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Search this place! Didn't you search my place last time? If you're going to have Mr. Luo stepping up for you, feel free to give him my name. No need for that. You didn't really do much anyway. What are you doing? Sir, we've got nothing.

Useless. I wish you were born inside the Fortress. If you're on my team, you'd be better than these losers. Xiaosu, I've found out. What is it? The thing Chen Haidong talked about. Lately,.

Someone in other Fortress attacked the military with superpowers. Now, all the Fortresses started canvassing. Turns out, these people really exist. Is that so? Could there be people like that in our town, too? Who knows? Hey, if I get superpowers,.

Would it be easier to find myself a girlfriend? Is that all you can think about? Hey, what do you think of those two? One has good looks but a not-so-good figure, while the other has average looks but a great figure. So, let me ask. What does this have to do with you? Move!.

Why are you arresting me? Let go of me! Keep it down! Move! Mr. Chen, what's happening with him? What's going on? No. The kid's done.

What happened? He got his superpower and couldn't resist showing off in front of his cronies yesterday, and someone sold him out right away. Now, every Fortress is cracking down on people with superpowers. Chen Haidong said that a temporary psychiatric hospital was established in Fortress No. 113,.

And a bunch of medical equipment was sent in there. So they want to treat these people? Hell no. Chen Haidong said those instruments aren't for treatment; they were originally used for scientific research. Just today, three people with superpowers were caught and sent in there.

I'm afraid it won't end well. Wang. Do you still want to have superpowers now? Well, it depends. As long as it's a secret. Xiaosu, you too. If you and Liuyuan have any superpowers, don't let others find out.

All right. Got it. Many water sources in the wilderness are contaminated, so you can't drink directly from them. And there might be mutated creatures in the rivers. Going to the riverside can be very dangerous. Something happened over there. Come on. Hurry. What happened?.

What's going on up there? All right. Let's call it a day. Consider it an early dismissal. You can go now. Thank you, teacher. Let's go, let's go. It's… What happened?.

Come on, let's go check it out. What's going on here? Zhang Baogen's father heard they are the ones who sold his son out to the Fortress… I heard his mother hanged herself at home. The whole family, they're all gone just like that. Bleh.

If he's got the guts, go fight the way into the Fortress. What's the point of this? He ended up losing everyone in his own family. Thank you, Doctor. Stop looking. Did I teach you all to be so nosy in school? The misfortune of others is also your own misfortune.

Bury them all. Sir, I… I should go back to work at the factory. You'll be rewarded. I'll pay you 120 dollars. All right, we're on it. Hurry up. That's it for today.

Class dismissed. Thank you, teacher. I have to go. Xiaosu! Xiaosu! Bad news. What's going on? Wang, what are you doing here? The band from the Fortress is about to set off again.

Someone sent me a message from Mr. Luo. I don't know how they managed to do it, but Mr. Luo agreed to let you be their guide. Mr. Zhang, during the time I'm away, can you let Liuyuan and Xiaoyu stay at the school? Do you have to go? You've seen what happened to Zhang Baogen. Now, those in the Fortress.

Hold the power over our life and death. If I go, I can avoid danger in the wilderness. But if I stay here, I might face more hidden dangers. Don't worry, sir. The wilderness is my comfort zone. Even if they all die, I'm sure I'll be fine.

It seems you know what you're doing. Tell Liuyuan and Xiaoyu to move in tonight. I'll prepare two rooms for them. Sir, Here's 700 dollars I've saved up. Please take it. Consider it the boarding fees for Xiaoyu and Liuyuan. I am a teacher, and I only accept school fees. Please take it, sir.

I'm afraid their staying here might cause you trouble. In case anything happens, please take care of them. All right. I'll take 150 as house rent. Okay. Trust me. I'll take care of this house for you.

No one else can move in here. All right. Thank you in advance. Well, you don't need to make them stay at the school. I'm here. What's to be worried about? You, exactly. Come on. I'm going to head out. I'll see you off tomorrow.

Please don't go. I'll be back as soon as I can. That road isn't dangerous if we take the right path. If there's any danger, I'll leave them behind and come back by myself. I don't need money out in the wilderness, so just take it. Take some food with you. Relying on luck to find food out there.

Will be hard. That's okay. Disregard of taste and tolerance, as long as I cover the first few dozen kilometers, it's not difficult to find food. Xiaoyu, you know why he gave you the money, right? If he gave the money to you, you might be at risk.

If I had bad intentions. But now that the money is with me, even if I want to run away with it, you wouldn't be harmed. Do you blame him? No, I don't. Come in. It's open. You must be Ren Xiaosu, right?.

Task: Refuse to go to the Jing Mountain with them. Dad's father is grandfather. Dad's mother is grandmother. Mom's father is grandfather. Mom's… Stop pretending. We've had dealings before. I'm not going.

Task accomplished. You got a foundational skill-learning guide. With it, you can learn others' skills. If you don't go, how are we… It's the right thing for you to do. I believe you received Mr. Luo's message. If you don't go, you won't have a place in the market town anyway. I can go,.

But I have a few conditions. I want 4,300 dollars for my service. Only 1,400. Fine. Then I'll add ten bags of salt, ten packs of cigarettes, 100 kilos of rice, and… 4,300 dollars it is.

Still, one condition. Can't you say it all at once? I can go, but only without Wang Congyang. All right. Wang Congyang, you can go back. Actually, you don't want to go either, right? You've got a point.

There's one more condition… We're all teammates now, but I don't even know everyone's names yet. We're not teammates with a refugee, you're just a guide. Know your place. Hello everyone, I'm Xu Xianchu, the replacement for Wang Congyang as the Deputy Lieutenant of the Field Operations Dept.

I'll be in charge of management and security of the convoy. I'm Miss Luo Xinyu's agent. My name is Liu Bu. I'm responsible for the band's daily affairs and supplies. I'm Yang Xiaojin. “Jin” as in the Chinese name of Hibiscus. Xiaojin is my good friend. She's coming with me to Fortress No. 112. This is Ren Xiaosu.

He's our guide from the market town. Okay. Let's get moving. Look at your shirt. You'd better not get in the car. Go sit in the back of the pickup truck. Don't worry, Liuyuan. He'll definitely come back. After staying in the Fortress for so long, coming out to see the scenery outside.

Is so refreshing. Everyone, get off the car and eat something. Then we'll keep going. We should go over Yun Ridge by dark. We've been there before, and there's an open area for setting up camp. What are you doing? Stop being so dramatic. I didn't do anything.

Who are you? Big eater? You finished five packs of biscuits this morning? Aren't you feeling awfully full? Didn't you ask me to stay in the back? But now that you mention it, I am feeling weird. Go ahead and eat. I have to go take a dump. How about.

We let him get in the car? Why should we let him get in the car? What right does a refugee have to sit with us? But if he sits in the back for a few more days, I'm afraid we won't make it to Fortress No. 112. I'm not getting in the car! Why do I deserve to sit with you guys? I'm a refugee.

Let go of me. Let me be with my biscuits. How can you do that? Xinyu, we've only been on the road for half a day. It's not too late to go back now. Maybe we should find a different guide. I really don't think that dude is reliable. …if he can't lead us through the Jing Mountain,.

Then no one else can. I can't believe that. In the whole market town, no one can guide us through the Jing Mountain? Plus, there are plenty of people in the seven factories around the town. There are only six now. Then, let's go find a guide there.

Enough. We don't need to discuss it. It wasn't easy to have 12 private guards escort us. After we return from Fortress No. 112, you can do whatever you want with him. Okay. You'd better behave yourself. Don't do anything stupid. Seriously? It's just some biscuits.

Just some biscuits? Let me tell you, once you're in, you're not alone anymore, got it? Don't throw an egg against a rock. Dude, do you know what will be broken when an egg hits a rock? The heart gets broken. Whose heart gets broken?.

The mother hen's. Let's set up camp here for today. Get some rest and eat something. What? We didn't bring your food and water, so figure it out yourself. Where are you going? I'm going to find something to eat. Why are you so worked up?.

I'm not. You know what? The guide died around here last time. Don't end up like him and waste our time. Look over here! A giant footprint. It's not there the last time we were here, right? No.

It's a bear. It was probably attracted by the food scraps you left. Nonsense. You think I've never seen a bear's paw print? Well, maybe it's a wild boar's. That guy has a lot of nerve. How dare he? This is an era that's not so good,.

But also not so bad. Nuclear warfare has been over for more than 200 years. Humanity was once on the brink of destruction. Later, they survived through hardship and gradually restored order. Now, they have erected Fortresses. There are more than a hundred such Fortresses in this era.

You already know the starting point of this story. It's Fortress No. 113. It's located roughly in the southwest. Right. Have you heard that song? A sparrow is rolling around. It's said that this song was a nursery rhyme.

That originated hundreds of years ago in the location of Fortress No. 113. But the sparrows of that era must have looked different from those today. Such high walls! I guess you've probably never seen walls this high before. This is a Fortress. All right, dear visitors,.

Please follow me this way. Look, this is the gate of a Fortress. It can open horizontally or vertically. Amazing, right? If someone tries to sneak in without permission, and snap! It will….

What? A guide shouldn't say such violent things. Oh, whatever. I'm not a guide anyway. I'm going. Stop. Just stop. My patience has run out. Get in.

Wang Fugui said that Adapted from the novel First Sequenceby Huishuohuadezhouzi on China Literature Episode 5The World Out There 113 School Get a New Weapon 42/100 Internal Medicine Gynecology Andrology Get a New Weapon 73/100 Survival Class Yu's Clinic.

Yu's Clinic Foundational Skill-learning GuideYou can learn any advanced or below skills.Note: Mastered skill-learning guide (not acquired) allows you to learn the mastered skills of others after you have reached an advanced level in one of your skills. You also have the chance to learn the supernatural abilities of your target. Yu's Clinic 113 School Grateful HeartThank You Kid, do you have a lot of questions? First Sequence Hooray 113 School.

Qing's Consortium Ending Song “100 Thanks” Grocery Let me see? Who knows? Wang Congyang

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