【ENG SUB】 妈咪快跑:爹地追来了 | Mum, Bustle, Dad is Coming | 第169集 多线作战

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I have collections here gold is registered All from Feng Maicheng's auction I'll check the lots first Check for illegal transactions collection left hand side Is there a picture of landscapes, flowers and birds? yes.

Moog you have been here Mr. Feng asked me to pick gifts there I pretended to lose the ring let them help find it seems they I've been found missing time is limited It would be nice to have a map.

There is actually a map Li Peinan where did you get the detailed map don't ask so much Now immediately come back to me right away Why do you let me go back i have to go back.

You only have five minutes look down on people less Grandpa will be there in three minutes penan what's the situation with you uncle at work we are running out of time Evian You immediately go back to the central garden.

Coax that maid back I send you the recipe for dessert remember It must be within twenty minutes Desserts will be sent to Daguang, the main villa receive little treasure No need to take all files Mommy sent you some keywords.

You take a picture of the file with those words in the title May I receive I'll go to the wine cellar new action or situation everyone remember Feedback in the group anytime penan good news.

The library project became etc Kids can pick up books for free Take home your favorite books kids will be happy gentlemen Mr. Mu he is missing Mu Feili, the slow ghost.

What's wrong with me Mu Feili I almost ran away, grandpa Li Peinan I'll settle the bill with you later this garden is too big careless came out Mr. Mu.

But choose a gift gift from mr. too expensive junior really dare not covet take whatever you want those things for me the value is the same I care more about what they can do for society.

For those in need Do something I have poor eyesight It's better to let Mr. Li pick and choose Mu Yingdi is right uncle Excuse me here is the wine cellar Cellar signal is bad.

I hung up first I have the same situation here down first Old Feng The younger generation wants to enter the business circle I have a lot of questions can Advice one or two you stay with penan.

He didn't point you Li/Total/Qing Gao Juniors can't afford to climb high Li Peinan's advice I'm afraid I was cheated I have to count the money for him you kids Lin Zhi's dim sum should be bad/almost Walk.

We walk and talk Oops I have to stop Mr. Feng Old Feng The younger generation came to Lure Manor for the first time Admire the design in the garden why not go shopping good then finish eating.

Hang out together Feng finished to be found dim sum is here luckily caught up Why didn't Lin Zhi come out? Could it be she's still in the wine cellar.

Seems to be all right here They're all wine cabinets and jars or It is the material of wine making Old Feng why did you come here yourself

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