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Yes This ancient mine is really hard to find Wu Changhong is really smart He left some genuine qi as a mark before he died Daoxiaotian No one can find you My white clothes are not others Sky Breaking Array open.

This place is good It looks normal Just sit here and meditate Why is there a strong power suddenly Approaching here Is it the people from the Martial Arts Hall who are chasing after us Dao Xiaotian didn't find it The little mouse found one This is probably the person Wu Hongtian is looking for.

Little mouse You chose the wrong object The attack of the fairy sister is obviously stronger than just now strange This move unexpectedly No sense of killing But Wina is different Just the sound wave attack hurt my right hand There are others in the mine.

And the accomplishments are extremely high You know my strength Go away now I'll spare your life Do you hear me I'll just say it once This man is definitely not Daoxiao Tian Who is it? Who will it be.

Not yet Then don't blame me for being ruthless go Who do you think I am Today I want to see who you are Dare to say crazy things about my clothes Stinky mouse Get out of here Not good.

That guy is angry Find a place to hide first The fairy sister must have been blown to pieces Before that guy finds out Let's go first Little mouse Got you too bad I can't run away now.

Where is the person who just acted Of course it's me Who else is here besides me you You are very powerful But I'm not afraid of you You can only install it See if you can scare him It's just a free birth.

You want to play tricks in front of me in white It seems that in the face of absolute strength All tricks are in vain You will only make trouble if you go out Stay here Golden bee Dog Run when you have a chance This is.

You 're right This is the power Isn't this fairy sister Is she resurrected fire Enjoy this This is not a living person What will this woman be like in her lifetime Even the gods and souls have the power.

I dress myself in the Xiawu Hall I don't know if this mine is your resting place Please forgive me for any offence I'm leaving now But I will take this kid Please forgive me Very fast Hateful Don't deceive others too much, sir.

My white clothes are not soft persimmons It's a fairy fight All men suffer It seems that the fairy sister is better Sure enough, experts are on the right side It's saved no way There's no need to waste your life here for a kid Little ghost.

You're lucky today Run Wow Fairy sister is so powerful hi Fairy Sister How do you do This is/the area of space blockade She wants to attack me.

In this field You can't use your qi It's really over now No Why hasn't it come down yet Anyone here? The field has also disappeared Did you go? You are so lucky.

Transport hydrogen well what do you mean Just now, as long as she still has some magic Go with her You said you were lucky UThey are so powerful What was her state before she died this I just heard.

It is said that those who have reached the divine realm Even if it falls As long as the flesh remains immortal The qi in the body will be transformed into spirit to protect the body It turns out that this spirit only has the instinct of protecting the Lord No wonder we are not divided Let's find the exit quickly This place is not suitable for long stay that 's ok.

But I need to sit down first You help me watch the wind Would you? Elder Sun The big thing is not good What's so flustered Those martial arts hall masters who went after Daoling died I beg your pardon? The news from the scout said.

Even the white coat was defeated He withdrew from the Martial Arts Hall overnight no White clothes also failed It's over It's over Wudian will definitely put the account on our college Old Sun You can still laugh after all this This doesn't exactly mean that this matter is related to Daoling.

Does it have nothing to do with our college what do you mean You think Don't talk about your clothes Can Daoling beat Wu Changhong and them You should win by a narrow margin Too much, I'm sure not That's all right It means that it must not be done by Daoling.

So there is only one truth All this must have been done by the enemies of the Martial Hall The martial arts hall is afraid of being too busy How can you care about our Star Academy Old man Sun, you are quite reasonable I'm afraid the martial arts hall will also have to weigh if it wants to make enemies again Old Sun I will tell other elders the good news It's up to you to decide the arrangement of Daoling.

Moon We finally came out Golden bee All right How do you know you can come out here It's trivial This is the gift of our bees Without me I'm afraid you need to be in this maze of mine.

Stay for a lifetime Go ahead How to reward me this Don't you always want to kiss Let me give you a kiss on the face today how Really? You finally want to open up.

Then I kiss Kiss Finally wait How happy I am to kiss him Only when he kisses me can I lose my temper Down the hill You are playing tricks on me again But he did.

Why is there an inexplicable sweetness in my heart It's strange Is Manager Chen in adult I am here What are you waiting for Go to prepare tea for adults I'll go right away None of these have any eye power.

Don't take it amiss, sir No Is Ziyu out of the pass Miss Ziyu has passed the customs Miss Ziyu told me If you come Go to see her directly But you look tired Let's have a drink and rest.

That's OK Take me to see Ziyu first good adult Dog man this way please In this yard How could there be an old man meditating And he looks weak with blood.

Seems to be a dying man adult Miss Ziyu is right ahead The younger one will leave first good Long time no see I haven't seen it for a long time Look at your posture It seems that the cultivation has improved a lot.

Where can I find it? It's far worse than you Your current strength I can't see through What I practiced before you If you are allowed to exceed Then I am not a waste material But your strength now.

It's really a big surprise to me How long has it been Unexpectedly defeated Qing Yifei, who is known as the Wonder of Qingzhou Although the purple jade was closed before Why, she knows everything about me It's not so much about me More like surveillance She knows everything I do Purple jade.

Yeah Although I came to you on my own initiative But you should have been waiting for me Is that so? So you must have something to tell me Or oh dear Why are you so serious Our Jubao Pavilion has a wide range of influence.

I don't know what you have I do have something to look for you A good thing Which do you want to hear first ah Let's listen to the bad news first Recently, there have been powerful people missing from all families in the Xuanyu I suspect it has something to do with the Martial Hall I have sent people to break into the martial arts hall to find out the truth.

So that's what bad things mean Actually, I have heard about it I hope that's all The bad thing is that your poems are missing I beg your pardon? Take it easy Your poetry is really out of the news for the time being But Is it related to the Wu Temple.

I'm still investigating Shishi said to go home and do important things before That's true It makes sense to be a little secretive But I have to figure it out anyway Purple jade What's the good thing The good thing is The person you asked for last time.

It's already in sight Really? where Where can I find her? Just months ago She appeared in Daocheng It is said that she has been pursued for more than ten years Have been living without fixed residence It must be the people of the Martial Arts Hall who are chasing Ling Yan.

Daozhou is the origin of Taoism It's also my hometown Since Ling Yan appeared there I must go and have a look Daoling You look like you are going to Daozhou Purple jade Why did you help me Start by sending me yin and yang palms.

Not only did it give me identity And told me a lot of important information Are you hiding something from me? Fork Why are you so paranoid today Daoling I know what you want to say Her breath is a little different from that just now Actually, if I really want to harm you.

How many times have you come to Jubao Pavilion How many times have you died Strong Is this the real strength of Purple Jade All right, all right Don't tease you Let's get down to business Daoling We are already on the same boat.

I'm afraid we both have to be ready prepare What do you mean by that It is said that Emperor Wu is in a secret place Use the vision of yin and yang life and death Only the fusion of two extreme energies Only then can we understand the yin and yang life and death map What do you mean Emperor Wu is very likely to master Yin and Yang palms.

Very likely I'm just curious If Emperor Wu has mastered Yin and Yang Palm Why did you expose the Yin and Yang Life and Death Diagram perhaps He hasn't mastered Or maybe the place where the ancestors of Yin and Yang lived It's not that simple therefore.

So this matter needs to be considered in the long run Where is the secret place In the fire field of Daozhou I sent someone to investigate a few days ago Still sealed Right, Purple Jade Similar to the loss of vitality of the orcs Is there any way to make her recover You have a lot of problems today.

Forget it I'm in a good mood Restore the vitality of the original spirit and use the soul source Fire Region is about to hold a alchemy conference It is said that the reward is a soul source You can go and have a try Damn it Why, you know everything about me This tea is really delicious.

I decided I'm going to Daozhou I also want to go to the Alchemy Conference Then wait here for a few days Daozhou is too far from here The transmission array will open in a few days okay I'm tired too Daoling.

Take a rest if you have nothing else to do good I'm going to Daozhou soon While there are still a few days to spare It's time to get ready Tell me who the old man is It always feels strange Although his skin and flesh are dry But I can feel the essence in his body.

Still vast It's just why such an expert sits here You'd better take care of yourself, Daoling What do you think about others The transmission array will start in five minutes Please get ready Out of date Why are there so many people Are these people going to Daozhou.

Little brother, is it new Hello In the next day In Xiazi Dongping Surname Zi It seems to be the person of Jubao Pavilion But it's more convenient for me to use a pseudonym Brother Purple Do so many people go to Daozhou every time in this transmission array.

You don't know This transmission array consumes a lot Even a big force like Jubao Pavilion It can't be opened at will So every time, naturally, after gathering all the people Launch the transmission array And this transmission array spans many areas There will be a pause in the middle So many people may not go to Daozhou.

Oh i see Brother Zi You should go to Daozhou Yeah I grew up in Daozhou This time I came to Qingzhou for business You also go to Daozhou We can take care of it.

Good This person is really familiar There is one minute left for the transmission array to open Please prepare quickly Taoist Brother step on it Otherwise, we will be late Are you leaving Do you really want to leave the region where you have lived for more than ten years.

Goodbye, Qingzhou Goodbye, Ye Yun I will definitely come back Launch of transmission array I wish you a pleasant journey The speed of the transmission array is amazing of course Otherwise, how to transmit across states Brother Purple.

How powerful a monk is in Daozhou many Of course Take the situation of creating qi for example It's also a first-class expert in Qingzhou But it's not worth mentioning in Daozhou Which force is the strongest in Daozhou now Strongest Since the closure of the mountain by the Taoism.

Daozhou has long been a place of turmoil If we have to say who is the strongest now That's the Tianyan Sect This is a Stationary atmosphere Find the Dragon An ancient sect for measuring geomantic omen You see, the following is Jianzhou It will be Daozhou in a few hours.

Jianzhou I don't know how poetry is now I just can't wait for you in Qingzhou Inter-state transmission array The direction should be transmitted from Qingzhou to Daozhou So it seems I should also start This time, there is no annoying Daoling The task will be much smoother.

Wow The energy of heaven and earth here is very rich Extremely suitable for cultivation Taoist Brother I have nothing to do for the time being Would you like to accompany you around You're welcome, Brother Zi I'll go around by myself first If you have something to worry about, Brother Zi.

OK If you have anything to do, come to Jubao Pavilion to find me I, Zi Dongping, still have some weight in Daozhou Brother Purple see you around see you later I haven't sorted my baggage for a long time It's time to pack up The divine bone that hides the soul of the fierce beast.

Stone slab with the mark of real dragon I pulled the green bamboo in the hole with the little guy Seven Pills from Elder Ye And Ye Yun Small paper man with Xuanwu Xingxiu skill The green bamboo and divine bone are temporarily useless Xingxiu India now has Suzaku and Xuanwu It's still short of Green Dragon and White Tiger wait.

Qinglong There is a green dragon on the slate But there is no such coincidence in this world i'm hungry It's better to fill your stomach before studying this slate patron Here comes your dish wow The cuisine of this state looks so attractive.

The stunning beauty Ling Yan Almost got caught in Daozhou It's a pity that we can't see her Oh, yeah I wish I could catch her alive But Ling Yan is really terrible It's only a few years before we can compete with our ancestors Maybe give her some more time to fight the Lord Fart.

Don't mention Ling Yan That is, the whole family of other Taoists Our Tianyan Sect can also destroy it What is that family A small one will be punished drink These guys are really open Yeah Aim at me.

Feed boy What are you looking at Look at Ben, don't pull out your eyes and feed them to the dog Don't argue with them at first It's important to get down to business boy Why don't you talk Don't tell Ben that you are dumb.

My eyes That boy must have done it Get him Who put the hidden weapon boy Dare to hurt You're making a big deal I have no time to play with you Let's go.

The main road is like a blue sky I can't figure it out Look The ancestor took advantage of the natural danger of the Taoist family Unexpectedly comprehended the source of the main road weather Our Tianyan Sect is going to rise Retrieve the Scourge Map The previously searched coordinates are incorrect Subordinates obey orders.

Hateful After all, let this guy realize Our Taoists want to recapture Daocheng, but they are afraid Dao Xiaotian's life and death are unknown If Xiaodaoling is still alive Maybe it's famous in the Xuanyu no Xiaodaoling is the original holy body It's gonna be okay.

Find it for me We must find the blind boy Go and have a look over there good Just when I came to Daozhou, I got into trouble with Tianyan Sect What else to do in the future Yes I can temporarily go to Jubao Pavilion to avoid the wind Compared with Qingzhou, Jubao Pavilion in Daozhou.

It's better than that Purple jade is really rich Open branches everywhere line up Line up for me Only guests with invitations can enter I don't have an invitation Is there any other way to participate This one.

Just pay the source stone Just prove that you have enough money to participate in the auction There are enough source rocks to enter The token will not be used for the time being So as not to attract onlookers to Guest, you are very generous Come inside, please This is your seat.

The auction is about to start Please wait a moment This heavy source stone also changed to an ordinary seat It feels a little bad Look The holy lady of Wudian also came to the auction Martial Hall Unexpectedly, there is not only a genius like Emperor Wu in the Martial Hall And this kind of beautiful girl.

That's The reputation of the Martial Arts Hall is not blown out Bad luck Just avoid the beginning of the day Now fork to a martial arts hall Dear guests wow Purple White Autumn Today's auction will be hosted by me, Zibaiqiu.

Please forgive me The items at this auction must be extremely valuable Otherwise, this woman will never preside in person You must have heard This auction It's the biggest game in Daozhou in the past ten years I will never let you down good Don't talk nonsense.

Now please list the special treasures of this auction It's also the only lot It is Polar clock Isn't this the Jidao clock of the Taoist family How did Jidao clock appear at the auction This extremely Taoist emperor soldier belongs to the Taoist family Little brother, you don't even know this when you come to the auction Please give me your advice.

This extreme imperial weapon is the most terrifying weapon in the world Nothing can break And the Jidao clock was in the ancient times One of the most famous imperial soldiers Who owns the clock is not invincible Ha ha ha Little Dude, you are really a layman This Jidao clock can't be authentic Apparently, it's like a product.

But it is said that the clan also consumes countless resources It was only refined This is obviously the magic weapon of Taoism How did it appear here Do you? The Purple Pavilion Leader is joking Who bought this Didn't you offend all the Taoists Yeah.

The Taoist family is not a small force If the origin of this object is unknown Who dares to buy This is indeed the Jidao clock of the Taoist family It was an old woodcutter ten years ago I picked it up at the edge of the mountain It was picked up by an old woodcutter Lord Purple, do you think we are fools Yeah, yeah.

This magic weapon is lost The Taoist family will certainly find a way to find it back oh dear Little girl has no courage to cheat you Since you all have questions I dare to guess today A decade ago, the great changes of Taoism There should be a force to sneak attack the strong man who holds it Because the old man got the clock.

It's stained with a lot of blood As for who attacked Nature has no way to know The great changes of more than ten years ago Isn't that the war between the lame father and the martial arts hall But wasn't that war in the Holy Land of Wudian Then the polar clock It should also fall into the hands of the Martial Arts Hall Unless.

On that day, other forces in Daozhou attacked the Daozu secretly If so Only Daozhou has the strength Tianyan Sect So you can buy with confidence This clock will never lead to death Although this clock has cracks Enough to crush many exotic treasures okay.

Don't talk nonsense Now bidding with the lowest quality source stone Those with higher prices will get no way Never let it fall into the hands of outsiders One hundred jin of top grade source stone Plus other magic weapons, we should be able to compete Start of bidding I'm out.

I give a million jin of Shangpin Yuanshi 1 million jin The beautiful woman upstairs gives a million pounds I give 1.5 million jin I weigh 1.6 million pounds Are people in Daozhou crazy Start at a million pounds 1.6 million jin Are there any customers who offer higher prices.

Although this extreme clock is powerful But after all, there are cracks The price is not easy to add Not bad It depends on what you want this clock to do I feel that this clock is more of a symbol of forks factory Who owns it is the owner of the state I will pay two million yuan.

This time, we are going to make a decision Who bid I will always add 100000 pounds This clock doesn't seem easy to hold Hum It's really arrogant to act as a disciple this day Dare to rob even the things we need goddess I don't think so.

The mighty dragon is no match for the native serpent. Besides, this time the clock is only symbolic That's right In that case, there is no need to waste time here let's go yes goddess Two million jin At least two million pounds.

Is there anything higher Is this happy bean Just open your mouth and come Two million jin at a time Two million pounds twice Two million jin three times deal Congratulations to Tianyanzong for taking such a good shot Go away Go away.

This place is really hit Ladies and gentlemen, don't hurry to leave Add a lot temporarily this time And lots This is the third turn of the golden body Three-turn golden body Starting price of 50 jin Shangpin Yuanshi Those with higher prices will get Three-turn golden body.

I heard it's very powerful But what's the use of only one page Jubao Pavilion is becoming more and more confusing Daozhou has all kinds of treasures There seems to be no discerning person at the scene I give 100 jin of Shangpin Yuanshi Who? Come again Xiao Linger.

What do you need this magic power for Play with it The little girl over there offered a catty Are there any more guests to bid I don't know if she will pursue the price i want I'll give you 110 jin Jumanji Don't chase my price.

Little brother and I fight I'll give you 1100 jin wow The number of little beauties has increased tenfold 1000 jin One thousand pounds Damn Even if I chase the price I can't afford so many source rocks.

Two times I give a seven-point pill This little brother even offered a seven-grade pill Are you crazy Although this magic power is good But the seven-crystal pill is more precious The value of these seven pills At least 5000 jin of high-quality source stone Hum.

He even robbed me with seven-crystal pills goat There are several seven-point pills at home There should be more than ten Then I will give three seven-point pills See how he fights with me forget it Linger Others really want it.

You just play Let him cute guy For the sake of the goat speaking for you Linger will let you Be grateful Seven pills once Seven pills twice Seven pills three times.

Congratulations to this young brother for obtaining the fragmented script of magic power Oye This is the end of today's auction Distinguished guests, please leave in order What a windfall There are many people in the city Or go to a quiet place in the suburbs Understanding this last turn Linger.

I said it's smart I also strolled in the street The auction was also played Let's not look for red blood dragon fruit goat You promised to play with Linger for three days Do you want to keep your word I dare not It's just that the place where the red blood dragon fruit is produced is extremely dangerous.

The old slave was worried oh dear I'm so bored You don't know Linger carries many magic weapons What are you afraid of Linger So What danger will you encounter later.

You should run first Don't care about the old slave Okay Go to find the red blood dragon fruit Red Blood Dragon Fruit Why don't I go there to learn Then you can test the monster The power of these three turns of golden body The misty forest is ahead.

If the map is correct The red blood dragon fruit tree should be inside What is should If not found You will have to play with Linger for a few more days Red blood dragon fruit is not a mortal You can't say you can find it Linger doesn't care You promised Linger before you came out.

Is it not for the sake of making Linger happy I haven't met any bad people after walking for so long And said it was dangerous It's not dangerous, isn't it Linger Behind me Something seems to be following us Yeah wow.

What a cute little monkey Little monkey Come to my sister It hurts How dare to use branches to lose spirit See how I teach you Linger Don't go there very big.

Is this the monkey's mother Linger Run fast Goat, you've got it Linger, go and hide You can come out after the old slave collects the monster goat Is that monkey very powerful This is not a serious problem.

Just afraid Dongyou Goat refueling Is this sound Run quickly Don't come here Linger has a powerful magic weapon Not good The body protection magic weapon of Linger.

I'm afraid it's difficult to deal with monsters of this size Isn't this the guy who snatches things with Linger Is the flame that can pierce such a monster Big monkey Give you three seconds to run Otherwise you have more than one hole This is a family feed Are you OK?.

This wing wow cute guy Your wings are so handsome Little brother, where do you come from Can you change the color Be careful Don't touch that wing It will hurt you.

Rest assured I have taken my breath away Now the wings are only shape now I see goat What's the matter, Linger Linger also wants wings Linger The wings will only come into being after cultivation.

And the wings I don't care Spirit needs wings Others have Spirit also needs to have

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