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I'm Mo Fan, and I'm a ninth grader. = Senior High School Entrance Examination = This examination has almost driven me mad. Not because I'm a bad student, but because the exam was on MAGIC! Time to go home! It's finally over! Come on let's go.

Ever since I fell asleep with this pendant on three months ago, everything has changed. All everybody talks about now is magic. Hey, isn't that Mo Fan? He turned in his exam so early. He must not have understood the subject matter! I thought it was quite difficult. I couldn't fill in.

All seven uses of Level 1 Light Magic, the last question on the exam. Hey Mu Bai, you're smart, you must have gotten all of them! It's just an entrance exam on basic theory for Magic Senior High School. The key is what talent we'll receive during the Magic Awakening.

Of course, those who don't pass the exam will never be Mages. Mu Bai, you'll be fine, your entire family has the Ice talent, you'll definitely be Ice-talented, too! Ice is powerful. I hope I get it, too. Fire is better. But it's really rare.

I heard Fire is still not the most powerful. = Shuilan Junior High = Dad, what are you doing here? To pick you up. How did your exam go? What a mess! I studied for three whole months, but the exam covered nine years of material! How was I supposed to pass it?.

Don't worry, I found you a job as a driver to the neighboring city. Uncle Guangfeng will teach you, and the salary is good. 4,000 to 5,000 a month! It's not bad to start working when you're young. Dad, I want to study! I mean, I want to be a Mage!.

I know being a Mage is a good path. You have plans, and you don't want to be a driver like me. But you know that your exam results aren't high enough to meet the entrance requirement. I'm serious! I don't want to be a miserable loser either in the old world or in the Magic world. Well,.

If you're serious about it, I'll think of something. Dad, thank you! I'll become a great Mage who is respected by everyone! Good. Let's go home! = Shuilan Junior High = Right bro, Mu Ningxue has come back from the Capital!.

I saw her this morning, she's even prettier than before! Oh. Yo, what, no response? How should I respond? Mo Fan, wait for me! Come on, are you not excited at all? Mr. Mu, please do me a favor.

Please! I know you can get them to admit my son if you talk to them. Mo Jiaxing, it's one thing for your son to fail an exam, but he once tried to elope with the heiress of Mu Family! So tell me, why should I help you after what happened? It was indeed Mo Fan's fault,.

He shouldn't have done that. Fortunately we found them pretty soon, and no one was hurt. He didn't do anything to Miss Mu. I've faithfully served the Mu Family all these years, please help me one last time! My son is serious about becoming a Mage! It's too late for that, a failure is a failure!.

You should have educated him better if you wanted him to pass. Without my help last time, you'd have already been kicked out! Your son might be too young and dumb to understand it, but you're an adult who's worked for a long time, don't you understand that Miss Mu is way out of your league? He really wants to be a Mage!.

Mr. Mu, I'm willing to do anything if… if you help me! Oh? You really mean it? Master Mu has always wanted you to move away. Getting admitted to Magic School is expensive, but it costs more than money. Well, I'll consider it if you pledge your house to me.

Pledge my house to you? Your house is a dump, but the land isn't. Deal. What's wrong? What is wrong with the world? How is it so cruel? The poor and weak are always bullied! Son, I have good news!.

I got you admitted to Magic School! Eat. You did? One of my classmates happens to be the director there, he promised me to get you in! Promise me you'll study harder. Son, I believe in you! Okay.

Oh, one more thing. I plan to rent the house out while you're in school. I'm always driving for work, Xinxia lives at school, the house will be empty if you live at school, too. Okay. So, I heard that Miss Mu is back?.

Dad, all I can think of now is to study Magic, to earn a lot of money for you and Xinxia, and to buy houses for you all to live in! Your son is going to be the greatest Mage ever! Good! Good! = Mu Ningxue = You… Mo Fan, let's go. But… To where?.

Wherever, as long as it's not here! Alright then. Mo Jiaxing! Your son's got some stones! He tried to elope with Ningxue! Does he have a death wish? I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's all my fault! Please just punish me.

Forgive Mo Fan! He's just a dumb child. A child? Pretty clever for a child! He tried to seduce and kidnap my daughter! Mo Fan, this is your last warning. I'll break your legs one by one if you see her again! = Welcome =.

Students, today is your first day at Sky Magic High School. Welcome to the haven of magic! I didn't realize we have our Magic Awakening today. I'm nervous! Me, too! I want to become a Wind Mage. I hope Wind will become my talent. Wind is useless!.

Fire is where it's at. But only a few people can awaken it. -Cheer up, man! Only two or three in each class. -You'll receive a powerful talent! Yes! = Sky Magic High School = This badge is very important.= Class 8 Grade 1 = Students, when your talent is awoken, the badge will change to its corresponding color. Cyan corresponds to Wind,.

Red corresponds to Fire, gold corresponds to Light. What? No. 48, Mo Fan, the last one. You're lucky to be here. Called in a favor, eh? You jerk, leave him alone! We all know that he could never pass the exam!.

He'll embarrass himself if he can't awaken a talent. Man, ignore him. You can awaken a powerful talent! Powerful? He'll be lucky if he can awaken that weak Light talent. He can't compare with Mu Bai! Mu Bai, put your right hand on the Crystal Ball, and focus.

Yes sir. You're from the Mu Family? I hope you'll awaken Ice. Let's begin! Amazing! Ice talent! Yeah! Mu Bai has awoken the Ice talent! The stars on the badge.

Will show the strength of your talent. Usually there are 7 dark stars after Awakening. But Mu Bai has one bright star, meaning that his talent is more powerful. He's handsome and talented! He's smart! Wow. Nice, I want the Ice talent, too! Why is this loser here again?.

No worries, I'll show him how useless he is. Alright, next, No. 2! = Wind = = Earth = = Water = = Light = None of the others had a bright star. It's my turn.

No. 48, Mo Fan. That's Mo Fan? I heard he had to pull a favor to get in. That's right! Don't be sad if you awoke a Light or Water talent! At least you are better than him! Alright, put your right hand on it. Relax,.

Keep your hand stable, or it won't work. So he's the transfer student. I hope he awakens something, otherwise everybody will laugh at me! Come on! I'll even take a Light talent! Anything is better than failing! What?.

It's purple? Cyan for Wind, blue for Water, brown for Earth, gold for Light, red for Fire, but what does purple correspond to?! Thunder! The Thunder talent!.

Someone has awoken Thunder! What?! Thunder?! For real? Let's go see. No way! Barely 1 in 1,000 people can awaken Thunder! It's really the Thunder talent! He's the only one among all the students! Amazing! Fire talent?.

It can't compete with Thunder at all! A Thunder talent? His teacher must be thrilled! After all, Thunder is the most powerful element. Make way, make way. Don't push. -Let me have a look. It's really the Thunder talent! Please excuse me. Let me have a closer look.

= Shuilan Junior High = Thunder! The Thunder talent! Someone has awoken Thunder! What?! Thunder?! For real? Let's go see! No way! Barely 1 in 1,000 people can awaken Thunder! It's really the Thunder talent!.

He's the only one among all the students! Amazing! A Thunder talent? His teacher must be thrilled! After all, Thunder is the most powerful element. Wow, he's awesome! = Grade 1, Class 8 = What happened? He actually has Thunder?.

It's Thunder! Stop pushing! Come on, let's go. Where is everyone? Have I time-travelled again? What is my talent? That's weird. It's so hot! It hurts!.

What's going on? I thought I had already awoken a talent? When did the color change to red? Doesn't red mean Fire talent? Jeez. Don't tell me I've awoken Fire and Thunder at the same time?! Why is that moron still standing there? He must have failed to awaken any talent!.

What?! This is indeed Fire. Very well done. Mo Fan, you have awoken Fire talent. What? Fire talent? What is Fire talent? Damn! It can't be! How did that loser awaken Fire?.

Who said he had to call in a favor to get here? -Amazing! How is this possible? I can't believe he's done it! Bro, cool! You awakened Fire! Only 2 people in our class have awoken Fire, and you're one of them! You're so amazing! -Congratulations! Man, you're awesome!.

My Fire talent is the reason you're so excited? I am actually a genius! I've awoken both Thunder and Fire! So purple must correspond to Thunder. It was a one in a thousand chance! If they knew I'd awoken Thunder before, I bet their jaws would drop! Well, since nobody saw me do it, I'll just keep it hidden.

I'll bide my time, and then I'll show them! Just wait! I'll show them all! I will finally have my day of triumph! Mo Fan? What's that expression? What's wrong with him? What's he doing? = Two Months Later = = Audio-Visual Classroom =.

Do you see that? That's stardust. It will form your spiritual world after your talents awake. There are 7 stars within the stardust. These stars revolve around at will. If you concentrate on controlling them with your mind, and make their random movements follow strict orbits, that means you've completed the Magic Release.

This process is like playing dominoes. Once you lose control of any particular star, you'll have to start over. So, you have to connect the orbits of all 7 stars at once. Mu Bai, please give us a demonstration. Please, have a go. Okay.

Sir, it seems I can already control 5 of the stars. Well students, Mu Bai is the fastest learner among you. Look, 5 of the stars on his badge are glowing. This means that while he was practicing, he managed to connect 5 stars at the same time. Students,.

If you can control all 7 stars simultaneously, you'll summon the Ice power, Creeping Ice. So, make Mu Bai your role model and practice harder! Mu Bai is just amazing. I can only control 3 stars so far. Yeah. I can only control 2. I can only control 3. We started with 1 star fewer than him.

It seems simple, but is really hard to control them. I wonder how Mu Bai did it. Let me remind you all that the difficulty in controlling stars is proportionate to your ability and the effort you put in. We need to use our minds to control every single star.

Hey! You loser, you've only got 1 star? You'll probably end up flunking the end-of-year exam! Such a shame! Your family sold your house to get you in. You'd better watch your mouth! Mind your own business! I won't waste my time talking! I just enjoy laughing at you!.

He can only control 1 star. I thought I was the slowest one. Who'd have thought Mo Fan would be even worse? I'm grateful to that loser! Mo Fan! Let's visit the ice cream shop first. Good idea! I just love their ice cream!.

It tastes amazing! = Epigraph Girls Junior High = = Nanchan Temple = Never mind, I just need more practice. Only 1 star in Fire. But Thunder… Why do I always fail on the last star? Just one step away from releasing Thunder power!.

It's such a pity! But still, not bad. Xinxia. Mo Fan. It's them again? Mo Fan don't. Forget about them. We're outnumbered. I don't care!.

Boss, we're not being very nice. I'm not bullying her. I'm giving her a choice. She can be my girlfriend, and have her wheelchair back. And I'll give her a ride after school. Or she can come get it herself. Right. That sounds very reasonable.

But boss, you have unusual taste in girls. This chick is a looker, but she can't even walk… What do you know? This is called good taste. -Hey! You scumbags! Come to help your little sister again? Do you think you're a match.

For four against one? Look how skinny he is. I can handle him by myself. Oh stop your boasting! Go and fight him! Let me tell you, your sister should be pleased that I fancy her. A disabled girl like her can't afford to be too picky.

Get lost! If you keep giving me trouble, then I'll put you in a wheelchair just like your sister! You can take a hint! Don't worry. Although she can't walk, I can carry her in my arms every day. That soft body… Wow! This time, I can definitely do it.

I must succeed! 1 star… 2 stars… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7! Stop callling her disabled! Wrath of Thunder! He… He… He… He's a Mage! The Boss… The Boss has… been knocked out! Master Mage, please spare us!.

Please spare us! Sorry we disrespected you! We're sorry we were snobbish! We… We won't insult you again! Master Mage, please have mercy on us! I have an elderly son and a young mother. Oh no, I mean… I have an elderly mother and young son!.

Master Mage, please don't strike us with a thunderbolt! We'll never insult you again! We wouldn't dare! Get lost! Yes, yes! Quick, let's go! Put Boss over my shoulder. Hurry! Thank you for sparing us!.

Hurry! Run! Magic… The power of Thunder… Hey, Xinxia! They're gone! Mo Fan, you can release magic now? That's really amazing! It's nothing much. Just a few tricks.

How are your studies going? I've already managed to control 5 stars. Well, it looks like you're pretty good. You're quite gifted. As long as you perform well this time, I'll find a way to get the Star Bracelet for you. Yes. I'll work super hard. The final exam will be a good opportunity for you. Her Ladyship will come in person.

She is the heiress of the Mu family. So you should know how important it is to make her remember you. Of course. I'll need further advice on that. By the way, how is Mo Fan doing? Him? He can't even manage to control 1 star! He's bottom of the class. Anyway, he's completely ordinary.

We'll kick him out if he fails the exam. Uncle, looks like you're a good person after all! Nobody else will pay any attention to him. It's not easy for your dad to fund your education. He's gone to work with your uncle. It's dangerous out there. I heard that monsters have been roaming the outskirts of the city.

We're just ordinary people. We're powerless. We'd be killed if we ran into a monster somewhere. Magic rules the whole world. There are monsters surrounding the city. It's dangerous for Dad to work outside. Mastering Thunder Magic will help me grasp Fire Magic. I should master it much faster than the others.

It's boiling! Mo Fan! Auntie prepared some cakes… Why is your skin so red? Are you feeling unwell? No, no! My bath water was just a little too hot. Mo Fan, I never expected you to.

Master the Wrath of Thunder so quickly. But… What is it? It's been less than 6 months. How could you master Thunder Magic? You… Did you approach the Black Curia? What are you talking about? Our teacher told us.

About a cult that helps people improve their skills faster, did you… Don't be ridiculous. I awakened that talent ages ago. But I practiced privately. Please, keep this a secret for me. Nobody knows about it. Alright now,.

It's getting dark. You should be going to bed. But… It's true, I'm improving a little too quickly. If people suspect I approached the Black Curia, that would land me in trouble. So Thunder will have to be my trump card. I can only reveal Fire in front of the others. I'll remind Xinxia again later.

She can't tell anyone that I've awoken Thunder. I should practice Fire as much as possible, and pass the school's end-of-year exam. Find a seat quickly, young man. You're already late. Hi everyone. I'm Tang Yue. Starting today, I am your new Practical Magic teacher.

Let me ask you something. How many of you have awoken Fire? Please stand up. Mo Fan, you should be ashamed of yourself! See how few of your stars are lit up! Wow… She… What? Is that all? Right.

What's going on? What happened? Is this some kind of trick? Wow! That's awesome! Amazing! This is Level-1 Fire Magic, Fire Burst, one of the strongest spell in Element Magic. Wow, it's amazing.

Fire Burst! So this is Fire Burst! It's awesome! Uncle, you want to force Mo Fan to quit? But I don't think Mo Fan is actually that incompetent. I thought only students who got a D in the final exam should quit?.

That's why I have a back-up plan. Uncle, what is that? A Dark Stone. It can absorb magical energy and the light of the Crystal Ball. This is sure to make him do poorly in the exam. Even worse than a D. But we all use the same Crystal Ball. Will the rest of us.

Be affected if the Dark Stone is used? That won't happen. The examiner works for me. He'll check the Crystal Ball before each student takes the test. He'll just apply the stone when it's Mo Fan's turn, and take it away before the next student. You're so clever, Uncle.

He has offended the Mu family. We can't let him get away with it. ♪ Darkness and light mingle ♪ ♪ Dreams fade in reality ♪ ♪ The path ahead is long and twisted ♪ ♪ Ready to confront destiny ♪ ♪ Sail against the tide fearlessly ♪ ♪ Fight against the fate determinedly ♪ ♪ Fly high ♪.

♪ Traverse the land of dream ♪ ♪ Bright & sky, reflected in my eyes ♪ ♪ Born to shine, born to fight ♪ ♪ My heart never changes ♪ ♪ My dreams are not bound by time ♪ ♪ Wandering in endless darkness ♪ ♪ Embrace a new life ♪ ♪ The roaring fire shakes the sky ♪ ♪ Wait to wake up ♪.

♪ Oh my life ♪ ♪ I'm here to change the world ♪ = Full-time Mage = Control the stars. I can still only control 5 stars, but there's less than a month left before the end-of-year exam. Although the exam will only test for basic magical ability,.

I'll have more chance of impressing the Mu Family if I can harness the full power. Damn it! My magic energy is depleted! Guess my powers are not strong enough. But this is exactly what they'll test for in the exam! The Crystal Ball is a magic stone that measures your magical powers.

The brighter the stone glows, the more power you hold. We'll grade you based on its brightness. D is the lowest mark. A is the highest. I must remind you all, that any student who gets a D will be forced to leave. Sir,.

What about Magic Release? Will that be tested? Considering that it's impossible for most of you to control 7 stars within a year, Magic Release is not compulsory this time. However, anyone who's able to do it, will be moved into the Elite Class and receive a Star Bracelet. Wow! A Star Bracelet!.

It can help you progress faster! I wish I could do that. Hey? Have you mastered all 7 stars? Not yet. Looks like the Star Bracelet will be mine! Listen carefully, class. Today we will have our final exam. Now is the time to test your powers. We are fortunate to have with us Professor Mu,.

And our outstanding former student, Mu Ningxue, who got into the Imperial College. She'll show us the real power of magic later. Now I'll give the floor to Professor Mu. Good morning. I am honored to be attending this exam. I'm excited to meet the next generation of outstanding Mages. Wow, she's really cute.

She's like the Snow White in real life! You have no chance with her! She's powerful enough to be a real Ice Mage. She went to college when she was only 15. What kind of man could possibly deserve her? You fool. I'll force you to drop out in front of Ningxue. There's no way you can stay here anymore!.

Professor, thank you for your speech. Now please welcome Ningxue, who will demonstrate her magic. Wow! It's amazing! Fabulous! She's awesome! Such power!.

She's awesome! When did that girl become so powerful? It's over for me! I know I'll get kicked out! Mr. Xue, I might be forced to leave the school. Relax. You won't have to leave as long as you've really tried.

Right! Calm down. You'll still have me to support you if you get expelled. What are you worried about? Mo Fan will do much worse than you. Hey! Worry about your own performance! What?!.

What's your problem anyway?! Quiet! One more word and you'll be expelled! He Yu. Grade A. I got an A! I got an A! I got an A! Guess it's not that hard. Zhang Xiaohou. Here!.

Go for it, Xiaohou! A. Uh, Sir? I'd like to try the Magic Release too. Alright. You're too weak! It's over for you! That's so embarrassing! You've disgraced yourself!.

Ignore them. I know you were nervous. I believe you can do it if you really focus. Okay? Yes, Miss Tang. I'll try harder next time! Look! It's Mu Bai's turn! What's gonna happen?.

Wow! S. What? Isn't A the highest grade? Mu Bai got an S! He's better than the best! He must be the only S in the school. Of course Mu Bai is the best in the exam. Mu Bai is awesome! He's the best in the class!.

No, the best in the whole school! Sir, I'd like to try Magic Release. Zhuoyun, Ningxue. This is the boy I always mention. He's outstanding in every respect. See for yourselves. You may begin now. Creeping Ice! Magic Release, B.

He's amazing! He deserves his surname. It's incredible that he reached this level in just one year. Zhuoyun, Ningxue. What do you think of him? Well, Ningxue? He's alright. Next. Mo Fan.

Let's go, there's nothing to watch. There's still one to go. Fine. Let's see what this kid has achieved after sacrificing everything to come here. If Ningxue watches you get expelled from the school, she'll think you're a complete waste of space. This isn't happening! Is Mo Fan going to be expelled?.

The Principal is watching too. I'll lose my bonus if I end up with a D student in my class! The whole school will laugh at me! I've never seen a weaker light than that before! I bet you get a D! Well, well, well… If this is all he can do after a whole year, then the best job for him.

Is to be a driver like his old man. He could never be a Mage. Yes. It's a shame that his dad have wasted so much money on sending him to study here. He's learned nothing! He's brought dishonor on his family! Grade B. Man! You're amazing!.

No way! He doesn't even deserve a B! That's not fair! I only got a C! If he got a B, that means he's way above average. I had no idea Mo Fan was so powerful. The… The Crystal Ball must be faulty! That's impossible!.

It's just a B. It's nothing special. Not bad, Mo Fan. You've really progressed. Am I right, Miss Tang? This is not Mo Fan's real ability. The Crystal Ball was faulty. I insist that he be tested again. I knew there was something wrong!.

How could Mo Fan end up with a B? Yeah! Turns out the ball didn't work properly. He's been cursed with a D! I was so worried just now! Don't, Miss Tang. It wasn't easy for him to get into this school. It's a good that he passed, even if it's just a B.

Even if the Crystal Ball had a problem and didn't show his real power, please let him pass. Miss Tang, are you serious? As the supervisor, you have the right to ask for a retest, but if it turns out that the ball is not faulty, you'll be held responsible. I accept responsibility.

I also think there was something wrong with the ball. Let's do a re-test. If Ningxue says there's a problem, then there's a problem! Who picked the ball? It must have corroded over time. You! Go and find a replacement! Thank god he's finally leaving!.

Miss Tang, you are wise indeed! Mo Fan, you'd better get out of this school! Don't you agree, Mu Bai? Shut up! Fire talent, grade S. My god! He's an S, too? Surely the Crystal Ball must be faulty! Mo Fan is a genius! He's one of the S students in the school!.

Bro, you're amazing! You're the best! This student should have been awarded an S in the first place. Just now the Crystal Ball was faulty, so he ended up with a B. Great. His light is even brighter than Mu Bai's. You did well, Mo Fan.

You may step down. I haven't finished yet. I want to try Magic Release. What? -What? Damn it! Damn it! How could that idiot get an S? How could his light be brighter than mine?! He must have focused on controlling the stars. Yes, that's it.

If he had focused on controlling the stars, then he can't do well in the Magic Release. He won't be able to do it. That's right. That piece of garbage could never beat me! Woah! Who is that? He's incredible! A for Magic Release! An A for Magic Release?!.

Even better than Mu Bai! No one else managed to get an A for Magic Release. The best! Best in the school! Bro, you got double A, you are the best! This is amazing! Didn't Mo Fan used to be part of the Mu family? He was only the son of our chauffeur. Managing to achieve such outstanding results.

Without family backing means he's spared no effort to nurture his talent. He's got potential. Principal, you make a good point. Mo Fan, come over here. You did well. Your superb performance has changed my view of you.

Since the Principal thinks so highly of you, let's forget the past. The Mu family has a Fire magic gear, I shall give you this to help you better harness your powers. I shall accept you into my family. Keep up the good work. But, Zhuoyun,.

What about Mu Bai? Mu Bai is talented too. Oh, just make him work a bit harder. Mo Fan, with Mr. Mu's help, you'll have a very promising future. What are you waiting for? Hurry and thank him! Look, you old weirdo, are you a bit slow in the head?.

What did you say? I said, are you a bit slow in the head? Do you think I'm some little lapdog that you can just order around? Did I say I want your stuff? Did I say I want to be your lapdog? I'm not that spineless Mu Bai! You… you… I will never forget the way.

You treated my dad and me. So understand this you fool, I wouldn't want to be part of your family even if you paid me to marry your daughter! Zhuoyun! Please control yourself in the school grounds. Mo Fan, you've crossed the line.

You've insulted your elder. Apologize to Mr. Mu right now! So people should apologize when they insult or injure someone? 3 years ago, this man and his gang broke into my house and injured my dad. My dad still suffers pain in his back. Why won't this man apologize?.

You and your father are scum. You don't deserve my apologies! What does that make you then? You are superior to me only in age and social status. What else have you got? If we were the same age, I'd have kicked your ass! You think being top of the school makes you someone amazing?.

Do you think this behavior will help you become a Mage? Zhuoyun, this kid is deliberately provoking you. He knows you won't retaliate in front of us. Don't pay attention to him. Since he's insulted an important guest, you should just expel him. That'll take him down a peg or two!.

Did I say anything about expelling him? Without my permission, nobody may expel my student. If he refuses to apologize, then I'll fight him instead, and beat some respect into him. I'll make him kneel before Mr. Mu, and apologize. Yu Ang is my adoptive son,.

And you're of the same age. Principal Zhu, Yu Ang will fight on my behalf. This cannot be called unfair, can it? Mo Fan, there's still time to apologize to Mr. Mu. You don't have to be this stubborn. He should apologize to my dad first. A duel is just what I wanted! -What?! If I lose, then I'll apologize to him.

If he loses, he must apologize for what he did to my dad! The Mage Association regulations forbid duels between underage Mages. If there is to be a dual, it must be 2 years from now. In 2 years' time then! I'll show you how stupid your behavior today has been!.

Let's go. Bro, Yu Ang is a lot more powerful than Mu Bai. Relax. I'll take care of him. To prepare for this duel, Mu Zhuoyun will give it his all to train Yu Ang. I'll need to work much harder. = Bow City Logistics = Dad, I can't give you anything now,.

But I promise I'll win back your dignity! = September. New Semester = = Sky Magic High School = = Elite Class == Lecturers: Xue Musheng, Tang Yue = Congratulations on joining our Elite Class! You are all students who have mastered 7 stars. When it comes to Magic Release, your abilities vary, but being in our Elite Class.

Shows you are the best of the best. Your student number represents your grade. The better your grades, the lower the number. Mo Fan is No.1, Mu Ba is No.2, and Xu Zhaoting is No.3. Please give them a round of applause! I never thought Mo Fan would be No.1!.

Keep it down! He might hear you! Right, students. Miss Tang Yue has a few words to say to you. Just like last semester, I'll be teaching your magic practice class. Some of the students I know already, and some I don't. I hope we will all get along and.

Enjoy each other's company. Alright, now let's talk about the Star Bracelet. You'll take turns using it according to your grades. The top 3 students may use it for one month each. But here, I must openly criticize our No.1 Student. Mo Fan, you insulted Professor Mu last time. As punishment,.

You may only use the bracelet for 10 days. After 10 days, the star bracelet will be passed to our No.4 student. There are only 3 bracelets to be shared amongst the class. That means students with poor grades will never get a chance to use one. Well, there's no other way.

Star Bracelets are very precious. You may not return them late or damage them. If that ever happens, you won't just be expelled, you'll be banned from being a Mage! The Star Bracelet can speed up your progress… For people with more than one talent, it's what we need most.

But no matter. I can progress faster than the others anyway. Who knows, it might be because of this loach pendant. Mo Fan, you are the best! Mu Bai, your Creeping Ice is a lot stronger now. You just get better and better! I still can't believe it. I don't know what that loser did.

To become top of the class. Anyway, I can use the Star Bracelet for 20 more days. In 20 days, I'll be the top of the class. Yes, yes, that's for sure. Hey you knobs, let me ask you something. What… what did you call me? I'm just wondering if Yu Ang is using the Star Bracelet everyday.

He was only eligible for 3 to 4 months. But now thanks to you, he can use it for 6! Just you wait. I insulted that old codger so badly, and Yu Ang only gets 6 months? Cheapskate. Star Bracelets are no ordinary things. Do you even understand it?.

What? They're extremely rare. everyone in the Mu family takes it in turns to use it. Only Mu Ningxue has obtained a Star Spirit Bracelet. to practice with. Spirit? There are different levels? Of course!.

The Star Spirit Bracelet is twice as powerful. The bracelets at school can speed up your progress by 20 percent. The Spirit Bracelet can increase it by 40 percent. If Yu Ang uses this for 6 months, he can soon upgrade his stardust to the next level, and release level 2 Creeping Ice.

What? Bro, let's keep practicing. I remember Miss Tang released level 2 Fire Burst, which was much more powerful. What was it called again? I think it was… Fire Burst, Cremation. It moved again! Every time I practice it does that. Damn it! You weren't supposed to eat it!.

Come on, don't do this! It's very precious and I can't replace it! Spit it out! Be good, spit it out! Mo Fan, what are you doing? Uh… nothing. Why are you out here so late, Miss Tang? You like stargazing too? You've lost the Star Bracelet.

And they will kick you out. Many people would be glad to see you leave. So you'd better be honest with me, then maybe I can help you. Well, I was practicing like Mr. Xue told me to, but then this thing ate the bracelet! Where did you get this? A family heirloom.

Tell me, have you shown this to anyone? Your loach pendant is also a magical gear, but you need to feed it. What does that mean? This pendant is one of a kind. As well as acting as a stat booster, it can also grow more powerful. To put it simply,.

It can absorb energy and upgrade itself to the spirit level. No wonder I progress faster than other people. Many weren't able to release magic within a year, but I've released two powers. And it's all because of this little pendant? Oh no! Will Miss Tang kill me for having this thing?.

Look, do you… Miss Tang, I can't really control this thing. You should keep it. You are smart, but you don't have enough integrity. This is very precious. You should conceal it. Keep it under wraps. This pendant is very unique.

I sense it has some sort of spiritual bond with you. Do keep it safe. I should add, that this pendant will grow at the expense of spirits and other magical gears. If it can't feed, then it won't grow. Spirits? It's late. I should go. I hope you'll be able to display your skills.

During the field trip. I'll settle the matter of the lost school bracelet, but you owe me one. Miss Tang… Where did she go? Did she help me because she's attracted to my amazing charisma? You really are precious! I totally forgive you.

For sending me to the world of magic! = Sky Magic High School Dormitory = Our destination will be at Snowy Peak Outpost. I told you all about it in class. The outposts surrounding each city mark the edge of the safe zone. Outside this boundary, monsters may appear at any time.

If you are not sure you can deal with the monsters, then do not venture out of the safe zone. At the outpost, we have a 24-hour surveillance patrols preventing the monsters from entering the safe zone. But our manpower is quite limited. Outside the safe zone, the terrain is all forests, valleys and mountains. No matter how powerful our Mages are,.

They still won't be able to clear the caves completely of monsters. So make sure you don't fall behind. Safety is of the utmost importance. Mr. Luo is so hot! He's tanned like a foreigner. Is he from South Africa? You are just jealous! I heard that the monsters eat people.

A group of Mages may not defeat one of them… If we run into monsters in the mountain, then we'll be devoured! Just relax. The teachers are here to protect you. Amazing! We all need your protection too! Miss Tang rocks! The Fire Stardust has been restless lately.

Perhaps it's upgrading to level 2? Hello. I'm your Chief Instructor today, Zhan Kong. You are lucky. All those familiar with me will know that I'm an open and easy-going man. I know this exercise will affect your grade on the magic exam, and I'll cut you a little slack.

I just started a bounty hunt. There are 100 of you and you are all Mages. So even if only one of you completes the mission, you will all get an A, sounds good? But sir, a real bounty hunt? I thought only Mages with 3-5 years' experience could manage that!.

We are just high school students. Exactly. We would have to fight the monster face to face. That would be a suicide mission! Sir, what if none of us complete the mission? Then you all fail. Well sir, we should just go home! At least we'd live. Instructor,.

These students have only just learned Magic Release. Bounty hunting is for very experienced Mages. Isn't it a bit…? If you have a problem, take it up with Deng Kai. Do you think you can get good grades just by standing here on guard? Sky Magic is the best magic school in Bow City.

Is your Elite Class full of cowards who can't even fight monsters? On your first day at this school, the Principal told you all that a Mage is born to fight any monsters that invade our city! This is only an exercise and you're getting cold feet?! How can the city and its people count on you?.

What prize do we get for completing this bounty hunt? I shall personally award him or her some Magic Armour. What? No way! I heard that Magic Armour costs thousands! The instructor must be loaded. I bet!.

Wow, he's so rich! Yu Ang is part of the Mu family. With that kind of money, he'll definitely be well-equipped. I stand to lose without special equipment. I should take advantage of this chance to get some Magic Armour. Wow. We're so high up!.

What? Me? All set! ♪ Darkness and light mingle ♪ ♪ Dreams fade in reality ♪ ♪ The path ahead is long and twisted ♪ ♪ Ready to confront destiny ♪ ♪ Sail against the tide fearlessly ♪ ♪ Fight against the fate determinedly ♪.

♪ Flyhigh ♪ ♪ Traverse the land of dream ♪ ♪ Bright & sky, reflected in my eyes ♪ ♪ Born to shine, born to fight ♪ ♪ My heart never changes ♪ ♪ My dreams are not bound by time ♪ ♪ Wandering in endless darkness ♪ ♪ Embrace a new life ♪ ♪ The roaring fire shakes the sky ♪.

♪ Wait to wake up ♪ ♪ Oh my life ♪ ♪ I'm here to change the world ♪ = Full-time Magister = Turns out other teams besides us can get here too. That's the cave Instructor Zhan Kong ordered us to go to. They said it's the den of One-Eyed Wolf Demons.

They cleared it out months ago. But we have to go and check it again in case there are any wolves left, and retrieve Instructor Bai Yang's lost bracelet. What kind of mission is this? Why did they ask us to find a lost bracelet? Do you think there's anything left in the cave? I'm scared.

What if there are still wolf demons left and they eat us? Come on, we are Mages. It's the demons who should be scared. Besides, there are so many of us. Well said. Even if there are One-Eyed Wolf Demons, we'll slay them together. If we retreat now, we will all fail.

Sir, two teams have entered the valley. Among them, Mu Bai of Ice talent, Zhou Min of Fire talent, and Zhang Xiaohou of Wind talent all did well. Good. They'll get higher scores. So, you sent someone to follow the students? That's a relief. So there's no One-Eyed Wolf Demon.

In the cave then, right? No no no, there's something in there. Anyway, the students have never experienced something so real. This indeed is a good chance for them. But the thing in the cave, what if… They must understand.

What it means to be a Mage. But don't worry. I know what I'm doing. Mo Fan has been training with the pendent for 1 year already, so he must be the strongest among them. Even so, if they really encounter a monster, I doubt if he could manage to release magic. Don't let the rope break,.

Or we'll have no way to get back and will have to sleep in the cave. Nonsense! The rope is strong enough. Zhou Min, aren't you scared? What if there's something in there? We'll all fail unless we accomplish the task. If that happens,.

We won't get into a good magic college. Is that the only pep talk you know? Relax! If we meet a One-Eyed Wolf Demon, Mu Bai will freeze it with Creeping Ice. Guys, just follow Mu Bai's lead. That's right. We are all Mages. Let's go then, follow the leader!.

Those with Wind talent, scout. Light talents, light up! Man, are you looking for fish? Look at the water in the pond. It's clean. It rained right after we got here. The pond should have been filled up with rainwater, which means it should be full, but it's only half full now.

Maybe the water evaporated because of the hot weather? See for yourself, the water line is still visible, but half the water is missing. That means… Means what? Something from the cave must have drunk it all.

Judging from the water it drank, it's got to be really big. Don't scare me. Is, is something here? Oh no, I have to warn the others! Quit joking. So what if the water is gone? Why are you guys so scared?.

So what if half the water is missing? Are you just too scared to enter the cave? I… Stay outside if you are too scared. You'll still pass the test if we finish it for you. Find a better excuse if you are just too scared! You pathetic Light.

Can't even keep the cave lit. Watch me. One-Eyed Wolf Demon! Please don't eat me! Help! This… This thing is huge! I can do this! I know I can do this! Put me down!.

Put me down! Do you want die? You can't cast magic in such a short time. Even if you could, that thing would still eat you alive! Look at them, how pathetic! Is it because my Archwolf is too fierce? A One-Eyed Wolf Demon is even fiercer than your pet.

If they had met a real monster, they'd have all perished. I didn't expect them to beat the Archwolf. I just hoped they would at least release some magic. So, the Archwolf is Instructor Bai Yang's pet? Testing the students by disguising a pet as a monster.

What a good idea! It offers students real experience without putting them in actual danger. It seems that none of them are up to the task. Sir, I guess you'll be hanging on to your Magic Armour. It must be Mu Bai. He's gifted. Run! Run! Hurry! Make way!.

The rope is gone! How could it be? It was here just now. Oh no. We're all going to die here! What do we do? We are doomed! I don't want to die! Hey!.

I can do this. I can do this! Focus. Concentrate! Fire Burst, Rage! Oh no! Thunder, Serpent! Well done! Guys, let's attack this beast together!.

Zhaoting has managed to paralyze it! They're useless. It, it's too strong! We are no match for it! Our magic can't hurt it at all! Mu Bai and Zhaoting are knocked out. What are we going to do? This beast… Level 1 magic can't hurt it at all.

Have a taste of this! Fire Burst, Cremation! This is…This is…. Level 2 Fire Burst. Someone has mastered level 2 Fire Burst. Cremation is more powerful than Rage. It can burn even bones to ashes. The Archwolf must be hurt badly. Good. Good.

At least there's one student who's got talent. Bai Yang, enough. Call your wolf off. What's wrong? The, the Archwolf, he… He's not responding. What do you mean? I don't know why, but I can't control him now.

Damn it. The students! The Archwolf was ordered to not really hurt those students. But if it's out of control…. We need to move! I don't know why, but I can't control him now. Damn it. The students! The Archwolf was ordered to.

Not really hurt those students. But if it's out of control… We need to move! ♪ Darkness and light mingle ♪ ♪ Dreams fade in reality ♪ ♪ The path ahead is long and twisted ♪ ♪ Ready to confront destiny ♪ ♪ Sail against the tide fearlessly ♪ ♪ Fight against the fate determinedly ♪.

♪ Fly high ♪ ♪ Traverse the land of dream ♪ ♪ Bright & sky, reflected in my eyes ♪ ♪ Born to shine, born to fight ♪ ♪ My heart never changes ♪ ♪ My dreams are not bound by time ♪ ♪ Wandering in endless darkness ♪ ♪ Embrace a new life ♪ ♪ The roaring fire shakes the sky ♪.

♪ Wait to wake up ♪ ♪ Oh my life ♪ ♪ I'm here to change the world ♪ = Full-time Magister = I thought I was going to die! Go find a place to hide. This isn't good. The wolf will kill us all if this keeps up. The strongest among us are.

Mu Bai, Xu Zhaoting and Zhou Min, but they… The wolf demon will kill them all if they go deeper into the cave! They did it to save us. We can't let them die in vain. Guys, let's get out of here! How could you say that? We need to go in to help them!.

That would be suicide. You saw what that beast is capable of. Terrible! Monsters are terrible! But if we don't go, Mo Fan and Xiaohou are bound to die! You can go if you want, but I… Where is the wolf?.

Where is it? It followed Mo Fan and Xiaohou into the cave. What?! They did this because they didn't want anybody to get hurt. But the two of them… Watch out! You wrenched beast! Do you think I only have Fire?.

You'll die here today! You're not gonna give up are you? You think I can't kill you? GO TO HELL! Xiaohou! That was advanced Wind magic, the Wing of Wind! Dead? The Archwolf is dead?.

You… You killed it? Yeah. There's no way your Fire magic killed it. I broke the stalactite to kill it. I thought you were dead. I never thought a high school student could manage to kill a beast as strong as a One-Eyed Wolf Demon. Xiaohou was injured trying to save me.

We have to get him some help now! How on earth did you do it? How did you? Given Archwolf's speed and reflexes, there's no way it couldn't avoid the falling stalactite. Instructor, can we perhaps save Xiaohou first? Be careful.

Thank goodness! Instructor Zhan Kong came in time, otherwise you'd have been killed. Oh right, where is the Archwolf? Over there. He's dead. What? Dead?! Sir, how could you?.

Why did you kill my pet? He wasn't a threat to you! He was killed before I got here. What? But Sir, if you didn't kill him, how are those two still alive? Did they actually handle the wolf themselves? They did indeed kill the wolf. Mo Fan himself killed him.

What? Mo Fan? How is that possible? How could a high school student kill my pet? He was even more powerful than ordinary monsters. He could easily kill experienced Mages. Sir, it must have been you! It's true. Even I, myself, am no match for the wolf. Mo Fan is just a student.

It's impossible. Mo Fan, did you actually kill it? Yeah, it was me. He was after me and Xiaohou. I broke the stalactite with Fire, which stabbed through its body. But I didn't know that it was Instructor Bai Yang's pet. So, it was just a test?.

It was meant to be a test, but then the Archwolf got out of control and tried to kill you. Fortunately, you led it into this cave, and protected the other students. Let me. Careful. Indeed, this crazy wolf wanted to kill you all.

You killed him and saved your classmates. But… My pet was killed by a student… How come a student could kill my pet?! You poor thing! How could this happen? Well, this didn't go as planned. Leave him alone for a while.

So, it was Mo Fan who saved us! No wonder he's the No. 1 student! Mo Fan, you're incredible! Mo Fan was so brave! I couldn't even move when I saw the wolf, let alone fight him with magic! But Mo Fan released magic calmly facing such a horrible beast, and the magic he used was level 2 Fire Burst!.

That's right. I thought Mu Bai and Zhaoting were good, turns out Mo Fan is the best! You heard what Mr. Xu just said? Even he himself couldn't kill the wolf. All of you should thank Mo Fan for preventing more bloodshed. But more importantly, you should know that if the Archwolf wanted to kill you in the beginning,.

Those of you who couldn't release magic would all be killed. The monsters you'll face are bloodthirsty killers who show no mercy. Indeed. I'm not happy with your overall performance. Only a few of you put up a fight against the wolf.

Mu Bai, Xu Zhaoting, Zhou Min, and Zhang Xiaohou all did well, but they will only receive an A. Mo Fan has received an S. He's incredible! Yeah! Come on, Sir, releasing level 2 Fire Burst alone deserves an S. But he also killed the wolf. Didn't you promise that.

You'd award the student who completed the task with a Magic Armour? I think Mo Fan deserves it. Did I say that? Yes! Well… Since this task has been completed successfully, every student will pass with an A. Congratulations.

I almost forgot about the grades! We all get an A! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! You're gifted. Why not join us after you graduate? As the head of this institution, I can guarantee that you will live a comfortable life. Instructor, are you a soldier or a bandit?.

What are you trying to do here? Forget about it. Are you with me or not? Well, I need to finish being a student first. You'll regret it. Don't forget the Magic Armour you promised! What are you talking about? Mo Fan, you're amazing! How did he kill the Archwolf?.

Could it be he didn't tell us the whole truth? The ground under the wolf's body was scorched. Could it be… Sir, bad news! Bone Wolf Demons were spotted in the west! What? Those wrenched monsters! How dare they range within my territory?.

Guys, take your weapons. If monsters dare intrude on human territory, we soldiers are responsible for killing them all! Eagle Warriors, attention! Find and kill the wolves! Yes! Mo Fan, you're amazing! How did he kill the Archwolf? Could it be.

He didn't tell us the whole truth? The ground under the wolf's body was scorched. Could it be… Sir, bad news! Bone Wolf Demons were spotted in the west! What? Those wrenched monsters! How dare they range within my territory? Guys, take your weapons.

If monsters dare intrude on human territory, we soldiers are responsible for killing them all! Eagle Warriors, attention! Find and kill the wolves! Yes! ♪ Darkness and light mingle ♪ ♪ Dreams fade in reality ♪ ♪ The path ahead is long and twisted ♪ ♪ Ready to confront destiny ♪.

♪ Sail against the tide fearlessly ♪ ♪ Fight against the fate determinedly ♪ ♪ Fly high ♪ ♪ Traverse the land of dream ♪ ♪ Bright & sky, reflected in my eyes ♪ ♪ Born to shine, born to fight ♪ ♪ My heart never changes ♪ ♪ My dreams are not bound by time ♪ ♪ Wandering in endless darkness ♪.

♪ Embrace a new life ♪ ♪ The roaring fire shakes the sky ♪ ♪ Wait to wake up ♪ ♪ Oh my life ♪ ♪ I'm here to change the world ♪ = Full-time Magister = = Two Months Later = With this, I can progress 20% faster,.

And it helped me upgrade my level 1 Fire Burst quickly to level 2. Fire Burst, Cremation! Zhou Min managed to hit the Archwolf with Fire, but it only scorched his fur. Fire Burst Cremation is more powerful. It seems level 2 magic can do monsters some serious damage.

I wonder what the level 2 Thunder can do! It must be more powerful. After all, Thunder is the strongest element. I have to practice Fire and Thunder. Last semester, I spent most of my time practicing Fire magic, I need to improve my Thunder. But I can't practice 24 hours a day,.

I have to eat and sleep. How can I keep increasing my powers? Watch out! I'm still not strong enough. If it hadn't been for that stalactite, I wouldn't have been able to destroy that Archwolf by relying on my magic alone. According to Miss Tang, my loach pendant can grow stronger.

By absorb large amounts of energy or spirits of monsters. Once it gets more powerful, I'll be able to progress even faster. If it reaches the Spirit level, it can speed up my progress by 40 percent. That would be great. Maybe I should become a bounty hunter. What the pendant needs to feed off cost money.

Bounty hunters are well paid, and I can engage in real combat. = Bounty Hunters' Hall = Experienced Mages needed to escort people who want to pick herbs outside the safety zone. The payment is 150,000! This task sounds easy. Let's take it! You kidding?.

They want to go to the North Valley, a place the wolves frequent. Even a whole group of Mages don't stand a chance against two or more One-Eyed Wolf Demons. What about this then? A recruitment ad from the military. They need Mages to comb the mountain region. It says that a badly-hurt.

Bone Demon Wolf has escaped. They're offering 300,000! You're just a junior Mage! You stand no chance against monsters like that!. You want to die or what? Maybe I should join the Monster Hunters. I heard that the salary is good, and they're based in the city, there's nothing much to do.

Unlike other bounty hunters, they have a roof above their head and a bed to sleep in. Dream on! The Monster Hunters only hire the best. A greenhorn like you has no chance. Well what else can I do? Hey man, is the Monster Hunters recruiting?.

Yes, didn't you see that long line? So many people! Well? You want to try your luck? I suggest you don't waste your time. Such a young Mage like yourself wouldn't stand a chance. Bounty hunters fight real monsters. Greenhorns can only shiver.

At the sight of them. They'll only slow the team down. Monster Hunters are based in the city. Since I still need to attend class, I can't really leave the city. It would be perfect to be part of them! Hey, what's your talent? If it's Fire, that makes things easier.

Does that really matter? Of course it does! I guess this is your first time here? Fire Mages are the most popular. Even if you're a newbie, people will consider taking you on. But for the other talents, I'm not so sure. What about Thunder?.

What? Thunder? Are you kidding? Only one in a thousand Mages has Thunder power! If you're a Thunder talent, every team would want you in even if you're completely inexperienced! But Thunder Mages.

Wouldn't need to come here. They usually get snapped up by the rich and powerful. Is it the same with Monster Hunters? Yes, of course. Absolutely! But are you a Thunder Mage? Hey… = Monster Hunters Interview =.

Is this some sort of joke?! Weaklings like this shouldn't have bothered to come! Even middling hunters are seeking an interview! This one says he's killed a One-Eyed Wolf Demon. Says he's experienced, with quick reflexes, but he can't even use level 2 Wind Power! Rubbish! And this one, this arrogant Fire Mage…

His Fire is nothing compared to mine! Why should I hire him? I want elite Mages! I want powerful, experienced elite Mages with quick reflexes and integrity! Not these inexperienced rookies! But Captain, few people can meet your standard. Then go and find them for me!.

I… They've rejected so many people. Why are you wasting your time? Well, then why are you still here? I just want to try my luck! It's that kid! Who does he think he is? It's his first time in Hunters' Hall and he wants to join the Monster Hunters?.

Our Captain is angry.. If we fail to find anyone, we'll be in big trouble! Are you still in school? I've graduated. All the others are junior hunters. You're not even that. You don't stand a chance. Don't be so harsh okay?.

What's your name? Fan Mo. We are the Monster Hunters Team. Only Mid-level hunters are qualified to enroll. An uncertified Mage like you… I heard that you're hiring Thunder Mages? Every team wants Thunder Mages! Well,.

I happen to be one. What? What? You'd better not be pulling our leg. As far as I know, Thunder Mages are really rare. He really is a Thunder Mage! I have never seen one before! He looks so young though!.

There's only one vacancy, and we have to compete with a Thunder Mage? What?! That kid… he… he has Thunder power? That's a one-in-a-thousand chance! Oh no! So… will you accept me or not? Please wait here, I'll ask the Captain. No need for that!.

You're Fan Mo, right? From now on, consider yourself one of the team! I'm not certified. Not a problem! I'll get you one. I don't have much experience. Nobody's born able to hunt monsters! You'll soon pick it up. I've only achieved level 1.

Level 1? Impressive! They say it's much hard to upgrade Thunder power. They say you want people with quick reflexes? I'm not sure if I… It doesn't matter. I get nervous easily. It's fine! After you kill a few monsters,.

You won't be nervous anymore! Just keep an eye on me! Welcome to the club! Is he being serious? And the rest interviewees? People, we've found the right person. There's no point queuing. You can go home now. This is our deputy, Cai Tang.

She's an Ice Mage. Oh so it's her?! She's from Mu family, one of Ningxue's cousins. I hope she doesn't recognize me. You're a Thunder Mage, but that doesn't necessarily make you better than others. You'd better not drag us down. This is our Water Mage, Xiaoke.

Hello! Welcome to the club! What?! I can't believe this! A demon on the loose? You mean that trouble at the Epigraph Girls Junior High? Another girl has gone missing? Yes, this sounds serious. The demons are causing mischief.

Fan Mo, guess we don't have time for a welcome party today. Go home and get things ready. This could take us a few days. We have to get to work. Let me go with you. I'm a team member already. Fine. Epigraph Girls Junior High.

That's Xinxia's school. = Epigraph Girls Junior High = A demon on the loose? You mean that trouble at the Epigraph Girls Junior High? Another girl has gone missing? Xinxia, nothing must happen to you! What's going on? What happened? It's an emergency. Rocky, go to the dormitory.

And protect those there. Right! Li Wenjie, go to the playground and find that monster. Yes. I'll go that way and see if I can find the missing girl. Fan Mo, go and check the canteen. Right.

Mo Fan, it's me. Why didn't you answer my calls? I left my phone in the dorm during the emergency evacuation. I used a payphone to call you. Mo Fan, I'm safe. I just feel like there's something lurking in the school.

I was on my way back to the dorm when a girl passed me. She was heading in the opposite direction. I tried to stop her. In fact, I should probably run in and warn that girl. Silly, worry about yourself first. Look, where did that girl go? The canteen.

I think she was heading to the canteen. Mo Fan, it's me. Why didn't you answer my calls? I left my phone in the dorm during the emergency evacuation. I used a payphone to call you. Mo Fan, I'm safe. I just feel like there's something.

Lurking in the school. I was on my way back to the dorm when a girl passed me. She was heading in the opposite direction. I tried to stop her. In fact, I should probably run in and warn that girl. Silly, worry about yourself first. Look, where did that girl go?.

The canteen. I think she was heading to the canteen. ♪ Darkness and light mingle ♪ ♪ Dreams fade in reality ♪ ♪ The path ahead is long and twisted ♪ ♪ Ready to confront destiny ♪ ♪ Sail against the tide fearlessly ♪ ♪ Fight against the fate determinedly ♪ ♪ Fly high ♪.

♪ Traverse the land of dream ♪ ♪ Bright & sky, reflected in my eyes ♪ ♪ Born to shine, born to fight ♪ ♪ My heart never changes ♪ ♪ My dreams are not bound by time ♪ ♪ Wandering in endless darkness ♪ ♪ Embrace a new life ♪ ♪ The roaring fire shakes the sky ♪ ♪ Wait to wake up ♪.

♪ Oh my life ♪ ♪ I'm here to change the world ♪ = Full-time Magister = There you are! It is in the canteen after all. It's that weird light! There's nowhere to hide. I have to fight it. Water, Diffusion!.

Fan Mo! Get out of the way! We'll handle this. Hah, it's just an overgrown rat! Think you can get me? Idiot! You've messed with the wrong people! Their magic is so fast! Wind, Split!.

Level 2 Wind magic, Split? So much more powerful than Xiaohou's! Have a taste of my Fire! Fire Burst! Ha! You can't hide! Firestorm! Incredible! That's… That's Level 3 Fire Burst, Firestorm!.

Such power… The rat is roasted. This Cyclops isn't as strong as that Archwolf, but it's also a powerful monster. The Captain knocked it out with one strike. I thought it was something more powerful. It should run away while it's still got the chance. Creeping Ice! Xiaoke, protect Cai Tang!.

Water, Diffusion! Thunder, Serpent! Well done, Fan Mo. Damn it! This Cyclops must have mutated! How was it still so fast while on death's doorstep? Why didn't it try to escape once it was hurt? I'm terribly sorry! I was being careless.

As the team's Water Mage, you have to be ready all the time! Even if the others lower their guard, you must not! You're responsible for protecting us, you know? I don't want apologies. Apologies mean that one of our team is going to die.

You should thank Fan Mo for catching your mistake and saving Cai Tang's life. Excellent job, kid. It was amazing how quickly you reacted! I can't believe you're just a newbie. Since you've done well, you are hereby promoted to a full-time member of our team. I'm sure you'll become an excellent hunter.

I bet full-time members get salaries and bonuses! The rat's spirit? It also appeared after I killed the Archwolf. They can't see it? It's strange. The rat's spirit is not very useful. My pendant only grows by consuming concentrated spirits. So which monsters leave spirits like that?.

Well, Captain, we didn't find that missing girl. We only found a tunnel in the kitchen, a deep one, covered with footprints of Cyclops. Other Cyclops must have dragged the girl into the tunnel. She's probably dead then. Shall we go in?.

Alert the Association of Magical Societies. It's not something we can handle. Why are there so many Cyclops all of a sudden? It doesn't make sense. The Association has taken over the matter. They will send someone here soon. Fan Mo, I underestimated you, kid. What? I thought you were.

Just another novice Mage whose legs turn to rubber at the sight of monsters! Right. I thought we'd have to coach you for a while, you were stronger than I thought! Cai Tang. Yeah? How do you plan to return this favor? Fan Mo saved your life today.

I think he's already been taken. We found Fan Mo's phone in the canteen, and there's a dozen of missed calls from a girl. So he's already seeing someone? Xinxia? I heard the fight over the phone. I thought… I thought… Silly, I'm a Mage now. I can handle monsters!.

Don't worry. The Cyclops that terrified the school was killed by us. I can take care of myself, okay? Okay. What you should do is to protect yourself, especially when I'm not with you. Mo Fan, did you kill that monster?.

That's right! I'll tell you how it went and everything. So, the monster jumped at me, and then I hit it with my magic. That monster was furious, and it attacked me again. But I dodged in time beautifully. And then, the monster… Here.= Pay Envelop =.

We took action in the nick time, so we earned a bonus. Fan Mo, though you're a new member, you did well and you will be paid as a full-time member. Thank you, thank you! Thank you all. Yu Ang,.

Master wants to see you. Yu Ang, your Ice magic has improved a lot. How's it going? Not fast enough. Not fast enough? You're the only one who's upgraded your Ice magic to level 2 among your peers. It won't be long before you reach the level 3,.

A large area of effect spell that will allow you to freeze a huge area. It'll take a year at least. Too long. Have some patience. You're already way ahead of others. What about Ningxue? I can't compare to her. Ningxue is different.

She's a particular case. Just focus on your own progress. As long as you can teach Mo Fan a proper lesson, Master will reward you handsomely. He's not a worthy opponent. Father, why did you arrange such a boring duel for me? I just want to make your coming-of-age celebration more interesting.

Just inviting some upper-class people to eat and drink? That's what I call boring. Then at least find me a worthy opponent. I also think it was a little beneath you to duel with a loser like him. But since it was what Principal Zhu and Deng Kai wanted, it's the arrangement I had to make. Listen to me. It will be your first step to control the city.

Well, that makes it more interesting. And, there's something even more important. What's that? This duel concerns the Sacred Spring. Only one person is chosen to practice in the Sacred Spring each year. The school wants that opportunity. So do all the old families.

Display your overwhelming power through this magic duel, so that the school and other families can't find anybody good enough to beat you. The Sacred Spring? Father, I understand. Uncle, it seems Master really likes Yu Ang. Will he become the next leader?.

Of course not. Mu Ningxue is the only heir to the Mu family. Yu Ang is just a dog that he's raising to use as a stepping stone for Ningxue. Do you really think he cares about him? What about the Sacred Spring? The Sacred Spring is a good place. If Mo Fan wins,.

He'll get the chance to train in there, won't he? That's not gonna happen. Don't worry. But what if he does win? He can't. ♪ Darkness and light mingle ♪ ♪ Dreams fade in reality ♪ ♪ The path ahead is long and twisted ♪ ♪ Ready to confront destiny ♪.

♪ Sail against the tide fearlessly ♪ ♪ Fight against the fate determinedly ♪ ♪ Fly high ♪ ♪ Traverse the land of dream ♪ ♪ Bright & sky, reflected in my eyes ♪ ♪ Born to shine, born to fight ♪ ♪ My heart never changes ♪ ♪ My dreams are not bound by time ♪ ♪ Wandering in endless darkness ♪.

♪ Embrace a new life ♪ ♪ The roaring fire shakes the sky ♪ ♪ Wait to wake up ♪ ♪ Oh my life ♪ ♪ I'm here to change the world ♪ = Full-time Magister = Bro, where have you been lately? I haven't seen you in forever. Keeping the city safe.

What? Hey, do you feel like Zhou Min has a thing for you? Look, she's coming this way. She probably wants to ask you out! Mo Fan, are you free tonight? Has she fallen in love with me because I saved her last time?.

Look Zhou Min, I know you're a good girl, but our priority at this age is to study. We can talk about this when we grow up. I am. Good. Let's meet at the back gate. People usually meet in a hotel on their first date.

I didn't expect Zhou Min to want to meet at a place like this. Very interesting. This is where the tremors occurred. I've asked around, building stopped long ago due to lack of funding, so it couldn't be caused by construction. Ha? What tremors? My grandma lives nearby.

And she feels tremors every night coming from here. People said that this place is haunted, so I asked her to move. But she refused. I'm worried about her with all these tremors. That's why I asked you to come.

And find out what's going on. So, this is the reason you asked me out? Yes. After all, you are the best Mage in our school now. Okay, I'll see what I can do. A haunted place… Haunted by monsters? In any case,.

Zhou Min was right to come to me about this. I'm with the Monster Hunters now. I've bagged as many as… 7 or 8 monsters. = No Entry = So, when do the tremors usually occur? That's… Revealing Powder? Yep.

Where did you get it? You bought it somewhere? I thought that only bounty hunters know how to use it! Look! No way! Monsters are here in… in our city?! Why are you so surprised? Why else would monster hunters exist?.

What should we do? Should we alert the hunters now? No need. These footprints don't belong to a Cyclops. It looks like it's hiding over there. What?! Mo Fan, let's get out of here. We're just students. It's… it's a One-Eyed Wolf Demon.

What… what's it doing? Having a snack. What?! This area is full of homeless whose disappearance wouldn't be noticed by police. This wolf is smart. It can live here without being noticed. Who knows how many more people would have been eaten if we didn't come today?.

Zhou Min. Doesn't this wolf seem different than the ones our teachers showed us? It's twice as big as the ones from the photos. It's not an ordinary wolf demon. Mo Fan, let's get out of here. The Archwolf was scary enough, but this is an actual wolf demon! We need to be cautious!.

Relax. It hasn't noticed us. Go to your grandma now and evacuate the whole block. Call the police when you are out of the area. I'm not waiting… I'm calling the police now. What?!.

Jesus! Didn't your teachers tell you that monsters are sensitive to signals? You just told the monster our exact location! Fire Burst, Cremation! This wolf is a tough one! This way! Zhou Min, find your grandma and evacuate the block!.

I'll deal with this wolf. You? You're no match for it! I know what to do. Now go! Damn it! How is it so strong? Thank god I have this Magic Armour. What's going on? -What happened? What's going on here?.

Mon… monster! My classmate, Mo Fan, is still there! Where are they? In the alleyway over there! That's where Fan Mo sent me a signal. Thank god I was nearby. Beast, have a taste of my Fire! Creeping Ice, Solidify! Wow…

You little punks! What are you looking at? Get out of there before it eats you! Who's that kid? You know him? He was the guy who insulted Uncle Zhuoyun. Mo Fan. So he is Mo Fan? Such a coward!.

They say he's the best in Sky High? How ironic! He fled without looking back. It's hard to believe he killed the Archwolf all by himself. Forget him! Help me control it, don't let it break free! This is not an ordinary wolf demon! Captain,.

It's a mutated One-Eyed Wolf Demon. I think it absorbed the power leaked from the Sacred Spring. Have you reached Fan Mo? Tell him to get here ASAP. We need his Thunder magic to sedate this wolf. Fan Mo! Fan Mo! Do you copy? I'm on my way, hang in there! Copy!.

Damn. Now I need to head back. But it's safer this way. My talent in school is Fire. Fan Mo's talent is Thunder. No one needs to know that I have two talents. You're finally here! Hey man, didn't you send us the signal?.

Why are you the last one here? Concentrate! This is a mutated wolf demon. It can kill us all in a flash. Everyone concentrate! Thank god Cai Tang brought back-up this time. Two Ice Mages! Fan Mo, zap it with your thunder! Alright.

We have a problem. If I hit it with Fire, it could break Cai Tang and Yu Ang's Creeping Ice. It will set the wolf free. But if I stand by, we can't kill this beast with Ice and Thunder alone. Captain, what do we do? I've asked for support from the Association. Yang Zuohe is on his way.

All we can do now is keep it under our control. Don't provoke it. We're really close to town. It'll do even more damage if it gets there. You mean the Water Mage, Mr. Yang Zuohe? Yes. He'll have no problem killing this wolf demon. Yu Ang, hurry! We need more ice!.

It's no use! This monster is too strong! Oh no! It's evolving to Warrior level! Wa… Warrior? We're no match for it! Yu Ang, hurry! We need more ice! It's no use! This monster is too strong!.

Oh no! It's evolving to Warrior level! Wa…Warrior? We're no match for it! ♪ Darkness and light mingle ♪ ♪ Dreams fade in reality ♪ ♪ The path ahead is long and twisted ♪ ♪ Ready to confront destiny ♪ ♪ Sail against the tide fearlessly ♪ ♪ Fight against the fate determinedly ♪.

♪ Fly high ♪ ♪ Traverse the land of dream ♪ ♪ Bright & sky, reflected in my eyes ♪ ♪ Born to shine, born to fight ♪ ♪ My heart never changes ♪ ♪ My dreams are not bound by time ♪ ♪ Wandering in endless darkness ♪ ♪ Embrace a new life ♪ ♪ The roaring fire shakes the sky ♪.

♪ Wait to wake up ♪ ♪ Oh my life ♪ ♪ I'm here to change the world ♪ = Full-time Magister = Captain, we… we should retreat! It will kill us all! Retreat? How can you say that? Look behind you!.

It's evolving into a Thorn-Faced Wolf! What? We level 1 Mages are no match for Warrior level monsters! Don't panic! It hasn't evolved yet. We have to kill it now! A lot of people will die if it evolves and grows spikes! Rocky, prepare Earth magic, Drag.

If the ice breaks, you can't let it escape! Yes! Xiaoke, you prepare Water defense. This thing is fast, and you need to be faster! Damn! It's still evolving. His blood is boiling, the ice won't hold! Fire Burst, Firestorm!.

Captain, your Fire is amazing! It… Fire Burst, Cremation! Captain, watch out! Damn! Xiaoke, protect the Captain! Aqua Magic, Shield! Ca… Captain! Cai Tang, save the Captain! No! Captain is going to die! Captain!.

Thunder Magic, Thunderstorm! Well done, Fan Mo! It's scared of Thunder! Level 2 Thunder magic, he used level 2 Thunder Magic! Fan Mo, stop it from evolving! Rocky, get the Captain out of here. Okay! It's resisting my magic!.

Fan Mo! Fan Mo! Run! We, we are no match for this thing! Wrenched beast! Let's see who goes down first. Captain, this, this thing is too strong for us. We're going to die here. We should retreat, while Fan Mo is holding it off!.

You cowards! Don't you understand? Sure, if we hold it here, we might die, but it will only be us that die. But if we run, hundreds of thousands will die! You call yourselves a monster hunter? You're all too cowardly to hold the title! Fan Mo, good job!.

Damn demon! Fire, Fire Burst! Worst comes to worst, we die together! We have to kill it, or we can't call ourselves monster hunters! Go to hell! Mid-level magic! That's the Mid-level spell, Tsunami! Young man, well done.

Leave the rest to me. Tornado! Stupid monster. You can't cause trouble anymore. It's… It's dead? Yes, it is. The Tsunami and Tornado were both Mid-level magic right? Right.

They are so powerful! All of us attacked it together with Ice, Fire and Thunder, but couldn't kill it. Thank god you came in time. You did well. I believe you'll soon become a Mid-level Mage. Mid-level Thunder magic beats Water and Wind magic. Really? That sounds awesome.

Mr. Yang, should we sound the alarm? The monsters are appearing more frequently. An unusual amount of Cyclops showed up, and now a One-Eyed Wolf Demon in the city! It's so strange! I know, but the alarm could cause panic in the people. We have to enlist more people to the patrol team and investigate further.

We need your support. This is our responsibility. When did you add a new member? I'm impressed by his performance. We just hired him. = Sky Magic High School = Mo Fan? What are you doing here? Mo Fan!.

So soft… Thank you for saving my grandma. Thank you so much! My grandma raised me. If it weren't for you, she could have… It's all right. Don't cry. Come on. There, there.

What happened? You've been like this since you ate the wolf's spirit. Did, did you evolve? Miss Tang said you could evolve by eating spirits. She was right! That means you are a Spirit level gear! You can help me progress faster! I guess.

I can progress to level 3 before my duel with that arrogant ass. Awesome! Take this money. You can buy whatever you want, maybe a cellphone. So we can keep in touch with you in case you're in danger. Mo Fan, where did you get this money?.

I can't take it. You keep it for yourself. I got a part-time job. You know, Mages can make money pretty easily, especially a Fire… Er…Thunder Mage. Anyway, take the money. Last time when the monster appeared at school, I was really worried.

So take the cash, and buy some nice dress. You look best in a dress, especially a short skirt… Mo Fan! Mo Fan, I have good news to share. I've awoken the Healing talent. Healing? Isn't that White Magic?.

Yes. I thought beginners could only awaken Element Magic? White, Dark, and Dimensional Magic are for Mages of higher levels? I don't know why. The teacher said there are exceptions. Mo Fan, I know you're doing something dangerous. I can help you in the future. It's not that dangerous.

I just fight demons and monsters. Hey, I've never seen Healing Magic! I'll soon be able to control 7 stars! Do I need to be hurt for you to use the Healing Magic? What? Kidding, just kidding! Mo Fan, I have good news to share. Yeah?.

I've awoken the Healing talent. Healing? Isn't that White Magic? Yes. I thought beginners could only awaken Element Magic? White, Dark, and Dimensional Magic are for Mages of higher levels? I don't know why. The teacher said there are exceptions.

Mo Fan, I know you're doing something dangerous. I can help you in the future. It's not that dangerous. I just fight demons and monsters. Hey, I've never seen Healing Magic! I'll soon be able to control 7 stars! Do I need to be hurt for you to use the Healing Magic? What?.

Kidding, just kidding! ♪ Darkness and light mingle ♪ ♪ Dreams fade in reality ♪ ♪ The path ahead is long and twisted ♪ ♪ Ready to confront destiny ♪ ♪ Sail against the tide fearlessly ♪ ♪ Fight against the fate determinedly ♪ ♪ Fly high ♪ ♪ Traverse the land of dream ♪.

♪ Bright & sky, reflected in my eyes ♪ ♪ Born to shine, born to fight ♪ ♪ My heart never changes ♪ ♪ My dreams are not bound by time ♪ ♪ Wandering in endless darkness ♪ ♪ Embrace a new life ♪ ♪ The roaring fire shakes the sky ♪ ♪ Wait to wake up ♪ ♪ Oh my life ♪.

♪ I'm here to change the world ♪ = Full-time Magister = Time really flies. Yeah, school by day, monster hunting by night. The busier you are, the faster the time passes. What monster hunting? Nothing…

Which Magic college do you plan to apply? I have no idea. I'll just have to wait and see. Bro, worry about yourself first. Your duel with that arrogant punk is fast approaching. Yeah. By the way, I heard that Mu Zhuoyun has invited all the celebrities in town to come and watch.

He's scheduled this duel for Yu Ang's coming-of-age ceremony. His intention is obvious! Oh? You mean it'll be a big event that day? Yeah, of course. You are still the top student at Sky Magic High, you're famous, you know? Mu Zhuoyun's intension.

For the coming-of-age ceremony is obvious. He wants Yu Ang to defeat me in front of the whole city, to prove that I can't compare to his son. Exactly! Mo Fan? Mo Fan? The Principal wishes to see you now. Miss Tang, I need your help.

It's about the changes of Fire magic. Perhaps I could come to your place tonight? What? Okay. Ha? It seems you must pay for your recklessness after all. Mu Zhuoyun is making a huge deal out of this duel.

Between you and Yu Ang. Do you know why that might be? Yu Ang is having his coming-of-age ceremony that day. Many important people are invited to the banquet. The highlight of the celebrations will be the duel between Yu Ang and me. That is just one reason. There are other reasons? Yeah.

This duel also involves the Sacred Spring. The Sacred Spring? Have you heard of it? No, never. The mutated wolf demon absorbed the power of the Sacred Spring, and almost evolved to a Thorn-Faced Wolf. If a Mage could train in there,.

They may be able to progress to Mid-level. Sounds like a good place! The Sacred Spring has existed for 1,000 years. Mages who train in there can quickly increase their powers. It's rare to be found, and its powers are diminishing over time. The city has a convention that permits access to only one top young Mage each year.

Just one? That's a rare chance. The school will recommend you without a doubt. But among the local clans, Yu Ang has distinguished himself from others of the same age. Do you mean either he or I will get the chance to access the Sacred Spring?.

Yes. Mu Zhuoyun intends to kill three birds with one stone. Firstly, Yu Ang can prove his abilities in front of the whole city. Secondly, he can teach your a lesson. Thirdly, Yu Ang gets the access to the spring. What's the point of all this planning? Does he really believe he's going to win?.

To be honest, Yu Ang beats you in terms of training resources, such as magic armour, and magic weapons. Your chances of winning are quite slim. But try your best. Yeah, do your best. At least you can show all the guests.

What you're capable of and earn our school some recognition. Hey, can't you guys have a bit more faith in me? = YU ANG'S COMING-OF-AGE CEREMONY = I heard that Master has invited his old chauffeur Mo Jiaxing as one of the guests. Don't you understand it's not an invitation?.

Don't you know Mo Jiaxing's son Mo Fan is going to fight Yu Ang? Wow, at the banquet? Mo Fan will be lucky to be noticed by all the guests at the event! Lucky? He's just there to make Yu Ang look good. Yu Ang is the best among his peers. Master is eager to prove that.

Anyway, Mo Fan brought this trouble on himself. I don't understand why he's doing this to himself. So that's it. This kid will regret it. If I was going to be publicly humiliated in front of so many people, I'd want to die on the spot! Exactly.

Mo Jiaxing looks like an honest man, so how did his son turn out to be such a hoodlum? You probably don't know, but years ago, something happened between Mo Fan and Miss Ningxue… How dare he show his face here again?! You tell me. Mu Jiaxing is an idiot and so is his son. Ningxue, this coming-of-age ceremony.

Should have been for you. But Bow City was always too small for you. I raised Yu Ang all by myself. He would give his life for us. In the future, he will become your loyal assistant. Do you really have to hold the duel in public? Are you worried about Yu Ang, or that little brat?.

That brat is said to be the best in Sky Magic High. Yu Ang is the most promising Mage after you in our clan. A duel between them could never be a small event. Mo Fan has insulted me again and again. I won't show him any mercy. The best in Sky Magic High? He's nothing compared to the son of the Mu family. The resources Mo Jiaxing has.

Is nothing compared to what Yu Ang has available to him. Where are you going? Just out for a stroll. What are you doing here? I asked Xinxia. She said you'd be here. I came here for some fresh air, and to see what a splendid stage.

I've got for this duel. Your dad spared no expense. You've invited all the celebrities in town. You'd better not go. Yu Ang won't show you any mercy. You mean, I should pack my things and run away? You're best off leaving Bow City. Yu Ang lived on the streets until he was 7.

My father took him in and raised him. He obeys my father's every word, so he'll come down on you like a tonne of bricks. He'll make things hard for you. That creepy guy. I've hated the sight of him for years. He is an oddball. I'll kick his ass tomorrow.

Weren't you listening? I told you not to go to the duel… Tell me, are you a Mid-level Mage now? Don't go. It's only a month before the college entrance exam. Yu Ang will beat you so badly that you'll be unable to take the exam at all. I'm going.

Why? Look, your dad is a bully, and a phony. He never respects your choices. Do you hate him? My dad loves me and cares for me. He helps me out whenever I run into trouble. I failed the exam, but I still want to keep studying magic. He did everything he could to enable me to go.

He's kind and honest. Xinxia's mom left less than one week after their wedding, abandoning Xinxia. But he took care of her without a word of complaint. You know what your dad is like, and you still don't hate him. A father like mine deserves all the respect I can give.

So, can you understand how I felt when I saw him begging, when I watched him being mocked, and being insulted and humiliated by others? He tried to elope with Ningxue! Does he have a death wish? I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's all my fault!.

Please just punish me. Forgive Mo Fan! He's just a dumb child! A child? Pretty clever for a child! He tried to seduce and kidnap my daughter! Mo Fan, this is your last warning! I'll break your legs one by one if you see her again!.

Now here's the perfect chance to show everyone that my dad is not a fool. Why would I run away? Anyway, you never know who will win. Today is the big day! Rocky, Wenjie, you are finally here. I've been waiting for ages. The best chefs in the city are here today.

You'll have quite a feast. Thank you for inviting us. I never dreamed I'd get to have dinner with your family. Yes, this is the first time we've ever been here. Cai Tang, how come you never mentioned that you lived in a manor? You never asked. Cai Tang!.

Why are you here, you wretch? Oh the duel, I almost forgot. Yu Ang will kick your ass. Don't pretend to be a guest. You're not welcome here! And we're not on first name basis! Oh, I forgot. They don't recognize me since I'm not wearing my mask and hood.

We grew up together. Don't be a stranger! Out of my sight! Can't you see I'm busy right now? It's a pity Fan Mo said he couldn't come today. If he knew Cai Tang's family background, he'd go after her! Yeah, I bet! What's wrong?.

Why are you staring at him? Nothing. I was just wondering who he was. He's the arrogant guy who will duel against my cousin Yu Ang. You've all met Yu Ang before. He helped us take down that wolf demon. He seemed quite familiar to me. Yeah, I thought so too.

He was there that night. He found the wolf demon. He fled when we got there. And they say he's the No. 1 at Sky Magic High! Fan Mo must be about the same age. Fan Mo is ten times better when it comes to abilities. = YU ANG'S COMING-OF-AGE CEREMONY = You're still in the mood for a feast, kid?.

Instructor, have you come to scrounge some food too? Don't be cheeky. Mu Zhuoyun should feel honored that I could come. They say you've offended him? How about you join us after graduation? I'll tear down the house of anyone that bullies you. No thanks. I like the city, I don't care for the mountains.

Cheeky punk! Guess today means a lot to the Mu family. All the important people are here! Yu Ang must be the next leader of the family. He's got to be. Mu Ningxue studies in the Capital. Someone has to take care of things here. Mo Fan, you're still eating? What are you guys doing here?.

The school sent us! You're here on behalf of the school. So of course we had to come and cheer you on! Listen, the school should have sent me. But since they chose you, do your best and don't let us down! Buddy, I just spotted your dad among the guests. Are they plotting something?.

It's fine. It's all good. My dad has come to see how I win. = YU ANG'S COMING-OF-AGE CEREMONY = Everyone, welcome to Yu Ang's coming-of-age ceremony. Time flies. I've always believed that the future of our city.

Depends on the younger generation. As the saying goes, the pupil shall overtake the master. I've done everything I possibly could for our city. I hope that in the near future, the talented youngsters will take over from me, creating a better future. I hope we'll see more talented young Mages like my daughter.

Now, let's raise our glasses to the bright future of Bow City. Cheers! To heat up the excitement for you, I've arranged a duel between two young Mages to show you the abilities of the youngsters of this city! = Arena = Zhuoyun, he's carrying at least 3 magical gears!.

You have joined me here today to celebrate Yu Ang's coming-of-age. I really appreciate it. I won't make a long speech. I'll just let Yu Ang show you the results of his years of practice! He didn't even mention Mo Fan's name! He doesn't take Mo Fan seriously at all! Mo Fan is just a supporting actor!.

Not even that! He's just in the arena to compliment Yu Ang! It won't be easy being my sparring partner. You'll be bedridden for at least 3 months. You should worry about yourself. Let the duel… begin! Creeping Ice… Solidify!.

Melting level 2 Ice magic with a Fire Burst… Good! A smart choice. Yes, this young man is fearless. It's my turn! Fire Burst… Cremation! How did he manage to move that fast?!.

Never mind. I'll try that again! Earth Element Magical Shoes! Those shoes allow a Mage to move fast over the earth. That's a cheap trick! Mo Fan has high accuracy with his magic attack, but Yu Ang has avoided everything with those shoes! Your pathetic level 2 Fire can't hurt me!.

Honestly, I didn't want to waste too much time on you. You should know that there are people you can't mess with. Such… such powerful Ice magic! How could it freeze so fast? That's level 3 magic, Creeping Ice Storm! Yu Ang already has level 3 magic?! He used Creeping Ice Solidify last time.

He's mastered Ice Storm in only 1 year! That Ice magic can freeze a large animal like a One-Eyed Wolf Demon in very short space of time! Mo Fan is in danger! It's no use! Your tiny little fire will never withstand my Ice Storm! We should stop the duel. He could die.

If he carries on! How could a Fire Mage freeze to death so soon? We haven't had a winner yet. I'll make you suffer, until you realize that I won't stand for that kind of insult! Wow, he has got level 3 Ice magic at the age of 18! That's incredible! The other kid is good, too,.

But Yu Ang is just way more powerful. Shame! It's over already! He has level 3 magic. Can any of his peers defeat him? Even some adult Mages don't know how to use that! Damn! That jerk has upgraded his magic, too! It's too powerful!.

I can't control the stars and release magic to fight back. No, I'll be completely frozen in a few seconds. I must control all 7 stars this time! The fourth… The Orbit always breaks when I try the fifth star! No, I've got to succeed! Ignite!.

What?! That fire… seems rather familiar! The kid hasn't been frozen yet! I knew he wouldn't be defeated easily! The Fire power is keeping the ice at bay. You think only you reached level 3? Fire Burst! You can't hit me!.

Oh, really? Firestorm! Wow… That's level 3 magic! Fire Burst, Firestorm! Level 3! Mo Fan has got level 3 Fire power? Few students can compare with a child from a privileged family!.

Yu Ang is badly injured! Is he able to stand up? Now that's a surprise! A loser can make it to level 3! However, you won't manage to defeat me that way! I thought it would be unnecessary to use Magic Armour. I really underestimated him.

Mo Zhuoyun, isn't this going too far? It's just a sparring match! It's unfair of you to let Yu Ang wear such a precious Magic Armor! Seriously? The Magical Shoes was already a cheap shot! He's even wearing a Magic Armour? Is there any point continuing?.

Mo Fan could have won with that attack. I wouldn't object to Mo Fan wearing a magic gear! I should add, that background is a power, too! Mo Fan, just stop now! His Magic Armour is fireproof. You couldn't hurt him however hard you try!.

It's meaningless to continue! We're all seen your abilities! He's right. There's no way you can defeat me! Be a good boy and surrender! As my father says: “Background is a power, too!” You should blame the fact that your father is a poor driver.

He can give you nothing! I got you admitted to Magic School! Eat. You did? One of my classmates happens to be the director there, he promised me to get you in! Promise me you'll study harder. Son, I believe in you!.

People like you won't understand. He has given me everything! Background is a power, too? Well, then I'll show you what real power is! That… That's impossible! Thunder! Thunder power! How on earth does he have Thunder power?.

Oh my god! The kid has two powers! But he hasn't reached Mid-level yet! How could he have two powers? I knew it! I knew he seemed very familiar! Isn't that Fan Mo? Our Thunder Mage! It really is him!.

But… but why does he have two powers? Turn outs he's a Thunder Mage like Xu Zhaoting is! Impossible! Impossible! That's impossible! I forgot to tell you, I've got level 3 Thunder, too!.

And that, is my real power! Thunder, Dragon! I'll give you a taste of my thunderbolt! It's penetrative, that's the strongest advantage of Thunder. His armour can't withstand that! Two… two talents… He's born with two talents? He must be. He must be!.

My god! Thunder is already a great gift! And he also has Fire talent, amazing… What's more impressive is that he has reached level 3 in both Thunder and Fire. You could say, that he's a sort of wizard! Wow…

I'm the winner today!

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