【ENG SUB】一剑独尊 | The One and Easiest Sword | 第40集

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Eat your meal Xiaozui knows baba all day long everyone In the eighth floor of the Drunken Immortal Building in Xia Tang Dynasty tell me something urgent Senior please speak Ye Gongzi Cangmu Academy and the dark world want to kill you Their men should already be on their way.

These dangers you said We went through it three hours ago but as far as i know Cangmu Academy and the Dark Realm have transferred people from Middle-Earth China big sister If there are people from China from China We're afraid we'll have to call Call big sister.

Are both the Lu family and the Shisan family called? Call That Where's the one on the monster list? Call more than master Ma'am, I've never been afraid of anyone Miss Lu You really don't need to get involved in this matter.

I less nonsense It's not your business anymore big sister Connected say Lu Fairy What are you looking for at night? Do you miss my wife?.

Are you looking for a fight? Qingzhou Tangguo Come help my wife fight oops Baby How did you end up in that backcountry little place? come or not of course coming If it wasn't for the baby over there.

People don't want to go baby lu wait for me who is this talking sticky Well It's a friend of the eldest sister's evildoer list Call me one I see you talk a lot Don't hurry up and call the people over there.

Don't you call someone Or you have no one to call called sent a message earlier good we can't lose this battle landlord My Zuixian Tower has been surrounded by nearly Wantang soldiers.

What to do next Please also decide what is the composition of the army Is it only soldiers Not just soldiers Some of them are like assassins from the dark world also Lord Tang invites you to the imperial capital no retreat.

No talk yes yes I think you are all tired Please rest here for the night dare not say anything else Tonight, I will keep everyone safe in Zuixianlou There's Lao Bazhu little effort.

You don't have to be polite Then everyone rest first Don't bother me, old man Senior walk slowly what are your plans to kill us It's not just the tens of thousands of soldiers outside In addition to hard work i have no other choice.

Good then do it My Zuixian Tower has dispatched 30 experts from all over the world Later they will protect you to break through Also please don't love to fight good after rushing out Everything is up to you Zuixian Lou Changqian can only do so much.

Thank you senior It's just that Zuixianlou helped us so much this time. Your industry in Tang I'm afraid it will no problem just a small industry Ye Gongzi you wait and get ready we should go.

Good are you ready If you have a question, ask it now leave without No big sister you go i won't go what nonsense are you talking about.

To go together not Help me take this back to my brother fire Should be enough for him for a long time bullshit what do you mean you won't leave I tell you even if you die I'm going to take your dead body with me too.

Big sister Walk Thousands to go door open archers ready shoot arrows be careful everyone I leave it to the seniors Then leave it to me rush.

Climb for me ah ah ah rush with me rush Chase don't let them escape I see who dares high, High-ranking warrior.

There are pursuers behind Do not care escape first keep up with them don't let them get away urgent report Knife system and slow If you don't have a hundred thousand urgent military situation Also delayed the important event of the system Look at this unified knife cut you.

Inherent knife system The nine princesses of Jiang Guo suddenly launched a surprise attack Marshal Pei is dead The Black Sword Guard and Death Battalion rushed back to Liangjie City immediately to support Offenders beheaded really at this juncture Jiang Jiu, this stinking bitch The whole team went to the city of two worlds.

Support Marshal Pei Your friends in Zuixianlou are quite reliable. It really stopped tens of thousands of elite soldiers. they have always been walk the talk big sister Shang Yueta he's gone Hu,.

Nonsense I, the big sister, let him live he has to live Miss Lu you stay here Leave the rest to me I thought it was bleeding It seems that he cut off his meridians this fool.

He is afraid that we think he is slow But how can we dislike our brother fine bury him well In the next life we ​​are still brothers Um rest in peace Funeral leave it to me.

This ring I will hand it over to your brother intact for you big sister where do we go next It is less than eight hundred miles away from the capital of the Tang Kingdom I don't know if you are interested Go to the imperial capital of the Tang Dynasty to make a fortune where Tang Guo Cangmu College.

Master Check it out Those who followed Ye Xuan The leader is Lu Banzhuang It's the Lu family who's also on the list of monsters you mean You have offended the Lu family of Middle-earth China for no reason And those lunatics on the list of monsters It's the disciple's mistake.

I made an enemy to Master Also ask Master to punish get up Master what to do next I found out the news Ye Xuan and others are rushing to the imperial capital his current enemy Not only our Cangmu Academy and the dark world.

We just have to wait Someone below will deal with him severely Really studious bold Who broke into my Cangmu Academy It's your young master, Ye Xuan It's that big devil Ye Xuan kill him Big talk.

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