【ENG SUB】仙武帝尊 | The Immortal Emperor | 第194话 混战!血染青云宗!

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After the war, quickly enter the nine sub-halls Clean up spies from all forces Yes These are some vassals of Qingyun Sect By the ancient thunder fight a quick battle to force a quick decision I finally have work to do thus Qingyun Zong will definitely think that Yin Zhiping did it.

Yin Zhiping will go to Qingyun Sect in the evening can't He will only wait at home for his subordinates to deliver good news Everyone should remember to let his men wear black robes set out Is war about to start Yeah In a few more hours come.

Drink Happy It's getting late I'm leaving Wait for me Temple Master We're all out Only Yang Dingtian's lineage is left in the Ninth Hall Is it too risky.

The most important thing is to destroy Qingyun Such great achievements How can we give in Yes Yes The temple master has a high opinion Such a great achievement The temple master still thinks about us It's still the temple master who has a high vision See how happy you can be.

Temple Master Here comes the Zhengyang Sect Yeah goddess have not seen for a long time How about Qingyun Sect business as usual I still despise Zhengyang Sect There are 30% of the Yin Ming dead generals.

Have you seen enough sorry I was just thinking about how to attack Nothing to think about You attack the south gate I attack the East Gate In the morning Launch the attack on time good.

Also Remember our agreement I make my small fortune You build your army Let me say Or is your Zhengyang Sect far-sighted Is it our turn after finishing the Qingyun Sect perhaps You can vote for another.

Enlightened ruler Do you say Cheng Kun is the Ming Lord Better than Yin Zhiping Yin Zhiping became violent Isn't it Chengkun I remind of it Chase and suppress the enchanted Ye Chen You Zhengyang Sect also have a share He is not a devil.

Why not The whole Big Chu is out A gentleman is innocent It's a sin He is not strong enough, but he has a strange treasure Blocked the way of many people He's not a devil It seems that you are a smart man Why.

Why not join you by casting aside the shadows That Ye Chen I was expelled by you That's different There's nothing different Whether it is Ming Lord or not has nothing to do with me I only look at interests It's time Go ahead.

Yin Zhiping Becomes the Leader of Hengyue Temple This Hengyue is over He is far worse than Yang Dingtian Whatever Go home to sleep after this circle What who Enemy attack Enemy attack.

Go ahead upper bastard How can there be so many strong people Yin Zhiping You dare to fool me What are you waiting for Ask the headquarters for help yes.

Zhao Qing Well done Good time Send you home Small miscellaneous hair It's too long, isn't it Want to destroy the void array of Qingyun Sect I have to add to your mess bastard.

Forefoot just promised me that the league would calculate Zhengyang Sect Immediately attack our nine branches Yin Zhiping I'm not finished with you Mysterious body have not seen for a long time No time to say hello to you You're a long way off What if you add me.

Cangxing I'm looking for you, Hengyue, these fickle garbage You are so naive Don't talk nonsense to him I hold him down You go to destroy the Void Transport Array good With you Take your time.

Anyone here? I say, everyone Let's fight at will Make a play how Kill you It's all for a living So serious Why.

Dare to be distracted from the enemy Don't want to live We stand Go to destroy the Void Transmission Array You are not his opponent I am here Go to help Cang Xing

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