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(Original Work: Fen Zi Hu Dong Written by: Shan Hui Drawn by: Wu Mao) (Comic “What Should I do? I Became the Weakest Wild Monster in the Game World!”) (Episode 6 Who Dares to Plot Against Hooligans Like Me?) (Justice) (Hip Hop) (Call for back-up: ask for help) (Salesman) (Xuan Yuan Four Saints Level 100 Five-time-job-changer ID: Kai Shan) (Xuan Yuan Four Saints Level 100 Five-time-job-changer ID: Qi Cai).

(Xuan Yuan Four Saints Level 100 Five-time-job-changer ID: Sheng Ying) (Xuan Yuan Four Saints Level 100 Five-time-job-changer AI: Sheng Ying) (Spiked Knuckle) Advertising space for rent!! It's “long press the like button”, right? Yes. You are right. Don't forget to forward this video as well. Look at your face,.

Can you speak human language? Try to steal my business! As a man, you wear such an effeminate braid! Does your family know that? What do you mean by braid? Let's fight!! Come on! Stop. Ah!.

Guys, I've got the best quality mink skins to guarantee your clearance… Ah! Little bro! Let's be honest! Six mink skins, buy them now… I can get you 15% off!.

Move! Hm! Want to get tough? If you are kind enough, have mercy on me! I have to take care of my whole family! We don't have enough food and clothes! Everyone's counting on me to sell the mink skins…

Get lost! I'm even worse off! I am the hope of the whole village! If I can't sell the mink skins, all of the villagers have to live on maize bread. It's freezing cold! The maize bread is frozen hard! Move! I'm going to have it out with you!.

No more pretending! Actually… I am the herald of justice for love and peace! Because I'm carrying the important mission of saving the Tianqing World! Only by selling all these evil mink skins can the balance.

Of the world be maintained! Stop the invasion of the dark forces! Save the Tianqing World from destruction! For love and peace, I'll take them all! Do you have money? No. Let's go. Oh.

Hey… Wait… Herald of justice!? Don't make me laugh! If you are so eloquent, make money out of it as a compere! You look like a bear! What a pity that you don't perform in a circus! When the enemies come face to face, their eyes blaze with hatred! Cutting off people's road of gaining money is like killing their parents!.

Now, the duel between the two major hooligans is at an impasse! They are engaged in a duel of power and language! Why are you staring at me with those big eyes?! I'll blind you! How can you blind me with your ability? I don't think you've gathered many mink skins, have you? Little friend,.

Stop bluffing! I've killed hundreds of minks! That's it? I've killed dozens more than you! Tut! Just a little more! Why are you showing off like that? Hm! Since you also want to sell mink skins…

You don't seem to give up… Yo! They're gonna fight each other! An epic battle is imminent! Who will be kicked out? I guess the best outcome you players can hope for is that both of them.

Are dead! Let's collaborate! Bro. – We've killed most of the ghost minks. – Yeah. And now, we have cornered the mink skin market. Rather than vicious competition,.

It is better to cooperate, bro! Let's come up with a proper price… Yeah, yeah, yeah! – Great minds think alike! – Definitely! I have a plan, let's do this… The preliminary test is already shrouded in darkness! Every player is on his own now!.

Hey! Sis, still have no mink skin? I have some, and at a good price! How… How much is it, bro? It's not expensive. Three sheets only cost you 200 gold!.

Hey! This is not expensive?! You… Do you buy them or not? What are you doing!? How dare you fish in troubled waters! I'm going to teach you a lesson today.

Wait up, you little brat! I'm going to call for backup! Are you okay? Thank you! No big deal! I like to help out when I see something wrong! By the way,.

Do you need mink skins? Huh? 100 gold for three mink skins. Much cheaper than that guy's goods just now! Still expensive. Alas, then I will help you to the end. If you can bring me a customer,.

You will get a discount. But, you can not tell him the price for you. Well… Okay. Done! Let's wait for the next one! Alright, I'll take the next one!.

Hey, here we go! Are you the one selling mink skins at a low price? 200 gold for three sheets. Take it or leave it! This is too expensive. Can't you lower the price? You want a lower price or death? What are you doing!?.

How dare you fish in troubled waters! I'm going to teach you a lesson today. He didn't even change his lines! 100 gold for three mink skins. If you bring me a customer, you get a discount. These two bastards are partners in crime! Next,.

We'll wait for the fat sheep to come! – This is where we set up our stall. – When the time comes, we will… I want to beat up those two bastards! Why did the young master want me to help them promote? Forget it. Just do as I'm told… Hey, bro! Haven't you collected enough mink skins?.

Hey? Are you selling them? Yeah, it's pretty cheap. – Dong-Ba Mink Skin Factory is closing down! – The supermarket is closed! – The owner has run away with his sister-in-law! – The supermarket is closed! The original price was 558. – All on sale! All on sale! – But now the price is only 48! – Clearance! Clearance! – Only 48! Take it all home!.

– All on sale! All on sale! – Take it all home! My audience! The vile behavior of these two rogues caused a large number of players to get stuck in this level! It's outrageous! It's contemptible! But! Under such harsh conditions, there are still great players.

Who are just one step away from passing the test! Xuanyuan Guild's seeded player Gu Ling has already obtained the mink skins with her companion Jiang Luyue. And they are now heading for the array challenge! Jiang Luyue is none other than an array mage! As we all know, the array mage is one of the most difficult professions in Tianqing. Very few people choose it. But of course,.

The adept array mages are quite powerful! Will they be the first players to pass the test? That Vampire pet is quite interesting. He could think of this method to delay other players. He is more intelligent than the average pet. Well… I'm afraid his master.

Is not simple either. Wow! Sein, the seeded player of the Light Guild, is here too! He and Gu Ling are eyeing the same array! This situation! Nobody retreats! Or it would be a disgrace to the guild! The seeded players of the two leading guilds are about to engage in a fierce battle! It's only.

A preliminary test. There is no need to show our cards. Why don't we fight with our own strength? Whoever stays in the magic array wins. Sure. The wish of light! Be my guardian!.

Fury of fire! Call of the wind! Childish! You lost. Why don't we try two out of three? The cloud is spinning in the universe! Repel the enemy in a flash! Solve the array in an instant!.

Adeptwithboththepenandthesword. Two of the best talents in the world! Gu Ling and Jiang Luyue are the biggest punchilines of this exam! No one else! Respect! Stop! We haven't even settled on a winner yet, and you've already solved the array! You have no martial arts ethics!.

I'll be waiting for you at the second test. You care about that pet? That's rare. Hey! Thank you, boss. Don't look at them now. This is my ploy to give the impression of weakness. The second round is the real deal. You guys go ahead and solve the rest of the arrays.

I have to get ready for the second test. Oh my goodness, it was a ploy! I knew the young master wouldn't let us down! Gu Ling, I will draw a circle to curse you! Curse you! The toy boy is useless! Gu's strength is so reliable.

Hm! There's no suspense. Interesting. Birdman, your seeded player this year is so weak. So boring. You are shameless! How dare you invite outside help! And,.

I'm a Feather! From the noble Feather people! It shows what you've got if you can get foreign aid! You can get one if you are so powerful! Don't get cocky! It's only a preliminary exam! We'll see! Hm. That pet is good,.

Quite potential… Nice indeed, but, how come I don't see anyone from the Assassin's League? Just a bunch of sewer rats… Hm, this rat is… quite funny. Faster than I expected,.

The woman with Gu Ling… Hm, we'll deal with them in the second test, but for now… I'm so tired. I've been looking for the part Sister Yuqiu said. But I couldn't find it… Twenty-two… – Twenty-three… Twenty-four… – Sister Yuqiu! – Wait a minute! – Look at the sky.

-Twenty-five… Twenty-six! – Someone has made it to the second round! I know something's missing! I went through all the piles of parts nearby and could only find 26 parts! There is a single piece that went missing. So, I can't put it together properly! Huh? What should we do?.

Someone has already advanced. The clock is ticking. Right, your pet is full of ideas. Tell him to come here and help us out! Oh, okay! Thank you, boss!.

Thank you! What's going on? Ah, we can't finish it here! We can't find the right part! Come here and help us! Someone has already advanced. Hey. Don't worry.

It's normal for people from the leading guilds to advance first. We're not the only ones lacking parts, not to mention that I've stalled a whole bunch of people here with mink skins. What are you guys doing? They're lining up to buy mink skins! I'll buy you snacks with all the money I've earned! You can eat whatever you want.

Snacks! Not bad, go ahead! I won't bother you anymore. The principle of foodies is that they can do anything as long as they have something to eat. It's odd that we lack parts, but it's not a bad thing.

Only those who get the mink skins and solve the magic arrays first can advance. What? Bro, someone has already advanced. What are you going to do? What can I do? – You are a fool if you don't make money… – You are a fool if you don't make money… – when you have the chance! – when you have the chance!.

My lady, we are in trouble. No one on the team is good at solving magic arrays. The mechanical challenge is missing one part. And the mink skin is monopolized by two players. Monopoly? Yes, they are selling mink at high prices.

How can you call it a problem if you can solve it with money? You can't even handle something as easy as that! Gosh. How long do we have to wait?! Move! Hey! Wanna jump into the queue… My lady, please! 100 gold!?.

Who is this rich lady? You don't even know Miss Sissi? She spent 500 million to buy a guild, which stunned the whole Tianqing world! What? She is so rich! I've heard that people in her guild get tens of thousands of yuan a month! My lady!.

Take me in! Our big buyer is here! Miss Sissi, how many mink skins do you want? How many… How many do you have, I'll take them all. If you take all of them,.

What should we do? You can't bully us like that even if you are rich! That's right! If she takes all of them and sells them at a higher price, we will lose money… Hmm… How dare you look down upon me! Hm, this little sum of money.

Is not enough to shine my shoes! That's right! Miss Sissi, as important as you are, you must be busy dealing with trades worthy of billions every minute! How can we waste your precious time on such a small business? According to the list, there are seven people on your team,.

Right? That's right. There are twenty-one mink skins. The original price was 200 apiece. But, in order to match your status, we've doubled the price.

Four hundred gold apiece! Huh? Four hundred gold!? You are good at assessing the situation and observing others. Good. You have the potential to be a good businessman. What a glow of joy… What a wonderful smell…

Let's go. Buy some array mages. It's too boring here. My lady, shall we kill them and take over the business? How can I have a dummy like you in my guild? This kind of simple and brutal means of making money is not in my temperament,.

But… That little pet is indeed quite cute and very much to my liking. Shall we buy him? Wait until he advances to the second round. He dares to do something against the public. He's either stupid or somehow capable…

Thank you, boss! – Thank you, thank you. – Bro. I'm out of stock. Give me three sheets. According to our deal, if you sell my mink skins, you take 20% of the earnings and I take 80%. No problem. Alas, I've searched the entire forest, and I don't see even one ghost mink!.

Now I don't have a single mink skin! Me, either! Those two bastards are so mean! They are so ruthless! Thank you for shopping! That's not right… According to Qu Yuqiu's walkthrough, there are three times as many ghost minks as players. That is to say,.

Each player can get three mink skins. This challenge is merely a test of the players' combat effectiveness. But now, the ghost minks have been wiped out… Hey, did they all buy three mink skins in one go? Why? We have two-thirds of the mink skin. And the remaining one-third should have been scattered among the others.

Oh… But they have none. Maybe they are just unlucky! Right? Look at the line! Even if one of them bought one, we wouldn't have enough mink skins! Oh…

My God, there are still so many people! I guess we're going to be really rich! Yeah! Wait, you mean, the total number of mink skins doesn't match? Yes. There is only one possibility. Besides us, there is someone else.

Who has also hunted the ghost minks in great numbers! Yo, the player Ye Wu is so laid back! So amorous! I even thought of writing him a chillin ditty… Wait! Dear viewers! I finally found out the truth about what went wrong with the mechanical challenge! The missing assembly parts were all taken by Ye Wu! Is he trying to follow the example of the two hooligans.

And sell the mechanics? Young master, as you ordered, I have encouraged all the players who are short of mink skins to line up. Ghost mink roast, try it? Young master, are these the machines you have assembled? It's fun,.

Isn't it? Hm. Everything is ready… OH! MY! GOD! Keep these three pieces of machinery. Go back and keep an eye on that little pet and wait for my orders. Yes! LOL.

Ghost minks! Now… Let's keep the pass rate for this year's preliminary test to a minimum. LOL.

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