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=Episode 71= – (Though the Demon's fall attack is over,)- Bye, Big Sister. Goodbye. (the war betweenthe Alliance and the Demons) (will continue.) Though yours is only sergeant grade now, I hope you could decide the purpose and goalof your squad soon. Fall of Demon Gods shouldn'tbe the strongest squad forever.

You are the future of our alliance. (Senior,) (don't worry.) (We will become stronger.) This is a gift from Mr. Chen Zidian, captain of the squad Fall of Demon Gods. Oh, man, he's quite a big wheel. Captain, tell us how awesome it is. (Soul Chain Epic Auxiliary Equipment)Soul Chain.

Epic auxiliary equipment. Epic! It functions to connect the life forceof the seven of us andaccordingly apportion the pain. With this equipment, even when the enemyis far stronger than us, we will be more likely to survive because it's the seven of us against it.

What a perfect equipment for team fights! Come on, let's activate it now. Apart from this gift, Mr. Chen also told me something. As you know, as long as the demon pillars stand, new demon gods will be generated. Those pillars are made to last.

We've tried and failed many times. I see. We can't defeat the demonswithout ruining the demon pillars. But the pillarshave never been destroyed. Not in the past. But possible in the future. Humanity's strengthhas been constantly improving. Epic equipment and high-level skillshave been increasing.

We'll find a way out. Exactly. Let's set our goalas destroying the first demon pillar. I'm convinced that as long as we keep growing stronger, one day, we will end the darknessthat has lasted for 6,000 years and embrace the first light. The first light.

Must be as charming as sun rays at dawn. Sun rays at dawn? We'll be known as First Dawn Light. When we are promotedto the titled grade in the future, let's use it as our team name. Brilliant. First Dawn Light will bring true light to mankind. Captain and Vice-Captain, good job.

Okay. It's settled then. Soul Chain will make the seven of us into a whole. Now that Han Yu has officially joined us, we should decideeveryone's role in the team. (Long Haochen Level-5 Dual Knight Mana)Cai'er and I will lead the charge. (Cai'er Level-5 Assassin Mana)Cai'er and I will lead the charge. Lin Xin and Chen Ying'erwill cast spells in the rear.

(Chen Ying'er Leve-4 Summoner ManaLin Xin Level-5 Fire Mage/Potioneer Mana) Wang Yuanyuan and Sher Samuel (Sher Samuel Level-5 DisciplineHealer Mana)will coordinate to attack from the flank. (Wang Yuanyuan Level-5 Shield Warrior Mana)will coordinate to attack from the flank. Han Yu will stay in the center (Han Yu Level-5 Guardian Knight Mana) to protect Chen Ying'er and Lin Xin while enhancing the whole teamwith a flexible vision. To cope with unfavorable situationswe may encounter in battles,.

I will focus on healing and support skills to make up for our insufficiencyin these two aspects. That way, the only shortages of our team pointed out by Leader Gao are solved. Han Yu. I'm so sorry. You have to take care of so many people because I can't master healing skills. Will that be too much pressure?.

No worries. When I made a squire bond with Captain, he increased my innate mana to 80 through the gift-sharing process. What? Gift sharing? Is that the legendary blessingfrom the Son of Light? Are you saying that our captain is the Son of Light?.

My innate mana is 97, which is consistentwith the record on him. Captain! I'm also of light attribute. Please help me with my mana. Sher Samuel. Okay, I will. I knew Captain Long was unusual. But the Son of Light? Oh, Jesus Christ.

Vice-Captain, you're also very powerful. You must have a high innate mana, too, 100. What? 100? Captain and Vice-Captainare born monsters. I guess the rest of usare in the same boat. I'm not getting on board. I'm the last descendantof the Mighty Giant.

As I grow stronger, I'll gain more powerfrom the Mighty Giant and its shield. Well, Ying'er, you're not abandoning me, right? I know you're kind of weak. But don't worry. I'll protect you from now on.

Pill-maker, how dare youlook down upon me? You think I'm weaker than you? Granny Sanshui told methat I'm the genius of the Soul Temple. I was born the Body of Chaos. The Body of Chaos? (Chen Ying'er is the Body of Chaos?) (Then she will be the successorof the Soul Temple.) (According to Father,) (the Body of Chaos can make it to level 9).

(and communicate with beastsfrom other worlds for combat.) (The demons are always intimidated by it.) Then why are you only level 4? So what? You know, I go up a level when I want to. Chen Ying'er. Level 5. (Chen Ying'er Level 5 Mana)Mana points, 2,022.

Liquid mana? You actually did it! I'm also surprised. Now you knowhow great the Body of Chaos is. You are such a bunch of monsters! Everyone. Latest news from the front! Victory at the Exorcism Pass.

Long Haochen, the young hero, controlled – the Seal Throne of Guardian and Grace- Get a copy. and forced off Feng Xiu the Demon King! What? That's awesome! A load of bull. He's not a Knight of Seal. How could he control the throne? I'll take one. Here you go.

Darn it. This bad boy becomes so good in such a short time. If I were there, I wouldn't have let himsteal the limelight. And Li Xin. What role did you play in this battle? I can't see your name here. It's such a disgrace.

You took my lollipop again. Boy. Just admit it. You're fascinatedby my charming dance moves. I've watched it 800 times. You really suck. What? You just won't tell the truth, huh? Then I'll dancetill you'd be honest with me.

Girl, have you also fallen for my dance? I'm already upset enough. And now this eyesore? Isn't this Long Haochen? (Long Haochen and his squadhad a pitched battle with the demons.) No way. – He fouled.- It's you again. Crime of public nuisance. You're arrested, go!.

(Moon Temple, Moon City)You're just jealous of me! The 137th Quasi-knight Examination. Failed. 68. Why is it getting lower and lower? There must be something wrongwith this darn post. I told you Haochen had great prospects. Long Haochen? Isn't he the kid who pulled strings?.

I wondered where he went all these years. It turned out the stringshad got him to the Exorcism Pass. Just you wait. I will come back. Come and have a look. Replica sets of Long Haochen'sGlory Spear and Sword of Light and Fire. It only costs 99,998. Buy one, or you'll regret missing it.

I'll take ten sets! – I'll get one for my boy!- I have them for everyone. (Odin Hall, Knights Temple) Check it out. Long Haochen, the herowho saved the Exorcism Pass, was born in our town. (Long Haochen forced off the Demon King)My mom told me about him. He and his familyused to live in Mount Odin. Did they?.

Sir, do you know him? Quiet! You two are the noisiest in the temple. You are the worst class I've ever taught. You want to knowthis young hero Long Haochen, right? Then tell me why you want to become knights. To protect humanity, to keep the goodness,.

And to guard families. Haochen deserves the most credit for the victory in the Exorcism Pass. Ye Hua. You gave us an extraordinary student. An eagle is destinedto soar beyond the sky. Haochen has a strong will and works hard. He'll achieve greater things in the future. Perhaps in a few years,.

We can hand the Alliance over to these young people. They'll come back tomorrow. Are you really not gonna see him? No. I have more important things to do. As his teacher, I can't lag behind. This is Jiang Hu from Dragon Legion One.

I came to report for duty. The 1,000 Legion One soldierswere all killed in the battle, (File Data of Jiang Hu)except for you, the only survivor. As per the rules of the Alliance, you'll get a retirement pay enough for the rest of your life so that you can go home and enjoy it. Thank you for your kindness. But.

I want to return to the Dragon Passafter my recovery. Could you tell me why? Since I'm the only survivor, I'll carry on the mission of our legion. Besides, I made a promise to my friend. But wait for me. I will become a mighty knight and catch up with you. Okay, I will wait.

I will become a mighty knight and catch up with him. (Valor.) (Persistence.) (I see) (a bit of Haochen in him.) Sir, as you said before, he is not bad indeed.

Jiang Hu. Would you like to be my student? Really? But I might have to disappoint you. My innate mana is lower than 10. One's gift should not be a shackle. Mine is only 9 and I made it to level 5. So can you.

And I'm leaving for the Dragon Pass. Don't you want to rebuild Legion One? Thank you, sir. Thank you, Saint Knight Leader. I'll leave Legion One in your hands. I believe you'll notlet the fallen soldiers down.

We're back in the Holy City. Welcome back, sergeant-grade squads. The Alliance has prepared villas for you. You can go there and rest now. Villa? Isn't that too much? Great. We could finally get a good sleep. Go. Let's check the villa out.

Captain Long. Please wait. The chief wants to have a word with you. Well, I'm thinking of the same thing. Cai'er. Go have some rest. I'll be right back. Alliance Chief. You've performed very well.

In the Exorcism Pass. Grandpa Yang, we could fight back thanks to the power of your throne. What did you feelabout controlling the Throne of Seal? I felt a constant flow of courage and hope. Everyone was heartened by it. But I… I also felt the price.

You paid for it. You've been confinedin the small Holy City for nearly a century. Each Throne of Sealhas a unique supreme power, which comes with their own price. In the future when you break through level 9 and are able to challengea Throne of Seal, I hope you can make the right choice.

Grandpa Yang. I heard that amongthe six Thrones of Seal, one has never been owned by anyone. Yes. The Seal Throne of Eternity and Creation. It has never responded to any challenger. The night I sat on your throne, I had a dream. I went to a green lake.

And saw many white and glowing deer. Standing beside them were two knight statues so giant that I couldn't see their tops. Behind the knights, at the far end of the lake was a long staircase. At the top of it,.

I saw a shining throne. Grandpa Yang. I think that's my goal. This boy is much better than us back then. Before him, no Knight of Seal was ever summonedby the throne in advance. He surely is. That's my boy. If you think so,.

Why did you refuse to see him? My battle against Aamon is coming soon. I've fought himnumerous times over the years. But I have a strong hunch that this battle will be our last one. Instead of worrying Haochen, I'd rather not let him know. Please find a proper timeto give him this. Xingyu.

Are you sure about this? This might be the last thing I could give him as a father.

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