【ENG SUB】 史上最强炼体老祖 |The strongest physical training ancestor in historic previous | 第6集

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This what is this bone bloom two colors still holy It's a twin body Once in a million years Ice and fire attributes can practice yin and yang together holy holy goods.

The three masters of our foreign sect are nothing more than top grade this person i want Great Elder The Great Elder actually came in person lifetime to see such a spirit Not bad Lao Zhao.

Don't you want to eat alone these old guys came really fast This is a good seed still a woman Should come to my Jungfrau Ye Lingyan is already on the Saintess Peak She should leave me Tongtianfeng My meteorite peak is the gate of Shushan.

This is the best place for this child Anyway, first come, first served Obviously I came first stop fighting I took this girl who is this man crazy look Caution He is the Supreme Elder of Qingxuanzong.

Hahaha It seems that this apprentice Let's not try to steal bad luck Isn't this old man in retreat? I didn't expect that I just finished retreat You can meet such a good seed I have seen the elder You're welcome.

This time, I stole your disciples Of course objection to this can be brought up It is a good thing for the Supreme Elder to accept disciples How can I have objection Yes, congratulations to the Supreme Elder Ha ha You are welcome.

Walk I will take you to meet my good apprentice I have seen the elder Ling Yan why be polite to me why Obviously I'm the main character Little Doll I am the Supreme Elder of Qingxuanzong.

I will be your master from now on But big brother said He will be my master big brother said No one is worthy to be my master except him Qingxuanzong who is the big brother in his mouth I have seen the elder I know a thing or two about this matter What do you say.

That person To be precise, an extremely arrogant beggar There is no cultivation base in the whole body and And let the holy lady serve him personally I can't help doubting Could it be that the saintess is a good friend outside? there is such a thing Ling Yan.

You are really serving a beggar yes… it's true… but It's not what Grandpa Tai Cang thinks… It was true! I don't know what connection you have with that scorpion but invite… What was lost was the face of the entire Qingxuanzong! This person.

Never stay! oh who can't stay Invite to the Supreme Elder This person is what i said the arrogant beggar Son! Big brother!.

This little doll It's a twin body so cute! cute cute little sister Are you Big Brother's new apprentice? Then I am your senior sister little sister Shimei.

My old lady is over 2,000 years old this year It's obviously big, okay? besides To be precise, you should call me Shi Niang Mistress Mistress childe You can handle even such a small child! Wow!.

Don't talk nonsense! The thief doesn't even spare such a small child I also ask the Supreme Elder to uphold justice this this this this How could this witch appear here! Shouldn't she have been executed by the patriarch long ago? Shouldn't she have been executed by the patriarch long ago? long live youyou.

For generations Unify Cangzhou long live youyou For generations A little bit of charm You can't even remember your dad's last name Long live Youyou… This witch… It appeared again…

No, if recognized by this witch The prestige of my Supreme Elder has been completely ruined… Um Supreme Elder, you can't go To preside over the situation you… you let go The old man remembers that there is something urgent you are there Xiao Cang Cang.

Oh my god Xiao Cang Cang No way, it's been more than two thousand years No way, it's been more than two thousand years can still be remembered Yes, Xiao Cangcang It's all mixed up with the elders I remember you were just an outer disciple being bullied every day.

This Grandpa Tai Cang, you were bullied before Thousands of years of wisdom are destroyed in one day… The Supreme Elder actually has such experience Wonderful Such interesting things must be recorded aunt Just save me some face it's true.

Sir, what is the origin of this girl? Her name is Tang Youyou be my best friend Miss Youyou This person is your best friend It must have a lot of background Xiao Cangcang, you don't know him Too At that time you were just an outer disciple.

I'm not qualified to meet such a big man he is the one… faint! Don't you want me to reveal his identity? good He is my husband! Husband! my husband When you cruelly abandoned me for so long.

Heart is too hard is that enough Do you want to lock it in again? enough is enough whee Xiao Cangcang, what delicious food do you Qingxuanzong have? Well… then come with me wow.

Feast! Feast! childe wait for me! the beggar Not only hooked up with the saint in a short time Here comes another big man no with him when will i be noticed.

Hey did you hear The saint, she actually became someone else's maid… yes And that man has a wife too! I only tell you this secret saint she Forced to… Holy Maiden, I'm here to save you! 100th place.

Soon This news will spread throughout Qingxuanzong master Oh no! Oh no! Ouch! how flustered How many times have I told you My monk need to calm down.

But master It's about the saint… This entrance examination Here comes a very arrogant beggar He found the handle of the saint Actually · o o He actually forced the saint to be his maid… What did you say Master… ah!.

A beggar How dare you threaten to force the saint court death! Sedan follow me to meet this man yes!

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