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Dare to ruin my business Then let him be buried Diqin pity Looks like you can't quite handle it yet Spear of the Slayer go hope to stop this blow Emperor Qin appears holy.

It seems I have to use my 100,000-year divine sense again Don't hurt Brother Yue Extreme Divine Sense Yiyi I I have protected you once Yiyi cross.

Brother Yue I can finally help It is even rarer than the alien blood battle body. There are so many monsters around him gotta get rid of him fast I I'm so happy don't be afraid Yiyi.

No matter what I will definitely save you what happened This is the power of life Yiyi is not dead She's about to enter a new cycle from bliss fall into the pure land undead.

From bliss fall into the pure land indestructible Yiyi she disappeared what is that terrible light Is Her Royal Highness dead? since so sad you go with her too die.

Sovereign Sovereign bosom friend It turns out that the condition for unlocking Diqin is tears? because of you I may not see Yiyi for a long time Are you guilty This is the monster dead.

Bosom friend your hands I'm fine His Royal Highness is dead But he is only one of the many clones of the number one black list As for Yiyi she is not dead Just entered a new cycle of blissful rebirth Sovereign.

What to do next Qin Youshi Listen to the New Year's arrangement Set up a low-key sect yes Yang Zuoshi You go to Jiandimen Inquire about the situation of the Kendo Conference and also.

Emperor Sword's News I'm going to save Emperor Qin is suzerain wake up I I not dead Do not worry The Qindi Gate crisis is resolved.

It must be the confidant who made the move. I am grateful pity His Royal Highness Two Three Four Five They were all executed on the spot Those traitors deserved what they deserved you don't have to comfort me in addition Diqin has recognized me.

Your old wound I can solve it completely After treatment You will be able to recover but need some time real Great I will pass on the decree for Xi Nian to succeed the emperor.

I'm so focused on restoring my cultivation so good All Souls Resurrection Lin Yue I heard from the boss Possessed on the body of the second child is a divine sense that is number one in the black list What is the true face of No. 1 on the black list? the truth will always be revealed Unfortunately at that time.

Entire star field will be completely changed All right Lord, rest well I'm leaving confidant, wait This is the invitation for the Sword Emperor Gate Kendo Conference I want my confidant to participate in the name of Qindimen's national teacher I don't know if.

The emperor wants to use me Let me help you with your facade To tell you the truth, with such a big change in Qindi Gate, the national teacher, the country can only be temporarily locked down. Other emperors are difficult to inquire about I think only a confidant can handle it calmly Yoyo taxi service for you Please fasten your seat belt and let's go I'm done running a red light Luo Feng.

You came Teacher Jun I am everyone's English teacher My name is Junlianmeng get out of the car boss asshole what are you doing I told you not to appear in front of me again.

Don't mess with me kid which way are you on have you said it I'm yoyo driver Help passengers drop things Remember to give five-star praise get it done enough.

Such a person will ruin our event sooner or later. when necessary Gather all your strength and get rid of him too What are you looking for? You should go find the wronged souls under the End of the World Rakshasa promise you I will definitely do it A single person can have such destructive power.

Only him he a man we have no face to see In order to avoid rabbits, you find the wrong person let me tell you My name is Luo Feng remember this name

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