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[Perfect World][Dauntless and Unrelenting] [This animation is adapted fromChen Dong's novel, Perfect World] [Episode 31] I'll kill you! You can't even tell right from wrong! You're asking for a beating! Die, you scum! [Shen Ming, Ninth Divine Knowledge] I'll fight him fairly!.

Why did you interfere?! Oh. Did he beat you silly? I'm helping you. I'm a pure-blooded lifeform. I will win fair and square! You're here to kill the bad guys, not to spar with a fellow mate! Together,.

We'll destroy him! This is justice! Makes sense! This scum sure is stubborn! No wonder he could get two fragments Ancient Divine Book! Two fragments of the Ancient Divine Book?! We'll charge all at once! Kill that Reckless Kid!.

We'll make a killing if we get the Ancient Divine Book! Kill that scum! That traitorous lowlife! Die! You've destroyed the Dongtian Pure Land of the Rain Clan! This is the day I tear you to shreds! Stall him! Again! He's injured.

Don't let him catch his breath! Hand over the fragments of the Divine Book and I'll let you leave alive! In the end, it's still about the Ancient Divine Book? You sure sound righteous for a murderous robber! You're shameless! You're courting death! You're kicking someone when they're down.

You're not getting your way! Ah! Not good! Huh? T-Tenth Divine Knowledge?! That's impossible! Ten holes. I-It's true! It is indeed the tenth Divine Knowledge!.

How could this be? No need to fear! He hasn't reached the tenth Divine Knowledge yet! If he did reach the pinnacle of Divine Knowledge, his injuries should've all healed! This is bad. He's trying to borrow our strength to unlock the tenth Divine Knowledge! Stop supplying him with energy! H-He's the one pulling the energy from us!.

I-I can't break free! I command you… to unlock! Why are you guys just staring? You've long been enemies. If he succeeds, you are all doomed! That Chi Dragon over there! Work with me! He can't possibly absorb this much energy!.

Ah! Damn it! I was so close! Kill that traitor of Heaven Mending Pavilion and seize the Ancient Divine Book! This is our chance! I'll kill anyone who comes near! (I'm glad I learned the Golden-Winged Garuda Technique when I was in the Pavilion.) (I'd better get out of here first!).

Damn it! After him, everyone! He can't fight anymore! After him! Seal the passageways. Don't let him escape the Virtual God Realm! What's wrong? It's Bad Embryo! Quick! -Yes, ma'am! -Yes, ma'am!.

[Original Forest, Rain Clan's Dongtian within the Virtual God Realm] He escaped quickly. A blink of an eye and he's gone without a trace. He's at his limit. With this many people searching for him, he couldn't have gone far. He was once crushed by the Soul-Suppressing Pagoda. So long as we destroy his virtual body right now,.

His physical body would die as well! Easier said than done. This is such a dense forest. If he truly wishes to hide, there's no way we can find him unless you cut down all the trees! It's alright. I have an idea. This is a brilliant plan!.

After some time, when the fire gets going, there would only be one path for him. All we have to do is wait for him to come to us. -Hahaha!-Hahaha! Hair Ball. Did you wake up from your slumber again? I'm fine. Don't worry. We must find somewhere to heal up.

And recover my strength. Otherwise, we can't fight anymore! Where did that Bad Embryo go? If this keeps up, he'd burn to death before others could beat him! Little Wolf God, did you find something? He just left this place.

Little Wolf God, which way did he go? We need to hurry! Yes, ma'am! Hair Ball. I know you're anxious, but it's useless to fret. If we don't unlock the tenth Divine Knowledge, we can't escape.

Besides, my injuries are too serious. I can't go on anymore. Unlock! All of my energy… Is this really… the end? Hair Ball? Bad Embryo! What's wrong?.

Hang in there. I'll treat you right away! I have the elixir my father gave me. Your Highness! I'm afraid… he's gone. That's rubbish! Rubbish! Huo Ling. On the count that we are from the same clan,.

Make way. I won't hurt you. Bah! You've got the cheeks to say that? You traitor! You…! As the princess of the Fire Kingdom, how dare you spout slander just to buy him time?.

That little scoundrel dared to hurt and murder his elders. Surely the Fire Kingdom isn't behind it all? You're the one who's trying to sabotage us! Not good! He is indeed recuperating over there! Attack! She is so protective of that rebel. They must be in cahoots! No need to show mercy!.

(Shi Hao,) (are you not done yet?) (I-I can't hold this up much longer!) has finally appeared. Are you the ones who injured her this badly? [Episode 32] Are you the ones… who injured her this badly? Y-You've recovered?.

Heal up first. I'll handle them. H-He really reached Tenth Divine Knowledge! Impossible! H-How is that possible? This…! He is human, not a pure-blooded lifeform! How could he seize cultivation from the heaven and earth?.

Legend has it that the world rarely sees anyone who unlocked the Tenth Divine Knowledge! They could be called the Pinnacle Supreme! I'll deal with you later. Thought you wanted the fragments of the Ancient Divine Book? Hmph. Come and get it then. That's all you have? Bi'an Technique!.

We fight the same enemies to purge vermin from the Desolate Land! Do you concede? Just kill me if you want! I won't concede to a traitor! Yu Feng's the real traitor! You're okay? Yeah. That day at the Heaven Mending Pavilion,.

Yu Feng was the one who destroyed the roots of the Divine Rattan. It was Yu Feng who killed Elder Xiong Fei. He was also the one who destroyed the escape routes and trapped all of his peers in a hopeless place! You… You're not the traitor? -You're an idiot.-I… Do you know why… I didn't destroy you? i didn't expect.

That I could avenge Elder Xiong Fei and the Pavilion Lord so quickly. Hahaha! I won't die by your hands! Stop him! Damn it, he got away! His Virtual Body was slain. He should at least be seriously injured. He can't escape.

Did you put on weight again? When I carried you just not, I almost fell from the sky! Hmph! I shouldn't have saved you! Go to hell! Alright, enough! They bullied you just now! Come,.

Let's get even with them! Y-You're also an ungrateful one! [Dongtian Town, Virtual; God Realm] So he's the one who exceeded human limits and broke the record to be made the Divine Knowledge Supreme One? He looks so young, yet he's attained the heights of the legendary Buddha and immortals! It's a rare sight in the eight regions! He will definitely become a true Supreme One of humanity!.

Canvas! Canvas for sale! Fatty! Why don't you go play by yourself? There's something I need to do. What is it? Can't we go together? I have so many secrets. What should I do if you found them all out?.

Bye bye! Secret? I'm seeing what you're doing for sure! Your Highness! (Outside Dongtian Town) You can show yourself! Isn't it exhausting for me for so long? Huh? Beast, it's you! You!.

Hmph! I'm not wasting my time with you. My grandfather has something to discuss with you. Young man, there is a huge opportunity that we need to discuss about. A huge opportunity? It is your opportunity or mine?.

Don't tell me just because you lost the wrestling match, you're gonna lie and get me good? What are you talking about? Hey! If it weren't for this thing… I shouldn't have saved you! Hmph! I wouldn't have recognized you so quickly. Ahem! Patience is a virtue, young man.

Let's talk about business. Do you know that the Desolate Lands are about to be plunged into chaos? What does it have to do with me? What are you really trying to do? Can't I stay in the Stone Village? Might as well let me take that beast with me and guard the village. Atrocious! Knew we'd fight sooner or later! What a powerful defensive treasure!.

[Divine Gauntlets, a legacy of the Heavenly Men Clan] Stop! How could you…! Wait! I am alright. You certainly live up to your name. That is only how… Ouch! Oh dear, oh my! Sigh, looks like my clan has no affinity with the Kunpeng Technique.

Kunpeng Technique? That's right. Chaos is upon the Desolate Land. Strange phenomena will fall from the skies. The abandoned nest of the Taigu Kunpeng has surfaced. It contains the legendary Kunpeng Technique. To enter the Kunpeng's Nest, there is only one way. It requires someone who has unlocked the tenth Divine Knowledge.

Huh? Tsk, I knew you wanted something from me. But think about it. Why must I go with you? Can't I go there myself? It will take some time for the Kunpeng's Nest to reappear. If you change your mind, feel free to look for me at Taigu Mountain. Taigu Mountain?.

(When they returned from the real ancestral grounds,) (to help you recover quickly,) they went to the Taigu Mountain to pick holy herbs. H-Hey! Since you're pleading… Who's pleading?! We can team up. But I have two conditions. Young man, don't push your luck.

Firstly, help me find two people in Taigu Mountain. Shi Ziling and his wife, from the Stone Kingdom. As long as they're on Taigu Mountain, we can definitely obtain information. Okay. Secondly, thiose gauntlets… Give it to me.

The Divine Gauntlets are the treasures of our clan! These gauntlets are my life! [Dongtian of the Prince Wu's Mansion, Virtual God Realm] (So this is Prince Wu's Mansion.) Father. Mother. You must have been here… though you no longer belong here. How dare you!.

If you dare take another step, we will slay your Virtual Body! [Shi Li, Elder of Prince Wu's Mansion] Where did you come from, brat? Why provoke us at our gates? Hyah! Yah! -Elder!-Elder! Are you all right?.

I simply missed my parents and wanted to drop by. You're such a buzzkill. Merge! It's crazy! It's crazy! He's not satisfied with unlocking the legendary tenth Divine Knowledge! If it fails, he will lose both his form and spirit!.

Unlock! H-He's fusing all ten Divine Knowledge as one! No. No, it looks like he's making his body into Divine Knowledge! He actually reached this stage deemed unattainable by humans right in front of my eyes! Ah! The Supreme Bone… Ah.

(Ancient Holy Temple) Ahhh! Was that… the Supreme Bone? Not yet reborn. But there are signs of recovery. The ritual is over. You finally broke through the Extreme State of Divine Knowledge and entered the Spiritual State.

Thank you for helping me, Willow God. A few days ago, I got a letter from Taigu Mountain urging me to set off, but I've been pushing it back to train more. I must leave now. Take this willow branch with you. I'll be there if I have to. Go. Return soon. (North Sea) He's not here yet?.

What time is it? Exactly. What's going on? He's taking so long. He's here! The people I asked you to search for. Any news? There is some. It seems they were seen on a sacred mountain.

Could you confirm its them? Basically correct. I'm sending someone to verify it. In that case, I'm counting on you. Hey! Are we leaving or not? [Qing Yun, Blue Luan Bird of Taigu Mountain]How many days have we delayed [Spiritual State]just to wait for him?.

If we don't hurry and miss the opportunity, my grandfather, Venerable Clearsky, would not be pleased. Many factions have long set off. We must hurry up. Let's hit the road. As soon as I hear something, I will inform you immediately.

Okay. [Episode 33] [Transmission passage] Why didn't your grandfather come with you? It is said that cultivators above the Spiritual State cannot enter the Kunpeng's Nest. That's why grandpa and the other Venerables couldn't come. They can only help us open up this transmission passage. Yun Xi!.

So that's the fool you found? Hmph! Lad. Weren't you all haughty just now? Why are you getting cold feet when you hear the Venerable isn't here? Call me Grandpa and I'll take care of you. I'll pretend I didn't hear that if you shut up. Hahaha!.

How dare you tell me to shut up? Grandpa here will teach you a lesson! Punk, you're dying today! Blue Luan Bird Technique! This is bad! [Forbidden Sea] So this is the help you summoned? We haven't even seen Kunpeng's Nest.

And we've already destroyed the passage the Venerables opened. Since the transmission channel has collapsed, our priority is to figure out how to reach Kunpeng's Nest safely. Venerable Sea Demon has ordered. Those who breach the Forbidden Sea will be killed without mercy! What should we do? Retreat! Let's turn back! It's too late now.

We must push through! There's something in the water! I see a way out! We'll accelerate in that direction! While the waves here look calm, this area is shunned by even the Water Clan. There seems to be danger lurking. We ought to be careful. The Forbidden Sea.

This is the true Forbidden Sea! Something untoward will always happen, no matter how strong the trespassers are! I knew it. Ever since he showed up, we've got nothing but bad luck! Look at us now. We're throwing ourselves into the trap! Ha! I didn't drag you this way!.

With that little courage, why would you even dare to look for Kunpeng's Nest? You! Something's coming this way. It's a boat! We're saved! Help! We're here! Is there anyone?.

I-It's a ghost ship…! It's a shop that got lost here in the ancient times. It takes a lot of power to control beast hide. Who knows when we can finally leave here? We should probably get on board and rest up. We shouldn't! Rumor has it that boarding a ghost ship is a highway to death! I agree with Yun Xi. This is…

Someone needs to check the ship. I'll go! I should go. Hmph. Be careful! I'm the only one left. Let's go up and have a look! Shi Hao! Are you okay? I'm fine!.

Hurry up and leave! I'll protect you all! Hair Ball, run! Leave me! Hair Ball! These chains absorb magic powers. Don't touch it! Watch out! It's…

It's you! Leave quickly! I can escape on my own! I… Do I not even have enough strength… to control a broken sword? Hair Ball! Wake up! We're still alive! I'm sore all over.

If the ship tries anything funny again, this might really be our death place. We need to investigate. [I'm the only one left.] [Nine Heavens] Who could be this powerful? They turned a paper ship into something this terrifying. That woman… Who is she?.

No point pondering. This boat should be safe now. Let's set off. We'll keep looking for Kunpeng's Nest! [Withered Cliff, Outer Sea of Kunpeng's Nest] Hair Ball! We've reached! The legends are true. The closer we get to Kunpeng's Nest,.

The more our cultivation will be suppressed. It's said that when you reach the Kunpeng's Nest, everyone will be capped at the Spiritual State. Yun Xi didn't lie to me. Black Paper Boat? How could it be? [Black Paper Boat, with the inscription “I'm the Only One Left”] Why is there a fool here? How dare you covet the Ghost Ship?.

Who are you?! Descendant of the Sea God, Mo Shang. Hand over the Ghost Ship, and I'll spare your life. [Mo Shang, descendant of the Sea God, Extreme State of the Spiritual State] You want this? Let's see if you're capable of it! [Episode 34].

Behold the power of the Sea God Clan. Go! Hmph! Human dregs! After tens of thousands of years, my clan has finally unified this place. When I learn the Kunpeng Technique, I will restore the glory of the Sea God Clan. When that time comes,.

You dregs shall be on your knees, begging for my blessings. Hah! Descendant of the Sea God? You're only fit to be finger food. Hmph. Hand over the Ghost Ship, and I'll spare your life.

You want this? Let's see if you're capable of it! In the sea, you can't beat me. Hmph! The Sea God Clan [Mermaid, pure-blooded lifeform]sure loves to bully! If you insist in ruining my plans, I won't hesitate to seal you away. Don't you do this enough?.

What is that?! The entrance is open! The entrance of the Kunpeng's Nest is open. Move out of my way! I'll kill those who dare block me! (After activating the tenth Divine Knowledge,) (the entrance to the nest opened immediately as well.) (I don't think it's a coincidence.) (Is that the reason why that old man came to me?).

Ha! You guys are still alive? Counting this time, you've crossed me twice! Stop him! Watch out! Move out of my way! Shi Hao! [Taigu Ancient Formation, Kunpeng's Nest].

Thank you for saving me, Hair Ball. It hurts! I didn't expect Mo Shang to be so powerful. He really gave me a hard time today. But if I train for a few more years, I'm sure I can reach his level. It seems that ever since I got to know of the chance to complete the Kunpeng Technique, I've started to become more hasty.

Anfd forgot what Grandpa taught me. This cannot continue. I need to calm down and cultivate, and break into the Extreme State soonest! What are you doing, Hair Ball? [Anode Cave, Kunpeng's Nest] [Mystic Ice Abyss, Kunpeng's Nest] Hahaha! This is awesome!.

To think a mysterious place like thiswould exist under the sea! The heavens are on my side! Hair Ball, let's go! [Ancient Holy Temple] Yi. I've taught you how to restrain this ferocious beast. You can easily subdue it. Why must you kill it?.

A fight to the death is the best training. The winner gains enlightenment while the defeated loses their life. If it was me who got killed just now, I have no complaint. You are so eager to kill and so indifferent to life. If things go on like this,.

You'll only harm yourself. Elder. I appreciate your gracious help and your benevolent magic. But I do not agree with what you just said. In my opinion, cultivation is about defying fate and winning. If you're afaid of everything,.

How could you achieve great success? Yi. One can strive to win in cultivation, but cultivation is not just about winning. No matter who you are, if you only care about winning instead of what's good and evil, you'll end up with nothing. If you don't believe it, you can try and challenge me. I mean no disrespect, Elder. Not at all.

Aren't you used to getting enlightenment while fighting to the death? The fight between us is the testament to our beliefs. If you win, I'll open the mysterious door I guarded and let you browse the scriptures hidden in the Heaven Mending Pavilion. If you lose, you should keep yourself in check in the future and cease this yearning to always win.

In that case, as you say. I have decided to open up Fire Kingdom's Ancient Land. Young talents of all sects are invited to come. If you have a candidate, Ling, bring them along. But he… Where exactly is he? [Anode Cave, interior).

[Mystic Ice Abyss, interior] (It feels like my spirit is on fire.) (Like I'm about to turn to dust!) (But the True Spirit cannot be extinguished.) (Evolve like this, and take that step) (Let the spiritual fire be reborn from the ashes!) (It feels horrible to fight to the extreme,) (but it feels fulfilling as well.) (Am I finally going to break through?).

[Two years later] (During this time,) (I have reached the Peak of the Spiritual State.) (My True Self has been reforged.) (It's time to end the secluded practice.) Wait for me, Hao. I, the Great Demon God, am back!.

Arghh! Hair Ball. How long have I been practicing? Father, mother. You have missed my childhood. You must not… miss my future as well. Hair Ball, let's go. The stone door hasn't moved an inch for years.

To think it would open so suddenly today! Told you that annoying jerk is useless! Can't you think about it? What did the stone doorthat remained shut for years sudddenly open today? Shi Hao, it's you! I knew you'd be fine! You're still alive? It sure is easy to bump into enemies!.

It's easy to bump into enemies? You took advantage of your numbers and injured me. Now that you've fallen into my hands again, its more apt to say… you've walked straight into my trap. We'll attack him together! Destroy him completely, lest he keeps pestering us, causing nuisance! Stop!.

If you guys dare follow Qing Yun's lead and cause trouble, I will teach you all a lesson myself! For such a loser? I only spared his life because you said he could unlock Kunpeng's Nest! You can stop your act too. He will know sooner or later. His parents are not in the Desolate Land. Shi Hao.

Is he telling the truth? I… I didn't mean to deceive you! It's just… It's just…! Arghh! I can't believe you've been lying from the start! I… You're just dumb! Stop him!.

Help! Today, I shall only punish the leader. The cooperation with Taigu Mountain shall cease infinitely. So young, yet so powerful. You're also seasoned in handling such things. A rare talent indeed. Who's there?.

Roasted Blue Luan Bird? Smells good. [The Witch] Oh? It's really a pure blood. It tastes good. Who are you?! Did I say you can eat my food? I'll pay for the food. Look.

Isn't it better to share nice things? Don't be so stingy. Cheers! Young man, that thing on your head is the God-Hitting Stone, isn't it? You know it? Hey, I'm not a toy. You are. After eating your Blue Luan Bird,.

I have to repay you somehow. I'll teach you a spell to move this thing. Moving it like this does seem more powerful. What are you doing?! Hey! What did you teach him? Blegh! How is it?.

Would you like to seek some enemies and test it out on them? [Episode 35] [Venerable Unicorn] [Venerable Jiao]Who's there?! It doesn't look like a magic treasure. Could it be… Ah! It's a waste of my time.

Let's focus on the next target. Do you have anyone who irks you? There's this really annoying guy. What kind of scum lays an ambush in the dark? Show yourself! It's been years. You're still guarding this stone door just like that? Aren't you tired? [Spiritual State].

Watch me… Hmm… Hmm… You definitely don't want this kind of rubbish. I'm not a fool, you know. These are the bones and scales of Kunpeng. But I taught you the spell. But without my God-Hitting Stone, what's the use of your spell?.

Ahh, I am not greedy. I'm just a spirit raised in a Dongtian cave. These are the only two things that can give me real gains. The rest of the spoils are treasures collected by the Venerables. They'll help with your cultivation. Goodbye then! Why does it feel like she left these on purpose?.

You guys…? How dare you rob us?! You must be tired of living! Where is that female accomplice? Come out and die together! And my belly cover! No wonder she's took off. So cunning! We'll team up and capture him first!.

We'll interrogate him after. He'll come clean soon enough! Hmph! Bring it! Ha! Everyone here is a Venerable of their clans. While this place has capped our powers, its more than enough to deal with you,.

A runt who hasn't completed the Spiritual State! How arrogant! A cheap trick. Who are you trying to fool? Thief! Come receive your death! Big brother! I have drawn them here! Capture them.

And wring out more treasures! No wonder they are so blatant! So you, a descendant of the Sea God, is backing him up! What's that? Big brother, keep them well! The treasures are with him! A bunch of idiots! You deserve death! Human scum.

I'll tear you apart next time! The Kunpeng's Nest! That must be the Kunpeng's Nest! Don't tell me… The tenth Divine Knowledge of that man just now… Please guide and test me, Elder! Your understanding is still lacking. Ponder it more. Let's go.

Yi. You're too hostile. The harmony between man and nature is the supreme principle of Taoism. Yi, remember. Walking, standing, sitting and lying down are all a part of cultivation. Take now for example, you and I are surrounded by flowers and grass. that contain the law of Taoism. You have to learn to live with them.

And coexist peacefully. From what you just said, it is possible to coexist peacefully with flora. It's simply because you are stronger and has a higher cultivation. If I had your strength and could make the vegetation make way on its own, there is naturally no need to hurt the vegetation. Hence,.

The only difference between us is in our might, not in our choice. That is my learning from this. Please allow me to test it again! We are indeed in different power states. But are you aware how I got there? All I want is to not hurt nor be hurt by all things of the world. As long as you have no intention to hurt others,.

You won't be hurt by them. That is the thing that truly exceeds your abilities. One's state. Hahaha! Looks like you understood something. You said so long as there is no intention to hurt, one shall not be hurt. I thought about it.

And tried to attack without any intention to hurt you. There is indeed improvement. Hahaha! I'm a young Supreme One, yet I was tricked by that witch! This is so annoying! I'm so mad! To think there would be so many powerhouses coveting the Kungpeng Technique.

No. I have to keep training. (Turns out that after the body becomes a spirit,) (there is the reforging of the True Self in the Spiritual State.) (Spirit-Nurturing Divine Knowledge?) (This is…) (The Kunpeng cultivating in the Anode Cave!) (So I retraced the Kunpeng's steps in cultivation) (without realizing it!).

[Spiritual State, reforging the True Self] Hair Ball. It's time to visit the Golden Palace. Don't be afraid. My Real Self has been reforged. Even if we are surrounded like last time, we can at least escape. There are runes. I see.

Only those who retrace Kunpeng path of cultivation in the Anode cave can see these runes! I am enlightened of the Ancient Kunpeng's way. After seeing those runes, I feel like something is summoning me over there. Let's go. We'll find the real Kunpeng Technique.

(Understanding these runes,) (I can sort of make out an invisible path) (leading to the Kunpeng Technique.) You're finally here! You've searched everywhere for so long. You're not tired? I'm not wasting my breath on you. If you don't wish to fall here, cripple your cultivation.

And withdraw from the competition over the Kunpeng Technique! Cripple my cultivation? Should I ride you out of the North Sea then? Then its death for you! This is not like the last time. You guys can't bully me now! Today, you're definitely not escaping. Go!.

Hmph! Hit! Hmph. HIs Technique is confusing. It's hard to change quickly between defense and attack. Continue with the attacks, he'll falter soon enough. Did you forget? I can add on at any time! Tenth Divine Knowledge!.

Shi Hao, don't! They're deliberately luring you to activate the Tenth Divine Knowledge! What do you mean? I won't trust you easily again. When you killed Qing Yun back then, have you ever asked why the stone door that remained locked for two years would suddenly open? The word was spread by the divine servants.

We once worked together to fight this thief. I can't believe you're turning to the enemy! What's going on?! Your battle with Mo Shang had unsealed the Withered Cliff, activating the transmission passage atop Taigu Mountain. It proved the legend that those with the tenth Divine Knowledge can activate Kunpeng's Path. That's why they're forcing you to activate the tenth Divine Knowledge. They're waiting for you to open the palace doors.

Then kill you right after! Hmph. So they kill the mule when it's outlived its use. You guys sure have it all planned out. Capture her as well! I'll help you break out! You're also trying to use me to enter the Kunpeng's Nest. While your methods are more palatable, don't expect any gratitude from me.

Thanks for telling me how to open the Kunpeng's Nest! It's dangerous here! You should leave as well! The palace is unsealed! Hurry! -Miss!-Miss. Miss Yun Xi, how could you leave alone? If you met with danger… Enough!.

The Ancient Kunpeng Palace has been unsealed. Come with me! [Episode 36] [Kunpeng Palace, Kunpeng's Nest] So this is where the Kunpeng lived. Look. Look at this. This is mine! Look at this.

There's more here! -They are all treasures!-Good stuff. This is… T-This is… Pay attention to that Ice Pond. There's something I need from the bottom of that pond. You can speak? Help me get it. Get what? Shi Hao, you…

Upon entering this cave, the Taigu Mountain has fulfilled its wish. This is where we split our ways. Miss. Pagoda. What did you say you need, Pagoda? [Ancient Holy Hall, Kunpeng's Nest] (Could it be just like the Mystic Ice Abyss?) It's right down there.

[Pagoda of Chaos, built using the holy artifact Soil of Chaos] W-What's that? What a pure energy! That pagoda has the aura of the higher realm! It's mine now! I need some time. Help me hold them off! Huh?.

Why should I make this many enemies?! If you help me this time, I'll help you in the future as well! Deal! H-H-Hey! What are you doing?! Why?! Go! Whoever dares come over should brace for a punch! It's you again, you little runt! Hurry up, hurry up!.

Hit! Not that easy! I'm done! Let's run! That's mine! [Ancient Altar, Kunpeng's Nest] T-Thank you. No, I should be th- Stay away from my lady! Miss, are you all right?.

Kunpeng? The Kunpeng is still alive! So.,.. That's the Kunpeng Treasure Bone! Below… The Divine Desolation War Halberd is right below! [Divine Desolation War Halberd][Kunpeng Treasure Bone] That's right! Look over there! Hmph! There's something I need from the Void. Help me get it. Don't be anxious.

Your Kunpeng Technique had disturbed the mechanism just now. You have more troubles coming your way. You can save your begging for later. Hey, how shameless can you be? Isn't it all thanks to you? Geez. Huh? Hey! If you want to team up, this is the time.

You guys lure them away. Dream on! We're not done with you hurting Master Qing Yun! Deal. The greater picture. But we must get the Kunpeng Technique! Let's see how you do first. It belongs to whoever gets it! (This feels off.).

(This rune) (looks totally different from those outside Kunpeng's Nest.) (Could it be that…) He's ruining things for me again! (There's something strange with this bone.) (You all can fight for it!) (He actually gave up the Kunpeng Treasure Bone?) (He must be planning something.) Stop!.

You'll be fighting me instead! Y-You gave up the Divine Desolation War Halberd to save my life. But why? You saved me once at the Withered Cliffs too. Are you really courting death? You are injured. You should leave while you can. You look like you'd fight to the death with just about anyone. Like a mad dog!.

How did you even grow up? I'll kill you! (Why is there nothing in this formation?) (This should be the real core of the ruins!) (Right, the tenth Divine Knowledge!) Shi Hao! Shi Hao! Shi Hao! Shi Hao! Shi Hao!.

[Demon Morph Cave, Kunpeng's Nest] They are always yelling and fighting, but they hardly use their brains. What's the use? Right, Hair Ball? Is this the place where Kunpeng refined the beasts? Did he really die? It's similar to the runes dissipating outside! [Kunpeng, one of the Ten Ancient Beasts].

So this is where the real Kunpeng legacy lies. Since you have come this far, you must be the fated one who retraced my cultivation path. You're not greedy as well. Since you're here, I hope you can make the most out of the Technique I left behind. This pool of Kunpeng True Blood will aid you. So this is the real Kunpeng Technique.

Unfortunately, I could not completely comprehend it yet. Hair Ball. [Peak of Spiritual State]Let's get out of here. Miss, it's time to go. You've been waiting for more than ten days. The news about Young Master Qing Yun has spread. They are all waiting for you. Shi Hao! Miss!.

Forget it. So long as you're safe. [Episode 37] [Shi Zhongtian, Shi Hao's grandfather, Formation Stage] Hao. I brought back the pure blood of Pixiu for you! Isn't there too much treasure in the Kunpeng's Nest? This is for you.

These are just a portion of it. So many treasures! Treasures! Wow! That's right. Wow, that's a lot! It can glow! Well… Why did the Merpeople give you all these treasure?.

Ah, no. Oh! I saved a mermaid along the way. They insisted on giving me these, I couldn't even turn it down! My treasure! So many treasures. That's a lot. -Hey, that's a great axe.-Good stuff.

That's a great blade as well! You are all cultivators. Greed serves no benefit to your training! You guys are hopeless! Sigh. Haha! This skill is powerful. If I continue to follow the steps and train, its potential is infinite.

Just don't be blinded by the power of this skill. Thank you for your advice. Willow God. I brought you something nice as well! I have no yearning for mortal possessions. Shi Hao. There's something important I need to inform you. Your grandfather, Shi Zhongtian,.

Is still alive. What?! Grandpa? One month ago, he appeared in the Stone Kingdom's capital. [Dragon Scale Finch] Ah, be careful! Hahaha! Leave.

Don't scare my people. Hmph! Who are you?! Hey. Aren't you the sixth son of Prince Zhan's Mansion? You've grown. Have you forgotten your Grandpa Fifteen? You're Grandpa Fifteen?! You're back!.

Hahaha! I'm heading home! We're done for. Master Fifteen is still alive! There will be chaos in the capital city. Hurry, report it right away! The Great Demon God is back! Yes, sir! [Shi Zhongtian].

Zhongtian. You're back. What an occasion! We must celebrate today! You don't have to. I'll give the Pixiu's pure blood to Hao first. We haven't seen each other for years. How is his cultivation? [Shi Yuan, Elder of Prince Wu's Mansion].

[Shi Zhonghe, Elder of Prince Zhan's Mansion] Fifteen, your arm… It's okay. Where are my old brothers? Why didn't they come? [Shi Zhongtian] [Prince Wu, Formation Stage] Where is Ziling and his wife?.

Why didn't they come out and see me too? They… They… They went to Xijiang. Ever since I returned, you've been stopping me from seeing my son. Where is Ziling and Hao? Where are they?! Hmph!.

Fifteen! How dare you be this insolent?! [The three killing formations of the Shi Clan] Fifteen! Calm down first! Let's talk! You've laid the three killing formations of the clan. Yet you're telling me to talk nicely? Is this a joke?.

Break! No one can leave today! Since no one dares to tell me the truth, I'll find it myself. They're indeed in the underground prison! [Great Grandpa Four, Elder of Prince Wu's Mansion] Fifteen must've returned! You're finally back! You must seek justice for Hao and Ziling!.

That's right! What happened? Tell me! You have no idea. Hao has a Supreme Bone in his body. He was instead tortured for it. It hurts so much! Arghh! It's too light a punishment for that evil woman even if I shattered all her bones!.

Then… Then, what happened to my Hao? After Hao's Supreme Bone was carved out, Ziling and his wife returned only to witness such a tragedy! They tried to seek justice for Hao, but instead, Shi Yuan and his coots tried to suppress them!.

Hao has undergone such perils, I'm afraid…! Sigh. You dared to bully my offspring like that. Today, I will seek redress for my son and grandson! Fifteen! Fifteen! How could you harm your own family?! Fifteen,.

What's done is done! What else do you want? The Prince Wu's Mansion is sick to the core. It needs treatment! I shall enforce the clan's punishment! You have no right to do that! Where would that put Prince Wu? Prince Wu? I can destroy him too!.

Run! Fifteen! You have overstepped. -Prince Wu.-Prince Wu is here! Fifteen. I'm glad you came back alive. But I was disappointed when I returned! Everything was over when I learned about it. What could you do if you were me?.

If my descendants were to do such a thing, one word: Execution! It seems that even I cannot persuade you. Are you bent on fighting? You're the one who colluded with these scums and forced my hand! Why ask me?.

The world in my hands! You don't scare me! Prince Wu. The Technique has been nullified. Are you afraid? Fifteen. Yi is born with double pupils. He is destined to rise. But Hao was already weak that day. I did it for Prince Wu's Mansion.

Rubbish! Open! A king who can't tell right from wrong is no king of mine! Prince Wu! Even Prince Wu was defeated! The Great Demon God is that powerful? T-This is terrifying! The Great Demon God is unstoppable now.

I wonder what storms will be stirred this time. The peaceful days are coming to an end. – Prince Wu.- Prince Wu. Your Highness. I… I lost. If you want to, the throne… I am not interested in the position of Prince Wu. I just want to see my children and grandchildren.

Stand in front of me, safe and sound. I won't kill you today because I want you to see just how far the young Supreme One can go! Prince Yu. You've meddled with the affairs of Prince Wu's Mansion. Are you seeking death? I'm here to seek peace,.

Not violence. Yet you're being so arrogant! [Prince Yu, Formation Stage] [Episode 38] Playing tricks with me? You're courting death! Ha! You're sure full of yourself! Who do you think you are? How dare you point fingers at the Prince Wu's Mansion? Hmph!.

Wild and untamable! Today, I will help Prince Wu clean up the traitors! You breached our home and meddled in our family affairs. Such arrogance! I'm not here to cause trouble. Someone asked me to mediate the disputes of the Shi Mansion. Shi Ziteng? [Shi Ziteng, Shi Yi's father]Uncle Fifteen, it's been years. How have you been?.

Not too good. Returning to the clan has only brought me sorrow and disappointment! Shi Ziteng! Do you feel any guilt over what happened? Ha. The past is in the past. Yi's rise is unstoppable. Uncle Fifteen.

You shouldn't have come back. So you're saying I shouldn't ask for justice? Hmph! Yi is born with double pupils! He's born gifted! Your grandson couldn't even begin to compare! Enough barking. Scram, or die!.

Hahaha! Today, I shall accept the request of the purest lineage of Prince Wu's mansion and fight on his behalf to root out the rebels and slay Shi Zhongtian! The people of the Stone Kingdom shall be my witnesses! With your methods? You think you deserve to speak for the Prince Wu's Mansion?.

Yi's mother is one of my favorite descendants. We cannot leave this unaccounted. We must avenge her! That vicious woman? Ha! Excuses. [Hand of Demon, the legendary Great Divine Art] Retract that dirty rain of yours! He's so strong! Go!.

Hand of God! [Hand of God, the legendary Great Divine Art] T-That's impossible! You're too weak. Die! [Transmission passage] Master Fifteen! [Prince Yu's Mansion, Stone Kingdom capital city] -Prince Yu.-Prince Yu.

Prince Yu! Do you think my hands are tied so long as you hide in the King Yu's Mansion? S-Stop him. D-Don't! Good-for-nothing. Prince Yu is fatuous and incapable. The entire Rain Clan is polluted. Since nobody seems to care,.

I, Shi Zhongtian, shall take over its discipline! If you dare put your hands where it doesn't belong, I won't just tear down the Prince Yu's Mansion. Hurry! Shi Zhongtian. You're too haughty! Which Venerable is it from the Taigu Mountain?.

This is Ziteng's mentor. Venerable Golden Spider of the Demonic Spirit Lake! [Venerable Golden Spider, pure-blood lifeform]With your talent, if you can achieve inner peace and let bygones be bygones, with great focus on cultivation, you could have achieved so much more. Why don't you become a disciple of the Demonic Spirit Lake? You have good bones.

Why not be a servant under me? How dare you! You cannot run. I am indomitable. Not the gutless rat your disciple is! Why would I run? Let's see how long you can stand tall. Extreme Freezing! Black Chains of Order!.

Break! You've actually mastered the power of the laws! The more I must kill you today! [Bronze Pagoda] Subdue! An imbecile with just one good hand. How can you ever fight me? Who do you think you are? You're a mere mortal.

How dare you injure my Spiritual Body?! [Venerable Golden Spider, pure-blooded lifeform of the Demonic Spirit Lake, true form] Kill! Watch out, Master Fifteen! You dare ruin my plans? You're seeking death! Your opponent is me! Go to hell! Kill!.

Arghh! Who are you? My name is Man. She was the maid who served Young Master Shi Hao. Master Ziling and Madam returned but they were anxious to rush Young Master Shi Hao to a doctor. I didn't want to be a burden. Now… Now that you're back,.

Please take me with you! I will be searching for Ziling and his wife, as well as Hao. I don't know how precarious the journey will be. Are you sure you want to come along? No matter the terrain and distance, I'm willing to search for them with you! I believe Young Master Shi Hao must still be alive!.

How dare you kill my Spiritual Body? [Venerable Golden Spider, pure-blooded lifeform of the Demonic Spirit Lake, true form] How happened to my grandfather after? As for your grandfather's whereabouts, you'll have to seek it yourself. I want to reach the Stone Kingdom's capital as soon as possible. Willow God, can you send me there? Your injuries are grave. You need frequent rest.

You should stay. Years of intertwining fates. Their destinies have become too complicated to explain. Be careful on your trip. [Transmission channel, opened by the Willow God via its Great Divine Art] What an overwhelming killing intent! Kill! [Capital city of the Stone Kingdom] I must find Grandpa.

In the Bone Insect Auction, a whiff of the God's Jade flashed by. If you can seek four such jades for me, I can help you once more. Sorry, I have something important to do. I need to find my grandfather. All the more you should go!.

The auction is the best place to gather intel. [Episode 39] (Bone Insect Auction House, Stone Kingdom)His Majesty's birthday is just around the corner. There are so many people here. That's right. Do you know about the Great Demon God? I've heard. My godfather said, he tore down the entire King Yu's Mansion!.

Fortunately, the imperial family stepped in and hid him. Let's open your eyes. No. My godfather said even though the Great Demon God has connections within the palace, the Taigu Golden Spider still fought with the imperial family. In the end, they drove the Great Demon God far away from home.

Oh oh oh That's not true. The Human Emperor told him news about Ziling, that's why Zhongtian left the capital city overnight. What happened next? Hey, stop chatting already. The auction has begun! -It's begun. -It's begun. I've been waiting for this for days!.

A warm welcome to our honored guests. Before the auction, let us introduce the rules to our new friends. In the Bone Insect Auction House, the treasure will go to the highest bidder. Those who can win five treasures will be the VIP of the Bone Insect Auction House and be granted access to all of the auction house's records.

The auction begins! What we see is the first item for today. A piece of Penta-colored Divine Clay. The Penta-colored Divine Clay [Penta-colored Divine Clay]has a starting bid of 10,000 Fine Jades! 10,000 Fine Jades! Any bids? Help me get that for half a chance of my help.

Is that clay some sort of treasure? It's useless to you but important to me. Yet it's only worth half a helping chance? 20,000 Fine Jades! Lord Chaos has offered 50,000 Fine Jades! 50,000 Fine Jades! It's only worth that price. Hey, since you're that powerful,.

Why don't you just do whatever you want? No one could stop you. The world is balanced. There is a price for everything you gained. Now, I choose to do things through equivalent exchange. This Divine Clay is a supplementary ingredient to refine ancient divine weapons. There must be other guests who are interested. 50,000 Fine Jades. Do we have a higher bid? 50,000 Fine Jades!.

50,000 Fine Jades going once. That high? Is there a higher offer? 50,000 Fine Jades! -Fif…-Hey. [Blue Sea Essence] How much is my Blue Sea Marrow worth? Is he serious? Looks sure are deceiving, young man!.

You actually have such a huge piece of Blue Sea Marrow! In the past, even those the size of a fingernail is worth a fortune. This one could be worth cities! Your Blue Sea Marrow is naturally formed. It is a priceless treasure. Treasures like these, I've received god knows how many from the mermaid. Alright. Eh? Why did he break a piece off?!.

How much would he have lost?! W-Why did you break it? One piece of Blue Sea Marrow. 25 grams. It's such a great treasure! It's a pity to break it just like that! Lord Chaos adds on three bottles of Netherworld Water. Wow, three bottles of Netherworld Water?! Wha… He broke another piece!.

Two pieces of Blue Sea Marrow. 50 grams in total. I feel pained looking at it! This is… That's… Is it not enough? He's in no short of money. Please show mercy, honored guest. Please don't hurt the treasure again.

I still need to bid! It's alright. You just need to make a verbal offer. We can slice the marrow after the bid is finalized. Alright. No matter how much others bid, with this Blue Sea Marrow, I'll pay 30% more. His wealth is astounding!.

Is there… Is there anyone who would pay a higher price than this V… honored guest? Is that all? 50 grams of Blue Sea Marrow, going once. 50 grams of Blue Sea Marrow, going twice. It's really gone! Deal!.

Congratulations to this guest! He has won a piece of Penta-colored Divine Clay! -He won it in the end!-Yeah! -They gave it to him.-Who could compete? He has more?! -Why would he have that many?-How much are those? Who is he? He's carrying so much treasure around! -It's an eye-opener.-Yes, yes. I couldn't tell.

You're a little tycoon. [Divine Fox Fairy] Wow, I can't believe it! Five pieces? That's too scary. [Ancient Battle Puppet] An Ancient War Puppet. The starting bid is 80,000 Fine Jades! The quality is not important.

This is the only one left. – It's broken. What's the use?-It's too shabby. 80,000 Fine Jades? That's right. It started with 80,000. Only a madman would bid for it! I don't know. I don't want it anyway. Any bidders with a keen eye?.

This… This is too worn out! You'd better bid on that. Huh? How many helping chances for this one? Zero. This thing is useless to me. But it is also known as the Imperishable Golden Body. If it is combined with a physical body, combat power can be raised to the level of a king or prince.

To bid or not to bid, it's up to you. 200,000 Fine Jades! 200,000! 200,000 Fine Jades? 200,000 Fine Jades! Is there a higher offer? 200,000 Fine Jades going once! 200,000 Fine Jades going twice!.

200,000 Fine Jades going thrice! Congratulations to this guest! You have obtained an Ancient War Puppet! [Mystic Turtle Armor]Mystic Turtle Armor, starting bid… Uh, okay. Congratulations on winning the Mystic Turtle Armor. [Escape Talisman] Congratulations on winning the Escape Talisman! [Void Beast Hide].

Congratulations on winning a piece of Void Beast Hide! But also to congratulate him on the five items he has won. He has become a true VIP of the Bone Insect Auction House! Young Master, this way please. Rich people sure are different. Exactly! He bought so many things. He didn't even bat an eye. He looks really loaded. I can't even get a bid in!.

I wonder how long it'll take. It's better to finish quickly. [Blood Demon Ruler, broken condition]The next item is the Blood Demon Ruler. Lord Chaos has put out a bid with a killing formation! This ruler contains a whiff of higher realm aura. It's worth the price. If you can gather four for me, I'll exchange a chance to help for them. Do you think this is a market?.

You want four of those? Congratulations to Lord Chaos for winning the Demon Blood Ruler! Next, we have the last item for today. [Taigu Treasure Pearl]A damaged Taigu Treasure Pearl [A fossilized double pupil eyeball]that has lost its divinity. The starting bid is 100,000. 105,000! 108,000!.

110,000! 200,000 Fine Jades! T-This is… Ahh, this is…! That's… It's beautiful. Fairy Yuechan! She's so beautiful. She is.

So beautiful. Fairy Yuechan. [Fairy Yuechan, Saintess of the Heaven Mending Sect] Her reputation precedes her. We have even less of a chance if they're here. [The 16th Princess of the Stone Kingdom] Your Highness. I can't believe you arrived in person! We are truly honored!.

Please follow me to the private room! It's already the final item. Don't bother. Yeah, let's continue with the auction. 200,000 Fine Jades going once! I'll offer 300,000 Fine Jades then. It's you! Since you know who I am, why be such a stranger.

And reject me coldly like that? You might as well drop the facade and let us get closer. You're a scary one. If you break something, you have to pay for it. These two ladies are exceptional. They know their stuff, too. They could tell that while there is a scar on the surface, here's something remarkable inside.

Though you are noble guests, it's better to not fight in an auction house. How about we cease the quarrel? Please allow me to continue the auction. Yuechan. Just what is that thing? If you want it, no matter the price,.

Just bid for it. While it's an ancient artifact, it is dirtied by the blood of a Heaven-Tainting Demon. Not a drop of spirit was left. Forget it. I don't want anything that she doesn't want. Miss, you have already placed a bid. I didn't say I'm giving it up for real.

However, don't we have a little tycoonwho hasn't made his bid? They do know what it is. But they still fail to see its value. Do we have a higher bid? What has it got to do with us? I can't afford that even if you sold me! Do you want it? It won't help me much. But you'll not make a loss even if you bought it.

I'll buy it! [Secret chamber, Bone Insect Auction House] Thank you for your generous help. On behalf of the Bone Insect Auction House, I express our sincerest thanks. Can I look up the information I want? What do you need? You simply need to tell it. I'll take my leave first then.

I want to know the whereabouts of Shi Zhongtian, the Stone Kingdom's Great Demon God. Shi Zhongtian was last seen in the capital's Humen Inn. He went missing after his battle with the Golden Spider. [Humen Inn] Young Master, this way please. The barrier has been laid! We need to sneak another attack! You little runt.

This is where you will be buried! You laid this trap to erase all traces. Who are you? You won't live to know. [The Rain Clan Sword Formation, a mimic of the Eight Perils Sword Formation] Go! The Eight Perils Sword Formation? So you recognize the Eight Perils Sword Formation. Then you must also know.

Today is the day of your death! That's not the real Eight Perils Sword Formation. Hahaha! What are you laughing at? I was even thinking how did a treasure that could kill saints and demons fall into the hands of you scum? Turns out that it's just a fake.

Hmph! Even if it is a fake, it is more than enough to deal with you. Shameless much? I'll ask you one more time. Who are you? Otherwise, I'll clean up both you and the treasure! You're quite stubborn for a dying man. The heaven's taboo, and the extreme desolate lands!.

Eight perils as one! Hahaha! I finally got what I wanted today! Come! How could this be? I felt like someone was watching me at the auction. I just didn't expect it to be you! Yu Feng. Do you still remember the Heaven mending Pavilion?!.

Tell me where the Great Demon God is and I'll grant you a swift death. I don't know! I'm just following the orders of the mansion to kill those looking for the Great Demon God! I can finally return this to you! Old Master Mu Yan, Pavilion Lord, Elder Xiong Fei. The traitor of our sect has been executed. I will rebuild the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

And avenge you once and for all. [Episode 40] [Prince Yu's Mansion, after rebuilding] [Prince Yu's Mansion] Heaven Mending Pavilion, Baiduan Mountain, Virtual God Realm, and what happened to my grandpa. I'll settle those scores with you today.

The mansion will not be receiving guests today! You shall not enter! Hey! Hurry up and take a look! Something happened to the Rain Clan again! What? Their entrance was demolished yet again! Housewarming day, it seems! I'm here to congratulate you!.

Who are you? [Elder of The Rain Clan, Spiritual State] Do you not want your life? I am only here to seek the whereabouts of the Great Demon God. This is my thank-you gift. Ah! Feng! You killed a gifted child of the Rain Clan! How dare you provoke us like this?!.

How insolent! You try to kill me yet blame me for fighting back? I think you are too used to always getting your way. Cut the crap. Take him down! (I can't believe he has this sort of power.) (We mustn't be careless!) Fall in formation!.

Way of the Rain: Nine Heavens. The first layer, Robust Sky! [Way of the Rain: Nine Heavens, the ultimate treasure of the Rain Clan] Open! [Rain Clan Puppets] Hmph! Second layer, Envious Sky! Open! Third layer, Following the Sky.

Open! Go! [Eight Perils Sword Formation, killer weapon of the Rain Clan] Fourth layer, Changing the Sky! Open! Go! Fifth layer, Clear Sky! Open! Sixth layer, Wide Sky!.

Open! Hey. This looks as serious as the previous battle! To be honest, they shouldn't repair the gate. It's gonna get torn down anyways. It's a waste of money. (If we can't subdue him,) (the Rain Clan will be utterly disgraced!).

Eighth layer, Heavy Sky! Open! He's absorbed too much power. He will implode before long. I must launch an attack! Break! Open! [Rain God Projection]Rain God Projection. It's the Rain God Projection! When the supreme treasure of the Rain Clan is activated,.

If the gods sense that the clan is in danger, the will cast a projection directly into the ninth lotus flower. This is the real ninth layer… the Complete Sky. No matter how arrogant you are, when facing the power of gods, there is no way to survive. Forget about a mere projection. Even if the Rain God descends in person, I will kill any god who dare stand in my way!.

(Let's see how long you can run your mouth for.) Hmph! Do you think such a stunt is enough to intimidate me? Break! The Rain God's projection is too far away, so its power is greatly reduced. Even so, the might of our Rain God.

Is not something a mere runt can take on. Hahaha! Kunpeng Technique! Illusions and trickery! Die! Rain God! Even the Rain God could not kill him! Tell me where the Great Demon God is! I'll give you a quick death.

Who dare wreak havoc in here? You're too insolent! Young man, how dare you kill my people in the Virtual God Realm! And now, you've come to stir trouble at my door. Does the Rain Clan look that weak to you? You people of the Rain Clan only remember how you were disrespected. Yet you could never seem to recall what you did. Don't tell me you've committed so many crimes.

That you've gotten used to it? How absurd! Who are you? How dare you speak like that in the Prince Yu's Mansion?! Me? Who do you think I should be? Go get the Bone-Revealing Mirror. Huh? It really is him!.

(This energy…) (Is that you?) I knew it! After we dug out his Supreme Bone, we should've nipped the problem in the bud! It's not too late to get rid of him now. If we allow him to grow up even more, it'll turn into a huge disaster. Where is Master Jiling?.

Master Jiling is visiting a friend and hasn't returned. In that case, we have no choice but to use the Rain God's decree. Hahaha! That so-called decree is pathetic. Are you going to embarrass yourselves again? Ignorant child. The Rain God's decree is immensely powerful. What you destroyed is just a projection cast to the Virtual God Realm!.

Let's try it then! Ha! Thunder tears the sky, rain fills the valleys. Rid the evil spirit, and oppose the harvest. God in hall, with dragon as servant. A flick of time in heaven and earth,.

Where wind and cloud form and spread. You're trying to resist the god's will? Today is the day you die. Why are you in danger again? Pagoda! You saved me? I didn't beg. Surely it doesn't consume my chances? It doesn't.

They have something I need. A spiritual mark left by the gods. It could even repair a small part of your Imperishable Golden Body. With my power through your hands, collect a fragment of that decree. He… He seems to be absorbing the divine powers of the decree! That's genuine divine power. A once in a million chance in the Desolate Land!.

Don't absorb too much, lest you can't take it. He's actually stealing the divine power left by the Rain God! Stop him! They noticed! I can't let them withdraw the decree! How dare you covet the Rain God's decree? The fragment of the Rain God's decree might just be a true treasure!.

Huh?! It's so tough. Not nice at all. How absurd! Spit it out! It's the ultimate treasure left by the Rain God! He actually…! How could it be? I'll ask you one last time. Where exactly is the Great Demon God?.

The Great Demon God… was lured outside the city by Shi Ziteng's master, a Venerable of the Demonic Spirit Lake! As for what happened after that, you could ask Shen Ziteng! You shoved the blame cleanly, as expected! Hmph! It's time to go. What?.

You just absorbed the will of a god. If you kill them now, you'll topple the balance. Hmph! I have something else to do. I'll let you off for now! If you dare do evil deeds after this, pray that you won't land into my hands! [Tongling, able to predict a small snippet of the future] I look into the future,.

Yet all I see is chaos. Looking back, there is nothing behind you. Why is it like that? [Next Episode Preview] [Perfect World][Braving Forward]

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