【𝐂𝐏 𝕝𝕚𝕤𝕥 𝟏】 Chinese Anime Couple Edition | 중국 애니메이션 커플 에디션

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♪ Deng Dian – Infatuate ♪ Head over heels. Infatuated with you, head over heels. It's you stepped on my antidote. With no exception, It's alright. Please just give me kiss. Sparks flew before my eyes. Oh my God, my heart is surging. beating fast, a pounding heart.

Ok ♪ Kinkis – Too Much ♪ Babe I always think too much. Can't learn how to speak in front of you. I will never tell you that I don't want to stay. But now I just don't want to go. I'm always persistent when it comes to love. Unlock the lock in your heart. Letting go is my nightmare.

Without you, the lights also stop shining. ♪ Mang Zhong – grain in ear ♪ upon the fresh willow branch of birth. until its end of perishing without anything to spare. is this the sacrifice of reaping for answers within life? as the last rays of light cascades upon the traveler's strands of hair. faintly, he scatters away all of his lingering concerns. beneath the bridge of life. previously coming here late (only to briefing brush pass each other).

Deeply engraved into our palms (remembering only until our next life) within your gaze contains a droplet of murk as dark as black ink wu oh oh oh ~ buddha chanted (you can only lose what you cling to) forgo all attachments (empty your mind, be shapeless and formless — like flowing water) how could I just gleefully comply placidly? instantly when i think of you — i just wu oh oh oh ~ ♪ 퍼플키스(PURPLE KISS) – Sweet Juice ♪ Light this candle that will wake the darkness. Find yourself unable to bear it?.

So do I We've starvin' for so long, I'm out of control. It's time to wake the sleeping madness in me. Ah, I need some fresh air now. Come closer, I'll whisper to you.

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