【ENG SUB】一等家丁 | First Class Servant | 第65集

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If you guys have any ideas I don't mind practicing with you shameless It's okay to bully the soft and fear the hard forged evidence slander us Father Me and Quanzi are willing to be tainted witnesses Report and expose the ugly face of this father and son.

From Small Town to Crane City You Li Hexuan have been against me time to send you on your way Xu Feng you Mr. Xu's trick really worked To deal with this kind of person, you have to use extreme measures. hateful They actually arrested people in my house.

I will make you pay Xu Feng Xu Feng sit down thanks uncle zhou Zhao Xue's subordinates have all been imprisoned you did a great job this time It's fine if you don't implicate Uncle Zhou no problem.

The imperial court will only think that I am partial to the younger generation but you boy captured another heart Uncle Zhou was joking correct My niece Liu is looking for you willow niece willow niece come on.

Wait till you finish talking find me in the study Miss Liu we haven't seen each other for a long time not long I'm here because grandpa asked me to bring you a message how did he know Then you'll have to ask my grandfather yourself. His grandfather actually knew Huaxia.

Be sure to ask yourself good In three days, we will go to the capital together not in three days i won't wait for you meet foster father no where is the patient take me to see.

How long has this been going on Three hundred and eighty days Signs of toxins invading viscera A few days later there will be no cure please save my father He is a filial child get up The king must do his best Do not worry.

The foster father is powerful there must be a way This poison is so strong The toxins in the patient's body are basically eliminated But the viscera are the fragile places of the human body My spiritual power is too strong Not good adoptive father is there any other way.

Correct i remember a secret recipe but need your help I The secret recipe requires the A main drug called Chenghuangcao Wouldn't it be easier for Uncle Zhou to come in person? Uncle Zhou wants you to help save Uncle Xia Uncle Zhou is still thoughtful.

There are monsters in the deep forest Miss Sisi, wait for me here that's not okay As Feixuan's friend I also want to do my part This is the big tree that foster father mentioned should be Xu Feng Isn't that what it is?.

I didn't expect to find it so easily Uncle Xia is saved careful This is It should be the two-winged cockscomb snake Uncle Zhou mentioned. Sister Sisi stay away good You have to be careful.

Kill me Xu Feng Are you OK no problem In this case then i'll let you taste this Sealing Cold Sealing Cold Sealing Cold.

So powerful It seems that we still need to use a trick. Bladestorm all in one Now you can take medicine with peace of mind. Uncle Zhou This is Chenghuang Grass I didn't expect you kid to pick it up so easily. Mainly because Uncle Zhou's information is accurate.

Tell everyone something I'm leaving here for the capital soon Xu Feng don't worry I will take care of everything for you that would be great Thank you Uncle Zhou The master will go back to refining medicine first. little maple.

When are you leaving leaving tomorrow Miss Xia there is good news for you summer Miss? Qiao Guang's family has already gone to see Hades you can live in peace goodbye.

Goodbye what a kid Sisi is a perfect match Sister Sisi I still have something to do Are you planning to go to Beijing alone? Miss Sisi, what do you mean by asking that? do you want to go with me I'm not free.

Sure enough, I think too much

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