【100,000 Years of Qi Refining Episode 32】A hundred thousand years of gas refining qi elephantine episodes

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Ancestor Is Qing Shu okay? ancestor I am fine Where is the bastard Destroy my Sea Demon Sect Hall It's you Absorbed the blood essence of so many monks Enough to make my cultivation a step further.

What a vicious kitten master give it to me to practice take it to play play me You are the stepping stones of my primordial spirit Dzogchen one move broke my heart good kitten.

You can't bite people anymore No dare not please spare my life I won't dare next time let me go save my life let me let me atone.

Devil's Corner i can give you a chance my corner Lian Xue This horn is not bad Go back and make a magic weapon for your self-defense as a teacher ok ok you you.

I I What's up with him How come you can't even talk when you see brother Xu He must have been frightened by the grandpa's aura Who are you high Master spare my life Do not kill me.

It's hard for me to recover my cultivation save my life Oh it's you Ten thousand years have passed It seems you are still unrepentant ten thousand years ago No don't want Do not kill me.

I know about that fairy girl with you explain tell a lie I make your life worse than death i said i said ten thousand years ago I am practicing in the canyons of the Eastern Sea and the Western Regions Suddenly disturbed by a strong breath I saw a group of people besieging the fairy girl.

That's my horn is her why is she here them where are they monks The third style of Dayan Blue Wing Swordsmanship double flight explain who are you guys.

Is the fairy of the upper realm Or the demon of Outland Is this sacrificing one's spiritual power and body? used to summon powerful spirits Forbidden what kind of spiritual power is this I haven't found the deep sea blue heart yet i can't die Master I'm sorry.

I can only use that trick Yao Ling Liangyi Formation kill a thousand enemies Self-defeating 800 Liangyi array this woman is crazy I lost consciousness after the explosion wake up The Fairy is gone too I have never heard of such a powerful monk in the cultivation world.

Where did these people come from? Inheritance of the Cultivation World Extinct thousands of years ago The earliest records were thousands of years ago so it seems Maybe it has something to do with those powerful monks high tall man I said everything I had to say.

Then i quit I will be a new man from now on never do bad things again Just give me another ten thousand years I can get back to the top No even better It's time for revenge for why.

You promise I always give people one chance Aggressive decisive Brother Xu is really shocking. ancestor Senior Sister Lianxue's matter Lianxue is not dead real.

Where is she

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