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Five dragon monsters appear at the same time qiyu has his eye on a bunch of people Hello, everyone. I'm Qi Ling In this episode, we're back to Punch Superman The original version of the story As we said last time There has been an unprecedented shake-up in the world of heroes Under the leadership of Blasting's son Blue neo HEROS, a new group of heroes, has gathered a lot of talent.

Among them is a champion fighter Idol hero killer And the original S-level hero There were even religious men and capitalists Soon the religious and the capitalist died Started by a metal bat To investigate the mystery The bat decided to go it alone And this time in the city.

And a new wave of freaks And unprecedented Appear at the same time 5 dragon freaks With wacko disasters all over the country is more and more As the leader of the New Heroes, Blue hasn't been idle The strange creature in front of me was a large crab of ghost grade Shell king Not weak.

He knocked all his teammates to the ground Wearing the society's special combat uniform Blue dodged the attack with a lunge Then came a blow to the strange man's head But he's a real monster This head is like a lump of iron In the blink of an eye, he had him in a pincer It has been trained through simulated warfare for years This is the first time he's taken on a ghost monster.

This just know the original ghost level is so strong No wonder the heroes of the Society of Heroes struggle That being said But there was a light in his hand I cut off the weirdo's pliers Then clench your fists in front of your chest Striking a handsome pose But with the sound of the electric current around me A huge energy cannon converges on the fist.

It was a shot at the weirdo It's called the Heavy Cannon I took care of the Shell Queen Behind him came a group of little brothers The infamous Crustacean It's much easier The battle was over in a moment Tell the organization to send a medical team The person in charge on the other end of the phone said with one eye.

He 's seen it on the street monitor The EMS drone should be here in a few minutes And asked Blue How it feels to fight a freak yourself Blue There's a lot more uncertainty than simulation There's no guarantee of a 100% win So you can't keep your strength in a fight Please inform others.

Not to be taken lightly just because you have a combat uniform The words just finished The alarm in my hand went off again The suit still has electricity So he rushed to the scene of the alarm At the same time An emergency meeting was held at the head of the British Association Because it's on the news right now It's all about neo HEROS, the new hero group.

All the heroes of their association were out in force But there was no good outcome There are expressions of understanding helplessness It's not about the heroes Now the weirdos are getting stronger and stronger They were able to step up That's pretty good This is the situation neo heroes is just too strong.

On the one hand they focus on the auxiliary It wa s just brilliant They also had charismatic leaders And look at them The Society of Heroes used to have great leaders Such as child Emperor and Masque But now one is gone and the other is gone Plus the association advisors Totally biased to please the sponsors.

For an organization of heroes As long as this goes on All their supporters will defect Right now There seemed to be a noise outside the window I guess it's the people who came to give their feedback On the principle that you really should open the window and listen They found a group of them this time Professional hero.

Holding up a sign and Shouting Oppose the title of native turtle hero Please respect human rights It turns out that they are heroes who have been given strange titles Especially in the middle of a loud speaker Why do you call someone a bald cape If you don' t apologize to us I'll break it to your ancestors About qiyu.

Why are you in these protest groups Go back to a few days ago Because of the poaching of new heroes by neo heroes The neighborhood trio forte Chain Toad and Butterfly DX They were all invited For the welfare and development prospects of the new organization There is no excuse not to jump ship But if they all jump ship.

So who's gonna take care of Pozzi? On the side for a few people to talk about the black spirit is happy I didn't 't expect this weirdo to make a point The heroes were fighting among themselves For this new organization He has a different view from humans No matter how good the commander is They're no match for the weirdo at the top of their pyramid And the old soc iety of Heroes.

That's what's scary They gave it like a scroll A monster like qiyu that must not be left alone Permission to move freely So for them weirdos The emergence of new organizations sold the strength of the Hero Association Just keep persisting Sooner or later, time will come to fight back Now qiyu came back from his walk and bought some dog food.

Look at the dog food qiyu bought “Thundered dx, a momma butterfly That's not what Porky usually eats Even if you are cheap, you should consider the balance of nutrition I can't stand talking about it I decided to go and buy some decent dog food myself 'said the chain Toad Stop by and pick up a toy Porky broke the last one.

The voice asks qiyu Is he being poached by New Heroes again qiyu hasn't responded yet Suddenly there was a uniform sound behind him (Class A Hero Mr. Bald Caped Man) We cordially invite Ning to be our alternate cadre I was shocked to hear this qiyu is the cadre treatment from the beginning That's pretty awesome.

Can follow We are an organization of heroic victims He was named a hero out of nowhere Now they're going to apologize and change their name in order to make it happen And here we are Grade c 198 drunks Class c: 83 wig warriors Class c 385 Red noses Class c, 160 doctors of sultry color.

Class b 100 perverts They're in Class A heroes When I heard the name of the Bald Caped Man So he got up and invited qiyu Join their organization To get justice So it's as simple as that qiyu, a self-conscious hero whose name is beyond recognition Followed the army to the hero association.

Mount a protest This scene is seen by the new association water tiger Thinking he didn't want to be that hero Right now The association headquarters suddenly sounded an alarm Notify all headquarters immediately And the heroic citizens of the public took refuge It has just been confirmed. Five cases have been reported in each region.

Disaster level dragon weirdo The term dragon is stunned at someone in the place Soon to inc lude S-level heroes Vest the venerable and the devil transform people inside All the heroes of the headquarters attacked Association Leader Level 7 I even got Kuai to ask neo heroes for cooperation When life and death are at stake We can't fight among ourselves.

At the moment The first dragon monster It's a chain smoker from N City It was one with a cigar in its mouth A strange man with a bong in his hand It was the Venerable Vest who was fighting It's not like fighting with monsters At the moment the venerable vest is wearing an attack planner Super tight vest.

Can activate vest power for short periods of time But it can also cause difficulty breathing So we decided to kill this weirdo in three minutes At the same time The second dragon monster in P City Called dense As strange as the name suggests It's a monster made from a jumble of creatures It looks like he's out of his depth.

But unfortunately, his opponent was Tornado The disgusted Tornado moves and explodes it apart The third dragon disaster in T-City Not a weirdo It's a family It's called the Dark Family In front of them None other than our legendary Janos Not a word of nonsense.

The core lit up Pyrothermic bomb The fourth dragon monster It was a two-headed eelosaur that appeared in L City His opponent It was Blue, the leader of neo heroes, who had arrived in a hurry The corrosive liquid spit out by the weirdo Make it impossible for him to fight back And the last dragon monster.

Showed up in Y City It's called Mila the Machine No accident should be the same series as the G5G4 But you can be judged as a Jackie Chan freak Of course, it's better than G5 and G4 And it was the new man from the Hero Society who came to stop him Water dragon's sister Water tiger The spirit took a look.

Turns out there's no sign of this guy in the database I didn't pay any attention Tell him to get the king here You're here to avenge the death of the robot's little brother The water tiger paid no attention to the strange man I went right through it simultaneity Battles have begun in all 5 Dragon disaster zones Vest on the venerable side.

For a long time Although the damage done to the smoker But he didn't beat him completely The toxic second-hand smoke from today's smokes Gradually spread It's making his waist and legs lose their strength He's not the only one who keeps doing this I'm afraid the whole city will be eaten away by the poisonous smoke So he decided to lift the vest restrictions.

To maximize lung capacity B reasone all the toxic smoke into your lungs What would happen if he didn't think about it In order to protect the city That's all he could do But this is the moment And a kick as fast as lightning Kick him in the head It is the flash of the waves wind blade feet.

Here comes my companion “The vest reminded me Beware of heavy smokers lurking in toxic smoke But the voice just stopped flash is another crack in the air Just cut the smoker to pieces Yeah, those two powerful moves It was flash who learned it from the ninjutsu scroll that the Lord left behind It's really powerful.

Look silly at the vest next to you But who knew the smoker was cut to pieces But there was also a lot of toxic smoke coming from his body It soon permeated the city For now, we have to expand the evacuation zone Twister side The dragon Ridge freaks are dense He took care of it with ease Look at the scene is a mess.

Tornado pondered, too The odd man out in numbers For him, it was a case of killing a stone But not before he squashes all the weirdos The surrounding buildings are already being chewed up Is it just to destroy? If we don't think about what to do Humanity can't afford this kind of destruction Janos's side was overwhelmed by the legend that he had finally won.

Although it put him in a tough fight And ended up with a broken arm and a broken leg To win it But at least it's his first solo warrior dragon freak At last he became strong But now the power to hang people more and more terrible If every day is this bad It won't take more than a few more lives Just then.

Someone found out what happened to Janos Suddenly someone shouted Look at that. neo heroes's men made it to the other side Blue gave it his best shot against the two-headed eel snake The final battery charge of the battle suit To bring it down Can listen to the person in charge There's another dragon fighting in the next city.

Without another word, he exploded his paralyzed standby suit Ready for backup “Cried the one- eyed chief anxiously Absolutely not Fight in the flesh If you die Blue took the message If I die You won't be able to use the son of the bomb for publicity.

All right, all right I became a hero to surpass my father This cannot be done Mira the machine in the next city They're chasing the water tiger in one direction Although the strength is good But the water tiger didn't make the “s” grade after all And it's a fighting system versus a mechanical system He doesn' t have the strength to fight back.

I wa s caught by a machine when I was not careful I threw it out like a sack And that's what happens when you wait He's waiting for an “s” hero to rescue him A water tiger that got smashed into a convenience store Caught a glimpse of the liquor on the counter I drank it all at once Ready to give that robot brain another taste The essence of Styx Boxing.

Water tiger walking out of the convenience store again Flushed face It opens up another mode Drunken tiger We've got a drinking reaction in the water tiger I thought he'd given up on himself But the next second I got a kick in the head unexpectedly.

The man's mode of action has changed dramatically Even his most famous move, the Ghost Kongdragon Fist They're all done upside down with their feet The crackling sword is a million kicks on the machine Ben how to move again how fast can not break the defense How's that gonna help And the spirit quickly adapted to his drunken tiger movements He's a dragon monster It's too strong.

But suddenly a chain wraps around the machine's head And then the heel kick came crashing down right It was qiyu's good neighbor Chain Toad and Butterfly dx Butterfly dx saw that the water tiger was a newcomer I sent the location information to the headquarters Call for support guys And these two popping up.

There is information in the machine master's database The characteristics and habits of the two people were all broken by him To him, a two-man attack is no defense I can't even hide anymore But take advantage of the mess these two made The water tiger got his timing right One of the Unseen tiger fists hit the machine in the chest A slight wobble in one's step Damage rate 0.4%.

It was a complete irritation to the spirit He no longer flowing water Beat two neighbors in the blink of an eye He held the tiger in his hand And ready to crush his head It was a close call Behind him came the voice of a hero Help from headquarters finally arrived It was the Heroes and Victims Organization.

Qiyu is now fully i integrated into the group Mingled with the enthusiastic crowd in the moment passed The reservoir shouted for them to run You don't stand a chance against this guy But the voice just stopped It was sold today Wants to change his name to the Big Pervert with magic hands The attack is done by ejecting the fist Hope to change the name to Red Lightning's Red Nose.

The mode of attack is to pack a punch A drunk who wants to change his name to Young Man The wobbly near reality has grown six arms A wigged warrior who wishes to be renamed the Wife of Gold It's a knee attack Hoping to change his name to Combat Genius Surgeon The horseman of Dr. Sassy A surgical stab in your own hand is a weapon of war A bunch of funny attacks landed on the chicken.

He's just getting angry and angry and all that Did the fish come to humiliate him Said we were ready to show them What is really gorgeous A power cannon went straight through several buildings And on the machine Every hand of the body lit up with the same ball of light The people who were so angry a moment ago Scared and ran away.

You can't fight this level of opponent Only qiyu stayed put Not that we were supposed to do it together Do well enough to file for a name change Look at the bald guy who didn't run away Even use the ball to surround qiyu It means you're an a Takeaways and nouns are too weak I'm not really interested in you, okay.

Disappear the bunny cape Who the hell is a bunny cape People who haven't won yet I saw qiyu blow the shit out of me with one punch He came back to praise qiyu It is worthy of being the cadre of the organization That's amazing Said and qiyu one by one aura temperature noble I'm ready to move on to the next city.

But this ridiculous scene Someone noticed something was wrong Red Nose thought he was hallucinating Mr. Potato Shelter That's a little too strong Two neighbors also witnessed what happened You were right about being tough qiyu is too strong And water tigers pinching their liene cheeks in the hasdis been changed.

Isn't that the man who took Sweetheart's mask the other day He seems to have seen something extraordinary All right, this is the original volume The whole of Canto 19 The appearance of 5 Dragon Monsters A house full of sores that destroyed the city Seems to portend An even bigger disaster is looming And qiyu.

A group of people doing the dragon disaster of terror And seen by more people It even includes The leader of neo heroes, a group of new heroes Such a powerful and little-known talent Surely not if it is not visible Let go and go alone to investigate The secret metal behind the new organization What crisis has the ball board encountered.

So fond of others on our side Pay for your subscription On the home page and in the introduction section You can also find the remastered commentary That's the end of this video I am the Qilin I'll see you next time

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