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Let me say it one last time Or hand over the wooden card Or die Who do you think you are Why should I hand it over namely We have a lot of people Don't listen to him Since I can persuade you not to follow.

Since I can persuade you not to follow That's not my fault The second move of blood shadow crazy knife Kill the ground So terrible On your own And turned the whole examination room upside down He's too strong It's important to protect your life.

Let's hand it in Hum Finally, I collected all the identity cards Now I have all the wooden cards for customs clearance Now I have all the wooden cards for customs clearance I want to announce a rule Only one chance per person Those who want to pass Take the head of the Chen family.

To exchange for wooden cards First come, first served wait You won't really believe it This kid's nonsense Yeah We were all together just now Fight side by side I'm Chen Mengren.

You killed me The Chen family will not let it go Go to hell Ling Shao I have finished the task Look Good. Here is your wooden card Good. Here is your wooden card You can clear the customs.

That's true That's true I still have a chance to pass I still have a chance to pass What are you waiting for It's easier to deal with the Chen family than with him Wei killed Wei Stop Stop everything.

Stop Yan Hao Do you want to interfere with the assessment This is the crime of killing the head I got the sign I got the sign I got it too You can pass You can pass.

End of exam I declare All those who have obtained the wooden pass Congratulations on your passing the recruitment assessment Ling Jianchen has the largest number of wooden cards First place in this assessment by rule Reward 1000 military achievements This is good.

I'm afraid Yan Hao doesn't want to be overwhelmed Ling Jianchen You have offended Liu and Chen families You'd better be careful in the future conduct oneself well Hum Afraid of a hammer Whoever he is I broke it with a knife.

Brother Ling How was the exam Dark eleven alas General It's just the first place Brother Ling is joking again Now the whole Qinghuo City is in full swing Said you made a big noise in the examination room by yourself.

Make Yan Hao unable to come down Now everyone calls you the evil god That's what they do You haven't said what to do with me Oh, yes Look at my memory I came to tell you Recruits who generally pass the examination Will go to Qinghuo Cave to practice for a period of time.

There is enough spiritual power in it If Brother Ling is interested You can also go and have a look That's just right I just offended two families We need to improve our strength as soon as possible Minor master This is the case That's great.

I'm looking for him Unexpectedly, he delivered it himself You killed Liu Ao's father and son We should calculate Tianhao You are born intelligent Unlike your brother 0 You should know how to do it Father rest assured.

The first seven days of the universe When Ling Jianchen died I'm Chen Tianhao I vowed to take his head as a memorial to my brother's spirit in heaven Qinghuo Cave is a military restricted area No admittance I just want to go in and practice How to enter solemn silence.

Who dares to make noise in our defense area wait You are the one who made a big noise in the exam room Ling Jianchen immediately Youyou taxi service for you Please fasten your seat belt and leave It's over running the red light Luo Feng.

You are here. Miss Jun I'm your English teacher My name is Junlianmeng Get out of the car boss bastard What are you doing I told you not to appear in front of me again.

I must be offended boy Which way are you on Yeah I'm a Yoyo driver Help the passengers deliver the left things Remember to give five-star praise Get it done Enough.

Sooner or later, such people will ruin our major events When necessary Gather all the strength to get rid of him What else do you want me to do You should go to find the enemy at the end of the earth Raksha Bauhinia promised you I will do it A single person can have such destructive power.

He's the only one he A man whom we have no face to see To avoid the rabbit, you find the wrong person Let me tell you My name is Luo Feng Remember this name

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