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The ministers are all over oops ow Your wounds are not healed yet tick force yourself don't move I'll get you a pillow It's more comfortable now I'm so lucky to have met you.

Without you bandaging my wounds I'm afraid it's more ominous this time. but you wore it for me what is it where are my clothes your clothes are all bloody I put it in the car i have to go get it back.

There are some precious medicinal materials in it no no no You injured Qian Shiping and Song Shaotan Now everyone out there is looking for you you know i did it after all where you fainted Not far from the villa area where the accident happened plus love hurts so much but won't let me take you to the hospital.

And I just gave you a quick bandage But wounds heal quickly I guess you are not an ordinary person So it's up to you to be close but why are you so arrogant Song Shaotan ordered someone to hurt Ning Qingxue I'm just retaliation There are many ways to protect friends But I always feel it's wrong to use violence to counter violence.

Hey-hey I'm such a villain who fights violence with violence you know so many things you shouldn't know don't be afraid of me I'm not afraid of you scaring me less here and you're not a villain saved me before I would rather be hated by me I don't want to talk too much.

So i trust you All right lets change a topic take a good rest I'll go get you something to eat Moreover I'm your boss anyway There is no reason for a boss to be afraid of his subordinates in my current state.

Going out rashly is really a bad idea Still need to take good care of your body Miss Jingwen Light Snow Mumei you are here Is there something urgent to find me in such a hurry? Ok Ye Mo came back a few days ago Really.

When A few days ago, the Song family sent into the house and injured Qingxue. Just tonight V/V Ye Mo came back suddenly After learning that Qingxue was injured Immediately went to the hospital say it you may not believe it The doctor originally ruled that Qingxue would be permanently paralyzed She recovered the next day.

Could it be that Ye Mo negotiated with Qingxue? i guess it must be But then he disappeared again The news also broke that Song Shaotan and Qian Shiping news of serious injuries I'm afraid if Ye Mo really did it Isn't he about to be hunted down again? Qingxue, don't worry Ye Mo is so powerful.

Nothing will happen yes I'm sorry, Miss Jingwen I am late Xiao Lei, you are here let me introduce you These two are Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei how are you Light Snow Mumei.

This is Xiao Lei a friend of mine She said that she met Ye Mo when she was in Lincheng Wow You are Ning Qingxue The most beautiful woman in Beijing Well-deserved reputation Overrated Are you that famous reporter?.

I said why is the name so familiar? stop talking Tell us where you met Ye Mo Ok I met him in Flowing Snake Town near Lincheng flow snake I heard it's near the border Cha'an is in disarray often kill.

Is that true right I ran into a little trouble when I went to Flow Snake for an interview. The smooth return is also thanks to Brother Ye who rescued him in Flowing Snake Later, I left Brother Ye and chose to stay there Actually I can't figure it out Why did Big Brother Ye go to such a chaotic place? I also happened to be in Xiao Lei's report Seeing a back that looks like Ye Mo.

Just asked I didn't expect it was really him Blame me Ye Mo offended the Song family because of me had to hide

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