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[English subtitles are available] [2018, Beijing] [Outside the 5th Ring Road of Beijing] Sorry. It's clean. I just got it filled from the tap. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. It's okay.

Isn't this Chen's shop? Lu Yanchen? Yes, him. Why? Are you close? Kind of. I heard he's at the border. He's back. Is he doing this now? No.

Chao. Has your boss's son come back? Yes. He's at the gas station right by here. Okay, got it. Are you going? Do you… still remember who I am? Yes.

I'll remember you even if you turn into ashes. [Road Home] [Episode 1] Why are you at the gas station? Is there a mission? What mission can there be at the gas station? I'm waiting for someone. Ask your brother to come look for me tonight. My brother is in Laogou,.

I will tell him to look for you in a few days. Never mind then. I'm going back to Qi Ning in a few days. Captain Lu. I'm off. Captain Lu, is she your ex-girlfriend? No. Hello? Huang Ting. I'm Gui Xiao.

Gui Xiao? I saw your brother today. You saw my cousin? Even my mom doesn't know he's back. How did you meet him? We met at the gas station this afternoon. He's with a few… colleagues, probably. We didn't talk much.

Do you… have his phone number? [11 years ago] Don't you think we're destined to meet? How so? Look. The last word of your name is Chen. Mine is Xiao.

Chen Xiao. That means the sunlight in the morning. Aren't we a match? Why didn't you drive? It'd attract too much attention if I did. Did he leave? He left. Chen. Fortunately, no one saw us.

Afraid of being seen? No. What's there to be afraid of? What are you thinking about? I've been talking for a long time. but you haven't given me any response. I was thinking how you wet your clothes. I told my aunt not to wash it.

She didn't listen to me and still washed it. You're wearing clothes that hasn't dried yet, don't you find it cold? I just bought this. I wanted to wear it for you. What's wrong? It doesn't look good? It's not bad. Not bad… I'm freezing and I only get a “not bad.”.

You haven't praised me before. Say I'm pretty. Come on, praise me. Hurry up. Praise me. [2018] Gui Xiao. Why look for him? He begged you to make up with you so many times back then.

Do you know how cruel you were? It was a rare chance that he could return but you refused to see him. But I'll send you the phone number. It's up to you whether you call or not. I think it's been more than eight years. There's no need to contact each other anymore. Hello? Brother.

It's me, Huang Ting. You're back? I'm on leave. There happens to be something I have to take care of too. Are you coming over for dinner then? My mom asked you to come. I shan't. I'm leaving by train tomorrow. Brother. Go ahead.

Did you run into Chen Xiao at the gas station this afternoon? She asked me for your phone number. I don't know if she'll call you. Got it. ♫Waiting to meet someone♫ ♫Who can know how to savor♫ ♫On a night with wine and wind♫.

What are you doing here not sleeping in the middle of the night? I'm seeing if the grapes are ripe. These grapes don't taste good. They're sour. ♫Half a moon♫ If you want grapes, I'll buy some for you tomorrow. I like sour ones like this.

♫Moon♫ This kid. You must have wiped away For a long time I know life is in silence Only light exists in mystery On an unknown night The floor is cool Cool.

You must have been there The farthest place Bring back the green oxygen in midsummer and the fall of autumn [Two years later] [On a night of a dream in a theme park,] [Qining City] [^A song of Sadness in Youth ^] Use mine to call.

I got this number two years ago. I don't know if it works. Let's try it first. Hello, who is it? I'm Gui Xiao. Are you… busy? No. Go ahead.

I'm in Qining, on a business trip. I ran into some trouble. I lost my car. Address. Send me the address. Okay, I'll send it to you right away. Why aren't you going up? Get in.

I'll take you there first. I need to meet someone. Okay. Can your friend really come? Probably. How about we make another call? Let's not. What if he's on a mission?.

It's not good to keep calling him. If he doesn't come, then let's just forget it. We'll call the police. Let's wait inside. You go in first. My back hurts from sitting inside. Let me get some fresh air. Okay, I'm going in. Do you hear me?.

For so many years From the depths of my soul Get in. [Empty heart] The owner of the gas station told us to check the prairie first. The healing wound We might be able to find the car. Waiting for your heart to go beyond anxiety.

Get in. I have three friends with me too. I'll go get them, give me a while. Let's go. He's here. Finally. We got some help. Nice to meet you, Captain Lu.

We'll sit behind. Okay. He's still the same. Regardless of if it's spring, summer, autumn, or winter, he has to have the window opened. Can you close the window? Gui Xiao's friend is so cool. He's a SWAT captain. Of course he's cool. How else can he scare the criminals.

And protect us? We lost our car two hours ago. I wanted to call the police, but thought of you, so I called to ask. The owner of the gas station said given his experience, the car is likely to be.

In a forest not far away. The car thieves have nowhere to park the cars they've looted from so they'd toss them there. These thieves are so smart. There are no cameras there. Even if we find the car, we won't be able to find out who stole it. Captain Lu, do you know the way?.

Yes. That's good. We'll follow you then. It's snowy. Drive slowly. I called the police for you. The person in charge will be here soon. Your friend is so cold. I was too scared to.

Say thank you to him. He's always been like this. I'll go down and talk to him. Slowly. Aren't you cold? This is yours. Thank you. For helping me.

You're welcome. How long have you been here? Nine years. You haven't been promoted yet? I have. Are you going back? Since you've been promoted, you can apply to be transferred back, right? I'm not going back.

I'm staying here. What brings you here? The girl in the car does international trade. She came here for business. So I came here for a trip. It's so snowy and you're here for a trip? Snow is also a specialty here.

Captain Lu. Captain Lu. This is the person who called the police. I'll leave it to you. This is her car. And these cars were also stolen. These stolen cars already have a police report lodged. The thieves have been apprehended.

But they refused to tell us where the stolen cars were hidden. Turns out they were hidden here. I found it by chance. I'll leave it to you. – I’ve got something else on. I’m leaving.- Okay, go ahead. Hello, I'm the car owner. Okay. If it's convenient,.

Could you drive back with me to take a statement? Sure. Okay. Thank you. You're welcome. Where are you going next? We want to stay in town for a few days.

And then go to Qining City. Business first, then travel. Are you close to that Captain Lu just now? We've known each other for years. But we only meet a few times a year. He's in Qining City. He doesn't come here often.

He's a nice guy. He's always on the frontline of the SWAT. It must be tiring to be on the frontline. Of course. It's also very dangerous. But he’s an instructor now. He teaches others how to detonate bombs. When he is on a mission, he would be on the frontline of counterterrorism.

He has trained many heroes to protect the people. A real man. Bomb detonation? He's a bomb detonation expert? Yes. Their team is the counterterrorism team.

There were dozens of experts that came out of the bomb detonation team. They were all taken away by the internal team. Captain Lu could detonate a ticking bomb in 30 seconds without even breaking a sweat. This is not a movie. It really happened. You're here to fix the roof?.

Be careful. Lu! The old captain's father is waiting for you. What's wrong? You came all the way here to get some fresh air? I wanted to visit the old captain's father first. But I thought about it.

And decided not to. You have no idea How they made me cry. You can cry in front of me, but don't cry at their place. I understand. We can't use these planks anymore. Pass me the toolbox and the boards we brought.

From the car. I'll fix the opening gap first. Otherwise, with this heavy snow, the things in it will get wet when the snow melts. Okay, we have work to do again. Be careful. Thank you. This is from me personally.

No, no. Uncle, I've been in Qining for so many years. I've been taken care of by your family. Chinese New Year is coming. Take it as filial piety be me, your half son. He doesn't spend much. He also saved a lot.

He's not even here anymore. Chen, I really don't need it. Don't take it to heart. I still have to count on you in Qining. Of course. I don't need you to remind me. I'll go back to the team later. What about you? Oh right, you have to pick up Nan for me.

Have you asked Captain Lu yet? No. I'm treating. I asked you to ask them out, not to pay. I don't want to ask him out no matter how much money it is. How can you be so cruel? It snowed so heavily yesterday. He came to help you.

And I'm not the only one. Zhou and Lin Yao want to treat him to dinner too. He didn't like socialising. It's not socialising. It's just a meal to say thanks. We just admire heroes. I have his number anyway. Don't call him. No, I don't know him well.

Gui Xiao. Why are you embarrassed? You're being very immature. He helped you so much. He answered. Hello? Hello, Captain Lu. I'm Cai Yaya, Gui Xiao's friend.

We met yesterday. Hello. Yes. Gui Xiao's phone didn't have any signal yesterday so we called you with my phone. Please don't mind that I've saved your number. It's okay. Did something happen?.

No. I just want to treat you to a meal to express my gratitude. You have no idea how important this car is to me. My husband just gave it to me. If I lose it, it would bring a huge crisis to my family. Thank you so much. Let's not delay it. How about tonight?.

Okay. I'll send you the restaurant address later. Okay. Get changed. Let's go eat. Close the door. Your awareness is amazing. You call this awareness?.

That's nothing. You're going home? Going for dinner. With whom? An old friend. You have friends besides colleagues? You've grown taller. You are half a head taller.

Than your classmates. Of course. Fasten your seat belt. This is it. Whose child is this? Tell their parents if not they might get worried that their kid went to the wrong room. Auntie, I’m Lu Yanchen's. My dad went to make a call.

He asked me to wait for the guests here. I need to use the bathroom. Auntie, go out and turn right. The toilet is right at the end. Uncles, auntie, please sit down. This kid is so sensible. My dad taught me well. We broke up ten years ago. This child is so big.

It makes sense. He said he would stay here in the future, which means he has a home here. Everything makes sense. So, Gui Xiao, why are you still looking for him? What are you looking at? The ladies' room is downstairs. Come back.

I'll take you there. No need. I asked you to come back, you hear me? Isn't it just because I dumped you back then? You have a child now. Why are you still acting like I owe you? What are you doing? I didn't hear you. You didn't hear me?.

Then why are you turning back? She doesn't want to talk to you. Please forgive him, Miss. Captain Lu is… I mean, the former captain, he just submitted his resignation report. He has nothing better to do. Acting all weird.

Didn't you say… I'm unemployed now. Why? You think it's not worth buying me a meal now? Miss, don't be too offended. Captain Lu is very straightforward with his words. I know. Actually, Captain Lu is still hesitating.

Whether he should go back to Beijing or not. He's hesitating. He's not exactly unemployed. It's just temporary unemployment. I might not necessarily go back. It's quite troublesome to return to Beijing if you have to bring your wife and kid along. Household registration would be troublesome too. If you need.

Any help, you can look for me. Looks like your son is up to something again. No way. He's so afraid of you. How could he play tricks on you? But it's possible too. He's grown up and is bolder now.

Miss, here's the thing. Miss, please forgive me. That is my son. My son knows there are many bachelors in the team. When they go on blind dates, he'd pull some tricks. He kept calling them his father, chasing away many ladies.

I apologize. So that's not your son. What a pity. He's so cute. He's cute? That brat is up to no good. Oh right, let me introduce myself. My name is Qin Mingyu.

I'm from Lu Yanchen's team. That brat is my son. His name is Qin Xiaonan. I'm Gui Xiao. Weren't you going to the toilet? I don't want to go anymore. Dad. Hello. You played tricks again.

Dang, we all got it wrong. Here. Apologize to Auntie Gui Xiao. Auntie, I was wrong. It's okay. Don't stand around. Sit down. Sit. Captain Lu, please have a seat. I don’t know much.

About the restaurants here. I picked this place based on its reviews. As to the dishes, I'll ask the boss to serve the signature dishes. Is that okay? Captain Lu, is there anything you don't eat? He eats anything. No. Okay.

Please enjoy. Captain Lu, were you neighbors or schoolmates with Gui Xiao? Schoolmates. We're not close. Qining's snow is so heavy. Captain Lu.

Is not good at talking. We've sat here for a while now but he hasn't said anything much. But Captain Lu is someone who's cold on the outside but warm on the inside. He must treat you as friends, that's why he's here. Right, Captain Lu?.

Schoolmates right? Chat a little. Have a drink. – Drink your own.- Captain Lu has to drive. Exactly, dad. Eat your food. I was thinking Captain Lu's going to Beijing soon. Please take care of him. If you can't say it yourself,.

I'll say it instead. Here. You have to drive later. Let's drink tea instead of wine. I will drink a toast to everyone. When you come to Qining in the future, if you have any problems, just let me know, okay? I hope.

You can take care of Captain Lu in Beijing for me too. Of course. We have to repay more than what we received. Let alone Captain Lu has helped us a lot. We will help you in any way possible in the future. Of course we'll help.

As long as Captain Lu asks, I'll be there at any time. Thank you, everyone. By the way, the four of you drove a car here, right? Yes. Captain Lu, send them. Four people in a car is too crowded. It's not safe. Is it too troublesome?.

No, auntie. We live in the west. And you live in the east. Although it's not very convenient, it shows our sincerity by sending the guests off. Captain Lu and I shall go get our cars from the parking lot. You guys wait here.

Okay. Come with me. Otherwise, I'll be frozen to death by how cold he is. I'll wait for you here. No, it's cold outside. Come with me. Let's go. Captain Lu. My car is over there.

What about you? Over there. It's not far. Don't come out. Lu Chen! Gui Xiao. Are you okay? I was shoved a few times. What are they doing?.

Watch out, Lu! Dad. I already called the police with his phone. Well done! Are you scared? No. What is there to be scared of? I covered you with my clothes.

Because I didn't want to scare you. I didn't expect you to not take the hint at all and pulled it off, watching it all the way. Here. Is there snow? No. Captain Lu.

We meet again. I'll leave them to you. They're car thieves. Okay. Thank you. I've got them to speak up. They are friends of the group of people who stole the cars. They happen to be eating here.

They recognized the car at first sight. So they wanted to avenge for their friends. But they didn't expect it's us who they'd face. Chief Liu, we captured 13 people for you, you should treat Captain Lu and me a big meal.

Of course. Eat all you want at the police cafeteria. Your car should be commended for saving our police force. It also saved resources for the country. Sorry for the trouble. Not at all. I'm happy.

A kid reported the case just now. Who was it? Me. My son. As usual. As usual. We'll go back and make a statement with you. You drive Cai Yaya's car and send those two men back.

I'll drive them home. Okay. I'll go with Uncle Lu. Now you know it's Uncle Lu? [Establish a positive image for public security] I don't mind if you want me to call you dad. W-why? Can't I have two dads?.

Thank you, Captain Qin. Let's go. Auntie, don't be angry. Uncle Lu has a cold face. He treats everyone the same. I'm not angry. I'm used to it.

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