『ウルトラマンブレーザー』第7話「虹が出た 前編」-公式配信-

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It's so hot… Oof. Oh. Care for a popsicle? Thank you. -Captain Gento, do you want one?-I'll have one later. -Thanks.-My pleasure. What are you reading? Hm?.

“Eye of the Kaiju”… -By Bansho Yokomine?-It's pronounced “Kazunori.” Kazunori Yokomine. This is basic knowledge. He's a former GGF Academy professorand a leading kaiju researcher. The GGF's Kaiju Countermeasures Manualis based on a draft written by him. His lectures were really interesting. Kaijuologists from aroundthe world would attend. Huh?.

I was his student. Are you serious?! I'm so jealous! What is he like? He's eccentric. But we both enjoy fishing,so we got along strangely well. I've found it. I've found it! I've found it! To illuminate where life is headed.

Oh light, show the way to tomorrow ULTRAMAN BLAZAR This endless journey that we weave Today, again my heart tremblesAs I seek confirmation Your heart answered the blue of the sky I felt it as I touched your heart We're not alone Raise up the hope held in your chest Together we can run forward.

Strength is what we call not giving up Pierced by a starThe moment we became one Every time I stand up I recall it For our prayersThat I know will resonate Go beyond everything, Blazar With me, Blazar Oh light, show the way to tomorrow RAINBOW APPEARS: PART 1 A MASSIVE ARMORED KAIJU APPEARS!.

THE MIGHTY ENEMY'S NAME IS NIJIKAGACHI! Working hard, I see. Oh, here you go. Thanks! -Good work out there.-Thank you. How goes development of the Mod. 2? There's still some problem areas.We're working on them now. Can it be combat-ready by next month? Next month?.

I'll make sure it is. Wait. Don't push yourself. It's hot out, after all. The glorious sun could bea bigger threat than any kaiju. My family's farm has also been affected.They've lost a lot of crops to drought. Everyone's worn out. Oh. Captain Gento, it's a message from Emi. A rainbow?.

An upside-down rainbow. They're said to be harbingers of rain. It's been seven days since it appeared. It's been there for a week? Similar rainbows have appearedacross Japan. Could it be kaiju-related? Caught anything? Gento Hiruma. We haven't fished like thissince you joined the GGF. It's been seven years.

You're moving up in the world. I dunno. Does it look like it? It does. Unless the heat's getting to me. Let's hope it's not. Do you want some? It's crocodile. I thought for sure it was kaiju meat.

Even I wouldn't eat a kaiju. So… what brings you here today? It's not to fishwith some senile old man, is it? You're not… Actually… strange rainbowshave appeared all over the place. Rainbows? Professor. Didn't you research a kaijuthat had something to do with rainbows? Could you tell me about it?.

Here for another lecture, I see. It goes back to when I was just a child. There was a droughtlike the one we're experiencing now. Please bring rain. The villagers were performing a ritual in which they prayed for rain. And that's when… a rainbow appeared in the sky. Lord Nijikagachi… is lord of the sky.

Lord Nijikagachi brings rainto the parched lands. Their prayers… were answered. But… If you have evilwithin your heart, in an instant… the rain becomes a storm… bringing disaster. You, too… must heed this warning. It exists beside us.

At times, bringing the blessing of rain. At times, becoming wrathfuland taking everything away. That's Nijikagachi. Is it… a kaiju? If I were to call it something,it'd be nature itself. Something to be feared and respected. Or… a god. It's known by many names.

Huh… There used to bemany of its kind in the world. No one believes in them anymore, though. It's truly… the height of hubris. Gento here. A kaiju's appearedin the forest near Mt. Fuji! I'll return right away. Sorry, Professor. I have to go.

Let's fish together again sometime. Sure. If that day ever comes. So guided missiles have no effect. Earth Garon here. The kaiju remains stationary. We don't know about its behavior. Pin it down from afar with the Earth Gun. Wilco.

Fire! The Earth Gun has no effect. Huh? The kaiju's up to something! Nijikagachi What's wrong?! My head! Captain Gento, look at that. Rain? When a multitude of rainbowsshine in the sky…

It will appear. Huh? Nijikagachi. You've heard of it? Yeah. Is this a blessing? Or a disaster? This is from yesterday. By sucking in the air,Nijikagachi rapidly decreased its pressure.

And created rain clouds. So that headache was fromthe pressure drop. This is the path along whichNijikagachi is moving. It's going from town to town,bringing rain. Sorry I'm late. I looked into folklorefrom all over Japan. Vice-captain Teruaki was right. Nijikagachi has been worshipedsince long ago as a god that brings rain. It seems “Nijikagachi” means”rainbow snake god.”.

It's said that a ritual is requiredto summon Nijikagachi. Offering a sacrifice,gathering sacred stones… It varies depending on the region. A ritual… A mural in the Hidora Burial Moundappears to depict such a ritual. What's this rainbow? “Long ago, seven colors rained fromthe sky and reduced the land to ashes.” So says a legend from one village. Professor.

Just what is that thing? Gento Hiruma. What are kaiju to you? Opponents to eliminate? If they threatenour daily lives, then yes. I thought so, too. But not anymore. As I told you before… humans once lived alongside kaijuin harmony with nature.

Nijikagachi is symbolic of that. But humans came to abhor the kaijuand started exterminating them. And thus… the world began to fall out of balance. So… we should letthe kaiju rampage freely? Wouldn't you say it's humanitythat's rampaging freely? Humanity is a part of nature. Right or wrong… isn't that part of Earth's–.

The typical arrogant thinking of a human. The issue is that humans could've walkedthe right path, but they didn't! And they never will. It was you who summoned the Nijikagachi? Long ago… this country underwent a “reset”under the power of Nijikagachi, in what is now Hidora City. It will be the same today. The rain will wash away civilization,and the land…

It will regain its beauty again. This is the first time… I've found your lecture uninteresting. I'm bringing you in. Do whatever you have to. But I won't let you stop me. Tropical cyclones have formedall over Japan and are getting bigger! They're at 990 hectopascals! Seven typhoons!.

No. It's worse than that. -Captain Gento.-Captain. -What's going on?!-I'll explain later. -Yasunobu, prep the Earth Garon!-Wilco! -It's our shift, right Anri?-Yes. We have to stop it now,or we face catastrophe! It's eerie how the sky's only clear here. The Nijikagachi is trulythe eye of the storm.

Engaging. Its armor… opened? The temperature of its head is rising! -What was that?!-I can't analyze it! It's an unknown form of energy! Captain Gento, are you okay?! Captain Gento! Come in! Are you okay?!.

Captain Gento! Come in! Come in! More heat energy readings from the target! Ultraman… disappeared? How are we supposed to fight that? Let's just rescue our teammates. At last… Nijikagachi. A new world begins.

We can't see ahead of us, maydayWe ramble on in a powerless motion Don't turn your eyes awayShow me more of what I don't know Don't say it's just a coincidenceRealize that it's destiny It's an emotion that we always requireI don't need any lies It's starting to shineDeep inside your chest Unleash a flash of lightPowerful like that of a diamond Now head towards the futureThat's connected by becoming one Cut apart the darkness Towards a distant placeBreach your limits time and time again.

Don't fearSo the hope never stops Believe to the endShatter the loneliness Pierce this sky Let this beat resound Black star Upside-down rainbowsbring disaster across Japan. To fight Nijikagachi,which managed to repel Ultraman, SKaRD decides to equipthe Earth Garon with a new weapon. Next time on Ultraman Blazar,.

“Rainbow Appears: Part 2” Only god knows how the dice will land. THE EARTH GARON MOD. 2 DEPLOYS! ELIMINATE THE MENACING NIJIKAGACHI!

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