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In order to find materials for refining earth panacea Xiao Yan got acquainted with the mysterious No. 1 Ziyan in the medicinal material library of the inner courtyard After successfully getting together the last two medicinal materials needed for the Earth Spirit Pill Xiao Yan couldn't hold back his desire to subdue Falling Heart Flame Immediately go to the deep mountain in the inner courtyard to refine the earth panacea Conquer the Fallen Heart Flame as soon as possible It will be able to replace the medicine and refine the body as soon as possible This panacea can be ranked among the best even among the sixth-grade elixir don't stay away later.

Remember to observe my technique carefully The opportunity to observe the teacher's alchemy in person i won't miss it When it becomes alchemy, it will cause a vision of heaven and earth then you remember to stay away so as not to accidentally hurt Black magic cauldron Since the time required for refining each medicinal material is different So I will refine all the medicinal materials separately into liquid medicine.

Final mixing The little guy is optimistic don't be distracted Deliberately suppress the flame temperature at a low temperature Only then can the extraction be completed without destroying the medicinal materials really perfect control Unexpectedly, the medicinal materials for refining the sixth-grade elixir It has the effect of counterattack The next step is quite critical.

Purify This will directly determine the quality of the pill The fire control ability of the alchemist is also extremely demanding Ling old just say something Miss The patriarch has an order News of the disappearance of Xiao Zhan, head of the Xiao family passed down the family.

The patriarch thinks that part of the key may also be missing For safety reasons a month later Someone from the clan will come to pick you up in person Is someone chewing their tongue behind their back again? Miss The Patriarch also vaguely guessed something about you and Young Master Xiao Yan and The elders of the clan also believed that.

Master Xiao Yan, he not good enough for you worthy or not from now on they will understand Miss Master Xiao Yan's cultivation talent is indeed rare in his life But he needs time to grow If Miss insists on staying by her side.

I'm afraid it will cause the family's dissatisfaction with Master Xiao Yan so I think Miss temporarily leaves Master Xiao Yan Instead, it's his protection Brother Xiao Yan The teacher is really good If I come to refine I'm afraid even if it takes three or four days.

It's hard to deal with this sixth-order magic core next it's the last step this battle It is indeed a sixth-grade elixir Be careful Bigger movements are yet to come Elixir is about to take shape Vision is coming.

After rewinding teacher Are you OK Kaidan this is what the teacher said Is it a vision of heaven and earth? hope Don't lure people from the inner courtyard here. The guys from Blackhorn.

Has there been any recent changes The Great Elder is worried about Han Feng, the Medicine Emperor of the Black Horn Region? Han Feng is not just an ordinary Douhuang peak powerhouse He is also a sixth-grade pharmacist The attraction of strange fire to him is incomparable. Why did you leave halfway? so fluctuating It's only when the sixth grade elixir is formed, right? From the direction of Canaan College.

Could it be that old man Huo's alchemy has improved again? never mind Although not afraid of those old guys But it is also inconvenient This is the panacea teacher Now the medicine is ready You'd better go back to rest in the ring first Ugh.

It is indeed difficult for this soul body to exert its full strength In the past, the sixth grade elixir was refined why does it take so long don't worry teacher I will definitely bring you back to life again Put away the medicine Could it be that all sixth-grade pills are so spiritual? even know how to dodge not all.

The sixth grade elixir does have some spirituality But it's just a very vague feeling However, this panacea has been catalyzed by the cold fire of the bone spirit. Spirituality will naturally be more intense The sixth-grade elixir has such spirituality Wouldn't the higher-level ones be able to spit out people's words? All right It's useless to say it now You will know what you should know from now on.

Someone is coming towards us And the strength of the comer is extremely tyrannical hide scary speed Fortunately, the teacher noticed in time I don’t know where friends are making alchemy in my inner courtyard can you show up This person is much stronger than those elders If not bad.

He should be the most prestigious elder in the inner courtyard. Could it be gone do not move is it really gone never mind This time it's really gone stop this voice Is it still found?.

Who are you turn around Zi Yan It turned out to be you little girl How about it The voice of my elder can be mistaken for the real one. how do you know i'm here don't worry about how i know I ate all the pills you refined for me last time.

I came to find you to make medicine It seems that in your eyes, I only have this effect 9 don't touch my head follow me Please help me refine some more this time. Brother Xiao Yan you're back How did they fight Wu Hao clamored to go to the arena.

Hu Jia was afraid that he would lose the fire energy again Let Wu Hao have to win her to go this little girl It should be the Ziyan mentioned by brother Xiao Yan, right? yes This Bhutanese medicine came to me again I don't believe I can't stop you today Kaoru be careful you lie to me.

Soldiers never tire of cheating Feel sorry Didn't scare you In case Xiao Yan gets injured, you can't refine medicine for me Even if you are Xiao Yan's friends I can't forgive you Xiao Yan Quickly give me the alchemy Where is the kid here?.

Young Not a little angry never mind I don't care about you anymore how Still want to fight Soldiers never tire of cheating look carefully This girl is young.

But there seems to be an extremely powerful force in the body really start Few of us are her opponents The medicine is here help me make medicine so many herbs You made Elder Hao bleed again He must be mad at you nonsense.

I found this medicinal material in the deep mountains by myself. I was born with a sense of these heaven and earth spirits Didn't steal that old guy special induction This inner courtyard is deep in the mountains I know where there is a panacea However, most elixirs are guarded by powerful monsters Just like the Snow Demon Sky Ape in the valley I've been there several times and I've been beaten back by it.

Then I met a woman with silver hair in the inner courtyard I see her pleasing to the eye So I told her what Snow Demon Sky Ape guarded I don't know if she succeeded She said that if she got it, she would give me a share. I didn't expect Han Yue to know about the Earth Core Body Tempering Milk It was Zi Yan who told her Refining medicinal materials for you It's exhausting.

You can't let me do it for nothing, can you? what do you want nothing As long as I go to the mountains to search for medicinal materials just come with me up to you But I'll just take you to find the medicine If you meet a monster that protects medicinal materials you have to figure it out.

Certainly I really want to do it must be paid Of course make a deal Things to help you refine at night come and get it tomorrow Know it Xiao Yan.

I heard you're back come and play with me Those brats in the arena see me and run too much fun Brother Lin Yan you wait a minute choose the day rather than hit the day eat my trick How about I come to play with you.

Why you Xiao Yan is my cover if he gets hurt be careful i ate you I wanted to stay longer I didn't expect to meet a spoiler I'm leaving The king of brute force is You didn't say it earlier.

I was just about to tell you you rushed up stop laughing do you know her identity very cute little girl cute If you saw the last strong list contest Horror scene where this guy kicks everyone off don't think so.

I didn't expect you to be number one on the top list It turned out to be such a cute little girl have this monster over you What are you afraid of, Liu Qing? the guy saw her There is only a detour Brother Xiao Yan Brother Xiao Yan Just got news.

Said Xiao Yu was in a hurry to find you Let you go back to the outer courtyard immediately do not know either Has Xiao Yan received the news? I'm so afraid Do not worry He will come as soon as he gets the message. Xiao Yu Xiao Yan.

You finally came don't cry don't cry what happened go in and see for yourself second brother

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