『Anime – Incarnation-E05』Can human beings be called human beings without feelings?

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This is an age when people will die if they fall in love at the end of the day human beings have abolished all the intimate relationships of the times and family affection and love are completely prohibited it is common for Fathers and Sons broke off their relationship in order to ensure the optimal Gene human beings have also abolished free.

Love once it is found that they will suffer serious punishment Mark's sister will die because of this what my car Josh.

All right yeah this matter also became Mark's trauma in order to survive all ethical principles are obstacles but it's such a human being still human back in the bedroom Mark looked at his sister's picture at that time kohong was the commander of.

The Wilderness Hunters even smarter and stronger than Mark but she was burned because she was in love the city leader gave the two men a last chance and they would forgive if they confessed their mistakes she is more willing to die with those he loves than to live numbly they kissed in the flames and then disappeared.

Mark woke up from his nightmare the lighthouse has a new day today Mark heard the news that the teacher was going away the so-called long journey is to save the energy of a lighthouse and banish the elderly to the ground collectively this is a journey with no return teacher is the best instructor in the.

City he will not Escape the Fate In The End the teacher told Mark that the woman he saw really existed

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