【Eng Sub】《至尊神級系統/Supreme Gossip System》第2季第12集(最新)

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Finally back Welcome to the North Wind Trials What a strong spiritual power The rules are different this year I am here to inform you uniformly This year's North Wind Trials Selection by sub-departmental examination sub-departmental sub-departmental.

What department? Temporary announcement No preparation at all! Don't worry, everyone. As long as there is a real talent I'm sure you'll be selected for the Academy Please choose the faculty you want to enter carefully. One day limit Let's go.

Go back and think about it. Hmm Of course it's alchemy As expected of the first restaurant in the empire What a feast! It's a pity that Zixiao doesn't have a mouth to feed Just know how to eat You're really going to the alchemy department I'm here to find the Yin Yang Fusion Elixir.

Even if I can't find it As long as have the formula I can still make it myself You're not afraid to make pills Delaying your cultivation Blessed by Early Lord What am I afraid of? It doesn't feel that smooth The alchemy department's test location is Misty Valley The first stage is to collect elixir materials.

Candidates must collect all five designated alchemical materials within one day To pass the test The crowd of candidates will enter the debris space to start eh Friend You dropped your test. If you can only find the herbs by looking at the chart You'd better get out of here. Yoo-hoo!.

This dude is so proud The other four herbs are fairly common But something like wintering flowing fire grass I've never seen it before. Heh heh Early Lord Isn't it time to watch the news? Come, come, come. Early lord.

I'll give you a heart Hmm Send updated news In the snowy mountain fire waterfall in the northwest corner of the Misty Valley The winter ling flowing fire grass is ripe Alas Tragedy for other test takers You'd better worry about yourself. Waiting to go down the cliff.

If you don't hold on and fall You're completely screwed What a coincidence, man! That's winter grass, right? Is there more down there? That guy uprooted a whole plant. No It's all here. You only need a small plant for the assessment.

Why do we have to pull them all out? Aren't you afraid I'll tell someone? Do you know who I am? Even if you know who I am What makes you think people are going to believe you? Heh That makes sense In that case Don't you dare give your name.

My name is Jiang Yanfeng You must remember That's a strong aura. I can't seem to beat him Heh heh There you go. That's it now Got it. Hey!.

Interesting Why don't we split the difference? Hahahahaha I'm not available right now I'm out of here. Send updated news Rare Spirit Material Swinging Crystal Appears in the northeast corner of Misty Valley, direction c There is still a quarter of an hour before the extraction period.

We've been around the block a couple of times. Are you sure this is the right place? This is it. Early adult See if that's a crystal swinger That's it. We didn't find it when we got here before. Does it change form? Yeah.

The crystal swings themselves are related to the cause of the mists But not important Hurry up and pick it OK Finally finished It took less than three hours. How to spend the rest of the time? Wait a minute. This little brother.

Did you just pick a crystal? Can you give me the Crystal Swinger? Ah! Swinging Crystals What's that? Never heard of it. I can tell that the swinging crystals are in your bag. You must have found it by chance when the fog lifted. What's this guy's story?.

You know a lot Since this person knows the time to extract the crystals Must be a frequent visitor It's not easy

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