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This man is so miserable that just because he fell in love with his best friend's cousin he was eaten up by his best friend on the pretext of helping him to chase his own cousin Jack who works in a restaurant has a good friend of over 20 years one day Alan came to the restaurant where Jack worked as usual.

When she saw that Jack was too busy to take care of himself she pulled Jack in are you still busy when are we going to go home and do our homework Jack said he was still at work and would have to wait until he got off work Ellen obviously couldn't wait any longer and spilled the beans when Jack didn't respond he said in a.

Serious voice you haven't forgotten our agreement have you today is the day we do our homework have you forgotten Jack was embarrassed to hear this he had never seen such a straightforward person I know you don't have to keep reminding me of such things besides it's not appropriate to say such things in public.

As they were arguing the restaurant's account manager called out to Jack saying he could leave now Jack looked puzzled don't I have 40 minutes to go before the end of my shift with a kind phase the manager said I let you off early because it's your last day at work and I want you to relax besides didn't your friends say you had an.

Important business to attend to today thanks to Alan Jack was given permission to leave work early so Jack headed to the changing room to change and get ready for work muttering mentally that he didn't know what to expect I wonder what Ellen told the manager to get me off early he muttered back at home Ellen rushed Jack to the shower.

Jack who was in the shower was calculating that it was finally time to face his true feelings after all this hard work I finally have the courage to confess my feelings to you Heather when he was done Jack took Allen's hand and said I'm going to confess to Heather tomorrow.

Ellen smiled and said really congratulations if you're successful you'll have to buy me a big dinner after all I'm your mentor Alan had a bad smile on his face wondering what was going on in the Black Ink of his stomach the next day Jack asked his goddess to meet him at a.

Restaurant he wanted to come on his own but Alan said he had to come along after all the person you were confessing to was my cousin so I had to come and be a witness to you both Jack saw how persistent he was and had no choice but to let him follow in the restaurant a girl looked up with.

An embarrassed face I'm sorry brother Jack I took you for a brother you're a good man but I'm not for you Jack had never thought that he would be out of his depth and receive a good guy card the first time he confessed to his goddess he said listen I know what you like and I've been practicing really hard lately.

And I promise you I can meet your needs Heather was instantly speechless what kind of tiger talk was this man talking about before Jack could finish Heather Hurley called him off and stated that she had no idea what the hell he was talking about Jack was already aggravated knowing that Alan had said that Heather liked a man.

Who could satisfy her and that he was practicing hard why was he still rejected Heather's cold voice continued I don't care what you do I can't give you the response you want with that Heather turned around and walked out of the restaurant leading a bewildered Jack behind he said I don't care what you do I can't.

Give you the response you want Jack who had lost his love life held his head in his hands remembering how much homework he had done in the past to confess to Heather and how he wouldn't have ended up in this situation if it hadn't been for Alan's ideas who knew that Alan would look at him with a smug look on his face and say.

Look on the bright side all that hard work you've done before might come in handy in the future at this point Jack could no longer listen to any comforting words he had a vague feeling that he might be rejected but when it actually happened he still felt hurt time travels back in time.

Jack is walking down the road chatting with his college friend the two are discussing where they will be interning after graduation suddenly a slender figure appears in front of Jack's eyes white jeans on Heather's body long straight legs long hair big eyes and a whole lot of Heaven this scene made Jack look dumbfounded.

And the drink in his hand suddenly stopped smelling good Jack tugged his college roommate next to him and asked who the person was that just walked past the girl with the yellow hair and big eyes she's the famous School Beauty Heather and you don't know her seeing that Jack was so ignorant of this.

School's gossip his roommate began to Enlighten Jack Heather is the school flower of our school when she first came into our school all the boys were crazy to send her favors and he was also the cousin of the big star Allen what Alan's cousin.

Jack was shocked he had known Allen for at least 20 years how come he hadn't heard him say he had a cousin the roommate continued to say something but Jack couldn't hear anything else and was still in shock then something his roommate said shock Jack even more for Jack learns that Heather is actually.

A beta the roommate sense is something he is wrong why is Jack so concerned about Heather's problems are you in love with her is it because she looks like Ellen seeing Jack's hesitation the roommate excuses himself to go have a cigarette and encourages Jack to ask Heather for.

Her contact information in a Flash Jack was already giggling and running up to say hello before he could accept himself Heather had already spoken your jack Heather said in the affirmative Jack was shocked you know me Heather was calm well yes I've seen your picture in Alan's phone before.

Jack looked sheepish and spoke incoherently well that's quite a coincidence so Jack took advantage of the Heat and asked Heather for her contact information and Heather said bluntly you can ask Alan for it he's my cousin after all with that Heather followed her friend.

And left Jack stayed where he was and sent Heather off with a flamboyant look on his face back at home Jack was so excited that he shouted Alan's name Allen was lying on the sofa with a look of enjoyment on his face and instantly came to life when he heard Jack's call.

Before he could hear what Alan was saying Jack asked excitedly why didn't you tell me you had a cousin what a cousin are you talking about Heather when did you meet her no when did she start school Alan asked several questions in quick succession indicating that he himself was shocked.

That this cousin of his Knew Too Much about himself to let Jack get in touch with her Alan's mind was made up however Jack didn't see anything wrong with him and blushed and said I met her today and I feel like I fell in love with her at first sight the news came out of nowhere scaring Alan right out of the sofa and Jack.

Looked puzzled what's wrong with you I just thought I looked into her eyes and I felt a connection with her you're attracted to her is it because you think I look like her that you like her after all Heather and I are blood cousins Jack felt as if Alan had misunderstood something and hurriedly explained no Heather is as beautiful as.

An angel not like you Allen felt hurt and immediately argued she and I are one week away give me a wig I look almost identical to her okay Jake was not to be outdone no matter what Heather was the best seeing that the argument was going nowhere Jack took the opportunity to ask Alan to hand over Heather's contact.

Details with no choice but to take out his phone and give Heather's contact number Jack still in a state of excitement after getting the contact number continue to ask Alan if Heather had anyone she liked Alan got jealous and hugged Jack how would I know that but if you want to.

Know what Heather likes I can help you When Alan had a bad grin on his face it was often because he was holding something in his stomach Allen knew that his best friend had actually fallen for his cousin so he starts giving jack bad ideas on the pretext of helping his best friend to chase his cousin Alan tells Jack In.

All seriousness that his cousin likes muscular men who can satisfy her with her daily homework no way what do you mean Jacqueline confused Alan went on to fool around that she liked guys who were tall and big and could get hormones going more easily for her.

Jack was flabbergasted are you serious I don't see Heather as the kind of girl you're talking about all of Ellen's words implied that Jack didn't fit Heather's criteria for a mate the problem was that he was so far removed from that type of man that he instantly lost his confidence at this point the man lying on the sofa.

With a smug look on his face secretly boasted that he was a great cleverness and that he had included his cousin in order to keep his daughter-in-law whom he had been guarding for over 20 years from running away the next day Jack who had gotten Heather's contact information couldn't wait to invite Heather to dinner.

The two seem to be having a good time especially with Jack staring at Heather with a flamboyant look on his face the two seem to be having a good time especially when Jack is staring at Heather with a fancy face and he's getting close to her at this point a voice appears much to Jack's dismay and it turns out to be.

Alan who has found out that Jack is out on a date with his cousin and has followed him Alan's appearance took Jack by a surprise and Jack exclaimed what are you doing here Alan said you told me you were here didn't you Jack was momentarily speechless I didn't ask you to come here either.

When Alan saw that there was no more reason to retort he leaned on Jack and started to play a rascal Jack couldn't do anything about it so he agreed he had no choice but to say yes the first time Jack left he was confronted by his cousin and Ellen took on The Stance of a proper wife saying honestly I'm jealous of how close you.

Two are chatting Heather knowing her cousin's nature just thought what's wrong with this guy again so he said we didn't talk about anything just everyday chores Alan was relieved to hear that but warned Heather in advance that if Jack asked anything about him or his mother to say he didn't know.

Heather was speechless you came all the way over here just to tell me that it was easy to talk to a smart person and Alan had a happy look on his face having acquiesce to the answer on the way home Jack called out to Allen I feel as if I could Alan looked back at Jack not sure what Jack was trying to say.

I think Heather and I had a nice chat today and I can see she doesn't hate me so I'll have to try and confess to her Alan was in a hurry to stop him have you forgotten why I told you you're not even her type I know but I still want to try at least I can try to be the way she likes me people can change Ellen saw what he was thinking and.

Grabbed him by the cheek trying to get him to wake up Alan was about to say something that would kill Jack when the light went off in his head there it was easy as pie to deal with this little fool so he brainwashed Jack in a serious way actually there's something I shouldn't have told you about Heather.

She's too Fierce to be a normal person in that department at that comment Jack was really Frozen in shock how vicious Alan continued to intimidate it's you who can't handle it anyway I know you're pretty conservative in that department aren't you being blindfolded like this and being held by the neck all the things you can't stand.

Right seeing that he had succeeded in his brainwashing plan Allen then proceeded to lay a trap for Jack but didn't I say before that I would help you Chase Heather Jack had already been convinced by Alan's three-inch words and was relying on him as if he had grabbed the lifeline how just tell me I'll do whatever you say.

Alan hadn't thought that it would be possible to trick his young daughter-in-law easily by using her cousin and thought he was a great clever a smile also came out of his face unconsciously when the driver saw his worthless face he asked him if he was in love and Alan laughed but didn't say anything.

Alan who is a model has an interview to attend today having just arrived at the video Studio Alan and the host has created each other the hostess then started to interview Alan as soon as the host came on she asked the host why Allen who is an alpha is still unattached is it because he hasn't met anyone he likes Alan who was.

Used to being interviewed replied with a plum no I'm also waiting to be marked by an Omega and I don't know if I'm lucky enough to do so when the host heard this he felt he had a big melon to eat and immediately followed up by asking what does that mean who would say no to a big handsome guy.

Like you Allen gave the camera a cute look and once again responded officially I just don't know if there is an Omega who would like to tag me because I am currently single the host seeing that he couldn't eat the big melon had the good sense to say omegas did you hear that you have a chance now at this moment.

Jack who was lying on his back was watching Alan's live stream on his phone Jack wondered what did he mean by that what does it mean to wait to be chosen I'll be there in a minute wait for me Jack who had jumped out of bed in a Flash turned his head and looked at the box of goodies he had just bought he thought to himself I just bought all.

This stuff and I don't know if it's the right size yet so I'll let Alan help me out when he arrives when she thought of this she shyly buried her head under the blanket again in his heart he was both looking forward to it and apprehensive shortly afterwards Jack came out of the shower just as Alan walked in.

Before Jack could say anything Alan jumped on him like a Hungry Wolf and hugged him tightly it took all of Jack's strength to push him away and Alan's face was full of frustration we hadn't seen each other for four days and you didn't even miss me crying Jack blushed and said nothing as he told.

Him to hurry up and take a shower Allen could see Jack's unnaturalness and guess that Jack was probably getting ready for something and that was why he was shy and stammering seeing that his old self had been seen through Jack was honest enough to explain that he had watched a little video of something that would make me.

Pram and proper like a slugger and had bought it with the intention of trying it out when Ellen heard this she was speechless he was so impressed that he could think of such a method Jack was frustrated had an allen said that Heather liked men like that he had tried so hard to be that kind of man.

What had he done wrong he had to fill his own hole but how could Allen let some little toy take the place of such a perk he whispered to him there's no hurry in this kind of thing just lie down and I'll show you no matter how much you like Heather I can't let you get hurt over it immediately the man lying on the bed.

Called a halt to it it was an awkward thing to do with your best friend who you had spent 20 years with how could you say after all you would be seeing each other for a long time to come Allen saw Jack's shame impeached his interest again why so shy we've been sleeping together for the last 20 years Chuck was Furious that's not the same it's not the.

Same thing okay he said holding his head in his hands again and pretending to be a shrinking violet leading Alan with a doting phase to coax's daughter-in-law feeling like he was about to eat the meat in his mouth Allen came up to Jack's ear and teased him he teased it's really fun don't you want to try it I can't really do that it would make.

Things awkward for us seeing that the young daughter-in-law in his arms was about to escape Alan hurriedly swept her into his arms don't you want to become the man that Heather likes now is your chance to practice pleasing her I said I would help you have you forgotten the big bad wolf was a big bad wolf and in a few rounds Allen.

Had convinced Jack to stop resisting he was so happy that he was able to get Jack to stop resisting and immediately pounce on him and added if you really want to be the one that Heather likes you might as well use me as a practice partner so that you can confess to Heather when the time is right Allen's move was a really damaging one he had.

Everyone in on it but in the end it was himself who benefited thinking that his brainwashing comments had paralyzed Jack's sense of behavior Alan tried to take the opportunity to engage in a bit of kissing with Jack little did he know that Jack would have his mouth blocked with one hand Jack was all fried didn't you say you.

Were going to practice with me why are you kissing me Alan looked at his silly daughter-in-law with a doting face why do you think Jack squirmed if it's practice it shouldn't include that right clearly Jack had taken Alan's words just now to Heart he said if it's a practice you have to do the whole thing.

If you're going to practice you have to do the whole thing not just half you tell me Jack really believed him and let him begin stammering initially embarrassed Jack lays still and didn't say a word Allen saw the unnatural look on his face and tried to distract him a little so he pushed harder which made Jack feel.

A bit of a strain seeing Jack finally Focus Alan couldn't help but see where the man who had just majestically said he wanted to practice on his own had gone fearing that he might say something amazing again jack hugged him tightly and gagged him the gesture flattered Allen a little and.

He couldn't stop being excited I didn't know you were so anxious he hugged him from behind and kissed him lovingly on the back of the head Jack cursed him inwardly the man was a son of a right at that moment a silver-haired man said like a Melancholy Prince it was time to meet after eating and drinking his fill Alan shamelessly.

Asked for an appointment for the next practice session Jack said if you're that rude I'm not going to ask you to do it again the more Jack thought about it the angrier he got the more he threw his little fists at Allen and the two of them flirted with each other on the sofa in a way that made people feel like they.

Were having a good time it wasn't until they were tired of playing that Allen stopped and asked what is our next practice session check was Furious how dare you ask is this what you call practice although Alan was scolded he still felt very happy after all he had tasted the sweetness so he was scolded besides his.

Daughter-in-law spoiled herself right the man who had been thinking about it Alan did not give up and gave Jack another strawberry and asked again ingratiatingly when in the end can we do practice ah as long as you say I will certainly spare time Jack replied with a pot on his face not next week I promised my friend I would.

Model for his online shop next week so if I have time I'll do the practice myself something didn't seem right when Alan heard that this guy wasn't determined to do his own practice was he Jack said you're so busy you don't have time to practice with me but he didn't know that he wanted to practice with him.

He said I'm free whenever you want to practice but you have to call me next time you want to practice then he left in a huff without even saying hello mainly because he was afraid of what kind of Reason Jack would use to turn him down again so he simply preemptively said that the words had already been left here anyway and as.

Long as he ran fast Jack would also acquiesce to his offer right as it turned out Jack was a bit soft on the idea of staying where he was so what let's ask him to do the exercise next time a week went by and Jack came to model for his friend's fitting as promised it is here that Jack learns the shocking.

News that an old acquaintance is about to return home news that will shatter their currently quiet lives

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