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Xiao Li risked his life to bring family news It turns out that Yunlan Sect is responsible for the thorough eradication Steadily attacked the Xiao family and the Mo Tie Mercenary Corps And in the pursuit team The messenger of the Soul Hall who is looking for the Buddha Buddha Then Xiao Yan's vigilance was caused by accident Think of the people who were almost washed by blood Xiao Yan felt extremely guilty Can face the gap of strength.

He can only choose to remain silent for a while To revitalize the Xiao family Xiao Yan and Xiao Li set out on their own journey They believe The humiliation experienced by the Xiao family one day Will make the enemy pay back a hundred times It seems that students who are qualified to enter the sixth level of cultivation It is indeed a minority Look at the back.

Two Star Douling When will this strength enter the sixth level namely Does the inner courtyard begin to reduce the conditions It seems that your privilege in the inner court is really not small With the strength of two-star dueling, we can enter the sixth floor I don't know how many others to envy Brother Lin Yan You are my brother of Lin Yan.

If someone bothers you You call me Long time no action Bone itches all day Thank you Bone itching Then go to play with Brother Liu Qing just right He also cultivates here.

His name is Yao Sheng He is a member of the Split Mountain Sect Have some thoughts about Liu Fei Don't look at his virtue At least now, it is also a seven-star duel Top 17 More powerful than Bai Cheng I said where the smell is It's Yao Sheng.

Don't talk about Liu Qing all day If enough I'll play with you You are arrogant now Wait until the dog competition You can bear it Don't think you have defeated the worthless local cockerels Can dominate the inner courtyard If Brother Liu Qing didn't let us spend this time.

If you disagree Can challenge at any time good point I'm afraid of him I promised Phil to teach you a good lesson Since you are so arrogant today No wonder I Be your own escort.

Xiao Yan Beat this bastard How dare he sigh Watch it This is the guy's unique water system fighting skill, whale wall Even if you know my moves And how not quite This guy's water attribute is aggressive.

It has some corrosive effects If there is no strange fire, it will be dissolved secretly I'm afraid we will suffer a lot Xiao Yan Well done This is just a warm-up What are you proud of Stop it Stop it.

Brother Liu Qing I have said that Now, cultivation is the most important Any grievances will be solved in the competition Xiao Yan I'm waiting for you in the championship But they have no eyes When Life and death are safe.

Xiao Yan is the person I cover Who dares to touch him It turned out to be Ziyan Who bullied you Didn't I tell you to come to me if you have trouble Some minor conflicts I can solve it myself Don't think you don't need my help You can stop refining pills for me in the future.

Don't worry If you promise, you won't go back Don't you really want me to slap that guy off okay This is the end of today's business Have any grudges Solved in the competition That's the fairest place Let's go Let's go.

Unexpectedly, Sister Ziyan also came What's the matter Hey, don't ask for trouble Let's go Let's go Scattered Scattered I'm leaving too see you around The heart fire energy here is very pure Cultivate here.

The speed can be increased several times This is where I practice Those guys want to come here to practice I'll lend it to you this time That's interesting Thank you Take this pill to cushion your stomach When I finish cultivating Help you refine.

Then hurry up How did the energy in the tower become so violent Attention of all trainees in the tower Leave Tianfen gas refining tower immediately The energy in this tower is much grumpy It must be the cause of falling heart disease Don't you think it will be at least a few months before the riot Is the time ahead of schedule Look at this situation.

This is not a real riot boy Let's leave first for safety What's up? It's shaking This way, this way What's going on? The refining tower is shaking Never before.

I'd better hurry out everybody this matter should not be delayed We immediately began to repair the seal Small space boundary seal step on it Xiao Yan Why are you still here.

Get out of the tower got it The students will leave immediately What's the matter The refining tower will be shut down for a period of time No student is allowed to enter before reopening I don't know whether the elders in the inner courtyard can suppress it Otherwise, I'm afraid I have to do it now Just in a hurry.

I'm afraid the success rate is not very high Don't worry This riot is not very strong Besides, these elders are not fuel-efficient lamps This meteoric heart inflammation wants to break the seal There are still some difficulties Now the riot is gradually weakening It seems that the seals of the elders have worked I will not worry about it.

Please stay This elder Are you looking for students What happened in the gas refining tower just now You should have sensed If I answered Won't be killed You should be Xiao Yan It is said that different fires will pull each other.

You can sense the abnormity in the refining tower It should also be the reason for the abnormal fire in your body Not only do I know I have a strange fire We also know the role between different fires Students can really sense some however There seems to be a special seal on the burning tower this day After arriving outside the tower The induction becomes extremely weak.

Don't be nervous I didn't mean to be guilty I just want to remind you Don't talk about things in the tower with outsiders The student promised that the matter would not be heard by the second person I have heard about Xiaoyou for a long time You can control the strange fire at this age It's awesome by the way.

I don't know the name of the elder My name is Su Qian Ranked first among the elders of the inner courtyard It was Elder Su Disrespect hey We can do something Xiao Yan, little friend Let me tell you the truth.

Now we can barely maintain the seal of the refining tower But this is not a long-term plan I hope that you can Help the upper inner court Elder Su With the strength of your elders, you can't achieve your wish The student's little fighting power What can it do You have a strange fire.

Can't be measured by ordinary strength never mind There's nothing you can do I will not force Students will do their best then good I'm relieved to hear that If you can really help My inner courtyard will never treat you badly.

Boy, thank the elder first I want to have fallen heart disease Can you give it to me miss The patriarch also vaguely guessed something about you and young master Xiao Yan After one month Someone from the clan will come to pick you up in person Brother Xiao Yan Fumigation.

I found you Brother Xiao Yan You are back from cultivation Why are you here alone I'm busy cultivating these days Didn't accompany you much Brother Xiao Yan We haven't looked at the starry sky like this for a long time Yeah.

I've been on the road all these years Can only move forward Can't I dare not stop Like them in the dark Even if the last glimmer of firefly is exhausted We should also pursue our own light of life However, there is a way for you to stay with me Will never be alone again.

If the young lady insists on staying with her I'm afraid it will lead to family dissatisfaction with young master Xiao Yan Fu'er also wants to stay with brother Xiao Yan There are meteors I heard that I made a wish on a shooting star Will come true Let's try Brother Xiao Yan Shigeru will protect you in her own way.

This is Open it It's beautiful I'll put it on for you It looks as good as I thought thank you Brother Xiao Yan Silly girl Top 10 places.

I'm Xiao Yan It's time

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