【ENG SUB】一剑独尊 | The One and Only Sword | 第66集

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Then try exhibition you are too slow Are you all okay? Jiang Ye I no way Miss Lian You promised me that you would give me your full support.

Why didn't you make it support I support you mentally you hateful Withdraw first they will come again It will be a fierce battle by then I can't be so passive next time.

We must take precautions in advance Ye Guoshi congratulations you woman what do you want They all want to find me to deal with you and Tuobayan I'm not just taking advantage of the situation. Gather them together and do it together You didn't feel my painstaking efforts.

All right Do you want to join forces with me? Connect Why not connect? Ye Guoshi's strength has really improved by leaps and bounds. yes Didn't catch up I never thought that Ye Xuan could be such a monster Now it seems.

Just wait for me I'm afraid it will be difficult to get rid of it Move reinforcements The most indispensable thing in China in Middle-earth is monsters Those in the top ten of the monster list Hard to please Have you ever heard of the Saint of Northern Cold? nature This person is the youngest monster in our Middle-earth China.

How Can your Hehuan Sect invite her? Beihan Sect owed me a favor from Huanxiao Sect back then. I laugh at the door if you use this kind of favor to invite shouldn't be a big problem Tasteful and astringent inferior tea Let’s get straight to the point Miss Lian.

Because of your master The entire Qingcang Realm has undergone drastic changes Especially our Qingzhou The origin is greatly damaged Aura fades Those people from Middle-earth China After entering Qingzhou, he committed all kinds of evil crazy plunder I can't let this go on any longer.

What can you do First Searching for spiritual pulse Restoring the origin of Qingzhou second peace of mind Exclude the enemy I never thought you would want to save the entire Qingzhou cold lips.

If we do nothing for up to a month Qingzhou will become a hell on earth I think it’s not enough for me and Dayun Empire alone We have to unite with everyone in Qingzhou Only if we all work together Only then can Qingzhou restore calm That's right Even if some are not powerful but together.

It's not a small force What's more, we don't will only make things worse Reasonable I have sent people looking everywhere for spirit veins And find out where the origin of Qingzhou is as long as the pulse is enough It will be able to restore the origin of Qingzhou But at least hundreds of top-quality spiritual veins.

What Hundreds of top quality spiritual veins lied to you cut correct this thing for you Give me what's inside so anxious.

I left without finishing my sentence friend I have good news for you That ring you entrusted to me A total of 650 million top-quality spirit stones Thank you, fifth floor owner But there is another bad news what's going on i got the message.

Up to one month Canglan Continent may turn into Death Continent At that time, it is very likely that the powerful people from China and China will come to Qingzhou. The Alliance to Protect the World They should have completely abandoned Qingzhou and Canglan Continent. If little friend can't let go of Jiang Guo Ningguo and Canglan College Please make plans in advance How did Cang Lanzhou become like this?.

Not only did the most powerful forces over there fail to protect Canglan Continent, Also frantically plundering local resources Especially the Canglan College over there After they scavenged resources Immediately returned to Middle-earth China with the elite disciples Extremely shameless It would be the same for Xiaoyou and the Dayun Empire Believe that Qingzhou is at most half a month will become a dead continent.

Senior, don't worry My canglan is different from them And although Ye Xuan is greedy for money, But the bottom line of being a human being is still there correct I would like to ask my seniors to buy a batch of true spirit weapons for me weapons Armor is fine Five days later, the old man came to see the little friend.

Good It's so cold in here Seniors are here What's the matter Please help the Holy Lady of Northern Han to help my Hehuan Sect go to Qingzhou to kill one person. Qingzhou barbarian land exactly Naturally, the favors owed to me by Beihan Sect must be repaid.

But you want to ask the saint It also depends on the saint’s own personal meaning. go to qingzhou Yes go to qingzhou What do you think, Your Majesty the Holy Lady? what are the benefits Her Majesty the Virgin This is a gift prepared for you by our Hehuan Sect.

50 million spirit stones good I will go with you Fifty million spirit stones I can buy my brother a real mid-grade sword. finally became Swallowed the three swords given by Miss Lian The Lingxiu Sword has been successfully upgraded to the highest level of true level. may want to improve again.

Not only to devour the sword It also requires the transformation of Lingxiu Sword itself what should i do Something happened to Jiang Guo What's up Some mysterious people rushed into the hinterland of Jiang State There was no one alive wherever they passed Even the two world cities could not escape. who is so vicious.

Walk go and see

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