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Borrowing Sword Thirteen Styles and soul armor I will return it in a month that How about this Just return it in half a year Heavenly Martial Arts Fork is a remnant not easy to use.

And never mind come on Thank you senior Grateful and a little expectation how will you practice What a great senior I have practiced here for five days.

Only then barely swung the sword in the first of the thirteen moves There is a long way to go Senior Jianyuan Master has been practicing sword these days what to do when i'm tired you persuade him don’t worry For sword repair this is just the beginning.

I'll help him too Owner what You are the same body Let me teach you a unique way of cultivating spiritual power. Great what is I will use your mental power next Concrete.

And go out During this period You can continue to practice sword skills but follow my spirit can not be cut off so In the time that does not occupy sword repair Then you can be alert to spiritual practice at the same time.

There is also this operation then i will start Essence Continuation figurative color what what this is Is the power of the remnant soul too weak? concrete to such an extent.

Is the limit so cute Such a young senior Jianyuan so cute rewards for cute kids hold high ah no let go Ben is not a child.

Adorable Children's Rewards Part 2 come and hug said it all let go Treat Ben as a child again hateful almost got carried away For the majesty of the emperor listen.

Bendi is the strongest in the mainland Don't treat Ben as a child anymore you two do you remember follow orders follow orders Sister Jianyuan is all right you still come then i'm out.

Body is still too weak Can't walk? white night come and help let's go she's excited absolutely excited since night run faster.

Let's go to the most lively place Senior Jianyuan just say it once yes She doesn't just want to play, does she? Probably not Frightening sword owe San no Shiki.

Sword breaks new ground Soul Armor More than one month of practice Samurai Realm Seventh Level After returning to Zongmen once it's time Back to the Chen clan Clan annual meeting should start soon.

Ordinary mounts for outer disciples go back and forth like this about a month Duan Tianya on the stage of life and death Life and death evian and iron bear Evian iron bear What's wrong.

Chentian at the bottom of the outer door let's go you are courting death who is that guy He is in the forest of Zongmen I saw that we were with Yu Zhangqi Said we had something to do with his death Threatening to take advantage Yu Zhangqi is actually dead.

It's bad news, right? this person also a scum stop for me Chen Tian The eighth pick of the outer sect, the ninth level of the tenth realm of martial arts The eighth of the outer door, with a lucky bottom rhyme, waste seconds, ten walls and nine layers The eighth rank of the outer door grate, the ninth level of the tenth realm of martial arts Canopy at the outer gate.

Korean style don't lie too much boring little fights I don't have time to accompany you who wants to play small life and death platform You dare life and death platform Let go of this scum now.

Maybe secretly revenge on my relatives and friends It's good to get rid of it today come up This kid is so brave Are you out of your mind? This is courting death Eighth overall pick Korean style Samurai Jing Kunou.

Life and death are determined on the platform if you die don't blame others so much nonsense hit it you wanna die

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