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The fork is what you said Exactly Emperor Wu What's your plan about this plan This little thing bothers me Is it necessary for the emperor to fight At last I can obviously feel the yin and yang in my body.

Become more pure with the blessing of orifices contrary The third hole is also like an invisible shadow But it's too dangerous to break through it now Let's call it a day I'm afraid I have to wait for the chance to find the hole at the back Hello You two are trying to scare me to death How do you mean to say.

You don't talk to us when you are enlightened We almost burst in the empty bag Ha ha ha Forgot to say hello to you two I'm sorry Sorry Forget it What should the captor do okay I have a source stone here.

It's up to you two Only one piece Can this be divided Cut is cut But it's not worth cutting Puppies Haodongyou wants to let her sister Dog, you are going to rebel today, right They are two living treasures.

Is the Qingzhou City Dog very busy at night Dad This windmill is fun I haven't returned for a long time I don't know how lame dad is Why don't you go back and see him Jubao Pavilion It's rare to go back Bring some supplements back to the lame father.

Isn't that Lord Daoling adult Why don't you notify me in advance when you come Sir, please come inside Miss Ziyu is closing I have already told the younger one You can leave your affairs to the small one oh really?.

Actually, it's nothing I just want to order some good supplements and give them away Supplements It's simple The influence of our Jubao Pavilion is all over the Xuanyu Any gentian herb can be brought to adults All over the mysterious world What if you are looking for someone Not to mention that.

I don't know who you are looking for My mother or I will find it myself But Ling Yan You can ask people from Jubao Pavilion to help you find it I'm looking for someone named Ling Yan Does that adult have a portrait of this person Uh No, don't worry.

Let's make arrangements first Sorry to bother you. For the tonic, just two Wanshou ginseng village The village was slaughtered Not good Lame father Lame father Avenue.

Daoling Aunt Zhang What happened? Who did it I I don't know A group of strong men suddenly came the other day by the way Their leader seems to be Wu Lian.

Wulian The granddaughter of Wuwang Cave Hateful The original culprit was Wu Yudong But for him The mother will not be missing Now it's because I want to find my lame father Kill a village Aunt Zhang.

Take this pill first Better, get out of here quickly Daoling Aunt, it's okay It's important to find your father Come on I'm leaving The head said No matter men, women, old or young.

I searched every room carefully Be sure to find that book book Daoling When my father is away Don't take it in the wrong way It's troublesome to be robbed by bad people Are they looking for the land book of the lame father Just opened two orifices.

Such blessings are given to the Rosefinch Fire Control Technique I can't imagine How powerful is the meeting of all nine orifices The furniture is neat It seems that those thieves haven't entered the house yet The dust on the table has not been wiped for a long time It seems that the lame father has never come back It really scared me The lame father is fine.

The key is still there Speaking The lame father is also a wise man Only the key is in the dark cell And use this key Go to open another dark box To get the land book But the book can't be put here Take it back to Zizhu House first.

Not a concealed weapon It's Deacon Chen's handwriting a adult Here you are Come in, please People have been waiting for adults The small ones won't go up strange Who wants me.

Mysterious Is it a lame father Yeah rhyme Daoling Long time no see rhyme Why are you here Who should I be.

Yes? You are not happy to see me How come? I'm so happy to see you I haven't seen you for a long time You have learned to be glib Qing Yifei's accomplishments Has reached a more frightening level Listen to grandpa.

He used the Xuanwu Xingxiu Seal as your bet Rest assured I will never let Elder Ye down I mean, it's nothing to lose Men You can afford it and put it down Don't go to hell for that book Do you hear me That's what you think I'll lose.

I have opened the orifices twice what Two orifices Don't act with me You eat beans when you are the opening point Two more How long have you been practicing Hum Don't believe it Forget it.

Let's wait and see Daoling Yeah What's up? I feel more and more unable to see through you I'm worried about you What are your plans in the future Can you tell me Actually, I don't know.

After all, nobody can tell the future Isn't it The world is big Some things are not within our power There are countless Tianjiao in Xuanyu The human race has the invincible young supremacy of Emperor Wu There are also hidden talents in every holy mountain rhyme What are you trying to say.

A big world is coming It's also a bloody world I vaguely see the picture of the future The sky is filled with pride Ordinary people are like grass Why do you suddenly say this I always feel that you are strange today I just want to tell you today Wherever.

Just be safe If one day You can break into some positions in the Xuanyu I have to rely on you ah Yes? No Don't worry Nobody wants you in the future.

I want you to be tramp Have you forgotten that I am your tutor Didn't I want to take your words There is no trace of fighting here These strong men were killed by one person in an instant i 'm afraid It was done by the Taoist family Dao family.

How is that possible? In those days, the Taoist family was sealed off because of destroying the holy land of the Martial Palace And the mountain gate has our eyeliner We can't be unaware of anyone coming in and out The Taoists I'm talking about are not those old people on the mountain It's the engraved word I feel that the lame son is not dead We didn't think anyone would be so high-profile They will carve words to reveal their identity.

Now want to come We're wrong Zilao this Not likely The origin of that kid was taken away Can't be alive There is nothing impossible in this world You have no idea what the Holy Communion represents.

If he restores the original Holy Communion You know how bad it is for Emperor Wu Please also make it clear Within seven days Find out all the Taos in Qingzhou City Even if Qingzhou City is sunk Kill this way, too The martial arts competition is about to start Please enter the martial arts competition.

You see It's Senior Brother Qing Yifei wow Elder Martial Brother Qing Yifei has entered Senior Brother Qing Yifei is so handsome Qing Yifei It's time to compete Why hasn't Daoling come yet Must be scared to hide.

It's just a piece of cake It can't be true It's said that Ye Qingyun made a heavy bet for this match If Daoling doesn't come Ye's face is too big cut Even if he comes It is estimated that you will also be hit by elder martial brother Ye Lao.

The Xuanwu Xingxiu Seal is the magic power of the Ye people What a pity that Ascaris Fruit lost Not a pity Not a pity I'm afraid some people won't learn it A stiff retort Unfortunately, the competition depends on strength Xuanwu Xingxiu Seal, we are going to make a decision Three Elders The stakes of the Qing and Ye nationalities are so high.

Do we elders want to play some excitement According to the meaning of the four elders It seems that I can only buy Daoling to win hey How come? But I believe the three elders will support Daoling Can you still buy Qing Yifei to win Since the four elders have said so It seems that my secret fairy grass cannot be saved.

Eldest brother Teach the boy a lesson for me Come on, brother second younger brother Why don't you remember How do I teach you to be a man eldest brother I But.

That boy is really disgusting It is necessary to let him lose face in front of Ye Yun today Dried scallop We should go back This time, Grandma can't tolerate you to be naughty again Grandma Marry with Tianpeng Would you let Qianling go She must be happy.

You are the orthodox of the Daqian Emperor An early marriage will do you a lot of good Grandma Besides, Peng was also a genius that day If you miss this opportunity You regret it What is Peng Dongyou that day The human race has Emperor Wu You can't turn to the Tianpeng family.

Dried scallop You have a crush on Emperor Wu oh dear You should have said that Now Wudian is selecting beautiful women for Emperor Wu With you Who dares to fight with you What ah? Grandma.

That's not what I mean hey forget it here we go Yes? Don't watch the martial arts competition again You see It's Daoling wow.

This guy really dares to come Have courage significant It seems that my name is Qing Yifei Not enough to scare him Daoling No, come down Don't try your best Do you hear me.

Know got it Don't worry okay I'm on stage Wait for me good news I can't see through this guy anymore Is this really the original Sleeping God Daoling good.

Both players have arrived This competition is a duel No heavy lifting Don't use all magic weapons No time limit If you have no objection The martial arts competition can begin What do you mean you can't play hard General experts compete in martial arts.

It's hard to do it all Injure and maim The rabbit in distress I'm afraid that Daoling will be crippled It depends on whether Elder Martial Brother is ruthless Daoling I have to say I admire your courage But you heard the rules Give up.

I won't let you lose too ugly in front of Ye Yun eldest brother Are you finished Hurry up if you want to fight I have to go to practice martial arts wow You see Elder Martial Brother Qing Yifei kindly persuaded That Daoling is totally ungrateful.

Wow This Daoling is too crazy Ha ha ha ha I know it I know it Daoling You really like Ye Yun In front of the woman you love Even in the face of a disaster, we have to face up.

Is it? Ouch rhyme That kid likes you too ah however In the face of absolute strength I see how long you can hold it StarCraft external release.

Unexpectedly, we can vaguely see the appearance of the god of war Four Elders Your apprentice is awesome According to this trend The future is likely to surpass us I just don't know where he can go Interesting That's natural Not like some people.

Always challenge Feier beyond our means These people are destined to be stepping stones Four Elders Is it too early to conclude Good morning! Rosefinch fire control is really powerful But it also depends on who uses it Ha ha ha ha Four Elders.

You're right Is this magic power strong It really depends on who uses it Old Sun What do you mean by that Literally All right, all right Who is strong and who is weak We'll know if we compare.

This guy really deserves his reputation The power of the Star Overlord It's really much better than Qingyijun Daoling Against you One move is enough really? Please teach me what.

Void Fist He is really an ignorant kid Isn't this empty fist Elder Martial Brother Qing Yifei, is that too strong Void Fist This is Qing Yifei in the Star Hall A well-balanced magic power Daoling Daoling.

No, come down rhyme You should trust Daoling Before I believed But Qing Yifei has achieved great fortune now How do you know Daoling hasn't been greatly improved in the Star Palace Hum Nothing.

It seems that most of them were knocked unconscious You see It's Daoling positive Nothing happened after being punched in the void Did Daoling use any magic weapon How is that possible? Separate body His body is intact.

My empty fist never hit him Where is this guy eldest brother That guy is in the sky Qing Yifei When did this guy jump into the air Did he use magic weapon Anyway Dodge once.

Can you hide for a second time Eat me another empty fist Isn't it said that Qing Yifei is the greatest pride in heaven How did you get hit by Daoling I don't know Is Qing Yifei a paper tiger Think of me as Qing Yifei They were destroyed by this boy shame.

What a shame Daoling from now on I will let you know what fear is Come on Are there any shadowless feet Daoling Don't underestimate the enemy Qing Yifei and Kui Shao also opened two orifices.

It's a little funny None of the four orifices are afraid Afraid of two Don't be handsome Qing Yifei, this is a comeback wow Daoling was also beaten yes this is it.

How can Daoling be your opponent Daoling Take my move Hum Black Hole Fist This is my best shot Wow layefe layefe.

Layefe How are you? Broken hand bone A mere contest It's so hard This child is not divided What is the face of our youth Yi Jun Yiyun.

Take my youth He and the old man brought down the vicious boy I have been waiting for this day for a long time The brothers of the Qing nationality rush with me Kill that boy Go ahead grandpa Do something This is going to be big.

What to worry about How can the college elders allow the young people to be reckless here This is a group fight Get rid of him Stop it This is Star College You young people dare to act wild I don't remember the school rules Three Elders.

Old Sun I advise you to mind your own business I will kill this son today What a powerful power And more than one Who is coming How dare you intrude into our Star College I'm Wu Changhong I don't want to repeat.

Just hand it over joke Even if it's the Martial Arts Hall Always speak clearly Otherwise, how can I help you find someone Hum This man surnamed Tao has some grudges with our Martial Hall As long as you hand him over I guarantee your college is safe.

The strength of this group is very strong If you really fight with the college It must be a bloody battle What you mean If our college doesn't pay people today Your Wu Dian wants to fight with our college make war If Qiu Junjun, the dean of your college, is here Maybe I will hesitate.

The dean has been missing for many years The prestige of the college is declining Now Lianwu Hall is a strong man Dare to call the dean by name Is your tone too loud This is Qingzhou Not Wuzhou Hum Qingzhou is also good.

Wuzhou I have to make a reservation You have to pay it if you don't Am I exposed It's still because of the words left on the Xiaowu Taoist Monument last time Four Elders How can the people in the Martial Arts Hall come to you I don't know when this boy got into the Martial Arts Hall Is it the Liang Zi who was married in the Hall of Stars.

Star Hall I remember Yi Jun told me It seems that the martial arts hall has put all the blame on this boy Hum That's good Teach the boy a lesson with the help of the Martial Arts Hall grandpa The martial arts hall is threatening It seems that today will not stop.

Rhyme This is no small matter If Daoling is taken away today I'm afraid there is no return What can we do? Do we watch Daoling being taken away I have a magic weapon of the void array Later, you will find a chance to transport Daoling away But we can't let the Wudian know that it was made by our Ye people.

I know what to do Yeah It's all up to you Make friends My patience is limited Daoling The transmission of star array is random I hope I can spread you as far as possible I can only help you here today.

It's up to you This is not The doll that Ye Yun often plays with what Isn't this void array The runaway boy should be the one we are looking for yes He's gone It's no use for you to stay here.

This time, it was hasty It's hard to find a person in such a big Qingzhou The spirit of the void channel has not completely dissipated Careful induction I'm sure I can find it Who is it? Get out of here How can the college produce such a pickpocket It's the void array.

Give it to me The general area can be confirmed very good banshee Then lead the way no problem old man Don't be too happy If we can't find that boy.

I will definitely come back to step down at Star College Three Elders The martial arts hall is too strong The dean is not here You should consider the overall situation Second Elder Although our college is not strong now But we should hand over the college students Who dares to come to our college in the future.

The three elders are right A warrior is a man who stands up to heaven and earth would rather break than bend If this matter comes down Let's not run the college Should the college be based on one person And go to the edge of danger Then the life and death of other students will not matter Don't make any noise.

There is no company for Bian this day Since that boy has left the college The martial arts hall will not come to you for a while Daoling can not be dismissed temporarily but Must be prepared for the worst cannot but This person has to pay So far.

There seems to be no better way I have no problem As long as we can keep the college Anything also The search for the dean can't be delayed any longer cave It seems that it is mostly Ye Yun who sent me here Escape a disaster.

Eh The puppet is still there But how did the fork turn into a paper man I thought it was disposable It seems that it can be reused Ye Yun is really sweet You also brought me the skill Are you afraid I'm too bored in the hole Find a place to study.

The cave is so deep It looks more like an ancient mine strange I remember there are no ancient mines under Qingzhou City what How can there be such a large crystal in this mine And there seems to be a woman inside I remember the lame father always told me before going out Don't watch Dad go to the mine.

But you are not allowed to go Do you hear me Dad can go Why can't I go to Daoling Ancient mines in this state It has always been a place for the immortal family to compete Although there are countless treasures and precious ores buried But it's also very dangerous What immortal remains do you encounter when you enter the ancient mine.

Run fast These people Because of the adverse weather The body falls but does not melt Even dad should stay away It seems that the lame father didn't deceive me But leaving is impossible after all Is it all right if I walk around the corner like this.

Return that was close If you touch it again May fall into a level 10 disability It seems that the lame father is right If she's alive, one look can Kill me People have fallen, and even have territorial consciousness It's weird here.

Go to another place for healing Isn't this a mine banshee Are you sure it's here The breath of the void passage finally disappears here It can't be wrong strange Although the void array is random transmission But because the ancient mine is too mysterious.

There is always inexplicable energy interference So the probability of transmission to the mine cave is extremely low Very low How low Negligibly low So you mean Someone changed the track of the void passage The most important thing is Change the void channel.

Need to know the texture of the earth Can change the path of the channel with the help of the earth's potential There is only one kind of person who can do this in the mysterious world Is it the earth master Daoxiao Tian Be confident Remove the word “can't” Who is it? It's really a loss this time Only two.

But now that we are here Just stay Daoxiaotian It's you Just now the voice of Star Academy lured us You too So what What do you care about when disaster comes That's it.

Hum The boy surnamed Dao is really your son Only you two I'm too lazy to start Kill yourself The coffin will not lose you Dao Xiaotian, you are so sure that we are only two The two peaks of the bodiless state are really not your rivals But what about my kingdom.

The mine is also good After killing your father and son I can dig a treasure by the way Ouch Who did I think it was It turned out to be another junior Hum I know you are powerful But your master can't touch the smell of the earth.

What is the difference between ordinary practitioners Is it a field again In this space I will lose if you can play one tenth of your strength significant My power of the earth has really weakened It seems that Wu Changhong has prepared for me I heard that you made a big noise in the Martial Arts Hall How can I just not believe it.

Daoxiaotian Let's go to the Yellow Spring You are a little wet I didn't expect it to be so easy I really have no eye power What are the four ghosts of martial arts what Look carefully Who is the person you pierced.

Moron Idiotic ghost How can this happen banshee Behind you This is a Yin soldier Hateful The moment you step into the mine You can't get out.

Break it for me Daoxiaotian You just wait to be exterminated Kill me Are young people talking so crazily now Dad, it's time to clear the obstacles outside I'll see you in the back Yeah Why do I seem to hear the voice of the lame father.

How can this happen Three more ever-burning lights went out Wu Changhong and Ergui may also fall what Daoxiaotian It must be Daoxiao Tian Before the end of Di'er's closing We must get rid of this scourge anyway I'm afraid it's not easy.

Geologists are good at hiding Unless he comes to the door Catch the monk named Tao I'm afraid he won't show up no way I'm just guessing about the boy's identity as far as I am concerned He is Ye Yun's disciple what's more.

He seems to have dealings with Jubao Pavilion Star Academy and Ye Clan are really not worth mentioning But this Jubao Pavilion Don't make enemies easily What do you mean Dao Xiaotian must be beheaded But you can't start with that guy Zilao Are you talking nonsense.

None of the key problems have been solved How can this be nonsense I want you to make less trouble now Isn't it a Dao Xiao Tian See how scared you are It seems that Xuanyu has been quiet for too long Some people are just tired of living Ziyi, you are out of the customs Great.

With you I will be steadfast It is said that there are also abyss ancient mines under Qingzhou City yes Wu Changhong uses the strange treasure to locate before entering the cave There are indeed undiscovered ancient mines Then open the transmission array this time I will do it myself.

Qingzhou City It doesn't seem to be able to send me directly to the ancient mine hey It's really troublesome You can only sense the direction by yourself Open the Sky Breaking Array Unexpectedly, the Martial Hall sent him What a terrible force of emptiness Fortunately, his goal is not Qingzhou City.

But what they are looking for he Old Sun You know who that man is Yeah You were in Jianzhou in that war Escaped the catastrophe You mean the Xuanyu War more than ten years ago Exactly.

At that time, Emperor Wu was not yet born This is called Ziyi He is one of the strongest heroes in Xuanyu Nobody expected After a great generation He is invisible Look at his power Most of them have already stepped into the realm of the emperor Yeah.

King Emperor The difference between a word and a thousand miles And he is also one of the guardians of Emperor Wu Extremely high status Did you come to Qingzhou City because of Daoling

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