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Our senior brother of Tianjian Sect is here You haven't opened the ban to go out of the city to help fight Open prohibition Go out of the city to kill Warcraft yes Go to war with me kill Qianyu Sister Why are you crying.

You scared me just now I thought I thought I would never see you again Su Shimei What the hell is going on The people in Black Dragon City are too bad Sister Qianyu is kind enough to help them break up As a result, they entered the city Closed the ban.

Don't save my sister Those guys are still not human They don't deserve our special support from Tianjian Sect Hum forget it After all, it's my own decision It's meaningless to investigate It's all because I'm useless If I have the strength of Divine Martial Arts.

It will not involve Sister Qianyu You girl Why do you blame yourself Don't blame yourself Sister, isn't it all right Fortunately, Brother Lin is here Younger Martial Brother Lin I heard earlier that you were at Tianjianfeng Xiaobi Demonstrated extraordinary swordsmanship.

At that time, my sister and I didn't believe it Didn't expect You are more powerful than the legend just thank you Between peers We should support each other however I did that to you.

Is it between younger martial sister Lei and younger martial brother Lin What else is the story It's been a long time Lin Fengruo still remembers it Don't you become a villain My master is devoted to the road Aspire to the top of martial arts Naturally, they will not hold grudges of course.

If you have a guilty conscience, sister I suggest you It's better to report with your promise The grace of saving lives This stupid bird Don't talk nonsense Don't be angry Don't be angry Let me talk about it This bird is cute.

What do you think, Sister Qianyu Look at your nonsense Thank you for your help Fellow Taoists fight against monsters A lot of real money has been lost Why don't you take a rest in our Black Dragon City How about it This time It was ordered to investigate the alienated Warcraft.

Natural We should go to the city to know the situation please The danger of our Black Dragon City can be solved this time Thanks to Mr. Lin Defeat evil and defend the way It's our responsibility You are welcome Fellow Taoists.

Grandfather is having a dinner at the palace tonight Let's welcome the wind and wash the dust for you Thanks for helping I hope some Taoists can attend Thank you for your kindness Then you should rest here first To time I'll pick you up FALSE.

Master asked us to find out the source of demonization Lei Shimei Can have a clue Demonization of monster This time I was going to the Black Dragon Pit with Sisi to find medicine for my brother Just landed in Black Dragon City I met a demonized monster As for the reason We don't know.

This matter I'm afraid to ask the people in Black Dragon City I don't believe that Mo Jun There are many monks exploring in the Black Dragon Mountain in the Black Dragon City I think I can ask them Younger Martial Brother Lin is right I see that monster From the Black Dragon Mountains Those who want to take risks in the mountains.

What can I know good Senior Brother Gao and I will go up to inquire You wait for news Two elder martial sisters heal first Lin Feng, don't bother Qianyu Sister How are you thinking what.

Make a commitment Don't talk nonsense Younger Martial Brother Lin Feng is so arrogant Sooner or later, it will be famous At that time, there will be no chance to queue up Think about it You If brother's injury If it really has nothing to do with him.

We learned after inquiring Seven days ago There are demonized beasts in the Black Dragon Mountains More Than This Those alienated Warcraft also captured many friars Brought them into the Black Dragon abyss deep in the Black Dragon Mountains What are these alienated monsters doing when they take friars away This is unknown it seems.

We can only go to the Black Dragon's abyss to explore Before You can listen for information in the banquet first Let's do it first Okay Okay Good wine Come, come, come Please do it Fellow Taoists.

The danger of Black Dragon City can be solved You have made great contributions This king replaces the people of Black Dragon City A toast to you Although the alienated Warcraft retreated But it still needs the help of several Taoists Completely eliminate these Warcraft spare all later trouble I also hope you heroes.

Kill evil for our Black Dragon City These guys When I first saw Sister Qianyu fall into a desperate situation nowadays But with public opinion, they want us to kill Our Tianjian Sect is ordered to come this time Is to eliminate the alienated Warcraft such This king will replace millions of people in Black Dragon City.

Thank you, Taoist friends however I have one more thing to trouble you It doesn't matter if the lord speaks directly good A few days ago I have a genius in Black Dragon City Captured by Warcraft in the Black Dragon Mountains Please go and save it quickly.

Rescue sb.

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