『Anime – Fairies Album』Though there isn’t any big skill, nonetheless had guarded a cane grove for a puny one

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It is rumored that there is a kind of dragon named Sweet dragon in heaven they are born with low Mana but they have the power to control clouds and Rain therefore they work as assistants for Thor all the year round work hard every day and rain on the dry land all their lives however even so no one worshiped people worship His gods and Buddhists.

All over the sky but there was no figure of the sweet dragon in a fit of anger the sweet dragon is hate from the heaven after coming to the world sweet dragon lived idle alive and his daily life was so comfortable until one day when it rained heavily sweet Dragon came to a house to hide from the rain.

But accidentally knocked over the things the boy who heard the sound came out to check us are you here to take shelter from the rain when he was about to be exposed he found that the boy was blind and the other party could not see him so the Swede Dragon simply kept silent and the boy left after a while looking at the boy in front of him sweet Dragon.

Felt pity and settled down in the days that followed swede's Dragon learned that there were only Grandma and Grandson in this family and the boy was named blind he was born blind but he had quick hands and feet grandma was old and not in good health but she barely managed her life until one late night sweet Dragon was attracted by a burst of.

Fragrance he got up to check the source of the fragrance only to find that blind was worshiping the lord of the ground it turned out that Brian's Grandma was Ill he prayed that the land God would bless his grandma but the fragrance made the sweet Dragon sneezed blind thinks that the landlord has appeared so sweet dragon has no choice.

But to pretend to be the landlord although he was a half God the kindhearted sweet Dragon told the boy that he have blessed his grandma and she will definitely get better the boy was very happy to hear it in the days to come the boy Came To Worship every day which made sweet Dragon feel a little relieved although he was an imposter he.

Enjoyed the feeling of being needed as he wished fortunately Grandma's illness has improved since then sweet dragon has been guarding blind until one day sweet Dragon saw blind planting sugarcane which made him feel confused because the back mounting was a piece of sugarcane Pine said because the Back Mountain was too far away and the eyes could see.

And grandma likes to drink sugar cane juice so it was much more convenient to plant some sugarcane in the yard sweet Dragon was moved by blinds filial piety but sweet dragon can bless the sugar cane to thrive so he had to pay more attention to the sugar cane in front of him fortunately the sugar cane grows.

Healthily under binds care every day it's a Pity that the good times didn't last long and one night the drought God came and he left a sign of disaster in the village why did the drought got go to war so violently for no reason it turned out that no one in this Village had worshiped the drought God he was.

Narrow-minded and selfish so he came to Revenge with resentment it's a Pity that the sweet dragon's magic is weak and it is not the opponent of the drought God at all so he thought of a way all the gods injured by the sky Thunder will lose their Mana before their injuries are cured if one person chops another the opponent will also lose all his Mana.

One day in order to protect the sugar cane planted so hard by blind swede's Dragon bravely stood up and successfully attracted Thunder from the sky and he was also seriously injured fortunately he was rescued by the Dr Peach elf after sweet Dragon told Peach elf everyone was willing to help sweet Dragon get rid of the drought God but the drought God has.

No entity if it wants to enter the village to cast spells it would definitely control a person body the way to identify it was that the expression on the face was frozen and distorted and then everyone Waits at the entrance of The Village at this moment her puppies came over and before it had time to react.

Sweet Dragon rushed up alone sticking Blood on the sharp weapon and then stabbed the sharp weapon into the neck of the puppet unexpectedly and the puppies collapsed instantly suddenly a red light hit sweet dragon with serious injuries again the cunning drought got prepared several dolls which made everyone anxious fortunately Mr Leo came.

To the rescue and successfully captured the drought God which did not lead to a disaster the sweet Dragon also chooses to return toffa's side when parting each elf reminds Thor not to despise his subordinates foreign.

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