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But who is Joseph Lee, the key figure in Gold Rain in Damenter? There are lots of stories. There are protesters behind us. He's the Savior. Record of Creation has foretold it thousands of years ago. He shall be born in the place of light. He's the Savior. Every successful person has hidden talents.

You can find your talent and achieve your dreams by learning from Prof. Jia. What are you waiting for? Come and sign up for the class! Many tycoons think Joseph Lee is a commercial genius. They think the Gold Rain is his marketing strategy. They offered a large reward for finding Joseph. They want Joseph to work for them.

We want gold. Let us in! The Damenter government has sent lots of military police to the place where the Gold Rain fell. Some gold diggers said that Damenter stopped them from picking gold in the name of safety. It has led to their discontent and raised protests. Tensions between the Thunder family and star regions are growing, but the survey shows that people still focus on.

The Gold Rain in Damenter and Joseph Lee, the prototype of the mysterious Humanoid Sign. According to the results of the investigation, thirty years ago, Joseph Lee served in the fleet of Conier. But his face hasn't changed at all these years. Some speculate that he might be chosen by the abnormal power in the subspace and has superpowers. Some think he is the Savior of some strange religions.

Do they have anything to do with the Gold Rain in Damenter? What kind of power caused this incident? Professionals are in very active discussions. At the same time, There has been no consensus among different powers over whether the gold that people got belongs to Damenter or to private people themselves. But many organizations intend to.

Draft some regulations on it. Damenterian officials warned that the rift may cause damage to spaceships and people. Scientists don't recommend ordinary citizens go to Damenter for gold. Scientists also think… Thank you. There is an update on the closely watched Gold Rain in Damenter. According to the news we just received, Joseph Lee, the prototype of the mysterious Humanoid Sign.

Is now in Military Port 13 on Hammer Planet. There'll be a media storm. Well, should we wait for the order from the Cabinet? He can't stay here for a long time. Prepare for it. I will… You send him to the Cabinet in case there'll be any trouble.

Yes. Captain, do I need to inform the General? He may have some advice. When the timing is right, I'll explain to him in person. OK. How are your parents doing? Why did you come back so early?.

Didn't you… I'm busy. I didn't come back home. I see. I'll go to visit your parents with you next time. Is that OK? Oh? Won't you take responsibility for that incident? I'll explain it to His Majesty and the Cabinet in my report. I believe there'll be a fair judgment soon.

No need to thank me. It's the pardon! Stop thinking about it. Captain, it’s in the past. You can go back to see your parents. I… Victor. You can go do your thing.

My mother has told me that sometimes you need to turn a blind eye so that life won't be that worse. So do we have to live in such a way? Yes, that's what we can do. Others can just let it go when they're in trouble. Why don't you just let it go? Just let it go?.

Kate. That's what others choose to do. But for the Gu family, our responsibility is to stay loyal to His Majesty. His Highness removed me from the position on behalf of the King. That's an order. His Majesty will make a fair judgment on this matter. But now,.

Look what you gave me. This is the fair judgment you need. It can help you go back to Armor. No. This pardon will bring disgrace to the Gu family. Disgrace? Is it just a disgrace to your family in your eyes? I didn't mean that. Kate,.

I mean, as a member of the Gu family, I can't do it. You know, those nobles of Conier abuse their power for their interest. I need to protect my integrity. I can't bring disgrace to my father and my family. Abuse power? Gu Lite. What do you mean? No, I…

Do you know how much I suffered for you? Now you say it's a disgrace? You're right. I'm the noble who abused power for my own interest. But you should know I did this for you. As long as you're pardoned, your men will be relieved. Gu Lite,.

Do you know many people worry about you when you're in detention? You care about the honor of your family. But what about your men? They're soldiers! I'm a soldier, too! Countess Kate. The affairs of Armor are out of your jurisdiction.

Your jerk! Captain, Everything is in order now. OK. Captain. I don't know how Kate got the pardon. This matter is far more complicated than she thought. I'm not good at comforting others. But I think Countess Kate cares about you very much,.

So she helped you get the pardon. I'm afraid that someone will have an absolute field day with this. I can't leave here. The pardon is useless. You can apply for a long vacation after you go back. Your wife will have a baby soon. You need to stay by her side. Yes.

Victor, why is he in handcuffs? We never put our veterans in handcuffs. Remove his handcuffs. Um. Come on, let me walk you downstairs. Yes. Hi. Captain. We need to take Joseph Lee back to the headquarters.

OK, Captain. This is the pass. Captain. Do we need to ask guards to escort him? No. We'll finish it quickly in case there's any trouble. Look. Joseph Lee came out.

Joseph! Joseph! Where is the closest emergency exit? It's in the underground garage, Captain. Watch out! Find a place to hide! Yes. Control Tower. Control Tower.

The hall of the port is under attack from an unknown force. What's going on? Victor! Watch out! There's a way. Let's retreat now. Be careful. Captain! The elevator has arrived. Go! Control Tower, can you read me? Hall 4 is under attack.

We need support! Repeat! We need support! General, Damenter Star Gate has rejected our ultimatum. My lord, I hope you can forgive everything I've done. Then let's get to it.

For the safety of the Galaxy and the survival of civilizations, let's start the war. No one has an answer for everything, remember We’re lost in space and lost in time again All we seem to feel inside is emptiness In the dark it’s hard to tell who’s friend or foe No one has the power to change the past, remember What has been done can never be undone.

All that’s left is silence and memories They’re the only treasure you will ever find Remember, we used to be the one in power So, remember, by letting go we’ll bring it back In the dark is where the dragon lives and in the dark is where the battle begins Look in the dark to find a ray of light According to the news from our reporter, We want gold. Let us in!.

Why is the place sealed? Why did you seal the place? We want gold? Joseph Lee? Captain. We're in big trouble. Joseph Lee was a Conier Soldier, so we guess there might be a link between Conier and this incident. Adapted from science fiction writer Jiang Bo's Heart of Galaxy.

Episode 10 Gold Rain in Damenter Content recognition Finding Gold in DamenterTrending topic Joseph, the new Santa Claus Record of Creation Record of Creation Prof. Jia Planet Warrior is the planet used as a military fortress that can defend enemies, keep motherships, and has large factories. The Thunder family spent 73 years building this fortress. Appearance: The surface of Planet Warrior is gray. There are light spots that show the structure of buildings on the surface of the planet. There is a giant cylindrical airport in the center of Planet Warrior. (The airport can draw on all the energy of Planet Warrior and activate the Gravity Annihilation Cannon that can only be used once at the critical moment. There are mobile heavy Dirac Energy Cannons and other powerful defensive weapons all around the planet. There is the Energy Deflection Shield made of spot-like devices on the outer layer of the planet. (The Energy Deflection Shield consists of two rotating hemispheres. The shield protects Planet Warrior like a shell.Planet Warrior: The core of Planet Warrior is Cloud Spaceship. Cloud can't detach from Planet Warrior unless the planet is destroyed.Cloud Spaceship stretchingDisassembling of central bearingDisassembling of bladesPlanet Warrior.

The warning system is closing.

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