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My Heroic Husband Adapted from 'My Heroic Husband' published by Qidian, China Literature Ltd. Written by Fen Nu De Xiang Jiao Chapter 2 When the Cloud Scuds Yongding GateThe governor has ordered to close the gates of the city and search for offenders! Nobody can leave the city without written permission. Come on!.

Line up! Take out your written permission! Line up! Go. I'm in line. Come on, next. Hurry! Sir. Sir.

I live outside the city. My family are waiting for me. Please do me a favor. Nobody is allowed to leave the city without written permission. Get lost! Captain… Sir… Why didn't you.

Let me know before you came to Jiangling? If I had known you were coming, you wouldn't have… Spare me, Captain! Please, Captain! Some people tried to assassinate me right after I entered your territory. Are you trying to slap me in the face?.

Good kick, Captain. I failed to do my job well, sir. But don't worry, I have sealed off Jiangling City, and the assassins will be arrested soon. And, this is the draft of my memorial to the throne, your heroic deeds will be passed to the capital soon.

The supervisor of the royal supplier selection defended the dignity of the Wu Dynasty. This is not bad. Captain Song, I know you have a heavy responsibility, establishing a heroic image for you now can not only dispel the doubts of common people but also reassure His Majesty. It will benefit the selection of the royal supplier. Good.

Mr. Governor, how is it going with tonight's royal supplier selection? Gu Yanzhen is working on it. Please rest assured, sir. Good. What does my wife do? Young man, who are you?.

It was you who caused the noise just now? Excuse me, I don't know what you are… Gentlemen, let me introduce him to you. This is my husband, Ning Yi. His courtesy name is Liheng. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.

So you are Tan'er's husband. You are here today… Today coincides with the 29th anniversary of the establishment of Jiangling Cloth Trading House. My husband composed a special poem to congratulate us. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you. OK. Nice to meet you. Today Mr. Pu Yang is hosting a banquet in Emerald Hall for all drapers of Jiangling. They will discuss the selection of royal suppliers! You must be Master Puyang. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.

The poem you composed is a masterpiece. Puyang YiHead of Jiangling Chamber of Commerce Thank you so much for that. Yes. It's a great poem. Mr. Ning is so talented.

You should be selected as top scholars. Liheng, this is Mr. Gu Yanzhen. he took the imperial examination when he was little. And now he is the best scholar in Jiangling. Gu YanzhenScribe of Jiangling Government Office And he's quite.

Accomplished in poems. Mr. Gu. Nice to meet you. Unfortunately, as far as I know, Mr. Ning failed his county examination. He failed his county examination? How did he compose such a good poem?.

As the husband of Tan'er… That's weird. I know. And does Ning Yi have some other poems? I failed my county examination. So just now, it was my supernormal performance? Thank you for your reminder, Mr. Gu.

How shameless! Do you want me to expose you? Wu QilongWu's Cloth Store Did you steal that poem? That's right. It must not have been composed by him. He must have stolen it. Mr. Gu, you are.

The scribe of Jiangling Government Office. Your words must mean something. But what you said just now is not true. Liheng, you have not recovered from the cold yet, sit down to have some rest. OK. I'll do that.

Before Zhuge Liang came out of his thatched hut, he had known the future of the world. Li Bai, the poetic genius, became an official after he turned 40. A person might improve a lot in just three short days. Even my husband failed some examination, how do you know he didn't improve? If he really stole that poem,.

Those scholars outside would have exposed him already! Am I right, Mr. Gu? She's right. That makes sense. Su Tan'er. Well said. Our Su family chose him.

Not by family background but by character. He's unobtrusive and modest, easygoing and righteous. This is a happy occasion, please don't ruin the fun. Mr. Wu.

OK. That's right. Come on, Mr. Gu. We've got the result for this royal supplier selection. According to the rules of previous years, it's Su family's turn this year. Master Puyang.

The Jiangling Government Office has always been cautions. Nowadays, the war between Jing and Liang is intense. Mr. Governor sent me to ask you to be prudent in the selection of the royal supplier.

Mr. Gu, but… Letter of Recommendationthe cloth tribute is related to the honor of Jiangling's drapers. Su Tan'er is just 19 years old, and has run a family business for less than a year. She's not experienced at all. I believe everyone here has their doubts about this decision, right?.

Well… She's not experienced, that's true. It's inappropriate. Sir. I'll make it easier for you, Master Puyang. The qualification of the royal supplier rotates every three years. Although it's our turn this time, and I.

Would definitely live up to your trust, but since Mr. Gu and everyone present still have concerns, I'll look at the big picture. We can compete fairly for the qualification of the royal supplier. That's a good idea. Tan'er is such a generous girl.

Tan'er is being generous, what do you think, gentlemen? Since Ms. Su is willing to do this, our Dachuan Cloth Store is in! Count me in! How generous! Count me in, too! I'm in! So this.

Is a trap. Mr. Wu. What about you? You must be kidding, Mr. Gu. Our Wu family mainly deals in silk, and this is a selection for the clothe supplier. If you need high-quality silk, I promise I'll sell it to you at a fair price.

Alright. Such being the case, please all of you get ready for this selection. And the supplier will then be determined by our lord. Thank you, Master Puyang. Sir, please Please. Sir, please.

My Lady. Let's go. OK. I didn't expect Please. Please. that we would meet again in this way. According to the logic of psychology, see someone you no longer in touch with in a dream.

It is the beginning of forgetting. Ning Yi. Come with us. Could this be a chance for me to get rid of my regret? The Su Mansion My Lady! My Lady! Big news!.

Jiangling Daily Guye is famous now! Su's matrilocal husband composed a poem last night. Where is he? He went out after receiving his monthly pay. Newspaper! Lianzhai Estate AgencyJiangling Daily! News about the Lantern Fair. Su's matrilocal husband composed a poem last night, Making his fame spread all over Jiangling!.

Jiangling Daily! News about the Lantern Fair. Su's matrilocal husband composed a poem last night, Making his fame spread all over Jiangling! Mr. Ning, You have just become famous, and you want to purchase some land? I just want to give her this long-term stable income as a gift. Then,.

She won't have to live so tiredly. Wait… What is the meaning of a long-term stable income? It's just a gift. I have only one regret in my life. And now, I've got a chance.

To get rid of it. Do you think I understand you? I know it's hard for you to understand. Let me put it this way. the housing prices here are too expensive, I have to pinch pennies.

I understand what you said now! You just want a cheap piece of land! Mr. Kang has a perfect one for you. He can talk to you immediately. It is so efficient? You must be Mr. Ning. Good. Good.

You composed such a masterpiece last night. As I expected, you are so remarkable. Mr. Kang, let's stop beating around the bush and talk business. Good! Come on. Take a look.

At this good piece of land of mine. I have built some villas on it with gardens around it. It's such a peaceful place where you can leisurely spend your time… You are saying so much just because you want to raise the price. Then don't blame me for what I'm gonna say. What a perfect place!.

Mr. Kang, you bought it for speculation, right? Huh? You… It's a pity that due to bad judgement and poor risk control, you failed to sell it in years. Now you are trying to stop loss, huh? How is that possible? I just.

Didn't meet a buyer that I like. The Fight for Money Dragon SwordMr. Kang, I'm afraid you can't fool me. Dragon SwordYoung man, do you think you can buy my land at a low price? I read the laws of the Wu Dynasty beforehand.

When selling land, all your relatives must be given priority. Mr. Kang is a great scholar. I believe that you must have a lot of rich family and friends. Why are they not buying it? Houses with high prices are concentrated here,Map of Jiangling with prices exceeding 1,000 strings of coins. Looks like the people prefer prosperous places…

Then why did you bargain with me? But the outer suburbs are not included! The vacancy rate here is extremely high now, there is no market at all. So? So that piece of land of yours will… Will what? … will be yours forever.

KO Besides… Enough! I can accept 500. Wait a minute. Who said I would buy it with 500 strings of coins? What? You want to bargain some more?.

I'm just pinching pennies. I don't have enough money. How dare you! My master is the husband of the princess! How dare you waste his time! You… It's not good to scare people. Actually, I'm trying to help you.

Huh? You are in such a hurry to sell it. The princess must be giving you pressure. You know me! You know me so well! Cry! You know me! You know me so well! Although I married the princess,The Wu Dynasty's No.1 Matrilocal Husband.

But at home, I live a miserable life! I also married a noble woman. I understand. I understand. That why we'll do this and then… What?.

A holiday resort? But the investment… I did the math. The land will cost 50 strings of coins, the houses will cost 300, the labor cost will be 90 and publicity will cost 10. The total is only 450. That's a lot of money.

I'll only get 40 percent of the profit, and you'll get 60 percent. Mr. Kang, the land sale is a single transaction, and the cash inflow of the resort will be endless. That's wonderful. Well, how much.

Do you plan to invest? 500? 50. Mr. Kang, investment is about the chance and the return rate. Think about it in the long run. The Wu Dynasty's No.1 Matrilocal Husband PLUS Push-hand Your Lordship,.

Are you really… I believe in you! For once. Land deedWarrantor: Qin Siyuan Buyer: Ning Yi You won't regret it. Bye. Your Lordship, you didn't get any money, and you spent another 400 strings.

You know nothing. That was a good deal. And it's done in just a little while. I was testing him for you. If he's really talented, it is worth it. Why are we quitting? Mr. Xi, you know.

I have been preparing for this for three years! Now that the city gates are closed, prices are bound to skyrocket. If the Wu family drives up the price of silk, our cash flow may… Go get the written permission ready. Miss Lou in Lin'an can help you with that.

Tan'er, Ning Yi has offended Gu Yanzhen, in other words, we have offended the government. Xi JunyuGeneral Manager of Su's Cloth Store You want to see me? Where did you go today? I finally got the chance to get rid of my regret, I have to be ready.

You wanna divorce me? Xiaochan told me that you went to the trading house yesterday for a divorce. No. It's a misunderstanding. We just met for the first time. Misunderstanding is inevitable.

The first time? Yes. I just saw your portrait before. So I didn't know you well. Unexpectedly, you are talented in composing poems. If you want to gain fame in the future, we will definitely support you. You,.

You… What's wrong with you? That meeting in the dream meant that I started to forget you. But you have already forgotten me. Ms. Su! Officers,.

What does this mean? My Lady! Please calm down. Please. Ning Liheng colluded with bandits to assassinate a court official. Take him! Yes! Mr. Gu,.

My husband is just a scholar, and he has always been honest, how could he collude with bandits? Honest? Looks like you don't know your husband well. According to the evidence, there was an assassin coming for Captain Song, the supervisor of the selection. Some soldiers said that.

Ning Yi was at the scene. He helped the assassin to escape and even harmed a soldier. Maybe this dream should have long been ended. It was me who let the assassin go. What? Ning Liheng,.

Nice try. You almost got out of it. It seems that the whole Su family is related to the bandits. Take all of them with us and interrogate them one by one! Move! Ms. Su.

I'm sorry. Come out! Officers, this must be a misunderstanding. Mr. Gu, our family has nothing to do with it. My Lady. Sir, this has nothing to do with Su family.

Sir, they are… You think you have the final say? The government arrests people based on evidence, that's what you said! You were right just now, Ms. Su doesn't know me at all, because the two of us just met yesterday. Let's go.

Let's go! All is over now. My name is Ning Yi. And my courtesy name is Liheng. I have a nickname which is Human Slaughter. Being a matrilocal husband is not a bad choice. Look at me.

I drink tea and play chess every day, and Xiaochan pays for anything I buy. I'm living a comfortable life. Remember to subscribe this and give us a thumb-up.

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