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(Episode 73Speeding in the Sea of Stars Arc Season 1) It's indeed hard forCore Formation with False Spiritual Roots. I still have no progressafter I tried so many times. Seems I can only slow down to explore. Let me try my best tohelp Qu Hun with Core Formation first. Let's wait and see whetherthe Five Elements Blood Fusing Elixir is really as great aswhat's recorded in Dark Moon Arts. Absolute Darkness Island isso interested in the young guy. There must be some secrets hidden behind.

Once it's complete,the world situation will be changed. Are you prepared to shoulder this causality? Senior. You saved my life. It's such a huge help that I'll repay after I take care of Melodious Sect. It's a jungle out there. Winner takes all. That's the rule for thousands of years.

(Yuan YaoQi Condensation Complete Stage) (Yan LiQi Condensation Complete Stage) Hey, you dog for Star Palace. (Wu Chou, Absolute Darkness Island)Hey, you dog for Star Palace. (Core Formation Middle Stage)This's the family businessof Absolute Darkness Island. Get away if you don't wanna die. This's… the new world. (Sea of Chaotic Stars).

(A Record of Mortal's Journey to ImmortalitySpeeding in the Sea of Stars) (Four years after Prime Star Island Incident) (Little Domain Island, Zooecium) (Little Domain Island, Zooecium)The Protection Formations are working well. The trap hasn't been triggered either. This place hasn't been discovered yet. But. Where're all my spiritual creatures? The restriction hasn't been broken.

(Qu Hun, Core Formation Initial Stage)Could they run away by themselves? (Han Li, Foundation Establishment Pinnacle Stage,Three Revolutions Acts) Insect shell? Gold Devouring Beetles. A kind of gregarious strong bug, (Larva)ranked twelve among the wondrous bugs. Able to consume all spiritual aura, especiallyspiritual creatures that belong to the gold. (Adult)Able to consume spiritual aura, especiallyspiritual creatures that belong to the gold. (Dormant)The record says they disappear in Tiannan.

(Fighting)I never expect to meet it on this remote island. I guess that's whythe spiritual aura is so thin here. Are you guys the ones to blame? The way to catch them. This bug is very aggressive. Neither water nor fire could hurt them. Keep it in jade. Restricted by wondrous bugs like spiders. What a coincidence.

What? Are you frightened? Qu Hun. I think it's better for you to do it. Try golden spiritual aura. That's too much temper for such a small body. (Magic Treasure, Genesis Bowl) Magic treasure at the Core Formation stage works really well.

It's your turn. Fond of consuming golden spiritual aura. Restricted by spiders. Kept in jade. That's indeed Gold Devouring Beetle. It's a pity for my spiritual creaturesthat I kept for so many years. They eat them all. Let's see how will you pay for that. It's been more than four yearssince the battle with Elder Gu. I dare not come backfor my belongings till now.

No matter what. I'll take Five Elements Reversal Formation. I've been hidden and havethe Closed Door Training for so long. I wonder how Star Palace dealt with the aftermath of the Prime Star Island Incident. But it's been so long. No cultivator at the Core Formation stage is patient enough to focus here. That's the businessof Absolute Darkness Island.

Let me deal with the minions on the island before I go away. Another poor guy. No magic treasure is found in his bag. You, you, you. Don't be so greedy. You, you, you should… I, I, I tell you… OK, stop.

Let me have a look. Boss. Here, please. It's even less than what we got last time. You guys share it. Thanks, boss. Let me have… have a look. We've waited for so long on this remote island. And we didn't see anything of the owner.

That's the businessof Absolute Darkness Island. It's not bad to get some extra bonus. Yes, you're right. Yes. Right, boss's right. Yes, right. Looks like they are not disciplesof the Absolute Darkness Island. But some bandits, rogue cultivators. They send such guys to monitor me?.

Well, well. They're only Foundation Establishment. Nothing to fear. Let's see if I can get some news. Two guys this time. Relax. We have five guys here. Excuse me, fellows. Hi, fellows. Are you coming because you heard the news.

And try to find some luck here? I only pass by. What do you mean by luck? Hope that you could notify us and explain a little, please. The owner of this cave had a conflict with the big guyof the Absolute Darkness Island. And he ran away.

We took the orderand stayed here to look out. But nobody came. So we can only release the fake newsthat there're treasures here. To see whether some stupid guys will come. And here you are. Well, I didn't expect they are this type of guys.I don't need to worry then. No more information.I'll leave it to Qu Hun. What… What… Where're they?.

Boss, this guy escapes. Boss, they're there. Wow, that's unexpected. They do have some value. Get them. Go to hell. Boss. They're cultivators at the Core Formation stage. Let's fight it out.

Get ready for formations. Follow me, set up formations. Huge Whale Consuming the Sea. Hey, buddy. Sorry, boss. That person's Foundation Establishment. Take him as a hostage. Please spare me, fellow. It's demonic aura all over their bodies.

They must've killed many people before. That's what they deserve. But problems withthe Absolute Darkness Island seem to be endless. Perhaps next time, we'll meet stronger enemies going for us. There're still spiritual plants to form elixirs. But there're not too many demonic cores. The Absolute Darkness Island islooking for me all over the world. (Little Domain Island)I should leave this southwestern water area now.

And go to Heavenly Star Cityto use the transportation formation. (Heavenly Star City)Adventures await us in Outer Sea. Let's kill the demons and get cores. (Outer Sea of StarsDeep Jade Island) Even the weakest here isFoundation Establishment Final Stage. Perhaps on the second floor,some greater people are there to protect. Be extremely cautious. What're you doing? Let me go. Give it to me.

What're you looking at? Almost eat it. You refused to eat when I fed you. If you continue to behave like this, I'll cut your head and hang it on the gate. (Virtue) That's indeed what I expect of Outer Sea. Even the shopkeeper is a pseudo-core cultivator. You two are strangers here.

Are you here to catch demons in Outer Sea? We have anything you want here. Have a look. What do you need? Sir. Could you tell me do you have Treasure Light Herb? Treasure Light Herb? Treasure Light Herb…

No. Shopkeeper Fan, here's your business. Fellow Hao, come here. It's been a while. Hey, what's going on these days? Here. It's a fifth-rank demonic beast. It's hard to kill. Not at all.

We killed it altogether. Really? Unbelievable. You… You two are strangers here. Are you coming for…? Oh right. You mentioned Treasure Light Herb, right? Fellow Hao. Do you know what it is?.

Treasure Light Herb? It's the old name for Rainbow Skirt Grass. Isn't it called Demon-Lure Grass? Look. (Rainbow Skirt Grassalso known as Demon-Lure Grass)Is this the thing? You guys. Are you cheated by others? This Demon-Lure Grass sounds like an effective weaponto lure demons.

But it takes a hundred yearfor it to uncurl its leaves. And it only lasts for a week. You plan to stand still and wait for that? Indeed. Dear shopkeeper, the truth is, I look for this grass to form elixirs for my uncle, not to lure demons.

Well, then. It costs four… no, five Spiritual Stones. I will need to order this more. Could you please arrange it? Sure. As much as you want. I think you guys do have some skills. Do you wanna join meto kill demons for cores? We don't have too much magical power.

We won't add burden to you. I've ordered the Demon-Lure Grass and I'll take it a few days later. See you. Deal. But think twice. Unlike the Inner Sea,this is a very dangerous place. – Take care.- We could take care of each other. That's a loss for them.

Stupid foreigners. (Ten Days Later) Though demonic beast's dangerous, (Outer Sea of StarsRed Coral Island) these human cultivators are no better. It's safer to do it alone. This's remote, and a coral island, suitable for the growthof Demon-Lure Grass. Here it is.

(Illusory Heavensifting FormationFierce Heavenly Wind FormationFive Elements Reversal Formation) If it's third or forth-rank demonic beast, the demonic core inside hasn't formed. It will not be of much help, if I use it to help form cores. It's better to be more cautious for the first time. It's enough when it grows to a statethat can lure fifth-rank demonic beasts. Probably like this.

Time to hunt. Here. Demonic beasts are in the heart of the island. They hide quite well. (Thousand-Eye Demon, Fifth Rank)That's what I expect ofdemonic beasts in the Outer Sea. It looks quite unique. Its shell is too tough. We must find a way. We can't let it escape.

Qu Hun. I didn't expect such skills from this beast. Stop there. (Azure Essence Sword Evasion Art) (Blue Water Green Armor Formation) Still not waking? (Light Evading Red Thread Needle) Fifth-rank demonic core. Get.

It's really tough to deal withdemonic beasts in the Outer Sea. It will only be tougher to hunt demons later. It's a nice cave. Qu Hun, get prepared. ♪Bid farewell to the past while I'm young♪ ♪Embark upon my journey♪ ♪Leave the ordinary and look for freedom♪ ♪Stay low and avoid the hustle and bustle♪ ♪It's hard to predict the heart♪.

♪No one knows the hidden tricks♪ ♪My determination forever remains♪ ♪Let the deceptions go in vain♪ ♪With the weapons held in my hands and my heart,♪ ♪no evil spirit can hurt me♪ ♪Take a trial alone and burn my blood♪ ♪One more glance of that familiar face♪ ♪Let go without worries♪ ♪From now on, the world is my home♪.

♪The sky is no longer out of my reach♪ ♪The power of being magnanimous and cautious♪ ♪The magic of all extraordinary encounters♪ ♪Thousands of years in a flash♪ ♪I broke open my way♪ ♪Who'd understand the obstacles I overcame♪ ♪Hope we'll have a chance to meet again♪ ♪Cultivate in the mortal world♪ ♪Nothing I see really matters♪.

♪After all, ordinary is not mediocre♪ (Neptune Beast, Seventh Rank) (Neptune Beast, Seventh Rank)♪I broke open my way♪ ♪I broke open my way♪ ♪Hope we'll have a chance to meet again♪ ♪Cultivate in the mortal world♪ ♪After all, ordinary is not mediocre♪ (Two Years Later) We almost used up all formations and puppets.

And there's limited supplies. If we run intoseventh-rank demonic beast like before, that would be a disaster. Well. The last pocket is full. It's a relief that the demonic cores we collect suffice to support Core Formation. Core Formation in the Outer Sea is not a wise decision.

Let's go. Go back to Heavenly Star City to form a core.

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