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Emmmmm Emmmmm Emmmmm Emmmmm En Well Oh dear My head hurts. Last night.

Damn it! Wait Did you do it on purpose last night? Actually, this year, Hello, Qiao An. How could you do that? I remember the day we got married. The first thing you told me was to leave you alone. Why did you change your mind so quickly?.

Or are you just talking about it? Hum Hello, Qiao An. Don't forget our agreement. I married you instead of Xu Jiamu. I have to say that fate is really wonderful. You came into my life that day. Ah sorry.

Please make way. The weather is so weird. Why is it raining so hard all of a sudden? Well Well It's from our school. Why have you never seen it before? Well ♪ It's all over ♪.

En En You have no eyes. Is Jing OK? Does it hurt? come Put on your shoes, I'll help you up. Ah good.

Are you all right? Well I'm fine. En Can you put me down? Thank you so much. Your face. I didn't hit you. It has nothing to do with you.

I accidentally did it to you. It's okay. You must be more careful next time. Qiao Anxia. You fool. Are you sure you don't need to go to the hospital? It's really okay. Don't worry. I'll leave now.

OK See you next time. what Uh I mean, Now that you've met him, Why don't you make a friend? My name is Chang'an. I'm Lu Jinnian.

What a beautiful name. not good Are you crazy again? My home is not far ahead. Don't bother. I'm leaving now. Ah It's OK. I'm back.

Sister What's wrong with you? Well It's all right. I almost hit someone. But why do I think you got hit? I was hit. I'm a deer. sister.

What happened You have a problem? I'm telling you, you're really in love. safe and sound Remember that. Lu Jinnian will be your brother-in-law. yes I can't wait to meet my future brother-in-law. And see who it is.

I haven't seen you since we met. But that handsome face But it's always in my mind. How can I meet you? I knew we were in the same school. But I still can't see you. Do you know I thought I would never see you again. Until that day,.

Destiny has pulled us together again. There's a swimming class tomorrow. Don't forget to bring your new bathing suit. You're more worried about me. You scared me to death. How many times has Xu Mu lost? Don't call me by my nickname outside. This one. Yeah. Correct!.

Let me introduce to you My brother, Lu Jinnian, Hello Lu Jinnian It's you, Lu Jinnian. I knew we would meet again. It's fate. Let me introduce my brother, Lu Jinnian. It's him.

I knew we would meet again. It's fate. hey you You two know each other? Of course. We are fated to be together. How could he be your brother? Leave it alone.

Anyway, it's my brother, my real brother. Uh Why didn't you take your brother Introduce him to me. My brother went to a foreign junior high school. But now I'm a freshman. Didn't I bring him to see you immediately? Wood, wood. You're really lucky.

With such a handsome brother, Hey, hey. I'm also handsome, okay? We met before. Lu Jinnian, I want to tell you seriously. I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. I want to chase you. No.

Qiao Anxia. You're so cool. You're not wooing others. It's killing people. Don't make trouble. Angie I support you. Brother hey.

Don't go. he It's just a joke. sister Your joke is too cruel. How could I do that? I'm not kidding. Didn't I tell you last time? He is my love at first sight.

Lu Jinnian You forgot it? You don't have to hit on him. Where is it? hey What book? go Go play basketball. Ah.

Come on It's a hot day. Why are you running? Running is good for your health. What are you looking at? It's okay. When you run, But when I came, I went for a run. It's not good for your health.

Just one lap. Ah Wait a second. What's wrong? I can't run anymore. I told you not to run. I'll run another lap. Go sit and rest. Drink some water. My stomach hurts.

I should have stopped running. What's wrong with you? I'm fine. Oh Ah Luckily, I didn't find it. Or you'll lose face. yes Well.

You look awful. Let me take you to the infirmary. Ah this Ha-ha Thank you just now. No need You're Jiamu's good friend. Of course I should help.

Does the girl with dysmenorrhea need hot water? I'll get you a cup of hot water. It's embarrassing. Don't move your hands. Thank you The girl who brought you water on the playground today. Your girlfriend, right? You look so pretty. Just a common friend.

That girl is not my girlfriend. Just a friend. hey This question is so difficult. I also think Well Isn't it just a monthly test? Why are you working so hard? hey.

Correct! This weekend, Wood asked us out. You must attend. I promised you. Long live the youth. What about Is my seaside plan good? At that time, it was called “Peace.”.

He's hesitant to come together. I'm looking for another monthly exam. The time is too short. Come on. You're a miracle counter-attack student. You worry about exams. hey How many years have I called him here? I promised to be happy. Well.

En I study hard every day. You're losing your mind. The sea breeze. More sober. Are you more conscious? Mu, don't run. I came here. I thought you wouldn't come.

To come out occasionally. We haven't contacted each other for a long time. Well I didn't have the time or the memory. Well Everyone has been busy recently. feed What are you waiting for? This way. Oh dear.

Barbecue is almost ready. Where are you going? sister Let's get some twigs. I'm afraid there's not enough fire. Are you busy recently? Well I have to study late every day. The key classes are strict.

You must be tired. Just hold on for a few months. The exam is over. It's going to rain. Let's go back. Or you'll get wet. Ahhh What's up I sprained my ankle. Let me have a look. come.

I'll carry you. No No need. You came out. Excuse me. Thank you Excuse me, make way. Where is it? Why not?.

Which class are you from? Oh, I'm from Class 3. Really I'm in Class 3. three Class Master. So are you? How could it be like this? How did you spend Christmas Eve last night?.

Nothing much. Sleep at home. I want to go to college and leave Shanghai. hey Ahao Where are you going? I really like Hangzhou. good Alright.

I'm leaving now. hey Lu Jinnian Did you fill in the volunteer survey form? Stay in Shanghai. Where else can we go? No Since that day, I have told myself safe and sound.

Don't bother him. You have to work hard. The exam is coming soon. Have you finished your revision? No, Suddenly, Time is running out for high school. It's done. Gamu.

Hurry up. Come on. He's here. Stand next to me and look at the camera. hey High school will be over in a flash. I thought senior year would be tough. The result passed in a flash. Well.

We are going to go our separate ways. Don't be so sad. We are still in Shanghai. It's just different schools. You're smoking? En Who did you learn it from? Give it to me. Qiaoxia Why are you letting go of me?.

Hey Correct! Nan Shan, what's your plan after graduation? Me? I will go to Hangzhou. what You're leaving Shanghai? Why? hey.

What's the big deal? My brother has his own reasons. Stop prying around. Shanghai is so close to Hangzhou. Lu Jin, I will still pursue you when I get to the university. You said you were going abroad. Hum I went abroad to avoid you. Hum.

Travel around the world by yourself. I'm quiet in Shanghai. The fire is not enough. I'll get it. hey Alright. I'll go with you. Ah Sit still.

Don't go after my sister. How can Hangzhou be Hangzhou? Ah who Who's there? feed Joanne good Stop yelling.

It's me. Lu Jinnian So it's you. I'm lost. It's dark in the woods. I tried to walk back. You always make mistakes. And a flash. I'm afraid it's wild.

Beast Can we talk about it from down here? Well Ah sorry I was so scared. Let's go. I'll take you back. Come down.

I'll catch up with you. Well Ah I'm sorry. What's up There's something glowing in the woods. Something that glows. Be careful. Don't be afraid.

It's a firefly. Firefly Well Hmm wow It's so beautiful. Ahhh! Why don't you take a rest? Well.

How many years have you decided to go to Hangzhou? It's the same to me. Then, Why do you have to go to Hangzhou? There's an entertainment company that has approached me several times. I hope I can be involved in film shooting during college. I'm not like your family. I have to rely on myself. What?.

Anyway, it's better to go to Hangzhou. choose go He doesn't love me this year. Look how selfish I am. younger sister You're going to school in Hangzhou? I can't take care of you anymore. sister.

Actually, my application is in Shanghai. I will stay with you. Really? That's great. Well OK! I know the address of the hotel. I'll be right there. Really?.

It's good. It's good. very good It's been a long time. Where can I get one? OK Hello May I know you? Yes.

It's really good tonight. Mrs. Xu. Thank you for coming. where I want to apologize to Miss Lin. My husband hasn't been well since the car accident. So I'm the only one here. I hope you won't take it personally. How could it be?.

You and Mr. Xu have always been together. It's a good story in our circle. I'm too jealous. How could you blame Mr. Xu? Miss Lin is really good at making fun of me. You know me? It's my pleasure. No, Oh.

Correct! You know what? There's a big shot here today. Over there. Is Lu Jingnian, the majority shareholder of Global Corporation. At a young age, with your own efforts, To be the leader. Well Has some tricks.

Mrs. Xu. Do you need me to introduce you? Ah Thank you for your kindness. But I drank too much today. I feel dizzy. In that case, Mrs. Xu, have a good rest. hey.

Look. Isn't that Our weather is also good. You should come often. Shanghai Hangzhou This is my best memory. No Well.

Ah The weather is so nice. Excuse me. sorry In the distance, Ofeq The clouds are floating away. On the horizon, The missing in my heart.

Must be rushing to catch the train again. You're really infatuated. Ah Well good Can't you calm down? Always in a hurry. I can't. I'm in a hurry.

You have to go there several times a month. Is it worth it? Worth I can't stand it anymore. It's so cute. What is love in the world? Oh dear It's so annoying. I have a few bags of potato chips in my drawer.

If you want to eat, I'll help you finish it. Don't worry. I'll leave the pansies to you. Ah Really? That little bastard Zhao Meng again. He's a tricolor, not a little animal. It's a joke.

Who knows how much you care. This little fellow is too hard to serve. Every time you go to Hangzhou, He's going to ruin the whole university. Ah again,… Where are the pansies? Why haven't you seen him for half a day? Third Sister.

I'm going to look for him again. Be good these days. Ah Then I'm leaving. Correct! Don't touch the photo on my desk. bye-bye alas I really don't know where he is.

Are you doing this for him? What a nice girl. You're too weak. Ah You have to go back and forth like this every month. 197km between Shanghai and Hangzhou We will get closer to him at every stop. Little girl, What are you going to do?.

He he Boy Wait for me. Are you all right? I'm fine. Thank you. Ah Happy birthday to you, Jingnian. She came from Shanghai today.

Train Gao 1637 has arrived. Please go to the transfer window if you have transfer. Thank you for your cooperation. Welcome to the next ride. Lu Jinnian I came back. Should we call him? Or not? To give him a surprise.

Hum What the hell? This man is not sorry. Ah Where is my wallet? Cellphones /Mobile Phones good To perform like this. Pay attention to the sense of proportion.

Feed You've been I think so. You're in Hangzhou again? I just came to Hangzhou for business. So how are you? Hangzhou is cold. Don't you have a cold? Ah.

I'm fine. Go back to your work. I have something to do. Wait. Well Actually, I lost my wallet. It's your turn now. Where are you now? I'm at the train station. Stay where you are.

I'll be there soon. Well I wait for you What does he do? It's so weird to wear this on the street. Ah Well Okay. What are you doing? hey.

I You must be hungry. I'll take you to eat something. Well What's up no Nothing That I.

Can I go to your left? En That Jinnian Thank you for picking me up today. Didn't I waste your time? Nothing Correct! Is it fun to shoot costume dramas? There must be many stars.

Master worker Stop looking. Focus on driving. young man You make me feel like I've traveled through time. You haven't changed at all. You're still so rash. It smells good. It's too late and there's nothing to eat.

Two bowls of noodles. Then I'll start. En It's hot. En Thank you It's okay for you to leave the crew so suddenly tonight? It's okay. I'm just an extra.

And I've finished shooting my scenes today. That's good. Don't be delayed because of me. About my friend. Is important. It doesn't exist. Do you treat every friend like this? I don't have many friends. At least you treat me as a friend.

I'm really sorry. You have to sleep here tonight. No, no. It's good. and And you can see the stars. Woo-hoo. Ah A few years ago?.

En Thief! Where are you going? Ah Ahhh It's so heavy. Ha-ha Ha-ha a few years.

You are back Ah Uh Come and have breakfast. Go to a place with me after the meal. Well Well You liar. It's nothing if you lose your wallet.

But I'd better go back and get the ID card. Otherwise, it's inconvenient to go out. But I just arrived. I don't want to leave. You should go back. Come back later. There's plenty of time. Take this. I don't want it.

What if you need it on the way? Don't worry. I'll return it to you when I get back. Bullet train Gao 7312 bound for Shanghai. The ticket will be checked soon. Please take Bullet Train No. 7312. Ready to check the tickets. car Go and check the tickets.

Be careful on the way. arrive Give me a call. Well Then I'm leaving. yes Well I'm talking about you. stop.

Don't run. Why did that woman go on a rampage? Well hey You haven't checked your ticket yet. sorry It's good to drink here. well small.

Ah Ah I told you to stop. We're in big trouble now. He destroyed public facilities and attacked law enforcement personnel. You have strong hands. Ah It's like throwing a shot. You're so rude.

Even hurt innocent people. You're not a thief. Why are you running? Well Can I stop running? I You came at me with your claws. My first reaction was to run away. Sit back.

It's not you. Your appearance is easy to misunderstand. The chief blamed me. I'm not unreasonable. I just want to check with you. Uh Of course. Our work has been neglected. After all, the little girl lost her bag at the railway station.

We are also responsible for sorry We're wrong. We're too hasty. After all, this is a public place that brings trouble to everyone. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. The young man is quite sedate. But why are you fooling around with her?.

Alas The current couple I'm really sorry. That's it. You two write a review. I'll let you go. The one wearing the hat. Change the ticket with me. feed.

Oh good no problem I'm right here at the train station. Jiamu is coming. And asked us to wait down there. He's here. That's great. Anyway, I can't go back now.

Why don't I accompany you? Well En XuJiaMu You're really my lucky little star. Long time no see Did you miss me? Ah hey.

Naughty boy. It's been a year. You didn't know to come to me. I can't see the sky. Are you studying and acting? There's no time. Yes You're busy. busy bee.

Big star. I missed you so much. I miss you too. Alright, alright. feed Two big men are standing on the street Aren't you afraid of being laughed at? AnXia You're here too.

Sister Can I not come? If you don't come, my sister will be abducted by you. hey That's right. I've been to Hangzhou several times. You have something to do. Why is she doing well? You ran so fast on these two legs.

To value sex over friendship You are more important than your friend. hey I was going to send him back to Shanghai. I didn't know I had a lot of things. hey say no more Actually, I lost my wallet. Ah.

Good You lost your wallet. Tell me. As long as you call, No matter where you are, And arrived immediately. I heard you went to Shanghai. hey Don't mention it. Because my mother urged me to say it was An Xia.

They… Although we can take care of each other in Shanghai, But she's a girl. I'm still worried about you. Take more time to go to Shanghai and watch her for me. They… what? So nice to me. You want to marry me into your Xu family?.

I only have Brother Jing Nian in my heart. XuJiaMu Stop dreaming. Well I wish you a happy marriage as soon as possible. Stop it. Qiao Anxia likes Lu Jinnian. Qiao Anxia likes Lu Jinnian. Qiao Anxia likes Lu Jinnian.

Lu Jinnian I've been chasing you for so long. Do you agree or not? Well Well Oops. What are you doing? I haven't finished yet. Diathesis.

Are you chasing a man like this? Ah If you like it, you should say it directly. Don't hold it. If you like it, say it. Jin Nian, I like it. Don't stand there. to get on or into.

Let's find a place to talk. Well I want to tell you seriously. I'm fine. Thank you. Happy birthday to you. What are you talking about? Cheers, cheers. hey.

Is really happy. It's better to stay with old friends. You're making a contribution. Or get married and have children? Don't pretend to be mature. Hey, hey. My mom really wanted me to marry you. Go home and have a baby. Oh.

In your dreams! I already have a boyfriend. Qiao Anxia. Are you crazy to pursue my brother? He hasn't promised you. Hum You should take care of it. a few years Aren't you happy for me?.

Congratulations. AnXia That's right. Look, sister, I've got it all. You should hurry up. Life is but a span Enjoy pleasure in good time Sister, are you drunk? Hey, hey.

I said, Qiao Anxiang. Why are you so anxious? You're still young. You don't know anything. Women want to take advantage of their youth. Don't worry. We are safe and beautiful. And good-tempered.

How could there be no one in the university? hey But I'll get to the point. safe and sound If you like someone, You must let us have a look. Did you hear that? good It's rare to be together.

Oh Tonight, we're not getting drunk. well I'm wooden. You're so messy. Good people. Don't go back. good The police are coming.

Come on, our fearless youth. I love the way you look. Come on. To your college life. Xiaxia You're strong. I propose to you that you are a man. wood I didn't treat you as a man.

I only treat you as my best friend. You know you're me. Dear sister, Please make a toast to us, Sister Mu, and Brother Man. To Childe Lu. And my lovely Qiao Qiao. Long live Brother Qiang. Look. I'm so drunk.

Don't be silly. Du Jinnian I'm not afraid. Aren't you afraid? I'm love. to Uh That's right. Because love can't be sad easily.

So everything is happy. You sing well. You sing well. Hangzhou Hello What a great place. I want to come too. But I didn't come for him. Result.

Result You turned yourself over. Lu Jinnian You big bastard. I'm talking about you. Lu Jinnian You know what? It's me. She likes you.

Joanne good How many years do you like it? It's been five years. Do you know what this means? Signify In these five years, My love is my own affair. You almost didn't participate in it.

Loving you is my own business. Hao, several years you Are you awake? Jin Nian, Lu Jinnian Lu Jin, Nian Jin Nian. not bad.

Don't worry. I will protect you. To see you protect me in the dream, I'll forgive you. I really hope you can hear what I said this year. Jinnian Jinnian Drive the windmill. That's it.

Be careful. Don't fall. Hold on tight. Jinnian I feel most at ease with you. Ah Jinnian What's wrong? Why is it so dark?.

Jinnian, it's so strange here. to feel relieved I will protect you. of Ah Jin Nian, Jinnian. What? Ah Save me.

Haohaol I got you. Don't let go. Well Well It's cold. Sorry, old man. I'll buy a new one for you. I said you kids don't go home at night.

In the park for the longest time. Forget about the boy. You girls are so naughty. How can I be a pillar of the motherland? sorry We were wrong. Forget it. Don't do this again. In the dream.

Young people love each other so much. Nice What were you dreaming about? I've been pulling down Jinnian. Don't let go. Emmmmm why hey You lost your ugly face when you came to Hangzhou.

That's right. We mustn't get so drunk anymore. Ann good It's all right. Sometimes, I won't laugh at you. Don't worry. A rare gathering.

Don't care too much. Alright. You need to get on the train. When the summer vacation comes, Let's get together again. I'm going to Hengdian this summer. There's no time. You should Brother, you have your own plan.

I won't tell you what to do. Oh I almost forgot. AnXia Here is the key. Bring it back after you're done. I know. You're nagging me. I won't lose your car.

Go back. Give me and Jing Nian some privacy. Bye You always like peace, right? hey Last night, the model was quite twisted. It's mine. What are they doing? Choose the most beautiful school girl.

EH When did you appear? During your boring selection of the school beauty, Hello? Hey. What are you doing? You'll fall. Let me ask you something. Who did your brother vote for?.

Don't you know my brother? How could he be interested in such a thing? What the Xu family said is true. If you don't shoot, Even if you abstained, I'll do it. I'm here. Who didn't shoot? You haven't voted for years, right?.

I haven't been interested in it for years. Let's start voting. Ah Hurry up. I will join. Well Brother Who are you voting for? Don't make trouble.

Show me. Who are you voting for? feed Stop it. Don't make trouble. Stop it. Ah At that time, you chose OK. Why didn't you dare to tell him?.

You mean the voting in high school? It's just because Jia Mu likes Qiao An Hao. therefore hey Why are you always so coy? I knew it. Don't look at me. I'm always chatting. And heartless. Hum.

I'm actually thoughtful. Hello? Did you regret it? Thinking how good it was to accept me and be with me. Should I stop? It's too late to regret now. I'm already in love. Really? Of course it's true. You thought you didn't like me for years.

No one in the world likes me, Qiao An. Hum When I was young, It's not love at all. There's someone who loves me very much. I'm more nourishing than you are now. Really? Congratulations. Look at me.

Whether I used to like you, Or start a relationship now? I won't think twice. So, Don't let the reality get in the way. And dared not even try. And watch love slip away. It's getting late. I'm leaving.

I'll send them off. Just go by myself. Don't worry. I won't pester you like before. Don't let the reality get in the way. And dared not even try. And watch love slip away. feed You naughty boy. Are you here?.

You really think you're a big shot. Hurry and get back here. Ahao You must be exhausted these days. Sleep for a while. I'll call you when we're there. I'm fine. Oh Correct!.

Are you hungry? I brought food. And crackers, pecans, chocolate, preserved plums. And drinks. These are all for you. We'll be there soon. If you want something hot, I'll buy it from the dining car. Well.

Oh dear What's up Are you carsick? I have motion sickness pills. No, no. I'm not that delicate. I'll be fine. You won't get carsick on the train. How could that be?.

What should I tell aunt if something happens? hey I'm really fine. Don't worry. I'll come to Hangzhou every month. You're used to it. Well Well You have to run around almost every month.

It's a long journey than Hangzhou without motion sickness. But I really feel sorry for you. If there's a car, You insisted on taking the train with me. The car is ready. It's only a few hours away. hey I'm telling you, Last time I went to the village to do the tractor.

Puller That's the torture. Not only slow, And it's all smoke. Like what? Well Nothing? I'm back. Zhang Meng.

Well Where is she? Zhao Meng. hey Or three colors? Jin, What is that man doing now? Did you miss us? Really.

My tricolor pansy said. He likes me. Actually, I think so too. You found that no one misunderstood our relationship. He didn't refute it. Besides, She called my name in the dream. Do you remember him? He's so pitiful.

Fortunately, we met. Feel him too. Thank you for noticing that he was sent to the hospital. feed What's wrong with you? Lu Jinnian is your savior. let it be Nothing I don't really like cats.

How can that be? We saved him together. To make him remember you. Oh I know. It must be because of your poker face. what Just smile. Smile.

He will definitely want to be close to you. alas Look what I said. hey This pattern looks familiar. It's like a prop used by the crew. that Just call it pansy. Do you want it?.

Well Anyway, I'm usually free. Let me raise it. Well Alright then. Yes You say the flower language of pansy. Does she know that? Go ask him. Hum.

Zhao Meng When did you come back? From what you said, I really like him. Start. I said, You like him so much. That's great. So you can confess. Well.

You didn't even call me. No You have to struggle with so many youth. You dare not confess in person. Can you at least try to write a love letter? love letter That's right. And a love letter. hey.

Lu Jinnian took the liberty of writing this letter to you. I hope it won't bother you. It's said that everyone in the world For the sake of another person. I want to… My presence is for your existence. I don't have a big dream. I just want to be with you. I don't have such a good literary talent.

I just want to say, I think after 50 years, You can still love me like this. I want to spend my whole life There will never be a person like you let me to love you I don't know, since the day I met you, You are in every dream. I had many fantasies.

I dreamed of being with you every time. The most beautiful is not the rainy day. But the eaves I escaped with you. It's your turn. I made many wishes. Every wish is to make you love me. To the world, You're just a person. But for me,.

But you are the whole world. The rest of one's life I love you the most. Yes Well good We're here. sister Brother Jia Mu.

I've told the Resident Supervisor. Just come up here. good Let's go. I'll show you some knowledge. Remember to take your things. Tall, rich and handsome men He's in the girl's dorm. wow.

Where is the handsome guy from? Why are you here? Is the handsome guy here to fix the computer? Water wood. Hurry up. Ahhh your daughter You mean I'm a big man? What's wrong with a girl's dorm?.

Who will help Qiao Qiao carry things if you don't come? Emmmmm Well En wood I'll answer the phone. Go there first. I know. Hello Auntie Xu.

I've collected the photos. Should I give it to him directly? I don't know whether it's appropriate to write a love letter for the first time. Correct! Let Brother Jia Mu take a look. You are so charming. Open the door. Brother Jiamu. Thank you for helping me move things.

Where's my sister? Well She'll answer the phone soon. Well I'm exhausted. Wait I'll get you a glass of water. hey You still care about Brother Mu.

Hum Your sister always orders me. Oh dear hey Why are you so red? You have a fever. no Without that, I have someone I like.

No Who? Your university friend? hey Bring them out. Let's meet. Don't ask. I just want you to hear my love letter. Help me verify it. Uh.

Love letter OK aunt I know. Brother Jiamu. I'm afraid I can only write this love letter in my life. Listen carefully. Xiaoxia And Auntie Xu.

Wait a second. Don't worry. Even if the love letter is sour, I'll listen to it. hey Let's start. It's said that everyone in the world For the appearance of another person. I think I'm here because of you.

I don't have a big dream. I just want to be with you. I don't have such a good literary talent. I just want to say, I think after 50 years, You can still love me like this. I don't think there will ever be another person in my life. Let me love you like you do. I don't know, since the day I met you,.

Everything I do is to be close to you. Don't worry, you must remember. The Qiao family and our Xu family I've promised to become a wife. I treat you as my future wife. It hurts. AnXia You should seize this chance. This may be your only chance.

I had many fantasies. I dreamed of being with you every time. I made a lot of wishes. Every wish is to make you love me. To the world, You're just a person. But for me, But you are the whole world. The rest of one's life.

I love you the most. Oh dear So shy. hey I'll change a word for you. Change the crime Well Isn't it romantic? EH.

Sister You're here. hey your daughter You don't know what you missed. My Brother Mu Brother Mu. Oh Take a look.

In this case, We can both be happy. Xu Mu. What did I miss just now? The reform and opening up is the most important thing. Our party Has been tested again and again. Has taken another important step. Because of Chinese socialism,.

Construction and reform What are you doing? So confident. It's boring. Just chatting with an old friend. So that our party is putting the basic principles of Marxism And the reality of China. First, Liberating the Mind is the Premise of Seeking Truth from Facts.

Supermodel He came to Shanghai. Is shooting in Shanghai. feed Keep your voices down. Well sorry Only by liberating the mind can we seek truth from facts. The second point.

Seeking truth from facts is the aim of liberating the mind Only by seeking truth from facts can we further liberate our minds. Look at him. Well Well We just talked about the relationship between them. Emancipate one's mind Seek truth from facts Advance with times.

Help me with Max. Leninism Don't be ridiculous. What if you find out? The Sage's class. You won't be able to get your grades this semester. Okay? But if I don't go now, I'll have to wait for another time. So that I can see my lifelong event.

I'm counting on you. Ah Wait for me. Xiaoliu Hurry up. It's your turn. good I'll be there soon. Ah It's so big.

I'm not looking. No matter how hard it is, I will find you today. I'll give you the love letter. They said that the crew of the Annual Contest was shooting on the wall. You'll see him soon. It's finally here. Is there any crew shooting here today? We just left.

Lu Jinnian Where are you? Ah I'm at the gate of your school. Brother Let's have dinner tonight. to be sorry I'm going back with the crew's car. Next time. Hum.

Why are you leaving so soon? I can't. The schedule is too tight. What a pity. In order to fulfill the landlord's friendship, Can I call you? Just let me pay for the phone. Alright Hey.

Lu Jinnian rarely comes to Shanghai. Without telling us in advance. to be sorry Because it's a temporary decision. I'll treat you when you come to Hangzhou next time. Uh No, no. I gave you so much trouble last time in Hangzhou. Will you come back next holiday?.

Go back if there's no accident. What's wrong? Let me Uh No Uh And Brother Jiamu. Let them treat you with something. We always go to Hangzhou.

Please. Well Nothing? Gamu is my brother. You should take care of that. I'm almost in Hangzhou. Let's stop talking. to be sorry I won't bother you.

Nothing Bye Well Goodbye, Lu Jinnian. Wait for me. I'll give it to you next time. safe and sound Wait for me. I will be the one who can take good care of you.

Lu Jinnian When can I give you this love letter? It's so hot. What's up You're so careless. Are you feeling ill? Nothing. Brother Jiamu called just now. Lu Jin won't come back for the holidays.

Look. good To prepare the new drama. Male No.2. Lu Jinnian It's good for you to get a good role. hey I heard from my classmates in Hangzhou the day before yesterday that The crew went to their school to hire an assistant.

Really Well Did they find it? Are you still talking now? Oh dear Don't think about it. It's so hot. You won't be able to bear it. I won't.

Longhair Just ask for me. You're the best. Well I thought you really caught the chance. hey Seriously, It's hard. Are you really going to work during the summer vacation?.

To have spare time Don't look at me like this. I'm very patient. I don't know why you have to suffer. As long as I'm with him, It's no problem at all. I really don't know whether to praise or insult you. A love letter can't be sent out for so long. But now I have to pursue him to work in Hangzhou.

This time, I must give the love letter away. Lu Jingyan I'm here. hey It's too hot. The shed is like a barbecue box. I'm melting. hey.

Xiaolu. Do you want to do makeup together? Air conditioning. No I have to get the props later. Go. Go find an assistant. You have to do everything yourself. It's too hard.

Fawn I've got a new assistant for you. How are you? Young people nowadays can't bear the hardships anymore. Don't be like those assistants. You're leaving after a few days. Don't worry. It's not easy for me to have this job. I will do it well.

Alright. You're better than those who want to sign. Let's do it first. hey Wait I don't need an assistant. Path Your role is important. It's better to have an assistant to take care of you.

Don't push it. feed Well How did you get here? My summer social time hasn't been decided yet. When I saw the recruitment assistant, I came. What are you doing during the summer vacation? To get involved here. It's okay.

Work content: “I should be able to afford it.” hey And I want to know more about the entertainment industry? Do your family know you're here? They can rest assured. I told them Brother Jia Mu took me to do a project. And take a trip. Brother Jia Mu promised to help me.

How did Jia Mu agree? You can rest assured. You're here alone. You're not alone. Aren't you here? Call me if you need anything. If you can't stand it, go back. So you agree to let me stay here? Emmmmm.

Very good Lu Jinnian. When I came down, En Life is actually everything. I bought it. I'm This ring I bought it ten years ago.

I only hope that one day when I'm qualified to propose to you, I'll give it to you right away. For half a month. You haven't seen enough. I'm fine. I didn't expect that Lu Jing. You have such a good acting skill. That's right.

He is so good at acting at his age. Is indeed talented. But this story is so cheesy. Just say it if you like it. Why are you struggling? Can you love me deeply? It's easy to talk there. What did you say Ah.

No Nothing? Stop standing here. To help you. Go to work with me. Ignore him. You're Lu Jinnian's manager. He pulled me to work for Big Shadow Emperor all day. What is it?.

I'm going to help. hey Sort these gifts from fans. To pick out the things of Best Actor. And put them in these two trolley boxes. I'll take it with me later. All the categories Well Hurry up.

I'll bring the Best Actor's stuff back to the company later. Don't waste my time. Ah It's impossible to finish it before the shooting is over. I've picked up such a drama. How many people can take advantage of our great actor? Really In order to be sincere, Ah.

Sorry I'm late. Why are you leaving without telling me? How dangerous you are alone. I just went to sort things out. Your fans sent you so many things. I'm exhausted. Well Why are you always working like this?.

Leave it to me if you need help. I'm fine. What if you don't focus on acting? it doesn't matter It won't affect the shooting. I'll handle this kind of work in the future. Lu Jinnian I I have a letter from Xiao Qiao.

It's not good. Go to the memorial hall. Well hey It's like this. What about the shooting tomorrow? That's right. Sorry Excuse me.

Ah Is that the prop that Lu Jinnian will use when shooting tomorrow? I think so. It's so unlucky. Who asked users to take things with them? These are from the Best Actor. And put it here. The Big Shadow Emperor's special trolley case. I'll take it with me later.

If something is broken, replace it with something else. If I can't, I'll change the script slightly. but How can the script be changed? Do you want to cut the part of Lu Jinnian? Do you know how hard he worked for the show? Do you know how important this is to him? Or what? And the props are gone.

What else can we do? Xiaoqiao Calm down. Don't talk nonsense. No way This is the only way. Calm down. sorry Sorry to trouble you.

Please make your own arrangement. Let's do this. Let's get back to work. sorry sorry Nothing You don't have to apologize. sorry I will be the one who can stand by your side.

Sorry I will be the one who can protect you. Take it for me. What's the number? Go that way. Ah You're the one who's running late. Hurry, hurry. Right now. There's no time to delay.

Come on That What are you trying to say? Nothing? You go first. I want to say, After a month and a half together, I already know I can't live without you. If only you had stayed by my side.

Attention please. Your Express 105 is coming soon. Please go to the ticket gate. Thank you for being my assistant. Has helped me a lot. En Well No. I just want to see.

Well no Nothing, nothing. Correct! Will you go home next holiday? Try to go back. If I go back, I can handle some things myself. Really? Then I will say,.

I mean, you come back, we're still the same as before. Let's meet. Well Express 105 to Shanghai. You can start checking now. Please hurry the passengers of Train 105. Get ready and go to the gate 8. It's getting late. come.

Take your luggage with you. Be careful on the road. Remember to send a message when you arrive. Well Then I'm leaving. CAUTION Xiaohao Why are you so useless? Why don't you have the courage to give him the love letter?.

Why don't you have the courage to tell him? Lu Jinnian I like you. The short summer vacation is over. I went back to school for a few years. The school is still busy with both sides. Two months have passed since the departure at the station. I didn't have the chance to contact Jing Nian again. Prepare for the next one.

Lu Jingnian It's your turn. Jinnian Are you working hard? Are you eating well? Do you remember me? Will you be back for my birthday? Girls, This is a fake.

What's your plan? No. Of course I have. Qiao Qiao is having a birthday party during the holidays. Xu Mu. To prepare a big gift. That's right. JOJO The birthday is coming.

You forgot this. The boat of friendship is sinking. sister Alright Xu Mu, You'll have to get double gifts then. A gift or something. I don't care about To invite all my friends to meet.

Hey JOJO You're a good girl. hey I don't know if my brother can come. Lu Jinnian Is he busy? hi It's not like you don't know.

His Sauvignon Blanc is so popular now. Flying around at will. Where is the time? hey Did you watch Sauvignon Blanc? Yes, I have. The leading man is so handsome. The man is called Lu Jinnian. He's so handsome that he has no friends.

The number you dialed is temporarily No answer. Please dial later. The number you dialed is temporarily No one answered. I finally understand why you love so much. Lu Jinnian is so handsome. The acting is amazing. Well.

En sorry I was shooting a drama. I've been busy recently. The activity is about to begin. Let's stop here. JOJO JOJO Well.

This birthday party is going to be big. Yes that's right We invited all our friends Let's have a good time. Yes Book a ticket to Shanghai tonight. Around 8 o'clock. You're going to Shanghai tonight.

The award ceremony is over tonight. There will be a celebration party. I won't attend the celebration party. Take me there. How many big names are there who don't attend the celebration party? This is a rare chance to make friends. How many people want to go in? You're not qualified. I can't go.

There's someone I have to get into tonight. otherwise No matter how I act, it's meaningless. Think about tonight. After all, it's not an ordinary banquet. I have decided. The delivery will come to pick up the flowers and cakes in the car later. Remember to remind him to deliver it today. And this one.

Put it in the flower. Don't waste anything. This is important to me. hey Why is there no answer? This is for delivery today. But that's the villa area. Someone should be holding hands. Happy birthday. Cheers.

Brother Jia Mu. I was drunk It's so uncomfortable. Please tell me. sister I need to rest for a while. Then rest. I'll ask the servant to bring you a cup of honey water. Well.

Live. The award ceremony. There was a strange number. No one answered. let it be don’t worry about That's it. It's finally the grand finale of today's award. The winner of this year's Best Actor.

Lu Jinnian Hello, everyone. Amazing You won a prize. Lu Jinnian won the prize. Amazing You won a prize. Mrs. Xu is finally here. My wife is waiting for you.

Is Qiao An Hao staying here? Yes This is the thing sent to Miss Qiao Hean. Please sign for it. Mr. Lu of Hangzhou You must deliver it today. Mr. Lu of Hangzhou Lu Jinnian Well.

Well Give it to me. I can take the gift to Miss An An on the way. good Thank you. To the world, You're just a person. But for me, But you are the whole world.

Congratulations on winning this year. Have you really thought it through? It's rare to see such an opportunity tonight. You're a newbie. If you don't go, Is it really good to add dinner? Some things can't be missed in a lifetime. For you, it's this thing. But it's another one for me. Without him,.

I don't even have the courage to pursue my career. But you're still young. You should put your career first. I hope you won't regret your decision today. If you don't go today, I will regret it forever. I'm grateful to you. This year's award is really different. That's great.

That's right. What impressed me most is the black horse that killed this year. Where is Lu Jinyan? Looking forward to his future performance. Well You're a little disappointed that you won the prize. Well Call to congratulate you. Ahao.

Wait for me. Oh dear Why can't I get through? En Lu Jinnian Why does it feel like I'm getting further away from you? Miss Jing. Miss An Xia is urging me. I'll be right down.

I'm sorry. aunt I've kept you waiting for so long. The birthday girl has such a big face. Auntie Xu. I've been waiting for you for half a day. You haven't come out. Auntie Xu is leaving early. Think about how to apologize.

Hey to have spare time Don't mind. My mom Let's give Qiao Qiao a birthday party. Happily. With my mom, The atmosphere is oppressive. Unlike Auntie,.

The younger you are, You're with Xia Xia and Qiao Qiao. Like three sisters. It's better that you can speak. Go and play. I'll handle the social affairs. Thank you, mother. Thank you, Auntie. to feel relieved.

I will definitely stop him. I won't let that boy do bad things. Well Shanghai We are in the same city again. I suddenly appeared. Will he be happy? She looks more and more beautiful. When I was studying,.

Don't bother to look. Come on Ah Anhao What's up sister I was scared. I always thought something would happen. What will happen to your birthday party today?.

Don't think too much. Mr.Lu Who are you? It seems that Mr. Lu remembers me. That's easy. I'll take you to a place. Take a look for yourself. It's been a long time. You should drink more with me.

Please have a look. That is the childe of the Bai Group. Next to him is the eldest lady of Zhou's Jewelry. The young master of Cheng Group is sitting on the outside. They are noble people. As for the one sitting next to Miss Heping, I don't need to tell you. Think about it. What are you talking about?.

I know why you are here. But Miss Jing An She doesn't want to see you. What she left in the garbage can says it all. Am I still not qualified to stand by him? I think I've got my message across. Can you come with me to see my wife now? They are noble people. Madam.

This way. Lu Jingnian Long time no see Han Rushu. You shameless bitch. How dare you show up in front of me? Hum You little bastard. You should disappear.

Well I'll get straight to the point. Mr.Lu I invited you here to talk to you. Joanne About Miss Hao, safe and sound Jinnian If only you could come.

What is Qiao Qiao looking at? So absorbed. Don't suddenly appear from behind. What are you looking at? Let me have a look. Nothing, nothing. Don't be so stingy. It's really nothing. What a good thing. Let's watch it together.

Nothing? Show me. Come and have a look. I see Someone is really girly. Zhang Meng and I went out for some air. JOJO Why are you looking so sad? I always feel something is wrong.

Today is my birthday. But I haven't heard from Lu Jinnian. Is something wrong? Have you thought about it? I don't have time to waste on you. I'm doing it for your own good. After all, Qiao Qiao is a child I grew up watching. I can roughly guess what he's thinking. He won't like you.

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