【ENG SUB】 盖世帝尊 |The Emperor of Advent | 第76集

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North Wind Xiao Can't blow away unruly in the bottom of my heart surge surge from Jingtao Sparks start who lights up the arrogance in the eyes.

Waiting for the bright moon to take a photo sword out He trusts Overwhelm the sky Talk about life and death only one second Mountains and rivers roar beacon fire.

Qingzhou Yinghao look at the present who is called owl sad and bitter heart boil good and evil All for Tao so lonely greed and anger.

Insanity blessing and curse All for the newspaper ask heaven Yin Qingyun ride the storm he willfully turn the world upside down Spirits into.

Burn in throat Burn in throat he laughed drunk hell walk wait a while dawn breaks life and death all fates intersect Sincerely.

Predict the story He understands the mysteries of martial arts let life be like wild grass let life be like wild grass Freedom between heaven and earth The war is not over not old Soul still alive Unforgettable.

Yeah How about a few more hands? still like this go to hell What This kid has opened eight acupoints How can it be Broke my Colossus in one blow not good.

Stop running This enchantment is not as big as my house hateful to the edge of the enchantment don't get carried away I am Wu Wanggong, one of the three kings. Vientiane Temple break me not bad.

But it's just a trick Yeah This is Yin Yang palm Brother Lingtian will be fine. Watch the battle Someone must have been defeated elder sister can you see.

Damn it how Is the power of my yin yang palm okay? Worthy of the Tao They say your body is strong I didn't expect your supernatural powers to be even more overbearing Hahaha good to know Know.

Of course I know next I'm solving you still I only know now you are a self-deprecating Why can't my body move? This Tiangang Bow has its own coercion.

Go to hell Varied What What how so So this is Tiangang Bow well-deserved reputation grab my treasure this guy won't start.

You're just planning on my Tiangang bow Damn it I didn't expect to be defeated by the younger generation today I heard that this Tiangang bow is a number of elders in Wudian Forged from Zijin Shen mine none of your business Just now he used Dou Zhuan Xing Yi among the seventy-two great magical powers really underestimated him Except Tiangang Bow.

Is there any magical power in you that I don't know about? Today I am inferior to others give it a good time I feel it's useful to keep you Suppress it first correct Will the Three Kings still be able to punch Hunyuan? What did you say I feel like this void bag can hold the other two kings.

Ignorant dude My Wu Wang Gong is inferior to others but you want to solve both of them Stop dreaming Come stop talking nonsense you come in first How could I, Wu Wang Gong, be so humiliated? strangeness.

It stands to reason that Wu Wanggong used the Tiangang bow But why is there no movement now? Could it be King Wu is injured How can it be It is estimated that Wu Wanggong is counting the spoils right now. One thousand catties of upper crystal source stone There are also many rare elixir Right now, the Alchemy Conference is about to start.

This is a real gift it's you Fifth Grade Healing Pill Although not injured But / just used the star shift Reiki consumes a lot Wu Wanggong's aura disappeared He actually defeated King Wu Really.

Brother Lingtian is great I actually saved a legend dream rain don't spread this matter do you know Why What do you know he is too weak now weak.

Brother Ling Tian defeated King Wugong still weak He is too weak in front of Wu Dian If Wu Dian knew The Yan family will suffer oh don't take my words on deaf ears You can't say it in front of your parents Know it.

Just leave it alone Now Tao has caused such a disaster It is estimated that Wudian will strictly investigate The Yan family can't afford it no I just focused on fighting and didn't notice This pattern is so long There must be a lot of source stones down there. go down and have a look.

Ten ten Origin Stones all over the mountains sent This Vulcan Mountain really lives up to its reputation Treasures everywhere big news Dao beheaded Wu Wanggong in Vulcan Mountain He also took away the Tiangang Bow, a heavy weapon from the Wudian.

What Wu Wanggong, who lacked one of the three kings, was solved by Dao God this is incredible good Dao is too bad You must know that Wu Wanggong is the direct disciple of Wu Wangjian In the future, Wu Wanggong will have a chance to be king Unexpectedly, he died in the hands of Dao.

Three Elders Wu Wanggong is gone What did you say Second master's disciple died who did it It's right this kid I should have smashed you where is this kid now.

He is on the fifth Vulcan Mountain good The old man is going to visit Vulcan Mountain Do you really think that my Wudian is incompetent? The old man is the king of fire

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