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=Episode 81= It's healed. Doom is upon mankind. The monster tide is landing on the coastlineof Huafu base city in Merica. (Warning) The Gold-horned Giant isheaded for Hanxia. (Merica Devourer Hanxia) What? (Hanxia).

The Gold-horned Giant's revenge is on. Brother, the understanding and usage of realm that I taught you, how much have you mastered it? About 30%. This is not enough. There's no time for humans. It's enough.

Come on. Sir Hong, I have something importantto say to you. First Elder. The First Elder summoned us here. Maybe he's found a solutionto kill the Gold-horned Giant. Even the most powerful H-bombdidn't work on it. Even if we make an H-bombof a larger equivalent, the Gold-horned Giant wouldn't.

Get itself bombed for a second time. Luo Feng and the Firstand the Second Elder together? Everybody. Mankind is in peril as the Gold-horned Giant runs amuck. At this critical point, I have summoned you hereto make an important announcement. Everybody, I'm confident aboutkilling the Gold-horned Giant. What?.

Luo Feng, what did you say? Have I heard him correctly? How is it possible? Luo Feng, what are you going to killthe Gold-horned Giant with? This. The laser gun. Yes, I excavated it from the No. 12 ruinof ancient civilization,.

One of the Hopeless Three. It is currently the most powerfulsingle-target weapon on Earth. The No. 12 ruin of ancient civilization. All five nations failedto explore it. You managed to get in and out safely. How powerful is the laser gun exactly? Luo Feng, what's.

The laser gun's level? Tell him, it is a B6 laser gun. B6. B6? There's hope for mankind. Elder Jia Yi. How powerful is a B6-level laser gun? We learned from the ruinsof ancient civilization.

That the power of laser guns (Laser Gun grading)is graded as three levels, A, B, and C . (Level: Planet (A))An A-level laser gun can killan ordinary Planet-level warrior. B-level, a Star-level one. A B6 laser gun (Level: Star (B))is capable of killing (Level: Star (B))a Star-level Phase-6 warrior. Phase 6.

My God. But its muzzle is small. Can it really killthe Gold-horned Giant? Although the Gold-horned Giantis 180 meters tall, its head is only 20 meters long. The laser ray is shot out at the speed of light, it won't dodge the attack. Even a beam of laser ray.

Can shoot through the Giant's head, and blow it up. Awesome. There's hope for mankind. We still have hope. We'll be saved. Great. Terrific. Luo Feng, thank you.

You have reignited the hope for mankind. Sir Hong. Don't address me as Sir anymore. If you will, just call me Brother Hong like Thunder does. Brother Hong. Elder Luo, can we take a lookat the laser gun?.

Barbata, is it ready? Final stage. Please give it a bit more time. =Swallowed Star= The Gold-horned Giant is attacking human camps on the Island of Mist. The Gold-horned Giant's flight speed is 15,000 metersper second. It is estimated.

(Distance Kilometer Jiangnan base city Speed)to arrive at Chunsheng River estuary in 9 minutes. It is so fast. We must take it downbefore it enters Hanxia. Luo Feng. Barbata, there's no time. 8 minutes remaining. (Jiangnan base city) (Speed) Barbata.

7 minutes. Our warriors are dying. (Error) (Repair Failure) (Distance Kilometer) (Error) Done. What's this? This is the maintenance robot.

That I got from the ruin. The robot can execute the firing of the laser gun perfectly. (Such invaluable alien technology) (is buried undergroundfor so many years.) (Luo Feng is the one who unearthed itso mankind can use it.) (With him protecting Hanxia,) (I shall die with no regrets.) (Distance Kilometer)6 minutes.

The Gold-horned Giant is coming. Everybody, I believe it will work. Barbata. Everything's ready. Move out. It will take some timefor the laser gun to get ready. If we fail to kill it with one hit, the Gold-horned Giant will escape. I understand.

We've only got one shot. The monster is swallowing the abandoneddrilling platforms around the Pacific islands. Most of the Pacific Ocean is covered in darkness. The robot's flight speed, (Distance)2,109 meters per second. Gold-horned Giant's flight speed,.

15,219 meters per second. The laser gun fires a straight-line ray. They will have to be close enough (Distance)to ignore the curvature of Earth's surface. The robot is 2,100 kilometersaway from the Gold-horned Giant. Close enough. Laser gun ready. Robot in position. (Distance)Laser gun activated.

50 seconds. 49 seconds. It takes the laser gun 50 seconds to get ready for firing. (Distance) 10. 9. 8. This is the last chance for mankind. (Distance) 3.

2. It has spotted the robot. It's too late. – 1.- Fire. No living creature can escapea light-speed attack. He did it. Yes! He did it! He did it! He did it!.

We did it! Come on, have a drink. Cheers. Luo Feng, I'm good, aren't I? I told you that the laser gun that cankill a Star-level Phase-6 one would take its life effortlessly. (We did it.).

(The catastrophe will soon be over.) Hong, what's wrong? =Episode 82= Come on, let's drink. Let's celebrate our victory. One more. – (We made it at last.)- Cheers. (The disaster is going to end.) (Hong.).

(What is that?) It's impossible that it's still alive. How is it possible? Both humans' and animals' souls exist in the sea of awareness, and the sea of awarenessis inside their heads. Once the head is destroyed,they just die. Unless its spiritual markis kept in every cell, and it regenerates through cells.

But a Star-level oneis not capable of it. Does this Gianthave some special talent? The Gold-horned Giantmoves at a fast speed on sea. – 36,062 meters per second.- We failed. 2.37 times fasterthan its previous speed. (I can't believe I failed.) (Its whole head was blown up.) (How is it possiblethat it still lives?) (What's this monster's deal?).

Quickly, the laser gun. Bring back the laser gun. (It is much faster than the laser gun.) (It has to launch a second firing) (to earn a chance to escape.) (Energy Value Preparation Time) (Preparation Time)(Quickly.) (Too late.) (The ultra weapon that was meantto kill the Gold-horned Giant).

(has been destroyed) (before it launched a second firing.) Latest news. We have lost the only military baseunder the command of Hanxia northeast military region. It means all the military basesacross the world have been destroyed. All the base cities are vulnerable to monster tides.

6:34, Brazilia base city has fallen. 7:15, Frocia base city has fallen after the flying monsters'8-hour besiegement. Up until 9:34, ten base cities have fallen. (The Palace of Gods of War is supposedto be the last fort against the monster,) (yet here we are, having no idea how todeal with the Gold-horned Giant.).

(Soon,) (all the base cities across the world) (will fall one after anotherunder the attack of the endless monster tides.) (The situation will be direrthan the Great Nirvana.) It is time. Hong, we'll do as agreed, okay? Everybody, the Gold-horned Giant's strengthis impaired.

It is a great opportunity. Thunder God and I have decided to join hands to fight the Gold-horned Gianttill our last breath. Hong, I'll join you. We'll join you as well. It concerns human destiny. We all share the responsibility. Us, too.

You are not strong enough yet. Currently, only Thunder Godand I have a realm. Without your own realm, you will only get yourselves killed. Thunder God and Iwill go to the battle, you will be here,keeping things under control. But… Luo Feng, just listento Sir Hong's command. Even a Universe-level oneout of one galaxy.

Doesn't necessarily have a realm. Yet two Planet-level earthlingsboth have their own realm. If they burn their souls to make a desperate strike, there actually is a chance. Even if it goes down, the five nations can makesure of shelter for most human elites and plan for the future.

How about we… Didn't you hear his order? The First Elder and the Second Elderwill risk their lives fighting the Giant, and we'll be responsiblefor leading the Palace of Gods of War and keeping the world in order. =Swallowed Star= The Gold-horned Giant grows fast. Once it achieves the universe level, there will be no safe places on Earth.

There will virtually be nosurvival chance for humans. I don't want my child, our descendants to lose hope and live a dark, homeless life. So, Hong and I mustkill the Giant at all costs. Thunder God and Iwill make the final preparations. The monster tides arestorming the world,.

We are the last defense of mankind. Remember, as long as I'm still breathing, I will not stop fighting. The capital base city needs help. Guys, I'm off. (As long as I'm still breathing,) (I will not stop fighting.).

Feng. Mom. I took Xu Xin to take an examination earlier. Xu Xin. Let me detect. Boy. Twin boys. Luo Feng,.

We have children at this point. What if… (Having my own children) (should be a happy thing.) (But it happens at this time…) We'll be fine. Hong said he didn't want our descendantsto lose hope. Now, I can.

Understand his feelings. Kids, I promise you will have a beautiful childhood. You will not be living in fear. I swear with my life. So I cannot just wait. Things are looking dire. I must do whatever I can to help. Luo Feng,.

When you return, you will name our children. Barbata, how many remainsfrom the ruins of ancient civilizations you collected for the reparationof the ship are still left? Quickly, to the frontline. This is my training experience. Publicize it.

Maybe someone will break throughto higher levels with it. If I can't make it, it will serve as somemore hope for mankind. Yes. Hong, wait. I have some pieces of equipment here. They are made of materialfrom the ruins of ancient civilizations. They should be helpful in battle. Completed at last.

The spear is for you, Hong. It's indeed the best cosmic materialthat I have ever seen. Good. For Thunder God, I have prepareda strengthening weapon. The structure and the centerof gravity are well designed. It suits me well. The armor is strong, too. Given that Honghas the Skyscraping Vine,.

It will be given to Thunder God. Thanks. I wouldn't know that all the remainsfrom the ruins of ancient civilizations would be made into human weapons. Thank you, Barbata. Luo Feng, this is it. Now,.

I task youwith another important matter. You are the third strongeston Earth right now. After we go to the battle, you will lead all warriors to protect mankind. Keep it up. (You must return safe and sound.) The Gold-horned Giantcame out of sea three times. To restore its strength,it has swallowed many buildings.

We'll fly on the sea surface. Keep tracking the Gold-horned Giant. Once it comes out, we will strike. Is it on? (Hong and Thunder God.) (The two strongest men on Earth) (will fight the strongest monster.) (Maybe this isthe last battle of mankind.).

=Episode 83= (Laser Gun project failed.The weapon has been destroyed.) (There's no hope for mankind.) (The Gold-horned Giant is too powerful.This is the end of Earth.) (It is over.I hope there's an afterlife.) (What to do? Who will save us?) (Cross my fingers…) (Darn you, monster.I want my family back.) (Look. “There's hope for mankind”.).

The hope for mankind! Hong and Thunder Godhave joined the battle! (Hong and Thunder God are in.) (No reason to step back.We're fearless.) Hong, how many people do you think are watching us at the moment? I can't believe you are stillin the mood for this. (Hope for mankind!Hong and Thunder God have joined the battle!).

Remember to scan the QR code. The Gold-horned Giantwill soon emerge from the sea. The way you look at us. As if you're saying “How dare you small creatures challenge me?” Soon, I will chop you into pieces. I'll show you.

The ultimate power of mankind. Common eyes can't see what's going on. I guess only Luo Feng can. They are launching a desperate strike. Hong and Thunder Godare burning their souls in the battle. (Burning their souls?) They set the coreof the genetic primordial potency inside their bodies on fire, and integrate their primordial potency,strength, and willpower.

To communicate with the universe and achieve the outbreak of ultra power. It's terrifying. But it only lasts for a brief moment. If the Devourer still lives, then they will be crushed by it. It looks like it's a right choicethat I sent out the Silverium Guards. Are they there yet? They will soon be there.

But the Silverium Guards can onlyprotect them. They can't turn the tide. Do our best, and let fate decide. The Gold-horned Gianthasn't been born for long. It didn't have time to learn any moves. It's on the losing side against Hong and Thunder Godwho already have their own Realms. Its ultra move of swallowing. Hong.

It is the pieces of the spaceship. With all the metals, I can build ten ships. Did Hong prepare an item for storagelike the Space Ring? When Gold-horned Giantstarts to swallow, he takes outwhatever is inside the storage space. The Gold-horned Giantcan only swallow so much. These metals are much heavierthan those on Earth.

After swallowing so much, your body will explode from the inside. Keep swallowing. Keep swallowing. More for you. =Swallowed Star= Now is the chance.Give it our best strike. Thunder Blade, Level 9! (The highest level Thunder Blade,).

(with the enhancement of realm,) (is astonishingly powerful.) Spear of Destruction! ♪Breaking through the heavens♪ ♪Roaring heard by the universe♪ ♪Roaring♪ ♪Struggling♪ ♪Light up the night sky with fire♪ ♪Watch the stars getting swallowed♪.

♪Fire it up♪ ♪Fire it up♪ I will not die. Keep fighting. Kill it! Even if my body breaks, I swear I will eradicate you. A very clever strategy.

Stall the Gold-horned Giant'sswallowing process with the metals, infuriate it with the H-bomb, and when the angry Giantswept off the metal pieces, Hong launched his ultra attack. Very strategic. Very nice. They are nowinside the Gold-horned Giant. The Giant can't attack themwith its claws. Hong and Thunder God.

Have a 50% chance to win the battle. The Gold-horned Giant is one of the mightiest Stellar Giants. It is so careless of it to let Hong and Thunder God pierce through its skinand get inside its body. It lacks basic fighting skills. If it was any better, there would be less hope for us.

I wasn't talking about that. What I meant wasthat the Gold-horned Giant is still young. (Devourer Egg Devourer Whelp)It is still a whelp. (Adult Devourer)It's too young and inexperienced to fight skillfully. It's still young? (But even a young Gold-horned Giant) (nearly caused human extinction.) It's hurting itself.

In order to kill Hong and Thunder God. The Gold-horned Giant is getting weak. (Gold-horned Giant Vitality) What about Hong and Thunder God? (Vitality data lost)I-I've lost track of them. The Gold-horned Giantis getting weak. It is even weakerthan a monster emperor… (Gold-horned Giant Vitality)No, weaker than a monster overlord. And it continues….

(Vitality) =Episode 84= The Gold-horned Giantis getting weak. It is even weakerthan a monster emperor… No, weaker than a monster overlord. (Vitality)And it continues… It is gone. (Breaking News)The Gold-horned Giant's vitality.

(Breaking News)has completely disappeared. We won. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! We won! We won! Victory is ours! The Gold-horned Giant'sbeen destroyed? We cannot judge if a Stellar Giant's deadbased on earth knowledge. Before its flesh and soulcompletely vanish,.

We have to stay vigilant. What about Sir Hong and Thunder God? Can they be detected? Sir Hong and Thunder Godare the strongest two on Earth. I'm sure they're still alive. I'm very certain. Dear viewers, (Breaking News Hong and Thunder God)we have devastating news for you. (have perished!)we have devastating news for you.

We cannot detect any breath of life. It means that although Gold-horned Giant is dead, the two strongest warriors on Earth, Hong and Thunder God, two martial club masters may have perished. They are heroes.

Who have saved the whole world. (Breaking News Hong and Thunder God)Sir Hong and Thunder God (have perished!)Sir Hong and Thunder God are dead. Not necessarily. They may not be dead yet. What? You got the vitality detector from a ruin of ancient civilization,right?.

That thing hasa certain detection range. When someone's vitality is lowerthan a critical point, it cannot be detected. If Sir Hong and Thunder God'svitality is lower than a certain value, the detector cannot find them. They may be very weak, but they are not necessarily dead yet. Correct. After all,.

They are two top Planet-level oneswho have got their own realms. Whether they are dead or alivecannot be judged based on common knowledge. No! How is it possible? The Gold-horn Giant is gaining vitality. (Gold-horned Giant's Vitality) 10%. 20%. 30%.

It has stopped. The Gold-horned Gianthas stopped gaining vitality at 30%. Sir Hong and Thunder God. (Sir Hong and Thunder God.) (They started to lead humans) (out of desperation from the eraof Great Nirvana.) (They fought side by sidethrough life and death.) Soul Slumber.

They are not dead! Soul Slumber? Immortal-level ones will feign deathafter taking lethal damage. Once one's in Soul Slumber, it will take him one year to millions of years to resume. Hong and Thunder Godare only at Planet-level, they may never awaken.

From Soul Slumber. Oh, no. It plans to exterminateSir Hong and Thunder God. It's the Silverium Guards. They are here. Silverium Guards are not offensive, and much slowerthan Hong and Thunder God, but their fluidic and inflatable bodies allow them to effectivelyrestrain enemies.

The Gold-horned Gianthas no way out at the moment. Yaorao, have you received Sir Hongand Thunder God? They are on the way to the hospitalat the headquarters. Good. I will not go to the headquarters. There's one thing that I have to do first. Lei.

We will see someone. The Gold-horned Giant'svitality has completely disappeared. We won. We won! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! We won! (Dear viewers,) (we have devastating news for you.) (We cannot detect any breath of life.).

(It means) (that although Gold-horned Giant is dead,) (the two strongest warriors on Earth,) (Hong and Thunder God,) (two martial club masters) (may have) (perished.) (They are heroes) (who have saved the whole world.).

Thunder God has a daughternamed Xiaolei. They are not very close. She never wanted to see his dad. Thunder God is unruly, but he never stoppedloving his daughter. Xiaolei, we haven't seen each otherfor almost 16 years. I remember the first timeI took you to an amusement park,.

I got carried away and broke a bunch of facilities. You went to apologizeto the staff. How time flies. I bet the handsome boy you metwhen you were 18 is now your husband, huh? I shouldn't have beenso rigid and disapproved of your marriage so that made you run away from home.

We haven't talkedto each other for 16 years, but I have been secretlywatching you. I know that you live a happy life, and it makes me happy as well. All right, I will go somewherewith Hong later. We won't be seeing each otherfor a very long time. But don't you worry, Xiaolei. I promise you that the monster.

Will not hurt you. Farewell. =Swallowed Star= He wanted you to give it to her. It shows how much he trusts you. I can tell that the First Elderhas high hopes for you as well. I understand. Thunder God and the First Elder.

Are admitted to the hospitalat the global headquarters. They are weak, but they are not dead. You are the third strongeston Earth right now. After we go to the battle, you will lead all warriors to protect mankind. Keep it up. Commander Jia.

Silverium Guards? Yes, I sent them out. No, they can do nothing. Silverium Guards arefor protection purposes. They cannot do damageto the Gold-horned Giant. The government wantspeople to know this? Sure, that will do. (Humans do need hope.).

(Even if it's false hope.) The two silver giants (Mooncake)are developed through joint effort (Mooncake)of all nations on Earth. Like thousands of years ago, this war… We will win. With hope, (Extreme Martial Club)people will survive this.

Luo Feng, you are now the strongest one on Earth. And the final hope for mankind. As long as I'm still breathing, I will not stop fighting. You will be our leader in this battle. Hanxia base city won't stand long. You go home, see your family, and we'll set off.

The Palace of Gods of War will not stop until the last man falls. Luo Feng, don't be stressed. You have done what you can in dealing with the Gold-horned Giant. And the monster was never a challenge for a Planet-level spirit masterto take on. The Gold-horned Giant.

Will recover to its peak statein one or two days. And humans have no other waysto resist it. Extinction is inevitable. Leave Earth. The BDM X81 will soon be repaired. It will take you anywherein the universe. Are you asking me to run away? To survive! To keep the last hope for mankind.

Take Xu Xin and your family with you. No, I will not. Why? I have made up my mind. We will not stop fightinguntil the last man falls. The last man falls? And then what? If you die,.

Humans will still be extinct. It is our mission. You will not understand. Human emotions are a weak factor. Fighting a battle destinedto lose at all cost does not enable you to survivein the universe. This is not the same. Survival is not justa biological concept, it's also a spiritual thing.

When a warrior chooses to be a deserter, he has been a dead man spiritually. Ever since Master created me, I have lived 60 million years. I have witnessed the rises and fallsof countless races in the universe, including the Almenese and Immortal Ones like Master. Planet Earth is but a speck of dustin the vast universe. Your so-called spirit.

Is worth nothing in comparisonwith thousands of eons. I will not let you die no matter what. Do you know this? I waited 50 million years to meet you, the only successorof Planet Almen. If Earth is a speck of dust in the universe,then I'm a speck of dust on Earth. =Episode 85= A few days ago, the doctor performeda remote B-scan ultrasonography on me.

The children are healthy. Look. (Heart Rate)You can vaguely see the nose. (Devourer Egg Devourer WhelpAdult Devourer) (Heart Rate Pulse) Barbata, once you said that the so-called soul is actually a micro-planetinside one's body.

The Gold-horned Giant's vitality has weakened so much, does it mean that its soul has become much weaker than before? Yes, it is weak right now, but a Planet-level Phase-3spirit master is no match for it. You mentioned that the Giantwas still young. So if it is young,.

Its soul shouldn't be mature either. And it took the hitsof the B6 laser gun, Sir Hong and Thunder God'sdesperate strike, its soul should have beenseverely damaged. I am a spirit master. I can hit the soul directly. Are you referring to the Almenese Arcana,the Tower of Void? No.

Your Tower of Void is not capable of destroyingthe Gold-horned Giant's soul. What if together with Hexagram? Luo Feng, are you out of your mind? No. I will not allow it. I waited 50,000 years for you, the successor of Almen.

I will not allow youto get yourself killed. Barbata, do you think I wish to die? I don't. I want to see my children and hear them call me dad. I want to be alive. I'm eager to stay alive. But.

I don't want my children to be born in a spaceshipwithout the sunlight, or friends. I don't want them to listen to my story about a beautiful planetthat once existed under the golden light of the sun. That it had four seasons, from winter to spring to summer to fall.

And that the blue planetdoesn't exist anymore. They should be born in an era of peace. I stand a good chance to kill the Gold-horned Giantthat only has 10% of its former strength left with Hexagram and Tower of Void. Hexgram of Planet Almen requires 5 Planet-level ones to burn their souls and pass their power on to you,.

So you can launch the ultra attack, the Tower of Void. Putting aside the fact that Tower of Voidwill damage your soul severely, let's say I agree with you, would anyone be willingto sacrifice themselves? I have no choice. I have to take a shot. Even an Immortal-level one.

Will not fully recoverfrom soul damage. Barbata, you've said that Planet-level can barely survivein the universe, and my wife and parentsare ordinary people. It'll be extremely dangerous if I take them to some other planetin the universe. And it's not peaceful in the universe.

Life is struggling on every planet. It would be a nightmare for a Planet-level one to leada group of ordinary people in the universe. Besides, if I chicken out at this critical moment, I don't deserve to bethe successor of Planet Almen. I promise you that I will strive to survive.

I mean, Hong and Thunder Godare still alive, aren't they? As long as I'm still breathing, you'll have a way to save me, no? The stronger thosefive Planet-level ones are, the more powerthe soul-burning generates. But they will have to volunteerto do it. They mustn't resist, or it will fail. Barbata,.

Send this messageto all Planet-level ones. (I may have a way to destroythe Gold-horned Giant,) (but I need 5 Planet-level ones)Those who volunteer, (who are willing to sacrifice themselves.)Those who volunteer, (Reply to this message if you are in.)ask them to reply to my message. OK. Luo Feng, how many peopledo you think are willing to do it? They are Planet-level warriors.

Or spirit masters. Even if all the base cities are broken, and humans face extinction, they are most likely to survive. (Chu Qiang: Shi Jiang,I heard from the military) (that Luo Feng has a wayto kill the Gold-horned Giant.) (Case Name: Orbital Transition) (Email No Reply) (Luo Feng: I may have a way to destroythe Gold-horned Giant.).

(Jia Yi is in.)Commander Jia. (Polar Bear, Sokolov is in.) (Reply to this message if you are in.) (Singh Sokolov) (Europa Ester is in.) I thought you earthlingswere tiny and weak, but in fact… They are so crazy. 81 replies. 62 of them are in.

Even some Gods of War have volunteered as well. (How certain are you?) Barbata, select five men based on the level of their souls. OK. =Swallowed Star= Yelena, this is the last time I visit you.

I failed to save your mother from the monster, and it's been torturing me for years. I'll head to the Pacific to fight the Gold-horned Giant. Will you not see Dad for the last time? Yelena, take good care of yourself. (Dad).

I'm off. Don't cry. As a soldier, dying for our country is the greatest honor. Please take care of these little fellows as well. (Mo Henderson Ester Jia YiTripathi Singh Sokolov Accepted) Feng,.

Get up. Hua. Brother. Take good care of our parents. I owe you a wedding ceremony. I'm sorry. Don't say anything like this. I and our children willbe waiting for you to come home. (Kids,).

(you may never get to see me.) (But I want you to know) (that I love you.) The seabed down thereis the best location by my estimation. The nearby areas have been cleared. No monsters will interrupt us. The Gold-horned Giantis 1,200 meters deep under the seabed. (1,200 meters)It's close enough, (1,200 meters)but the ritual won't disturb it.

OK. Let's go. The top 6 Planet-level onesfrom five nations have set off for the final battle. They are (Mo Henderson)the strongest one of Merica, Mo Henderson, the strongest one of Europa, Ester, (Tripathi Singh)the strongest one of Hindia, Tripathi Singh, the strongest one of Sovieti, Sokolov,.

(Jia Yi)and Hanxia's hero, Jia Yi. Also, the No. 1 spirit master on Earth, (Luo Feng)the youngest genius, Luo Feng. It is Luo Feng. Our brother Luo Feng. Let us always remember these names. (It may be) (the last chance for mankind.) (Next Episode Preview)Let us pray.

That Luo Feng will win. Right now. No wonder it wasn't killedeven after the laser gun blew its head off. The Gold-horned Giant's seaof awareness is not in its head. If it still doesn't break, I will burn out the last bit of my soul. Luo Feng, stop! I'm sorry, Barbata.


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