【Eng Sub】《最強仙尊陳北玄/The BestMaestro》 第3季 第36集 ——重生之都市修仙

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Copper Mountain The host has been in retreat for three months You said there would be no problem? Never mind You're a robot Ask you for nothing The owner has been missing for so long and finally came back As a result, when I met in a hurry, he said that he wanted to retreat Could it be that something is wrong?.

This is Condensation into clouds, crown cover kilometers, crown like a cover This is a sign of achieving the Divine Realm But Isn't the divine realm recorded in the ancient books covered with a hundred meters How is this cyclone so big Ten times larger than the Divine Realm Come on in master.

Master, did you break through successfully Reborn back for three years Day by day, penance Today is finally a sea of gods I have cultivated the Divine Sea today Soul Building It can be rebuilt It doesn't matter if it's physically destroyed Now it's time to find the Ji family and settle the account well.

Fan'er, you succeeded in your retreat It seems that more than a year of grandfather's hard work has fallen I'm just doing a little bit of work It's not as powerful as Xiao Fan, your towering powers I finally stepped into the sea of gods can free my hand to clean up the Ji family Speaking of the family of Zhonghai You are not in these three months The head of the Ning family personally came to the door to apologize.

The head of the Tang family knelt down and begged for mercy they are willing to do their best to make up for our Chen family and Jinxiu It seems that they were not lightly frightened When did the Zhonghai family become so well-behaved Could it be that he heard something that could not be done Naturally, it is because General Chen's divine power is as mighty as the sea Tang Jianing's family is so small Do not obediently bow down and beg for forgiveness Is it impossible to prepare for the extermination of the family?.

It seems that something has happened during my retreat for three months Old man Chen Since you have something to do, then I won't bother you What's going on General Chen, please take a look god like What do you mean? Why am I the only one on it? This is the list of god-level powerhouses of the Overseas Special Management Department.

We colloquially refer to it as the God List Everyone above They are all familiar to the upper class It must be remembered that the existence must not be provoked However, nuclear weapons came out more than seventy years ago There is no more god list in the world Until the God List was reopened three months ago And above this It's just your name.

The news that you are on the list of gods In high society, it is estimated that it has spread You understand now Tang family, why are they scared like that? This is to put me on the fire and roast ah Yes, the powerhouse of the God Realm at that time was not General Chen But you're the only one listed This is to make you the target of attention Anyway.

This little trick is in the face of real power It's just a joke This Ji family is estimated to have found some backer Thought it could compete with me It seems that I should come to the door myself meet the head of the Ji family General Chen After all, Zhonghai is an international metropolis You'd better be a little more restrained.

Don't make it difficult for us I have my own measure Young Master, let's go directly to Zhonghai Ji's house No Go to Splendid Group first I went on retreat for three months I haven't seen my mother and sister An yet Yes It is worthy of being an international metropolis.

My mother seems to be very good at mixing in Zhonghai Such a building cannot be taken down without billions Is that If it weren't for Splendid Group's shot Ordinary companies can't take it This prime location in Zhonghai is not just a matter of money You know Splendid well Our company has a lot to do with Splendid Embroidery I often see Wang Dong and Assistant An.

A few who want to find I'll look for your Wang Dong and Anya I'm so sorry See the chairman and assistant An, both need to make an appointment Brother This Zhonghai who chase the An assistant Enough to line up from Splendid Mansion to Gangnam You still have a long way to go Feng Shao, you are here.

Hurry up and go to my office for tea Director He Does Assistant An have free time? I was about to ask her to talk about the company This Feng Shao, you also know Assistant An assisted Wang Dong in managing the entire group Busy transactions But since Feng Shao, you are here I will definitely arrange it for you.

This one is This is the president's elevator Could it be that Wang Dong came down Strange Isn't Wang Dong presiding over a board meeting Wang boss, Assistant An An assistant: I'm Feng Xiao Fan Sister Ann mother.

What the This is the prince who is coming What a thing It can make the chairman run without even opening the meeting Could it be that some big man is coming? Even Assistant An followed Everyone, let me introduce you This is my son Chen Fan Hello everyone.

No wonder I hadn't seen Wang Dong bring him here before That's it Nothing like a big dealer It is estimated that he was pampered from childhood If this splendid embroidery reaches him in the future To be defeated Okay, let's move on About the third phase of the Splendid Garden project of the second ring road It's been delayed for months.

An immediate return to work is required to strive for a repair by the end of the year Catch the October Golden Week closing date Wang boss, about the third phase of Splendid Garden When the district government always in the name of incomplete inspections We are not allowed to start work Yes, Wang boss I heard that the Dongcheng District Government has been making things difficult for us It is said that behind it is the people of the Ji family It's the Ji family again.

Wang boss, or let's apologize to Old Master Ji Let's bow our heads The Ji family should have raised their hand Yes, Wang boss The Ji family is one of the few large families in Zhonghai Our strong dragon does not crush the ground head snake Really annoyed the Ji family It's hard to do business This one.

The Ji family is still alive or dead Mom, don't worry I came to solve the Ji family this time

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