《最強反套路系統/Anti-routine system》第1季第1-47集:打脸狂人徐缺,反手就是一个套路

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I was killed in a car accident, how come I'm alive again? My name is Xu Que I should have been a promising college student But now Where the hell is this place? My body is so stiff, I can't move at all. Who is it? Oh my God, fairy. How can there be such a beautiful girl in the middle of nowhere?.

Wait a minute. This girl is not trying to… I'm such an open and honest person can't peek at it! What are you doing? You can't pee and poo anywhere! Flying with a sword. What a fairy. This is A lot of memories flooded into my mind I was in someone else's body.

The owner of this body is the current Princ God But he's an unlucky man. He's just a lonely, lonely fox himself But he has a unique spiritual root that is rarely found in a thousand years By coincidence, he was chosen by the emperor to be his horse's sidekick The emperor provided him with numerous natural treasures for his training In just six years, he was able to congeal the abdominal elixir The day entered the Golden Elixir stage The princess took away all his cultivation and spiritual root talent.

The genius Princ God was reduced to a cripple just after his wedding He was sent out of the palace in a low profile overnight On the way to the frontier, he was slapped to death by someone arranged by the emperor He died of exhaustion and was finally abandoned in this place I've crossed over! It's a pity How did I get to this point in time? Daring lecher How dare you spy on me? Give me your life!.

This is definitely a misunderstanding, and I was the one who was lying there first Pervert You're looking for death. What should I do? By the way, it seems that my status is that of Princ God This Princ God also carries the emperor's issued The token of the horse harnessed by the Emperor I am the Princ God of Huo Yuan country. You dare to disrespect me!.

I'll execute your nine clans! The token. He's the Princ God You've been fooled I'm still good at pretending Congratulations to the host, Xu Que, for activating the anti-patterned face system This system will protect you and take you to great heights Congratulations to the host's successful face punching, you get 1 point of face punching value Whether to enter the mall to exchange The system detects that the host's ability is weak.

Difficult to survive in this world Special reward for newbie gift bag Whose voice was that? Facepalm Value Mall As long as I pretend, I get the benefit? Anyway, I'll have to try it to find out. Beauty, I'm the Prince-in-law of the Huo Yuan Nation. Don't think you can fight and kill with a flying sword I am a once-in-a-century immortal cultivation genius.

I'm still afraid of you, little girl? You're so full of lies! Hooked Don't believe me? Come on, come on, come on. You step forward. Let's fight Congratulations, the host has succeeded in pretending to get 1 point of facepalm. You It really adds up.

This face-punching system was made for me! This is a lot of fun! That's right. Just now also prompted what gift package Is this how you call up the system? It's really coming up. Let's see. Is this it? Check out the gift package Obtain Beginner Experience Pill Take it to get 10,000 experience value.

Obtain two copies of Beginner's Divine Transporting Talisman Use it to travel anywhere in a five-kilometer radius Obtain the first level of the Swift Five Elements Duel Detected inspiration mutation, not enough for cultivation The system completes all spiritual roots for you What This is a familiar feeling to me It's the power that the Princess had before she took the root of the Heavenly Scourge. And the phoenix system also complements the gold, wood, water, fire and earth attributes of the spirit root.

Each one is still the best heavenly grade I have the system in my hand and I have the world at my fingertips What the hell is the princess emperor of the Fire Nation waiting for me to come back from the upgrade I will trample all of you under my feet and trample you to pieces Daring Since he claims to be the Princ God of the Huo Yuan Nation And he dares to say that he wants to be the king So focused on the future, I almost forgot about the problem at hand. By the way, the newbie gift package of gongfu and experience pills.

Use Success in cultivating the “Five Elements of Sword” Take Primary Experience Pill and gain 10,000 experience Upgrade Current Qi Training Stage 1 Upgrade Current Qi Training Level 2 Upgrade Current Qi Training Level 3 Upgrade Current Qi Training Level 10 There's really nothing to say this time The five spiritual roots are mutually exclusive.

The power that explodes is much more than just five times the power. If I'm not invincible, who else is invincible? Looking for death Holy shit, fairy. Why are you still using your sword? You're a sneak attack. It's a secret attack. Don't blame me for being rude. Water Aura The Five Elements of Sword Technique came to my mind in a flash This.

Without the sixth level of Foundation Establishment, how could this sword be easily broken? I just wonder, I said it was a misunderstanding And you're always stalking me. Don't think I won't hit you just because you look like a fairy. Thief, what do you want? Now that you've called me Thief Then I can't take the blame for it How you dare Stop it!.

My head is spinning What spell is this? Master Daring Sins How dare you do evil at the feet of the Heavenly Warriors! Where is this crazy old woman from? Today I will do justice to God Oops! Crazy old lady.

So hard Is this the end of the line? Damn it! Who the hell did I piss off? How is this possible? But only at the tenth level of Qi training How did this speed happen? Just now I sensed an earthy aura in this person The people of the Earthen Kingdom are good at escaping like this.

He must be a good spy sent by Tu Yuan country Master Wait That man just called himself the Princ God of the Huo Yuan Nation And he had a token on him In case he's really Princ God If the master kills him then the royal family may take the opportunity to invade the Heavenly Martial Sect Princ God.

As far as I know Princ God is a once-in-a-millennium prince At the age of 18, he has already entered the Golden Dan stage At this moment he should be in the palace cultivating How can such a small person be compared Xueru, you've never been down the mountain. Very little experience need to remember that in the future Don't believe what people say.

So it's a liar Xueru I'll lend you a piece of the binding rope You take him down That must be the legendary magic weapon. Master With the master's status if he strikes If the word gets out, people will laugh and say that they are bullying the young with the old But lend me the treasure.

It's a good name and a good way to take down a lecher Pervert give up! What the hell? Calling me a thief Wouldn't I be asking for death if I just gave up? I'm the Princ God of the Huo Yuan Nation You can't take me with just a piece of rope too underestimated.

Try getting closer to me Looking for death Failed face punch No reward Damn Xue ru Block his retreat with a flying sword Yes You old fart!.

Afraid your disciple can't beat me? Don't scold my master If you can catch me today My last name is not Xu Thirty Years in the West Don't Bully the Youth collect Wait for me What kind of magic is this?.

Is it the long-lost shrinking talisman? Go search! This guy has a special treasure It cannot fall into the hands of others Yes Who is this person? This talisman works pretty well Now the old woman is confused, right? Run after pretending.

That's exciting. Facepalm success Gain one point of facepalm Achievement Achievement: Run after pretending Get ten points for facepalming It's worth it. Wait This place is Tian Wu Clan.

This talisman Why did you send me to someone's old house? If someone from the Tian Wu Clan finds out Then I'm screwed. Wait a minute. This dimly lit chamber Shiny Treasures It's It's the treasure pavilion of the Heavenly Martial Sect?.

How embarrassing is this? I'm not the kind of person who steals chickens and dogs This is a fortune Wait a minute. can't get much with my hands alone It's not easy to carry when I sneak out Hey, this system! Is there a way for me to bring all these babies?.

Host can use space storage package Storing inanimate objects inside Space Storage Package The method of operation is Store and release successfully Yes! Storage package is full That's… that's embarrassing. No.

So much treasure left to take will be punished by God Elixir Brother Su Liang Please go to the Treasure Pavilion to get this month's Pill Yes These are Who Who's there.

Come on out. You bastard. What Are you doing Who are you? How dare you trespass in my clan's treasure pavilion? There is also a talisman of divine escape Brother You don't even know who I am.

You dare to point a sword at my head I hate people with guns the most Sword Pointing at my head I didn't point to your head Cut the crap! Dare to break into my clan's treasure house Seek your own death This guy is not a good fighter.

Why do all these immortals look like this? Fight at the drop of a hat It's so hard to hit The tiger is not powerful Do you really think I'm a sick cat? Hey! Daring thief What a trick You just ate.

All these pills One Pill is enough to make the Qi cultivation period more than a month This guy is not trying to commit suicide Aura overload detected if enable auto-repair function Turn on Fast open Opened successfully Deduct one point for each hour of face punching.

Detected that you have learned the “Five Elements of the Sword” only at the primary level Cannot consume aura in body Need to buy the middle level Show it to me! The Five Elements of the Sword – Middle Stage 100 facepalm value Why don't you go grab it? I've been working hard all day Can't even afford to buy a spell.

Hey, you! Instead of dying in such pain I'd rather give you a painful death Don't bother me. People inherent death Or heavier than a mountain or lighter than a feather I don't go to hell.

Who goes to hell burst into flames and die But That's a lot of talk. Luckily, it's fast. I almost got killed by a sword from that foolish man Congratulations to the host on his success! Get a little facepalm value Just a little bit.

Compared to 100 points of middle level It's just a drop in the bucket! And with the auto-repair function on This one hour is a little facepalm value ah The aura produced by this elixir Why is it like a strong drink? Look at the personal information first Life expectancy is at risk This is a critical illness notice.

Damn system. The promised to take me flying Hurry up and help me see what the solution is! Test completed Based on the host's face punch value and life state since before The system has found a solution for you Come on, show me. Self-break Meridian.

Wait This option It doesn't seem to be a dead end Systematic self-learning of “self-breaking meridians” In fact, it is to consume the excess aura in the body The aura flows along the eight channels Every time a meridian is broken Reiki will automatically mend the meridians Not only will it make the meridians tougher and stronger.

It also hardens the body But to let the aura repair the meridians you have to turn off the auto-repair function This also means that facing the painful torture of breaking your own meridians countless times Forget it. Let's break it off It's better than dying Once this meridian is broken.

That's two full days and two full nights Survived again It hurts. What kind of quack did this? Tie me up in a mummy. How else am I going to get out of bed and pretend You're finally awake. You've been in a coma for days. When I was picking wild vegetables in the mountains.

I saw you falling to the ground covered in blood So I asked Erleng and the others to help me carry you back. You must be a foreigner. You can't walk around on that mountain. Otherwise, it's easy to run into wild animals Feeling better? Oh, my God. Why is the world full of beautiful women? This little village girl is beautiful and innocent.

Don't be afraid This is the village of Panshan If A beast is coming. The guys will help chase it away. You said Fear I never knew what it meant to be afraid To be honest I am actually a hunter.

The day I met dozens of hungry wolves in the mountains The battle lasted three days and three nights Finally killed them all My scar But I've never heard of wolves in the hills. No? Then it must have come from another mountain. Don't worry about these details The point is.

I ended up trying not to die in their mouths I jumped down from the top of the mountain without a second thought I didn't think that God would take care of me And sent a fairy to save me Thank you. I… I'm not a fairy. My name is Xiaorou So cute Xiaozuo.

From now on You are my fairy now You, you Why are you like this? That's cute. Gain two points of set value I can't believe I have two points I have to praise Xiaorou The previous realm is the first glimpse of the doorway.

How to become a small success Maybe it's the body drop effect from the broken meridians If this is true All that suffering wasn't for nothing System Turn on repair function Automatic repair is enabled Deducted a little facepalm value Feeling full of power.

The… gentleman. That What's going on here? Xiaorou, listen to my explanation That's not what happened. You are badly injured. The doctor said you can't stop taking the medicine for a month. How did you get yourself Xiaorou, I'm fine.

It's just a superficial wound. No more serious injuries Can you find me a clothing? OK You wait This quilt smells like medicine How come Xiaorou hasn't come back yet? Does she think I'm a bad guy They're calling for me, aren't they? I need to take a look.

It's a poor village. But it's quiet and relaxing It's a good place to retire Where are all the people going? Go save Xiaorou We can't let that beast hurt our villagers! Go! What I can tolerate this. Who is the beast?.

You're looking for a fight Isn't this the little one who got hurt? You're not healed yet. Go back to bed. Don't interfere in this matter That beast can be taken care of by the few of us Wait, wait, wait. You're not coming for me. What? A beast ran down from the back of the mountain Xiaorou saw it and asked us to help.

Little boy, after we take care of that beast. Let's have a feast tonight and eat meat together. Big brother, let's go! Go! Beast So many strong men were sent out I'll go along and see. Wear this to make up for it Kill!.

How can this little boy run so fast? Is it possible that he is a disciple of some school? Unlock Achievement Invisible load arrived Gain five anti-set points Five points Nice nice Erhu, are you okay? Damn you, you beast!.

Everybody, back up! What a big beast! Folks, let the beast go. Let me take care of it. Sir, why are you here? You're wounded. Go back. There's no time to explain. Let me go get that beast. Little brother, don't be a hero!.

It's not good to get hurt again We know you have a good heart, little boy. Village Chief But you're wounded. How can you be a match for that beast? Old man I have fought hundreds of beasts alone If you don't believe me, ask Xiaorou Not dozens of them?.

Third brother Oh no. Xiaorou Is this how you're going to die? Sir you was so badly injured yesterday. Scram A kick to the beast. What kind of kicking power is this?.

Invisible facepalm success. Three facepalm points. Invisible facepalm success, five facepalm points The skin is so thick, my legs are tingling from the kick. Xiaorou, you go back quickly. Be safe. Quickly, before the villagers are affected. Let's die! Such a huge beast Beaten and defenseless This is really.

If it was him Maybe we can put those immortals Successfully kill the tiger and bull beast and get six facepalm points One thousand two hundred experience points Congratulations to the host for upgrading to the Foundation Establishment stage Receive a growth gift package Remind the host of your feats Ancient Five Elements Technique Beginning of the chapter has been cultivated to the peak.

Please add the middle stage More than a thousand experience values More cost-effective than experience pills Little brother, you are born with great power! You will have a great future! Good. Heroes are young. The mayor is right. Little brother is a hero. He is a lucky man sent from heaven to our village Good.

Little brother is awesome Oops, where's my cloak? That red cloth looks so familiar. Xiaorou, go get a set of clothes from my place for little brother. Yes Thank you, rou What's wrong? Is it because I'm too powerful? I've got the little girl in my heart That's cute.

I say boy Isn't this the pattern I embroidered for Xiaorou? Aunt That's not possible No But the embroidery Suddenly there was an emergency Guys, I'll go first. This kid.

I'm exhausted System Look at personal information Only twenty-five points of facepalm When can I change to the middle level? This system seems to have a mall I didn't look carefully at what's inside These are So that's it Skill level in the mall.

Sorted from highest to lowest by Heaven, Earth, Xuan, Yellow The original is not the five elements of the Sword is too expensive It's because it's of heavenly quality So it is expensive That's also normal It turns out that the yellow level of the gong method one to five points can buy ah There are blocked feats above this heavenly rank Host authority level is insufficient.

This function is not yet open Feats of a higher order than Heaven There's something about this system. But with the current facepalm value Better look at the yellow level Doktor Nine Swords It's amazing that this kind of skill is only assigned to the yellow level No, calm down. This is the so-called fairy world.

Those feats of the martial arts world Combat power is naturally incomparable Subdued Dragon Palm Just five points No, have to look at something else. Xuan Bing Sword Technique No Flame Technique, Three Inferno Blade Technique, Decaying Wood Technique, Zhenjin Fist The name is not strong enough!.

This Xuan level is not much good Let's look at the earth level Lions and tigers with gold, flames and waves These are deserved! The main character's cultivation techniques in the novel are all available for sale Oh my god! Take out a copy of any of these feats It's enough to slow down a party Let's see.

Twenty-five points of facepalm value left buy one of these books, I will still have enough I'd like to choose this Hexagonal Touring Body Ruler Still need to match the weapon This mall is randomly 50 points in the ruler ah Can't afford to buy ah Now my power is still very weak Able to raise combat power quickly It's the only one, right?.

Exchange Dragon Four Seas Nine Changes The First Change Pour out your strength and weaken your enemy Second change Double the power and burst out Ninth change Nine times power burst, call the wind and rain Nine dragons come out, the spleen is late.

I can't believe I didn't feel a trace of strangeness It's as if I was born with it. It's full of power. Skill Dragon's Nine changes Progress zero percent Mastered the first change Let's keep the next five points for now In case I get hurt again someday, it can still save my life By the way, there seems to be a new reward for the growth pack This system is really surprising!.

Reward random Open it and see What will be the reward? Beauty Bodyguard Artifact or Invincible Powerful Grandpa Come on, my baby. Congratulations to the host for gaining new privileges Activate recycling function Congratulations to the host for obtaining a camouflage guilt tufts.

A first level of divine transport talisman Is it gone? Where is the promised magic weapon? Where is the beautiful bodyguard? What the hell is this disguise? Disguise Puppet Disguise the appearance and form of another person 100% and imitating the aura of their realm But the real strength is not given a boost.

Duration: One hour Disguise is only valid for infant transformation stage and below It's a typical face-punching tool! According to the memory of this Princ God This world is divided into the foundation building stage Jiedan stage, Golden Dan stage, YuanYing stage, Infant transformation stage, Void cultivation stage Combined body stage, Transitional stage, Mahayana stage A total of ten realms.

Each realm is divided into ten smaller levels, divided into tiers Infant transformation stage is already considered very powerful strength The current Emperor of the Huo Yuan Country is at the Infant Transformation stage The patriarch of the Heavenly Martial Sect is also said to be at the Infant Transformation stage It's a pity this lasts so short Otherwise, it is simply the face value to earn over ah Magic Walk Away Charm Next stage of growth pack Almost forgot.

System What is that recycling function? Whether it's magic treasures, elixirs, feats, etc. The system can recycle them all and converted into the corresponding category of essence value back to the host Here is the detailed description of the system Weapon type magic weapon recovery Returned to Refining Essence Pool Can be used to raise the quality level of all kinds of magic treasures and weapons Recycle elixir type magic weapon.

Returned as a pool of elixir essence Can be used to improve the quality and purity of elixir Merit type magic treasure recovery Feedback into cultivation essence pool Can be used to quickly improve the cultivation progress of martial arts techniques Recycle Refining In this way The pile of treasures of the Pintian Martial Sect Just useful.

But I don't know how to use many of these things. There's no hurry to recycle Xiaorou I'll do it. I'll do it. I'll take care of the grunt work. That You guys don't go too far. Oh, no. Could it be the beast come again? Xiaorou.

You wait here I'll go check it out. Wait Wait Wait for me, sir Don't go too far in your backwater village This tiger and bull beast was obviously defeated by our village What makes you say it's yours? You ask me why.

This Tiger Bull Beast It ran from the back of our village Now you've killed it It's great that we not looking for compensation Fart Tiger and cow beasts are all over the mountain What makes you say that they came from the back of your mountain? This is clearly a hard robbery What's wrong with hard robbery?.

No contest This Pang Pao is the son of the village chief of the next village Born to be powerful Very good hand We're afraid we're no match for him. In a few days the tribute will be paid If we don't meet the requirements again this time The seniors will definitely punish us Either way, we're dead.

We might as well fight with Pang Pao and the others. Let's hang in there. Big Tiger You go to the village and call for someone OK Ignorant straw man How many people to call It's useless. That's funny.

My brother Bao was born with great strength It's all about killing the gods and the Buddhas You are not to be messed with What garbage Dare to come to my village of Panshan to cause trouble You want to die? Little boy You're scolding me. Uncle.

Are you okay? Not dead yet. Here Just leave it to me. Don't misunderstand It's not personal. I mean everyone here All is garbage Looking for death.

Kid Offend me Pang Bao You're done Die! Little Brother Sir This Panshan village And such a beautiful woman Come home with me.

Don't be afraid These people are full of shit. Let me teach them a lesson. Sir Are you okay? Boy. I'm okay. You guys go back and hide. I'll kill you!.

I was worried about where to try the power of the Nine Transformations of the Dragon I didn't expect someone to come to me Dragon's Nine Transformations The First Transformation Kill Pang Bao Facepalm success Get ten points of face punching Four hundred experience points Done.

Dragon It's a dragon. It's our eyes that are blind Please, let us live. What's the situation? Folks What are you doing here? Come on, get up. Get up!.

I only deal with the bad guys. No harm will come to you. Xiaorou What's going on here? Get them up for me! You're an immortal Immortal What an immortal! I'm just like you guys.

It's all human Xiaorou Don't you be afraid I really won't hurt you. You tell me what's going on. Okay? Hmm. The uncles too Get up now.

On the east side of Pansan Village There is an immortal cultivation sect It's called the Heavenly Martial Sect Every other month The villages had to pay tribute to them for food Demon cores obtained by killing beasts Can also be used instead of food But if there's nothing Clan will take the village strongman away.

Those who were taken never heard from again Dead or alive unknown What a bully! This Tian Wu Clan On the strength of his cultivation How dare you oppress mortals Little Brother Xiaorou.

Are you guys okay? We're fine. Thanks to the Duke for saving us. Little Brother Quick Get out of here, little brother. The immortals are coming for you. The village received a portrait of you wanted little brother Now there are several immortal leaders.

Are checking the village. This is from the Tianwu clan How did they get here? And several of them at once According to the strength of the previous encounter It may not be easy to deal with There's no hiding place near the village. Xiaorou.

You take little brother to the cellar. Okay No I absolutely cannot go. What if the people of the Heavenly Martial Sect get angry with you? Sir Listen to me Those immortals you don't understand If they catch you.

You'll die for sure. You've saved the village of Panshan so many times Now it's our turn to repay you. Master All the villagers of Panshan are here You've all seen the portraits that were sent down. But has anyone seen the man in the portrait? Immortal The villagers of Panshan have seen the portrait.

It's true that no one has seen the man. The villagers are here. If you don't believe me You can ask them all not to appreciate what is good You're a bunch of building ants You've got a lot of nerve. The man the Heavenly Martial Sect wants to catch How dare you hide it?.

Fairy Chief I really haven't seen this person before Yes? Village Chief Then to hell with all of you Xiaorou Where are we going? Please forgive me, sir! What's going on?.

Fairy Chief Goddamn Tian Wu Clan They took a shot at the villagers Sir You should go now The villagers they They're all right. Xiaorou If you are really so greedy to run away.

Am I still human? Please forgive me! Let us go, sir! die Folks Get your heads down. Little Brother Master That's the man.

The folks Hurry up and hide. Stop sticking up for me Facepalm success Get 50 points of face punching value It seems that this shrinking turtle is willing to come out If you come out earlier These mortals wouldn't have died. Before.

I like to punch people in the face It feels good to punch a face But I know it's not glamorous Today I could have escaped But I didn't. I choose to stand out Because I know Some faces.

It had to be played I'm not a good person, I think. But I never hurt innocent people. You people What the hell kind of immortal cultivators are you? With some garbage cultivation and spells FE Bullying and killing these simple mountain people with impunity Sold successfully Obtained 530 points of essence.

Successful consumption of essence Successful upgrade of “The Nine Transformations of the Dragon Congratulations to the host for completing “The Nine Transformations of the Dragon”. Mastering the Nine Transformations Want the Ancient Immortal Technique think beautiful Today None of you will leave alive. Master.

Disciple requests to fight Let him breathe Find out the whereabouts of the ancient magic he holds fix the sword comes Brother Kill Foundation Establishment Perfection Cultivator Wang Shan Gain experience value 8,000 Dare to fight against me at the dan stage.

A mere Foundation Establishment Don't be too complacent Don't bother going up one by one Dragon's Nine Transformations Ninth Change Open Kill Dan stage cultivator Li Huan Gain experience value 10,000 Kill Jiedan stage cultivator Liu Zhi Gain experience value 10,000.

Impossible Foundation stage He killed a Jiedan stage powerhouse instantly This guy Definitely not a foundation stage I'm going to tell the master Let the elders come and kill this man You'll be my rearguard. Yes, sir.

I said Today None of you will leave. Redeem “Three Thousand Thunderstorms” successfully Spend ten points of facepalm value Consume one hundred points of merit essence Three thousand thunderbolts upgraded successfully Current progress 100% Three thousand thunderbolts” cultivation complete.

Whether to exchange the advanced technique “Three Thousand Illusory Thunder Body Three Thousand Illusory Thunder Body It's not necessary Against these scum Three thousand thunderbolts is enough Dog Thief You stole treasures from the Heavenly Martial Sect Give yourself up! Hand over the treasure.

I can still be spared a whole household Looking for death Kill Dan stage immortal cultivator Li Lei Gain experience value 10,000 This brother We are the disciples of the Luoyang School Affiliated with the Heavenly Martial Sect If you let me go I wouldn't have reported your presence to the Heavenly Warriors.

If you had killed me I am also entrusted by the Heavenly Martial Sect These words Go talk to the villagers you killed. Kill Jiedan stage complete cultivator Liu Bei Gain experience value 20,000 Sir I caused the old village chief and the others The old mayor.

I give you my word I will guard the village of Panshan well. I will not let those scum bully the villagers. People Rest in peace. Little Brother No need to feel guilty If without you The village of Panshan has long since ceased to exist.

That's how the immortals act Whether we're privy to you or not They're gonna kill you too. Even if this didn't happen Sooner or later, everyone would have starved to death because they paid tribute People Don't worry The day I'm here The immortals.

Can't set foot in Panshan Village The first time I felt this kind of emotion This is A sense of mission? I came into this world There is no place to call home But this was the home of the villagers. It's Xiaorou's home. Even if I have to die.

I will guard this place. I didn't expect to kill that group of immortal cultivators I got more than 100,000 experience The facepalm value is also one hundred and eighty-five points It's like getting rich overnight! I can't rush to change the middle stage of the “Five Elements of Sword”. My message from Panshan Village Surely others will know about it The Heavenly Martial Sect has issued a wanted notice.

Many immortal sects must be after me now. Once too many people come I may not be able to take care of all the villagers. The best choice Is to make the village of Panshan strong first It's impossible for the villagers to cultivate collectively Then considered from other aspects The best way is Laying down a big formation.

In the village of Pansan Basic formation Beginner Formation Ancient Fierce Formation Let's see Immortal Array Immortal Killing Formation Chi You Kill Formation My god.

The name sounds pretentious enough Need three thousand points Excuse me How the average price of the middle-order formation is more than two hundred points ah I'm sorry I'll never say I got rich overnight again I'd rather watch the beginner's Taiyi Qiankun Formation From the remnants of the ancient divine formation.

Possessing yin and yang changes With softness to overcome hardness It can make the person who enters the battlefield crazy Difficult to advance or retreat Putting the defending side at an advantage where offense and defense are integrated Note This formation is not valid for those who are at the Infant Transformation stage and above Price 65 points of facepalm value.

Eight Wilderness Four Elephants Formation Originated from the ancient Four Elephant Beasts The layout is vast By East Green Dragon West White Tiger South Vermilion Bird North Xuanwu Mirage of the four great beasts guarding the square Anyone who breaks into the formation will be killed without mercy.

Attention This formation is invalid for those who are at the Infant Transformation stage and above Sale Price 80 face value Taiyi Qiankun formation is more on the soft side It allows the village to be both offensive and defensive And the eight wilderness four-elephant formation is a little easier Laying down the formation There will be a phantom of the Four Great Beasts guarding the formation.

Kill all of them Redeem “Eight Desolate Four Elephants Formation” successfully Consume 80 facepalm value Against those who practice immortality Of course it has to be this one Usage Pour the blood of the beast and sacrifice it after inserting the four eyes. Then you can activate the spell Beast blood.

Can we find all of them here in Panshan Village? Luckily I have some facepalm value left Hurry up and redeem the “Sword of Five Elements” intermediate level This 100 points is not easy to come by! The “Five Elemental Dictates of the Sword” intermediate chapter was successfully exchanged Congratulations to the host for rising ten levels in a row Current realm Jiedan stage one This is not called immortal cultivation at all Call it cheat.

Sir Big deal is bad What's going on? There are a lot of fairies on the mountain They're flying towards the village. Well done. I need to upgrade my experience. Xiaorou Get everyone together.

I have something I need your help with. That Sir I heard it today from Brother Dajiang and the others There are more powerful immortals on the mountain A mountain can be lifted with one hand Now we have offended them The great immortals will surely come Or.

We'll all move out of the village. Settle down somewhere else The immortals won't be able to find us Xiaorou I've heard from the villagers Xiaorou has no father and no mother Growing up in Panshan Village This is Xiaorou's hometown Now going away to another country.

She must be very upset. reassured Did you forget what I said yesterday? I said I would guard the village of Panshan. And I will do it. No matter how great the immortal is coming I'll keep everyone safe. believe me Okay?.

But Hmm Those bastard immortals have gone to the back of the mountain. I need a little help with something. Collecting snake blood Tiger Blood Bird blood and turtle blood Four kinds of blood are packed separately Remember, do not mix them together.

I'm going to stop the immortals. Don't be in a hurry. The most important thing is to be fast Little Brother Everything else is fine But this tiger blood Yeah. Oh, look at my brain. I forget that the tiger was extremely fierce.

I'll get the tiger's blood You guys take care of the other three kinds of animal blood Xiaorou You just don't run around Wait here until I get back. I'll keep the village safe. Okay. Everything is ready All we need is the east wind.

These immortals come so fast We have to find a way to delay it. Buy some time for the guys. Elder Wang The village in front of us is Panshan Village Disciples, listen to the order Find the man on the wanted notice If a villager hides his whereabouts kill.

Yes There is a suspicious person on the hilltop It's you, the little guy. give up! What the hell! Come down if you have the guts! Bastard You're looking for death. Hold on.

Watch out for fraud! How is this possible? This son's cultivation level is already at the Jiedan stage What? The wanted notice clearly says Qi training stage Only a few days His cultivation level may be more than the Jiedan stage Trying to make us up again. No wonder our disciples are nowhere to be found.

They must have been killed by this son Rest at the top of the opposite hill first Do not go near the village of Panshan Yes It's a pity I see it. This person has a reluctant face It's really a trick to lure us down Elder Liu is really discerning.

If not for the elder's reminder I'm afraid that today we will all be tricked into a trap by this little bastard Facepalm success Get five points of face punching These guys Too good to be true You're lucky My master said Anyone who dares to take half a step into the village of Panshan.

Kill without mercy Those people yesterday are the best example Master Who is your master? You're a bunch of losers. Who are you to know my master's name? If you know what you're doing, get down on your knees and take a few strokes of your head at Panshan Village. And then get lost. Or you'll piss off my master.

He will empty your clan's treasury And then destroy your whole clan Or annoy my master I will empty your clan's treasury And then destroy your whole clan You want to die Slow down He's really mean and vicious He's clearly trying to provoke us.

Trying to trick us into going there Damn it! Facepalm success Gain 20 points of face punching value Come and get me! I'll let you have a hand! How about another leg? Am I destined to be invincible in this life? Perhaps the name should be King of Swordman.

Little brother let's get this blood What is the use of it? Yeah, it's just a few types of animal blood. Can stop the immortals? Don't worry, folks. The Prince will protect us. The townspeople are gathered in the village I guess the blood has been collected You're a bunch of trash, and you're not going to fight. Then I'll go back to bed too.

Bye This guy has such a strange body style With lightning. It's unheard of. His master must be something else. Who could it be? Oh, yes, I remember now. What This should have started ten years ago At that time I traveled the world and heard a legend Legend has it that there was a great man in the cultivation world named Duan Jiude.

This man has an eccentric temper and likes to steal people's treasures When he is in the mood, he will destroy people's families But he's a great master of cultivation Even the Infant Transformation Stage has been trampled under his feet The theft of the Heavenly Martial Sect's treasury This son's master is most likely that person But that Duan Jiude has such a cultivation I'm sure he wouldn't come to this poor countryside Should we send someone to the Heavenly Warriors for help?.

No. If the Heavenly Warriors come. Wouldn't the reward be gone? These idiots are booed Hurry back and open the formation Little Brother Have you collected all the blood? It's all here. Wait for me here, everybody. What's going on?.

Someone should have set up a formation. What is this? Guys Now the people of the Heavenly Martial Sect can no longer enter our village. I'll go and clean up those immortals outside and that's it. You can relax now. Prince, since they can't get in anymore You can stay This formation was put in place to protect you.

Only when you're safe can I take care of them without fear. Come more people. I will never let him bully the people of our village. Not good We've fallen for the little bastard. If there really is a master in Panshan Village Then why would he need to set up a formation? The little bastard is a fox. I can guarantee that there are no masters in the village of Panshan.

A small skill Breaking Formation Together Old Bastard Dare to call me names behind my back Little bastard Sinister villain Dare to sneak up on me Come out and fight! What kind of sneak attack is this?.

I'm here in all honesty Only you guys are too spammy to keep up with me You're looking for death, you little bastard. Old bastard Keep your mouth shut. But The old bastard was just right You've been fooled. There is no expert in Panshan Village.

That's not true. I'm a master myself! Ignorant child Elder Liu you thought you got a small formation and it was a treasure Still trying to stop us It seems you're the ones who are ignorant I didn't even intend to use this formation to block you! Because.

I was going to use it to finish you off Did you hear that? That kid said he was going to kill us with the formation. What a fool! Ignorance is terrible If see my school's mountain guard formation you'll be scared to death No way, sir. It's hard to believe that this lineup is really not very good?.

That doesn't make sense. I spent a whole 80 points on facepalming! One tea time I'll break the formation Die! What And break the formation Old Bastard Are you being funny?.

The master is lonely Come out if you dare Don't be a shrinking violet in there. Yeah, come on out. Don't just hide in there and talk tough. I'm not trying to hide. Don't think that just because you're standing outside the formation that you're safe. You are all in the range of my array attack.

What This is an ancient immortal beast Phoenix How is it possible There will be a phoenix Stupid This is called Jupiter Why are you so rustic? If I were your master.

They were all expelled from the school What a shame! Not true. Elder Liu, look! The phoenix figure is illusory It doesn't look real I see. The little bastard is so treacherous Conspiracy again.

Creating an illusion to trick us into leaving And almost fell for your trick. Come on. I'm standing right here. You let the phoenix attack me. What's going on here? Is this group of people collectively retarded? Okay. Since you guys are asking for it.

Then I'll give you a chance Come on. If I move a little bit I'm your grandson District Illusion Even if it's real can't fool us What Watch out.

Quick Retreat Go back and report to Tian Wu Clan This is a very important matter Want to go I'm not done with my tricks yet It's Green Dragon Come on, take the land route. Help!.

Kill Foundation Stage Cultivator to get experience value eight thousand Gain 10,000 experience by killing a Jiedan stage practitioner Follow me to break through Elder Wang Are we just going to let that kid go? This formation is too strange Need the Heavenly Martial Sect to come to the rescue Missing fish A few elders are unkind.

Said to stand still How can you go back on your word? Good, little bastard. There's a way to heaven, but you won't go There's no way out of hell for you to break in Shit It almost went down the drain! This kid can't even receive a single blow from Elder Wang He's bluffing.

Little brat Suffer the death The tiger is not angry Think I'm a sick cat Dragon's Nine Transformations The Ninth Transformation Death The strength of this bald-headed elder is indeed not to be underestimated It's not easy to take him.

Disciples, listen to the order Return to Panshan Village immediately What Four elephants at once This boy is here The village of Panshan is unprotected at the moment Attack on Panshan Village The villagers had to wait for their deaths Don't be stupid.

I still have Eight Wasteland Yeah. This idiot is going to hit the spell himself And save me the trouble Stop it! No running. Come and fight me for 300 rounds Don't force me to use Heaven and Earth Destroying Dragon Fist of All Buddhas The kid's panicking.

Charge! What The old mongrels Have a nice trip. Have a good life in the next life Goodbye Eight Wilderness Four Elephants Formation It is said that anyone who breaks into the formation can be killed without saving This sentence.

Never a joke Although there are four elephants protecting the formation the essence of the Eight Desolate Four Elephants Formation is the Eight Wonders The intruder's cultivation is forbidden by the formation. Walking on the eight kinds of wasteland with a mortal body The dry and hot desert A swamp of thousands of poisonous insects The icy land of hunger.

Everything is as real as it seems Eventually the intruder will have a nervous breakdown Kill four Jindan stage cultivators Gain 200,000 experience and four golden pills It's done! What a big phoenix just now How come it's all quiet now? I also saw the Green Dragon Check it out.

Little Brother is back Little Brother Are you okay? Did you get rid of all the fairies? Great. Great! Little brother Xiaorou Sir Thank you.

Just a battle I went straight from the first level of the Jiedan stage to the fifth level And earn a full 350 points of facepalm value This is a great deal of money! That's right. The elder also exploded what gold pills The golden pellet in the body of a Golden Dan stage cultivator Containing lifelong cultivation of true essence gong method 30% probability of obtaining its gong method after devouring.

30% probability of going off the rails Sold to System Recovery Receive 50,000 experience value Don't really need this. Keep it for now After the battle yesterday I found a very serious problem Get enough face punching value while you can Problems that must be solved first.

That's Combat power is fierce though But fighting with only one pair of fists Not enough momentum Not enough momentum how to pretend It's better to have a whole set of gold glittering equipment Blind the titanium eyes of the immortal cultivator System View Heavenly Ranking Techniques.

Divine Sword Royal Thunder Technique 50 facepalm value Buddha's Angry Fire Lotus 50 facepalm The Six Paths of Reincarnation 100 facepalm points 200 facepalm points for “The Secret of the Nine Words” Scroll All Wanted No. Only the “Divine Sword and Thunder Technique” is performed with a weapon. But I don't want it. This one.

The Buddha's Angry Fire Lotus and the Nine Secret Words good But the fire is also too expensive The nineteenth-ranked Green Lotus Earth Heart Flame costs 300 face value It seems that this is a long way to go It's better to buy “The Secret of the Nine Words” first When I get rich later I'm going to buy all the top 10 of the flame list.

System prompt Buy “Nine Secret Words” will randomly pick one of the secret Random So many The word Bing and the word Dou are more suitable for hitting the face ah just Don't think about it anymore I'll buy this nine word secret Congratulations to the host for successfully redeeming the remnants of “The Secret of the Nine Words”.

Obtained a copy of the Secret of War Secret of Weapons Master the weapon like a flowing water You can even temporarily take over the use of other people's weapons Make the enemy's weapon prodigious An absolute nightmare for the enemy Whether to cultivate or not Pretty Cultivate.

Must cultivate Success in cultivating the Secret of War Next System Redeem a copy of Flame-Divided Wave-Eating Ruler and a copy of “The Six Harmonious Ruler Both copies of the spell are available And the matching weapon is, of course Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Xuan Chong Ruler.

Why is there a set? Detected that the host cultivates “Flame Dividing Wave Devouring Ruler” and “Six Harmonies Swimming Body Ruler Triggered the hidden reward to give Xiao Yan a black robe of the same model Xiao Yan's black robe Non-sale item Xiao Yan's robe worn by Emperor Xiao Yan when he was young, extremely valuable Wearing this item can conceal one's appearance and cannot be detected below the Infant Transformation stage No matter where you walk, you can create a kind of pressure on your enemies. Is this the legendary aura of dominance? If I have time, I can change this outfit and go to the entrance of those sects to stroll around.

Earn some facepalm value It's better to put it away now so as not to scare the villagers With this formation guarding Panshan Village is basically safe. Good morning, little brother. Where are you going to go, Dajiang and Erhu? We're going to the small town to the east to buy some seeds for farming About two hills over, you'll see the little town. I'll buy it. It's bad if you leave the Panzan Tree and meet someone from the Tianwu style clan.

I'm sorry to bother you with this trip No problem Ask the guys what they need and I'll bring it all back. Sir Xiaorou, what's wrong? If you're going to the city, remember to buy a few pieces of good fabric. Fabric Your dress is a little bit ill-fitting. I… I want to make you a new one.

Okay, I'll buy it. Xiaorou the girl I've been in this world for so long, but I've never been anywhere else. It's time to see it. What a hoot! It's her. The oppression of that man… the breathlessness. What a powerful aura That man is dressed so strangely, but his cultivation is so high.

Just one look, and I felt like I was going to be able to breathe. How strong is this? Invisible facepalm succeeded. 10 facepalm points gained Looks like I have to wear this outfit more often on the street By the way, did you hear about the Luoyang faction? Of course. It seems that the person wanted is the personal disciple of a certain lord bull. What's going on? I'm a big deal. I didn't know that myself.

The big man is Duan Jiude It is said that the great man was once famous in the Eastern Wilderness, and even the Patriarch was afraid of him. He is the disciple of Duan Jiude Who is Duan Jiude? Sovereign The matter of Panshan Village The involvement of Duan Jiude is very important. That Duan Jiude has an odd temperament Fame.

I'm sure you all If we really hurt his disciples I'm afraid the consequences would be unthinkable. Fart You have no casualties in the Flames Clan. Of course you say that. Since the wanted notice was issued, we're the only ones doing our best to catch people. How many of our disciples have been killed and injured by that kid's viciousness? And several Jindan stage elders fell Please do something for our clan, Master Zhang!.

Tomorrow, ask the boy to come to the Heavenly Martial Sect. If you look at the world, only the disciples of senior Duan could have such a style. If he is willing to admit his mistake to everyone here Then let's call it a day. Just admit the mistake? Then how can I, Luoyang School, get a foothold in the Huo Yuan Nation? Sovereign, the old woman does not agree with this. Elder Sun, what is your objection? I saw this little beast a few days ago when he pretended to be emperor's son-in-law.

This time he claims to be a disciple of Duan Jiude, so he must be faking it too. The old woman suggested that kill him quickly. Elder Sun It's normal for a disciple of Duan Jiude to have this kind of hobby The little beast has so much debt on his hands Even if Duan Jiude comes to the door, we are the ones who are in the right. That's enough. Is he a disciple of Senpai Duan? We'll find out tomorrow. That's all.

Yes. Take care, brother. Come back next time. Okay Facepalm value rose from 25 to 130 People from the Tian Wu Clan We are the disciples of the Heavenly Martial Sect people I'm sure Daoist knows that there is some misunderstanding between the Heavenly Martial Sect and Daoist friends Misunderstanding This patriarch thought I was a disciple of Duan Jiude.

Must have been a wimp So our patriarch would like to invite you to the Heavenly Martial Sect for a detailed discussion To clear up any misunderstanding between us Okay, I'll come back later. Of course I know it. Especially your treasure trove Sir Xiaorou, things are here You send it down to the guys.

That's a nice fabric. It will be very handsome for my son to wear as a garment. Ah, no, I mean… Silly girl Xiaorou I have to go to the Heavenly Martial Sect to settle the conflict with them. to put an end to their interference. How does this work? There are so many immortals in the Heavenly Warriors Sect, and you're going alone.

If you don't come back Silly girl Your brother Xu Que's strength is still not to put down a mere heavenly martial sect? Don't worry I will come back safely When I come back, I'll wear the new clothes you made. I heard you were looking for me Yes I am Tian Wu Sect leader Zhang Dan Shan ask you come today.

It is to solve the misunderstanding between you and our clan Yes, how would you like to solve it? First, you stole our clan's treasure trove wait What treasure trove? How come I didn't know about this? You And the matter of Panshan Village Many disciples and elders of my Luoyang School.

Stop stop stop People died in Panshan Village, so you think I killed them? Let's be reasonable, okay? Anyone see this? I see it. This kid is tricky. Set up my Luoyang School disciples with heavy casualties There is still a runaway So what if I killed him? It's called self-defense.

If you have this attitude then we can't talk anymore Then forget it I'll have my master come and talk to you personally Bye-bye Master Full of lies Please stay, friend Take it easy, friend.

Sovereign Zhang he did not mean that What does he mean, not that? I don't know You came to me to solve your problem. And then all that shit again. Is that funny? Looks like he's really a disciple of Duan Jiude. Since you like to be direct Then let's talk about it directly.

If you apologize to everyone here, we'll let it go. We have countless magic treasures of the Heavenly Martial Sect, including a formation-breaking shuttle. It can break all kinds of spell formations in the world If you do not want to apologize The villagers of Panshan that you cherish Sexual life then You threatened me. It's not a threat. I'm just telling you two outcomes. The choice is up to you.

It's impossible to apologize for apologizing It is impossible to apologize in this life When I entered the master's school, my master told me No matter what you do, you must never admit your mistakes Or I will be expelled from the school So, let's make a compromise How about I buy you all a meal? Come on. Cheers. Xue Lian.

Here Take my token and bring the broken formation shuttle from the Treasure Pavilion Yes Zhang Danshan was fooled by this little beast I still have to do it myself Come and drink again, friend! You guys drink. I have to go to the bathroom. This group of immortals are really dog thieves Knowing that I'm a disciple of Duan Jiude, they're crazy to suck up to me.

Gave me a lot of all kinds of rare props The face value has increased a lot Now the villagers of Panshan should no longer be harassed by the Tianwu Sect Hundreds of years ago I once had a meeting with your master I wonder how he's doing. He's fine. He's been eating and drinking in the Eastern Wilderness for years. And is he in the Huo Yuan Country now? I don't know. The old man's movements are strange.

But he gave me a secret charm. If I'm in danger, he'll appear right away. Should Mr. Zhang try? It's not necessary. We'll meet again if we have a chance. In the future, if you want to You can stay at the Heavenly Martial Sect and ask for anything you need As for the Panshan Village I guarantee that no one will be bothered again This guy seems to be very afraid of Duan Jiude.

Last time I just took a cursory tour of the Treasure Pavilion I'm going to make a lot of money this time. Then thank you, Master Zhang. But I have to go back and pack some things first. Go on. OK Xiaoruo, now no one will bully Panshan Village anymore. Somehow my chest feels tight They didn't poison my food, did they?.

Master ordered us to return to the clan quickly I wonder what's so important Me too Brother, look, there's a fire over there. The village is burning Who dares to slaughter people here? I am here to do my work Leave quickly This costume is Tian Wu Clan.

Daring You know I'm a disciple of the Heavenly Martial Sect and you still dare to be so reckless! No Xiaoruo There's still a leak People Brother Xu Que Hurry up! Xiaoruo.

Repair function System fix for Ziaorou System level is insufficient Unable to use the repair function for someone other than the host Then exchange the medicine Give me all the medicines that can heal my wounds. System level is insufficient All redeemed items cannot be used by others It doesn't matter, brother Xu Que To be able to see my brother before I die.

Xiaorou has no more shame Brother Xu Que, Xiaoruo really Really like you New clothes. Not quite ready yet. I really want to see Brother in new clothes My happiest in the life It's the day when I'm with you Xiaorou.

I'm sorry Is there any way to revive Xiaoruo Due to insufficient current system level Unable to search for the method of raising the dead If raise the system level Then you can find a way Yes The system can be upgraded once the host reaches the full Golden Dan stage Since the system has never been updated.

The first update will be free of charge Complete Golden Dan Stage Very good Just let the village slaughter scum become experience Spend 100 facepalm value to redeem Soul Tower successfully Soul collection success Note This tower can only hold one soul The dead should be respected.

It is recommended that the host try to get the dead body into the shire We will find a way to revive the dead in the future To recreate the body of the dead It's you So that's him in the town of Lishui How did his strength become so high? the Heavenly Martial Sect Intruder in the village of Panshan You know him?.

What an oppressive feeling. He's a man of the Heavenly Martial Trinity Shouldn't answer his question But West Yin Ghost Gate Unbridled How dare you kill my disciples outside my Yin Ghost Sect? You're tired of living.

Little devil It's almost time to call it quits I'll take it when I've trampled the Ghost Gate into ruins Idiot's dream Die here How dare you call the Yin Ghost Sect? Duan Jiude's disciple and so what Stand down You're no match for him.

Black Dragon Flame Explosion Flame Consumption of one hundred points of technique essence Flame-splitting wave-devouring ruler 100% progress Consume 100 points of technique essence Hexagonal Body Ruler 100% progress Flame score Wave Eater Ruler.

Don't get too far ahead of yourself Forcing me to burn my essence to perform this technique Even if it's Duan Jiude can't save you. Consume all the essence of the technique 10% progress in “Secret of War” How is it possible Wait a minute. The matter of Panshan Village.

The Yin Ghost Sect is only following orders The mastermind behind this is Elder Sun of the Tianwu Sect It was Elder Sun Jueli who ordered us to do it. What did you say? I have no quarrel with you. Why did you send people to massacre the village of Panshan? This is the work of Sun Jueli of the Tianwu Sect She took the Heavenly Martial Sect's treasure, the Array Breaker Shuttle, with her. She personally broke the formation of Panshan Village.

Tell me to just kill all the villagers Then give me a bottle of the Elixir Damn old woman Only then did Zhang Danshan promise me to keep Panshan Village safe So you're the one behind the Tian Wu Sect That's right. It's all because of the Tian Wu Clan Control of the flying sword It's coming back gradually.

Sorry. I'm a man of my word. I said kill your whole family I'll kill your whole family Defeat a YuanYing stage cultivator Gain 200,000 experience and storage ring Mystery Gift Pack Upgrade Current realm 7th level of Jiedan stage.

Tianwu Sect has several YuanYing stage There is even Zhang Danshan, the infant stage, sitting in the town I can't take revenge with my current strength It seems that I need to exchange some tough moves Open Mystery Pack Receive two copies of the Beginning Divine Transporting Talisman Obtain a disguised puppet Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Bone Spirit Cold Fire Whether to include in the body.

The Bone Spirit Cold Fire is a famous fire in “Dou Bro Cang Beng”. In the system mall, the price of this flame is 1,300 points. Very expensive God help me! Tian Wu Clan, you're finished! Exchange me for the Buddha's Anger Lotus And the nineteenth-ranked Green Lotus Earth Heart Flame Consumption of 50 facepalm value to exchange for Buddha's Anger Fire Lotus is successful Consumed 380 facepalm points to exchange for Green Lotus Earth Heart Flame successfully.

Xiaorou We'll make new clothes later This silk today It will be used as a birthday suit for this group of people Xiaoruo Xiaoruo Trust me Soon I will be able to bring you back to life Next.

It's your turn Tian Wu Clan Brother, look what's there! Zhang Danshan Sun Jue Li Get the hell out of here! Who is that in the sky? What are those It's the ones from the Underworld.

Facepalm success Get 50 facepalm value Facepalm success Get 30 face punches I'll say it again Zhang Danshan Sun Jueli, get out of here! Or I will crush your clan! Unbridled The great names of the patriarchs and elders of our school.

You can't just shout them Since it doesn't come out, then Let your disciples atone for your sins Elder Sun, how could you do such a thing? How could I promise to protect the village of Panshan? but you What's the point of killing ants? It's hard to imagine that the little beast can still come up here to revenge You don't know.

Panshan Village has a very important place in Xu Que's eyes If he breaks into the Heavenly Martial Sect to How do you want me to explain to him? I'll say it again Sun Jueli Zhang Danshan Get the hell out of here! Or I'll crush your clan! That kid came to the door so soon Stamp out the Heavenly Martial Sect.

Does this guy still have me in his sights? Sovereign, it's not good. We can't stop that Xu Que Little beast! I'll deal with him! Elder Sun, wait! This man cannot be killed! What? We can't leave him alone! Shut up! If you hadn't taken it upon yourself.

This would not have been so big? Don't forget that his master is Duan Jiude We can't afford to mess with that guy. There's a secret talisman in Xu Que's body If he is injured, Duan Jiude will come over The entire Fire Nation will be finished The whole Fire Nation is finished. I'm willing to take responsibility for this. I'll go out and give him an explanation.

What? That's… the master of the Underworld. You killed all these people. Finally, you're coming out. I'll kill the old woman. You'll see. Sovereign, this man is too hard This murderous bastard I have no grudge against him.

Please take this villain down, Master No grudges, kill without batting an eye Do you know who told the Yin Ghost Sect to massacre Panshan Village? Yes, that's right. That's the old woman. Xu friend This is something that I have done a little too much This vial of nourishing elixir will be for those for the villagers as reparation Also you can go to the treasure pavilion of the inner clan.

Pick a few magic weapons at random The matter of Panshan Village What a piece of crap I'm telling you Today even if the entire Tianwu Sect is given to me Not even enough to pay for it My magic potion! What do you want? What do I want?.

I want the old lady. Blood for Blood He is a mere dan stage practitioner How can he have the courage? The full power of the Nine Transformations of the Dragon Nine times the power is already comparable to the YuanYing stage make old woman seriously injured. And then the bone spirit cold fire Burn the old woman to death.

That's enough. The infant transformation stage is really powerful Xu friend, is almost enough, right? Turn on the auto-repair function Just kill the old woman. I think that's about it. Are you sure you want to do this for a few dozen mortal beings? break the face with Heavenly Martial Sect? Just a few dozen beings.

What about mortals In my opinion Those dead villagers weren't inferior at all And this old woman is worse than a beast. So what if we both lose Some things are dead I'm willing to do it too In this situation you can still say such passionate things Should I say that he's a man of love or a fool?.

60 facepalm value for a successful facepalm A successful face punch rewards twenty face punches Forty facepalms are awarded for a successful facepalm Stubbornness For the sake of your master, I won't do anything to you. But you can't touch anyone in my clan. Really? Then I'll tell you too. The person I want to kill No one can save.

What is this spell? How is it possible to condense such an amazing and powerful flame? It's unheard of and unseen I've never heard of a flame with a chill in it. And this chill It's even colder than a thousand years of ice This guy Where the hell did you get all this weird stuff? If it's snatched up.

What does this kid want? Not good. Give me a match How can two flames with opposite properties merge? Xu Que, I order you to stop immediately! There is no need for us to end up in the same place. Let old woman Bury with dozens of lives to the village of Panshan Buddha's Angry Fire Lotus.

Blow it up Congratulations to the host for successful face punching Get 50 facepalm value Congratulations to the host for successful face punching Get 50 facepalm value Congratulations to the host for successful face punching Get 50 facepalm value Kill a YuanYing stage cultivator Receive 200,000 experience and a storage ring.

Destroy more than half of the buildings of the low-level power Tianwu Sect Destroy the roots and gain one million experience Congratulations to the host for rising four levels in a row Now first level of the former Jindan stage Village Chief Da Zhuang Everyone Xiaoruo, did you see that? Your revenge is mine. It's over.

It's all in the past I'm not ashamed of my feelings, but I'm not ashamed of my heart What's wrong with the humble mortal What's the big deal about you high and mighty immortals? Mortals of Panshan Village In my opinion A million times more important than these shameless immortals So what if you're an Infant Transformation Sovereign? Today I hit this face hard.

Little beast I'll kill you. From the slaughter of Panshan Village And then you tried to defend Sun Jueli by all means you should have expected this. You appear to be polite to me. It's just a mourning for the master behind me I don't rely on anyone I can come and go as I please.

Zhang Danshan Next time we meet again See how I will take your life Damn it! This is the greatest shame in the 5,000 years of our clan. Damn it, damn it! This breath of air Even if a thousand years and ten thousand years I can't even swallow it Battle of Tianwu Sect.

Sun Jueli and many elders were killed A large number of disciples were injured More than half of the building was destroyed and in ruins In a rage, Zhang Danshan almost went mad but he couldn't find a single trace of Xu Que And at this time, Xu Que is already a thousand miles away Bastard, don't run! My sister is here to collect medicine I have never offended you.

But you killed me I went out for food If I see food, why can't eat it? It tastes really good. Die, you beast! Sister, we've avenged your death. Wonderful What a guy M hard work you guys help us blood sea flash to defeat this blood python.

Leave the artifacts and spirit stones and get out! Blood Sea Gate Leave the magic weapon and spirit stones behind Yes Wait I told you to get out, I didn't tell you to leave. Mr. Song, don't go too far Although our Taiyi School has fallen into decline we're not going to let you humiliate us like that.

I thought I was in a good mood today. Let you live If you don't want to get out, then die here. Don't move. Robbery. Men on the left, women on the right. Hand over everything you have. Hurry up! Robbery A small cultivator at the third level of the Jindan stage.

Robbing a group of Jindan stage seven or eight layer Seen the desperate But I've never seen such a death sentence Brother, also make professional if you rob, okay? In this forest of dead bones, we are the only ones who rob people from the Blood Sea Sect. No one has ever dared to touch us. I just met a guy who calls himself the Blood Sea Sect. And guess what? This is the sword of our Blood Sea Sect.

This guy has a storage ring on him. I have a lot of people in the Blood Sea clan, so what if a few die? You're the one who's a minion How dare you send yourself to the door? Then why don't you think about why I dare to come here alone? I'll tell you the truth. This place is already surrounded by me strip him down and feed him to the dogs. Yes.

This is a facepalm opponent! I can't believe pretending so well But Congratulations to the host for the successful face punch Reward 60 facepalm value Congratulations to the host for killing the Jindan stage cultivated earth Received 50,000 experience and a golden pellet Impossible Who the hell are you?.

My name is Xiao Yan of the Sky blast gang Nickname King of Swordman Xiao Yan Why do you have a problem with my Blood Sea Sect? When have I ever had trouble with the Blood Sea Gate? I said was here to rob It's normal to have casualties You.

The mystery man's cultivation level suddenly went from the third level of the Jindan stage to the fifth level He must have used a technique to conceal his cultivation He doesn't want to be identified. Could it be one of the seniors of the first generation stage Only for the Blood Sea Sect again Are you here to rescue us? Seniors Why don't we pull out first? What are you pulling out of?.

Just Blood Sea Gate What is there to fear? You guys stay here and watch me pretend No It's to see how I teach Blood Sea Sect a lesson It's over I thought I had met a chivalrous senior I didn't think it was a madman Very good.

I've been a member of the Blood Sea Sect since its inception I've never been humiliated like this before Let the master of the Blood Sea Sect know You will die without a burial place Is it that scary? I'll give you a chance Go get more people to come over here and have a good time. Just finished teaching those I was able to increase my cultivation level by two levels.

It's much better than killing beasts in this forest If this Blood Sea Gate could have another hundred or so people Maybe today can sprint to the perfection of the Jindan stage You want to be lively I'll show you what's lively Blood Sea Gate Gate Quan Song Yunhai is my father I am the young master of the Blood Sea Sect Wait here and die! Young master.

You still have a little brother alive. What do you want? I'm thinking If I kill you, the young master of the sect Wouldn't it be more lively Is he crazy? Senior Don't be impulsive If you kill him.

The Blood Sea Sect will do everything they can to hunt you down. Really More than that The entire demonic forces of Wind and Mist City will hunt you down That's great. Wait a minute. Young master Congratulations to the host for the successful face punch Obtained eighty facepalm values.

Received 50,000 experience and a golden pellet You can't come back from the dead I'm sorry for your loss Come Hurry up and calm down Go get the master. Get up! Be careful on the road. Senior.

We can't let him go. All right, all right. I'm asking you Does the Blood Sea Gate have an infant transformation stage No OK As long as there's no infantile transformation They'll be finished with as many as they come. A little hungry.

They're not here yet. Let's do some preparation first You guys gather some dry firewood and come over here. So the seniors were prepared after all I told you It's impossible to joke with your life like a senior Senpai The firewood is packed. So much firewood packed.

Is that a formation? Layout Making New Orleans wings, of course How can I fight if I'm hungry? Senior A great enemy is at hand The Blood Sea Sect is about to kill us. You still have the heart to grill chicken wings here Yeah, right.

Eat your fill first I'll have the strength to kill the enemy later Sit down! Do you like it slightly spicy or medium spicy? There are also spicy variations Flame condensed with real energy That's right. That's the flavor. Congratulations to the host for the successful face punch.

Get 50 facepalm value Congratulations to the host for successful face punching Gain 70 facepalm value There you go. Come on. Try It smells good. Obviously not hungry But why after smelling this strange aroma.

Suddenly I wanted to eat something. It's amazing how chicken wings can be made so colorful and flavorful The senior is amazing! Low profile low profile It seems that people in this world are not very good cooks This is just New Orleans wings In the future, I can use this cooking skill to beat face This What flavor.

Why is it so peculiar? I have not eaten any food for hundreds of years I never thought I would have an appetite today What are you afraid of? Just your rotten meat Still can't get into my eyes That Did you find out what you were told to find out? I'd like to see which one of them has no life.

Impersonate my, Duan Jiude, disciple? Checked Half a month ago, a young man named Xu Que appeared in the territory of the Heavenly Martial Sect Claimed to be Duan Jiu Your disciple, Senior Duan He has some entanglements with the Heavenly Martial Sect. Destroyed half of the Heavenly Martial Sect As of today the Martial Sect has become a laughing stock All the foundations built over the centuries were destroyed at once.

But what is unbelievable is that And the kid got away unharmed The patriarch of the Heavenly Martial Sect searched for half a month didn't find a single trace I can't believe can't catch a little kid What a shame! You two Get out there and ask around. This smell is getting stronger and stronger.

Can't stand it anymore You guys go out and find someone I'm going out for a walk Grilling chicken wings here. Why didn't you ask me to join you? What the hell! Yum! This guy You know each other.

Don't know Where did this shameless man come from? cheated out of food You Little Brother You're a genius. How can you make such a delicious meal? So you're a foodie. I can't believe you're an old beggar.

Still know the delicacies Who's the old beggar? Old man I'm so handsome and heroic So imposing Which the point of being a beggar! All like a beggar But you have a good eye If it comes to eating I am the second best in the world.

No one dares to be the first in the world The old beggar Can you stop bragging? You're too old to be ashamed I'll be honest In the area of eating I did get a nice name once called Meal God.

Fart You're a little kid. How dare you call yourself a meal god? The world is really bad I've never seen such shameless people To tell you the truth I once ate the liver and gall bladder of a dragon You don't give a shit about grilled chicken wings How dare you show off your liver and guts?.

I have eaten original chicken Eaten McDonald Also ate pizza What's the chicken and what's the Mc Never even heard of it Don't think you can just make up a name You can come out and fool me! That's because you don't know anything about it. Fart.

I know astronomy I know geography From heavens to the earth I Know Everything This is What's going on? Shameless Forget it I don't care about you, you nobody.

Back then, I crossed the sea of the North Underworld Companionship with the Kun Peng clan When I ate all the treasures of the world You're not even born yet Showing off with these little things I don't even want to say that I've even eaten a Kun Peng You? You haven't even set foot outside the Huo Yuan Country, have you? How dare you say that you have eaten the Kun Peng of the Northern Sea.

I'm afraid you've never even seen one Tell me Have you heard of the kun peng? Have you seen the Kun Peng? No Old beggar That's why I call you ignorant Isn't that the Kun Peng? Not only have I eaten.

I ate it and I was poetic made a special poem Poem You can write poems for the Kun Peng clan? Come, come, come Read it out. There are fish in the North Its name is Kun This kid knows that kun is a fish.

Has he really seen it? Kun's Greatness Can't be stewed in one pot Turned into a bird Its name is Peng The greatness of Peng Need two grills One more sugar One slightly spicy.

Another snowflake Let's Brave the world What kind of poem is this? Except for the first and middle lines, it sounds normal The rest of the how are all eaten ah Good sentence One more sugar One slightly spicy.

An appetizer at first listen What a great poem! That's a compliment come on come on Kid I'm asking you Have you really eaten kunpeng? Yes Do I look like a braggart?.

What's that snowflake? Why is it brave enough to break through the world? It's a wine. See, you mention it I'm a little hungry. You're not a bad old man. If I brew it some day I'll buy you a big drink Okay.

I think you're not a bad kid. Is a great talent. Come This will be a gift for you Take it and play with it This ink jade looks pretty good Thank you, then! How did these two make up? Are all high rollers so eccentric?.

What a strong murderous aura! The Blood Sea Sect is here. After waiting so long Finally, here they are Boy You have enemies to seek revenge If you're willing to ask me Then I can take care of it all for you. Beg you?.

Dream on. I can't even see through the old man's cultivation level You're only at the Jindan stage You've got a lot of nerve I won't tell you The other side has come to eight YuanYing stage How come they're not from the Blood Sea Sect? See Master See Elder Mo.

Elder Li The Taiyi sect actually has such a young and beautiful master It's not like she's an old woman who has the ability to keep her face intact, is it? I heard that the young master of the Blood Sea Sect was killed. And it says about you and came right away What the hell is going on? It's like this Master.

What That black-robed man deliberately killed Mr. Song Just to lure all the people of the Blood Sea Sect here And for you to collect dry firewood Grilled chicken wings on the spot Congratulations to the host for the successful face punch Get 50 facepalm value Congratulations to the host for the successful face punch Gain 60 facepalm value.

Congratulations to the host for the successful face punch Gain 70 facepalm value What's happening? My child The beast that killed my son Who is it Song Yunhai, head of the Blood Sea Sect Get out of here, you bastard who killed my son! What should I do, Master?.

The black-robed man saved our disciples and we should naturally help him Yes Old beggar Can you stop looking at me like that? It's disgusting. Bastard, you have a good heart, don't you? So many multi-infant stage power, you can fight them? Originally I also want to give you one last chance to let you beg me to strike Now it's gone. Even if you get down on your knees and beg me I can't help you! You think too much just a dozen minions.

I can just get rid of them, so I don't need you to do anything. Good for you I'll kill you later if you don't kill them It's naive to get me killed. If you can kill me, I'll take your name Don't think I'm afraid to kill you, you bastard! Stimulate you how to come ah kill ah see who is killing who You kid can still kill me? Come come come You go first!.

You have the guts to go first You first Congratulations to the host face punching success to get 60 face punching value Congratulations on the success of the full face punching to get sixty face punching value What's going on here? Shut up! Shut up! Pay for my son's life Not good Not good.

Little bugger Old Barker Oh no, help! Go away! Oh no! This is Gatekeeper So the old man is so powerful did not even see it Congratulations to the host for killing a YuanYing stage cultivator.

Awarded 200,000 experience values and a storage ring Everyone thinks I killed that guy But the killing move was this kid's weird flame What's the name of your move, kid? You want to learn, you beg me to teach you ah Kid since you have such means, I also lazy to care about you I have something to do to catch a kid who is such a jerk like you. Goodbye – Don't goodbye, go well and don't see you off! What a strong body technique is even faster than the divine escape charm.

The old master is gone! Such a strong backing And still being driven away This person is fed up No one will protect you anymore, kid. Give up your life. The irrelevant ones are finally gone. Don't waste time. Go together. Now that the master is dead, why don't we make a bet? Whoever kills that kid first will be the new master of the sect. Yes.

Why don't we finish the kid with a bonus by the way How about we team up again and take down the Taiyi Sect? With the beauty of Su Yunlan, it's really worthwhile for us to make a move How dare you shameless people speak ill of our Sect Leader? Master Su we will definitely satisfy you You fools deserve to be single for the rest of your lives. You don't know how to appreciate a woman. You're the only one who's going to die You don't know any tricks, and you have the nerve to go out Go to hell!.

Who the hell are you? I am Xu Que Destroying the Heavenly Martial Sect with one man's strength Killing Song Yunhai with one blow He is Xu Que The man in front of me is really the same as the legendary one who will destroy people's family at every turn Mr. Su, how do you look so bad? Did you just get hurt? Let me take a look for you It's okay. I'm okay.

I see your face is not well I'm a doctor. Everyone usually calls me “Miracle Doctor” Didn't you say you were a food god? Food god is a side business My main job is to save people and save the world Come on, Master Su, let me see where your wound is. You, you, you rascal! Master Su What kind of person is this guy?.

A moment ago, he was still awe-inspiring I didn't expect to become a scoundrel in the blink of an eye But He defeated the Blood Sea Sect by himself And saved the disciples of our sect If we befriend him This friend Why don't we go to Wind and Mist City together? Come and visit us at Taiyi Sect.

You saved my disciple's life And defeated the Blood Sea Sect This Grace My faction will repay it All right. After spending most of the month in this forest It's time to go out and see My Taiyi Sect was actually a big sect a hundred years ago Not even worse than the peak of the Tianwu Sect.

But since Master Su's grandfather The first head of the Taiyi sect disappeared. Gradually, the sect fell into decline Master Su relied on his amazing talent Together with the countless resources of the sect's cultivation In just twenty years, she has cultivated to the YuanYing stage and took over the position of the head of the sect Su's parents were both killed in a great battle a few years ago. The whole Taiyi Sect is supported by her and our two elders.

It wasn't a good time. You needn't say I see it too These ramshackle houses are in disrepair The courtyard was still full of leaves and crawling with spiders As if it had been abandoned for a long time The entire sect has only about 20 disciples combined The highest level is the two Golden Dan stage disciples that we met in the Dead Bone Forest Most of the rest are only at the Foundation and JieDan stage.

By the way Two elders In Taiyi School I would like to use Xiao Yan as a pseudonym Please don't reveal my real name to others! OK You can stay here We will leave first Take a break. I have so much time on my hands.

Why don't I go out and catch some birds? Come back and roast them for a midnight snack It smells good! What's that smell? Su Yunlan Master Su Still awake You're joking, Xu Daoist Cultivation to the level of you and me.

And what about sleep Oh, right. I forgot that they sit down equals sleep. Master Su wants to see me for something? Why don't you come in and have a seat? Have a cup of tea No harm I just want to talk to Xu Daoist Here it is.

Do you have any plans for the future? In the future In the future, I should continue to travel the world Save the world Of course The prerequisite is to revive Xiaorou first Hasn't Xu Daoist ever thought about stabilization? For example, to find a sect to settle down Lead the disciples to cultivate during the day.

No longer need to spend every day in killing and hatred Master Su Do you want to invite me to join the Taiyi school? Yes This time I came to interrupt It is indeed to invite you to join my Taiyi School and to assume the position of Grand Elder I wonder if you are willing to No.

Congratulations on the success of the host's anti-set Rewarded with 60 points of counter-route value Can you tell me the reason for this, Daoist Xu? The general has no seeds A man should be strong I'm a man with ambition again I like to travel the world Master Su asked me to stay as an elder It's the same as breaking my wings to fly.

The general has no seeds A man should be strong What a great line I can't believe that Xu Daoist has such an excellent writing style I'm sorry for being so abrupt I thought he was a scoundrel. I didn't think he had a bad personality If he could stay in Taiyi School can make Taiyi School rise to the top.

Anti-Set Success Rewarded fifty counter-loop points Master Su is very complimentary In fact, like me, cold and unrestrained Unbridled and unruly person Not really fit to be in a sect So the good intentions of Master Su I can only accept it Only in my opinion.

Although you have an unruly side, Xu Daoist also easy-going Not cold Not cold? Looks like I'll have to try this route next time In fact, I envy this kind of free and easy life of Xu Daoist Free and unrestrained And with great skill Able to travel in all directions.

You can do it too When the master does not have to stay in the sect every day How boring is that? Let's take a road trip I'll take you with me You take the silver Travel when you say so If you can really say go That's good.

Some of the demons always come over to cause trouble during the day One group is driven away and another group comes I can't stand it Are there many people coming? What kind of people are coming? That's a lot. Usually give them some spirit stones and they will leave There will be one or two YuanYing stage powerhouses and several Jindan stage disciples.

Daoist Xu You can't mess with it! Those people are from the Devil's Gate near Wind and Mist City. What to fear If you are still willing to stay, of course not afraid But if you leave How can we, the Taiyi Sect, defend ourselves from the demons who come again and again? That's true System.

Is there something that can increase the combat power of sect and also can be used for others? Powerful Charge Cannon Powerful Charge Cannon costs one Spirit Stone per attack Each cannon is equivalent to the strongest strike of a peak YuanYing stage powerhouse Daoist Xu What's wrong with you? I have a plan for you, Master Su It will save the Taiyi Sect from the devil's clan.

It can even become the most powerful sect in the area of Wind and Mist City Master Su asked me to find some materials Yes – Xuan Iron is a necessary material for forging flying swords So there is a large stock of it in the treasure house of Taiyi School It happens that this gun does not need any precious materials Only a large amount of basalt ink is needed Other complex rune stone pieces are given away when buying drawings Enough to forge four or five cannons Use the fire to quickly melt the iron into liquid form.

Remove the impurities inside Then cooled and shaped into various accessories Casting completed Notify Master Su that the secret weapon has been developed. When we meet the Sect Leader and the elders need to send an invitation with your intention first What the hell do I need an invitation for? You have misunderstood Masters have been living in the Book Depository for generations.

And the Book Depository is full of bans and you have to have a ban to enter So that's it Please read it out and I will write it down as you said You just write Su Master There is a handsome, charming, cool and unrestrained young man wants to ask you to come over today to see a secret weapon You see this name post is so small, can write a limited number of words Can it be shortened a little bit?.

Then write Su Master There's a handsome and charming young man who wants to ask you out, right? Could you be a little more brief? Okay, you can write Su Master appointment You are really talented I don't know what you call yourself, but it should write your name on it. I am the god of gunsmithing.

Master Su I heard that Xu Que moved all the Xuan Iron Is it just to make a cannon I promised to take whatever materials he needed. This is the only basalt we have. It's not rare, but it's very expensive. Such a waste is really Forget it It doesn't matter if it's a waste of a bunch of iron.

After all, it was Xu's intention to help the Taiyi School All these years we've struggled to hold the sect together Now Xu Que is willing to share some of the troubles Even if it doesn't work, it's a comfort to us it's a mortal barracks artillery after all Everyone My shot on the opposite side of the hill doesn't hurt, does it? It doesn't matter – there are no inhabitants on the opposite side of the hill, only some wild animals roaming around. Try it, Xu Daoist.

This distance is at most a crater, right? Okay, then I'll try it. Now I'll let you witness the power of the Powerful Charge Cannon. It's not always the gunpowder and the shells that are put in first, how is it that a stone is put in first? Just one blow is comparable to the power of the peak of the YuanYing stage Congratulations on the success of the host's facepalm award of eighty facepalm value I'm shocked that this gun is so powerful I have to get the stones back after the cannon is finished So stingy?.

A few friends Are you satisfied with this Divine Charge Cannon? Daoist Xu Did you really forge this God's Mighty Cannon? Yes, it is. It only took one night Yeah. Every time you put in a stone, you can fire the cannon. But the quantity is limited to two more cannons.

This should save you from being harassed by the demon gate, right? Three in total Xu Daoist A gift that Taiyi School will never forget If there is any use for our school in the future, please ask I will help you even if I have the whole faction Thank you Xu Daoist You are welcome No one has come to make trouble in the past few days. Ah, let's go to the Dead Bone Forest again.

If you kill six more YuanYing stage beasts, I will be able to complete the tenth level of the Golden Dan stage. Let the system upgrade and get the way to revive Xiao Rou Su Yunlan, don't come out to greet us yet? You're ready for this month's spirit stones? If I don't see the stone within 3 days, don't blame us for being ruthless. What are you shouting about? Whose dog is untethered? Barking early in the morning, annoying Where's the yellow boy? Get out of here! Let that bitch Su Yunlan out!.

You've got a foul mouth. Why don't you just stop talking forever? Kill him Congratulate the host on the success of the face punching and reward 40 face punching value Kill a Jindan stage cultivator and get 50,000 experience and a Jindan You You are not a Tai Yi Pai I have no grudge against you. Why did you kill my disciples? The Windchaser Gang This name is really stupid!.

Most of the people who run after the wind are just dumbasses What are you talking about? Compared to us, Bombing Gang, you guys are far worse Bombing. Bombing Gang. That's a convincing argument. I now listen to the wind chasing gang also feel too silly Don't say it don't say it This guy is so funny. Taiyi pai, even you dare to laugh at my Wind chasing Gang.

Today, all of you will die! No, he's trying to tip off Stop him! No need to stop him. Master Su, pull up the God's Mighty Cannon. I am the master of the Windchaser Gang, Peng Gang. Who slandered my gang? It's me Why are you answering so seriously?.

Look, Master They also set up three mortal artillery pieces I guess it's to show us a fireworks display. Come on, you stand over there. Taiyi pai I'll give you a chance If your cannon can hurt my disciple a hair I'll let you off the hook Why do I have a strong sense of this sentence? Do all immortals like to stand and be beaten?.

You can pretend, but it's useless. Fire! Gang master, are you okay? My right hand Slightly more powerful I accidentally hit you In that case, let's take another shot. You operate, Master Su I'll do it.

We've got three guns. Come on. I'll leave the Taiyi faction later. You are also needed to manipulate the artillery It's good practice. Is that so? Master, those three guns are pointed at us. Move out! Missed again. Taiyipai, when the Wind Chasing gang returns.

I will not stop until you die. Wait for me! Don't even think about a comeback. Stand still. One more shot. Ready Launch I'm sure no one will ever bother you again Thank you Congratulations to the host for the successful face punch Awarded 40 points of face punching value.

Kill a Jindan stage cultivator and get 50,000 experience and a Jindan Kill a YuanYing stage cultivator Gain 200,000 experience and a storage ring Congratulations to the host on the upgrade of the current realm of the tenth level of the Jindan stage Congratulations to the host for reaching the full Golden Dan stage Successfully activated the system upgrade function Current system level 1 Detected having a free system upgrade Whether to use.

Finally Xiao rou, I can save you now. Use Master Su, I have an emergency. Leave for a while OK What a fast body Quick, use the free opportunity to upgrade your system System upgrade started.

Upgrade successful Current System Level Level 2 This upgrade successfully added new items to the mall Opened access to items Quickly search for a way to revive Xiao rou Searching for the host Please wait a moment Search successful Based on the host's current strength and current world resources.

The least difficult resurrection method has been found for you Nine revolutions of soul rejuvenation liquid, can nurture the soul of the dead It has the effect of bringing the dead back to life and reshape the body for the soul There is a certain chance to get the five elements of chaos body Main Material Tai Ch'i Gold Spirit Grass, Tai Ch'i Wood Spirit Grass Primordial Earth Spirit Grass Auxiliary: Material Holy Spirit Water.

Remedy price: Two thousand points of face value What the hell is all this? Two thousand facepalms is the price of herbs? Is the price of the remedy After redeeming the remedy, the host will be guided to find the herbs Then exchange it as soon as you can revive Xiao rou Even if it's 20,000, 200,000 I also change Redeeming the Nine-Turn Soul Restoring Elixir formula successfully Searching for the location of the herbs.

Primordial Fire Spirit Herb Grows in the most concentrated place of fire aura Current world orientation is Deep in the Dragon Vein on the eastern outskirts of the Fire Country Taichu Golden Spirit Grass Grows in the most concentrated place of golden energy The current world orientation is Deep in the Dragon Vein on the southern outskirts of Jin Yuan Kingdom Taichu Wood Spirit Grass Grows in the most woody places Current world orientation is deep in the Dragon Vein on the western outskirts of Mu Yuan Kingdom.

East suburban dragon vein of the Fire Kingdom According to the memory of the team leader The eastern suburbs of the Fire Nation… that's the imperial tomb. The place where all the emperors were buried System, you're not going to screw me, are you? Do you know that there are a lot of mechanisms there? It's forbidden. Even the current emperor does not dare to step into the imperial tomb Not only the Fire Nation.

I still have to go to the imperial tombs of the other four countries Is there any other way for me, system? Tai Ch'uan spirit grass is the essence of the dragon veins Once it's uprooted, the country's luck will end This trip is dangerous I hope the host will work hard to cultivate What I was sent away with a sentence about trying to practice No matter what.

At least we got a way to revive Xiao Rou I also have a way to move forward The system is not going to screw me on purpose, is it? I don't have any feelings for the top 5 countries Even if we destroy the dragon veins Only the royal family will suffer No involvement with the common people What do you care about the royal tombs of the five kingdoms No one can stop me from saving Xiao rou.

The reason why the original owner of this body died was he was tricked by the Emperor of the Fire Nation into returning to the palace to train Finally even the Heavenly Fire Spiritual Root was taken away It's time to go to the Fire Country Emperor Little Princess Emperor's son-in-law is back Xu Daoist What about people.

Master Su I have an urgent matter to handle Please forgive me for leaving without saying goodbye Goodbye! Placed next to the letter It's the Bagua Square Sword Formation It is a powerful formation that can resist the invasion of thieves to Taiyi School The method of use is on another letter See you soon.

Xu Que In addition to explaining the use of the sword formation Is there nothing else for me to say? This is on the border of the Fire Nation Not only is it desolate The journey was also very long Even if the journey is day and night It would take at least a month or two to reach the Imperial City Spent more than two hundred facepalm value to exchange the formation for Master Su.

There is not much face value left in my body Think about it This trip It was a very bad trip There are many masters in the country of fire The Emperor of the Fire Country is the sixth level of the Infant Transformation Stage At the beginning of the Buddha's anger fire lotus with double foreign fire against the fifth level of the infant transformation stage Zhang Danshan It was my last resort And it didn't hurt him a bit.

Just got away from him in the chaos. Zhang Danshan and the Emperor of the Fire Country seem to be one level apart But this small lever is the difference between heaven and earth If they fought each other In less than ten rounds Zhang Danshan will be defeated Melancholy ah Waiter A bottle of Fat House Happy Water.

Fat House Happy Water Only tea is available at this restaurant Then just have a pot of tea Okay Get out of the way! drive Look over there. That's Who is it?.

Rampage This lineup It must have been someone of high rank. The carriage is flying the flag of our country. It's someone from the palace, right? Zi Xuan Do you remember Xu Que? Xu Que From the time we entered the frontier.

Almost all the rumors about this Xu Que But this rumor is slightly exaggerated Only at the Jiedan stage I can't believe he killed so many people under the Infant Transformation Stage And he got away in the end. I think that's a lot of exaggeration No I'm talking about Xu Que It's the one from six years ago.

The one who was recruited to the palace? So his name is also Xu Que How is he now? Dead He's dead I didn't know about this until a while ago In retrospect I still remember the first time I saw him That cute introverted blushing look.

I didn't know that until later He is the indirect furnace of the Fire Emperor He was later imprisoned in the underground palace No one ever talked about it again I'd forgotten about it. I didn't think of him I never forgot That Why didn't you stop it in the first place?.

I couldn't have stopped it. Father wants to cultivate further That Xu Que has the most suitable Heavenly Fire Spiritual Root And no relatives Father had Princess Mirage pretend to be me for six years When he entered the Golden Dan stage Only then did he take away the Heavenly Fire Root So it was Princess Mirage who was with Xu Que all these years With her kung fu and illusionary techniques.

It is not difficult to fool a Jindan stage Everyone has a life Father is now hitting the seventh level If it is successful It's a great thing for the Fire Nation. I just I can't forget him Princess You said that the rumors of this Xu Que.

Could it be the same person as the sidekick? Why don't I send someone to ask around? Look at the portrait Let's see what kind of person it is. There are many people with the same name No need to make a fuss then again All the cultivation of Xu Que in the palace was drawn out Even if he survives.

No spiritual roots either It is absolutely impossible to recultivate That's true After all, in this world I've never heard of anyone re-growing their spiritual roots 200,000 experience points for killing YuanYing stage demon beasts Congratulations to the host on the completion of the Golden Dan stage will soon usher in the four ninth heavenly movement The system calculates that the heavenly tribulation will come in seven days Difficulty level is.

Difficulty mode What is it? The promised to take me flying What's with the hard mode? Since the host has practiced the Five Elements of the Sword This spell is not allowed in the Heavenly Ladder Hard mode is already the easiest mode In the future there will be a possible Hell mode Shura mode.

Nine-death mode Not here Continue searching We can't let her go back alive. Who are these people? Who cares? It's important to go to the Imperial City What's happening? This carriage.

Didn't I meet you at that teahouse half a month ago? Looks like he was chased by those red masks. It's like I'm seeing a chance to play again. Jin Yuan country is really bold Then the multi-infant stage Obviously they want to kill us If I'm right. Those guys are the Sky Fury killers. The Heavenly Furies.

Rumor has it that all Sky Fury assassins wear their own clothes All of them wear red masks and have excellent swordsmanship The ones who just attacked us Must be the Sky Furies. We're going to win this Golden Kingdom. Princess, I'm afraid we're doomed this time. Zixuan They must be coming for me. I got you into trouble.

I'll distract them later. You get away while you can. Princess, Zixuan used to listen to everything you say Only this is the only thing that Zixuan can't do You used to say I was stubborn Can't find a husband in the future But your stubbornness is no worse than mine Come Hmm.

Princess now unless it is a Jindan stage with the Heavenly Fire Spiritual Root It is only possible to fight against the YuanYing stage But we are only at the Jindan stage When the Xu Que if not yet dead is quite meet these conditions It's a pity Don't talk about him He's not the only one with the Heavenly Fire Spiritual Root I always believed I Yan Yang hit that real husband will be even better.

Daoist don't go too far Is it necessary to kill all of them after a misunderstanding? Of course it's necessary to jump out and bite me in the ass. Go to hell. They're supposed to be in that wagon. By the way, this wagon is flying the flag of the country of fire. I have to exchange for a mask quickly! I don't want to be recognized Spend two hundred facepalm points to redeem the advanced mask successfully.

Customizable face lifelike Make it hard to distinguish between real and fake Not valid for infant transformations and above This person can kill a blood python at the Infant stage at the Jindan stage This technique is unheard of I have a favor to ask you I wonder what the two girls want Get 60 points for a successful trap The men I've been with over the years.

Either he was a gentleman who treated me with respect and dignity Either that or a flattering villain I've never seen a man as calm as he is He was so powerful that he was able to suppress the blood python with a single move. Without saying a word, he turned around and left Every one of his movers and shakers exudes a unique aura Those eyes were so deep that they took your breath away As if he could suck people in One more look and you're hooked.

This young warrior My sister and I accompanied the nobles of the palace out for a visit But we were accidentally chased by assassins Can you escort our sisters back to the city? I will pay you satisfactorily once we return Accompanying Then they're not royalty, are they? Then let's save them The people who are after you Are they wearing white robes.

Red mask on the head of an infant stage powerhouse Yes, you've seen them, young warrior. We are the ones who are righteous and have the courage to take care of each other I will do my best to escort the two girls to the Imperial City Seventy points for a successful trap How can I let go of such a good opportunity to hit my face? Thanks I wonder what you call yourself, young warrior? I'm Hua Wu Que of the Sky Blasters Gang.

The Sky Blasters Gang Is it possible that you have heard of my name? No, just You have a Que character in this name Reminds me of a friend from the past So that's it Young warrior Hua Wuque makes fire here at night Will the enemy be lured here? How can we not eat something after a long day of driving?.

I see you're all dirty Go over to the creek and wash up No, that's fine. What's wrong with cleanliness? Let's eat 1 It smells good. Try it, sister. Take it away. The palace can't eat this kind of thing.

Oh, no. The Palace Who are you people? What do you want? Are you all right, sister? Ji Wanqing, it really is you. How dare you, Hua Wuque! You know I am Princess Yan Yang and you dare to be rude to me! For this crime alone, the palace can execute your nine clans You wanted to kill my family, but I was the only one left.

And I'm not the Hua Wuque To be drained and turned into a dead frontier The memories of this body have become one with me Let's see who I really am. My lovely princess. Only a few months apart You didn't forget your sidekick, did you? Xu que. No way. Father clearly cut off your life.

You can't be alive. Why not? God give me a chance to live again. So that I can take revenge on your Ji family. The imperial power of the Ji family in the Firewon Kingdom In your lifetime. It's time to end it. Stop. Don't you forget it.

You just promised to protect us. I'm sorry. I'm a man of many virtues. My only flaw is that I don't keep my word. And I don't intend to change it. Wait, Xu Que Listen to me. For six years the princess has not Zixuan.

Shut up! We work for the Ji family. I don't need to explain myself to an orphan who should be starving on the streets. If you're going to kill me. Then let's die here together. Yan Yang Cui Flute She's over here. Where to run? Yan Yang, take your life.

Bodyguard of the Jindan Stage Yan Yang you are also desperate Ji Wanqing You've got a good head on your shoulders, don't you? It's a shame. Do you think that with these dozens of losers Can you kill me? Why? Why?.

It's you. Why can't it be me? Since God won't let me die. That means it's God's will. My princess wife. God's will must be done. Soon. It will be the end of you, Firewon. Xu Que.

If we hadn't picked you up from the palace in the first place You would have ended up a starving corpse on the street. Take me back to the palace. Save me. You're just coveting my Fire Root. I am now. I don't give a shit about the glory and riches of your Imperial City. It's just that. I'm not going to kill you just yet.

You know There are countless punishments in this world that are worse than death. It's a shame about the food. Princess. What are we gonna do? Zixuan Give me the bottle of wine we brought back from Shuyuan Kingdom. I can't, Princess. That Heavenly Heart Yin-Yang Wine is forbidden in Sui-Yuan.

The man drinks it. Instant loss of power. And the woman drank it. The woman drank it like a strong, powerful drug. Princess. I know what you're trying to do. But what if he finds out? He'll be pissed off. He's going to kill you.

Zixuan Have you ever heard of a husband and wife being kind to each other for a hundred days? After all, Xu Que was married to that princess. And he didn't even know that the princess was disguised as Princess Mirage. He won't kill me now. It's all in the mind of the old times, after all. If I give in, I'll give in. I used to talk to him and drink with him. He's sure to drink.

But, uh. No more buts. This is my last hope. He's only at the Jindan stage. He has such power. If he is allowed to enter a higher realm. The Fire Elemental Kingdom It's going to die. But.

Not the princess. Trust me. Father can kill him once. I can kill him just as well. Xu Que I know you hate our Ji family. But this is a world where the strongest are honored. If you don't have power, you'll be held in the palm of your hand. You can't even control whether you live or die.

And yet. Those six years with you I can't just forget. So. I'd like to propose a toast to you. I'll break off my love for you from now on. When you kill me again You won't be accused of killing your wife. Is my guess wrong?.

He has no love for the princess he's been with for six years. It's impossible. I'm a man of principle. I never drink with two kinds of people. One is a dead man. Another is a bitch. I never drink with two kinds of people. One is a dead man. Another is a bitch.

You've got a little bit of both. How am I supposed to drink with you? You. You'd better be honest. Before I figure out what to do with you. Cherish your last moments. Repent of all the horrible things you've done. The only thing I've ever done wrong. Is that I should never have married someone like you.

Now all I want to do is sever all ties with you before die Even this request. You won't even grant it? I agree to sever my ties with you. Bring me the wine. System. Check the wine. Done checking.

This wine is Tenshin Yin Yang Wine The man drinks it. It will dissipate all of his training. will not be allowed to cultivate for the rest of life. The woman drank it. It's like a strong sweatshirt. The only way to unlock it is to practice with a man Attention. When a man has a higher cultivation level than a woman.

He can take part of her cultivation. But it won't affect her future cultivation. How's her cup? No poison. Switch me over. Spend 30 face value for a replacement. Successful Replacement Xu Que Looks like you're no better.

Still as naive as ever. What's that supposed to mean? Princess. Though I don't know if in these few short months What have you gotten yourself into? Not only can you retrain It's also increased your strength to such a terrifying degree. But now It's all going to come to nothing again.

You know what? What kind of wine did I just give you? I know. Tenshin Yin Yang Wine How do you Ji Wanqing. Your heart is so black. It's not enough to hurt me once, you want to hurt me twice. In my former state of mind.

You should be a dead man by now. But I changed my mind. I'd like to see you drink Tenshin Yinyang. What will happen? What did you say? Xu Que, what have you done? It's nothing. I just switched the wine. You're supposed to be having a seizure. You, you, you.

I told you not to play games. That's what I call a self-inflicted wound. Princess. You, Princess. So you're from the Water Elemental Kingdom. The woman drank the Heavenly Heart Yin Yang Wine. If she doesn't practice, she will die a violent death. Xu Que, Zixuan, please save the princess. Have I been kicked in the head by a donkey?.

And now it's my pleasure to watch her die like this. If you're willing to save the Princess. Zixuan is willing to give you all her cultivation and spiritual roots. I will be your slave. To make up for what they did to you. Please help him. Your skill and root are of no use to me. And I don't need a slave. Then what do you want?.

If you'll just save the princess. Zixuan will do anything. Yes? Speaking of which, I really need something. Since you're from Suwon. And so close to the princess. I'm sure you're not an easy man to figure out. Give me a map of the tombs of the Fire and Water kingdoms. I will save your life.

You want to break into the tomb? It's no use. Even with the map in hand. There are countless restrictions in the mausoleum. Even the Infant Changing Stage powerhouses don't dare to step into it. No one has ever come out of the tomb alive. Zi Xuan! Zixuan, I'm so sick. I promise.

Both maps. I'll figure it out. This potion is called the Triple Corpse Soul Eater. Once taken, there is no cure. If you betray me. I can kill you with a single thought. Hey I've saved her110. Uh-huh. After that, I'm going to the Imperial City.

I hope to see a map of the tomb by then. Otherwise. You don't have to threaten me. I'll do what I promised you. Princess. This is the scent of an old monster of the infant stage. And there are two of them. There you go. Those two are the princes of the neighboring kingdom.

When we were in danger, the princess sent out a distress signal. I think they're coming. Infant transformation stage After the battle with Zhang Danshan I have attained Jindan Perfection. I haven't fought an Infant since then. Forget it. Remember. Don't ever mention me again.

Even if it's a million miles away. In a single thought. Both of you will die. The next challenge is to survive the apocalypse. With all this equipment at hand I'm not sure what I'm going to do. System, in my current state. What's the success rate? Can't give a precise answer.

Suggest to exchange more items and equipment In that case Let's buy a better defense. Even the equipment from the previous game has appeared. It's all in your head. You definitely need magic resistance to cross the heavenly abode. Armor of Vigor. Not only does it have 55 points of magic resistance. It also has a passive ability that doubles your life resilience. When combined with the system's auto-repair feature.

This equipment will help me a lot when I'm going through a heavenly tribulation. It's a bit expensive. But it's better than nothing to have peace of mind. Yes, sir. Dude, I can count on you. What's going on? In desperate need of experience and face value Not a beast to be found. They were probably scared off by the two Infant Changers.

I need to find a way to earn a lot of face value. Somebody. Fellow travelers, we need to speed up our journey. If we're late, we won't be able to sign up. Yes, sir. The Heavenly Fragrance Valley is one of the three major sects in the Five Kingdoms. It only recruits once every hundred years. It's rumored that there are countless beautiful girls in the sect. Even the empress of the Water Kingdom was once the chief disciple of the Heavenly Fragrance Valley.

It's a pity that the Fire Country has only been allocated 50 entry points this time. Each trial point is hidden in a different place. We just happened to learn about one of them. We'll have to get there soon. The Valley of Heavenly Fragrance. One of the three great sects of the Five Kingdoms. Recruiting disciples for the first time in a hundred years. I seem to have found the perfect place to punch my face in. Step on it. We're almost at the trial point. What a powerful woman.

Why is that man so full of mystery? He must be a first-rate expert. I'll have to make friends with him. My friend, I am Zeng Fan Rong I'm from King Ling City. These are my friends. I was on my way to the trials, but I didn't expect to meet you here. May I ask a question? Are you also here for the initiation test?.

My name is Hua Wu Que, and I'm here for the trial points. It's just a shame I'm not well-informed. I've come this far and lost my way. If you don't mind. Would you like me to go with you? You're only as good as your parents, and you're only as good as your friends. It's just as well we know the location of the test site. If you don't mind, we'd like to join you. This is a man of fine appearance, humble and courteous.

It must be quite a feat to come here alone. Successful facepunch. Seventy facepunch points. Tian Xiang Valley One of the three sects of the Five Kingdoms. Recruiting disciples every 100 years. Randomly set up trial points in each country during events. Finding the trial point is the first level. Those with access and ability will find the clues. And many more are turned away at the first hurdle Fellow travelers, you only need to cross this blindfold.

Up ahead is the first trial point, the Great Fire Formation. We must cross a sea of fire. Only those who pass will qualify for the next level. This sea of fire is strange. The flames cannot be resisted by normal true energy. Brother Hua, do you have a magic weapon to protect you from the flames? Fire protection? – No. Brother Flower, this flame is not to be taken lightly. I have a water pearl here. I'll lend it to you.

It contains a great deal of Water Elemental Aura. Just activate the beads to form a shield. Thank you for your kind words, Brother Zeng. But I can get through this fire on my own. Brother Flower, this water pearl is of great value. Brother Zeng is trying to be nice, but don't take it personally. Don't worry, I'll find a way. A talisman to avoid fire. Gentlemen, I'll leave you to it.

We'll meet again at the exit of the formation. Brother Zeng, I'm going too. You're all very good at what you do. Let's not delay. Let's go in together. After you, Mr. Zeng. I'll wait until you've all passed. I don't want to hurt you. Hurt. Accidental injury Brother Hua looked indifferent.

There must be a clever technique Brother Hua: Then I will pass first You pay attention to safety Face Hit Success Gets 70 Face Punch Value Senior Sister So far, no one has been unable to bear this fire array We had a lot of leisure Someone revealed the news that this trial point was a fire array They all came prepared It seems that this level cannot stop many people.

Senior sister, you see, one of the people who has just joined the formation has not yet joined the team I'm afraid he didn't prepare a fire protection magic weapon, which is really pitiful Look at how handsome he looks If you can pass, you can make friends Now it seems that it is out of reach with our Tianxiang Valley I'm coming Lin Daoyou Zeng brother It's great that everyone is safe and sound.

Let's go and sign up Let's wait a minute, Brother Hua, he should be coming in soon No need to wait for him This Hua Wu Que, one does not know the way, and the other has no fire avoidance magic weapon Brother Zeng treated him like this, but he was proud and unwilling to accept it But Overloaded him I guess he’s in a hurry outside Let's go sign up first, and leave him alone.

Those who pass through the fire array are invited to register at the front It's a pity for a good skin But he is a man who does not know the height of the sky Yes System have they all passed After the test is completed, there is no one in the array OK Flames divide the waves and split the mountains and break the waves Open it for me.

What fire protection magic weapon cut off How is this possible With just one move, broke through our Fire Array No, I only used two successes The ground is broken like this, and there is no way to go No way The fire array that we worked so hard to get through It was broken so easily by him Keep you waiting.

Successful slap in the face Get 70 face punch value Flower brother You really are It's amazing Where where It's a good thing that everyone can come over Masters The formation was destroyed.

What should we do? I've never been in this situation I also The Northeast test center resounded Something happened Back to Senior Brother It was the candidate just now Broke the fire array Broken.

The Fire Array of my Tianxiang Valley has always been hard to break through I have never heard of anyone who can directly destroy the formation This brother Is the registration going this way? It was you who broke the formation Ridiculous Give me less hippie smiles You know how precious this formation is It doesn't matter what demon method you use.

Ruined the formation You don't want to qualify for trials What the Disqualification You give me an honest stay here I'll settle accounts with you when my senior brother comes over.” This is the end of it Offended Tianxiang Valley The trial must be cold.

Let me ask you It was stipulated from beginning to end Can't break the formation to pass through the Agni Fire Array? this I never thought that anyone could break through the fire array Naturally, there would be no such rule If there is no such provision so Just get on my knees for me.

Then apologize This person is the senior brother of the invigilator Presumably the status is not low Brother Hua dared to be so bold You are a lunatic Don't drag us down! Brother Hua, are you crazy The other party is the proctor of Tianxiang Valley Now we are hopeless.

You look for death Want to get your hands dirty Brother This man is so strong If I didn't dodge just now My life is not guaranteed Theory is just killing people The Great Sect Tianxiang Valley is no more than that you.

Give me a mouth Apologize to him Master brother Finally, here comes an acquaintance Brother It's him Shut up Apologize quickly Sorry.

Just your strength It's not interesting to embarrass you apology You come and compare with me I won't pursue kneeling Why should Taoist friends do this It is not difficult at all to enter my Tianxiang Valley with your strength we became brothers It's more about time and each other.

What a shit Tenkaya Valley I didn't want to go at all That's where I'm here today to punch me in the face It's not as good as this The second level is too much luck It does not test strength I compensate Taoist friends for entering the third level early It actually made him skip the second level with the highest elimination rate This compensation is also too good.

You can I don't embarrass you anymore But jump off or something I don't really need to Zeng brother Go We sign up to go eldest brother Actually, I'm not familiar with you.

That's what it calls brother and brother Will it be targeted if you enter Tianxiang Valley in the future? Master brother Although it was my hand that moved first the man broke my array for no reason Shut up The Water Emperor will be in retreat in the Tower of the Spirit Domain during this time I don't want to make any more mess Got it.

Be This person is very difficult It's obviously just a golden period With my cultivation of the fifth layer of the Yuan Infancy Stage, I couldn't win him Congratulations on arriving at the registration desk Everyone come here to assemble The next step is the second test Then everyone can team up A maximum of six people in a team.

After collecting the team card, enter the blocked valley Find quest items Astral Grass The time limit is six hours If you hand in Astrificus grass at the departure port within the specified time, it will be deemed to be approved note A team only needs one Astral Grass to pass Astral grass is extremely difficult to find This herb is said to be of high value.

However, only a single column can survive in the dry Extremely rare Flower brother Let's find two more people to team up Let's sign up for six people This level does not test the battle With more people, more opportunities to find No How could this level not test the battle.

The registration desk did not mention that you cannot rob others of Astral Grass There must be people lurking in the shadows Snatch herbs to clear the level system Does this herb have to be sold in the mall? Searching The search is complete 10 Astral Grass plants The price is a little bit worth the face.

This level Isn't this a gift for nothing Brother Zeng Take a step to speak What's wrong Brother Hua Brother Zeng, you and I team up I'll take you to find herbs Flower brother you this is If fight in a team I will not hesitate to team up with the flower brothers.

But this herb picking must be the more people, the better only needs one plant to pass the level Brother Zeng does not have to be embarrassed the matter also depends on personal luck Under the too, I got used to acting alone See you soon What's wrong with Brother Zeng Brother Hua said he was going to act alone Let him be, just his character.

Who can get in the group? Let's go find another teammate Pick up your deck Look, we're number 135 Your cards This Taoist friend, you will team up alone Yes, what's wrong Alone How could someone be alone.

Face Hit Success Gets 70 Face Punch Value Because I'm not here for the exam I'm here to punch me in the face Candidate 9527 requested admission Pass Each group is limited to six hours Candidates work harder If you come back and turn in the Astral Grass, you can clear the level Go the extra mile.

It doesn't seem that I need to work hard to get Astral Grass Look there's a stellar grass there Shhhh Do you want to lure people in Xueru, you are agile Go and pick the astral grass back OK After the First World War of the Tianwu Sect, Zhang Danshan retreated to cultivate The disciples left one after another, looking for a new way out.

The Tianwu Sect no longer exists Find Astral Grass We can put ourselves under the gate of Tianxiang Valley can re-cultivate This is the Astral Grass Xueru watch out behind you! Xue Ru is careful Xueru, are you okay It's not a big deal.

Big brother, your method really works You see, another team came to die This astral grass is the best bait The fish keep biting the hook What do you mean? Obviously we found it first You found it first brat Do you know how many cultivators from the Five Kingdoms have come to break through? Numerous.

And this day, Xianggu only recruited disciples once in a hundred years There are very few places Get rid of you fools here It will make room for me to enter the Tianxiang Valley.” Shameless You also want to enter the Valley of Heavenly Fragrance Needn't say anything, die Four hours have passed The number of people who can break through this level About eight thousand people.

Turn in the astral grass to pass the level So far, there are less than 100 people Tianxiang valley limited the scope of the examination room There simply could not be so much astral grass to pick in this mountain Tianxiang valley used refining methods to make candidates kill each other The winner is king Being able to find Astral Grass is not the point at all The real test point is whether you can take Astral Grass out of the examination room Spend 100 Face Punch Value for 1,000 Astral Grasses.

Time is running out I guess everyone is in a hurry now It's time to go out and harvest them Brother Fast over here The plot I was expecting appeared You can't kill us We're willing to quit the exam Go back to your mother's womb and regret it who.

Hey, hey, hey It's just a stellar grass Everyone has something to say How bad it is to shout and kill you Wait, this guy is a little weird Tianwu Sect's Do you know why Astral Grass is called that No, I don't know.

Why did he know that I was from the Tianwu Sect? That's because He has astral grass And it's still three Hey, what are you doing Are you crazy Stop it Because when it burns, the stars really appear Face Hit Success Gets 70 Face Punch Value You madman burned astral grass for no reason.

Don't just give it to me Earn enough punch in the face for me to die What the hell is this person doing? Take it, I have a lot of this stuff What are you doing Don't hurry up and hide it, or you will be robbed again Thank you Although I hate the Tianwu Sect this girl once helped Panshan Village.

I hope you pass the test How did I look for so long and I didn't even see the shadow Don't we have anything to do with Tianxiang Valley? We had bad luck Take a break and come back later That's right You know that there is a teenager who participates alone in the second test There is such a thing We were a group of six so hard to find.

Isn't he going crazy interesting I'd like to see if he can still be so flamboyant Laughed me to death If I meet him It must be a waste of his time to interfere Who is it Ghost tickets hide behind you I heard you guys are looking for me.

Is it trying to stop me from looking for Astral Grass? Who to scare? You deserve not to find Astral Grass Do you know? There are really astrals in the astral grass This kid shouldn't be crazy It must not be able to find the astral grass Take a hit Insanity.

Brat Let's get out of here This is not for you Astral grass could not be found I'm sorry I did find it I'll take a look One plant Two plants.

Three strains Four plants I found a total of ten astral grasses How is this possible Ten whole plants of Astral Grass And we couldn't find even a single plant Next It is the moment to witness the miracle You are a lunatic.

Stop it You see This astral It's like fireworks on Earth Don't Don't burn it This beast Treasured heavenly things Successful slap in the face.

Bonus 70 face punch value elder The disciple has something to report Come in News came from the second examination room There was a candidate who was burning astral grass There is such a thing Why did he burn grass Because.

Pretty It is said that more than 100 plants have been burned Outrageous Tianxiang Valley harvests only more than 100 plants a year Arrest this man for interrogation Have you heard? Someone in the examination room is burning astral grass We searched for grass for so long Someone burned.

I heard that the man was at the top of the mountain Go Go find him How to clear customs It was to snatch the astral grass from that guy's hand Collection of proctors Catch the guy who burned the Astral Grass host Xu Que.

Slap in the face value 1500 points Earned over Take a look Hua Wu que is there Surround him Don't let him run Wasting so much astral grass It's just a common outrage.

That's right, that's right Everyone snatched his astral grass together Rescued Kill him Hua wu que, you listen You are already surrounded by us Don't think you can escape Give us the astral grass in your hand It will give you a way to live.

So many people Everyone is a poor person who didn't find the astral grass Come rob me under the guise of being for Skywalk This kind of thing is usually what I do I admire your courage Don't be verbose Or hand over the astral grass Either we're looking for it from your dead body Hold your horses.

I'll count how many of you there are One two three No more than three hundred What about me here There were exactly three hundred astral grasses left Astral Grass That's three hundred plants We walked all over the mountain and never found it Where the hell did he find this alone?.

Hua wu que Count you acquaintance Hurry up and hand over the Astral Grass After that, no one is guaranteed to hurt you Everyone clears the customs together You guys Have you ever seen three hundred astral grasses burning together? Hua wu que Don't do stupid things.

That's three hundred astral grasses Three hundred monks gathered here You burned the astral grass and couldn't fly Quickly hand over the astral grass to us Hello everyone is really good If I don't pass the test, I'm going to go home to farm Don't burn it I haven't seen it either But I believe.

That must be spectacular The glow of the astral grass Gathered into words Fried Sky Gang What is that? all Burned out Successful slap in the face Reward 100 punch points.

Achieve achievements Hit a big face Reward 100 punch points Collect it all pretending and running A good face Won the title of Face Punching King From now on, the props of the mall will be discounted by 9%. Who is the king of the face.

Call me a face-punching maniac I finally had the opportunity to join Tianxiang Valley A great future is thus lost by you Give me death Let's go together He must still have the remaining astral grass on him Yes Die Is he dead.

Standing still so that you can't hurt me What else do you enter the Tianxiang Valley I'm not targeting any one person I mean everyone here is rubbish Successfully hit the face to get 50 face points Don't be deceived by him Continue on I got it He has a power shield in him.

Our attacks cannot penetrate System, So many people here are here Recommend a reliable weapon to improve my skills It is recommended that the host Mystic Sword cost 260 face value Killing enemies of the same level doubles the attack power Stack up to thirty layers of injuries and lower one layer at a time Thirty times more, if I turn on the Dragon Nine Transformations again That's a two-hundred-seventy fold Isn't it a slap to death at the peak of infant transformation.

The system cannot predict the need for the host to authenticate exchange Friends Let me try it first This dagger is getting sharper A warm current entered my arm along with the hilt This is the feeling of entering the fourth transformation of the Nine Transformations of the Dragon Teng It's really getting stronger This man is terrifying to run away.

Late A total of twenty-seven Golden Pill Stage cultivators and three Yuan Infancy Stage cultivators were killed A total of 60 million experience points and dozens of golden pills were obtained The Mystic Sword successfully stacked thirty layers of power This candidate, calm It's the senior brother and sister of Tianxiang Valley, quickly save us This Hua Wu Que is a crazy person Please slay this demon Candidate Hua Wuque.

Your assessment has passed The elder personally issued an elite entry order to you From now on, you are a member of the Tianxiang Valley, now go back with us Originally, wanted to put this person in prison for malicious destruction of Astral Grass How did he expect that he had practiced it, and it was more appropriate for him to join my faction He killed so many of us and got him started Tianxiang Valley, you are unreasonable Isn't there a third and fourth level Hua master said and laughed with your skills.

Why do you have to go through the next level Fart You Tianxiang Valley still has no rules and regulations What the There's already been one that said I'm skipping off, and now there's another one Does that make sense? What do you let the Daoists who have worked hard to find the Astral Grass think They're going to think I'm going through the back door, and that's a stain on my reputation Since we are engaged in activities, we must be fair, impartial, and open I really hate that iron is not steel.

Candidates are advised that there is very little time left for the exam Please find the Astral Grass candidates to go to the exit immediately to the traffic gate It's over, it's time up We can no longer find astral grass Don't worry, guys I promise you No need for this armor and daggers Whoever can hurt me, I will give a star grass This is true.

You don't use that weird magic weapon I want to push my limits Come on, let's do it to me Successful Face Punch Gets 50 Face Punch Value You are seeking your own death this time If we are killed on the spot, don't blame us for being cruel Hua master You don't have to be so atoning for your sins If you don't want to accept the elite entry order.

Let's leave now and challenge yourself to level three Go on, die Don't persuade more, only after bloody battles and through all kinds of experience I can become stronger Flower master Bone spirit cold fire After this bloody battle, I finally became stronger again Guys, the battle is over I have to go to the third level.

Leave Successful Face Punch Gets 50 Face Punch Value had accumulated so much experience and waited for four or nine days after the Tribulation It will rise several levels in a row Hurry up and go to the next level Tianxiang Valley valued the disciples' luck and divine soul power the most Therefore, the third level uses the Tower of the Spirit Domain It is the town magic weapon of Tianxiang Valley The tower can be resized at any time.

And lay defensive prohibitions in it, etc It does not have offensive power It was just a magic weapon used to quench the cultivator's divine soul power The requirements for the third level are simple You can clear the level by walking to the fourth level by relying on your own ability If you can go to the fifth floor You will receive an elite entry order directly Join Tianxiang Valley Each round is marked by 50 candidates.

Deliver wooden signs before entering the tower Because the outside world has no way of knowing what is going on inside the tower The wooden sign follows the owner slowly rising outside the tower Candidates can't hold on The wooden sign will be attached to the outer wall Be the final grade of the candidate Candidates will be teleported outside the tower End the exam It's now the third round.

Most people are eliminated at the second level Only two people still insisted on the third layer One person approached the fourth floor It has such divine power Take a look A wooden sign moved Divine soul power I've never improved my skills in this area Damn it.

The oppression is too strong Move your finger slightly The spirit is going to disperse Just walk up three more steps You can reach the fourth floor Taoist Quickly take my clear water pill It can help you restore your damaged spirit No.

Taoist I have a meditation pill that is more suitable for you Thank you The man reached the fourth tier at the last minute People who pass the assessment The treatment was indeed different This is the Immortal Cultivation Realm The strong are respected, and strength is supreme The fourth round of the Spirit Domain Tower assessment is about to begin.

Candidates who want to take the exam come here to hand over the number plate Those who have not reported are waiting for the next one How You don't participate No, no, no Let's wait for the next round why Not yet full I heard that a candidate named Hua Wujie also came to participate in the third level.

Take the exam with him I don't know what the accident will be I didn't dare to go anyway Let's talk about it after he breaks in That's right Unable to say boo to a goose This Taoist friend How does that flower look like it He was young and had gray hair.

The appearance is quite handsome Candidate 9527 flowers are flawless Request admission It's him He is Hua Wu que This round is full Enter the tower It should be fine.

It doesn't seem to be anything special Damn it Can't move This is obviously the first layer Take a look The one called Hua Wuque As soon as I came in, I couldn't move There were also rumors of a massacre of the hundreds Bragging about it.

Let's go Ignore him Why are those people so relaxed I want to vomit Since the host spirit crosses over Not yet fully integrated with the flesh The system is now re-integrated for you Please wait It turned out to be a sequelae.

It scares me to death I thought I was going to be punched in the face brother You can't just come in Isn't this Hua Wuque Many people outside say that you are majestic Let's go Damn it This one by one.

All wait for me I remember your faces Fusion of spirits Perfect success It is difficult for the existing divine soul power to resist the oppressive force here It is recommended that the host exchange the Heavenly Void Pill to enhance the divine soul power Quick exchange Comfortable At this moment, the Gong wife was all gone.

Rabbit Keiko Dare to taunt me Grandpa came to clean you up This second layer of oppression is too strong No wonder many are knocked out here You still have time to talk Don't disturb me to meditate against oppression You give me a stop Your mouth stinks just now.

Now it's all turtles Come and fight obediently It's scary to be so loud Why was he suddenly able to move? Hua Wuque It's useless for you to get angry here If you dare to strike in the tower, you will be teleported out immediately Can't fight That's a hard time.

Country Wild Man Just know to fight and kill The Tower of the Spirit Domain tests divine strength and willpower want to continue cultivating The important thing is the heart There are so many rules for this broken tower Can't do it How am I going to punch them in the face? I have a good idea.

Trouble let go Is there anyone else up front Not a lot That's nice Let me see firewood soy sauce chili pepper And cumin.

The most important Chicken wings What's he doing What is all that mess Someone came out so soon I want to complain I want to report it Someone interferes with others inside the tower Losers will say it's someone else's fault.

What do you know It's that Hua Wuque really Hua Wuque is doing things again As soon as he entered the first floor, he couldn't walk We just laughed at him He actually Inside the tower Grilled chicken wings.

Damn it It smells so fragrant I was starting to lose control of my mind I want to complain That Hua Wuque affects my exam I would have been able to go up to the fourth floor But he delayed me If you cultivate high enough The divine soul power is strong enough.

And how can it be influenced by him That's because The chicken wings are so fragrant Ridiculous chicken wings can also be eaten The complaint was dismissed It's true It's a blessing not to take the exam with Hua Wuque I remember him claiming to be the Sky Bombers But I've never heard of this gang.

It's hard to do People in the Fried Sky Gang especially like to eat grilled chicken wings Master brother Open the tower window on the second floor See what's going on inside Let the air inside the tower circulate with the outside world Whether it's true or not, you can find out Floor-to-ceiling windows are so high-end It's so fragrant.

Grilled chicken wings How could it be so refreshing No wonder it is impossible to concentrate the spirit I'm afraid I can't hold on Look at Hua Wuque there That's where the scent wafts in What are the noble things you do, all Taoists? Brother Hua, we met again What are you doing?.

Eat something when you're hungry.” How Do you have a rule that you can't eat in the tower? There are none But you can eat it so fragrantly If you don't eat fragrant, you will eat smelly does not mean that You see, the exam is all messed up now You cooperate a little.

Don't disturb anyone else You can't make it too fragrant, can you? Yes, just don't make it so fragrant You can eat anything Okay, give you face I don't eat chicken wings anymore Thank you Brother Hua Something is wrong Why did he suddenly cooperate so much.

It always feels a little bad I almost couldn't keep my mind steady Good thing he didn't continue to grill chicken wings Admission is fifty people This second layer is not even halfway through Just a dozen people left Hua Wuque is really lacking in virtue Still dare to say If it weren't for you to mock him.

Will he mess around It's all to blame on you I didn't say it, it's all you're saying He seems to have reached the third level We continue Finally reached the third floor Several others persisted Everyone is well qualified If it doesn't work, I must quickly stabilize my mind.

The oppressive force of the third layer is too strong The slightest mistake will be out Why did you come after waiting for half a day? You promised not to influence us with scent anymore You, you, what do you want you shameless Rest assured, I mean what I say If the scent affects you I killed myself on the spot.

You dare to make fragrant food I'll kill you A small golden period Don't get too mad It stinks Hua Wuque, you are actually cooking Smelly is right It's a classic snack that I cook Changsha stinky tofu.

I can't This is how long it takes for feces to be black like this You don't say it Hold back I made a big pot on purpose How all gone That's just the two of you Come and try it You actually insulted me with a class.

I'm going to Ten thousand pieces of shredded corpses Taoist Even he was eliminated Since that's the case It's up to you Really delicious I want to complain What's wrong again.

Hua Wuque Open the tower window on the third floor Yes Hua Wuque is feeding others shit Why don't you want to eat it.” You promised not to cook fragrant food again That's right, this is really not fragrant It stinks, what does this smell like You shameless.

You actually fooled me with shit If you really cook food, I won't pursue it You actually cook shit now All shut up for me stupid who doesn't understand food Of course, the more delicious the tofu, the more delicious it is Look It tastes fantastic It's terrible, he's actually eating shit Please, stop saying that word.

Face punches reward 70 face punch value for success Verified Stinky tofu cooked by the host is a one-star delicacy Bonus side hustle package So many rewards when you have time to open it again Look at him Eat shit and laugh so happily What a weird thing Friends, I ask you.

My psychic power grew by leaps and bounds Want to know why Want to fool us again I I want to know He must have lied to you I also earned a lot of money by punching my face Give you some benefits This stinky tofu is a specialty of my fried Tianbang Eating it can increase the divine power.

There is still a lot left I'll give it to you this Do you dare to eat The punch in the face is worth a lot But After the divine soul power increased I vaguely felt it There seems to be another person on this tower.

Someone can actually rise to such a high level I'll have to go up and see Guys If I'm not mistaken The black object was tofu No way That must be feces This is not justified Who in the world would eat feces?.

Not to mention the flower No way I'm going to try Get started Why is it so lively outside the tower? Something happened That man is an eagle that rides so strong oppressively This is caused by a candidate who is Hua Wuque in the tower to make trouble As a result, multiple candidates were eliminated.

Now he has gone to the fourth floor Whether or not the elders want to arrest this man? need not He was able to go up to the fourth level of cultivation You leave the tower window open I'll talk to him Yes Ba Xiao Yao who shouted so loudly Friend, don’t be angry.

It was the old man who was abrupt Xu Chenglou actually apologized After taking you to the fifth floor Went to the stone house with her husband to negotiate OK? Who does the fifth layer look down on? I’m going to the tenth floor Leave me alone Qi Zhao fell to the fifth layer.

The tower window can't be opened No matter We waited for him to come out His soul power was wrong in the fourth layer, and he could still speak freely But can go up to the sixth level with one assessment It's a wizard In front of it is the sixth floor The bonus provided by stinky tofu alone may not be enough to crave Really care who the person above is.

It's out Consumption does not put the point to hit the face value to the words Xuanbing fire avoidance road Effect: Permanently increases Soul Power by 60% What do you guys see The wooden card has moved to the sixth floor Successful face punch and 50 face punch value I took the medicine and went into the sixth layer It's so bad that my soul is scattered It was detected that the host was relocated in the Emerald Soul Treasure Land.

Practicing here for half an hour can increase the divine soul power by 50% What the 50% This is simply free ammunition, wait for me to practice for a while Then go to the seventh layer No matter how hard it is, I will endure it The end result is the sixth layer Able to go up to the sixth floor Already the first person in hundreds of years.

Wait, the wooden cards began to move He went up to the seventh floor This stinky tofu has such a miraculous effect One mine was decayed by 16,000 It's treacherous I give out 20,000, 30,000 So far, I have only barely reached the seventh floor This boy is so young How is it possible to do this.

I can't let him go up anymore Unless he voluntarily gives up Otherwise we cannot interfere with him But the Water Yellow Pagoda cultivated on the eighth layer If he breaks in and accidentally goes crazy Hit the face successfully, hit the face successfully, hit the face successfully, you come Kind of crushed me The voice just now was a heart demon Congratulations to the host for successfully refining the Divine Soul Life, and the profit increased by 50%.

The sense of oppression is gone This enhancement makes me feel more relaxed Discovered after the vitality of the gods was enhanced It turns out that the sense of oppression stems from those clouds in the air The vitality is strong enough They won't come close This time, it's up to me to brush this Spirit Jade Tower and clear it Pull a good stroke of vitality My footstep is like a rush.

What's going on But I insisted here I can already clearly perceive the eighth layer of passers-by Why would anyone be trapped inside Let those above be imprisoned here Either there is a treasure hidden on it There must be something good about hiding it like this The harder I got this gun He's stronger anyway.

Since that's the case really If the Shen Soul Beaver gathers, it can push the wall forward Actually pushed so far How many times have I been afraid of ice robbery today Can't move the eighth layer so terrifying Since coming into this world I've seen too many beautiful women But the appearance and temperament of this person in front of him.

Almost overwhelming victory What a big beauty Wrong This young man is just Jin Danqi consummation How did he get to the eighth floor Unless it's a heart demon I have been in seclusion for months Now it is time to release the ice field aura in the body.

The critical moment of Nirvana's rebirth Let nothing stand in the way Could it be that this is the weakness of my heart? It caused snow to appear in my mind, and I was afraid of being exposed Face the man Fortunately, this incarnation of the heart demon was the golden pill qi that made me see it It is impossible to turn into a baby in the eighth layer It is very likely that I will believe in his fate Now I can't see that.

Last year was transformed by demons His every move doesn't have to be taken into account At this time Xu Que didn't realize it The woman in front of him who made him so fascinated The most outstanding female Tianjiao in Tianxiang Valley that year Now the female emperor of the four major powers, Jiang Hongyan So what, wait belle.

You meditate here alone There was no reaction at all after seeing me Even closed his eyes belle Can you hear me Do a favor I'm stuck here and can't move girl Are you deaf.

Or do you move too, but can't help You come and save me I'll treat you to stinky tofu and roast chicken when I turn back It's to repay you Don't pretend you can't hear You just saw me Don't understand Chinese Hello How could this inner demon be born so powerful.

It's not good to be able to emit such a smoky smell I can't be disturbed anymore Damn it, count you bad See how I save myself Is there any way the system can help me get out of trouble This is where the host must temper its spirit In half an hour, you can get 100% Soul Power Boost Then exchange it for eight drops of Xuanbing Bihuo The suppression here can be ignored.

Eight drops is worth a whole four thousand faces You are robbery I already knew that I wouldn't be on this damn eighth floor I thought I could make a big profit I didn't expect there to be only one woman I can only earn some face value from him In case a few days later, a catastrophe strikes I'm not out of trouble yet Wouldn't it be chopped to death here?.

Can the system give me a small range of mobile solutions You can exchange it for a drop of Xuanbing Bihuo Dew first Take one drop to get 1 square meter of range Half an hour after the end of the quenching soul Get a three-square-meter range of motion Doesn't it mean that I can get a nine-percent discount now There is no cheaper option All the products in the mall have already been discounted by nine The profiteers are so angry.

The exchange costs 500 face value and the exchange is successful Of course, I can finally move The girl is going to see me punch in the face Oh my God, the eighth layer, am I not dreaming The Fire Yuan Country really wants to come out with one this time A genius in the world There is this divine soul power In the future, it will be famous all over the world Tianxiang Valley will also benefit from this.

Therefrom The addition of genius is a blessing for the sect How is this possible How did he break through the entrance to the eighth floor The seal of the return before the old Zhang exam began We did open the Seal Female Emperor on the eighth layer His current status is extremely important to Tianxiang Valley If something goes wrong in cultivation The consequences are unimaginable.

But this Hua Wuque is the pride of heaven that has never been before Tianxianggu can't miss him either Maybe something went wrong with the Tower of the Spirit Domain A few of you are here I walked away for a moment, this Hua Wuque, a ruthless, girl, look at it quickly There are really stars in the head of the star cat Girl, I quickly wrote how fragrant my roast chicken is Can't stand it This time it really kicked the iron plate.

This is some distance from the entrance You can't go back with just one meter of range Cook stinky tofu first Wait for half an hour to quench the soul successfully Let's see if you can slowly move away It's this stench again My inner demon is actually boiling feces, and the heart demon is born with his thoughts Energize the inner side Deep in the heart.

Hide such a dirty side Encounter this kind of soft and hard do not eat the capital It's okay if you can't earn it back The divine soul power has also increased a lot Can't get too tangled Filling my stomach and thinking about how to get out of trouble It tastes fantastic Absurd, this heart demon is simply absurd Ask a lump of feces and show this expression.

Why is this the case with the demons of my heart? It's cool What a situation Girl, girl How is this possible What happened to the senior sister in charge Old Seven sent a secret message said that one of the teenagers in the assessment was highly qualified With Jindan's complete cultivation, he broke into the eighth floor of the Spirit Bath Tower.

What Senior Sister in charge, this is a great thing If this son joins Tenka Valley It will be my clan's bless, it would have been a good thing But Jiang Hongyan, this girl, was in retreat at Lao Qi's place during this time It's on the eighth floor of the Linta Tower, and it's bad That girl was refining the Ice Yuan Spirit Root with her divine soul If she is disturbed The consequences are unimaginable.

The three junior sisters helped me urge Wu Tian mirror I'm going to spy on the tower Wu Tian mirror pushed with a strong enough divine soul power You can observe anywhere in the world Face punching rewards 80 face punch value for success Hit until the baby vomits blood during the transition Achievement slapped a magical face Reward 100 face punch points The soul is tempered successfully.

Congratulations to the host for a 100% increase in divine soul power Get 3 square meters of range of motion girl What are you doing Didn't I just eat a piece of stinky tofu? Do you need to vomit blood? Could it be that he really guessed wrong This person is not a demonic person Isn't it.

Oops My soul was damaged and I couldn't resist the eight-layer suppressive force If the other party has a bad intention…What's wrong with the girl It won't be hurt by my face-punching divine skill Confirmed The host's behavior affected her cultivation Resulting in a major trauma I really caused it For her sake, it's so beautiful.

I reluctantly tried to save her Is there any way the system can help her heal? Its wounds come from the spirit It is recommended to use medicines that nourish the soul for treatment Isn't it okay to nourish the soul and stinky tofu OK That's easy to do He wanted to do something The girl doesn't cry.

Ate the best food that I cooked with my own hands Your injuries will recover in no time No, don't. open your mouth It turns out that you can't move Say it early I'll help you The girl in Hong Yan was injured He actually wanted to feed this thing to the Water Emperor Unbridled to open the teleportation array.

No matter how talented he is I will not spare him The female emperor of the Shui Yuan Kingdom changed into a cultivation without one in ten thousand But it fell into such a situation I This thing is full of tofu aroma Incredibly tender How could it be so sweet and feel better? This man.

The divine soul power was suddenly improved That last bottleneck was broken at this moment How can it be I can speak, my stinky tofu can nourish the soul You can't eat this kind of food anywhere else It obviously stinks But the mouth is sweet And it contains powerful divine soul power How can there be such a miraculous thing in the world?.

Girl You're not right You need to know that one flower is one world One tree and one bodhi The world is so big Nature is nothing but a surprise One flower, one world One tree and one bodhi It seems that the young man of the Golden Pill period who is not deeply involved in the world.

Just say these esoteric words This boy looks extraordinary Can move freely on the eighth floor of this Spirit Domain Tower And cook such amazing food There is such a stunning man in the world Successful slap in the face Reward 50 points for face punching for successful training Reward 60 face punch value Finally the pretending was successful.

It is not in vain that I sacrificed myself to save people's lives and help the wounded Brother Let me ask you You are a cultivator who has come to participate in the Tianxiang Valley Introductory Trial It was the little girl If I guessed correctly You should also be from Tianxian Valley You call me a little girl Do you know how much older I am than you?.

You're really good at that Aren't you cold Can you tell me how you got to the eighth floor? The entrance to the eighth floor should be prohibited A ban can't stop me Or that there is no place in the world that can stop me Go whenever I want to go Including your heart.

You're a very interesting teenager At this age But can say so many elusive words It's the first time I've encountered the abominable Don't see me like a man at all Brother Since you can break into this eighth layer The elite entry order of Tianxiang Valley is none other than you You don't have to venture any further.

Let's go out together Wait, who said that I am going to enter the Tianxiang Valley So why did you appear in the third level examination room? I just happened to be passing by Come in and punch in the face and go What does it mean to slap in the face Slap in the face is Under the tower, there was a murderous aura of a strong man in the infant transformation period Four infant transitions stronger than Zhang Danshan.

It seems that this place should not stay for long I said what's going on It turns out that these are all your conspiracies conspiracy Stop hiding. Do you see the sight of my pure and wise eyes You covet my ingenuity First, talked to me with a beautiful appearance The next step is to pose for your royal background Trying to trap me by your side.

Let me have food and clothing Eventually becomes a wasted person So My body and soul will fall completely Can only be attached to you How will I slap you in the face in the future You rest assured Tianxianggu never forces others to join Become a disciple of my sect.

It will never become a waste Joke He is like the murderous aura that breaks through the sky, you and I can't feel it Little girl, I slipped first You don't have to worry It was me who came The four elders of Tianxiang Valley And this tower is inhibited There is no way to escape directly.

Tearing the Void, you can actually sit in the tower at this point Do not master the technique of hitting the face with one hand and running How else to come out and mess around goodbye, little girl Wait a minute You and I have a chance to thank you for healing my wounds This piece of Heavenly Que Jade Pei will be given to you It seems that it has been a long time since I talked to someone so easily You're okay.

Masters, your realm breakthrough What about the smelly boy, I'm going to cut him by a thousand cuts That kid in Hong Yan has been completely wiped out by you into ashes Several uncles I have already dealt with this matter You don't have to pursue it anymore It is also not appropriate to speak out about this matter Let's reveal it How did that guy leave so much rags on the ground.

Girl, look at the astral grass burning, it really has a heart girl This grilled chicken wing tastes good enough Girl, this is freshly fried stinky tofu, do you want a piece I'll take care of that Second Senior Uncle, you can have astral grass in your hand This year's harvest was good There are also one hundred and fifty Astral Grasses Hong Yan, what are you going to do.

Bring it all to me, you see, his top suddenly burns It was the light of the Astral Grass I saw it in the second level It's Hua Wuque It was the astral grass he burned It's amazing What a model of blessing Oh my God, what are you doing Stop it.

This is only my astral grass It's beautiful Successful slap in the face Forty points of face punch value for face punch success Face punch successfully gets 60 face punch value Punch the face successfully gets 80 face punch points Over here Is little brother water fun I'll take you to a more fun place.

The thin skin and tender meat are not afraid of stuffing their teeth Yokai Run Where does the kid run The meat of the Thunder Tribulation sacrifice was caught Now the king will not blame us Mom Shut up and quarrel Cut your tongue with another quarrel.

No, don't The knife of me is one of the fastest You won't feel the slightest pain Old cow Stinky boy, what did you do I don't know Child, don't be afraid to have me You are Doing evil in broad daylight.

Is there my Condor Hero's consent? Oops Discovered by human monks Run It is difficult for my clan to be hidden for so many years Report to the king How not to fight Where did these shemales come from? Er Dan, you're okay.

Thank you Condor Heroes for saving us I'm going to catch those two villains, you guys hurry home Got it Don't run around without an adult The Condor hero is so handsome I'm going to be like that when I grow up Damn it The cultivators of the human race are actually so strong Dude still has time to chat.

You can't fight and you can't run, you can't run That can only be The hero spares his life, we are also instructed by others He's already on his knees, and you Big brother, I also want to kneel But the conditions are not allowed I surrender with my hands up, okay I'll ask you a few questions The thunder sacrifice you just talked about.

What a thing Big brother, this is what our demon clan uses to select the demon emperor A decennial tradition Who can attract the most powerful Heavenly Tribulation on the sacrifice to become the new demon emperor It's crazy, and it's a group to cross the robbery What if no one crosses the robbery on the day of the sacrifice? It won't My demon clan can suppress the hidden aura of strength and wait for the sacrifice to come.

Liberate the forces on the day of the sacrifice It can attract a heavenly tribulation that is stronger than ever Because the sacrifice is two days later That's why he was ordered to come out and catch the sacrifices That big brother, let's see if you can let us live.” Two days later The teleportation charm brought me from Tianxiang Valley to here Haven't found your way to the Imperial City yet My Heavenly Tribulation is almost two days later.

Just go for a show How many of your thunder sacrifices have come to attend? What kind of realm are they? Many tribes will participate It's hard to say exactly how many people there are But there is the strength to win the championship It must be the king of our Ten Thousand Demon Tribe Dragon-striped tiger king The other is the nine-tailed demon fox, the great king of the Heavenly Demon Clan.

They have entered the Yuan infancy period for many years It has been precipitated for a long time, and the capital is for the thunder tribulation sacrifice two days later The most powerful real dish in infancy Okay, both of you go Don't let me see you again Thank you big brother for sparing your life It's so hidden, but if it weren't for my practice Almost dumped by them This formation looks quite strong.

I have to disguise Can this camouflage puppet of the system extend the duration And whether you can become someone who does not exist in this world It is recommended to upgrade the camouflage puppet craft There will be corresponding functions after that synthesis Isn't this the same set in online games? Crafting items will cost 100 face punch points It also costs money.

Forget it, quickly synthesize it for me The base duration for a successful synthesis becomes two hours When the time is over Each bit of face value consumed lasts for one hour Damn it, system, you profiteer A little slap in the face is worth not sparing, are you still human This system is not human I can't say that you use a puppet What appearance the host wants to define.

I'm not the kind of person who loves to be flamboyant It's still very modest in nature, then bring me one As Buddha, Jade Emperor, Guanyin Bodhisattva designated Take the West Passage Special Envoy Huaguo Mountain Water Curtain Cave Monkey King's Qi Tian Great Sage Sun Wukong The land of the dragon Tiger lies ahead, sister This formation looks weak, see I broke it Wait There are suspicious characters.

What does this person want to do I'm the Great Sage Sun Wukong of Qi Tian Quickly open the formation Sister, this monkey is not the rumored master found by the tiger king The realm of the Tiger King can only attract five nights of thunder calamity And sister, you have already cultivated the six-tailed transformation form He will definitely sneak up on you But this monkey only has the perfect cultivation of the Golden Pill Period With the style of the Tiger King, he should not find such a weak one.

Observe first, don't act rashly Who is coming It is the Great Sage Sun Wukong of Qi Heaven Come to meet the Dragon Tiger King password password without a password, the monkey head quickly gets out of the way Don't force me to activate the killing formation to kill you in seconds What free way does the system have to break through.

Hard break Don't joke with me, I'm serious The legal array that has calculated the defensive state cannot pass But lead it into an attack then there is a chance to break through the French formation I see Sister, it seems that he is not a person from the Tiger King It's good that we include him in the Heavenly Demon Tribe Let's take another look.

Quickly see that he wants to break into the legal formation He is going to suffer This magic array is able to rebound all spell attacks If you make a rash move, you will definitely get hurt The old man quickly opened the door for me The king has an order No access is permitted without a password Just get out of here Well, you forced me.

What does he want to do Grab a tiger king for dinner It's so hard to hear, why is he suddenly singing You shut up Monkey head I see that you are deliberately making trouble See how I clean you up Monkey I see that you are deliberately making trouble.

See how I clean you up I'll just sing a song What's wrong The French Array converts attack patterns Here it comes He was afraid that he would die under the years of the French Formation This fool Monkey I am the gatekeeper of the Ten Thousand Demon Tribe.

This is a shadow of the sky You have nowhere to run This formation attacks too widely Even we are implicated Sister This monkey is not from the Ten Thousand Demon Tribe Or save him This monkey doesn't know how to measure don't know the power of the Ten Thousand Demon Tribe Formation.

Let's save him It's my turn Buddha Fire Lotus It's really annoying for monkeys to jump up and down Give me a stop Is this a fox girl Two beauties I'm Qi Tian Great Sage Sun Wukong from Fried Sky Gang Dare to ask what the two of you are called.

Not good The attack was drawn Come on Monkey, run away No rush Wait until I blow up that shit formation What a broken thing Dare to dance a knife and a gun in front of me Beauties, beware.

The wind and waves are too big Get down Oh, my God It was too dangerous just now Thanks to me for covering you in time you What a thousand you do You stinky monkey Little fox.

I saved you How can you scold for no reason You faceless stinky monkey Stinky monkey, I'm going to kill you That's enough Stop arguing Sister, you are not allowed to mess around Monkey king What the hell are you.

I'm Sun Wukong from Fried Sky Gang Come this time I just want to see the Thunder Tribulation Sacrifice Don't want to offend the two beauties Hope to forgive me So You just came to find the Dragon Tiger King Right But his attitude was too bad.

Hit people at every turn Bad attitude It doesn't seem to be as bad as you The Ten Thousand Demon Clan has been passed down for many years Just like that, he blew it up I should say that he has a tendon Or lament him Powerful This breath.

He is the infant transformation elder of the Ten Thousand Demon Clan Sister, let's go quickly The gates were all blown up Of course you have to check it out I am Su Ling'er, the demon fox of the Heavenly Demon Clan This is my sister Su Xiaoqi Monkey, if you want to see the thunder sacrifice You might as well join my clan Yes.

The Ten Thousand Demon Clan are all stinky men the beauty of the Heavenly Demon Clan is suitable for me The Ten Thousand Demon Clan has the Mountain Protection Array as their inheritance Our Heavenly Demon Clan naturally also has it This cave is not led by my people themselves Or maybe there's a token Otherwise, it will definitely not come in There are quite a few forks in the road That's right.

Why did you two run to the gate of the Ten Thousand Demon Clan About this Because there are traitors in our clan Someone gave the token to the Ten Thousand Demon Clan So So you guys want to start first and kill the Tiger King Not really This Thunder Tribulation Sacrifice is most likely to become the Demon Emperor It's my sister.

So the Tiger King hired a killer to stop his sister from participating in the Thunder Festival Didn't the Ten Thousand Demon Clan have a baby transformation period just now What a killer, please Every elder swore with a heart demon that they would not interfere with the Thunder Tribulation Sacrifice Otherwise, they will be destroyed by the Heavenly Tribulation Stinky monkey Why don't you even know this Are you an alien after all? The more I look at your smelly face, the more suspicious it feels.

No way I grew up traveling all over the world Maintain world peace I have only recently returned to my hometown You two Keep up The front is the exit Be careful Is that.

Fury of the Heaven It turns out that the Tiger King hired you Dare to make a move at the door of my Heavenly Demon Clan Maybe too confident Can break my soul snatching knife Your soul is not shallow But you don't have a second chance I take a move Stop, stop, stop.

I said how is it so familiar It turns out that you are the same organization that I killed last time by the Heavenly Gang.” Where to escape Yanyang took the life Fried Sky Gang when I was ordered to hunt down and kill the princess It turned out to be the person you bombed the Sky Gang take life When is behind me.

You actually saw through our formation Ghost Chongchong knew about sneaking up on the little girl Are you still men Ling'er Xiaoqi quickly hid behind me Watch me kill this group of men Monkey Tian Sha is the completion of the yuan infancy period You don't be impulsive Only you who cultivate in the Jin Dan period are not their opponent.

You run away I am the Great Sage Sun Wukong There is no word escape in the dictionary Not to mention Me and the nine-tailed fox are a pair of CPs CP What is that It refers to couples who are born a couple So don't let me run away again.

I will keep you safe Wish for the moon Did you escape? It is worthy of being a cultivation close to the infantile transformation stage The power is indeed overbearing But compared to my full-layer Killing Sword bonus, it's still far behind Congratulations to the host for hitting the face at once and attacking two people at the same time Reward Law Decision “No Phase Divine Skill” What a situation.

What a situation Dead monkey Don't face A couple born as a couple or something What nonsense are you talking about I didn't expect that they were both nine-tailed demon foxes No phase divine skill Heavenly Rank Peerless Be able to imitate other people's martial arts in an instant.

After completing the cultivation, he can instantly imitate the eight-layer power of other people's martial arts This is simply a face-slap tailored for me Learn fast Monkey brute force is not small This trick You block it again Heaven-order decision detected Soul Grabbing Throwing Knife This is the intermediate method of the Demon Gate Heavenly Rank.

Residual art from ancient times Unleashed with divine soul power Each release consumes 10% of Divine Soul Power Extremely consuming imitate What a fast speed Kill the Yuan Infancy Cultivator Gain 200,000 experience points and storage rings Beauties.

It's safe now Monkey How did you do it This move is powerful But the loss of divine soul power is a bit big Just know stubbornness Pay attention to your body, too You okay Although you defeated Tian Sha.

But hurt yourself ah Sudden dizziness I'm going to faint Monkey I feel much better Thank you Sister Linger Sister This monkey is snickering.

You monkey Misunderstanding I was really hurt Also dare to quibble arrived This is our Heavenly Demon Clan What a paradise king Not good.

There was a problem in the alchemy room Small cloud What's wrong King, you can be counted as back Niu Dali is still very unskilled in alchemy Xiaoyu felt that he was not suitable to be a medicine boy But no one else in our tribe is good at alchemy.” Just after they had refined two furnaces of waste pills in a row Xiaoyu had a tantrum.

Now Xiaoyu locks herself in her home Refused to come out In two days, it will be the Thunder Tribulation Sacrifice What to do? Xiaoyu Are you inside I know that you want to refine a good elixir for the sake of the Thunder Tribulation Sacrifice But I don't want you to be too stressed about this Even if there is no elixir.

Can you talk to us properly king We also said these words to Xiaoyu But she just wouldn't respond to us Miss Linger Is this Xiaoyu also a fox demon Xiaoyu's ancestors are the Jade Rabbit family They are very talented in alchemy However, Xiaoyu is still young.

The personality is a bit childlike temper I'll try to call her out Monkey Don't talk nonsense Got it Use the Subclass Pack Congratulations to the host for earning the title of One-Star Chef Able to cook 100% of one-star food Congratulations to the host for winning the title of One-Star Musician.

Able to play 100% of one-star scores Congratulations to the host for obtaining the title of One-Star Alchemist Able to refine 100% of one-star magic weapons Congratulations to the host for obtaining the title of One-Star Alchemist Able to refine 100% of one-star elixir Congratulations to the host for obtaining the title of One-Star Seal Master Able to produce 100% of one-star talismans It feels really good Let me see.

Musicians Costs 10 face punch value The exchange of guqin was successful Where did the piano come from Stinky monkey you stop You sing too badly actually Sounds good Monkey.

You wow What a beautiful piano sound The little rabbit is obedient Open the door Hurry up and get out of the way, I'm going to come in What the hell is this lyric Monkey Don't call you Little Jade Rabbit anymore.

If you don't open it, I don't open it Monkey stop singing Xiaoyu came out The little rabbit is obedient Xiaoyu, don't bite him This monkey was brought by us Xiao Yu monkey brother You sing well.

Can you sing it to Xiaoyu again? Xiaoyu remember my mother OK the monkey smelly monkey you stay here temporarily remember not to run around The Tianyao Tribe has many rules rest assured.

I am very obedient Who would believe you table monkey not a word of truth sister told me Since Xiaoyu is close to you Just stay with her and be a drug boy Xiaoyu is the only alchemist in our tribe During the lightning sacrifice, my sister had to rely on her for the pills you have to help.

Don't make trouble rest assured I am very obedient This room is too shabby system bring me a set of furniture Consume 10 face value Successfully redeem luxury furniture package this is life.

Help Xiaoyu make alchemy system Do I have some kind of alchemist technique? The host is a one-star alchemist very good Help me investigate how to upgrade alchemist In two days I have to cross the catastrophe Take this opportunity to prepare yourself well Has been calculated.

The nourishing pills and blood essence pills needed to cross the catastrophe are all three-level pills The host is currently a one-star alchemist It is recommended that the host purchase a two-star skill book It's too expensive Yang Shen Pill can restore the power of the soul Blood Yuan Pill can restore Qi and blood They are all good products I can eat stinky tofu Physical damage can be repaired with the system.

These two pills are useless There is also a kind of elixir called Taiqing Bulei Pill It is a magic elixir inherited from ancient times Can enhance the toughness of the body after consumption Reduce damage from lightning And borrow the power of thunder to temper the body this is really needed The prescription of Taiqing Lightning Repelling Pill sells for 1,000 face-slapping points suggested exchange.

The skill book and the prescription are worth a full 2500 face slaps Meat hurts But my Thunder Tribulation is hard mode Only one piece of Invigorating Armor on hand Whether it can be stopped is unknown Where there is life, there is hope Only by living can continue to slap face Earned so much face value in Tianxiang Valley just for this moment.

System exchange them all for me successful exchange monkey monkey smelly monkey open the door everyone is waiting for you what's going on Wake up, dead monkey.

What's up Small seven Small seven smelly monkey Where did you get so much new furniture? pretty so beautiful Pompous Silly girl After I don't live here for a few days.

I will give you all the furniture who wants your broken furniture King The stock of medicinal materials is running out Xiaoyu and Niu Dali only failed twice the day before yesterday Now just find a medicine boy and make alchemy again I found the drug boy this time His strength is good nothing should go wrong.

Are you talking about me Sun Wukong why did you come If you don't worry Xiaoyu Can you let me do alchemy? What Brother Monkey, do you know how to make alchemy? dead monkey don't mess around.

Alchemy is no joke people just don't joke around That's why I'm going to do it myself Sun Wukong Tomorrow we will set off for Wanzu Leichi you don't mess around what nonsense if i fail.

I would swallow my own shit Are you trying to find a legitimate reason to swallow feces on purpose? Believe me That being the case I'll let you try once Only one time King In case he can't control the heat If it is found that the alchemy furnace is unstable.

I tell you to stop you have to stop now Do you understand OK Xiaoyu Brother is here to teach you the most authentic alchemy OK How did Xiaoyu obey this stinky monkey? materials are here The monkey's eyes are different.

Could it be him By the way Xiaoyu What kind of alchemy are we going to make? don't know what pill to make Are you monkey sent to be funny elder brother Have you ever refined Yangshen Pill and Xueyuan Pill before? I used to make elixirs and things like that You show me Dan Fang first.

OK This is the prescription of the Jade Rabbit clan that has been passed down to this day system copy it all for me Consume a little face value All the prescriptions have been engraved into the host's mind Cool dead monkey What are you doing.

Brother, you're done watching this Brother, I watch done Next, watch me make alchemy Brother, I am already Next, let's look at my alchemy This monkey is really here to make trouble Even Danfang flipped through it at will Forget it Let's be wary.

Pay attention to the Dan furnace and don't let him explode Xiaoyu, look The first thing is to temper the elixir Remove impurities from it Such a strong green fire Such temperatures It's terrible Such a high temperature Even refined iron can be volatilized instantly.

This elixir is thrown in Isn't it just turned to ashes? Wrong You see The elixir was wrapped in flames but unscathed The water vapor in the medicine was evaporated The elixir began to melt Brother, you are taking its essence and removing its dross.

Clever Step two Put the elixir essence into the dan furnace to fuse Step 3 Dividend Step 4 Cheng Dan Step 5 Open the Harvest.

It took only one elixir to make 10 spiritual nourishing pills There wasn't even a single waste pill The last step Enhances taste Brother The last step is what to do This is called a chocolate flavor elixir It was delicious Try it for you next time.

Miss Linger This is for you thank Thank you Monkey King, you are really powerful I'm a good medicine boy It's beyond good You can all be an alchemist Successfully hit the face to get 80 face value.

You have a complete range of equipment and elixirs here I'll refine some pills for you It's good for you How can this monkey have so many things Elders You guys step down first OK Stinky monkey What else are you going to refine.

You'll know when I've refined my son It turned out to be Danyun Vision Xiaoyu That's what it is Once the elixir came out, there was a vision of Dan Yun That is a superb grade elixir There is no talk of a superb product But it's also a good product.

This is the next calamity, everything is ready Taiqing Evasion Raidan I refined What the This is Successfully hit the face to get 80 face value Monkey, come with me Oh Miss Linger.

Monkey king We'll head to Thunder Pond now Can't wait any longer What's wrong Isn't tomorrow the Thunder Tribulation Sacrifice? You can refine the Taiqing Raider Pill It was really unexpected I have to thank you But there are traitors among my people.

If you can refine this pill, the information is secretly passed out In a few days Countless alien tribes will kill So serious Then let's go now Talk to Xiao Qi Little Seven Xiaoyu I have to go to the Thunder Pool with Sun Wukong first.

Don't let others know about today's events Tomorrow, the Thunder Tribulation Sacrifice will officially begin You will come again with your people Got it The teleportation array can send us near the Thunder Pool Saves a lot of effort Stand firm We're here What's wrong.

No Just feeling Suddenly alone A little uncomfortable Slippery tongue The Thunder Pool won't open until tomorrow morning Let's find a safe place to wait first That's right Miss Linger.

I also want to go up to tomorrow's Thunder Tribulation Festival You also want to participate But you are only in full bloom It can only lead to four or nine days of calamity Can't the Four and Nine Heavenly Tribulations participate in the Thunder Tribulation Sacrifice? Everyone can participate It's just that It is necessary to complete the yuan infancy period Only then can it attract five or nine heavenly calamities.

If you come Fear of being laughed at by others It doesn't matter It's all about participation Didn't expect Your mind is at peace Then again Why did Miss Ling'er participate in the Thunder Tribulation Sacrifice I.

What to say Our alien race is already rejected by humans So the hermit lives in the mountains But the Tiger King doesn't think so Their tribe thinks Alien races should unite their forces to wage war against humanity Grab bigger territory The human state is powerful There are countless powerful soil cultivators.

To start a war is a dead end But there are many aliens who agree with the concept of the Tiger King If he wins the Demon Emperor Then I'm afraid that my Heavenly Demon Clan will also have to obey him The Tiger King is almost the same as mine I can't let him become a demon emperor So I have to take the Demon Emperor I see Miss Ling'er, you are also quite stressed.

The Thunder Tribulation Sacrifice means a lot to me and my people Monkey King, you helped me so much I don't even know how to repay you It's all a show of hands If Miss Ling'er insists on repaying me Then promise me two things I will do what I can What do you want me to promise you I'll talk about it when I think about it.

That's right It was late at night Are you hungry I'll get you something to eat You are too polite I'm not hungry Take a look Su Linger of the Heavenly Demon Clan came Unexpectedly, there was a male monkey with him.

This thin monkey will suffer old sins Don't bother with them The Ten Thousand Demon Clan has always been indebted No one in this Thunder Pool Formation can do anything Otherwise, it will be killed instantly by the thunder pool It's okay I'll clean them up later Let's go inside warn.

The camouflage puppet is about to expire What a situation The host was detected entering the Thunder Tribulation Array This array automatically detects non-alien true element forces and clears them The system has automatically blocked the host true elemental force Otherwise, it will be killed instantly if detected by the thunder array Then I am a wasted person The host also has a 30-layer power bonus provided by the Killer Sword What's the use of light power?.

Miss Linger can't do anything in this, right? Yes Once the True Yuan Power in the body is transported, it will be killed by the thunder pool That's good Where did the ants come from Don't get out of the way again Watch out for me trampling you to death Dragon-striped tiger king.

Su Fox This Demon Emperor is none other than me I advise you not to make yourself bored Brother Tiger Or we'll take her down on the spot Wouldn't that save a lot of effort? Younger brother cannot You can't do anything in this thunder pool I will defeat her in the Thunder Tribulation Sacrifice.

Rightfully become a demon emperor of an alien race OK, tiger brother Let's go Pretending Let's go find a place to rest first Monkey king This Tiger King is also too strong Thirty times the strength is afraid that I can't beat him Right here.

After dark, the Thunder Tribulation Sacrifice officially began Later, Little Seven, they will arrive Let's rest first Give you lightning-protection pill Thank you It takes me five hours to refine this Taiqing Raider Pill You Hurry up too OK Isn't this Su Ling'er of the Heavenly Demon Clan.

Yes, really My Bull Demon Clan has already followed the Tiger King This time the Thunder Tribulation Sacrifice will not be played I don't think you should be embarrassed This year Everything dares to find fault There's a skinny monkey Crowd L Talking so stinks.

I don't think you brushed your teeth I'm sorry Maybe it's because you grew up eating shit you You what you I don't know if it's a cow or a pig thing Thanks to you, you are still alive to this day I I what I.

If I were you, I would die in place Strive to be reincarnated as a monkey Appearance and talent bloom twice It seems that you listened to my words I'm very relieved Iron bull Iron Bull, why are you doing it in the thunder pool I I'm going to kill him.

Successful slap in the face Get 70 face punch value All right I'll refine it too The host is kept in confinement The speed of refining elixirs slowed down It is expected to take six hours note Host overdose on pills.

The refining process will go into hibernation Ate too much again How is this scene a little familiar king The king, not good Little Seven Captured by the people of the Tiger King What's going on I don't know why the matter of the king leaving the village first was leaked.

On our way to Thunder Pond, we were intercepted by the Tiger King's people They asked the king to be in the case of unstable thunder pool The first to cross the robbery vile Little Seven The Thunder Tribulation Sacrifice began Xiaoyu You help to watch over the Monkey King He was refining elixirs.

Can't move for the time being The once-in-a-century thunder tribulation sacrifice has finally begun I don't know who will take the throne of the Demon Emperor this time On strength It should be the two kings of the Heavenly Demon Clan and the Ten Thousand Demon Clan If it were me Definitely not the first to play Additional shocks will occur if the thunder pool is not stable Look at it.

Su Linger came on first Is she crazy Come on Congratulations to the host for successfully refining nine Taiqing Thunder Pills The medicinal power has been successfully absorbed by the Five Elements Spirit Root Activate the ancient Five Elements Secret Chapter Hades Town Prison Body This is one of the secrets of the Five Elements of the Archean Tradition It is necessary to absorb the eight spiritual energy essences of gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder and ice, so as to quench the flesh body.

The eight Reiki essences can be completed Tear through the void after big great Gestures This is already the fifth heavenly thunder Just one more stick to the baby However, the power of the first opening of the thunder pool was too great Here it comes That's it king.

King, I will help you Xiaoyu stopped a There is no luck in the thunder pool Use the power of true elements Trust the king of yours She'll be fine king Xiaoyu.

I'm fine Do not worry What the The first to carry out a thunderstorm It was actually possible to do this Su Ling'er, a Heavenly Demon Clan, triggered six thunderous movements Successfully survived the baby-robbery period The six thunder tribulations were powerless to fight again can't even hook the thunder pool.

Su Linger This thunder sacrifice You lose Tiger King This tiger is so popular The position of the new demon emperor is none other than mine The strength of the Tiger King is stronger than I thought Let's have more delicious lightning strikes Miss Linger.

I heard that the thunder pond was too powerful when it first opened, and it was not suitable for crossing the calamity Why would you be the first to play Too unfavorable The fact that we came to the Thunder Pool first was leaked The Tiger King led people to stop Xiao Qi halfway They threatened me with Xiao Qi as a hostage Ask me to be the first to play If it is a thunder calamity with ordinary power I should still have the strength to hook three more thunder pools.

It's so insidious This shit tiger king, if I won't peel off a layer of your skin My surname is not Xu The tiger lord carried the sixth thunder tribulation Now Su Linger is flat But the Tiger King seems to be at ease It seems that this year's demon king is none other than the tiger king The Tiger King is about to trigger the next wave of lightning strikes If successful.

It stinks what it smells Where does this stench come from Look at that, Lord Lord It's the Monkey King Tiger King, how tired you are I'll cook you some stinky tofu to eat It is very helpful for replenishing the divine soul power The second brother cleaned up the monkey for me Oops.

Disturbed by this stench, the thunderclouds began to recede Damn it, I'm going to re-trigger the thunder calamity The thundercloud subsided, and the Tiger King seemed unable to attract lightning strikes Why do you say it stinks, I smell very fragrant Tiger King, don't toss it, come and eat something He got his hands on it in the thunder pool Dare to interfere with my movement Find death Although there are six lightning strikes, I can still hook the thunder pool.

Stronger than you Su Linger The position of the demon emperor is within easy reach Brother Hu is about to succeed The stinky tofu I worked so hard to make makes you ruin the stinky face Why did it in the thunder pool but did not cause a backlash? No, if you look closely, they didn't use their true yuan power Instead, the flesh fights each other alone You say this is skinny This monkey relied on brute force to kill the second leader of the Ten Thousand Demon Clan.

Thirty times the power of the killing sword. Do you think I joked Tiger King stinky tofu if you don't like it I'll bake something else for you It's so tiring Replenish your stamina You actually put Er tiger you Do you want to eat it after baking?.

Unfortunately, the Tiger King's attention was diverted But Lei Chi has already been hooked The Tiger King ended up only hooking a thunder pool, and his thunder tribulation was over The victory and defeat have been divided, even if it is a thunder pool, it is stronger than Su Linger The Thunder Tribulation Sacrifice is over, and the Demon Emperor is mine What are you shouting about, do you say it's over? Sun Wukong, a Heavenly Demon Clan, came to challenge the Thunder Tribulation Sacrifice The Heavenly Demon Clan, Sun Wukong, is ready to cross the calamity This monkey actually wanted to challenge the Thunder Tribulation, which was really beyond his strength.

The golden period The light of rice grains dares to compete with Haoyue Hurry up and retreat, crossing the heavenly calamity is not something that can be done by boiling some feces This place will not be detected by the Thunder Tribulation Array The host can safely perform the cultivation Very good, help me unblock the ban The power of familiarity is back System: How long before my thunder calamity begins There are still four hours left before the host's heavenly calamity descends.

Is there any way to speed it up after too long The host can try to speed up the thunder calamity by punching God in the face However, it may increase the difficulty of the Tribulation I'm okay with punching me in the face Second brother, are you okay Brother Tiger Second brother, are you okay Brother Tiger, he is encouraging you to divert your attention, causing the thunder tribulation to fail It's all to blame that I was actually attacked by a monkey.

It's okay if it's okay As long as it's still there, it's okay to say anything The monkey began to thunder, I can't intervene for the time being, and when he comes down, it will be his death Brother Tiger Second brother The big king monkey brother suddenly ran up the thunder pool Once you start to cross the robbery, you must not stop it We'll have to wait and see Words when I was born.

An auspicious cloud appeared in the sky, and that cloud floated behind my house Transformed into one word handsome So I ran desperately and fled to a high mountain I asked God why Why do this to me when I grow up Everyone was madly obsessed with me, and I had no freedom at all I want to rebel against this fate I don't want to lean on a face and do nothing.

This buried my talent and the meaning of my life Because I In fact, it is not handsome at all My mother, is this still a robbery? God wants to kill It's terrible, what did this monkey do to hurt nature Sun Xiaowukong only has the Golden Pill Period, how can the bow cause such a change in color I hurt him I shouldn't have brought him to the Thunder Tribulation Sacrifice.

A total of 180 face punches were earned Congratulations to the host for the achievement of being struck in the face by lightning Reward 200 face punch value Because the host crosses and punches the face Difficult mode has been increased here, upgraded to Hell Mode Please make sure the host survives What? hit the face was also struck by lightning Hell mode This time the difficulty is too exaggerated.

Damn it, quickly exchange it for a piece of Devil Resistance equipment for me What kind of banshee veil is this Six hundred points No matter what, quickly exchange it for me This monkey is going to suffer I have a banshee veil to resist the thunder robbery Three thunderbolts fell at the same time This monkey head is afraid that it will disappear in an instant Dare to speak ill of God, you are really not afraid of death.

Monkey king The Banshee Veil Shield effect ends Cooldown time for one day Detected the power of thunder Taikoo Five Elements Secret Chapter The Hades Prison Body has been activated The current power of thunder absorbs one percent When the banshee's veil shattered, I thought it was going to be finished I almost forgot that there was also the Hades prison body This secret method requires absorbing eight types of aura.

Now this thunder is just a benefit sent to the door I'm not mistaken, he didn't die Not only did he not die, but he also looked unscathed It was only three thunder tribulations that wanted to calm me It's best to have a few Nine Thunder Tribulations enough for me to tickle Take a look That thunder catastrophe changed Splitting and chopping can't make me die, still grind for so long Too slow.

Ancient Purple Sky God Thunder, a thunder tribulation that should not appear in this life This is a heavenly punishment I'm afraid that even the altar can't withstand this divine power All of us had to be buried Quickly kneel down and pray to heaven Otherwise, our holy land will be wiped out Yes, yes, pray for heaven God let us go This monkey head is rude, but we don't know him.

Pray to heaven I am the Great Sage Sun Wukong With sky The four heavenly tribulations descended at the same time, and it was over Dragon Teng Nine Changes Ninth Change open Bonus to the Killing Sword and the Nine Transformations of Dragon Teng Plus uplifting armor and banshee veils This is my peak strength at this time.

I want this I want to cover my eyes again this day I want this land to bury my heart again I want all sentient beings to understand what I mean I want the Buddhas all gone in smoke Congratulations to the host for successfully punching the face Reward 300 face punch points The power of thunder was detected in the Hades prison body.

The thunder attribute has accumulated 45% absorption Plus these four purple thunders This Great Sage has completed the seven thunderstorms And two more to take What is the situation, this monkey is actually not dead Escaped four purple thunders by chance And dare to shout to God Big King, Monkey Brother he is fine Look, the thunderclouds in the sky are beginning to dissipate.

The Tribulation is coming to an end Such a clamour, but God flinched Monkey king Both the Great Lord and the Tiger Lord took the Six Thunder Tribulation But Brother Monkey carried the seven skies Isn't that the position of the demon emperor You don't run Nine nights of thunder only gave seven nights, and wanted to run No way.

Give me back the last two skies What kind of divine is this monkey? He also chased God for the eighth sky Can he go to heaven That's right Awesome Can you give it all and run again Give me death Exploding the Sky Gang Sun Wukong.

It's really going to blow up the sky Face punch successfully gets 60 face punch value Congratulations to the host for a good face Reward 200 face punch value Congratulations to the host for the successful crossing An hour later, Jindan was converted to Yuan Ying to upgrade automatically One more hour Why is it so abrasive.

Warning warning The host is close to the Thunder Pool Array Human cultivation will be detected Whether the host wants to block the cultivation again My Hades prison body is worried about absorbing the power of thunder Isn't this just right to come to the door Watch me suck all nine thunder pools dry The prison body of Hades Town should be able to be completed Come on, let me take a thunder bath.

This monkey hooked nine thunder pools at once Now he's going to be electrocuted A large amount of thunder power was detected The Hades prison body will be doubled Turn on the repair feature Activated armor passive effect detected The repair function will be doubled I can't control the power of desolation in my body The power of thunder that overflowed gathered outside of me.

A large amount of thunder power was detected The Hades Prison Body Thunder Attribute has absorbed sixty-five percent A large amount of thunder power was detected Eighty-five percent of the Hades Prison Body Thunder Attribute has been absorbed A large amount of thunder power was detected Ninety-nine percent of the Hades Prison Body Thunder Attribute has been absorbed It is necessary to compress the power of thunder outside the body as much as possible Congratulations to the host The Hades Town Prison Body Thunder Attribute absorbs one hundred percent.

Already saturated Congratulations to the host for obtaining One of the eight magic techniques of the prison body of Hades Town to control thunder and lightning As long as the host's mind moves Within a hundred miles Everything that contains thunder attributes can be controlled by the host Good guys, control lightning Am I becoming a thunderbolt?

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