⭐️ 最强带货王!龙皓晨成名后,当年把盾牌卖给龙皓晨的店家疯狂推销龙皓晨同款盾牌,赚得盆满钵满!【MULTI SUB】 |神印王座 Throne of Seal |Donghua

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(Great Weapon Store, Moon City) This sword is so nice. It's only made of metal. Just a little better than a normal one. There are still Magic, Spiritual, Brilliant, Excellent, Epic, Immortal, and even Legendary swords. This one and that one. I will take them all.

Oh, young lady. This is a magical weapon. Don't throw it away. You call it the biggest weapon store in Moon City. And you don't even have a weapon above Spiritual level. My small store doesn't deserve to have such nice weapons. But I have one.

Half as good as a Spiritual weapon. Behold, I give you the best weapon in my store. Glory Spear ! The material and technique are impeccable. What's more, it's studded with a Gold Stone.

As long as it's not completely broken, this stone will repair any damage. This spear matches Haochen's Silver Light Armor. Good. I'll take it. Wait.

I asked to take it first. It's fine that you stole the thunder from me. Now you're stealing the spear away from me? How shameless! Lin Jialu, say it again! You like to seal things from others just like you did before . Shameless. You want to pick a fight?.

You stole my thunder once. Now are you gonna fight me over the spear? Shame on you. Lin Jialu. Don't you throw dirt on me! I took a fancy to this spear first . Let it go. This shop is mine. (Divine Weapons–Lin Jialu's Branch) So is the spear.

Your families opened this store for you. Oh boy, two young ladies. It's the best weapon here. Don't break it. It belongs to my family. I'd rather break it than give it to you. You want to pick a fight? Go on, then. I 'm not afraid of you. Lin Jialu, say it again.

. … Last time you fought in the doorway and many people saw it. Didn't your fathers say that you would be grounded if you fought again? – Grounded? – Grounded? You like to steal things from others.

Just like you did before . Shameless. All right. Grounded? I don't care. The winner gets the spear. Go on, then, I'm not afraid. Xin. Let me do it for you.

Is this your little lover? He's my brother. Can't you think like a normal person? He's got a pretty face. Haochen. I got this. Aggressive as she is, she is also a powerful magician whose cultivation is above yours.

I've never fought a magician before . take this chance to challenge one. Cute lad, you want to challenge me? Then your sister Xin will lose for sure. Lin Jialu. Worry about yourself. Don't cry if you're beaten. Are you kidding?.

I can defeat him even without the magic wand. Let's do it. Isn't that Miss Lin Jialu? She's fighting again? Let's get out of here. Last time, those who watched her fighting were frozen into popsicles. Sister Lin. Let's start . nothing fears nothing.

He dares to challenge the famous and talented magical girl in Moon City? Let 's start. Young man, stop it. Just give in. (How's Haochen's strength now?) Winter's coming.

. Freeze! Idiot. Haochen! (So this is what a magician like?) (She's so good at remote control.) You're not in my league. This is just my first move. Ice Dagger.

Transform! Pure White Blade. I can't dodge her skills all the time. I must get close to her. Light Chopper! Now we're fighting. Boy, watch this. Ice Storm!.

(Fighting a magician is different.) ( I can't even get close to her.) Behold. The next skill will defeat you. Ice Cage! (She wants to trap me with icicles.) Not good. A magician's tactics are usually to wear the enemy out first.

And then release a killing skill. Since the Ice Dagger, Lin Jialu has been consuming Haochen's mana. He has to end the battle soon. (These icicles seem to appear disorderly.) (But by using the height difference between them,) (I can break through the encirclement.) (Go all out and try again.) (I'll break her defense.).

Light Chopper! Oh, shoot. Haochen got hasty. (What a fool! You've fallen for my trick.) Snow Anger. Resistance Ice Ring. You've fallen for my trick. Fool. It's a big risk to face a magician in midair.

Now you must feel embarrassed. Where is he? Sister Lin. Sorry. It's also a big risk to let your guard down before the battle is finished. It's impossible, How could he break this move? Even Li Xin.

Can't deal with my Resistance Ice Ring. Impossible? You can't be so ignorant, right? At that moment, Haochen dodged your ice ring with absolute defense. It's a skill too advanced for you to know. Miss Lin. Well, I'll give the spear.

To this young man. Absolute Defense? What the heck is that? You won only because I didn't use my wand . Or you can't break my attack. Haochen also didn't wear any armor. Well done, Haochen. Miss Lin, you're really leaving? Then I'll give Glory Spear to him.

Don't blame me for it . Everyone. Latest news from the front! Victory at the Exorcism Pass. Long Haochen, the young hero, controlled – the Seal Throne of Guardian and Grace – Get a copy. and forced off Feng Xiu the Demon King! What? That's awesome! A load of bull.

He's not a Knight of Seal. How could he control the throne? I'll take one. Here you go. Darn it. This bad boy becomes so good in such a short time . wouldn't have let him steal the limelight.

And Li Xin. What role did you play in this battle? I can't see your name here. It's such a disgrace. You took my lollipop again. Boy. Just admit it. You 're fascinated by my charming dance moves. I've watched it 800 times.

You really suck. What? You just won't tell the truth, huh? Then I'll dance till you'd be honest with me . have you also fallen for my dance? I'm already upset enough. And now this eyesore? Isn't this Long Haochen? (Long Haochen and his squad had a pitched battle with the demons.).

No way . It's you again. Crime of public nuisance. You're arrested, go! (Moon Temple, Moon City) You're just jealous of me! The 137th Quasi-knight Examination. Failed. 68. Why is it getting lower and lower?.

There must be something wrong with this darn post. I told you Haochen had great prospects. Long Haochen? Isn't he the kid who pulled strings? I wondered where he went all these years. Exorcism Pass. Just you wait. I will come back. Come and have a look.

Replica sets of Long Haochen's Glory Spear and Sword of Light and Fire. It only costs 99,998. Buy one, or you'll regret missing it. I'll take ten sets! – I'll get one for my boy! – I have them for everyone. (Odin Hall, Knights Temple) Check it out . Long Haochen, the hero who saved the Exorcism Pass,.

Was born in our town. (Long Haochen forced off the Demon King) My mom told me about him. He and his family used to live in Mount Odin. Did they? Sir, do you know him? Quiet! You two are the noisiest in the temple. You are the worst class I've ever taught. You want to know this young hero Long Haochen, right?.

Then tell me why you want to become knights. To protect humanity, to keep the goodness, and to guard families.

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