《两不疑 第二季》第23话:留有后手【加入会员专享最新集】

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Step by step closer to you Touch you inch by inch Waves of ripples Let the soul and the body Have no doubt from now on Where there is fog There are flowers blooming The moon is hanging in the sky The two of us are leaning close to each other.

I don't even know when it started You are everything in my eyes Passionately devoted No separation From spring to autumn The tides between you and me Waves of ripples Stay together in mist and ripples For the beautiful scenery.

Beauty is only for you Looking for you Appreciate each other In this lifetime Share sorrow and joy Let the soul and the body Have no doubt from now on So you are plotting a rebellion with the intention of perishing together?.

Let me go now. And I will lead the troops to quell the rebellion. Otherwise, it's hard to say what the capital will look like. Let you go? Isn't this like beating a dog with meat? After reaping the benefit, you'll fight against us again. Do you think the Emperor is a fool? Who do you call a dog?.

You! Everyone in your family is a dog! If the two princes attack the city, there is really nothing we can do now. due to the lack of troops. Your Majesty. Write an instruction and ask someone to explain it to them. They were deceived by Lord Ning.

As long as we explain… Mr. Zhang, it's not like this. Remember why they came to the capital? To save the Emperor from trouble. Well, then do you know what the trouble is and which Emperor they are going to save? Wow.

No wonder this is the capital. The dancing here alone is much better than that of my land in the south. Then let's have more fun. When we get to the capital, I will ask Lord Ning for a rich fief, then I will pick some beauties here to go there with me and have fun every day. That would be wonderful.

Great! I hope you get what you want, return to the court, and achieve a great cause. Sir! The enemy launched a sneak attack and all our army provisions were burned. Nonsense! It's the capital.

How could there be any enemy? They are holding the flag of the Xu's Army. Xu… Xu's Army? Emperor's written instruction. Lord Ning has been executed by the Emperor for his association with the rebels and malicious intentions. As for the rest of those involved in the rebellion,.

As long as you confess and surrender, you may be treated with leniency at the Emperor's discretion. Those who make a last-ditch struggle will all be killed. Now the rebels in the capital are under attack. There is no way ahead and no way back either. Princes. Why not surrender?.

Take another step forward and it is your body that will be pierced. Your Majesty, please show mercy. What can we do? What about retreating for the sake of advancing? Let's leave the city first, and then counterattack when the troops return. Die before yielding! Hold on to the last moment!.

Live or die together with the city! Qi. Father. This is the eagle of the Queen of Tatar. News of victory from General Xu. They cooperated with Tatar and defeated the barbarians soundly. What?.

My dad isn't sick at all. Your urgent report is not as fast as the eagle. It's a trap. A trap! So everything is your plan. Yes, I set the trap, but I still needed your cooperation. Instead of being wary of your sneak attack every day,.

It would be better to make use of it, so that you can gather the rebels to stage a rebellion earlier and save my effort of investigating one by one. You! Sir! News of victory from General Xu. The surprise attack succeeded.

The two princes have been captured alive and will be back tomorrow under escort. I've always thought you were a naïve boy. But you are actually a cunning fox. Uncle. This is the last time I will call you that. Take him down. Yes. Why are you laughing?.

Xiao Jinyun. You still lost! I want your whole harem to die with me! – What?- What? The rebels broke into the palace. Run! So useless! They even left their masters behind at this critical moment. Do you know how to use it?.

Just fake it until you make it. Take this and you will feel bold. Don't kill me. Don't kill me. Why are you still taking the treasures with you at this critical moment? Sister. If we meet the rebels,.

We can save our lives with it. Sister. What to do? Let's go to Cining Hall. There are many guards around Empress Dowager. What are you panicking about? I'm here. Aunt. Close the palace gate.

And lock it with a wooden dead bolt. Aunt. This… What happened? Why out of sudden… I heard that Lord Ning rebelled. Princess Ning let the rebels into the harem and planned a rebellion. How heartless and ungrateful!.

I've always been protecting them. I didn't expect that it would bring disaster instead. Open the door! Open the door. She wants me. I'll go out alone. You should hide in the rear hall. Mother.

Aunt. Aunt. You are lucky to have a good Empress. Otherwise, once the city was under siege, you would be at the mercy of others. She's right. Remember the moves taught by Her Majesty? Yes! Take up arms.

We have to protect ourselves. What? Where have all your daughters-in-law gone? Why did they leave you alone? I let them go. They can't be humiliated by you rebels. They're all spoiled women. I didn't take them seriously. But you…

I have come here specially to allow you to reunite with your son. You! You! His Majesty… My husband has a prophetic eye with both civil and military skills. How can your son fight against him? I'm afraid he's now…

I… Did I kill her? Calm down. Concentrate. Keep an eye on the opponent's moves and don't close your eyes. If you don't kill him, he will kill you. Your Majesty!.

Your Majesty! The spring breeze Blows my heart The bright moon is in the sky Candle shadows reflect your smile Love will never end Enough to withstand thousands of troops The gentleness towards you is nothing but heroic The beacon is surging.

Smoke shakes the sky Embrace you even on the cliffs Every morning and evening Love moves us The dream of a lifetime together The moon always shines Time flies May we be together forever Till death do us apart.

Hu Zhi, what kind of store is this? There are many legends about this place. I bought food and wine to thank you and you're like the moon shining on me. The bamboo bows down because of its humility, while the plum blossom never toadies to anyone because of its unyieldingness. If those who come to my place either go crazy or die,.

How come I haven't been arrested yet? Probably because you hide yourself well. Welcome to the X&Y's Escape Room. I thought it was just an escape game. But since then, there has been an escape room in my dream and she also entered my real life. In the gap between the escape room and reality lies the truth. The closer to the truth,.

The weirder the reality. Never put innocent people in danger. I don't want to know the truth anymore. I will never let you go. No Doubt in Us Click to follow Click to like, tip and mark as a favorite Click to follow Click to like, tip and mark as a favorite.

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