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=Episode 71= (By January 2060,) (there are 81 outgunned Gods of Warin total globally.) (The time for humansto fight monsters back may have come.) (Civil Affairs Bureau of the People'sRepublic of Hanxia) (Registration of Marriage,Jiangnan Base City) My dear. I found the necklace in a ruinof ancient civilization. It is called Eternal Love.

I hope it keeps you safe forever. Smart boy. Marriage is one of the stepsof human propagation. All those vows and gifts. Quite complicated. Our marriage is more than”one of the steps”. (After each organization gainedWood Crystals from the Island of Mist,) (more have broken throughto Planet level.) (Every nation has enoughpeople to fight off monsters.).

(In this year, Earth has neverbeen so peaceful.) Thank you. So Xu Xin and I can havea proper wedding ceremony. That's good, too. (Jia Yi) Commander Jia. Major General Luo, there'san important meeting. The First Elder requires us to be there. Enter the Palace of Gods of War.

Give me its data. (Searching database) (Null) Sir, Europa fleet have joined Merican fleet. Please give your order. Attention, everyone!Release all air and marine fighting units. Kill the monster at the port. (100% firing).

The barrage is intense. But it fled in a flash. Keita, keep searching. (Attention Lost) What? Target lost. Target lost. (Attention Lost) Descend!.

Descend! Giant Bear, follow me. Grizzly, head in 9 o'clock. Cut off its way. Lock on target. Locked on. Locked on. Laser cannon, get ready. (Although it moves fast,).

(our laser cannon has high firing rate.) (It's impossible for the thing) (to avoid the barrage.) Fire! Hit! Close in to make sure the target is taken down. The target is ahead of us. Scatter! (The laser cannonthat can kill a monster overlord).

(didn't work.) Losing control! Losing con… Grizzly! Grizzly! Sir, we failed to damage it.Please instruct. Turn all the laser cannonsto max power. Ready for a second firing. Yes, sir!.

Keita, continue to lead the air forcesto distract the monster. Make sure it's in fire range. Yes, sir! =Swallowed Star= Fire! It moves with surprising speed. Neither missiles nor laser cannons (Target lost Attention, all units)can be fixed on it. We must slow it down.

Keita, I have a plan. Keita, cover me. All units, stop firing. Wait for my command. The monster is way too large. It has yet to spot me. I can't freeze it. I can only slow it down for now. This is our chance!.

Now! Fire! (How is it possible?) (The concentrated firingof max-power laser cannons) (can even injure a monster emperor.) Target lost. Where is it? What? Quickly, protect the laser cannon. Go! Fire!.

It concerns national defense. The First Elder knows that you, me,and Sokolov have a military background, so he asks us to sit downwith the Five Elders to communicate with the leadersacross the world. (This is the Fifth Elder,) (Altakin.) (Altakin)(It is said that he's only next to Ester.) (He places No. 2 in Europa.) (But he keeps a low profile,).

(and rarely shows in public.) (But he attends this meeting.) (It means it's very urgent.) (Mo Henderson is severely injured.) (What did he go through?) Guys, we just receiveda message from Merica. They are experiencingan unprecedented disaster. Soon, the disaster shall sweep the world.

We've also got a footage. You'll know after you watch it. The monster has a specialdevouring ability. The base, the aircraft carrier, and even all the soldiers. It can shred everything into pieces, and suck them into its mouth. It devoured the entire base, leaving virtually nothing behind.

Only me, Elder Eason of the joint force, advanced God of War Keita survived. 12 Gods of War and 50,089 soldiers fought to the last. But they were all dead. (An unprecedented disaster is upon us.) =Episode 72= (Mankind shall facean unprecedented disaster.).

(The Five-country Joint Conferencerequires for connection) The connection requirementfrom the five-country joint conference. The five major countriesare having a joint conference. I have notified them beforehand that once they start to talk aboutthe mysterious monster, they are to get us connected. (Leader of Hanxia) (Leader of Merica) (Leader of Hindia Leader of Sovieti).

(Chairwoman of the HR Alliance of Europa) Mr. President, we have watched the videoof the monster's assault on the base. How is the situation in Merica looking? The sea monsters keep eroding the landunder its leadership. They were even divided into groupsto launch attacks separately. Up till now,four war bases have been ruined. Over 210,000 soldiers have died. The two monster emperorshave waked up from their slumber.

If they step in, it'll be more serious. We need to gather as much informationas possible at once to come up with a solution. Does anyone of you knowanything about it? The data Hanxia has shows that a type of cosmic lifefits the monster's features. After thorough deliberation, we have decided to unsealthe top-secret document.

(Top Secret of Hanxia)Enigmatic Archive Folder No. 7. Commander Li, would you like to elaborate? In order to learn the movementsof the sea monsters, (Enigmatic Archive Folder No. 7)the marine recon work of Hanxia military (Enigmatic Archive Folder No. 7)has never stopped. During which, several ruinsof the ancient civilization were found. In No. 2 ruinof the ancient civilization, the informational record of cosmic lifewas discovered.

From the information, we have learned that there's a monsterof a scarce population, but once they are mature,they immediately rise to Universe Level. Such monsters are called Stellar Giants. Stellar Giant? I have never heard of that. Stellar Giant? What is Stellar Giant?.

It is a varied species. It devoured a whole war base. I think this is a Devourer. Devourer? It has the ability to devour everything. How powerful this one is? Has it reached Universe Level? Data shows that a Universe-level Stellar Giant'sbody length ranges from 1 to 10 thousand meters.

This one is only 180 meters long. It is estimated that it's at Planet-level Phase 8 or 9, or a Star-level. This may be the first Star-level opponentthat earthlings have ever encountered. What is Star Level? What do we do about it? Or we can… I can't imagine how many more deathsMerica will suffer.

The intellectual systemin Palace of Gods of War has collected and analyzedthe monster's combat statistics. (Top Flight Speed) It is so fast. Hong, it is 2, even 3 times faster than us. (My flight speedas a Planet-level Phase-3 spirit master,) (even with my Soaring Shuttle,) (can only reach 5,000 metersper second.).

From the Third Elder'scombat performance, and the data collected, humans seem to stand no chance against the Stellar Giant. =Swallowed Star= Barbata. Barbata. Barbata. Do you recognize the monsteron the screen?.

My god. Where did you get the video? It is right on planet Earth. It appears on Earth? How is it possible? During Master's 60-million-yearexpedition in the universe, he only met three Stellar Giants. And no one had the blood of high-bornlike this one. Blood of high-born?.

Barbata, please explain. There are two high lineagesin Stellar Giants. One is Flame-star Giant. The other is Gold-horned Giant. This one is the more famous, more vicious Gold-horned Giant.

Its appearance means the end of Earth. (End of Earth?) (My classmates, teachers,) (brothers and coachesfrom the martial club,) (my parents, my family, my love.) (Everyone I know since I was little) (is but one tiny drop of water) (in the vast sea of Hanxia.).

(Which is also) (merely a part of mankind on Earth.) (And now,) (it is all over.) (No. It must die.) It has to be killed. Are you out of your mind? A Planet-level Phase-3 spirit master dares to challengea Star-level Gold-horned Giant?.

Yes, the power of the Almen is in you, but the Gold-horned Gianthas a formidable background as well. It has a noble birth. Killing it is… is but a pipe dream. We don't have to gohead-to-head against it. Yes, it is threatening, but you can hide in Ship Almen, and once its door is closed,.

It can't break inno matter how powerful it is. And it is impossible for it to devour Ship Almen. No. Don't be silly. How about this? You can take your familyto hide in Ship Almen, too. What, Barbata? Are we going to hide like cowards.

From the disaster? And then, we walk out to watch the aftermathof human extinction. All my parents' friends are dead, all our neighbors are dead, we are left alone on the planet. Are we supposed to livein a world like that? My parents would neveraccept a life like that. Me, neither.

That would be unthinkable. I just don't understandhow human mind works. You are no match for it, and you intend to fight against it? Human beings can't live out of society, nation, or country. If one lives alone on the planet, he might as well kill himself, too. Barbata,.

We have a name for those who survived the destructionof a country. The slave of a conquered country. My root is in Hanxia, and planet Earth. And I'm one of the leaves. If the root is dead, there's no pointin the leaf staying alive. Barbata.

Tell me how to kill it. You have no chance. Barbata, you can modify a spaceship, can't you build a better weapon to end its life? A weapon that killsa Star-level monster? Luo Feng,.

A Star-level one is consideredstrong in the universe, a Universe-level one is able to physically fighta space fleet. It means it is difficultfor an average space fleet to kill a Universe-level one. An extremely powerful weapon is also requiredto kill a Star-level one. It will not be easy to make such a weapon.

It'll take at least years to make. But the Gold-horned Giant can sweep across the planetwithin a month. And Luo Feng, even if we manageto make such a weapon, you'll learn how to use it. It'll be difficult for you to fire and hit the target. So,.

If you're determined to fight it, there's only one way. What is it? There's wreckage of spaceshipson Earth, you may find powerful weaponsfrom the wreckage. Although they are out of use after years of erosion, I can still modify them, and they may be usable again.

But of course, there's no guarantee. After all, a weapon that's able to kill a Star-level monsteris not an average one, too. Let's say Hong's spaceship, that's just a transport ship equipped with generic weapons. Barbata, please tell me exactly how powerfulthe Gold-horned Giant is. =Episode 73=.

Knowing the enemy and yourselfwins you a hundred battles. This one? Look. There is a bulge next to its horn covered by golden grids, right? Yes. The Gold-horned Giantis quite recognizable. It presents different characteristics at every stage.

When being a baby, it has only one horn. In the growing period,a second horn appears on the forehead. In its adolescence, a third horn grows. It gets a fourth onewhen reaching maturity. The fifth comes outin its prime of life. The older and stronger it gets, the more complex the golden pattern is. In the end, the horn becomes pure gold.

That's why it is called the Gold-horned Giant. There is only one bulgeon its second horn. I guessit has just reached the Star Level. But its blood is pure and powerful. It grows at an amazing rate. In its growing period, it wolfs down and absorbsa large amount of metal to enhance its strength.

So kill it now while you can, or it will only get stronger. No wonder it scavenges from war bases, which are replete with metals. Don't worry. While it owns an internal world, it has just finished the baby period. So it has a limited stomach. But, Luo Feng,.

I have to tell you that no star beasts are easy to mess with. They are born with ancient inheritance. It's hard to kill a Stellar Giant. It's even harder to kill a Gold-horned Giant who ranks high in strength. My master heard a story. Once an immortal encountereda realm-level Gold-horned Giant.

And intended to kill it. It should be easyfor a powerful immortal to kill a realm lord. Surprisingly, that Gold-horned Giant was no match but managed to escape. This beast is super rareand has power in its veins. Though it can be defeated, it's almost unlikely to be killed.

You'll never know until you try. It wants to destroy the Earth? Over my and all the otherwarriors' dead bodies! The earth is the common homeof humanity. And I, as a warrior, was born to guard the home with my life. One-track mind. It's a pity there are no weaponson the spaceship Almen. Otherwise, with its hardnessand sharp edges,.

It would be ableto kill star-level beasts as easy as cutting vegetables. One collision can cut open a planet when accelerating to an alarming speed. But unfortunately, Almen got damaged too badly to fly. Dawei. There is hope to winif it's a tier-8-or-9 beast.

Of planet level. But in the face of a star lever, we have only 10% chance of winning. Is it possible to hitwith a 100-kiloton nuclear bomb? (All underground bunkers are ready,the crowd can be evacuated anytime) Before the Great Nirvana, there was no place to testa 10-megaton nuclear bomb. But now in the era of base cities, we have plenty of open space,thousands of square kilometers of it.

The condition permits but the detailed planis up to experts of all countries. Commander. I'm worrying if our plan fails… The plan for the continuationof our nation? Ever since the Great Nirvana, (File Name: Ark Project I)we've seen too many people (File Name: Orbit al Leap)displaced because of those behemoths.

Now they're finallysettled in our base city (File Name: Vertical City)and can enjoy some peace. I didn't expect (File Name: Ark Project II)the doomsday to come so soon. I believe it's the samewith all countries. Start the Continuation Plan in secret. If humanity really couldn't fight this, we would do it on a large scale. We'll discuss the details.

After leaving the virtual space. Maybe… Maybe it's not that bad. (As a member of the earth,) (no one wants to give up.) Hong, are you sure? No. But even if I'm not sure, I will fight the war at the last moment.

I've moved up to tier 7 of planet level. With my domain skill, no one is my match among planet level. And supported bySkyscraping Vinewhich grows fast by eating Wood Crystals, I may even have a chance to defeat a tier 1 of star level. The biggest problem is that I don't know how powerful this beast is. Everyone.

Just now a video about Stellar Giant was sent from Merican Government. =Swallowed Star= They just got ordersfrom the headquarters to abandon the war baseand retreat fast. Because the satellite showed that (Stellar Giant Merican War Base)the Stellar Giant is flying in their direction. But it moves too fast. Come on, hurry.

The troops still need some timeto retreat. They will also be swallowed. Get in the car. Hurry up. Be quick. Everyone. We found two things in this video. One, it didn't swallow the war base.

But burned it down this time. Two, it is good at ranged attack. Darn it! What's going on? We've been considering exploding 10-megaton H-bombs on its body or in its mouth. What worried us beforewas its swallowing ability.

If the bomb was swallowed, would it interferewith electronic signals? But that problem has almost been solved. Now the biggest problem is its ability of ranged attack. With its incredible defense capability, a 50-meter distance will render a 10-megaton H-bomb harmless.

Even to its scales. Gentlemen. Once the hydrogen bomb goes off, the soaring temperature,the blast waves, and the nuclear radiation it produces are too much for ordinary people. But for a Stellar Giant like this, it may not be lethal. Nuclear radiation?.

Even you are immune from the radiation,my outgunned Gods of War, let alone the Stellar Giant. Therefore, only a powerful explosion at a close distance is likely to hit this beast hardor kill it. (The blast of a 10-megaton H-bomb) (can instantly raise the temperatureto a max of 20 million degrees Celsius.) So it has to explode by its side.

The energy released by nuclear fusion is radiated in all directions. The further away from the center,the less powerful it is. For a beastas mysterious and inconceivable as the Stellar Giant, the closer, the better. It's best to explode it in its mouth. The inside of its mouth must be weakerthan its scales on the surface. A 100-megaton H-bomb will definitely.

Blow up its head into nothingness. =Episode 74= A hydrogen bomb of 100megatons equivalent. It has to die! Guys. The biggest problem now is if the fighter jet that carriesthe H-bomb is destroyed by the Stellar Giant from thousands of meters away,.

What do we do? If the bomb is detonated thousands of meters away, it won't even kill a Planet-level one. Everyone. We have one chance only for a close H-bomb explosion. If it fails, the Stellar Giant.

Is too smart to let another fighter jet to get close to it. We would never have another chance. By then, my Primeval-level fighter jetwill be carrying the H-bomb. (A Primeval-level fighter jet'sdefensive power is amazingly strong,) (unless the Giant attacksit in melee range,) (its golden light) (won't be enough to destroythe fighter jet.).

(The jet will be carrying the bomb) (and trigger self-explosion mechanism) (once it gets close.) Thank you. Primeval-level fighter jet is the only thing that's ableto clash against a monster emperor. Its defensive power is more powerful than the First Elder's. It is one of the greatest gainsfrom the ruins of ancient civilization.

If that goes well, it's very likely that the H-bomb explodesin the Stellar Giant's mouth. Great. Awesome. 100-megaton H-bomb to explode in its mouth. What a good idea! However,.

It wouldn't be a Gold-horned Giant if it could be killed so easily. Guys, I have more information about this particular Stellar Giant. (According to what I have learned,) (this Stellar Giant was originallycalled Gold-horned Giant.) (Once it intends to swallow,) (the space near it will be twistedand separated from the outer world.).

(And it would be impossible) (to remote-detonate the H-bombcarried by the fighter jet.) (In addition,) (the Gold-horned Giant) (is classified as a Star-level one.) The only good news is that its swallowing capacity has a limit. That's why it broke the war base.

Instead of swallowing it. Elder Luo, is your information reliable? Yes, it is. I obtained the valuable informationfrom a ruin of ancient civilization. We can only pray to God. Sir Hong, I hope to be given the access to the archive keepingall the information collected.

From all the ruinsof ancient civilization on Earth by the Five Nationsand their martial club. What's your purpose? It is mostly alien spaceship wreckin the ruins of ancient civilization. I intend to find a weapon powerful enough to kill it. (File No. 1) (Ruins of Ancient Civilization DataSend) (File No. 12).

(File No. 3) (Send) In this apocalypse, everyone is going all out. Will humanity survive this? =Swallowed Star= Luo Feng. What's up?.

Don't be afraid. I got you. Dad, Mom. You stay at home. If anything happens, (Gravity Setting)go to the gravity room upstairs. (Successfully Changed)It is very safe in there. Brother, what's going on? A catastrophe.

A catastrophefor the entire human race. (A monster calledthe Gold-horned Giant appeared in Merica.) (Neither me nor Hong nor Thunder Godis a match for it.) (Even the highest-frequencylaser cannon can't harm it.) (It is running amuck,) causing war bases to fallone after another. It's brought a catastrophe that might be worsethan the Great Nirvana. I will find a way to defeat it.

(Barbata,) (you have received the datafrom all the ruins of ancient civilization.) How is it looking? I just finished processing the data. The No. 1 ruin of ancient civilization is located deep under the seain Bermuda. It is a 1,200-meter tallsilvery pyramid. It is extremely dangerous. Any material.

Or warrior will be smashed up right after getting in. The No. 2 ruin of ancient civilization is in the remote north of Sovieti. It is a spaceship wreck. But it's a low level one. So you won't findthe weapon you want in it. No. 31 ruin of ancient civilization, deep inside Shennongjia in Hanxia,.

Is orb-shaped with a diameterof over 800 meters. It's covered with poisonous gas. No one gets out of the No. 31ruin of ancient civilization alive. The No. 31, No. 1, and No. 12 are collectively known asthe Hopeless Three. Which one should I choose? Other than the Hopeless Three, you have pretty muchexplored everywhere. It's pointless that you try others.

The No. 1 and No. 31are two lethal ones that will kill the Universe-level ones. So the No. 12 is my only option. And for your current power, the No. 12 ruin of ancient civilizationis still way too dangerous. I mustn't be daunted by dangers right now. Because I don't want to live in regretfor the rest of my life. If I don't give it a shot,.

(I'll have to watch my people,) (my nation and the planet fall.) To avoid that, I must sacrifice everything I have even at the cost of my life. Master once said that a strong one must havea strong heart, whether they are bad or good or evil.

Luo Feng is one of that kind. Brother Li. I have heard you will be exploringin a ruin of ancient civilization. I'm here to see you off. No one's awareof the upcoming catastrophe. People still think that the sun will rise like usual. The Five Nations have secretlyopened the mankind continuity project.

They hold a pessimistic attitudetoward the war. Mankind continuity project? =Episode 75= Time for dinner. No one is awareof the upcoming catastrophe. They still thinkthe sun will rise as usual. The Five Nations have secretly opened the mankind continuity project. They hold a pessimistic attitudetoward the war.

Mankind continuity project? Military control and limited food supplywill be implemented. Shelters and spaceships will be built in order to ensure the continuation of mankind. I don't want to see humans live in misery in the future.

It's not my first time to experiencethe opening of the project. The last time was during the Great Nirvana? You may not understand my generation as you didn't truly live through the struggling time. (RR virus broke out.) (The lengthy nightmare began.).

(My mother was infected) (and could not be cured.) (She even entered a stateof slow mutation.) (She asked for euthanasiaas she could not take the sufferings.) (Abandoning (Refusing)Treatment Agreement) (My dad agreed in tears.) (But I only had hate for him) (because he gave her up.) (Missed calls from Dad).

(4 missed calls from Dad) (Monsters appeared in old town area.) (The military rallied the troops.) (A monster tide is upon us.) (The military office has decidedto launch a nuclear strike.) (Enigma Shelter) To avoid radioactive fallout, all citizens please headto the nearest underground shelters. The admittances will be determinedthrough random draws.

Citizens, please keep your lots properly. (Enigma Shelter) No. 150233, come forth. Others, stay back. I want my mom. (When I saw the kids,) (I guessed that it was) (the stories of love and sacrifices).

(behind their tags.) (My father had protected peopletill the end) (even though I always opposed him.) (The responsibility) (of keeping others safe fell on me.) Do your parents know (Enlistment Application) that you ask to join the army? They know.

You are not qualifiedto join the army yet. It is everybody's duty to defend humans' right of survival. Every human is qualified. And then, as warriors started to emerge, humans got to build base cities. It's been over 3 decades, yet every year, stronger.

And trickier monsters appear. I now only wish a bright future and more hopefor the later generations. I am old. You, however, still have a life full of possibilities. (Enigma Shelter) The rally command has been made. I am to rush to the front line.

Brother Li, take care. The military is Hanxia'sfirst line of defense. I will stall the monsteras much as I can. Farewell, Major General Luo. =Swallowed Star= (In the catastrophe,) (everybody has their own battlefield,).

(everybody has their own battleto take on.) No. 1, move out. Destination, No. 12 ruinof ancient civilization. Luo Feng. Concerning the Gold-hornedGiant's space-twisting ability, we have worked out a solution. You have? The Gold-horned Giant'sswallowing ability has a range limit.

So we'll detonate the H-bomboutside its range. But it won't hurt it. We want it to think the H-bomb is harmless, that's how we'll get close to it. If the atomic bombs carriedby the wing planes cannot hurt it, then my primeval-level fighter jet will stand a chance.

To drop the H-bomb to kill it. Simple and straightforward. It may work. But here's another problem. The satellite shows that the Gold-horned Gianthas destroyed all the war bases in Merica, and is now devastating Europa. So fast.

At this pace, seven days. It will destroy the entire human race within seven days. So I have to bring the H-bomb project forward. We'll do it tonight. Tonight? The project is brought forward,.

But not all wing planes are in position. I need your smart fighter jet urgently. OK. I'm now turning the control over to you. (Authority Change Hong Luo Feng) Go. No. 1. Complete your final mission. I'm honored to become.

A member of Earth's guardians. Thank you, Master. Luo Feng, it is 5,100 meters between the surfaceand the seabed, and the No. 12 ruinof ancient civilization is 3,300 meters below the seabed. Understood. (You monsters invadethe inland every year.) (Countless people have diedbecause of you.).

(You deserve this.) 2,500 meters underwater. 3,000 meters. 4,000 meters. (The seabed.) (The hydraulic pressure5,000 meters underwater) (would even crush) (a Planet-level warrior.) (But my armor transformedfrom the Skyscraping Vine).

(and the Black God Suit) (have protected me from the pressure.) (Another 3,300 meters.) Barbata, it is a well-hidden place. How did people find this ruin of ancient civilization? Earth technology is not enough. They found it using.

The detection machine from a starship. Only me can block signals and prevent the earthlingsfrom detecting me. Virtually all the other ruinshave been found on Earth. Here we are. (My spirit energy) (has a radiation radius of 500 meters.) (But I can only cover).

(a small part of the spaceship.) (It is even larger) (than the headquartersof the Extreme Martial Club.) Luo Feng, (3,200 meters long, 1,600 meters wide,)we've come to the right place. (800 meters high)we've come to the right place. It is a mothership. (H-bomb Strike Project) (The H-bomb strike project is on.).

(H-bomb Strike Project) (883 kilometers from the target) Stage 1. Low-grade nuclearcheating project is on. Here comes the first one. It carries a 20-kiloton nuclear bomb. It has spotted the wing plane. 3,000 meters. (It has to work.).

It's about to attack. 500 meters. Right now. Detonation.

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