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Longshan calendar, winter of 9616, The Snow Eagle collar of Qinghe County was suddenly attacked by a strong attack, Lord Dong Bo and his wife were both captured, leaving only the two brothers who were still young to live together. Eight years, in the blink of an eye,.

His brother Xue Ying, in order for Grand Master Bai Yuanzhi to take his brother Qingshi as his disciple, Go to the Destruction Mountain alone. To find the rare heart of the Silver Moon Wolf King. Hurry up. This way. Over there,.

Over there, Take a look over there. This way. Come and look for it carefully. Take a look here. Come on, keep up. Hurry up! Come on. I'm sure he came here.

I think so. It's so high. Where is Young Master Qingshi? That's right. Yeah, I'll check there later. Oh, no. It's moving. Why isn't it working?.

Please. Over there. Hurry up. This way Ah, ah, ah! Uncle Tong. Dongbo Qingshi, hehe hehe. You still have the nerve to smile. You almost fell to your death, you know?.

Me, You … As soon as your brother left, you started to make trouble. I … I'm going to find my brother. Your brother went to destroy the mountain range. Is that where you can go? Then why can he talk back? He went hunting Silver Moon Wolf King.

Because of you, I don't want my brother to play with the Heart of Wolf King. I just want my brother. You have a great spiritual talent, and you are destined to become an outstanding mage like your master. Well, didn't you sound the alarm just now with your spirit power? Snow Eagle wants Bai Yuanzhi to accept you as his personal disciple, but he is a Grand Master.

If you open your mouth, you need the heart of a Silver Moon Wolf King. I don't want to be a disciple. I just want to be your brother's own brother, be obedient and don't let your brother's thoughts go to waste. But I'm worried that my brother will be in danger. Don't worry. Your brother is amazing. Besides, your uncle is also on his way. Is this the Destruction Mountain Range?.

Who? Snow Eagle, it's me. Uncle Zong, why are you following me? I'm still worried. I'll go with you. We have company. It's Black Scaled Jackal, I'm afraid it's hard to deal with. You don't have much experience. Leave it to me. There are quite a few people coming. The moment I entered the mountain, I encountered a fierce battle.

Don't take it lightly. I'm here. Watch out for Snow Eagle and Flying Snow Spear. Go to hell! This is too rash. Go, Uncle Zong, be careful. Give me your life.

See what I'm capable of. Leave this to me. I can handle it. What path does Snow Eagle have? A mediocre young man who only broke through the battle at the age of 14, I barely became a third-rate knight. I killed a few black-scaled jackals by luck. What's the big deal?.

But the Black Scaled Jackal is a celestial beast after all, which is rare and strange. The Heaven Rank is just like the Human Rank and the Earth Rank, which belongs to the ordinary level. Don't forget that there are stars and meteors up there. Silver Moon Rank and Title Rank. And then there is the extraordinary level, compared with the strong,.

A Heavenly Order magical beast or a Heavenly Order knight, they're just ants. The Snow Eagle is also a Heaven Rank. He trained behind closed doors for years. You didn't even go to a proper Knight Academy, but now you can break through to the Heaven Rank, I'm already lucky. Longshan Mansion's duty is to observe the world, why do you remember such a trivial matter?.

It's not worth remembering. Minister Si'an, Zong Ling led by Snow Eagle and Young Master Dongbo Snow Eagle entered the Destruction Mountain Range. Ha ha ha ha, Dong Bo Xue Ying, a 16-year-old crazy martial artist, isn't that the way to find his own death? I heard that he still wants to get our Black Iron Token. It's a pity that we don't send it to the dead.

Ha ha ha. Are you out of your mind because you've been isolated from the world for too long? Oh, Keep an eye on that Dongbo Snow Eagle. Landlord, every year, there are not 10 thousand but also 8 thousand who die in it. Nine out of ten, If you keep a record every time someone goes in.

I'm afraid. What's wrong with my words? -Keep an eye on Snow Eagle. -Yes, yes. One day? What? Humph I said Dongbo Snow Eagle won't last a day. You're such a busybody. This beast knows tactics too.

When did he become so strong? Interesting. Good timing. Hum, it's not over yet. Let's let the Flying Snow Spear see more blood. Snow Eagle Uncle Zong, it's time to go. I have business to do. This guy is really cruel.

When you always spar with me, you should have stopped. So strong. It's almost time to get close to Meteor Knight. Uncle Zong is a good teacher. Don't say that. You've been practicing like crazy all these years. I should have known what you're capable of. After a while,.

I'm afraid I won't be your match now. It's a pity that Li can protect Qingshi, and save our parents. There's still a long way to go. Snow Eagle, you are still young, there are some things that still involve me and Tong San, Uncle Zong has to be taken care of by you and Uncle Tong in the past few years. The Snow Eagle Collar didn't collapse,.

But I'm not a kid anymore. Not since that day. Don't worry. Who is it? What's wrong? Nothing. Watch out for Uncle Zong. Is this the speed of Shadow Leopard Silver Moon Warcraft?.

That's right. It's more difficult than Wolf King. It's right in front of us. It's getting dark and the Shadow Leopard is even harder to deal with at night. Let's find a safe place to spend the night. Yes. Watch out! You're really good at it. Snow Eagle, are you okay? Uncle Zong, I'll lure the beast away. You go first.

No way. If you want to go, come with me. Don't argue, Uncle Zong. This beast is very difficult to deal with. -I'll distract it. -Uncle Zong, go. Snow Eagle, where are you? Snow Eagle Snow Eagle Snow Eagle Where are you Snow Eagle It's so far away Uncle Zong should be safe now.

I hope the new gun can withstand this fierce battle. Calm down, calm down, marksmanship is based on fighting spirit, The smoother the fighting will be. The faster the gun will be fired. Calm down, beast. My Flying Snow Spear is not a vegetarian.

So strong. This is. Damn it. It's gone again. Is this the strength of Silver Moon? I have to live. I can't die. It's not the right time. Damn it. Qingshi Father and Mother,.

Are we done here? Brother. Brother. bluestone Brother, come and take a look. No! Father, mother, Qingshi … Damn it. Is this the end? Damn it, damn it, damn it. Ying, stand up.

You can go further. I believe in your mother. The Snow Eagle stood up, the Dong Bo family had no tradition of giving up, Father Stand up, Dong Bo's family, even in the face of death, they still hold their heads high. Flying Snow Gun That's right You have to hold your head high even if you're going to die,.

Besides, it's not the end of time yet, Feixue, let this beast see what we can do. Look at the moves You want to run away again. Good boy. That's more like it. Snow Eagle, you can do it. Not bad. Father, mother, one day, I'll take you home.

The first heavy Snow of Black Ice Spear. I'm so useless. I can't even catch up with them. I wonder how Snow Eagle is doing now. Shadow Leopard? Is it Snow Eagle? Snow Eagle, Uncle Zong, are you all right? That's great. Snow Eagle Lord Snow Eagle,.

Come in. Ji Rong Teacher, why aren't you resting so late? Whose weapon is this adding alchemy to? The young master of the Si family, Si Bairong, is not good at martial arts and thinks about making a fuss about weapons all day, Wow. With the alchemy blessing of the teacher, we'll be able to make every success in the future. It's not that easy.

The weapon of alchemy should complement the user's strength. Si Bairong If you hadn't given me enough gold By the way, why are you looking for me at this late hour? Do you remember the Dongbo Snow Eagle who came to visit the teacher a few days ago? Yes. He really went into the Destruction Mountain early this morning to look for the Silver Moon Wolf King.

Oh, I wanted him to retreat. He's quite brave. Sir, do you think he can make it? If he can really send the Heart of the Wolf King, I would be happy to accept his brother as my personal disciple, Dongbo Qingshi is also talented and has extraordinary mental power. Well, I can't believe you're valued by the teacher.

I'll take note of Uncle Dong's house. You are well-informed. I haven't heard about the Snow Eagle yet. I can't talk about the private affairs of your Ji family. But for some unclear people, it's better for you to have less contact with them, Yes. Uncle Zong, you woke up. You scared me to death.

How is your injury? Does it matter? I'm fine. I was just tired. Oh no. Barbecue. Eat the meat of Shadow Leopard. Uncle Zong, if you don't want to eat it, eat it first. And I'll roast it later. Don't be so reckless next time. If anything happens to you, how can I explain to your parents when they come back?.

This time, I broke through the first level of Black Ice Spear, and the Shadow Leopard can't threaten me anymore. Still careless, there are heavens beyond the heavens. Wait, what are you talking about? The Shadow Leopard people can't threaten me anymore. In the previous sentence, I broke through the first level of Black Ice Spear, You can already use the snow. Oh my god.

Your father has studied marksmanship cheats for most of his life. But he didn't even enter the door. But it's only been a few years. Anything else? Yes, yes, yes. I was able to break through because of the Flying Snow Spear. Flying Snow Spear, go, go, go! Is the raven hungry?.

The inscription on the gun is, I'm afraid it's a gold-refining weapon. Madman Wu has a good taste. What thief? Where did you get the thief? Well, if all you see is magic and sharp weapons, Then don't work in Longshan Mansion. The Black Ice Spear is a legacy of extraordinary life, how can we achieve a breakthrough with only weapons made of gold?.

What Minister Si An said is, Dongbo Snow Eagle does have talent, Those who have talent but don't try to waste it are fools. Those who work hard but don't have talent are considered mediocre talents. As talented as Snow Eagle and willing to endure hardships, it's not an exaggeration to say that he's a genius. The landlord has a good eye for you. It's better if you just don't know if he still has the strength to fight against Silver Moon Wolf.

Even Shadow Leopard can handle it. How can Silver Moon Wolf be his opponent? What do you know? After all, there are a lot of Silver Moon Wolves, He's also good at group attacks, and we rarely break through with Black Ice Spear alone, If I want to strike while the iron is hot, how confident are you?.

According to my plan, it will be 10%. What's the plan? Catch the thief first. Wolf King is the core of wolves'movement. As long as we kill it, the wolves will collapse. I'm no match for Wolf King. Then I'll stall the wolves and you'll kill the Wolf King. Uh, Uncle Zong, with all due respect, You may not be a match for the wolves. I … You … What do you think we should do?.

You and I charge into the wolves at the same time, but you have to stay on the defensive and save energy, With you behind me, I should be able to kill three or four Silver Moon Wolves soon, Once the pack's encirclement is torn apart, I'll rush out of the gap and go straight for Wolf King. Uncle Zong, stay where you are and stall them. After the number of wolves is reduced, you should be able to fight against them.

This plan might actually work. I didn't expect you to learn how to make a plan. Uncle Zong also thinks that I'm just a crazy martial artist with a single brain. floating snow Ha ha ha, a bumper harvest. It's really a bumper harvest. Not only did we get Qingshi's worship ceremony, but we also got Shadow Leopard Snow Eagle. We had the advantage just now.

Why did you stop? The Wolf King is dead and our goal has been achieved. Besides. Mom Mo Yangchen, if you want to catch me, I'll go with you. But if you dare to hurt my child, I will fight to the death with you. Besides, what? Nothing. Uncle Zong, you said that when I got the Black Iron Token from Longshan Tower,.

He would tell me everything about the cause and effect of his parents'arrest. Am I right? Yes. But Black Iron Token is only the first step, right? The future. (The wanted order offers a reward of 52 houses and silver) (Gai Bin) Two cooks, I said the more women, the better.

You've caught so many cooks, or what do men want? Hey, hey, let's put one. Bullshit. If you know where we're hiding, you can still let one of us out and cut it down. Your Majesty, spare me. I promise I won't tell anyone outside. Hey, hey, hey, forget it.

How about this? The one who's alive will stay and be my cook, Yes. Why do you think it's bad to be a cook for me? Yes. Oh, that's right. After eating and drinking, how can I not have something to cheer me up? Ah, hit him.

Can't you bite with your mouth without grabbing the dagger? Boss, there's a deal coming to the door. Big deal. Look. Is it really the Shadow Leopard's skin and Silver Moon Wolf King's skin? Take a good look. You'd better see it clearly Why don't I skin you two? Boss seems to be here. Hey, hey. Uncle Zong, you can feel it too.

Hum the stink of those scumbags from the Saber Alliance. Oh, who am I supposed to be? So awesome. If you dare to break into the Destruction Mountain Range, it turns out to be the baby led by Snow Eagle and his daddy. What a fat sheep. You left something valuable behind. If you kowtow to me three more times, I can consider letting you live. Hahahahaha.

Gai Bin, you and I have fought each other once or twice, but now we have new hatred and old hatred, Uncle Zong, you're hurt. Let me do it. Hum, Uncle Zong, you're hurt. Let me do it Ah,.

Yes Hum, let a wet behind the ears stand out. Are you afraid that Snake Man will be beaten by your grandpa? Hahahahaha. Get down on your grandpa's knees, grandson. Boss is mighty! Hand over the treasure and spare your life. Ha ha ha. Are you okay, boss?.

Give face No, then you forgot how I killed all sides in the Snow Eagle? Release it. That's the past. You snake guy is so ignorant. Bro, I'm just here to borrow some money from Snow Eagle, so I don't need to use a knife or a gun. Borrow two money unless I die.

Oh, I like that idea. Since you've said so, I'll give you a ride. When Dong Bo Lie and Mo Yang Yu were around, I was afraid of three points. Ha ha ha now. You asked for it, Lord Zong Ling. Why are you here?.

People and property have been escorted to the castle as you ordered. The bandits who looted the people were also temporarily repelled. You held me off just for the people of Snow Eagle, No one can hurt Lord Zong Ling, No. Well, I'd like to see.

How many people you can protect Ah. Copper three is here. Zong Ling, get out of the way! Shoot! Don't come here to fight to the death if you dare. Don't worry. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future. I'll come again. Again and again.

Until the snow eagle collar is drained. One day I will make you pay the price. That was the past. It's different now. Stop! Are you trying to shoot me to death, loser? It's your turn. This kid's strength,.

Could it be that he has reached Silver Moon level? No way. This shot is for Uncle Zong, this shot is for Uncle Tong and for the dead people, For the dead soldiers. For the Snow Eagle Collar. I, the guardian of Snow Eagle Collar, sentence you to death today.

Not a man or a devil, not a God of War. Run! The murderer Dong Bo Snow Eagle Gai Bin who has been on a rampage for many years, He died just like that. I'm so convinced. Didn't someone say Dongbo Snow Eagle won't last a day? It's my fault that I don't know.

The real hero. Now Dongbo Snow Eagle is going to be famous all over the world. Brother Kong Hai, please go back. I'll take my leave then. Master Dong Bo Xue Ying, Oh. Father, Master Bai doesn't want to take me as his disciple.

There is no way out. -We're going to Snow Eagle Castle. -Yes, sir. You Yue Do you remember Dongbo Snow Eagle? It's time to visit my old friend's son. Another expert has been born. Oh, in the eyes of Xiang Pangyun, the strongest player in Qinghe County, there are other masters,.

You can't be careless in front of the waves. Gai Bin is dead, damn it. Do you still want to get more money from him? Please spare my life, My Lord. Let us go. Sir, please spare my life. We were all forced to do so.

Master, in the past few years, Master, bah! It was the bandit leader Gai Bin who snatched all the treasures here. Adults, please have a look. 80% of these were taken from nearby villages and towns, and brought back to their original owners. Do you hear me?.

Pack these things up and get them ready to go. Yes, yes, yes. You did a lot of evil in the past, but you have to turn over a new leaf in the future, Uh. What's going on? Uncle Zong. Ah. Ah.

You have hands and feet. It's not good to do something. Yes. From now on, Uncle Zong, Snow Eagle, what's wrong with you? What's wrong with your face? Uncle Zong, go! We can't stay here for long.

What happened to Snow Eagle? Let's go! What's going on? I don't know. (Hey, hey, hey, we got caught. Oh, hehe, I can't believe a human imp noticed my existence, Hey, Youyou.

Excuse me? Do you need to go somewhere else? Hissing, hissing Are you going to another place? Find another place to keep an eye on humans. What? I don't know. I've never met him before, Could it be that there's an extraordinary expert? But the Machete Alliance has been clamoring for so many years,.

But nothing has happened. Maybe it's because the super strong doesn't care about a bastard like Gai Bin at all. In front of that powerful force just now, I feel like an ant Yes, Compared to him, we're just like ants. Your words make my back chill.

I won't be an ant forever. I won't. Of course, the eagle of the Dong Bo family, one day, It will fly higher and farther than everyone else. But don't worry about it now. There are people waiting for us at home. I haven't seen Qingshi for days,.

But he won't cause Uncle Tong any trouble without me, will he? Who knows? Ah Choo, I told you not to stay on the wall all the time. You don't want to listen. You must be sick. No, I didn't. Why hasn't he come back yet?.

Just these two days. Don't worry. It'll be fine. I'm sure he'll be fine. Young Master, the three of you, we have guests here. We've had guests in Snow Eagle Collar for so many years. He's a businessman, claiming to be an old friend of the old lord,.

His name is Kong Hai. Kong Hai Brother Tongsan, it's been a long time. It's been a long time. I thought you had forgotten all about the Snow Eagle Collar. Bro, where are you talking about? In the past, Uncle Dong and I served together in the army, which was a life-long friendship. How could I forget the Snow Eagle Collar?.

How could you say that? When Snow Eagle was in trouble, you hid and became a coward, For so many years, I haven't seen your life-long friendship. Well, what happened back then, in the final analysis, was a family matter of the Moyang Clan. I want to get involved. Alas, you have the heart but weakness.

Bullshit! You are just afraid to annoy the Moyang family, cut off their financial resources You, Uncle Tong. You're finally back. Well It was all killed by Snow Eagle. Not only that, but he also wiped out the Curved Blade Alliance alone.

What? Uncle Kong Hai, long time no see, what a great feat you've done, Longshan Tower has already been announced to the world, and now the whole Yishui City, I'm afraid the whole Qinghe County is talking about you as a young hero. I'm flattered. Why did Uncle Kong Hai come to Snow Eagle Palace.

This time? What? Can't you come and see your nephew if you're fine? I've been busy with business these years, but in my heart, But you've been thinking about your nephew. Hum, Where is Qingshi? Where are you fooling around? I asked Qingshi.

To show my daughter around. With whom? Little girl Kong Youyue, I was joking with your father and wanted to marry you two. Snow Eagle, why did you let him stay in the castle? He's a snob, with friendship in his mouth and business in his heart. I don't want to be polite to him.

But what happened back then was all because the Moyang family had gone too far, Even if Kong Hai is not snobbish, how can he help? Don't stare. I mean, since he came to be nice to me, Why push him out? Now Snow Eagle Collar is also a time to use money. Just think of it as a business talk.

Right? Snow Eagle? Snow Eagle, you think so, too? I'm not as thoughtful as Uncle Zong. Yes. Kong Hai has his own selfish intentions, but I, Snow Eagle, And he is no longer the soft persimmon that others used to handle. I'm not being polite to him. But now.

I don't want to settle old scores with him. Wow, Sister Kong is amazing. (Hehe, Qing Don't run! Poor Qingshi, she is the age of being coquettish around her mother. But we're the only ones around. Brother.

Brother, you're back. I miss you so much. Brother Snow Eagle, I knew I could recognize you at a glance. Youyue, long time no see. Brother, come and play with us. Do you know magic too? Gentlemen, there's a guest at the door. Claiming to be the trouble of.

Bai Yuan Old Man Bai is here too Tsk, tsk, Poor in the busy city no one asks, rich in the mountains with distant relatives, I finally see the truth. Stop talking nonsense. The Grand Master of Snow Eagle and White Source is here. With his disciples Oh It seems that Longshan House really took what we did in the Destruction Mountain Range,.

It has been announced to the world. It won't cause any trouble, will it? I think it's not that I can't afford to lose money early. With Snow Eagle's strength, it's hard for ordinary people to take advantage of it. Unless you invite a title-level expert to do it. But that would be too costly. Not to mention making a profit, it's hard to lose money or not.

As expected of a merchant's daughter, her abacus is crackling, But this is not a business. Maybe someone just wants to beat the Snow Eagle and win the honor? For those who value honor, how can they be enemies with Brother Snow Eagle, who is doing harm to the people? All right,.

Uncle Tong, Take Uncle Zong and Youyue to rest first. Qingshi and I went to see Master Bai, Hey, Brother Snow Eagle, I kind of have some mental talent, Can I go with you to see Interesting? Is she the reason Kong Hai came here this time? Let Sister Kong go with us.

The magic butterfly created by Sister Kong is really beautiful. I like it so much. Yes. It would be great if the fire could be lit more brightly. Yes Si Chen asked your junior sister to come and take a look. Has she been practicing hard lately? Yes.

Teacher, let me do it. Senior brother, stay out of it. I can control it. Controls Ji Rong, how many times have I told you, don't cling to control. To experience the natural flow of spiritual power, follow the trend. Aah,.

Youngest Sister. You are Qingshi. I … I just saw a fire flapping my sister. -Hahahaha. -Okay. Not only is it a gift, And a pure heart, if you add more carving, The future is limitless. Thank you for your help, Childe Qingshi.

Hey, hey. Ah Lord Dong Bo I'm flattered by the young hero Master Bai, I wanted to take a break, so I sent you the Heart of the Wolf King. I didn't expect Master to come in person to accept disciples, No need to say more. I'm here this time,.

In fact, Yes, I have another unkind request. I also gave you the Heart of the Wolf King. Why are there still unkind requests? Qingshi, don't be rude to Master. Brother, I don't want you to take any more risks for me. These days, you'll destroy the mountain range.

Qingshi is so worried. I'm afraid of you. Qingshi is reckless. Please forgive me, Master. Master, if you need anything else, just tell me. As long as Qingshi can worship you as his teacher, I won't be his teacher anymore. I just want my brother to be by my side. Hahahaha. Young Master Qingshi is also eager to protect his brother,.

So kind and warm, It's not too late for me to be moved. There's no need to forgive me. I didn't know Master Bai's unkind request was an old and incompetent man, But after years of studying magic arts, it's not a small achievement. It's inevitable that people will be jealous and often harassed by thieves, Master Bai, what you mean is, He wants me to send someone to guard your mansion.

No, no, no. I want to borrow the treasure land from Snow Eagle. Choose a mountain to settle down. The Snow Eagle Collar is really a hidden place. Master, are you leaving Yishui City? Come and live in my backcountry. Ha ha ha.

Dayin is the Great Hidden Land. Master really has profound magic power, and he can rebuild the tower out of thin air. Hahahaha. It's not reconstruction, I'm just using the teleportation method, I just moved the one in Yishui City here. To be honest, I don't even know if it's easier to rebuild,.

Or is it easier to translate? It doesn't matter. The most important thing is, you agreed to my unkind request so easily. I'm so ashamed. I should be the one who's ashamed. I failed to provide a better environment for Master. Brother, Brother,.

Qingshi Stinky Stone Run slowly, Master can move to Snow Eagle Collar, The happiest one is bluestone Oh, Master must also know that my father and mother were taken away by Moyang Clan in the early years, I don't know where he's locked up. Qingshi has never left me since childhood. Do you really want him to go to Yishui City?.

I'm afraid it's going to be a big fight again. Hahahaha. I've heard that you two are close brothers, just But I don't know Kong Hai's father and daughter are related to the Snow Eagle Collar. Kong Hai and my father are old acquaintances. Speaking of him, Snow Eagle Snow Eagle Snow Eagle I heard Master Bai is here.

-Yes. -Uncle Kong wants to see Master Bai. -No, no, no, no. Actually, I came here because I want to trouble you, nephew, Uncle Kong, please go ahead. Youyue has been mentally strong since she was a child, but I couldn't find a suitable Lord for her. Master Bai, I have a favor to ask of you.

Brother Hey hey, stinking stone Don't let me catch your father trying to get through the snow eagle collar, Let Master Bai take me as his disciple. I don't know if it will work. Sister Kong, hurry up. Otherwise, I won't take you to visit the Master Tower. I'm coming.

Youngest Sister is getting better and better. Ha ha ha. Why did you fail again? Well, Rong'er, You forgot all about yesterday's lesson so quickly. Master. Have a seat.

Yes Knights and Mages, are the two pillars of Longshan Empire. The difference is that the former destroys heaven and earth with fighting spirit, while the latter uses spiritual power to shape everything. Many people have misunderstandings about spiritual power, thinking that it comes from the body of a mage. It's not like that. Si Chen,.

The students are in the Si family. Mage is like a cloud. You must know what I mean since you were a child. Yes, sir. Spiritual power is a kind of natural force that wanders between heaven and earth. Mages are actually just a medium, through absorption, condensation and release of three links. Use your spiritual power for me,.

The so-called person who has the talent of spiritual power, is a person who can connect with nature. This is natural, unlike knights, fighting spirit can be cultivated the day after tomorrow, So the most important thing for a mage, is to cultivate the ability to integrate with nature. Learn to take advantage of the situation and follow the trend. On the contrary, if the mage is too obsessed with casting spells every time, he will not hesitate to go against the trend in order to carry out his will.

It might cause the spell to fail or it might cause a backlash. Rong, you're still young. Don't rush for success. You must learn to avoid obsession in order to make progress. Perseverance, it's always the same rhetoric, I want everything in the world to submit to my will. Ji Rong, you've got it. Well, what the teacher is teaching is that students are not good at learning skills. Since what I said just now.

Is for you, I also told them to listen to it. It's the first lesson for Qingshi and Youyue. Qingshi Youyue, remember what I just said. Student Qingshi, student Youyue, Yes. Father, mother,.

Qingshi is about to grow up. Lord, this way, please. Master, please. One day, I will become more powerful than you. Senior Sister, your magic was amazing just now. You think it's amazing? Well, it's better than mine anyway. You and I are about the same age. In the future, when the teacher is not around,.

You don't have to call me Senior Sister. Eh, what should I call you? Rong, Rong'er, Let me show you around. Hey, hurry up. Ha ha ha. Come and catch me. Hey, hey. Don't run!.

Wait for me. Hey, hey. You can't catch me. Qingshi, slow down. You can't catch me. You can't escape. Hey, hey. Slow down. Stop right there! Wait for me.

I won't. Qingshi, you. Is Brother Snow Eagle here? Come in Youyue, what's up? Oh, Brother Snow Eagle, the party to celebrate Qingshi's apprenticeship is about to begin. Ah, got it. Eh, where's Qingshi?.

Why did I ask you to call me? Alas, Qingshi is out there with her new senior sister. Looks like Qingshi has another friend. Let's go too. Don't keep the guests waiting. Hey, wait. What's wrong? Why are you going to the party like this? That's right. Or else.

I didn't know that. There's a room like this in the castle. You think it's all the same as your room. What are you waiting for? Come here. Well, you're not even afraid of the shadow leopard but you're afraid of me, Have a seat. It's not your first time in my room. Ah, Have you forgotten?.

When my father and I were guests when we were little, we stayed in this room. At that time, Qingshi didn't know how to speak, but she kept pestering me all day, When you saw it, you rushed to my room, Take the stone away. Did you? Of course, you only care about Stone,.

But you don't even notice me. Oh, Shitou has grown up to be a teacher now. Oh, speaking of which, About Brother Xue Ying's apprenticeship Uncle Kong Hai came to see me last night, But I probably could have guessed if he didn't tell me, actually Actually, seeing you and Shitou again, I'm already very happy.

The reason why I helped you is because I think you have a spiritual talent after all, It shouldn't be wasted. Er Er, when I'm not at home, I'll feel at ease if you take care of Qingshi. Mother used to call Qingshi Stone, but I didn't expect you to remember it, Of course. And I still remember that you're as dirty as before.

-Don't comb your hair properly? -No, that's not it. I didn't. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Then we can go to the party. Lord, someone broke into the castle hall and asked to see you. Chief Copper wants to stop it or not? How many are they coming? Lord, there is only one person.

But this person is very imposing. It seems that the visitors are not good enough. Send more men to protect Miss Kong. Yes. Brother Xueying, please go back to your room and rest. Xue Ying, be careful. Hey, hey, hey. I don't know. I haven't seen him before.

Lord, Lord Dongbo, Snow Eagle, what happened to Uncle Zong? Lord Dong Bo is finally here Hehe, I heard there's a banquet at Snow Stone Castle tonight I'm here uninvited Lord Do you mind? Your Excellency is Snow Eagle. He is.

I'm Si An, the owner of Longshan Tower in Yishui City, Si An It's Si An, the owner of Longshan Building. Oh, Oh, I almost forgot. In order to attend the banquet, I prepared a small gift, which is not a tribute. Black Iron Commander, Sect Uncle, hummed and changed like a fake.

Snow Eagle, I really bet on it right. Lord Dong Bo, congratulations, I took the first step. Uncle Zong, I can save my parents one day, right? Yes. When you're strong enough.

To get the Black Iron Token. Last night we had a feast until midnight, Lord didn't sleep much, I get up every morning to practice and get up early. I'm used to being a young hero like a Lord. There's no reason. No wonder Kong Hai from Bai Yuan took the initiative to come here, Minister Si An flattered me, I'm the one who wants something from Master Bai.

They want something from you. You live in seclusion, I'm afraid you don't understand many things. I'll do it myself. Just to remind one or two, thank you for your advice. This is Dragon Mountain Ranking and Blood Blade Ranking. The Longshan Ranking is compiled based on the information collected from Longshan Tower.

At the provincial, county and county levels. It records the rankings of all the rank powerhouses in the empire. Blood Blade List. It's a list of killers compiled by Blood Blade Tavern. Blood Blade tavern is a mysterious organization all over the empire, gathering assassins with the highest level of strength Assassins, They only have titles, not real names, except.

Xiang Pang Yun, he is the strongest in Qinghe County, The only one who can barely compete with him, is the Ancestor of the Si family. Si Liang became popular. I'm giving you these two lists, which is not only hope, I just want to remind you, although you are very strong in Yishui County,.

But he's still far from being on the list. Don't get yourself burned. Thank you for reminding me. No need to thank me. You are the person who has the most potential to be on the Longshan Ranking in Yishui County. If I can help you become a top rank expert, my status will also rise. If you were just a Knight of Human or Earth Rank or Heaven Rank,.

I wouldn't have looked you in the eye at all. Neither Kong Hai nor Bai Yuanzhi, but now you have broken through the streaming star rating, It's not far from Silver Moon level or even title level. This makes you useful. Value of use? What the landlord said is so direct. To be precise, it's an exchange of interests. With it, you can undertake the task of publishing Longshan Tower.

Get some credit in exchange for whatever you want. For example, let me think about it. A piece of amnesty that can save your parents, how much credit is it worth? This is the so-called exchange of interests. That's right. To become stronger is to make yourself more valuable.

In exchange for greater benefits. This is the rule of the empire's game. It's a long way to go, Lord Dongbo, We have a long way to go. Ha ha ha ha ha! Exchange of interests, otherwise, Bai Yuanzhi will take you as his disciple easily,.

But I didn't expect Snow Eagle to mention it to him. It saved me a lot of time. You stay in the castle, get along well with the snow eagle, It's good for my future business. Business? Dad, don't you have feelings for anyone? It's all business if you keep your mouth shut.

What? My daughter wants to have a relationship with Snow Eagle. Dad, you're joking again. Father's words are not all jokes. You'll get married sooner or later. Snow Eagle is a good candidate. Dad, I'm really angry if you keep talking nonsense. Okay, okay, I won't talk anymore.

It's time for me to pack up and get ready to leave. household You know how to get along with Brother Snow Eagle. To become stronger is to make yourself more valuable. In exchange for greater benefits. (Black Iron Token) This is the rule of the game in the empire, bro. Brother, how.

I'm not happy that I don't have time to be with you these two days. It's just a minor injury. Take a few medicated baths, and you'll be fine soon. Oh, right. Now we don't need money to buy the most expensive herbs not only to heal but also to enhance our fighting spirit, Brother, I didn't know you suffered so much.

Outside. What is this? Have you been hurt more seriously? No, no, Brother, don't take any more risks for me. Father and mother are not here, I … I, I only have my brother. And us, besides, your brother has got the Black Iron Token,.

It won't be long before you can save your parents. It will get better. Father and mother, I almost can't remember their appearance. By the way, Uncle Zong, didn't you say that when I got the Black Iron Token, Just tell me about my parents back then. About 20 years ago,.

Lie and I just left the army. The Moyang family in Anyang Province took on a mission. Looking for the runaway girl, the runaway girl of Moyang family, Could it be Mother? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I knew you'd be shocked. Ha ha ha. There were a lot of interesting things back then.

Back then, Uh, We tracked them all the way to the Destruction Mountain Range. Master, leave me alone. I'll stop these animals. Go! Don't talk nonsense. I didn't ask for your help. I was already married to an old man over 100 years old. I can't leave you even if it's to repay my kindness. I'm the one who should repay you,.

And as I said, Don't call me Master again. Ah. We can only let fate take its course. Having a master like you, is the luckiest thing in my life. Having a loyal friend like you, is also the luckiest thing in my life. What happened next?.

You and father didn't bring my mother back to Moyang's house, hum Of course not. Otherwise, why would there be you and Qingshi? Ha ha ha Both of them, as soon as they see their master, Cough, cough, don't talk nonsense. Ha, ha, ha. I mean, your father fell in love with his master at first sight. The Mo Yang family's entrustment.

Will naturally be put aside. Then the four of us started to take risks together. Lie bought this territory after you were born. Name it after you. Back then, I thought Mo Yang's family had forgotten Mo Yangchen, Ayu's brother, He came to the castle with the inviolable decree of the extraordinary life of the Moyang family.

Yudong Bo Lie, come with me. You can't hide from my brother who has been here for so many years, I'm so happy to see you again. But, even when it comes to my brother, I also want to protect my family and my children. Oh, I see. Silly girl,.

You really haven't changed at all. Xiaoyu, don't blame me for being heartless. Xiaoyu, are you okay? I'm fine. Mo Yangchen, don't go too far. Lie, Shoot! Lie, Mom,.

Ying'er, Mom, I'm scared. Good eagle, don't be afraid. Father and mother are here. father Ah Lie, are you okay? I'm fine, Snow Eagle. It's dangerous here. Go to the castle.

Dong Bo Lie, stop making unnecessary resistance. You should know the difference between us. Mo Yangchen, if you want to catch me, I'll go with you. But you dare to hurt my child. I'll fight to the death with you. Xiao Yudong Bo Lie, Mo Yangchen, Lie,.

I don't want to destroy the whole castle. Stop fighting back. Ling, it seems that I need you to take care of Snow Eagle and Qingshi for me. Ayu, Maybe, Master, the days when the four of us took risks together,.

It's time to end. Ying'er, I can't watch you and Qingshi grow up. From now on, you have to listen to Uncle Zong, and don't always break your clothes. Don't climb too high. When you grow up, don't stare at girls all the time. No.

Father and mother will always love you. Father, Mother, Ying'er. It's the Moyang family's fault, why should I say my parents are guilty? The children of big families can't avoid political marriage, it's just the exchange of interests between families. How can there be so many right and wrong? It's another exchange of interests.

One day, I will not only save my parents. And change the ridiculous rules of the game. Brother, I haven't come to see you for a long time. Here, this is the spell book you said you wanted to read last time. Thank you, brother. Do you still remember Xiaoyu? You study magic every day? It's almost time to break through the star rating.

Yeah, but it's just theoretical strength, you know, The whole forbidden area is covered with an anti-magic shield. I've never practiced it. Xiaoyu, you know, you've always had a chance to get out of here. As long as you admit your mistake, as long as I admit my mistake to the chief, And publicly announced that he would sever ties with Lie's children.

It's impossible, isn't it? My brother has done a lot for me, and my little sister remembers it in her heart. But Lie and the kids, no matter what, I won't give up. I understand. The clan law is ruthless and there's only a limit to what I can do. But as long as I'm here, I can at least make sure you eat and drink without worries.

Brother, Yes. How is Lie doing? It's better not to know something than to know it. Grand Master, I really can't understand it. What does it mean? He beat Dong Bo Lie half to death every once in a while. Then I'll ask you to cure him. Then we'll call and get medical treatment.

Just to vent their anger, Dong Bo Lie and Mo Yang Yu had a life-long relationship. You've disgraced our Moyang family. Of course I have to make him suffer now. But it's been ten years, so it's time for you to have a good time. Hum, he was sentenced to 100 years in prison. Aren't you determined to torture him to death?.

Hey, I heard that Dong Bo Lie's eldest son has broken through the star rating, and got the Black Iron Token. Let's see if he can take advantage of Dong Bo Lie's life. I saved him. Snow Eagle. (I don't know why they have suffered a lot. Now that Snow Eagle has the Black Iron Token, Uh,.

I wonder where Father and Mother are now and how they are doing. Don't worry, I'll get them back sooner or later, I'll write a letter to Minister Si'an right now, Ask him to inquire about his parents'current situation, and ask Uncle Zong to send someone to deliver the letter to Longshan Building. No problem. What can Longshan Tower do? Uncle Zong, you can go in as long as you have this.

Okay, I'll do it right away. What are the rules of the game you want to change? I may not understand, but I'm just as angry as my brother. I know my parents are suffering. I know that in order to save father and mother, my brother has been carrying out dangerous missions. I know what you have to do for your parents as a son of man? Even if,.

Even if it's just a little bit. So that I can fight with my brother by waving my weapon. We'll save father and mother together, and break the broken rules of the empire together. But now, apart from being angry, But I can't do anything. It makes me even angrier.

I'm mad at myself. Brother Snow Eagle. Brother Snow Eagle, Youyue. Ah. Youyue, put it on. It's cold. Actually, I'm not cold. Why do you want to be naked in front of me all the time?.

No, no, no. That's not what I meant. Brother Xueying, you can't be too tired from practicing martial arts, Master Bai said, The way of cultivation pays attention to relaxation, I heard that you just came back from a mission, I made your favorite snack. Try it. Yes.

Is it good? Yes. Since I was taken away, I haven't had such delicious snacks. Hehe. I specialized in this. Cough, cough, cough, Cultivation is also about eating and doing everything in a hurry Just like your brother,.

What's wrong with Qingshi? I haven't seen much of him lately because I'm busy with my work. His cultivation doesn't seem to be going well. Actually, it's nothing. After all, Shitou has just started to cultivate formally, but he seems to have something on his mind. Why are you hiding here instead of seeking success? Be careful not to be dragged down by the strong wind and fall into pieces.

Hey, Hey, be careful, Senior Sister. You scared me. Hey, you startled me, okay? And how many times have I told you, don't call me Senior Sister when no one is around. She's the same age as you Rong'er, Hey, hey.

What's wrong with you? I … I don't understand. What do you not understand? Everyone says I have a gift for mental power. Yeah, You can draw a lot of spiritual power from heaven and earth at will, Most people can't do that. But why can't I.

Condense these spiritual powers into a form until now? It's only been a few days. It depends on talent, But if you want to use your spiritual power to cast spells, you need patience, prudence and perseverance. also I know. I know. The teacher said it. Then why are you in a hurry? I … I want to help you as soon as possible.

He's alone. Besides, the teacher always said that you don't know how to follow the trend. Why are you too stubborn? Hey, brat. Are we the same? At least I have no problem in condensing my spirit energy. Alright, it's not the right way for you to practice alone. How about this?.

From today on, I'll give you special training, so that you can improve faster than you do now. Really? That's very kind of you. Then who made me your senior sister? Hey, isn't it Rong'er? Why are you a senior sister again? It's up to me to decide what it's called. You brat! Stop right there!.

Don't hit me. Stop! No, I won't. I was too busy these days and neglected Qingshi. Shitou is sensible. He also wants to help as soon as possible. That's why I pushed myself so hard. It's enough to have me as your brother. Hey Ha ha ha.

It seems that I really don't need you as my brother now. Ahahahahaha. Zibai is worried about him. You just worry about others. When will you learn to worry about yourself? Snow Eagle Snow Eagle What's wrong Uncle Tong Si An finally wrote back.

What is this? Oh, the imperial newspaper written by Longshan House, which was sent with the letter, It records the recent events in the empire. Gosh, a few days ago, there was an extraordinary presence in Anyang Province. Tsk tsk tsk. I've been staying in the snow eagle collar all the time. I almost forgot how big the world is. What's wrong, Snow Eagle?.

It's Father. They're going to torture Father to death. Snow Eagle, where are you going? Don't act rashly. The Mo family is heavily guarded. Don't worry, Uncle Tong. I'm going to Longshan Building. Maybe Si An has a way to save my father? Minister Si'an, the guest has brought Uncle Dong. Snow Eagle wants to see you.

Oh, Lord Snow Eagle is here. If anything goes wrong, I'll get straight to the point, landlord. I'm going to save my father from the hell of Moyang's family now. It's impossible. But I do have an idea, It'll make your father's life easier.

Please enlighten me, Mr. Lou. Tsk tsk tsk, Lord, don't forget the rules of the game. Yes. According to the landlord, the way to make my father suffer less is, There's a mission, a mission, The mission of Longshan Building,.

Hehe, If it's Longshan Mansion's mission, just send a raven to inform you. This mission doesn't belong to Longshan Tower, and there's no merit point. And the risk is high. Think it through, as long as you can save my father, Ha ha ha ha,.

Lord or hear me out first, Speaking of which, the target of this mission has something to do with the Lord, Me Lord, do you still remember that when you exterminated the Curved Blade Alliance, I let a few bandits go. It's the devil. It's the God of War.

Some of them are unrepentant, He went to the rest of the Destruction Mountain Range, Cold Qiong Mountain, Go back to your old job. Leng Qiong Mountain is just a remnant of the Destruction Mountain Range, and it's close to Qinghe County. So instead of dangerous high-level magical beasts, it's the only way for business travel. Because of this,.

There are also crowded with bandits who don't open their eyes. The landlord said the mission is to eliminate bandits, Yes. But to be precise, it's enough as long as you can get rid of those remnants of the Curved Blade Alliance. It's just that they hum.

Those guys who don't know what to do, pissed off the wrong people, Someone you shouldn't mess with. This mission was personally released by Si Lianghong, the patriarch of the Si family. It pays a lot of money. Hum, Although the old witch has lived for more than 500 years, there are times when she can't keep her composure. Annoying.

Don't touch it. Cough cough, after all, it concerns the face of the Si family, How did they mess with the Si family? The most favored young master of the Si family, was attacked by bandits in Leng Qiong Mountain a few days ago, Supposedly, if the name of the Si family is reported, these miscellaneous fish wouldn't dare to do anything. So deadly.

The bandit I met that day, I don't know where the newcomer came from, You've never seen the world. He just killed the young master. It's just such a small matter, that's all. With the power of the Si family in Qinghe County, this kind of thing can't be done casually. The bandits of Qiongshan are good at guerrilla warfare,.

The people of the Si family did it themselves, Wouldn't it be more embarrassing if there are more complications? Just issue a reward and let outsiders do it. Then why not release the mission through Longshan Building, but use the personal relationship of the landlord Hehe Hehe.

You've done a lot of tasks for Longshan Building. Whenever the target's strength is below the star rating, but I don't need a high reward from the Si family right now, What I need is, you can give up the reward, Instead, he made his own request to the Si family. Save your father, Si Jia, With such great ability,.

Longshan Empire can stand for nearly ten thousand years, It depends on the rise and fall of numerous large and small families, supporting this huge empire together. Families of all provinces, counties and counties, More or less, they all have some imperial privileges. For example, with a family decree, the Moyang family can sentence their parents to 100 years'imprisonment.

That's right. The Moyang family has been passed down for thousands of years, Although it has declined a bit in the past century, it's still a province in the Eastern Region, For a powerful family, the decree issued by their ancestors is comparable to the imperial decree Si Jia, The Si family is just an influential family in a county, which is no match for the Moyang family.

How can the Si family help father? Although the Si family is small, it is also a rising family in the ascendancy. He has a wide network of contacts, the steward of Dongxiang Lake has been favored by the Si family, As long as the Si family is willing to come forward, we can clear it up a little. At least you can keep your father from being tortured. Landlord,.

This mission, I'll answer it. Calm down. As I said, this mission is very risky, They are just bandits, even if their whereabouts are mysterious, Also, It's not their fault.

Si Lianghong has also issued a reward at Blood Blade Tavern, the landlord means, I might want to compete with the killer of Blood Blade Tavern, but I just got the news, Blood Blade Tavern intentionally sent this job to Wind Demon, Wind Demon, It's said that his strength has reached Silver Moon level. And… And what?.

And his relationship with Xiang Pang Yun is also extraordinary. The best player in Qinghe County, Xiang Pangyun, This job, Wind Demon, Are you going to answer it or not? If you don't answer it, I'll send it to Xiang Pang Yun.

What do you think? I heard that Zuihongzhai has made a new rouge, I just bought a rouge woman last month, You can never have too much rouge. Drunken Red House's new style, I just bought a box, I can't bear to wipe it.

After applying it. It's just a little expensive. For such a small order, how can you use my big brother to sell it? I'll answer it. You can all go back. It's not my first time on a mission. Brother, You only come back during the day,.

And you're leaving at night. Exactly Snow Eagle, why are you in such a hurry? Let's start at dawn. father He's waiting for me. They're just remnants of a group of Curved Blade Alliance, these guys,.

I should have thanked them in the first place. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had the chance to save my father now. That's true. Snow Eagle, how about this? I'd better go with you. Stop arguing. Uncle Zong,.

Snow Eagle is leading a lot of people now, I have to trouble you and Uncle Tong to take care of me. Then. You must pay attention to safety. Don't worry. We'll take care of the castle. Yes. Qingshi, I'm not here,.

You have to listen to me, concentrate on practicing with Master Bai, Brother, come back early. Ever since you got the Black Iron Token, it's hard to see you. Yes. You Yue Take care of Qingshi for me, Yes.

Uh. Hey, Kong Hai is not authentic, but Youyue is a good girl. Xueying, be careful. Yes. Go back, everyone. Snow Eagle,.

Go back quickly. Yes. Brother Snow Eagle. Let go of me! I'm going to see my brother, too. What are you looking for? Stay here. Let your brother and Youyue talk in private. You Yue.

Anything else? Brother Snow Eagle, on this mission, It's dangerous, isn't it? Ah, Uh, No. Like I said, it's just a gang of bandits,.

If it's really as easy as you said, why don't you just start from Longshan Building? Of course, Of course, because You said you can't waste time, but you went back to the castle. Actually, I'm afraid I'll never see Qingshi again. Ah,.

It's not as serious as you said. So you admit it? Uh, You can't even hide it from a girl, just because I'm a girl, That's why I can't hide it from you. Brother Xue Ying, what's the danger in the future? Can you at least not hide it from me?.

Me, Try your best. Don't let them know. You're a rough man. Don't worry. I just don't want them to know. I didn't tell you just now Hey, I'll keep it a secret for you.

But you have to promise me to come back safely. Yes. By the way, Here, Put this on. This is. Magic amulet. I made it myself.

My magic power is weak, so this thing might not be of much help. Well, Just think of it as a dream. Hey, Don't get into a fight and lose it. Yes. Looks like you're not going to tell me.

Ah, Please spare my life, My Lord. I really don't know where are the people who moved Mr. Si's young master? Uh, Hey, You. You don't have to waste your breath on such a useless person. Haven't they had enough fun?.

Be good, Stop playing. We're in a hurry. Hum, I don't understand amorous feelings. Who could have done this? Could it be It's the Wind Demon! Help!.

Go away! Hey, hey, hey. Ah. Thank you, Your Excellency. Get up. Those who killed Young Master are right in front of us. We didn't do anything. Please spare my life, My Lord. Finally,.

Ah, Finally, I found you. The old witch of the Si family has issued killing orders everywhere, so we can't stay in this place anymore. Bah! Who and you are the young master of our Si family and you killed him? Bullshit! Where did you get the money for drinking?.

Now you want to choose from others? It's too late. You're going to die anyway. I'll kill you first. Stop arguing. Hurry up and gather all the valuable items. Get ready to run. It's too late. East.

Lord Dong Bo, Gun God, please spare me. I'll kill you scumbags, too! Dirty my gun. The Si family will punish you as you deserve. Sorry, this is my prey. How to deal with it?.

It's up to me. Wind Demon. Sorry, this is my prey. I have the final say on how to deal with it. Wind Demon, I'll go. Come on. Little brother,.

Don't be impulsive. I told you, this is my prey. Little brother, why are you disobedient again? All right. I admit defeat. That's right. That's a good boy.

Oh, My little brother is so cunning. Kid, you're courting death! Hey, hey, hey, I like this little brother more and more. Father's safety is in my hands. No matter what, I can't give up. Little brother,.

Give up as soon as possible. We didn't receive the order to kill you. Hand over your head, or I'll let you live. Oh no, little brother, Sister is a good person, as long as you hand over your head, If I give you anything you want,.

You'll have to ask my Flying Snow Spear. Stupid. Piaoxue, damn it. What a pity. What a good little brother. You dare to take my prey. You brat. It's lucky for you to fall to your death.

Your Excellency Si Si'an, the mission of the Si family has been completed. Yes. He didn't come. Your Excellency, Dongbo Snow Eagle was seriously injured in the battle with the Wind Demon, She has returned to the Snow Eagle for recuperation. Being able to steal food from the Demon of Wind, it seems that it will be more and more interesting in the future.

Bring me pen and paper. Congratulations, Lord, for completing the mission of the Sijia. I won't break my promise, and I'll make sure your father won't be tortured again. The steward of Dongxiang Lake will apply to the Moyang family, to carry out a cruel magic experiment on your father, Of course, this is just an excuse to protect your father. Before you can rely on your spear to protect your father,.

He will be under the protection of the steward. I believe if your mother knows what you've done, she'll be proud of you, too. Of course, this is far from enough. You have more tasks to do. I'll accumulate more strength. Until you become the real guardian of Uncle Dong's family?.

Thanks to the landlord's care. I've saved a lot of credit, hehe. This is what the Lord deserves. I'm just in charge of the assignment. Blood rain. Brother, Ever since you broke through Silver Moon Level, Black Ice Spear has also advanced by leaps and bounds,.

I've already reached the second level. The blood rain is indeed more powerful than the snow. Yes. Qingshi, don't you have class today? Oh, The teacher went to Changfeng College to visit an old friend, so he gave us a few days off. Master Bai is not here,.

You can't slack off your cultivation. Got it. Are you the only one who came here? I'm looking for Sister Kong. Stop looking. She and Si Chen went to Qinghe County. Si Chen, your senior brother, That's right.

The young master of the Si family, Oh, Brother, Why don't you understand? My sister-in-law is about to be abducted. You're still like a log. What are you talking about? How did you become a sister-in-law? Youyue and I.

Have already engaged in a doll marriage. Don't talk nonsense. It was a joke between father and Uncle Kong, But I. Uncle Zong and Uncle Tong also think you and Sister Kong are a good match. Brother, You're not young anymore. Why are you all,.

You brat. When is it your turn to teach me a lesson? Besides, our parents are still suffering. How can I have time to think about this? But Sister Kong will think, you are always so lukewarm. All right, I'm going to Longshan Building today.

We'll talk about these things when we get back. Brother, Hey. Snow Eagle, since you got the Black Iron Token, It's been six years, right? Yes. But I don't know how many six years are left before I save my parents,.

I picked a bronze mission for you this time, with dozens of times more merit points than ordinary black iron missions. Bronze mission, but I don't have a bronze token, You don't have to worry about that. Come on, get to know the content of the mission first. Landlord. Lu Huairu, a nobleman from Qutai City,.

Is suspected to be a follower of the Evil God and Devil Sect? They decided to send a five-man team to sneak into his castle, Carry out a secret arrest. Although it was rated as a bronze mission, in fact, to capture Lu Huairu, You don't even need to rank five. So we've decided to set aside four places for Silver Moon.

Many noble dudes regard this task as a fat job to accumulate prestige. I tried so hard to get a seat for you, In that case, I'm afraid there are many embroidered pillows among my fellow travelers. That's not enough. We've also carefully screened the candidates. The leader, Tang Xiong,.

Is a rank knight with Bronze Token. Shut your mouth and listen to me. He's the main person in charge of this mission. Si Bairong, is it great to have a loud voice? He's the noble boy I'm talking about. -No one dares to talk to him like that in Qinghe County. -Judging from the intensity of fighting, no one dares to talk to him like that in Qinghe County. -It's indeed Silver.

Moon. -No one dares to talk to him like that in Qinghe County. -But he doesn't seem to have much practical experience. -But he doesn't seem to have any practical experience. -Who are you? -But he doesn't, -Young Master. -But he doesn't seem to have much practical experience. -Mr. Tang. -Calm down, everyone. -That's why Si asked us to reserve a seat, (Liang Xiong) So Si Jia specially asked us to reserve a seat. -What do you want to say? -So Si Jia specially asked us to reserve a seat. -Speak slowly. -That's why the Si family specially asked us to reserve a seat. -Speak slowly. -He gave it to Si Bairong's personal guard. -It's all for the sake of the mission. -He gave it to Si Bairong's.

Personal guard. We're all doing this for the sake of the mission. -I'm telling you that I represent the Si Family and the Ancestor. -The Silver Moon Knight Liang Yong, I'm telling you that I represent the Si Family and the Ancestor. -I'm telling you that I represent the Si Family and the Ancestor. -There's another person. -I'm telling you that I represent the Si Family and the Ancestor. -The fifth person is Changfeng Academy. -You hillbilly must listen to me. -. I don't have any relevant information. I only know that he won't-I'm sure there's nothing wrong with.

My plan-set off with you on a boat, But no matter what, as long as all of you are united-Young Master. -But no matter what, as long as all of you are united, But no matter what, as long as you are firmly united-you go away-but no matter what, as long as you are sincerely united-you hillbilly must listen to me-but no matter what, as long as you are sincerely united, You hillbilly must listen to me. -You hillbilly, you have to listen to me. -I'm sure you'll get a lot out of this mission. I'm sure we'll gain a lot from this mission.

I …-I told you …-I … Si, I told you-your plan is too risky-to wait for good news at Longshan Tower, Waiting for good news in Longshan Tower. -Nonsense. -Waiting for good news at Longshan Tower. The risk is too high. I thought Tang Xiong on the northern wall of the empire was a ruthless character.

So you're a coward. No wonder you were the only survivor of the Battle of Cold Moon Fortress. Can you shut that mouth for me? When I was at the Cold Moon Fortress, your hair hadn't grown up yet. I'm the boss here. Be quiet until everyone is here.

It's good that we don't have enough people. Less people to take credit, less one or two young men also don't mind Ah, All right, all right. Young master, don't hurt our relationship. Go away! Kid,.

You've been listening to it for a long time, Just make a gesture, Mr. Tang. I'll listen to you. Please figure it out, In Qinghe County, it's your turn to tell me what to do, Do you want a mission that hasn't started yet? The idiot who publicly threatens his teammates is telling me what to do,.

In that case, Qinghe County will be finished sooner or later. Ha ha ha. It seems that you are a wise man. You. What's going on? Enemy attack. Get on the deck. Get on the deck.

I'm still a little late. Who is this girl? Jingqiu, why are you here? Sorry for being late. The boat is about to fall. I'll try to use magic to stabilize it. Jingqiu, you can come,.

That's great. We can be saved now. If you had listened to me, you wouldn't have been ambushed. Girl, how long can you hold on? I can't last long if I'm hit like this. Let's abandon the ship early. Young master, let them jump first.

If you jump like this, you'll surely fall to your death. I will help each and every one of you add a slow down, Young master, follow me. I'll jump first. Let's dance then. Please. Miss Yu.

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