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Is the trip going well? You'll know the result in a few days Maybe there will be big changes in West City this time. But right now Set up an auction house branch on Anjia's site Zhao Bai never tired of it No wonder I haven't seen him lately I'm here to tell you good news You have found Heaven and Earth Xuanlei.

Can't you be a little bit stupid It's okay to play dumb you like this How much fun is missing in life? In fact, I have lowered my IQ. Where is Heaven and Earth Xuanlei? The news was brought by Liu Qianru Qianru what are you doing.

What are you doing I sent someone to investigate that day Instead it turns out Liu Qianru, who didn't care much at the time, got it first Is this God's will? Qianru shut up It was my father who got the news by accident not necessarily correct.

You can take it for reference I read it for you This Heaven and Earth Profound Thunder On the prairie west of Crane City thanks a lot if one day you need me must say it i promise not to resist Give me back the map.

Red dot on the map It is the place where Xuanlei appeared As for the specific location it's up to you to find it yourself The map says Xuanlei is in the north Up North Down South Left West Right East that kid come quickly What are you doing standing so far away?.

Yes it's you The silver wolves have appeared What are you doing whimpering? In front is the silver wolf everyone in a circle bow and arrow preparation what happened who is this man.

Keep your voice down bro This is the son of the third regiment leader little brother don't be afraid watch me later what are you two mumbling about Where's your bow and arrow? i don't know how to shoot arrows don't know how to shoot arrows Then you go as bait.

I think you should go by yourself What hairy black dad save me kid you want to fight Let the silver wolf tear him apart All do not attack let him run among the wolves.

I'll let you be struck by lightning first son bow and arrow preparation clean up this guy shoot arrows A beautiful female wolf A beautiful female wolf You killed the wolf king's wife People are coming to take revenge on you.

I'm leaving first hateful Wait till I kill these beasts i will catch you let you live but not die painting north painting north go ahead and stop her can't let her go.

How come so fast stop Just some power mysteries who are you that woman's partner who cares catch it first That's right painting north.

What's the next sentence want to attack i see you get out Who are you My name is Ni Yao they hunted me down i can't beat them this man looks pathetic.

But can enter the prairie canyon alone Also provoke the mercenary group it can't be that simple if you can cry a few tears I believe you I Oscar Golden man cry when you say cry.

Play fart I believe you stop your tears Wait a moment can you take me away My wife may not accept it I'm being hunted by them if you don't take me away I.

I so weird eyes Not interested in Wait a moment don't stay here for long you take me away i pay you what reward what reward.

No never mind up north What are you doing down south Left West that's the east side do you know how to get here Know.

What are you doing here Oh well I will take you away you show me the way make a deal How did you mess with this mercenary group? They are overlords here Their leader is greedy for my beauty you are scared.

Afraid Of course afraid Of course afraid Each of the three heads is stronger than me But just two quintuplets a quadruple heaven Two triple heavens and several spirits what kind of overlord big sister.

It doesn't matter what it is on the prairie There are countless strong They are here to act as overlords If you meet the strong You can kill them with a lift of your hand I'm too lazy to tell you May I have your name.

Xu Feng And you Ni Yao etc up north down south left west right east you go to the right right side you're not bluffing me.

The map clearly shows north Believe it or not where you are going It is a special area on this grassland It's impossible to get in with your broken map The only way to get there is from the east line to line But if you don't take me to my destination i don't mind sending you back.

Miss Ben is very familiar with this grassland It's easy to take you there what are you doing shut up The leader is also true Was actually cheated by a woman so embarrassing but to be deceived is to be deceived Is it necessary to catch everywhere in the grassland?.

It's too much of a fuss keep your voice down I heard that the leader got a treasure I was tricked by this woman what treasure I don't know either they have gone can you let go Excuse me.

Occupational disease committed i just bit your hand correct just now they said you stole something baby That Dongyou originally belonged to me I just took it back I don't want to meddle too much in your affairs But you take these talismans There should be someone from the spirit realm looking for you nearby.

How strong are you Barely deal with triple sky Let's deal with some of them first Hurry up and invite Elder Heidian let me go you bastard you bastard don't make trouble What speed do you have in mind?.

Don't you know the reason why men and women don't kiss each other? I sacrificed myself to do your thing real I believe you are to blame stop leave that woman what are you doing This elder should have triple heaven strength By agreement.

I hold him Leave the others to you you are one step late let me go kid you want to fight how but come I took care of the son of the three heads of your regiment.

It's you defeated Mao Hei Thunderbolt knife The strength of the second heaven dare to challenge me The Second Heaven is enough for you Big talk This is yes.

This is rotten powder Under the spirit, touch it and rot Who told you to chase Miss Ben for so many days? there is always a price to pay stop i must catch you make you kneel down and beg for mercy hello old man.

Stop Xu Feng Xu Feng don't mess with them Is it disrespectful of you to leave me like this? Talisman seven kill sword six swords What are you doing there?.

Run Later their companions will come you wait for me You just defeated the three heavens I am over-flattered each other each other The way you looked just now scared me too Chief I underestimated her.

Surround the canyon I see how she comes out besides The second child found nothing this area Why are there so many powerful people haunting recently? The second group leader is inquiring It seems that there are mysterious things in heaven and earth What.

Slower Slower why stopped did you make a mistake definitely go through here such a narrow road Besides, this hurricane blows my eyes out. Fall into the abyss and it's over This is the only way out.

Hold me how embarrassing develop so fast will catch people off guard Why can't I see that you are sorry? if it weren't for my current state can't stand these hurricanes I won't let you hug Can this work?.

Rest assured I've walked this way countless times you do what i say good don't look down concentrate left to the left your hands.

Where to touch too nervous Be quiet wrong step Just wait to be sliced ​​by a hurricane It was an accident just now Accident promise it won't happen again Be careful when you go out later.

Follow me There have been a lot of mystics in this area recently finally out you know what's in here it's no secret It used to be the residence of a master Some treasures are also normal you are so familiar with this place haven't found.

You put me down first hey heart I'm not interested in the treasures here I believe you are to blame Thousand Valleys Grasslands and canyons overlap easy to get lost The location marked on your map is here But the area is not small.

To find what you need you have to figure it out But you don't have to go north there is only one stone wall no other way I told you that there is no road there, you still don't believe me still go there i don't believe you then you still go this way.

It's because you said there's no way I'm just going this way Don't you think this stone wall is fake? Hello this is not right No matter how you look at it, there are problems with this stone wall. Ni Yao Go check out the other two bushes See if there is an agency.

This is the agency password correct This rock cannot grow plants Unless the organ recess Soil is formed by the accumulation of dust over time However, if you do not know the corresponding password the mechanism will be locked Small tricks not that much trouble.

What are you doing with this gourd Walk Let's solve the mechanism this press a little tighter let's go how did you do it very simple Look at the essence through the phenomenon.

Medicine garden Blood Flower Spirit Grass water spirit flower Hua Lingguo fool fool sigh slowly Why don't you pull it out first? what happened again.

I was stabbed by poisonous weeds Isn't this a common poisonous weed? what's all the fuss about let me see Xu Feng Walk go quickly Walk go quickly.

Let's go give me your hand do not move detoxification you will detoxify Danger condensate no peeking So fast.

What so fast without nothing what are you doing Do you want to scare people to death again? let me go let me go I also want to take the elixir I'll pick it.

I will share with you later real real correct What you just performed was Taoism you know Taoism It's really Taoism Taoism is only available in the great families passed down from ancient times He looks nothing like this.

Alright let's go etc let's go go quickly My gut tells me I don't have much time but there are so many Why is it suddenly getting cold here? Tianyang.

Xuanzhe Tianyang Xuanzhe how did you see that This skeleton has been in the cave for a long time, but it is spotless This skeleton has been in the cave for a long time, but it is spotless The meat is cold and the quality is like black iron Spirit Realm Mystic It is absolutely impossible to temper every bone like this What are you doing.

It is indeed as hard as black iron certainly Tianyang Xuanzhe stomped his feet before he was alive and could shake one side After death, its bones can also forge weapons It is a rare material you are going to bury him Don't you want this skeleton? in our place death is the greatest.

Buried since dead All grievances are gone with the wind why bother insulting their bones Xu Feng get out of there This Tianyang Xuanzang used secret techniques on his own bones prevent theft It's deep into the bone.

No wonder no one can find the treasure of this profound practitioner Even if others meet this skeleton take it away never buried Thanks Tianpin Xuanji Gupao Gupao what.

Xu Feng give me this thing please not good but this thing might work for you But it's the strongest in my hands It works for me After all, if I use a copper coin, I use it myself. The golden square is used by others, so it is also used by others Am I right.

You shall i bring you in Can't you share me a little bit? really It seems too stingy for me to occupy alone. How about this I'll give you a few taels of silver later It's your reward you.

How the hell are you going to give it to me it's really important to me The corpse powder you used earlier Just take eight bottles and ten bottles. That's it I only have this bottle for now I'll give you the rest later Give me the fruit also.

Then write me an IOU for the rest. It's him He is the leader of the third regiment Red Grid Elder stop them brat brat where to run Mercenaries.

Run fast Into the Spirit Thunder Warlock interesting I can't believe how far you can run notify brother Said I found those two Ask Big Brother to organize people to chase them with all their might And the newly discovered cave treasure Also taken by these two.

Alright let's keep going they should spread out Encircle us step by step Since this We'll use your familiarity with the terrain break them down one by one Three heads What should we do now.

Hateful let them run again How are they so familiar with this place? tell big brother Temporary suspension of clearance Let all the profound practitioners in the group who have entered the spiritual realm come over I don't believe he can fly with wings head do not be angry.

I'm going to deal with him now also good Be sure to leave me a dead body These little guys must have come to inquire about the news. be careful now They have sent out all the profound practitioners don't get caught up in them Since killing ordinary mercenaries, they don't feel Then except for their red grid elder.

Etc Did you listen to what I said? I told you not to be entangled by them. That elder with a red grid is at least above the second heaven. You are sure you can kill the opponent in a short time Support from the other side But we can come here in a very short time Three to five rounds is enough How can it be.

Good boy Surprise yourself Just trying the Seven Killing Sword dragon gun Seven swords in one Thunderbolt What look who's the hunter how.

Possible Not a Warlock? I let you down I am also a mystic Xu Feng rewind That's too late they are coming damn.

It came so fast do not care Oops hand stuck third round don't get carried away Really are It took only three rounds to defeat Hongge chase me.

Tell big brother Let them forget about the fifth heaven Come here first and kill this kid yes yes will they catch up Although their speed is good But here speed alone they can't do anything to me Are you OK.

Just got blasted by the red grid Xu Feng with me yes want you to hold me I feel terrible you think beautifully careful Is it you who defeated Heizi?.

Spiritualization Entering the Fifth Heaven He's the second head of the mercenary regiment. Xu Feng run away fall so fast It still hurts a little That's too late.

You go first i block him Xu Feng go quickly Otherwise, none of them can escape if something happens to him I will definitely let your mercenary group stay no bones left trying to block me.

No one can escape where are you going This is Ancient remains What you are practicing is an ancient technique hand over the skills i let you go Yeah Then it depends on what you are capable of.

Seven kill sword Seven swords in one Stubborn Even a small second heaven dares to attack me do not know good from bad Sealing Cold spell you guy It's a bird shell.

You looking for a fight Walk Ran It's the fifth heaven Isn't Big Brother following him? What's the relationship between him and this kid? why save him second brother.

Big brother big brother Did you see that five heavens? He got a fire mystery Fire Xuanwu Yes if you bring it to me I will definitely reach the Seventh Heaven and become the overlord here He seems to have escaped there.

Not sure chase that guy got hurt thanks You're welcome enemy of enemy is friend one way or another Help me today Xu Feng wrote it down do not worry about it.

I don't like to owe favors very much But seeing how badly you're hurt I have a lot of healing talismans here you use it Talisman You are participating in Academy Hunt Xu Feng who got the space treasure you what are you doing.

I just make sure This belt was traded from my brother to you I'm Jayeon's older brother Jayah rest assured I have no shortage of space treasures I accept this talisman that's good that's good If you are destined to leave alive today When I go back to college, I will find you again.

Although he is hateful not serious ruffian but why are you still here not for you Xu Feng You don't want to wait for me, do you? that's not the case.

I just wander around why did you escape short story meet someone nice let's not talk they are nearby let's run away I said you put me down I can run by myself.

You can't run fast legs are too short But aren't you hurt? how to return how can there be a lake here is the lake deep have no idea no one has ever visited What do you want to do.

Go in and have a look don't want I can not swim just hold your breath hateful don't strangle me neck sorry sure enough.

This little girl is so familiar with this area There must be something wrong with the place she hasn't looked for either. it seems treasure hunt Or go to a place where no one has developed How did you know there was a cave under the water Watch more TV shows be careful No wonder no one has visited here It turns out that the people who came here are gone.

Xu Feng what are you doing do what i have to do You don't want to devour Xuan Lei now, do you? no To devour mysterious things, you need to be fully prepared Let alone Xuan Lei what are you going to do That's too late.

Xu Feng do not come good powerful Xu Feng Ancient Taoism I didn't expect to open up my veins In addition to the Governor Vessel opened earlier Doesn't it mean that I am now in a martial arts movie?.

One in a million peerless master Heaven and earth aura Forged Diamond Hood block the wrath of heaven and earth Vajra Bodyguard who are you Not only understand the Taoism left over from ancient times Even the body training methods of the ancient Taoist body have But you don't have the demeanor of an ancient family at all.

Did you get the inheritance from some ancient mysterious person? rune disappeared What do you want to do I never thought you were such a person No not like this I just think don't think about it shameless.

Stinking rogue I really want to help you Not only did you not thank me you still beat me ruthless you also said i'm going to say take advantage of me reach out to me the hand of the devil.

Not only did I not blame you return I saw you practice Taoism stop talking You have devoured Jingfu Liuguanglei devoured Spiritualization five heavens sharp.

Only five heavens Jingfu Liuguanglei is in the heaven and earth Xuanlei It's all top-notch Enough for a fifth-level person to break through to the ninth level what a waste But you fork monastic body for monasticism It cannot be compared with the ordinary five heavens but what do we do now right.

I'll just say I'm great you follow me let's clean up the bad guys good don't be afraid I am here What are you running in a panic? That kid rushed over Brothers are all cleaned up by him.

Let's run the fifth heaven no the one who beat your son OK It's all delivered rush back with me There is no pardon for violators Three heads.

Three heads stay safe you did this exactly I see you don't want to live anymore I'll let you go down and make amends to me, Heizi. Take your life if it was yesterday I'm still afraid of this trick.

But now Spiritualization five heavens impossible Three heads are you okay run away go to big brother and second brother block him for me.

Go you have something to say don't pull my hair I've seen your hairy face for a long time. It's dirty, it's disgusting I tear don't want Your skin and hair is from your parents Don't dare to damage the beginning of filial piety.

Very scary kid Hand over the Xuanpin Fire Xuanwu i spare your life i spare your life Yeah I'm afraid you have to pay a little price. second brother rush.

Leave no body good I split who is attacking It was your third brother that you hacked just now long time no see everyone I really miss You killed the third brother i did it.

Your brother said that the body, hair and skin are the parents Don't dare to damage the beginning of filial piety his big brother is you shave every day be regarded as unfilial I saw him insulting big brother, so I taught him a lesson for you. I'm sure you don't blame me and you He said that although the eldest brother shaves.

But the elder brother has a lot of hair Their family's ancestors will not be bald but you are bald definitely not from their family Those who slander brothers so much have been taught by me Surely you won't blame me either and you buddies I.

I am my father's biological son I mean you saved me last time This time it's my turn to save you nonsense I just shaved because I started to go bald My younger brother was picked up by my elder brother and I when we were young. Siblings since childhood I definitely won't say such a thing Look at the trick.

Your opponent is me Who knows if you are bald or not Shaved now up to you Shut up I'm going to blow you up angry Is there really something hidden Spiritualization.

Five heavens impossible You have devoured the mysterious objects of heaven and earth luck luck not worth mentioning big brother don't listen to his nonsense he is irritating you good.

Late when seven kill sword Seven swords in one big brother i want to kill you To avenge the elder brother and the third younger brother why don't you look so smart Your elder brother is the sixth heaven, and I have wiped out it.

You're just five heavens Although you belong to the old king next door But you three have the same IQ what are you doing at noon you hit you hit I'll take a break a bit tired This melon is good original.

Of course melon seeds must be eaten in their original flavor. A boy who has only reached the fifth heaven I really thought I could go to heaven Yeah eat slowly leave me some easy to say He's going to let the dog go Bahuang.

Xu Feng, let me help you i throw finished chop you are right He really doesn't look very smart Unprepared with enemies around take my head I was saving your life.

Grab my head shamelessly I will grab can you two stop fighting The sun will go down again Let's discuss what to do next single out mercenaries Um what are you doing pick up equipment.

I've been staring at it for a long time is he gone gone You waited on purpose for this or else what a shame Ni Yao Do you know where the warehouse of the Mercenary Corps is? I know.

Walk we buy blue elder Oh no Someone rushed over flustered what does it look like Just a bunch of idiots Bros.

Walk Go and see who ate the leopard gall Didn't expect them to come out in full force hey-hey Didn't that just drive them all away? here is the warehouse you sure Sure.

Can you be a little more civilized don't be so rough Huh why are you here if not Shouldn't you be fighting outside? already done that piece of red wood It is Hongchen wood that can make talisman seals that exceed its own strength.

It is also required to craft the Vajra Amulet what are you looking at Give me this rotten wood This is obviously red dust wood what rotten wood On behalf of the talismans you know, I will bring a dozen pieces each Can But I have to choose these things After all, I make ten talisman seals.

Oh no Only one success for every thirty materials make a deal save some for me correct Keep what you carry The so-called flies are meat even though they are small How do you feel that I was cheated here's the thing.

I'll go first see you at school I want to go back Um So goodbye i will remember you Xu Feng Goodbye.

Goodbye Hate Xu Feng Stupid Xu Feng I haven't seen anyone for so many days I shoot I shot you to death no no no Can't hit with a cross can't scold.

Nasty ghost who made you angry Beauty Xu Feng It's you it's me nasty ghost what have you been doing these days Why is there no one?.

Don't come to me don't come to see me go out and improve some strength Otherwise, I'm afraid I won't be able to protect you when others stare at me I just didn't expect it to take so many days are you hurt Did I hurt you just now? it hurts you comfort comfort.

I don't hurt anymore Think beautifully Xu Feng Zhou Yang helped you get a room at the academy not far from where I live real real I set it up for you I'll take you there to see.

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