【Eng Sub】《至尊神級系統/Supreme Gossip Machine》第2季第13集(最新)

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Or You give him the crystal swing At the moment the Swinger is worthless to you Why not make a friend? Hm Makes sense Okay. Here you go first Uh.

It's a real buzzkill. At least say thank you. This time I missed the mark Forget it I can't use the crystal anyway Oops! What the hell The basic principle of the Taixu Dan Furnace This book is really good.

But But all in classical style of writing I can't understand it at all Early Lord Can you distill the part that suits me Hmm Theoretically it should work Try it. eh.

Why can't I read it? Because there is no other person's sense of learning So there is no way to parse Happy for nothing I thought it was the big treasure I don't know how Zixiao's exam went Mo Fan How.

Did you have a good exam? It went much better than I thought it would. The list is released Let's go check it out too. Hmm That's great. We're all in. And as expected The King's son and the others are here.

King Jiang's son Jiang It's not Jiang Yanfeng, is it? That's right. He's the only son of King jiang. Although the alchemy department is small But they are not simple people Attention all candidates The second round of the examination is about to begin.

Please gather back in your departments. I'm exhausted. Why do we have to walk so far? Look There's a man up ahead. It should be greeting us Gentlemen Welcome to the Department of Alchemy I am your introductory tutor.

Gao Ren Jin This round of assessment only five people can stay oh What? Friendly reminder Now it's on! This round of testing requires each person to make one Red Essence Blood Pill Why is this guy so calm? The final ranking is determined by the color of the elixir Time is three pillars of incense.

Go for it Red Essence Blood Pill Another unheard of elixir It seems to be necessary to enter the Book Depository early Early adult Launch Campus News This elixir process is so complicated It is worthy of the alchemy department Serpentine Fire Control Method.

Luckily I have a early lord Time's up! So next Checking the color of the work I'll leave it to your seniors. You're so bad, Mr. Gao. Three pillars of incense came out and became charcoal He's a mass grave. Ha ha!.

Stop it. How could I possibly screw anyone? Since I gave three pillars of incense We must use three pillars of incense Oops! Whew! I'm scared to death. I'm exhausted. Ah!.

It takes three pillars of incense But I only used one incense stick Is there some information I'm missing? The extra time is for checking yo Protest Isn't this a pitfall? How can you be a tutor like that? I say You guys don't watch the fun.

Go check the color Luckily it only took me one incense burner to close the fire Eh The first one is charcoal. Another charcoal Are you people qualified to call yourselves alchemists? The first complete Red Essence Blood Pill has finally appeared Whose furnace is this? me.

Me This is what I refined But in addition to being complete There is nothing Not even a floating red Poor quality Puffy Red Is the color determined by floating red? Charcoal.

Charcoal Charcoal again Still charcoal Even the charcoal is gone By now The best one is a third class There is only a fourth class on my side Ugh! It's a real eye sore.

Wait a minute. This stove Finally, it's my turn This is Perfect color Great! That There's another one with a stove I'm afraid to look at It's a little scary.

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