought that girl was going to abandon you I'm about to come out and save you did not expect I didn't expect that girl to risk herself help you heal.

She uses this method Use the most gentle method of fighting spirit inject into you and channel purple fire medicine rock you are kind to me i will never die that's all That girl tamed the purple fire for you.

Not only does it heal your wounds The strength has also been greatly improved medicine rock I am leaving there will be a period later Versicolor versicolor Mysterious Fighting Skills Mysterious Fighting Skills Explosive step.

Not bad Although you skipped two levels now has reached Jiuxing But the foundation is not solid must work hard Only then can we defeat Mu Snake people teacher Stop nagging, come and teach me how to shoot.

Brat faster than me teacher Hurry up and teach me how to shoot good Ambitious optimistic about Explosive step octapole collapse.

Hahaha this burst Octopus plus your nine-star skill Definitely the explosive output of melee combat cloud Thank you I own people.

You're welcome Although that woman has already refined the amethyst source in your body once but If you let Zihuo improve your strength The cyclone in your body will eventually burst directly The reason why the Amethyst Winged Lion King was able to directly advance to a whole level That's because its flesh is tyrannical There is no need to be afraid of being backlashed by the purple fire and you.

If you rely on Zihuo to be promoted to a fighter I'm afraid it's already turned into a pile of ashes for a long time This tonic turns out to be poison no problem within this month You must hunt and kill more than five Tier 1 monsters every day only fight In order to stop the impetuous fighting spirit in your body and become stable.

Otherwise Meet different fire after being equal You don't have the right to eat Five heads are five heads I don't pay attention to the ten-headed master less nonsense quickly yes teacher.

Mu snake It was you who drove me into the depths of the Warcraft Mountains Now it's time to get it back I can't run anymore Ling'er Ling'er Can't stop The spoils of war must not fall into the hands of wolf-headed thieves.

No no no I can't run drive drive not good chasing after run fast Ling'er Ling'er take heart Kagang.

Leave me alone bring the booty Hurry up and meet up with Qingye Ganmu you shameless Come if you have a species i just heard you call gam who is it Is it Gan Mu from the wolf head mercenary group?.

It's him Gan Mu He not only wants to take our spoils I still want to treat Ling'er I just want to play with him You are I am Kagan of the Blood War Mercenaries This is Ling'er kid.

Don't be arrogant Where did you come from? Where do you go back? The wolf head mercenary group is not as simple as you think The same to you go quickly leave me alone drive drive it's time Is that kid mentally disabled?.

Kagang why don't you stop him this is death simply together Maybe there's still a chance Um Wait for me drive drive hurry up.

Stole the spoils from me and that little girl I want her to be my concubine tonight drive drive Explosive step want to run suction palm I hit hateful.

Who Dare to make fun of me You are Ganmu little bunny Ganmu is also called whatever you want. go to hell this how come tiger downhill.

I underestimated him I didn't expect him to be so continue come name you archer What My name is your grandpa Who are you.

Xiao Yan you are still alive it's your grandpa Xiao Yan He is the Xiao Yan who made the wolf head mercenary group go crazy heaven has a way hell no today is your day of death Take your life.

Remember Gan today is your death day the time of death has come little doctor little doctor What did you say little doctor i know her news Mr. Yao from Wanyaozhai.

I have long wanted to plot against the little doctor he is a vicious person Our boss is afraid of him three points I think Mr. Yao takes in the little fairy doctor Drunkards don't want to drink Mostly to get the Little Doctor's Seven-Colored Poison Sutra So the little doctor is in danger now Ling'er be careful female doll.

Give me a hostage What Explosive step octapole collapse Are you OK Many episodes of young heroes In the future, I will become a mercenary group with blood this so handsome.

So handsome What did you say little doctor I am coming

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